Rebuild of Team Midnight
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Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:37 pm ]
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Spence crossed his arm in puzzlement, "That's strange... That doesn't sound like Axel at all, and he told you to inform us? And Zoroark has never left his side before..." he wondered, looking to his Lucario by his side, "Edward, I want you to scout them out for me. Use the power of aura to track them down."

Suddenly, a big thump quaked the ground underneath them. Spence grunted, gazing out as he shielded his face of the blizzard. The legendary howled. It was Suicune, but it was different somehow... this Suicune wasn't oddly coloured like the rest of the clones. Suddenly, more legendary clones ended up appearing all over.

"Looks like we have a fight on our hands... Bill, Gina, Trevor, stay with me and help fight. Wolf, Root, protect the city's parameters. Silas, Alex and Sarah, follow Axel and Jimmy to the cave they mentioned. When we're done here we'll come follow you."

"Okay, let's go guys!" Sarah ran ahead, before a Regice stopped her in her path. "Ack! Heh, you asked for it!" She took out a pokeball.

Suicune braced the ground, firing a powerful Ice Beam from its gapped mouth. Spence's Lucario threw an Aura Sphere, but the blast wasn't enough and the attack cut through. Both Spence and Edward jumped for cover as a spread of beam froze every it touched behind them. They got back up, ready to fight. Spence glared. A second Ice Beam was unleashed, one Spence wasn't prepared for. It froze Spence's arm in a block of ice. Spence winced before Lucario was able to smash the ice open, freeing its trainer. Long forgotten memories flooded back as Spence faced the Suicune.

"Ciikii, use Ice Beam!!" A girl's voice.

"Mewtwo, use your own Ice Beam!!"

Their Ice Beams collided and cancelled each other out. An aftermath of ice and snow fell upon the beach they first met each other.

"Heh, you're a pretty talented trainer yourself, Xalia." A young Spence grinned within the heat of battle.

A blonde haired Xalia smiled back.

Spence shook his head. There was no way this was the same Suicune, "Lucario, give me the power of Aura! This is going to be a tough battle!" Within seconds, a blue aura flowed around Spence's body. He pulled open the suitcase and revealed his buster sword, letting the blade hit the snow before he pulled it back up to his shoulder. Spence pulled a battle stance.

"Is this really a clone... or the real thing?!"


"Well, what are you waiting for, Jimmy? I'm worried about Zoroark. Let's hurry up and go already," Axel spoke, turning around to him as he stood by the edge of the cliff.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:46 pm ]
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((Thanks again Crunchy for taking care of twistedtroller's spam.))
Wolf watched as Gina ran into Spence and claimed that Axel... Was not Axel. You have got to be kidding me! Rumblings made Spence spring into action. "Wolf, Root, protect the city's parameters." Wolf stood up. "Umm... I need to heal Gar, in case reality gets real way too fast. Seeker should be fine, but... Yeah. I'll just go." Wolf and Root split up and took up positions, like good the old days. Root took a higher up place to provide a better view while Wolf went off on foot...
Wolf paced between weak points, the areas where even Root's Sniper Scope cannot see. Halfway between the two areas, Wolf doubled over and caught his breath. I'm coming for myself, WOLF! Seeker, noticing a disturbance, hissed towards Wolf. Suddenly, Wolf was better. "Babe, what just happened? Why did you stop moving?"
"I have no idea." Wolf shrugged. "Stay frosty!" Root replied cheerfully. "Keep an eye out for trouble." Wolf warned. You're going to need it.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed Jan 09, 2013 1:56 am ]
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((Idk, Samurott, I think Ladder Guy would be a pretty awesome conduit! :p))

Jimmy gulped hard. It wasn't like Axel to ask for help from himself let alone a man he claimed that he wanted to kill. Then again, Axel wasn't exactly a predictable man. "You got it!" In a red flash, Pidgeot appeared from it's ball with a shriek. "Okay, Pidgeot, can you get us to that mountain? We need a bird's eye view to find Zoraork, if you know what I mean." He chuckled t his own joke. Pidgeot titled its head and took off, taking the two on its back. As the three flew through the sky, they just missed the legendaries emerging. Unbeknownst to them, the earth quaked under their flighted feet.

