Rebuild of Team Midnight
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Author:  Haunted Water [ Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:00 pm ]
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Wolf's body tensed and was prepared to strike. I never really liked Axel much, but this... This is just insane. Anger and hate passed through his body. "I'm no mere pawn. Try a knight." His voiced boomed. It resonated with a coarseness to it. Root recognized this voice. She knew this tone matched with the specific sound spelt out that Wolf was sincerely pissed off, and was determined to do something about it. How he was going to do that with a moderately injured leg was hard, nigh impossible, to imagine.
Wolf looked up and then looked back at the three. He has had enough of the games.
Spence appeared and tried to fight back only to be pinned down by ice. Wolf decided on waiting for an opening to attack upon, and he carefully drew his swords as to not alert anyone that he unsheathed them. As soon as they were at the ready, a blast of purple light knocked Wolf off his feet. This only made him feel more rageful. "I recommend stating the reason you are here, because right now, I'm only getting more and more pissed. Come on, let's be civil about this now. We don't want any... Casualities... To happen, do we?" Wolf stood up, however slowly.
Root knew that voice, too. She heard it only once, on their sixth mission together. The dozens of guards never stood a chance. His eyes helped confirm Root's fears, as they were now glowing green. The signs of David's bloodlust. It was chilling.
Wolf's body was filling with endorphins as it prepared to attempt doing the impossible: a one-sided fight with odds against, plus an injured leg. David had fully taken over, and he doesn't seem to be backing off in the near future.

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Silas returned Jolt to his pokeball as the Psyche executives showed up. "Be ready Spike." The Sandslash nodded.

Axel played his hand and shot the heavily armoured one. The trios powers where revealed as the wound healed almost instantaneously.

Soon enough Spence crashed through the ceiling with Rayquaza and his Dragonite. Spence tried to take a stand but was pierced by three icicles. Silas winced as they drove through Spence's body.

"Spike, use Dig, hit them from below." Spike quickly burrowed underground, but to no avail as a ray of purple light returned all of the Pokemon to their pokeballs. "What?" Silas exclaimed, looking over to see Mewtwo's eyes flashed, a fraction of a second before he felt himself slip into unconsciosness.

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A week later ---

"No. 3, do you have anything to report?" Ki and Xalia gazed from atop of the Psyche Building as Diseh approached them. It was raining as always, thanks to the unnatural balance thanks to the clones. A city of lights beneath them, the dark figures secretly spoke of the future of events to come.

"It's no good," Diseh answered from behind them, "It's all in the Professor's follow-up. Spence cannot be cloned again... any sort of clone attempt, all the clones end up dying shortly after they're born in the process. Eight clones were made and from all of those eight attempts were complete failures... His DNA also killed five Psyche soldiers after being injected with his cells, so it rules out that method, too...
Spence, Chayse and Shiny were the only ones capable of controlling Mewtwo. Chayse and Shiny are dead... which leaves..."

Ki sighed in annoyance, "Spence, and their original, huh...?"

"Precisely, if he's still alive..." Diseh explained, "But if our Master's plans turn out, he'll be here soon... Are you positive of this?"

"He will," Xalia remarked, "Through Axel our master detailed he was in fact among the living. Time will tell if our bait will eventually reveal him."

"Really... well, it would be nice to finally meet our creator..." Ki smiled to himself, "But I'm afraid I can't stay for any longer. Sinnoh and Unova are almost ours to rule. Without those regions in our complete control, we'll never meet our true objective. Has the Professor made preparations to clone Spence's rebels?"

"You mean Crimson and Wolf...? The Professor said the previous Red was our greatest success yet. He'll be stronger than last time, that's for sure... although, thanks to Latios still hanging around there's a pretty big risk, especially since Latios and Crimson had crossed paths once or twice before... And I don't get what's so special about Wolf--- I mean, David..."

Ki sighed over Disehs lack of understanding, "Well, you've never fought in the war, you stayed behind and kept an eye on the Kanto and Johto regions for us, so I guess you wouldn't know... You already know that there's an invisible world on the surface of this one, correct?"

"Yeah, it's from that world we were able to summon Giratina and Regigagas using legendaries we've cloned. What's your point, Ki?"

"Well, it would seem that after extensive fighting and battles, perhaps after a level of adenine which is forced from the danger of death or courage to save others... a part of the world, which was created by the Pokemon War long ago, becomes a part of especially strong trainers, heightening their abilities and skills as trainers and fighters... We have witnessed many trainers in the war suffer from this, and sometimes, they die because of it-- either through high risk efforts or simply through illnesses that was first speculated to be common fighting our clones... In Wolf's case-- as he lived his life as a bounty hunter and has seen and experienced much death outside of Psyche, this unworldly conscious formed inside him in almost the same way... when he changed his name to Wolf and thought to have cast aside his past from his memory, this alter ego that he refers to his old birth name of David, was just starting to develop from those experiences. The memories Wolf thought he had forgotten instead started mutating inside him and formed this different conscious inside his very soul, all thanks to the other world that was drawn to Wolf... We watched him closely for a long time and found he would go into these personality shifts... subtle at first, but that soon evolved and he underwent a kind of multiple personality disorder... However, that was far from the truth."

Xalia continued, "Cathy, in her Distortion World, was able to bring out these consciousnesses. Spence and Crimson are kind of similar in that way, however, they never fought or repressed their memories. Wolf did... his whole life, and constantly fought and buried deep down who he truly was. When Wolf jumped into the portal and found himself in her Distortion World, a new being called "David" was finally born. Cathy wasn't just a big disappointment after all."

"So, you're hoping that after we can clone Wolf with can somehow transfer David into this clone? That doesn't make sense."

"Sure it does," Ki held his hand to where his heart might have been, "Through the use a Human Soul Splicer. Our pokemon were bonded through the use of our DNA Splicer, the same will eventually go for him."

"Okay... Well, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I guess we can give it a shot..." Diseh crossed his arms, thinking to himself, "But after Red, David and the other clone is born, what of the bonds to this world? They won't survive for very long without it, even if we do give them memories."

"Ah, the bonds that tie us to the Pokemon World..." Ki daydreamed, thinking way back as he reminisced, "Celebi is yours, Suicune Xalia's, Red's Latios, Axel's Zoroark, Cathy's Giratina and Rayquaza's mine...... For another reason we must win the war, we can find new bonds for Psyche... You can go ahead and clone them, however, if they die before first getting a bond they'll be lost to us. For as long as Spence's Midnight is here, please go about cloning them and injecting the others as planned."

Ki turned towards Diseh as Rayquaza appeared as if releasing from his own body, as if Ki was Rayquazas container. The Rayquaza wrapped around him, "I'm leaving it to you, No. 3 Diseh. No. 2 Xalia, look after the place while I’m gone."

Diseh grinned, pushing up his glasses, "You know, you sure do give out a lot of orders. It's like you think you're the boss around here or something."

“He is the boss around here and don’t you forget it, No. 3. Isn’t that right, Ki, my love?” Xalia smiled, giving Ki a kiss on the cheek. Diseh turned his head in disgust. Ki remained sort of unresponsive. Out of everyone, Ki was the least human out of the three personalities, although he didn’t exactly force Xalia away. Diseh turned, rambling to himself. He seemed the most human out of all of them.

“Disgusting... sure, we have memories when we were human, but genetically speaking, we’re all brothers and sisters here.”


Day 1

Spence was thrown hard into one of the cell rooms. His vision was hazy and blurred, he didn’t know what had happened but his head felt like it was put through a blender. He could only make out the inside of a prison door and whoever's cold eyes looking through the cell’s peephole on the other side. The soldier's eyes were that of the Psyche soldiers they encountered in Saffron City, faded and dark-like.

"Be a good boy, Team Midnight Leader. Only a week till you and your beloved team's execution. Have fun thinking about how hard you worked and how meaningless your efforts have been," the Psyche solider smiled. As the commander back in Fuchsia City had mentioned, this solider was rather odd. It was like... he had no soul. He flicked the peephole shut, his footsteps gradually leaving the prison hold.

A hand met Spence's shoulder. It was Axel's hand, "No time no see, Spence. I was worried you were gonna be one of them, I guess not if you were chucked in here with the rest of us pawns. Most of us thought you were dead, I guess you are somewhat legendary."

Spence murmured, still barely conscious and muttering deliriously. Axel had pulled him up off from the floor and sat him onto one of the two single beds, "Where...are we...? Where are the others? Where's Sarah?!"

"Heh, you alright? You almost remind me of myself when Red found me... What exactly did they do to you...? Well, anyway, we're at the Psyche Building, I'd imagine, located in Saffron City, Kanto. We've been waking up one by one after Mewtwo attacked... the others, if they're all awake, can probably hear us through the walls. They're in the rest of the cells around here, too. The first of us who awoke were Alex and Sarah, although a bit traumatised by recent events... Sarah's still mute from the events a week ago... but don't worry, Alex is there taking care of her in the room behind you. Other than that, she appears to be fine... "


Beside them in the other room, Sarah was laying on the bed facing the wall, her back towards Alex. Alex looked to her with worry, she hadn't said a thing ever since they had woken up. There was nothing he could do or say to her that would make things better. He began to wonder. Although he had no choice in the matter, he was finally inside the Psyche Building. He wondered if his dad was still working here, and whether he was a good or bad person. Sarah had given Alex some sort of hope before, but now he wasn't too sure.

The pairs in each cell included; Alex and Sarah, Spence and Axel, Silas and Jimmy, Wolf and Root, Bill and Gina, and Trevor on the right side of Spence and Axel's cell. All of them were feeling tired and fatigued.


