Rebuild of Team Midnight
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Author:  redt [ Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:31 pm ]
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Trevor laid on the dusty floor of an abandoned attic, his head resting on a support beam. He made little to no sound, as was a part of his training, as well as being a light sleeper. However, what came next surprised even him.

A young girl walked into the attic space from seemingly nowhere. "So, you must be the ex-assassin who left... We have a job for you..." she smiled. Her voice was sweet and she appeared to sound like an ordinary little girl, however, her words were completely opposite of that, "Only after this mission will we decide whether your betrayal shouldn't be answered with the death penalty." Trevor jumped up and drew his blade, watching the girl with weary eyes. "If you do this one thing for us, we will let you go. You were a valuable weapon at one point... We don't see why we should be cruel to someone who killed so many for us without question. Think of it as a favor between friends."

He lowered his katana as he looked at the girl. Her voice is so familiar......She was the one that gave orders to Alpha squad...... "If I decide to take this mission I want no interference from Psyche and I want to be left alone." The girl giggled softly, leaving an odd tension in the air. She waved her hand as she spoke, "I can reassure you that no Psyche member will interfere with your mission. I'm sure that you'll see me from time to time though. That is something that is unavoidable."

Trevor thought to himself for a moment, If they could of found me here than she can find me anywhere. I really have no realistic choice in this matter. "What is the mission about? Obviously you need someone killed and no Psyche member is up to the task of doing. That's the only reason you need me." He smirked at the young girl as she just simply smiled back.

"Your mission is to track down and eliminate a man named Spence, the former Midnight team leader. Our intel shows that he is amassing a rebel team. Wipe out the team and anyone associated with Spence and the team. The last known sighting of the group was outside of Saffron City. It seems that they are already causing problems." She looked slightly irritated at this last comment.

Trevor looked at the floor boards, "And you can guarantee my mission as a Lone Wolf?" She nodded, "Yes, though your progress will be.....monitored thoroughly." The last part made Trevor realize that they must have someone of tracking him, hence how he was found today.

"Fine, I'll take the mission." The young girl smiled brightly, "Upon your succession you will be granted full leave of Psyche, though if you desire to stay you will be eligible for a promotion." Trevor looked at her with disgust, "I want nothing to do with Psyche after this." The girl strode towards him, moving faster than expected, and whispered, "I will be watching you Trevor. Besides that's what good friends do for one another."

Before he could make a rebuttal, the girl fazed out of the room, going straight through the wall. Trevor looked down at his feet to see a file folder. When he opened it there was a photo and an I.D. badge. The picture was of an older man with spiky hair with the name 'Spence' scribbled across it in red marker. The I.D. badge was a Psyche member card, having Trevor's name and rank inscribed on it. It looks like it's back to square one. I'll need to gather intel on this Spence to see what kind of threat he really holds to Psyche. He might be useful.
Trevor walked along the tree line, just out of sight of the path. He passed several people without them sensing him.

As the city of Saffron came into view he noticed several grunts lying on the ground. Trevor walked out towards them and examined that ground. Several Pokemon footprints scattered about. Seems like it's a highly trained group of Pokemon. Most of these breeds are the rarest in existence now.

Trevor picked up one of the grunts and hit him awake. The grunt sputtered for a moment. "Where did they go?", Trevor asked. The grunt simply pointed east. Trevor dropped him to the ground and took off in that direction.

They must be heading to Lavender Town. If they're using the tunnels then I'll have to take the long way on the surface.

As Trevor reached the tunnel entrance he noticed a young man walking out. He had a few Pokeballs strapped to his belt. I bet he's with the rebels. Trevor kept to the forest as he watched the guy, waiting to follow him if he heads towards Lavender Town.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:41 pm ]
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((I feel so lost as to where everyone is right now lol but I got off work super early soooo gonna make a response.))

After the scuffle, Alex slowly regained his casual stance. He took careful note of the Garchomp. Despite their unstable nature, this one seemed very well controlled. It both impressed and scared him a bit. "You've gotta be good to control something like that...just don't turn it on us." He smirked at his remark until he realized it was still a viable option to the situation at hand.

As Alex shook the man's hand, he chuckled a bit. "Yeah, I'll hold ya too that. I'm just glad you were there to help when you did. Mightyena would never have been able to take both..."

Liv turned to see the same young man eying her bag after the recent bout with Alex. She clutched it to her, not willing to give it up. "Alex...we don't know these people...we should just go home." By that point he was already holding her hand and leading her behind the hooded man. "They could kill us, Alex. They could take our supplies and leave us here." She followed hesitantly. The worry in her voice was obvious.