Alex took his orders and ran off with Sarah and Silas only to be stopped by Regice. "Are you kidding? Their really gonna throw an Ice-type at us?" He threw Charmeleon's pokeball into the battlefield. With a roar, the lizard emerged, flaring its trail. " let's try out that Flamethrower!" Charmeleon unleashed a heavy burst of fire toward the colossal ice hulk. Alex cheered for Charmeleon until the Regice burst from the smoke, seemingly uneffected. As it rushed toward Charmeleon, it was struck off balance by a surprise shell attack from Sarah's Blastoise. Alex gave a quick sigh of relief. "Thanks, with all that weight we could've been goners." Sarah gave her response by having Blastoise ram it again. "Charmeleon, while its down, make sure it doesn't move. We need to keep this fight short." It nodded and encircled the ground around Regice with a ring of fire. However, considering the thick snow, it was considerably weak.

Author:  ChillBill [ Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:41 am ]
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Gina pulled out Gardevoir's Pokeball as an Articuno spotted her and attacked. "Let's roll!" Gardevoir appeared, ready to battle. The Articuno fired an Ice Beam.
"Gardevoir, use Calm Mind!"
Articuno's Beam hit Gardevoir, but it didn't manage to do much harm. Gina winced though.
"Sorry about that, Gardevoir. I'll treat you later. Now, use ThunderBolt!"
Gardevoir nodded and unleashed an electric jolt, powered from its focused mind. The Articuno staggered. Gina smiled. "I think we can do this."
Bill called out Blaziken. Too bad I can't use Garchomp here. This blizzard won't be to its liking. Blaziken appeared just as another Regice attacked them.
"Blaziken, use Flare Blitz!"
The howling Blizzard of Regice collided with Blaziken's body, flared up from Flare Blitz. "Blaziken, keep on! Use Blaze Kick!"
As his Pokemon roared into battle, Bill turned his attention to Spence. "That Suicune... it looks almost normal! What's going on here?"

Author:  redt [ Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:51 am ]
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Trevor could see Gina running up as Spence was talking to him, a panicked look on her face.

"Spence! Everyone! Listen, I think we have some trouble. We found Axel, but I think there's something wrong with him. He asked for Jimmy to help him find his Zoroark. I think they headed for a cave in the mountains. I wasn't sure, so I followed Axel's advice and came here to inform you." She looked at Spence. "I think we should hurry."

As the group was about to start their search a tremor was felt all over the place. Soon they were surroundedby wild clones, the blizzard becoming worse at their arrival.

Trevor nodded at Spence as he was told to stay and fight. "Alright Gallade let's help out." They ran towards Spence, only to cut off by a large Ice Shard. He looked in the air to see another Articuno flying towards them.

"Damn....Gallade use Psycho Cut." Gallade turned and began slinging his bladed arms into the air, sending psychic slashes at the clone. It dodged most with ease, but one clipped its wing. The attack barely phased it as it finished it's attack on Gallade.

Gallade was knocked back onto the snowy ground, hard. "Are you alright?" Gallade stood up and nodded.

The Articuno flew around for the same attack, sending several Ice Shards at Gallade. "Dodge them and then try to jump on its back when it gets close." Gallade jumped around the shards, jumping from each, propelling himself at the clone. The Articuno swooped it's wings up, trying to strike Gallade, but he made it onto its back. "Great! Now use Close Combat!"

Gallade began hammering into the Articuno's back, sending it plummeting to the ground. Gallade walked ran back to Trevor as the Articuno began getting back up, though very weak now. "Alright use Sword Dance and prepare for the last attack."

((My next post will be where my little surprise comes in.))

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:49 am ]
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"Down there. The cave Zoroark went into is there," Axel pointed out from above. Jimmy’s Pidgeot landed to the cave's entrance, although exhausted. Ice had formed from the blizzard, weakening it as shards clipped to its feathers. Jimmy returned his pokemon and turned to Axel. "Let's go inside."

Much like the Ice Path of Johto, the Cerulean Cave was just that-- a cave covered by diamond-like ice. In the cave, glaciers sat sticking protruded from the ground. Below them, a thick floor of ice covered the shadowy depths of the water, and icicles hung dangerously overhead over the entire cavern’s ceiling. They continued inside in search of Zoroark. Continuing deeper and deeper, the cave grew darker and darker. A sinister and almost awful feeling built up inside Jimmy’s gut.