Spence sighed a breath of relief, although hitting himself that she had to witness the whole ordeal... Diseh was her father... and now he was... Suddenly, memories from that day flooded his mind and the pain of frozen-like spears impaling him several times. Spence clutched at his body, breathing heavily as sweat poured from his face. And then, the black hole he saw in Cathy's Distortion World as well came flashing back...

Axel took Spence by the shoulders, "Spence! It's over now. You're fine! Look!"

Spence gasped, looking down. The holes where the icicles pierced his body still appeared in his shirt, however, there were no wounds nor scarring whatsoever. Spence still felt the pain, however, and that awful feeling of being completely empty inside. Goosebumps shivered up and down his body, "What...?"

Axel sighed, beginning to pace around the room, "So, I guess you were the same as me all along. You were a clone and you didn't even realise it... No. 3 Diseh... he told us everything... An ordinary man, being put though what you’ve experienced, wouldn’t be alive right now. He also mentioned the event you were famous for... destroying Magma. He was watching you when his original self was still alive. An explosion like that would've killed anyone. Also, the time that friend of yours lead Diseh and yourself into that trap..."

Spence looked, wide eye as several guns tore Diseh, Chayse and himself apart in his wildest nightmares. He shook his head, still looking to Axel in disbelief, "But, how...? Why do I have this ability to regenerate...? I still don't believe any of this. I had a family, friends, and memories... They all seemed real... no, they WERE real. Ki, Xalia and Diseh mentioned they were aware when they were... created, right? So, I mustn't be one of them!"

Axel chuckled, lifting his arms up in a shrug. Spence glared before Axel continued, "Who knows? Maybe you're not Psyche's clone, but... Ki, Xalia and Diseh... they're different from us, Spence. They referred us to as lessor members for a reason-- were not as strong as them."

"What do you mean?"

"When No. 2 Xalia dove into my mind and started controlling my body, my memories resurfaced of Psyche... from my understanding from when I was still with Psyche-- No. 4 Red, No. 7 Cathy and myself were given Mewtwo cells before we were born. However, Red and myself could age, and Cathy and I weren't given any memories from when we were born, also, she had a fake Giratina to boot. Hell, I'm not certain if Zoroark is just an imitation either... All of us didn't receive the full powers the higher clones did... teleporting around, being able to control legendary clones by their will alone or their other psychic talents... we saw a glimpse of what a Psyche Elite could do when we battled Cathy... she was able to merge and use Giratina's powers for herself. Ki, Xalia and Diseh can probably do the same. They also have the regenerative powers that you have, but to a higher degree. When I shot Ki, their leader, it was as if he didn't flinch at all... Red and myself didn't have those abilities, maybe because they didn't want to face something equal to them if we were ever stolen by the enemy... Thanks to mutated cells within your bodies you can heal at an accelerated rate, the cells given thanks to your Mewtwo... Anyway, it goes without saying that they are definitely on another league. Either they couldn't achieve it and make a superior clone like them or from what Diseh was saying... we were all experiments with a higher goal in mind."

So many times when I should've died... Time, after time, after time... Why should I still be alive, when so many others... have died...

Spence stared, "And what goal is that now? Why were we brought here?"

"Are you sure Mewtwo told you everything before you crashed the party? Geez you're slow," Axel leaned against the door, "They're going to use us all for their clone products. Apparently, besides from yours truly, they've already been injected with their clone cells... soon, they'll be able to catch and control their own legendary clones... at the risk of their souls."

Spence gasped.

"Soon, they'll be Psyche members like you and me, like it or not. Without them realising it, the clone cells will eventually eat away at their souls, and they, conscious of it or not, will become Psyche's greatest achievements. Unless they can fight it back and keep their humanity... they'll become Psyche soldiers."

"How long have we been here?!"

"A week," Axel crossed his arms, "It was yesterday when Psyche injected the group with the cursed cells. Whoever of them don't make it will be killed, those strong enough to resist it, that is... Trevor, or rather, Crimson and Wolf are being cloned as we speak..."

"We have to stop them!" Spence jumped up from the bed, stumbling before Axel grabbed his shoulders again. Spence looked for his pokeballs, wincing when he realised they weren’t there anymore. The group's equipment, weapons and pokemon had all been taken from them. Spence's vision blurred again.

"Calm down, old man..." Axel helped him back onto the bed, "Funny, isn't it? We rely on pokemon so much... we're completely useless without them." Axel sighed, turning towards the door, "I hope Jimmy and Zoroark are okay."

Spence crashed back down on the bed, completely passing out.


Day 2

Spence woke up from a horrible nightmare, yelling before panting over and over before Axel spoke up.

"Bad dream, huh? In a place like this, I guess that's understandable. It's rather pathetic, actually. Jimmy joined with you guys knowing you were its leader, but you’re not a real leader at all. A leader is supposed to be strong. All I see is a weakling."

Spence got up, placing his feet to the floor, "...Did anything happen while I was asleep?"

"Ah, back to normal, are we?" Axel's grin turned into a frown, "Well, just moments ago... We heard Root's cry earlier. Wolf's being taken into the lab. It was strange... Wolf hasn't been acting like himself since Cerulean Cave... he's been quiet odd. I fought him off my tail a few times in the past, and he’s always had these... suddenly changes to him and then the next second he wouldn't even know what he was doing. He'll probably be their next clone."

Spence growled, "No... Wolf......." he clenched his fists, struggling with the fact that he was completely helpless, "I'm sorry, Wolf... I'm sorry......"


Meanwhile, Wolf was escorted into the laboratory, many floors below the cell holds in the Psyche Building. Once they got off from the elevator, the soldiers took him down the dark halls and finally to a large keycard door. The floor almost looked like a hospital. The laboratory was full of tanks with an ominous green liquid floating inside, big enough to hold full-grown men. Soon, three bright lights blinded Wolf from above. He was laid down and strapped to a bed, bound by his wrists and ankles, the upper-half of his clothes taken from him. Dressed in white coats, Diseh and an old Professor, who had the likeness of Alex, walked into the room. The Professor opened what looked like to be a freezer container, wheeling out a mechanical stretcher. Diseh looked over Wolf with expectations and curiousity.

"Welcome. David, is it? The other one who was born within Wolf's subconscious?" Diseh smiled, "How would you like a new body? I hope it meets your standards."

The Professor pushed a button as both beds tipped towards each other, horizontally. On the second bed, appeared to be a body. It was similar to Wolf's but with distinct changes. However, this body had both David's tastes included. The body seemed to be alive, but because there wasn't a consciousness inside it, the body remained as a lifeless doll. There was just one quirk to this body; it had a white tail, just like Mewtwo's.

"Now, David, the only thing we ask if we successfully do this... is that you obey Psyche. Ki's putting a lot of faith in you, so you have to be a good boy unless you want to be terminated like we did Red... Having your own superior body is far better than constantly having to fight Wolf for his, right? You'll be No. 8. You'll feel weak at first for a few years, but after you've adjusted to this body you'll be assigned your own pokemon, and when you do, you'll be almost unstoppable."

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Bill was thrown into a cell. Gina was also casted on the floor next to him. The guard laughed.
"Enjoy your last few days together, young lovers. A week till yours and your friends' executions." The door slammed behind him.
Bill picked himself up. "To hell. To hell, to hell, to hell!" Gina smiled half-heartedly. "Well, we certainly aren't in the best situation" "Our Pokemon... Our knives... Everything that kept us alive... We're stuck in a prison cell, helpless, waiting for our execution, or worse!"
"Bill, calm down." Gina spoke as calmly as she could. "Maybe they won't kill us right off the hook. They definitely want something from us, otherwise they would have killed us at the cave. Maybe we still have a chance."
"I sure hope you're right. I wonder how the others are doing?"
"I think they are in surrounding cells. Right now we can't do anything. So if you don't mind, I'll take a nap."
Bill watched his girlfriend as she curled on the bed and fell asleep. She looked so fragile. Bill felt a sudden urge to cry.
It can't end... Not like this... Gina, Sarah, Spence... Everyone... Please tell me that we're gonna make it!
Gina yawned and got out of bed. She immediately noticed Bill's uneasiness.
"What's going on?"
Bill turned at her, his face a mask of pain. "I just heard Root's cry. Wolf... they took him."
"Yes." Bill hid his face in his palms. "I almost killed him... He almost killed me... But back in Cerulean, when we fought against Rayquaza... for a moment, I really felt closer to him. And now... Who knows what they're gonna do to him..."
Gina hugged Bill. "We will get out of here. Don't worry. You said it in Celadon... We're Team Midnight. And unlike what the Psyche Elites think, we're real. We're not just the shade of a man's guilt. And we're gonna make it."
Bill looked at Gina. "You're right. As long as we can still breath, we won't give up."
Gina nodded. "Exactly. Now think. I'll try and see if we can talk to any of the others. Maybe they are close." Gina walked towards the wall. "Maybe we'll hear conversations or something."