" have to trust me. Anything these guys do will be better than what Psyche could. You know they've already got our place surrounded." He cursed himself under his breath for allowing his face to be seen. The two were already criminals as it was. Anyone in the city would have turned him in for the bounty if they'd known. Which made him wonder. The outsiders obviously weren't very familiar with Saffron. At least not enough to want him dead...yet. "We'll follow them for now, get someplace safe. If Lavender is as safe as I remember...we'll lay low for awhile. Maybe pick up somewhere new." He gulped in regret. Lavender town....Mom... The memories he had as a child flooded back to mind as he pushed back the welling tears and cleared his throat.

Smoke and debris momentarily clouded the area until the group was able to walk out of the old path. It felt like a whole new type of freedom. Both from Psyche and the dank corridor. As Alex clutched Liv's hand, he could only wonder what was coming next. Hell, he didn't even know these people's names and he'd put more trust into them than almost anyone else he'd known in a such a long time. All that mattered was that they were ready.

Author:  ChillBill [ Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:22 pm ]
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Bill emerged from the path, relieved to be in open space again. The noise from the paths made him guess that those weird guys probably broke down some doors. All the best for me. The guards will follow their rubble. Better than following me. He tried to make a judgement of the situation. Saffron was on an uproar, thanks to the trouble he had caused. Perhaps also the trouble the other guys had caused. So Saffron was not a good idea.
As for the path, it would soon overflow with grunts chasing after the ones who demolished the doors. So no good there, too.
Probably the best thing he could do was to follow the route to Lavender. Nobody would pay much attention there, what with all the trouble in the city and the Underground. Lavender was pretty quiet, and maybe he could find shelter there.
In Lavender I'll probably meet these guys again. Who knows, they might really help me. If I meet them there, I'll try a more polite approach this time. Maybe it will pay off.
Having made up his mind, Bill started moving towards Lavender. If he was to set any plan in motion, he first had to find a resting place.

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:56 pm ]
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James kept on running through the tunnels. Me and probably the other guys also have caused a mess here. The fact that a trap was set means that coming here was a mistake from the beginning. I should have followed the aboveground path. But now that I'm in, I have to head to Lavender. Chances are I'll find the rebels there. Oof, I am really worried about my parents. Ok, it was a bad idea to join Psyche or even Aqua in the first place. But could they punish executives for something they didn't do? I mean, I'm the outlaw, not them. Right? Man I can't get them out of my mind. I can't help believing that I caused harm to them. I only wish I could communicate with them. Some of their choices might have been wrong but they were good parents and I respect them for that. James continued moving on, his thoughts now going to the rebels. Would they actually be decent enough or their will would not bring balance? And if it really didn't, would he have to eliminate every human, apart from the elites that were good? Well, total devastation was not justice either. And anyway, what was he thinking? He would consider his options later on. Now he had to focus on not getting ambushed again. 'First I have to live and then consider killing.' he tried to convince himself. After stirring through the paths for some more time he saw a source of light. The exit to Lavender. James reached it in time to see a guy in a leather jacket and jeans with two poke-balls tied to his belt walk away. 'Not a Psyche, so a rebel.' I can join them through him. Bet they have decided to meet in Lavender.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:27 pm ]
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Wolf approached the two grunts. One of them looked at him to size him up, then spoke. "Are you the one called Wolf?"
"Yes. You have something that doesn't belong to you. Now, I'm going to ask real nicely before doing something none of us here wants me to do. Why do you want me?"
"There as been a nuisance to Psyche in this area. Right now we have five others watching you. We compiled a lot of information on you from your past employers, Wolf. We even know your real name. I'd think it'd be wise to listen to what we have to say." Wolf thought. I got beat at my own game. Obviously, this nuisance is something that is bothering Psyche. "I'm listening."
"Good. Come with us."
"Why?" Wolf asked. The grunt scowled. "Because I said so." The four walked into Saffron.
"So what's this, umm, nuisance you want me to track down?" Wolf shouted over the music that filled the Saffron City pub. "It's a man named Spence. He is a rebel and a HVT."
"An HVT?" The man nodded. "How high value? 25, 50 hundred?"
"Try this." The member, who was obviously an officer, not a mere grunt, slid him a file. Wolf opened it and looked at the bottom of the man's picture to see the bounty. "50,000 credits? Are you kidding me? How much of nuisance is he?"
"That's classified. Plus, add your little sister onto that bounty."
"I'll do it. Any specifications?"
"DOA if that's what you mean. But preferrably present his head and personal effects if you kill him, or bring him to us like a live prisoner getting sentenced to death, if you want the full reward. We know of your trickery, and how you like to play con artist with foolish employers. Understand?"
As soon as Wolf was outside, he called Root. "I can't believe you!"
"I found us a new target. An HVT at that."
"I'm waiting."
"I'm sending the digital file to you right now."
"Okay, thanks- Someone's coming!"
Root hid out of site as a group of about five people passed by. Once they were out of sight, she brought her phone up to look at the file. 50,000 credits? Wow. Think of all the stuff Wolf could get for that. A better house, supplies for better weapons, a ring... She then noticed something in the file and rushed to get Wolf.
Wolf saw Root as soon as he exited Saffron. "Good news." she said. "This better be good news. The last 'good news' was just 'news'." Root rolled her eyes. "That group of people that was passing through awhile ago? One of them matches the body frame of our target."
"This is going to be difficult. He's travelling with a group."
"Wouldn't be the first time."
"True." The two followed the group and headed towards Lavendar Town.
((Basically, Wolf is out to get Spence and no one saw Root.))