"Did you know..." Axel began as Jimmy cautiously followed behind, "That human beings are actually related to the first pokemon in existence --- Mew? Although we've become unaware of it, Mew, possibly the father of all beings who exist today, had telepathic and supernatural abilities long before many existing pokemon today. However, as Mew evolved and gave birth to many other types of pokemon, including legendaries, dragons, water-type pokemon and so on and so forth... the beings known as Mew eventually died out, and gradually, through the burden this world brought them --- time... even they were powerless to resist, and soon, the very beings that gave life to everything became extinct. However, there was one place a perfect pokemon like that could find refuge if they had willed it, a place where Mew could hide and live on forever... An immortal world, an unchanging world that’s not governed by time or space... A world only known by Mew."


Spence ran at the Suicune, his Lucario doing the same beside him. Nothing could match the Suicune’s speed, however. Trying to hit Suicune was like hitting thin air, and the blizzard only slowed Spence down.

Another Ice Beam roared forth from Suicune. Spence, although powered by aura, only managed to scrap out of the way for the beam to catch his left leg. Spence winced again as his Lucario smashed it open. Spence limped up, frostbite and damage to his leg and arm becoming real apparent. The large and powerful Suicune approached Spence and the Lucario overhead, charging a last attack to finish the Midnight Leader for good. He growled.

Spence rolled out of the way as Suicune blasted another Ice Beam, Spence rushed in roaring as he sliced the air with his sword, "Rrraahhhhhh!!! XALIAAAA!!!"

Meanwhile, Wolf gasped, immediately turning as a large green and scaly beast emerged from the cover of the blizzard. It roared passed, brazing Wolf’s body before pulling back up for another dive attack from the storm. It was Rayquaza, the legendary dragon-type pokemon.

Engulfing energy, the legendary sky pokemon fired a Hyper Beam that scotched the earth and melted the snow. The beam headed straight into Wolf’s path. The Rayquaza dived yet again for a Crunch attack, apparently having no need for a recharge.

Sarah and the others finished off the Regice and proceeded to go find Axel. It was then, before a cliff which Axel and Jimmy once stood, a single, mysterious pokemon appeared to them. A green, but very dark energy irradiated from it.

“No...!! No way, this can’t be!!” Sarah was in disbelief, shaking her head. The pokemon that appeared was Celebi. She gasped, tears welling up in her eyes, “No, this can’t be happening! Why are you here?!”

The Celebi was unresponsive, the pokemon seemingly gathering mental energy for a massive attack. Suddenly, multiple slashes of psychic-type blades crashed down into them from the blizzard. Sarah pushed Alex out of the way, the cut slicing at her shoulder blade. She cried, grasping at her injury.

Suicune, along with Rayquaza and Celebi, didn’t appear to be cloned either. However, the powers were beyond that of the ordinary legendary pokemon.

Blastoise shielded Sarah as she wept, protecting her from the blizzard as well as several strikes the Celebi attempted on the party. Blastoise took quite a beating, grumbling as if talking to Sarah. Sarah gasped, gazing up from her hood, “...Blastoise...? No, you’re right. We have to keep moving, huh? Axel and Jimmy might be in danger. We have to stand strong for the others as well...” Sarah got herself up, Alex leading her a helping hand, “Thanks, Alex... Come on, we have to keep moving. Alex, is Charmeleon still able to fight? Celebi is part grass-type. If Charmeleon evolved, maybe we could possibly...”


They continued treading down the icy maze-like cave. It seemed as though Axel knew where he was going. This worried Jimmy immensely. Axel’s voice and mannerisms had began sounding more and more suspicious, being overlayed with a certain woman’s, as if she was using Axel as her mouthpiece, "Seeking Mew's extraordinary abilities and power, having found an ancient tome hidden in Africa and retrieving said DNA, one man cloned the ultimate pokemon in terms of strength and power. His hopes were to create this pokemon in order to one day rule over the entirety of the Pokemon World... That man, I'm sure, you're most familiar with... However, THAT Mewtwo was a failure, a pure imitation in comparison, and a pokemon that can't be controlled was useless to the likes of him."

They finally came to a large cavern hall, and approached the greatest glacier of solid and never-melting ice. It stood like a holy pillar in the centre. Axel placed his hand to it, "However, did you know that there was actually another attempt at creating the perfect pokemon? In fact, the Mewtwo Giovanni had created was actually the second attempt. The first attempt... in retrospect-- was a complete success. Mew, originally, did not belong to this world. They first came to earth as travellers from a distance world... A dream like world. A world humanity has never known, and one that human beings can never comprehend. And so, she sought to create this world, using Mewtwo..."