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((The only thing I can think of to sum up what Wolf is probably thinking right now: Hell by Disturbed. The lyrics seem to fit. Either that, or Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace.))
Before David could do anything, it was over. The next he knew, he woke up in a cell with Root. "What happened?"
"No clue. Best guess is... We lost?" Wolf frowned. "No. The only time I let him take over, and he let us down. What f****ng luck that is." The green in Wolf's eyes had gone down, to the point you'd have to look for it in order to actually see it.
"Well, I don't want to be rude, but I'm not staying her- Where are my pokeballs? My swords? My splint? Those bastards!"
"Wolf, calm down. At least we are okay."
"Okay? We are not okay. Where's Bill? Spence? Alex? Huh? Where's Trevor and Sarah and Gina? What about Silas and Jimmy? And what of Axel?"
"I don't know." Root mumbled. "What?"
"I DON'T KNOW!" Root yelled.
The two sat in silence for the rest of the day.
Root awoke to the cell door opening and watched as Wolf was escorted out like some sort of prisoner to death row. She teared up. "Three years of taking swords to the arms and clubs to chest. Three years of jumping at the sound of a shotgun. Three years of nearly impossible odds, and he goes out silently at the hands of an employer. That's not fair."
Root sat in the corner, silent, afraid. "It's just not fair." she sobbed. "Not fair."
Wolf was taken to a room where it looked like something painful was about to happen. Tanks filled with a green fluid nearly filled the room. After being blinded, Wolf was strapped in and his maroon hoodie and and black t-shirt were removed. A man... Diseh... Started speaking to him. Wolf barely paid attention, then started to worry when he was raised to see a near likeness of himself opposite to him. I don't have a tail. Is this some sort of joke? If it is, I'm not laughing. Wolf seethed. His anger and hate rushed back, as did the green light in his eyes.
David heard all he needed. Body? Check. Being rid of Wolf? Check. Possible legendary? Hmm... A- Check! Being nearly unstoppable? Big check!
David looked at Diseh. "All this just to join you guys?" David smiled. "When can we start?"
Sure, I won't be completely free, but now can do away with this insufferable Wolf and away from Root. She doesn't know me; she doesn't know what I've done and where I've been to get to where I am now! Freedom under Psyche sounds just fine!

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((where for out thou silas, jimmy and trevor? lol i was supposed to have much more in this post but i don't have enough time. also, bill and gina and everyone should be able to hear the conversations outside of the cells. sorry samurott, but if you want to post wolf will have to dream a bit longer as he recovers from this lol.))

Diseh grinned at his reaction, "So full of spirit, I'm glad I could finally meet someone like you. Hopefully we'll be friends, David, or rather No. 8..." Diseh turned to the Professor, "Professor, go ahead with the Splicer. Now, Wolf," Diseh placed a hand to his shoulder, "You'll feel a sudden pain, almost as if pulling invisible blades of your head and chest... But, it should subside once David is transferred to his new body. Be still now... you may suffer short term memory lost or amnesia, but you shouldn't die."

The clone's body reacted with a suddenly jerk. Two spike of the same white tissue the tail had sprouted from the body's shoulders. The Professor walked over, giving a sad frown, "I'm sorry about this... Give Alex, my regards..." Suddenly, a machine device from the ceiling slowly fell down, barely visible due to the blinding lights. It seemed to be a pin of sorts; the DNA Splicer.

Diseh turned to the Professor, "We don't know how well this will go, or if it's even possible... this DNA Splicer is supposed to extract the other worldly being inside him, but if it doesn't work ... let's just be prepared," Diseh took to the computer panel, "Start the operation-- Now!"

Suddenly, the DNA Splicer pierced Wolf's chest. He screamed as within him, the alter ego known as David was ripped from his body. Like magnets, David's soul was drawn into the cloned body. The tail and spikes receded and what was left was what looked to be an ordinary human being... Diseh smirked, pushing his glasses in. Wolf had passed out. The operation was a complete success.


Day 3

Diseh walked into the dark laboratory, examining the condition of Wolf and the newly born David. They were left floating in separate tanks to each other. Diseh pushed in a few buttons on David's tank, sighing. "...I guess I shouldn't be so impatient. Even I knew this would take some time, but Ki and Xalia are so boring... Cathy, Red and the others were the only ones I liked. I guess I should leave him and start the process with Crimson... Wolf, on the other hand..." Diseh turned to Wolf who was still asleep, "He did have interesting abilities. He found Spence around almost the same time as Ex-Psyche Crimson... Maybe I should inject him with the clone genes as well... If he does become soulless and starts working for us, I wonder how David will react? Red and Crimson had an entirely different relationship. They respected each other in a way. However, Wolf and David hate each other. Well, I guess it's worth a shot, I guess."


Diseh walked down the hallway by himself, he took the elevator and made his way up into the holds where the prisoners were kept. The automatic door opened and Diseh walked inside. Spence heard footsteps by the door as Axel did. Axel got up, kicking the door, "Hey, who's out there?! Get me out of this cage!! You're late on the meals, you jerks!"

Diseh gave a chuckle, flicking open the peephole. Axel winced, taking a step back.

"Oh come on, Axel. We used to be friends, you could say, we were almost like family. Don't you remember?"

Axel glared, "I was never friends with you guys, I didn't know any better back then. Besides, I made my own family."

"Right, the Team Rocket group... Just so you know, it wasn't me but Ki who arranged that incident in Fuchisa City. It was unfortunate what happened to them."

"You're all the same to me. Once we get out of here, I will kill all of you the same."

"Is that right... Heh, well, we'll see about that." Diseh grinned, looking towards Spence. He remained silent as he turned his head away, "You're awfully quiet. Is something wrong, Spence?"

Spence didn't respond, how could he? He was defeated and his group was held captive. He had lost. Spence lowered his head, ashamed.

"Well, that's okay. I just thought I'd visit a couple of old friends before the next operation."

Axel raised an eyebrow, "Are you really going to bring Red back?" he grinned, shrugging, "Red betrayed you guys. Seems fairly lacklustre for your organisation of freaks."

"Orders are orders, and besides, we won't give him back his memories, that's for sure. Anyway, the more the merrier, I'm fond of all our clones. Once upon a time, I really liked you, too, Axel. When Ki decided we'd use you, I was the first one against it, you know?"

"You left me for dead on the battlefield, you only used me to draw Red out of hiding."

"That may be so, but I still cared about you." Something seemed off about Diseh, it was as if he was honestly being sincere.

“What is this, Diseh?” Axel glared, “If you care about me that much, let Jimmy, Zoroark and I go. I couldn’t care about Team Midnight or any of this bullcrap.”

“Sorry, but I can’t do that, Axel. And you know it... I can do you a favour, however... strictly for an old friend.”

The door was opened as Axel was cuffed. Diseh led Axel from his cell without Spence and followed him downward. Silas was pulled up thanks to Psyche soldiers and Axel and him crossed paths. Silas looked a little worse for wear, but he was still alive. Axel was thankful for that. Silas was placed into Spence’s cell. Finally, Diseh opened Silas’s recent cell. As the door opened, Axel saw Jimmy at last. He gasped.

Axel was released as Axel ran up to Jimmy, “Hey, Jimmy! Are you alright?! I was worried! Jimmy?”

Jimmy was sitting on the bed, staring into space with a kind of sleepy look about him. Axel gritted his teeth.

“I’ll leave you two alone now. Crimson should be ready.” The cell door closed behind him, Diseh turning to leave.

Axel took a moment to look back, gazing back at Jimmy before he took a seat on the floor beside his brother. He started to talk, as if Jimmy was still conscious. It was thanks to the clone cells Psyche injected into his body that he was in this state. Axel hoped Jimmy would reject the cells from his body. He never wanted Jimmy to become a monster. If he didn’t reject them, he would become a Psyche soldier. He wouldn’t be Jimmy anymore.

"Jimmy, my brother... I doubt you can hear me, but I just wanted to tell you everything if we don’t ever get outta here alive. So, where do I begin..........

When Xalia dove into my head and began to control my actions, my memories of who I was before and the actions Psyche had done up until now started to return to me... I also found out everything about me was fake, just like the illusions Zoroark and I made together. I was sent to the battlefield with Zoroark, and after I was shot, I was almost left for dead. The person who saved me, Red... was in fact, a clone. A group of individuals who Red was originally after had brainwashed him, and they were fighting against us. He was someone I was ordered to kill before I was injured and left almost unresponsive on the battlefield-- I was sixteen years old then. I was one of the only clones who could grow older. I was born without memories as a clone four years before. I appeared to be the age of twelve. I had spent four long years helping Psyche and bringing ruin to the world from the shadows. Diseh was almost like my best friend. Red, however, was almost similar in creation as I was, like me. That's why I was one of the only-- actually... the only monster... that could kill him. In my incoherent state, I may not have intended to at that point, I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing there in the first place... but he did die trying to save me.

Before Red died, he unknowingly sent me back to the Kanto region. My memories of Psyche were completely gone. I changed into a completely different person. Wondering the streets, I did everything I could to survive. I was only thinking and living for myself. Zoroark and I stole and robbed even from the innocent at one point. It was almost too easy thanks to our abilities, but I felt a sense of guilt. Is this what Red would’ve wanted for me? I think during this time Psyche found out I was still alive, but left me in peace. I think they had other plans for me. Diseh was a frequent at the Rocket festivals in Celadon City. It would’ve been easy for him to pass along information to Rocket and consider me as an upstanding member for their underground crime syndicate. In absolute secret, of course. So, it was in Celadon City a young Scarlet and the other Rockets found me.

I joined mainly to survive, just as Red told me. So, I stole and used my powers to help them. Still, I didn’t have a home to call my own. That’s when Isaac approached me and invited me to stay at their home in Fuchsia City. I had nowhere else to go, so I didn’t refuse. When I met you and the others, even though I was a bit weird and looked like a stray dog, you accepted me and I grew up with all of you. As thanks, I trained you a bit in pokemon battling. I think I took a lot of pride in that, maybe more than I should have, but you were a natural anyway. You asked me once why I didn’t have another pokemon other than Zoroark. Well, it’s because I’m incapable of training another pokemon. I didn’t know why, but that’s just how I was created.

I started to genuinely think of you guys as family. I came to respect you all as my own brothers. I wasn’t working for Team Rocket because I was thinking of myself. I was doing it because I thought it was helping you guys, I thought that was what you wanted me to do. The current leader, when Isaac resigned, came and took me away. He made me follow mission after mission, travelling across different regions, avoiding Psyche and stealing as many pokemon as I could for their cause. I never saw any of you again. But because of you, I had changed. Maybe it’s just written into my genetic code that I’m so easily influenced... but Red’s words rang true, and I thought, deep down, that what he had said about Spence and his Team Midnight being the savour... was for real. I started to believe and have hope for the future, because of you, Jimmy.