Author:  Dare234 [ Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:22 pm ]
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"You're all welcome to come hide out with me until things settle down a bit in Saffron."

Hearing that from one of the trainers Silas perked up. "What do you think Fury?"

"Medicham." Fury replied with a shrug.

"No help." Silas muttered, coming to a decision. As the group moved down the path Silas followed keeping his distance. As the old trainer and his Infernape took down the barrier Silas nodded, impressed.

Finally working up his confidence, Silas spoke up.

"Do you mind if one more hides out with you?" Silas asked walking up, trying not to appear threatening. "I'm Silas Defena and this is Fury. We aren't exactly pleased with the commotion all of you stirred up, and if you don't mind we'd like to join you."

Author:  ChillBill [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:53 am ]
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((This is gonna be my only post for today. I have some pressing issues.))

Lavender Town could be seen in the distance.
Bill took a deep breath. Up until now, nobody was on his tracks. His assumption that the soldiers would stick to the Underground was probably right. However, from time to time he thought he heard somebody behind him. Probably just my wild imagination. I need to chill a bit. He wondered if the others had made it to Lavender through the path. If they had, he would meet them soon after his arrival in town.
Arriving in Lavender, the first thing Bill noted was a big wanted poster. "Wanted: Spence" The reward was ridiculously high-50,000 credits. This guy sure was a huge nuisance.
Bill looked closer at the face in the poster. It looked familiar somehow... Yes, it kinda looked like the face of the older trainer in the Path. He couldn't be sure, though; the guy back there wore a hood, and the light wasn't favourable. But it could be him.
Bill smiled. He pulled on his hood and started moving towards the Path's exit to Lavender. It would probably be guarded and these guys could definitely use a helping hand. After all, Bill needed to talk to the older guy. If he was really that Spence, perhaps he could assisst him in his goal. The younger guy and his girlfriend could prove helpful as well.
And he could certainly do with some of their medicine.

(( For everyone's information, I DIDN'T take the Underground. As mentioned in previous post, I had to disappear as suddenly as I had appeared. I walked to Lavender from the normal route. So I'm not yet with the group. Plan to meet them again at the Path's exit near Lavender.))

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:03 am ]
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((Kinda wanted to introduce someone there, Samurott, but that's okie-dorie. Lol redt you must have the ability to completely read my mind sometimes. jim-the-poke-master, basically one hit kill of a legendary pokemon is being kinda mary sue-ish, especially not taking any damage yourself and not getting tired. And it's not really in anyone's best interest to piss off Psyche just yet.))

"Do you mind if one more hides out with you?" Silas asked walking up, trying not to appear threatening. "I'm Silas Defena and this is Fury. We aren't exactly pleased with the commotion all of you stirred up, and if you don't mind we'd like to join you."

"Huh?" Spence turned around towards an older young man, a couple of years from the young man and his female friend, with black short hair and emerald eyes. "Silas Defena, huh? And this is your Medicham; Fury? Gotcha," Spence walked up, shaking his hand, "I'd tell you my name, but we're not out of the clear yet... You said you weren't impressed? Trust me, I'm not exactly frilled myself," he chuckled sadly, "Truth is, a young man with a Garchomp caused this commotion. It's probably why we're still here, so I'm thankful for that at least."