A flicker of light revealed a white and purple figure held in a state of frozen animation. The figure was that of Mewtwo. But this Mewtwo was different than that of Giovanni's clone.

Author:  ChillBill [ Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:45 am ]
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((So the time has come... When my character gets beaten up by my favorite legendary... Why, Rayquaza?))

Blaziken landed one final Blaze Kick on Regice, bringing it down. Gina's Gardevoir fired another ThunderBolt, taking out the Articuno. But more trouble appeared.
Bill turned his eyes at the sky, looking in fear and awe at the green dragon. "Rayquaza... Impossible... It just can't be..." He turned to Gina and shouted. "I'm gonna give a hand to Wolf and Root! Back Spence!" Then he rushed to the others.
Gina ran towards Spence. Their leader seemed to have trouble with Suicune, so Gina decided to interfere. With any luck, she could distract Suicune, giving Spence an opening. "Gardevoir, use Psychic!"
Bill ran. His mind was full of questions. The Rayquaza... It didn't look like a clone either... What the hell is going on here? Just then, Rayquaza made a dive towards the ground. Bill prayed that it didn't hit Wolf. He withdrew Blaziken and took out his other Pokemon. "Once again, dragons collide. Are you ready, Garchomp?"

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:44 pm ]
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Jimmy followed behind Axel at a safe distance. The icy cave floor was hard enough to walk on, even without his mind getting all worked up. Jimmy listened carefully, astonished by Axel's words. "There was...another clone?" He was slightly hurt. Jimmy thought he'd known every one of the man's accomplishments. Jimmy took a step back once they approached the glacial wall. Upon seeing Mewtwo, a flood of emotion rushed through his head. There was a split second where part of him felt the urge to have it - to control it. Utilize it. He shook himself back to reality and stared aimlessly at both Axel and the glacier.

"Physiologically speaking, this should be the perfect specimen then. Combining the correct amount of DNA with its biological make up should exact almost any type of research on cloning. Possibly even relating to and perfecting the advancements of cloning 'super humans' to speak." Jimmy exhaled deeply. It wasn't like him to utilize this type of knowledge unwillingly. "So...why are we here then?" He looked at Axel suspiciously.

Alex helped her to her feet with shame and anger on his face. "We're already one step ahead of you on that one. Blastoise, can you keep her safe for awhile?" It nodded as if to say, "Are you kidding? I got this." Alex sprinted off to Charmeleon, who was already glowing. The Celebi watched in anticipation as its new opponent was about to enter the field. A roar of fury seemed to shake the ground around them as Charizard took flight. Fire balls and psionic blasts shot through the air left and right, neither able to connect. As Celebi started to charge for another attack, Charizard rammed its body into it, pushing both of them against a cliff. It poured a constant amount of flames over the legendary pokemon before bursting back with a flash of light.

Alex stood, toes to the cliff and watched the battle anxiously. The fury of Sarah's wound invigorated the both of them, almost simultaneously. Charizard, brazen in rage, took attack after attack, unwilling to back down. As Celebi came in for a rush, Charizard clenched its massive jaws over it, preventing escape. Without a moment's notice, fire engulfed the sprite-like pokemon. As the flames subsided and the smoke cleared, Celebi was gone. Charizard came back to the cliff side and awarded Alex a tiresome thumbs up. He chuckled and made his way back to Sarah. After tearing his undershirt apart, he tied it as a tourniquet around her shoulder. "That should do for now...I'm sorry about that."

Author:  redt [ Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:14 pm ]
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The Articuno reared back its head as it shrieked into the air. That's when it surprised Trevor and threw its wings forward, sending a strong Icy Wind at them.

"Get out of the way!" Trevor jumped one way while Gallade jumped another direction, barely missing the attack. "Alright take this thing out Gallade. Use Double Team and Thunderpunch."

Gallade ran at the clone, several copies began to form as he got closer all with electrified fists. The bird Pokemon didn't know what to do as it was barraged with several hits. It cried as it flicked its wing, sending a flurry of snow around it. When the snow cleared a bit Trevor couldn't see it at all. "It seems that it ran. Excellent job Gallade."

Trevor looked over at the newly evolved Charizard and the battle there. His attention, however, went to Spence's desperate battle.