... I never cared to admit it, but back in the days I worked for Rocket, I met a lot of people... I actually met Bill and Gina, as young children, around the same age as you would have been. They were training with pokemon. It was a risk, but they had been through a lot and I approached them during a mission. At this point, I was stealing pokemon who were being abused. These kids genuinely cared about pokemon. So, I told them about Spence and everything Red had told me. It gave them a sense of hope, too, I suppose. I was happy to do that for them.

Knowing what I know now though, I feel a heavy sense of guilt and blame that they’re here at all. I feel responsible they’re here and it haunts me they’re risking their lives for Spence’s cause. From the get go I told everyone I never felt guilty about what I’ve done and nothing interested me unless it involved my brothers. But that was a lie.

Wolf tracked me down a couple of times, my bounty was a few thousand credits, so it was understandable... We had a sort of rivalry between each other, but he never was able to catch me once. I never had a problem with Wolf. I always thought there was something wrong with him, though... Although I was on the run from him, I don't think Zoroark and I have had so much fun... During that time, I also battled the kid Silas's goons killed. I missed you and he reminded me of you a bit. He was an odd kid, but he had a talent for become a great pokemon trainer... Even after all of these new experiences... nothing could prepare me for what was to come..........."

Axel took a deep breath, looking to his little brother. Jimmy was still the same... unresponsive. Axel looked away, continuing to tell Jimmy the whole truth.

"When I learnt about the incident at Fuchsia City, I was originally told from Rocket that all of the brothers, including you, had died... Of course, since Scarlet seemed to like me, she was told the same thing as well. I got no respect from any other member there, but her. I still didnt know the truth back then, but as I said, I understood everything from when Xalia entered my mind.......... The clones appearing out of nowhere and attacking Fuchsia City? That was a cover up--- it was to murder my new family. I wasn't living with you or them anymore, Psyche were worried Rocket knew I was a clone so they needed to cover their tracks. Plus, Psyche was testing their clones against Spences rebuild of Team Midnight... They could do everything in one possible location... Test, experiment, and destroy............"

Author:  redt [ Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:43 am ]
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((Lol sorry but everytime I read something new I'm at work and when I go to reply there is newer posts :P Now it's time for Trevor to break in this post. So sad forcing both of my best characters to the extreme. One dead and the other broken.))

Seeing all three of the elite members sparked something within Trevor. The woman, Xalia, in particular reminded Trevor of something sinister. Her presence and voice seemed to strike anger into him, almost like he's talked with her before.

It made sense to him that he realized Spence was a clone, that would explain how Red was with him so many years ago. As everyone prepared for a battle Gallade became worried before being forced into his ball. Trevor looked around as the same was happening to everyone......then everything went black.
Day 2

Trevor sat up, feeling the cold concrete beneath him. It felt like he was asleep for a while. He looked around his surroundings. The room was small and poorly lit, he could hear others talking around him. As he stood up a voice in him told him to escape.

He felt an unknown sense of urgency quake through his body, then he realized why. They were all captured by Psyche and were being held captive. Trevor was here years before, well when he was still known as Crimson. He knew what this God forsaken building held within it.......that lab. The lab that haunted his recent nightmares.

Trevor looked around frantically, trying to figure a way out this time. He listened all around him, figuring that the others were all partnered in each cell, Axel and Spence being the one closest to his. But why I am alone? I figured they would keep Spence seperated from the group not me. Just then he heard in the distance Root grieving as Wolf was pulled from the cell. A terrible knot formed in his stomach as he thought what they might try to do with Wolf.

"They're going to take you back. They want the original back in their ranks." Trevor could see a faint reflection of Red standing at the doorway, the ghost of a past memory. "But why?"

Red smiled, "Because Psyche thinks of everything. They know we're too evenly matched and that you will be a large wall in their plans. You're the only person in existence, not on Psyche's side, that can withstand me. Though you were once on Psyche's side before......before I was even created."

Trevor was shocked as he remembered the cold lab floor when he was much younger, crying as he was rubbing his arm. A small puncture was there while a man in a lab coat wiped it saying it was all over. A woman held a vile of blood and smiled as she looked at it.......Xalia herself.

"Then you were created the same time I was captured from my family?! The same time I was forced into this terrible place. They made you to keep me in check!" Trevor was yelling at this point at the ghostly image, playing out his memory in reality.

Red smirked even wider, "You finally seem to have pulled it all together....well not all of it. There's things that Psyche doesn't even tell me, so the great and almighty Crimson could never find out as well. But yes, I was created to keep you with Psyche, hence how I caught you and brought you back. To them you're just a dog, and I'm the dog catcher." He began to laugh.

Trevor was overcome with rage and charged at the memory, only for it to fade and he slammed into the steel door. He realized it was just another resurfaced memory and became more enraged. Trevor continued to slam himself into the door, yelling "Get me out!", everytime. The sound echoed throughout the cell area.
Day 3
Eventually he tired himself out and must have passed out because he doesn't remember going to sleep. He heard the sound of footsteps, as well as talking in Spence and Axel's cell. Axel sounded pretty upset as he heard the sound of who he thought was Diseh.

Several doors were opened and sounds of moving were heard. As the doors were closed Trevor braced himself as he heard footsteps drawing closer to his cell. Whoever was coming his way he was prepared to get in a strike if he was going to get taken too.

Author:  ChillBill [ Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:17 pm ]
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Bill woke up. Strangely, he felt even more tired than when he fell asleep. He nudged Gina. "Hey. Anything new?"
Gina didn't respond. Bill, beginning to feel nervous, shook her. However, she remained motionless.
"What the hell is going on? What have you done to my girlfriend, you bastards?"
Bill threw himself at the door. He thumped it with his fists and shouted. "Get me out of here, you cowards!" He began to feel faint. He heard, as if in a dream, footsteps outside his door. Then a cell door opened. Bill dropped to his knees. He felt really weird... as if someone was trying to take control of his body.
What the hell is going on here? What's happening to us? He crawled to Gina and tried to take her hand. Maybe this is the end... No, it can't be. His feet gave way and he slumped on the floor, next to Gina's bed. The world became dark.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:43 pm ]
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((I'm not going to jail :D Everything with girl seems to be working out too. Life is just lovely~ Now time to make up for all of my half-***ed posting lol. Btw, Crunchy, way to give me all of the feels haha))

Alex sighed. Its been over a week since Sarah's spoken, but he wasn't about to quit. He'd been talking to her frequently. He guessed that it was just to remind her that she wasn't alone. Maybe to remind both of them. Other voices could clearly be heard in the cell block...but it wasn't the same. He set his hand on her motionless shoulder. His arm still gave off a pulsing burn from the gunshot.

"We're getting out of here. I...I don't know how yet...but we will." Shame of failing her was eating him alive. Or was that just the injection? He wasn't sure. After days of being locked away, he felt sick. Weak. Alex wasn't about to show it though. He heard Spence and Axel speak often, but his concern wasn't to become involved. After sometime, hours began to feel like days and days became weeks. He could feel his sanity melt away as the time passed. Where are you, Dad? I need help... He thought back to his childhood. Having no cares in the world. Just spending the days will Sarah and helping his mother through the nights. Nothing was the same anymore.

Eventually he heard some cells being opened. Excited, he jumped toward the peephole. No one came. He noticed the dried blood on his knuckles from when they'd first woke. He expected a few were probably broken. The tiny almost unnoticeable dents he'd made in the metal door taunted him. His mind flooded with alien thoughts and ideas. These have become the usual though. Alex took his left index finger into his right hand and took a deep breath. With a slight pulled, snap and a wince, his mind was at ease once again. For now at least. It'd been a long time since he was back here.


8 years ago

"So, what do you make of this kid?"

"The kid's a thief. Thinks he can get away with stealing from Psyche. Heh..."

Alex, scared, looked up from the steel chair. His wrists and ankles shackled to the cold metal. "Please...I just want to find my Dad. I don't have anywhere to go..." A hard smack met with his face.

"So you that gives you the right to steal from us? Stupid brat." Suddenly, the door opened. A tall man with blonde hair revealed himself.

"This kid? Just get him out here. We have more important matters....idiots." He took his leave quickly as one of the guards slammed the door shut.

"You heard him. Make sure everyone knows this kid's a dirty thief." He tossed the guard next to Alex a blade. They unbuckled his wrists and held him against the table. Alex's eyes widened as his worn jacket was cut to shreds. His screams filled the better portion of the evening before he was thrown back onto the street. He could barely bring himself to move. The scarlet marks covering his arms, back and chest restricted all but little breathing. The guard chuckled as he tossed the knife out with the boy.

"Take care of yourself out there, brat." The knife Alex grew to never part with lay besides him in the downpour. It was his constant reminder that Psyche's fall had it imminent. Whether done by his hand or not. Alex's vision began to blur as the shape of a young girl came to his side. He couldn't make out her words, but soon, the darkness had surrounded him.

"Sarah...we're getting out. If I can't find a way, I know that Spence or the others will. I promise" Her lack of response wasn't surprising. He sighed and forced himself to get up. Patiently waiting for another opportunity.


Jimmy sat motionless. He heard what Axel was saying but couldn't bring himself to answer. The war inside of his body and mind was almost too much to bear anymore. Even eating had become an obstacle at this point. He wasn't stupid, he knew what Psyche was trying to do to him. Something inside of him just wouldn't quit. Somehow, he felt like he knew how to beat it. Just another random piece of knowledge that he'd come to take solace in.