Spence turned, continuing the rest of his passage down the underground path, "You're welcome to follow us if you'd like. I'm sure all of you will be welcome. Who knows, you might already know her. Her name's Sarah, she wants to get into pokemon daycare. I'm positive you guys and your pokemon will be welcome as well."

Spence overheard Liv, and chuckled to himself, "Your girlfriend is pretty wise... I could be Psyche for all you know," he immediately laughed afterwards, although it was obvious not a lot of people would find that very funny.


It wasn't long before the four man group of trainers escaped from the tunnel. Lavender Town wasn't too far off as a hazy mist fell down from the sky, a loomy town to which most people hardly tread. But if you didn't mind the gloomy atmosphere, the town itself wasn't that bad, with a lot of friends to visit... friends and pokemon that people had lost over many years.

Spence gazed at the Pokemon Tower in the distance, walking beside flowers that had flourished thanks to a rare five minute sunshine. He lent over, handpicking as many ones he thought were good enough before leaning back up again with a groan. He turned to Alex, Liv, and Silas, giving a quick glare, "Now, I don't know your histories, but please behave yourselves while we're staying here, alright?"


Knock, knock, knock!

A young woman sighed as she hid a few pokeballs in the bedroom cupboard, "Now who could that be in this time of day?" She opened the door to be surprised by a familiar face, "It's--- Wow, you've grown old!" She had long dark brown hair with blonde highlights, twirled around into a ponytail down her back. Gazing into her eyes, they were the colour of a mystical light green. She was fairly pretty.

Spence flinched, muttering under his breath.

"Oh, sorry! Hehe... It's been a long time, Spe--" She noticed he was companied, and the shake of the head and look Spence gave her stopped her mid-sentence, "I get it," she winked, approaching the others beside him, shocked to see even more familiar faces, "Alex, Liv! It that really you?! I haven't seen your faces in forever! Why haven't you come and visit me?" she glared, giving a grin afterward, "It's lovely to see you both."

"You know them?" Spence asked, smiling, "Well, this will be easier to ask then; can they stay here for awhile? Things have gotten pretty crazy in Saffron City, they need a place to lay low for a bit. You understand."

Sarah nodded, "It's my pleasure. Please, come in inside, all of you. And your friend is welcome as well," she eyed Silas, spotting his pokemon, "Naw cool! Is that a Medicham?! Let me see!" she jumped and shook its hands, "Pleasure to meet you! I'm Sarah! What's your pokemon's name?"

"Hahaha..." Spence shrugged, placing a hand onto Silas's shoulder, "As I said, you're quite welcome to stay here."

"Sure," Sarah stood up, "There's empty rooms here for travelers such as yourselves, and a basement if you feel more secure there. But..." she eyed the weapon Alex had on his person, "I'd appreciate it if you leave them by door in the cupboard here. This is a pokemon friendly house. And by the way... Spe---" she turned, but Spence had already gone, "Wha? Wait, oh..." She wondered, wasn't he holding a bunch of flowers? Then, that must have meant he went to visit... them... She smiled warmly to herself.

"Please, make yourselves at home," she gestured to the three.


It was a couple of floors up inside the Pokemon Tower before he came upon a couple of grave stones. He placed the flowers upon a woman's tombstone, dating back a few years, taking a step back as he placed his hand to his arm in respect. The graves read; Diseh and Tori... Sarah's parents. Well, Diseh wasn't her real parent... seeing as Sarah was only twenty-two years old. But he should've been.

Spence mourned, closing his eyes slowly as memories flooded back like a haunting dream. Inside the building, lost souls of pokemon swam the atmosphere, formless but silent. It was peaceful.

"I'm Diseh, would you please untie me now...?"

"Let's get Team Magma back, shall we?"

"Hey, are you with me on this one?"

"This is my girlfriend, her name's Tori... We've been members of Team Solaris for awhile now..."

"Spence, are you ready? Sinnoh's still unexplored, but I'm centain we'll find them... Are you alright?"

"Spence! It's a trap, run!!"


Spence opened his eyes, a frown on his face. He took his sleave and wiped his forehead of the sweat.

"I'm sorry, Diseh, Tori... I made a promise to look after your daughter, and I've only just kept it. She's... stronger than me, believe it or not! She reminds me so much of you guys," he chuckled through his teeth, a grin to hold back a tear, "But you don't have to worry, she's safe. Anyway, I'm going to do what I set out to do, I won't run away anymore. I'm not the emotional teen I once was... I've been to hell and back, and I guess I'll have to see it again, one more time..."