The Suicune seemed to have appeared behind him and prepared for another Ice Beam at close range. Trevor threw a pokeball, "Abra use Protect!" The ball burst out light as Abra blocked the lethal attack from Spence. Trevor ran over to him and pulled his own blade, smiling, "Mind an extra hand?"

"Abra, Shadow Ball!" Abra formed a ball of darkness and flung it at the legendary Pokemon. It leapt out of the way with ease. "Keep it up Abra." Abra shot several attacks, all missing of course. Trevor gritted his teeth as he realized how hopeless the battle was. Soon Abra began to tire.........and just fell asleep.

Trevor sighed heavily and returned Abra. "Forgot that Abra's require an extreme amount of sleep, especially if they battle." He looked at Gallade, "Do you think you can fight this thing?" Gallade nodded and braced himself. "Alright Psycho Cut."

Gallade slashed into the air, sending many psychic blades at Suicune. The legendary simply dodged before howling, rippling the very air. Trevor cupped his ears as he watched Gallade fall to his knees. Suicune ran quickly and slammed into Gallade. The legendary beast pounced onto Trevor and snarled, bearing its fangs.

Trevor was praying it would quick, then the weight of the Pokemon was gone as he heard a high pitched squel. A blur sped over him, tackling the Suicune. It spun around the snow, growling at what attacked it.

He gasped as his eyes focused on a strong looking Latios. .............that Latios...........that's Red's Latios........... Trevor looked over at Spence, "Latios came to help us out. It seems that someone is looking out for us."

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:43 pm ]
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((Just need Silas, Wolf and Bill to fight a little before taking off.))

Spence's eyes widened, the appearance of Latios almost too overwhelming to bear, "........Red.........?" he gritted his teeth, turning around to the roar of a legendary dragon pokemon, ".......Ki........" he turned again where he last felt the presense of another before vanishing, "...........Diseh............"

Spence grunted, pulling himself together. He made a fist, "Why are they all here...? Red, Ki, Diseh, and Xalia's pokemon...... It doesn't make sense. That Psyche member said I'd meet my friends here... is this what they meant by that...? They wouldn't, they couldn't..." Spence angrily sighed, pulling up his sword to his shoulder.

"Trevor, make sure Latios wins. I'm going to take on Rayquaza, I'll make sure Wolf and Bill come out of this in one peace."

He nodded to him.


“You don’t clone something for it to be a complete match to the particular being you want to give birth to.….. You clone something with an objective, a goal, in mind… You manipulate DNA, mutate DNA, take out what DNA is useless and combine DNA that is beneficial to your desires… If Giovanni wanted the ultimate pokemon to rule over this world… the Mewtwo she cloned would be the ultimate pokemon to create a new and ideal world to this one. And so, she created this pokemon, and using its power, began to give birth to this realm…

It was simple, and almost too easy. Using the cover of war, between people who abused and hurt pokemon in order to force their beliefs on others, between teams of Inferno, Hydro, Midnight and Solaris… she began collecting the energy with her Mewtwo, in order to create this new world… however, she was stopped in her attempt, and although she had tore this man’s soul from his body with the power of merging with her pokemon, he defeated her and so this ideal world of hers shattered into pieces, falling upon this world… like a layer of invisible near impossible to grasp energy, like a subconscious layering over the surface of the face of the earth… But I digress…”

Axel turned to Jimmy, a blank expression, like Axel wasn’t even there anymore, “You see, in order to use that particular world’s energy… only the most powerful of pokemon could ever successfully attempt to harness it. But even a legendary, who was once a child of Mew, was limited to the world’s grand scheme and natural laws it governed... legendary pokemon were not enough. No, you would need a clone. And so, being cloned ourselves in the image of human beings, we searched and tore the world over in order to find these legendary pokemon and cloned them with this Mewtwo’s DNA, the same DNA that’s written into our inherit line… We experimented, and over countless times we failed, but soon as the legendary clones evolved… we soon experienced an almost incredible phenomenon, something not ordinary pokemon could possibly achieve. By controlling these soulless clones, we were finally able to summon it… an unworldly pokemon never before seen in this world, a pokemon that could only ever exist in a different reality altogether... that pokemon’s name was Giratina. However, this was merely an imitation of a pokemon, and thanks to this world’s limitations, it could not last in the real world for long… We needed to find a vessel, a human vessel… And so, with the help of a certain professor, we created yet another human clone. But how is this possible, you may ask? Well, if humans originally evolved from Mew… Don’t you think Mewtwo’s DNA would suffice?”