Hearing Axel's words, he couldn't help to think back. The only reason he had stayed alive and Isaac hadn't was because he chose to be a delinquent. No - a Rocket. Where Isaac worked for all of his knowledge and skills, Jimmy just seemed to be born with them. He knew his brother secretly resented that. There were times where he even resented himself for it. After the oldest, Matt, passed away, Axel quickly took over as somewhat of a wall for Jimmy. He was grateful for that, despite not knowing exactly how to show it. He was able to deal better with his passing. Isaac, being the realist, took the loss head on. He became even more absorbed in his books. Soon he never left the house at all.

A tear streamed down Jimmy's face as he recollected. The battle in his head growing more and more fierce by the minute. He thought back to his source of inspiration. The man who made him what he is today. me. I can't do this anymore... He didn't know why he was having this type of reaction. He could hear faint voices from the others, but he couldn't even bring himself to speak. Even before Silas left, they hadn't exchanged much words.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:20 am ]
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((sorry jimmy, i'm letting this all out now because there may not be any time later lol. also, if anybody's having trouble with how much i've been writting or if it's hard to follow, please let me know and i might make posts a bit more lighter to read.))

Axel lowered his head.

He was ashamed of the evil group of monsters he was once apart of. He didn't feel any better telling Jimmy about any of this, but he felt that he had to. He felt as as he betrayed him over and over again. Although he never realised it up until now, that he was used by Psyche the entire time, it didn't make it any easier. Axel gazed up into the ceiling, glaring, "After that, the Fushica City incident... I started not to believe anymore. My old self was coming back to me, before I had met all of you. That was the Axel the group had met. I felt that Red's words were fake, a fairytale, a delusion... So, the missions I refused from Rocket when you guys left... I started to take them. When I encountered you guys at Celadon City in the underground base... I was prepared to kill you all. But then, I saw you, and you stopped me... I guess it was fate or something."

Axel chuckled, ruffling the back of his head, "Even though I had that completely different persona, a disguise, you knew who I truly was. But I couldn't do anything to save Isaac and everyone else... Red's talk of hope so many years ago felt like a betrayal, so I stopped believing. I guess apart of the reason I'll never trust Spence is because of the same reason. He was strong, but it made me feel sick in my stomach you'd join a group with the likes of him... However, you could've done anything you wanted, I wasn't going to stop you. But, once Cathy appeared, and after that battle... I just couldn't get passed what I saw and what Spence did in that other world... At that moment, I couldn't trust him looking out for you, so... I joined as well."

Axel lowered his head again, sighing, "If only I knew that was what Psyche wanted in the first place... I really am stupid, huh? I guess that's a clone for you..." he grinned to himself before turning to see a tear fall from Jimmy's cheek. Axel let out a deep breath before placing a hand onto Jimmy's shoulder, "Jimmy... I know it must be painful now, but you have to fight it. I know you can do it. "

Axel stood himself up, approaching the cell door, his eyes wondering, "The others and yourself welcomed me into your home and treated me like family, like I was one of you. I know I'm a monster, but... Sarah was right. You are like a little brother to me. And as your big brother, I'll always protect you, and I'll find a way out of this place and get you out of here. Even if I die trying."


Suddenly, Trevor's cell door opened. Diseh stood in the doorway, grinning, "I imagine you're fully aware now, Crimson, that it was going to come to this," he started to approach Trevor by the bed, "You're probably aware, too, why you're all here. Cathy and Red are dead, and as much as I respect Axel, he's now damaged goods... We need to make new clones, and for me personally, a couple of new friends are always welcome. Sorry, but we're going to have to take more than a blood sample from you this time around, Crimson..."

Trevor immedately stood up, throwing punches at Diseh. But Dseh simply dodged them all before getting around Trevor, twisting his arm and forcing him onto the bed. Diseh took a syringe which he pulled open by the grit of his teeth and plunged it into his arm. Diseh grinned. Soon or later, Trevor fell unconscious. "Indeed, humans are weak... Even the strongest of them all... It's really kind of pathetic. Heh, did I sound like Xalia just now...? Ugh, now I feel kind of bad."

Spence, Axel and the others heard a struggle. Spence gasped, wincing before looking back to Silas, lowering his head in shame.

Axel snarled, punching the cell door, "Damn... When will this ever end?! Damn you, Diseh...!!"


Day 4

Inside the laboratory, Diseh examined the green liquefied tanks. Along with Wolf and David, Trevor was floating inside his own tank as well. Diseh turned, "Wolf and Crimson seem to be stabilised... Well eventually have to move No. 8... How is No. 9's progress going, Professor?"

The Professor looked over his clipboard of notes before turning to something along the lines of a human baby cross between a Mew, seemingly growing inside a pool of red liquid designed with an umbilical cord, "Red, or rather the second Red, is coming along nicely. We've accelerated his aging and growth. He'll be an entirely different clone to No.8 David, but he'll have all of Red's previous fighting capabilities. It hasn't been easy, but we've done it."

"I see. Well, I'm looking forward to your results, Professor. By the way, you've been working really hard lately," Diseh turned, "You can have a break. I'm sure I can take over for a bit. Besides, I'm sure you want to finally reunite with your son. Maybe... dinner or something?"

The Professor froze, he turned as he bowed as a polite gesture, "Thank you, Diseh... perhaps I shall."


Spence gazed at Silas, wishing there was something he could do. Suddenly, he heard the march of several pairs of footsteps. Suddenly, cell doors opened as a few members were cuffed, blindfolded and taken away. Axel's room was left untouched. Spence heard him banging at the door, "Where are you taking them you bastards?!"

Suddenly, Spence's door opened as the guards dragged Silas away. Spence raised a hand, only to let it fall as they walked away. Silas, everyone, I'm sorry... There's nothing I can do.

Everyone, besides Spence, Axel and Jimmy were taken to an unknown location in the building.


Moments later, they were all given collars. Those conscious overheard and wondered about what they meant by saying were they "on"? Were these collars insurance that they'd behave? A buzz sound threatened their imaginations as a man confirmed they were indeed operational. Even if they tried to do anything, they were too drugged up to fight anyone anyway.

Sarah and the gang were all placed into chairs and their blindfolds were all removed. Shortly after, their cuffs, too, were removed. To their surprise, they were all sitting at a dinner table. Knifes and forks, plates, and basically all you can eat just laying there on the dinner table. It was a very long table, a room almost if they were dining at a hotel. This place looked like where the president would have had dinner. Psyche soldiers lined the walls all armed with guns. Alex was at the far end of the table, with Sarah sitting just left of him. Of course, she still had that distance gaze. She hadn't spoken for more than ten days now.

Classical music played in the background.

"Alex, my son." The Professor spoke, on the far end of table, "It's nice to finally have a chance to speak with you again. I wish we could have seen each other under better circumstances. Diseh allowed me to have dinner with you all. I thought I'd politely take the offer," he explained, readying his focus on cutting a bite sized piece of steak with his knife and fork, "How is your arm doing, is it healng properly? By the way, how is your mother?" he asked, taking a bite.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:39 pm ]
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Jimmy clutched at his on leg. The warped thoughts mixed and mingled into what he conceived to be his own. It wasn't the first time random thoughts and memories seemed to flow through his head. He knew that he could take the pain. Especially with Axel supporting him. A bellow came from his mouth as if he were clearing his throat. He turned slowly to Axel with a weak smirk.

"Way to get...all sappy on me...droog." Even so, he missed his pokemon. The Ekans he found in the family's cellar, Isaac's Pidgey that they both nursed back to health from a broken wing and Matt's Rhyhorn. Received as an egg from the Grandfather as a birthday present to Matt. This fight wasn't just about him. If Axel was willing to protect him, he has to ensure the very same for all of the others as well. Rockets and Midnight combined.

The sick feeling built into his stomach as it turned seemed less relenting now. After a few tries, Jimmy stood up, panting lightly. "If you're so set on this...then I guess we're getting out after all. You haven't steered me wrong before, brother."


Alex sat in awe. The man he'd longed to meet for over a decade sat right across from him nonchalantly. The man he hoped would solve his problems and end the burdens. Alex looked down at his plate. Is this real? If so - was it a trap? Of course, the process wasn't easy, but he was just too hungry to care. Alex stabbed into the steak and devoured it, almost whole. It had been years since he was allowed the "comforts" of a real meal. He sighed deeply, feeling the food course its way to his stomach.

Alex looked back up to his father. Anther slight sigh. "She's dead now...been gone for years." He wasn't sure how to approach the situation. Be happy to finally meet the man he'd heard so fondly of? Or enraged that he was here the whole time and did nothing. Alex stared blankly as the man ate his steak with eloquence. "So...what took you so long? I've been wandering these streets for most of my life. Purposely pissing off this corporation to get in here and even made my name infamous - just to find you. Why wait until now?" He stood up, palms on the table as he was delivered a shock. Rifles immediately aimed at him. Alex rose his hands and sat back down calmly.

Alex could feel his throat start to swell. The words choked from this mouth as he worked up the courage to spit them out. He'd rehearsed their first conversation a thousand times over, but never thought it would be like this. "What made this place so much more rewarding then your family? We needed you...and you just left us." Tears dropped onto his plate as his gut wrenched. Even his appetite had begun to subside. "At least tell me that there's still some good in you. That you're not another heartless clone..."

((>tfw you base your characters too closely on yourself and get them feelz))

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((you had better take that back after THIS.))

The Professor stopped eating for little more than a second before he started again. It would seem the only response he was interested with was about the news of his late wife. "So, she's dead.... I see, that must have been very hard for you." Each statement like that seemed empty, and emotionless. It seemed almost cruel.