((Jimmy and Dare can control Sarah a little bit to build on your characters if you want, I'm deciding on making a profile for her.))

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:55 am ]
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(It was a two hit attack on zapdos, but i will avoid doing it again. And my pokemon are tired-I just cannot admit it.)

'This guy can help me. But I look like team Psyche, so will he trust me? I carry their every sign, but perhaps they know I'm being chased. And once more I'm daydreaming. Great.' James followed the rebel cautiously. It would be better if he talked to them together. One alone could attack him, but in a group one at least would speak sense. James saw the man heading towards the entrance to the underground, then stopping. 'Is he trying to fool me into a wrong move? But he hasn't seen me.' James decided to hide near the underground and appear when all of the rebels passed by. So he hid there and waited.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:08 am ]
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A cold and strange figure placed a hand onto James's shoulder, he appeared suddenly, garbed in an unusual purple and gold cloak, none of which he had never seen, even his mother or father. He smirked, "James, I presume. Ex-member, right? If you don't want your family harmed, you'll be listening to me. I'm Diseh, I'm your employer from now on." Beneath his hood, he revealed himself, long dark brown hair, green light eyes, and a pale white face. He appeared in his late thirties.

Author:  ChillBill [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:41 am ]
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((Luckily, I was relieved from my issues today. I can make one more post.
Well, that's an unexpected turn of events. I wonder what will Jim say, though.))
Bill watched the group as they got out of the Underground. There was one more guy with them. Bill grew uncomfortable. That was too much. He wasn't sure if he should join them now. But, no matter what, he needed to talk to the older guy. He needed to find out who he really was.
Bill followed the party from a distance as they moved through the streets. They eventually entered a small house near the Pokemon Tower. Bill prepared to withdraw, as he saw no chance to speak to the older guy right now. To his surprise, the guy got out of the house and moved towards the Pokemon Tower.
Bill quietly followed from a distance. He entered the Tower and began ascending the stairs, looking for the guy. Eventually, he spotted the man standing over a grave. Besides him, the floor was empty. Bill pulled off his hood and gathered his courage.
"Hey, remember me? My name's Bill Jackal. I know it's a bit sudden, but I've got a really important question. By any chance, is your name Spence?"

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:00 am ]
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Spence sighed. He would've prefered if nobody disturbed him here, but nevertheless...

Spence turned, eyeing Bill, "Bill Jackal? The kid with the the Garchomp, huh...?"

"Are you sure you lost Psyche? I mean, before you arrived here?"

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:26 am ]
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Alex swallowed hard as he saw Sarah's face again. Considering their last encounter was...less than favorable, he would have liked that to be their last. No arguing over good fortune though.0 He happily forfeit his knife and pistol at the door as Liv now attached herself to his side like an awkwardly placed siamese-twin. The two sat down, looking around at the comfortably small cabin and its two other residents.

"So, Sarah, its really been awhile, huh? How have you been these days?" Alex asked, hesitantly. He was desperately trying to clear up any leftover tension. Liv shot him a murderous glare for opening his mouth.

Sarah was pacing around the house, tidying up here and there. She met his question with a giggle and gave the two a sweet smile. "Oh, you know, its been quiet since you left...again."

"Sarah, I'm-"

"No! And then, when you do come back, you bring her. None of these criminal shenanigans started until you met her. Ya know, if it wasn't for the fact that we knew each other growing up, I would have just took you in and collected the bounty." The two became quiet as the tension quickly picked back up. "We've been friends for so long and out of nowhere you just up and run away to the city. You ran away and left me here all alone." She turned away quickly and continued cleaning. "But the past is the past. No use fussing over it now, is there?"

Alex rested a black gloved-hand on her shoulder. "Sarah...where are your parents?" After sometime without a response, he hung his head in shame. "I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault." She made her way out of the room as Alex let out a heavy sigh.

He looked around nervously before eying the newcomer and making his way over to him. Alex offered his hand in trust. "The name's Alex and she's Liv. Welcome to our humble little club." He knew giving their real names out could be a problem. Liv let him know that with another glare. At this point, what's hiding going to help? They'd only feel betrayed later.