Faint whimpers were heard nearby, Jimmy turned and spotted Zoroark. It looked like it was beaten pretty bad and bloodied up. It was only holding on by a thread.

"Heh, Zoroark," Axel smirked, a grin more evil than that of Axel's, "So, you're still alive, then? You're more stubborn than your master, really..." Axel said cruelly, beginning to walk over to finish Zoroark off for good, "Axel was a failure, and so too was Cathy. Thank you for defeating her for us. For what it's worth, we managed to require enough data to make even more enhanced clones. At least Axel, for what this man was worth, he did have his uses... Now, die."

A hand pulled over Zoroark’s broken body, suddenly, Axel's body began to shake, almost as if something inside him was fighting back on its own, "N-No...... You can't....... make me do this.....!!" he held back the control he was under. Not even someone else controlling his body could kill his own friends.


"Jimmy!!" Axel snarled, "What the hell are you doing?! Get Zoroark out of here........!! The Mewtwo Spence wanted to find here wasn't worth it. It's more than a trap, it's total control and manipulation they're after...... the reason they wanted us to come here---- to turn you guys into monsters, like me...!! They're been using us since the beginning!! Jimmy......... GO!!"

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:55 pm ]
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((Who was he referencing anyway?))
Wolf rolled out of Rayquaza's attacks, narrowly avoiding yet another horrible injury by mere inches. "What the hell?" He said. "I'm coming to help." Root told him. "No. Rotorroot will get creamed against this thing. If I'm correct, I might be able to get Seeker to inflict significant damage, seeing how Gar will only take one, two hits top. Unless..." After dodging a couple more attacks, Bill pulled his Garchomp out and came to Wolf's assistance. I need to do this quickly. I hope this works. Wolf sighed. Gar wasn't in much of a fighting shape to take on Rayquaza, so this must inflict the highest amount of damage possible. "Go, Gar!" The Gyarados came out and forced a mediocre roar. "Gar, dodge every attack that comes your way, and wait for Garchomp to attack. Synchronize your attack with him, and deliver an Ice Beam!" Gar acknowledged, and went off, barely avoiding attacks. Okay, pick on the 2nd biggest pokemon here, will you? Why not make it fair? Wolf tensed up. "Seeker, Curse!"
Seeker sent out a Curse attack onto the Rayquaza. Wolf smiled. Perfect. "Now, hit him with your Night Shade repeatedly! Try to draw his attention away from Gar!" Wolf looked over at Bill. "On your go. Let's try to finish this in one shot."

Author:  Dare234 [ Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:48 pm ]
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((Sorry about my inactivity. School's getting hectic with exams coming up.))

Silas followed the others out where they were ambushed by clones and what appeared to be some original legendaries.

"Looks like we have a fight on our hands... Bill, Gina, Trevor, stay with me and help fight. Wolf, Root, protect the city's parameters. Silas, Alex and Sarah, follow Axel and Jimmy to the cave they mentioned. When we're done here we'll come follow you."

"Okay." Silas replied and turned to follow Sarah and Alex, only to be stopped by a Regice. "Fury, let's go." Fury leaped forward with a Hi Jump Kick, slamming the Regice. It was quickly taken down.

As they continued on, they were ambushed yet again. This time by a Celebi. It attacked and hit Sarah who had pushed Alex out of the way.

"Fury, use Ice Punch." Fury leapt forward, but the legendary pokemon dodged it and Fury had to retreat, taking some damage in the process.

At that moment, a Charizard charged in and the battle intensified, the two going at each other full force.

"Stay out of that Fury." Fury nodded in response and started heading back to Silas, limping slightly.

Soon enough, the battle was over, Alex's Charizard coming out victorious. Alex treated Sarah's wound with a tourniquet.

"If you're okay Sarah, we should probably get moving before we get into another fight."

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:08 am ]
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((Dare, that's okay, I understand. And Samurott, you can't just say you dodged EVERYTHING. Axel, or the person controlling him, was referencing the first post. I'm also kinda worried that all my characters are the only ones getting hurt right now lol.))