After Alex had caused a scene, the Professor sighed. There was an eeriness about this dinner. It was really between father and son, so why were the others here...?

"I never wanted to see you, Alex, that was the point," his good old dad began, peering at him, "Eventually, they needed more clones. They needed someone who had previous research in that department. At first, I didn't have a choice. If I didn't go along with them they would've hurt you and your mother. My continued progress here would have ensured your safety. But as I got engrossed with the research, and frequented the conversations between No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3... I eventually started to work not only for them but for myself. I started caring about the creations I had made and considered them my own family. To be completely honest, I consider Axel more of a son than you."

The Professor placed down his knife and fork, "It wasn't the first time I had abandoned my family," he eyed Sarah next to him, battering his face with a clean napkin, "Before you were even born, I had an affair with this girl's mother, Tori. Sarah is actually my flesh and blood, just like you. You could say that she's actually your half-sister."

Sarah remained slient. You couldn't tell if she was conscious or not, or even unaware what was going on anymore.

He started eating again, "I knew none of you would understand my work with Psyche, and if you got involved you would've been used by them anyway. And now look at you. You haven't grown into a man at all, you're still a child. How disappointing."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:20 pm ]
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Alex was livid. He knew that taking any one of the several actions in his head would end in a hail of gunfire. He cleared his throat after clearing his plate. "Well then...why conduct this little meeting?" Several questions raced through his head. Sarah being his half-sister wasn't as surprising, honestly. After pushing back the crush he'd had from his childhood, his logical sense would have dictated sharing a father. He just never suspected it to be his own.

After taking the time to coherently think of a civilized response, Alex rose his head up, resting it on crossed hands. "Then please, teach me to understand. You may not want to know me, but I'd still like to know my father. At this point, you must know my will is strong. I can make the best soldier you've ever seen. I've learned to be ruthless, cold, heartless and still keep my wits about me. Make me one of your experiments and let these people go. You owe Sarah that much, at least." He still sat, barely conscious as if none of this were happening.

Author:  ChillBill [ Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:54 pm ]
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Bill was barely conscious when the guards came and picked him up. He was cuffed, blindfolded and collared-for the love of Arceus, a shock collar? Like he could kill somebody in that state-and was taken along with the others soemewhere in the depths of the building. There, the restraints were removed. Bill looked around him, expecting to see an execution squad. Instead, he found himself in a large dining room. Gina, next to him, seemed conscious as well, but she seemed in pain. What the hell was going on here...
A man, Alex's father, sat on the far side of the table. He and Alex engaged in a conversation. Mostly a review of the past. The only really interesting part of it was the revealing of Sarah's parenthood. Bill had seen the bond between Alex and her, but he never thought it would be that deep. Oh well... At Alex's offer, however, he decided to speak.
"I'm sorry to butt in this wonderful reunion, but there's no way we can accept that, Alex. Besides, judging from the way I feel, I think we have already become experiment subjects without our consent. Am I right, Professor?" He turned at the man. "What have you done to us?"
Gina was unconscious when she was picked up. However, the brightly lit room and the sounds of talking helped her come around. She listened, expressionless, to the story of the professor. She toyed a bit with her knife, wondering if she could throw it at someone before she was filled with holes from the surrounding gunsmen. She decided to leave the idea for the time being. She was feeling quite weird... almost as if losing her grasp on reality. She found Bill's hand and held on it, her last connection to herself.
I am Gina Sabbath, member of Team Midnight. Bill is my boyfriend. I hate Psyche. That's right. Hold on to these thoughts...
Bill looked anxiously at Gina as she held his hand. "I'm here. Stay with me." He whispered. He then turned again at Alex's father. "Why don't you give us a heads-up, professor?"

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:51 pm ]
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Alex's father laughed at Alex's suggestion. The mere thought of it making him almost lose it and drop his utensils on his half-finished dinner plate. He took it as one big joke. The Professor wiped a tear from the corner of his eye, "Ohhh really? You--a test subject? Surely you have got to be kidding me, because that's really too much. Are you trying to be funny, Alex?"

"I'm sorry to butt in this wonderful reunion, but there's no way we can accept that, Alex. Besides, judging from the way I feel, I think we have already become experiment subjects without our consent. Am I right, Professor?" He turned at the man. "What have you done to us?"

"You should really listen to your friend, Alex. While it is true you have considerable will power... that alone does not make you a worthy candidate. Diseh also made the suggestion that you too could be cloned as well, but I promptly denied his proposal. If I see you as a failure as a son, why would you think differently about me regarding to you as a soldier?"

"I do not owe Sarah a thing. I have done everything for you and Sarah. If you had stayed in Lavender Town you would have lived with pokemon with Sarah for as long as you had wanted. You think we didn't know Sarah had been caring for pokemon? And don't think your troublesome girlfriend of yours, whom I do not approve of, is any different. The town is safe and off the radar because that was my intention-- that was my gift to you as a father. It wasn't my fault you became a common criminal and a street fighter."

The Professor turned his head towards Bill, "Apart from Alex here, Sarah, and of course the other clones, you have been injected with clone cells. A genetic virus, if you will. All Psyche soldiers today will be carrying this, aware or not. Whether you've paid attention so far or not, I'll explain. Clone cells carry Mewtwo cells, the very same used to clone powerful members including Cathy and Red. What you and your friends are experiencing is the cells trying to take over your mind and your heart. If the cells exceed, you will become one of them," he directed his attention to a Psyche soldier, a controlled, soulless puppet, "After the two experiments at both Fuchsia and Celadon City, your group had been deemed worthy enough to join us, with the exception of my children... Regardless, whether or not you lose who you were before, and the cells win and take over your body, you will be able to control a cloned legendary pokemon for yourself."

"However, the fact of the matter is-- even if you win, you'll be executed in three more days, even if you fight it." The Professor stood up, turning to Alex and gazing at him from across the room, "You were right about one thing about me; I do not want to know you anymore than I have to. Psyche clones are my life now. I've abandoned everything else. You and Sarah are no exception."

"I seem to have lost my appetite. If you'd excuse me, I've got some tests to run before our honoured guest arrives. I suggest you eat something before the guards put you back into your cells."

Author:  ChillBill [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

Bill looked at the Professor in disbelief. "You know, I think I've lost my apetite too. Clone cells in our bodies? That just makes me wanna puke. And so does your attitude against your children." He leaned back on his chair. "Good think we have a shot at execution. Working under psychos like you seems much less appealing than a bullet in my brain."
Gina looked up. Hearing the Professor's explanations had enraged her, and Bill's presence had encouraged her. She glared at the professor.
"Messing with our bodies like that. It's just sick, professor. Can't you see it? You've dedicated your life to something so rotten and dirty it stinks from miles away. How can you possibly say that a bunch of souless, empty bodies is your life? How can you deny your family that way?" She turned her gaze to Sarah and Alex. "I'm really sorry about this, you two. I certainly hoped for something better."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((Damn, Crunchy, you've got my old man down to a tee lol
I also don't know how to verbalize the way Alex would be feeling right now, so here!))

Alex gulped hard before looking to Sarah, still in her trance. "No, I won't accept that. These cells? They won't last. We didn't all get here from being a group of weaklings. As for that execution?" He smirked. "Just try it. We'll get right back up again." Alex stood up. He had given into his instincts. "Ya know what? Go ahead and try it!" The collar delivered him a shock as he staggered before throwing his arms out. "Shoot me now. If this is your whole sick plan, then get it over with. Watch your son die right here!" Another powerful shock causing his legs to almost buckle. The guards now attentive to him. "We're gonna bring you down. If you can't understand that, then you're much further gone than I previously gave credit for. We're going to break down every single one of those sick, twisted, cloned freaks. Then, I'm coming back for you." With the final shock pulsing electricity through him, everything went black as Alex dropped to the floor hard.

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

The Professor walked passed them as the soldiers, two by two, left the room. During Alex's fit, Sarah reacted, mouthing to him as a tear rolled down her cheek. She was probably telling him to stop.

The Professor walked into the surveillance room, Diseh monitoring the whole dinner. The Professor bowed, "Thank you for the evening. It was quite pleasurable."

"Was it now...? Heh, I don't think I'll ever understand the relationship between humans, the relationship between father and son..." Diseh grinned, turning his head to him, "Alex sure is your pride and joy. He's almost too similar to you, well, when we first met... By the way," he turned to the screens, "He's showing more potential then you had predicted, professor..."

The Professor looked up, somewhat taken aback, "Sorry, but what to you mean by that?"

"You didn't realise?" Diseh grinned darkly, "Your children were no exception. We injected them ALL with Mewtwo's cells. Alex has surpassed everyone. The results are clear as day."

"You what...?"

"Hahaha, we injected your children without your knowledge. And, I think you'd be impressed with our latest subject... No. 10."


Diseh walked with the Professor to the laboratory. Diseh flicked a switch. Suddenly, a beam showed a sight that almost took away the professors composure in an instant. A young girl, a Mewtwo's tail.......... "Sarah............" the Professor gazed, wide-eyed, he turned to Diseh in argument and rebuttal, "B-But what about Cathy's results!! ...... you know a female clone is too unstable!! It's never been done successfully before, Cathy was a miracle, it was a giant leap of faith you could even control her, so why?!.........."

Diseh grinned, "Because I could. Don't worry, professor... Besides, we need all the clones we can. And Sarah was the best out of all the female subjects. I'm sure if you weren't so bias about your own flesh and blood, you'd see things from my prospective."

Diseh walked away as the Professor turned to the identical form of a floating Sarah, falling to his knees. "What have I done......... Moira, Tori..........."


Day 5

Diseh looked out over the city of Saffron City, his Celebi whisking side-to-side in the air surrounding him. He glared.