((If you need anything edited, just lemme know. I wasn't sue what you had planned for Sarah so...drama))

Author:  ChillBill [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:12 am ]
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Bill eyed the man curiously.
Yes, that was certainly the face of the photo. A bit older, perhaps, but definitely him.
"Well, I made my way from Saffron to here with no one disturbing me. And I left the Underground, which is probably the worst place to be right now. So, unless they were really subtle, I'm cool. You should be careful though. Your face or the face of your younger brother is hung all around for everyone to see. And with a really nice number underneath. I bet one has much more interesting guys to hunt than me, Spence... or whatever is your name."

Author:  Dare234 [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:40 am ]
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"You're welcome to follow us if you'd like. I'm sure all of you will be welcome. Who knows, you might already know her. Her name's Sarah, she wants to get into pokemon daycare. I'm positive you guys and your pokemon will be welcome as well."

"That was easier than I thought it'd be." Silas muttered as he followed the others.


Some time later they arrived in Lavender Town where the old guy led them to a house. The door was answered by a young woman.

"Her name is Fury." Silas said with a chuckle at Sarah's enthusiasm. "And mine's Silas."

He followed everyone in and took a seat, Fury sitting on the floor beside him. He shifted uncomfortably as Sarah and the male trainer started getting into it.

He started studying his fedora to occupy himself and didn't notice as the male trainer walked over. "The name's Alex and she's Liv. Welcome to our humble little club." He said offering his hand.

Silas shook it. "I'm Silas, but you probably heard that somewhere. Pleasure to meet you both. You're the one with the Mightyena, right?"

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:57 am ]
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James froze as the man spoke. So his parents weren't ok after all. But he needed to speak to them.
'Why should I believe you? You are probably lying anyway. They must be alive and you are just using my ignorance. And to use them, you probably need me. So, if you can prove that they are in danger, I will obey.'
' Well what if they told you themselves?' The man took out a small communication machine and pressed a button.
'James? Is that you?'
'MOM! Are you alright?'
'I am for now but we were captured. They told us you were a criminal. Is it true?'
'Yes. No. I'm not sure. But will you be alright?'
'I'm not sure. I think they are going to... oh I can't say it.
'Mom it's ok. I will save you.'
'Just remember one thing. YOU MUST DESTROY PSYCHE!'
(Sounds of fighting are heard.)
'You are gonna pay for them! Go Haxorus!'
'Ha ha! Go Rayquaza!' A giant monster suddenly appeared in the sky. It was so terrifying that James backed out.
'I cannot fight this thing!'
'Rayquaza use draco meteor! You are mine kid.' That was the last thing James heard before he passed out.

(I would appreciate it if you saved me. I have not been taken away and everyone saw the rayquaza. Oh, and please don't alter my story without warning again.)

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:05 am ]
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((Sorry, Crunchy, I guess I jumped the gun on that one.))
"Where did they go?" Wolf asked a merchant. "I swear they went into the Tower! Please, don't hurt me."
"Not unless you're wrong." Root replied with a smile. Wolf gave her a look. "What? I want that money as much as you do!" The two walked over to the Tower and Root climbed atop the building across from it. "Shoot a scanner probe in the building." Root loaded one bullet into her sniper rifle, screwed on the suppressor, and fired into the wall of the Tower. "I'm registering a cluster of heat signatures on ground level and two up stairs. My guess our target is one of the two."
"Good. Tell me when he exits the building so I know who to strike and when to strike. I'll hide."
"Okay." Root said. She looked over and saw a Rayquaza. "Hmm... Oh well."
"Just a poor kid about to get creamed by one of Psyche's cloned Rayquazas."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:13 am ]
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Alex smirked. "Yup, he's mine alright. We don't battle often though. Mainly just for some side cash." He glanced down at Fury sitting on the floor silently. "Glad to see others still have companions. I thought real trainers had died off years ago...well, before today."

Liv raised her hand to signify a 'hello'. She was very uneasy at all of this and admittedly, very tired. Who in the group wasn't after all? "Sarah, is there anywhere I can lay down at?" She asked uneasily. Sarah nodded to her and pointed to a small room around the corner.

"Take as much time as you need, Liv." Sarah was generously thanked before Liv left the room.

Alex perked his head up and snapped his fingers. "Hey Sarah, how exactly do you know this guy...? He"

She raised an eyebrow at Alex. "You're a little off too, don't you think? I don't think someone as familiar with the black market as yourself has a right to judge others. And if you must I know him is none of your business."