Sarah gazed up, holding her bandaged shoulder as she looked to Silas. After forcing herself to move forward, she nodded, "Yeah, we gotta hurry..." She returned Blastoise and turned to Alex and his newly evolved Charizard, "Alex, we have to-- huh?" For a moment, Sarah noticed a figure in the distance, towards the mountains. It was the same man who encountered them at Celadon City. Looking again, he was gone.


"Huh? Oh, sorry I blanked out for a sec. Is there a cave up there? Alex, could Charizard take us?"


Wolf attacked Rayquaza as it continued dropping from the sky and diving into Wolf, switch he narrowly avoided several times. When Wolf released Gar, his Gyarados, Gar landed a Rayquaza solid Ice Beam. Rayquaza roared as Wolf then sent out Seeker, landing a Curse attack and a volley of Night Shades. However, Rayquaza launched itself into the sky again, the Haunter who tried to keep up was slammed by its tail in the process and the blizzard finished Seeker off.

The only two remaining were Gyarados and Garchomp, taking considerable damage during the blizzard. Spence stepped in, his Lucario by his side.

"Wolf, Bill... kept you waiting, huh?" he gazed up, barely being able to see the Rayquaza almost as if dancing in the cold white sky, "Funny...... when you two first met, you wanted to kill each other. Now, you're fighting side by side..... Incidently..." he clutched his sword, "...I know this Rayquaza. I've fought it before. I know its attack patterns very well. Wolf, Bill... the next time Rayquaza comes, make sure Gar and Garchomp catch it. I just need one moment." Spence turned, "Are you ready, Edward?" The pokemon nodded.

The giant beast called Rayquaza roared, diving downward once again, it fired another Hyper Beam attack. It blasted the ground and scrotched the Gyarados's body, the beam sending up dribis flying into Wolf. Spence gasped, "Wolf, no! GRR--!!" Teeth clenched, Spence darted upward. Bill called it at the right moment, the Garchomp clashing with Rayquaza. The Rayquaza roared, its jaws wide open. Garchomp held its lower and bottom fangs, grumbling as it was pushed to the ground, its feet burying down into the earth as it held Rayquaza for dear life.

"Edward!" The Lucario took Spence by the hand, giving him a solid throw upward before jumping up itself. Spence and Edward landed on top of the Rayquaza's back. Spence pulled up his sword, wincing over the pain of his left leg and right arm. "I'm sorry, Rayquaza..." he lunged it into the dragon-type as the legendary howled. Garchomp was thrown back as Rayquaza again, lifted into the sky. The Lucario grabbed ahold of Spence as the pokemon shot deep into the blizzard, Spence roared, memories flooding painfully.

"KKIIIIIIII---!!!!" Spence screamed.


Charizard landed, totally exhaused from the flight through the raging blizzard. Cerulean Cave was just up ahead. Sarah winced at her injury as she again tried to move it. Alex supported her. She gave a warm smile toward him before turning to Alex, "If only we had a way to contact the others... I hope they're ok... Oh!" Sarah dugged through her pockets, pulling out a radio. Alex looked puzzled. pulled the radio up, turning the frequency, "Oh, you're wondering about this? Root gave it to me. It was in case of emergencies."

"Root, you there?! It's Sarah! There's a cave, I think it's where Jimmy and Axel headed. We're going in, please tell the others! I'll meet you guys inside! Over and out!"

Sarah sighed, placing the walkie-talkie down. She turned to the cave, feeling herself become frozen. She felt..... freightened, for was reason. What was inside there that made her feel this way? Alex helped her move forward and along with Silas, they entered the Cerulean Cave.

((Basically, with Root's info, everyone should be heading into the same direction now. Also, Suicune can't be defeated but takes off just as Celebi did, redt ;))

Author:  ChillBill [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((Sorry for not fighting Crunchy, but I wasn't completely sure of what you had planned. Didn't want to ruin something.))