"Xalia's been gone for awhile, that makes me uneasy... I've created the clones as Ki asked, so why do I feel this way...?"

Suddenly, the psychic barrier, or invisible shell protecting the Psyche Building was disengaged. Diseh turned to eye a Psyche airship pull in, carrying the pillar Mewtwo was encased. The building opened up as both the pillar and the airship descended. Diseh winced as Xalia teleported behind, sort of floating midair above the fall.

"You've brought Mewtwo here? Why?! Under whose orders?! Ki, or our master?!"

"Ki, of course."

"What are you planning to do? Wasn't Spence enough for the bait?"

"No, we of course have other plans. We'll leave the rest to you, Diseh."

Xalia, to Diseh's dismay, disappeared. He sighed, looking up to the sky, "What would you have me do, Ki? You're aware that if Spence comes into contact with Mewtwo without us, we'll..."


Day 6

Everyone was set to their own cells today, if anyone who was injected with Mewtwo cells were unconscious, they would've been Psyche clones today. Thankfully, nobody turned into the latter. However, there was just one day till the execution. Spence remained silent in his cell, along with Sarah, who was still and remained mute after her traumatic experience and seeing the man who she respected most, Diseh, made into an evil clone of Psyche. Axel belted the door, still aiming to get Jimmy out of there alive. He roared.


Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((Jail is happening~))

"Calm down, droog." Jimmy still wasn't back to full strength. He could bring himself to talk and move around a bit, but that seemed to be it. "You don't wanna be all tired for our big day tomorrow, do ya?" Jimmy laughed it off before looking around the room. "They really do know how to make men crazy in here. This place is even more bloody awful by the day."

Alex was still sore from his outbreak at the dining hall. He ran his fingers across his neck and winced at the series of welts created by the shocks. "Great. Bad enough they threw us in cells. I guess every dog needs a collar, right?" He laughed lightly, still trying to get a reaction out of Sarah. He knew if he was gonna try to get out of here, it had to be soon. Come tomorrow, it was do or die.

He sat next to Sarah and looked down to the floor. "Just give me any kind of sign that you're still here." He was just glad to know she hadn't turned into a clone. Beyond that, they'd figure out any of the loose ends when they got out.

Alex's mind still raced about his father. Their father. How he'd wasted so much of his life trying to find a monster. Then again...he never would have met Spence and the others to joined Midnight if he hadn't. Spence...Bill...Gina...Axel...Jimmy...Wolf...Root...Trevor...Silas...I hope you're all okay. We're gonna need something big to pull off this hat trick...

Author:  ChillBill [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((Iron Maiden-The Prisoner))
A day 'till the execution. At least I probably won't turn into a brainless clone. Death has its upsides. And anyway, now the only thing left to do is to leave this building. Piece of cake... Provided that I had my Pokemon. Bill wondered idly, how many soldiers would be needed to restrain an outraging Garchomp. He felt a little guilty, though. He hadn't seen his Pokemon in a week, yet he hadn't thought of them 'till now. So many things could have happened to them...
Next to him, Gina spoke. "I wonder how Gardevoir's been doing... Do you think those psychos might have hurt her?"
"If they have, I'm sure you'll haunt them 'till the end of days. But I don't think they've done anything to our Pokemon. Not yet, at least."
"Do you think we'll find a way to escape?"
"Reasonably speaking, no. But until I am no more, I won't give up hope. To quote Jimmy, back when I had given a heroic speech... We're Team-bloody-Midnight. Right?"
The two of them stared at the door. Muffled speech could be heard. Still... I hope we'll be fine. For the sake of everyone, for the sake of this world... We've got to make it. As Iris said... it's up to us to make the difference. He went at the door and tried to hear better. Axel was shouting somewhere close. The guy couldn't hold his temper. Gina spoke again.
"You know, Axel... I think we've met him before."
"Really? When?"
"Back when we first heard about Spence and Magma... I think it was him who told us that."
"Now that you mention it... It could be true."
Silence fell again. Both were out of words. There was no need for vows and goodbyes. If they would die... So be it.
But if we're not... We'll have a looong talk with Spence and Axel.

Author:  redt [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

Trevor attempted to strike Diseh as he knew why he was being taken away. His throws hit air as Diseh dodged and pinned him. Trevor felt a sharp pain that was replaced with a numbness.

Soon Trevor was out cold as he heard Diseh's voice trail off into nothing.
Day 4

Trevor felt like he was floating in air in complete darkness. He tried to open his eyes but it seemed that he couldn't.

Soon Trevor began to hear voices, kids' voices. "You can do it Red." Two young versions of Trevor stood in a room, both holding katanas.

"I'm not as good as you Trevor. You're always better at this stuff." Red looked over at Trevor. An older man walked over to them, "You and Trevor are the same. You have the same talent as him, you just have to want it."

"If you can at least block all of my moves I'll let you borrow Latios." That seemed to have brightened Red's mood since he took another stance. Trevor smiled, "That's what I was looking for. Now get ready."

"Trevor what are you doing?!"

Trevor looked over to see an older Red standing in the doorway as Trevor was leaning out an open window. He turned to face Red, "I'm"

Red looked baffled, "But you can't! You're the leader of our team!" Trevor raised his hand to quite Red. "You're the leader now. Latios helped me figure out my forgotten past. I can't stay here anymore."

Trevor handed Red a pokeball. Trevor looked at his depressed face, "Latios will help guide you too. Hopefully it'll be down a better path than what Psyche has programmed you for."

Red looked at the pokeball, "Well I wish you the best Trevor." Trevor smiled, "Call me Crimson. It's a darker shade of red." Red laughed for a moment before getting serious, "We will hunt you and I'm sure you'll be back......Crimson."

"And one day we'll see each other again, though I'm sure not on good terms. Goodbye Red." Trevor turned and leapt from the window and rolled onto the grass. He took off into the night, headed back to his hometown.

Day 6
Outside the walls of Saffron Latios sped around the city, wondering why there was an odd feeling in the back of his mind. "It's time..."

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

Day 6

"Xalia, I want you to bring Mewtwo here."

"What, why is that?"

"Do you really think the original will really come here using Spence and his team for bait? No, Spence will not intrigue him. What he is after is the destruction of Mewtwo. With Mewtwo out of the picture, he believes all of this will end."

"Are you positive Mewtwo is all he wants?"

"Why do you think Mewtwo was given to Spence in the first place? Mewtwo wasn't created by Giovanni, but by another... It's why we exist and why the legendary clones exist in the first place. With Mewtwo, either Midnight or Psyche, will end up destroying, or recreating the world... The original doesn't want this to happen. He never went after Spence and us after he separated with Mewtwo... I'm thinking Spence was created to destroy him if he dared to kill Mewtwo... I think Spence- - -"


"When the original does come... they will fight and eventually Team Midnight and everyone involved will be killed in the aftermath. We will take the clones for ourselves among the chaos and retreat to Hoenn. The war will end soon, and by that time, we will give the clones new bonds for themselves and they will be under our control. Together, with clones No. 8, No. 9, and No. 10. . . . . . . we will rule the world in ultimate control......."

“But what about Diseh?”

“Of course, Diseh, too, will be killed as well. He doesn't follow our will anymore, and it's clear he's only looking for friends now.... We’ll continue using him and the Professor to finish our clones.”

It was at this point Diseh started approaching them.

"No. 3, do you have anything to report?"

The dark sphere receded, Diseh wincing to himself, "I see... so they're betrayed me, huh?" he chuckled to himself, grinning, "Well, Ki, Xalia... We'll just have to see who gets what out of this whole struggle. I'm not just going to sit by and be used by you. Thank you for showing me this, Celebi."


A mysterious black-cloaked man gazed upon the city of Saffron. He had this almost overwhelming charisma about him. Suddenly, Latios appeared before him. He gazed upon it. The man walked up to the Latios, patting it.

“I see... You’re also a pokemon that was once used by Psyche. You’re here to save your master, correct? Well, maybe you can accompany me.”

- - -

Dawn of the Final Day

Spence was left with his own cell. He hadn't heard from anybody for a day now. It was driving him crazy just thinking about it. How were Sarah and the others doing...? Suddenly, the cell door opened. Diseh was there. Spence glared.

"Diseh, what do you want?"

"Follow me." Diseh shook his head to the right, turning to leave.

Spence glared, getting himself up before following curiously behind him. They took an elevator down the skyscraper. You could see practically half the city from here. Spence gazed out, “Where are you taking me, Diseh?”

Diseh remained silent.

“Well. . . . . I guess I’ll find out.”

In a large hall, much like the cavern in Cerulean Cave, lights beamed until the pillar Mewtwo was sealed in was revealed. Spence gasped, "Why is Mewtwo here?! Diseh, answer me!"

"Xalia brought it here. It is her power Mewtwo remains frozen in this state, after all. I was pretty shocked at first. I thought the whole reason we left it there was to protect us, but I was wrong. You see, Mewtwo is our genetic father, yet also, Mewtwo is the beginning and end of everything."


"You see, Psyche was created way before Mewtwo was brought to life. Before then, when the team war was taking place, Psyche was merely a single selfish woman, set on recreating the world into her ideal image... sound like us yet? She used the teams and she created Mewtwo, and with Mewtwo’s powers she used it in order to create her Realm... she was to force everyone into it and force them to abide by her will alone.... The current Psyche evolved from this, however. We only want pokemon to be free of abuse and battles trainers force their pokemon into. It may be a sort of love or affection a pokemon may take orders, but is it truly what pokemon want...? That’s Ki’s feelings, anyway… The team war opened the eyes of the new Psyche's creator, hence, our master... And so, she created us in order to achieve her balance."

Diseh turned to Spence. Spence was struggling to take this all in.