Alex let out a small sigh and shook his head. Looking back to Silas, he laughed. "Women, right? They're allllllll crazy." He slouched down in a nearby chair waiting for the man he'd come to know as "Spence" to come back; Or for sleep to take him away. Whichever came first.

Author:  Dare234 [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

"If you know how to look, there are quite a few 'real' trainers out there. Most are like yourself, they lay low and draw as little attention as possible, but, the few you hear about are like that kid with a... Garchomp was it?" Silas said recalling his days in Team Psyche and wincing a bit at the thought that, once being a member, some people, like Alex apparently, wouldn't consider him a real trainer.

Silas looked at Fury and found her barely keeping awake. "Take a break Fury." Silas said as he returned her to her pokeball.

"Sarah, what is that tower? I've never been here before." Silas asked.

"It is full of graves for all of our deceased." Sarah replied.

"Oh..." Silas replied caught off guard. "Sounds like Mt. Pyre back in Hoenn."

Author:  redt [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

jim-the-poke-master wrote:
(I would appreciate it if you saved me. I have not been taken away and everyone saw the rayquaza. Oh, and please don't alter my story without warning again.)

((There isn't any real set story lines other than what the creator (Crunchy in this RP) makes. I always PM the creator with ideas I have for my character and I recommend you do the same so that you can have your story as well.))
((Also, I'm gone for like 8 hours and everyone except me makes a post :/ Good thing I don't have work tomorrow.))

Trevor watched as the guy began wandering towards the direction of Lavender. And it just gets easier. He waited a few moments before coming down from his perch in a large tree. Any noise made by his decent was covered by the sound of the crumbling rocks from the tunnel. The hunt began and Trevor was in the mind set.

As Trevor strode from brush to brush along the tree line he stopped every time the man hesitated his walk. Only once did the man completely stop before shrugging the idea that Trevor was following him. I know that he's headed to Lavender and I could just take him out now. I still don't have a gurantee that Midnight will be there though.

Trevor saw in the distance the group of people he saw wander into the tunnels. Targets acquired. Just then he thought he heard a young girl's giggle. He looked around before thinking that he was just crazy for thinking that girl was near him; though he wouldn't of been surprised. Trevor watched as the group made their way into a small house at the base of Pokemon Tower. The man stayed at the clearing, seeming like he was waiting for something to happen.

After a few minutes of waiting, still watching the young man at the clearing, Trevor saw Spence leave the house and head into the tower. That's when the man made his move. Once he made it into the tower Trevor left his hiding place and sprinted into the tower, keeping a well pace and avoiding all sight. He wandered through the maze-like rooms, avoiding the spirits and Ghost types alike. And this is why I never go into burial towers. Just then one of the spirits passed through his body, sending an extremely cold chill through Trevor's being. He stifled a yell as the feeling passed.SERIOUSLY?!?!?!!?

As Trevor rounded the corner of one of the staircases he heard two voices. "Hey, remember me? My name's Bill Jackal. I know it's a bit sudden, but I've got a really important question. By any chance, is your name Spence?" Trevor held his breath as he waited for the response. "Bill Jackal? The kid with the the Garchomp, huh...? Are you sure you lost Psyche? I mean, before you arrived here?" He scoffed slightly at how funny that was. Of course he was followed. He was only being completely obvious he was a trainer.

"Well, I made my way from Saffron to here with no one disturbing me. And I left the Underground, which is probably the worst place to be right now. So, unless they were really subtle, I'm cool. You should be careful though. Your face or the face of your younger brother is hung all around for everyone to see. And with a really nice number underneath. I bet one has much more interesting guys to hunt than me, Spence... or whatever is your name." At that Trevor thought, Well good enough to me. He drew his blade quickly, making a cold sliding metal sound. He jumped from the corner, his blade coming down towards Spence.

((Figured a cemetary is a good meeting place for this haha. Btw as we're fighting Crunchy I'm planning on having Trevor ask many questions about your cause. Hopefully you can persuade him to do the right thing.))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

The comm unit in Wolf's ear buzzed to life. "Babe, we have a problem." Wolf cursed. "What is it?"
"It looks like we couldn't trust Psyche after all. Someone just entered the tower and are making their way up to where the target is. They just stopped at the level he's at... Reaching- Wolf, GO! Psyche sent another hunter." Within seconds, Wolf was already bounding up to the door. "I see a sword. He's- He's attacking! Hurry!" Adrenaline kicked in and Wolf felt as if he could run through the levels without ever stopping. Within ten or so seconds, Root informed him that one flight of stairs stands in between him and Spence. He took two steps at a time and then turned at the top of the stairs, where he stopped. "So this is what it's like to be crossed. Psyche, your arrogance proceeds you." he said to himself. "Now do it! Before it's too late!" Root goaded. "Time to make my presence known." He took a couple steps into the room, flipped up his hood over his head, drew his swords, and said, as loud as he could, but not yelling, "I knew Psyche was deseperate, but sending in two hunters for the same bounty is just stupid."

Author:  ChillBill [ Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

A metal sound was suddenly heard behind him. Bill froze in place as a guy jumped from the corner and threw himself at Spence.
Before Bill could even curse, sound was heard from the stairs. Another guy emerged in the room. "I knew Psyche was desperate, but sending in two hunters for the same bounty is just stupid"
Bill groaned. "Bounty hunters. This just sucks. I thought I had heard someone behind me, but geez, you were two? And you didn't even notice each other? That's just as comical as it is tragic." He drew his own blades. "Let me make it up a bit to you, Spence. They probably would have found you without my help, but, considering I made it easier, I'll just have to take on one of the two." Too bad my Pokemon are exhausted. I must use them only if the situation really calls for it. At least, in any case, I still have the gun. Shame it has only a bullet left. Should have reloaded it. He turned to face the second attacker.

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

James woke up. To his surprise he was still in the same place where he fell unconscious. Then, he heard Diseh speak.
'You are too weak. Completely useless.You are free to go. I need not chase you since you can't cause trouble. Farewell.'
The man disappeared. 'He is right.' James thought. 'I don't have the power to fight Psyche. I must train my pokemon to release their full power if I wish to fight against Psyche. But wait... there is a way. The teachers had said that loving your pokemon makes you lose control. They were-strangely-right. One must release pokemon from any holdback. Only the pokemon itself can pledge it's allegiance to a trainer. So that's what I have to do. Become a real pokemon trainer.' James searched his stuff. To his surprise only the gun and bullets were taken. Everything else, including his daggers, was still there. James healed his pokemon and then hurried to the place that was known us Digglet's cave. Now Digglet were extinct because of the cloned legendaries. This place was perfect to keep a low profile and come close to his pokemon.

(Please don't mess with my storie. I will join you some time later in the storie.)

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

Hmm... The other one wants to be a useless and somewhat unessacary casuality. I'm okay with this. Wolf began to spin his right sword while gripping his left. "Let's see how well you do, kid." Wolf stopped spinning the right blade and gripped it backwards. Then, with a stop, he put away his left blade and grabbed Seeker's ball. "Shall we make this interesting? I have a job to do, and the reward is greater than every other job I have done. Swordfighting is a favorite passtime of mine, but I can't let this one slip free. Go, Seeker!" A red light came out of the Great Ball and gave way to a Haunter. "Seeker, use Hypnosis!" Wolf then looked back at the poor soul. "Let's see how well you can duel now!" Wolf drew his left blade again and charged in.
((Chill, I read your PM, and I have to say, I'm pretty sure both of us have enough intelligence and maturity to avoid godmoding and becoming a Mary Sue. With that said, Yawn misses from time to time, so it could miss this time. Your call.))
((EDIT: Oh snap, I thought Haunter could. I'm a moron whenever I try to remember small things. Thanks St. Jimmy!))

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((No problem~
Now to unspam!))

Alex woke up from his short daze and looked around. Obviously a great deal of time had passed and Spence was not back yet. He walked around, stretching and observing only to find that Fury had gone off somewhere (he guessed it was to rest) and Liv was still in the backroom sleeping. He rubbed his eyes before addressing Sarah.

"Hey Sarah, that guy's been gone sure he's okay?"

She nodded. "He likes to take his time. I'm surprised you haven't gone up yet."

Alex frowned. He was slightly ashamed he hadn't visited his mother's grave yet. After all, its been 10 years. Alex bid those who were awake in the cabin farewell and left for the tower. It wasn't too far off, but the overall depression of Lavender was hard to escape. Just being there was known to give people piercing headaches.

Alex creaked open the door and made his way through the dusty room. For a split second, he thought he spotted a white hand clutching his shoulder out of the corner of his eye. Must be a glare...this old place definitely didn't change... He pushed the thought away and made his way up the stairs until seeing a good number of people brawling. One of which looked to be Spence. He stuck behind the doorway to keep out of sight. Must be did they find us? Alex reached for his blade only to be alarmed. Dammit! My gun and knife are both at the cabin...!

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