"Team Midnight, Team Inferno, Team Hydro, Team Solaris.... Psyche... Each team wanted their ideals and beliefs realised, so bad, they did unspeakable things to humans and to pokemon. Psyche is merely repeating the same mistakes, through us. However, Ki believes that he can achieve what the other teams could not do. He willing believes humans with pokemon DNA in their blood can carry out the legendary's natural law of all things, and give the pokemon world order, hence ultimate control over pokemon. But, our clones are not enough to accomplish this objective."

"Why are you... telling me all this? Why did you show me Mewtwo? What did you mean by Mewtwo being the beginning and end of everything?! That doesn’t make any sense!"

"Because, if a certain person comes in contact with Mewtwo and bonds with it, our master and Ki will gain the power to control the Realm, which all clones were born, recreate the world into Psyche’s ideal image, or if they please it, have the power to completely destroy it. The man who is coming wishes to destroy Mewtwo before this happens.”

Spence gasped, darting to the pillar before turning back, grunting to himself, “...Even if what you’re saying is true... I’m not going to let Mewtwo die. I’m not going to abandon him again. He may have been created like you guys, but he’s a pokemon worth of care and respect... I’ll protect him, no matter what.”

Diseh grinned to himself.

“But if you want my help, you can forget it. Weren't you going to kill all of us anyway? And why are you and Ki opposed anyway, I thought you two and Xalia were buddies now? And while you're in a talking mood, there's more one thing I don't get it... Ki said Team Midnight didn't exist, that it was all in my head... then why would you need a fake to help you?”

"You really want me to tell you... fine. After this is all over, maybe I’ll tell you.”

Diseh turned to leave.

“Wait, just. . . . . wait,” Spence growled, “Where are Trevor and Wolf?! At least tell me that much.”

“Trevor and Wolf are held captive at the moment, hidden within this building. . . . . . If your team has lost interested in fighting for you . . . . . . They will be our motivation. Do you really think after two weeks of this place your team will still consider you their leader?”

Spence grunted, turning his head away, “I’ve haven’t had a chance to talk to them at all. They must hate me. Could I. . . . . speak with them?”

“Sure. . . . . if that’s what you want. By the way, this place is yours now, so you can do as you like. As long as I can stay for awhile and watch the show.”

“What. . .?”

“Think of it as a gift for the things I did to your friends. My time with Psyche is over, I think I’ll move on for now.”

“You’re leaving Psyche? Why?!”

"Our master, the one who was born from the war... created three of us, Ki, Xalia, and Diseh... of course, we weren't the original, but over the years we made Psyche known, we were given free will."

"Free will....?" Spence gritted his teeth, making a fist, "You guys aren't controlled at all?!"

"Merely guidelines. Ki's taken the role of the leader now. He thinks he can outsmart me, but he's wrong. The clones I've made are protected under me. No. 8, No. 9, and No. 10 will not be his puppets."

"Three clones... from my group...? You're already made that much?"

"Yes, however, it was just under the orders of Ki at first, really, I just wanted clones like Cathy and Red to talk to and share similar interests with."

"Are you saying you're a good guy after all? What a joke! You're not Diseh, you never were. Diseh's dead! You're just a monster. I failed copy of a better man. You didn’t even blink twice at Sarah!"

"Sarah . . . ? Heh, I may be a monster, but I am Diseh. And we’re more alike than you know.

Diseh walked out of the room. Spence frowned, turning to gaze up at Mewtwo, “Diseh . . . . . . . . But, I. . . . . . . . I don’t think I could ever speak to them again. Not after all this.”

The lights shut down, leaving Spence in the dark.


Diseh rested by the surveillance monitors. Their were main screens of each place of reference. One included Spence standing with Mewtwo in the great hall. A screen showing each cellmate in the respected cells. A screen of the three sleeping clones, No. 8, No. 9 and No. 10. A screen of Trevor and Wolf, floating into a different lab in separate tanks. And a screen of the top area of the building. Suddenly, Xalia appeared on the latter screen. Diseh glared, “What is she doing........?”

Suddenly, sirens went off as the whole room went red. Emergence warning screens flooded the monitors. Xalia had disappeared. Diseh winced, communicating the professor via radio. “Professor, the clones whereabouts?”

“They’re gone, Diseh! They’ve taken them!”

“She’s passed the barriers?! Crap! I was careless..........” Diseh jumped from his seat, “So, the show has began, huh? Looks like it’s up to Spence’s Team Midnight after all.”

Code red. Shutting down all doors. Teleport pads operational.


The hall where Spence was originally at was empty. Spence was running through the area, the halls flooded with red sirens and doors closing, the noise almost deafening his ears. Loud bangs were heard from below, perhaps the bottom floors. Was it the man, the original Diseh and the others were talking about...? Was he really here to destroy Mewtwo?

Spence skidded to the left, finally making it to the cells. He unlocked all of the doors. “We’re leaving,” Spence said, “Find your pokemon and escape while you still can. I still have a job to do here, I’m not going to see you guys die.”

He had found Alex and Sarah. He grabbed ahold of the shock collars. Giving a grunt, he pulled to dismantle them. Managing to do so, the collar ripped into halves as a shock went through his body, the shock collar blowing up from their necks one by one. Sarah remained non-responsive. Spence couldn’t look her in the eye. Not after all he had put her through.

Spence met everyone outside. Axel turned after seeing to Jimmy’s safety, “How did you escape? What are you planning to do?”

“Diseh let me go, however, he has Trevor and Wolf as hostages. Ki and Xalia brought Mewtwo here. There’s a man in the building below they baited here, his goal is to destroy Mewtwo and probably everything within the building. I can’t let that happen.”

“Fine, do what you want. I don’t know about you, but I’m outta here. Jimmy, are you ready to leave? We’ll follow the others and get Zoroark and the other pokemon first.”

Author:  ChillBill [ Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

Bill ran outside the cell. Gina followed. They both looked at Spence.
"I sure hope you haven't done an awful mistake. Thanks, though."
Gina continued. "We'll return to give you a hand after we get our Pokemon. You have some explaining to do, so we can't allow your death. And besides, you need your Pokemon, too." Then both her and Bill took off.
"Any idea where is our stuff?"
"It must be somewhere close!"
Bill unlocked a door. Inside the room, there were Pokeballs, along with rucksacks, knives and guns. Bill grabbed a Pokeball and tossed it. With a roar, Garchomp appeared. Bill smiled.
"Everyone, in here! I think we found our stuff!"
Gina was already searching through the things. She grabbed a Pokeball, tossed Bill his sack, and strapped her two knives on her belt. Bill took his own, then turned to leave. Right then, though, his gaze fell upon some other things. Two short blades, a red katana, some Pokeballs...
"What about these?"

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((congratulations! you have all received the power to train a cloned legendary! find these pokemon either in the wild or on an unconscious Psyche soldier's person!))

Spence, Axel and the others followed Bill and Gina inside the room. Bill examined a lot of weaponary belonging to none other than Trevor and Wolf. Spence walked over, grabbing both sets of weaponary.

"I'll hold on to these," he said as he equiped them, putting the short blade sheathes to his belt and the katana to his back, "I'll return these to their rightful owners once this is all over. They're not really my weapon of choice anyway."

Axel looked all over until he found Zoroark, chained up to the wall of the back, "Zoroark! Grr...." he snarled, running to then jump and cut the chains himself. Zoroark fell to its knees, Axel lending him a hand, "Sorry, buddy... You've been alone for a while, huh... Never again, okay?"

Axel's Zoroark gazed up at his master, giving a nod and a smile.

Spence recovered the pokeballs containing Trevor and Wolf's pokemon, and Sarah's too. There was one pokeball not on Sarah's team roster, though. Spence handed the pokeball to Sarah in a confused look. Sarah grabbed it, rushing over to Axel before handing the pokeball out. Axel jumped in surprise.

"A pokeball? Are you giving this to me? Oh, right... you can't speak anymore..." Axel looked down at it in a frown, shaking his head, "But Sarah, I can't train any other pokemon than Zoroark, it's the way I was created, I'm sorry..."

Sarah looked at him with cold, demanding eyes. Axel sighed, knowing there was no way getting out of this one.

"Fine, but don't say I didn't tell you so..." Axel obtained the Axew.


Spence lead the team out, seeing a split-hallway into two different directions. Each had a warp panel on either end. Considering all the other doors were locked with no other way through, they didn't have much of a choice.

Suddenly, Psyche soldiers appeared. They revealed their cloned legendary pokemon, swords and rifles and attacked.

"The one of the right is where Mewtwo is... Axel, you want to leave, right? I suggest the other one."

"Sound fine by me," Axel smirked, Zoroark charging by his side, laughing as he rushed in, "Hahah! But first, let's finally let out some aggression, shall we---?!!!"

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

Wolf awoke in a tank, surrounded by a green liquid. Looking around, he saw Trevor and... What the hell? An exact likeness of him was across from him. This better be a damn mirror I'm looking at! Frustrated, Wolf started to pound against the glass of his tank, attempting to break it. When I get out, there will be pain for Psyche.
Root was in disarray. For half a week, she was alone in a cell, listening to struggles and screams as the team seemed to fall apart at the seams. She couldn't stand it. Finally, Spence decided to somehow bust everyone out. Root decided to follow him outside, then heard the news. "Wait, he's still in there?" Root asked. As she got the reply, she snatched for Wolf's swords and turned back. "He would want his swords." Turning back to Spence, she told him that she was going back in. "I'm taking him. One could only guess at what they may do with him. I've already decided this. You can help, or stay put. Just don't get in my way."
Root turned and ran towards the lab. As she did, she pulled out Rotorroot's ball. Make my day. she thought as a soldier rounded the corner ahead.
((Also, Wolf would want Lugia.))

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