Bill and Wolf engaged Rayquaza. Garchomp roared in fury.
"Garchomp, use Outrage!"
Garchomp threw itself at the legend. However, Rayquaza was faster. It darted out of harm's way and shot another Hyper Beam. Bill managed to jump aside, but the beam caught his leg. Bill screamed. The shot had burned his skin and he found it really hard to walk. He threw snow in the wound, trying to cool it, while Garchomp made another attempt. But again, Rayquaza avoided it.
As Spence came to the rescue, Bill and Garchomp prepared. On the next swoop, Garchomp clung onto Rayquaza. However, the legend was too much for Garchomp to battle. It broke off and flew back in the sky as Spence screamed. Bill tested his leg on the ground. The initial pain had passed, but it still was hard to walk. He turned to Spence. "If we get out of this alive, you have a lot of explaining to do." Just then, Root came to them.
Gardevoir kept on throwing ThunderBolts at the Suicune as Trevor's Gallade joined in the fight. The two Psychic Pokemon tried to land a hit on Suicune, but the Pokemon, like the wind, always seemed to avoid them.
The appearance of Latios gave courage to Gina. As Spence went to help Bill and Wolf, Gina stood by Trevor. "Me and Gardevoir will draw Suicune's attention. You and your Pokemon will take it out."
Gardevoir fired another bolt at Suicune. Once more, it missed. Suicune turned towards them and fired a Hydro Pump. Gina and Gardevoir moved out of the way. The attack hit another house, blasting its wall to pieces. Gardevoir managed to stop most of them with Psychic, but a rather big piece fell on Gina's left shoulder. She winced and dropped to her knees, clenching her shoulder. Gardevoir stood over her protectively and shot another ThunderBolt at Suicune.
"Trevor, do it! Take it out!"

((I didn't mess up something, did I?
Edit: Just noticed. Happy Birthday, S_J!))

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((Sorry! I've been really in and out of my head lately. I don't know if you've seen any of my recent writing, Crunchy, but things have just been....ugh lately.))

Jimmy smirked. "No can do, droog..." He stood between what looked like Axel and Zoroark. Arbok and Rhyhorn stood on either side of him. "We Rockets take care of each other. I know if Isaac and Matt were still here, they'd be standing along side me. Now for the love of Arceus, I know you're in there. Snap the hell out of it!" Jimmy clenched his fist. He was prepared to fight off his own mentor if he was forced to do it. "I won't let anymore harm come to this Zoroark, so if whatever is inside your head has some grudge, tell it to let it out on me." Rhyhorn and Arbok were ready for back up. Although they were familiar with Axel....they knew all too well it wasn't really him in there.

Charizard panted as the group landed. "That battle must have taken a lot more out of you than I expected..." It huffed smoke and hung its head slightly. "You'll be fine. No worries!" Alex wrapped his around Sarah for support. Fighting off the cold, he heard an echoed yell not far from them.

"Snap the hell out of it!"

"That's the kid! It sounds like something's wrong up there. Now that the group is alert, they should hopefully be getting here soon. Hopefully they're alright." Dammit...I should've gone after the kid before. I can't believe I got so careless...Charizard also needs to save his strength for the flight back. Keeping him out now could be dangerous for all of us. Alex searched his pocket for the scratched up pokeball and released the feral Mighyena. Its face still flooded with seemingly endless rage. "Mightyena, I need you to lead us on." It snarled in slight resistance before walking ahead.

Alex looked to Silas. Being the only one with a reliable party of pokemon, he feared the risk of a battle may rest on him. Mightyena may be tough, but it has its limits alone.

Mightyena took a sniff at the air and barked viciously as it rushed ahead. Standing behind Axel and growling widlly, it was ready to pounce at any moment. Beyond the darkness, the three emerged behind it, catching an eyeful of the frozen pokemon. "What the hell is this?"

Jimmy looked wide eyed back to them. "Get the hell out of here! It's all just a trap!"

Author:  Haunted Water [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((My bad Crunchy. I guess that would be pretty irrational for someone to be able to dodge that much attacks at that speed. I'll make up for that here.))
Wolf watched as Seeker fainted, then as a Hyper Beam took down Gar. "No!" Wolf became blinded by anger, and did not see the debris coming towards him. He was hit in the left leg by a brick, which ricocheted off the metal splint and took his right leg out from underneath him. "Son of a-" A faint roaring was audible, followed by another one. "Gar?" Wolf tried walking over to his pokemon, but couldn't draw the strength. Ruined by a brick. No, I can't let them down. I must perservere. Withrawing Seeker back into his ball, he looked towards Gar, who was managing to stay concious. "No. I have no more team. I must get to Gar." Wolf began to army crawl his way towards the fallen giant. Every movement he made was a struggle. He swore angrily, and forced himself to go faster. "Pain is temporary. Death is forever." he repeated to himself. Finally within range, he managed to crouch. "Gar, you are not coming out until you are properly healed." He pulled out Gar's pokeball, and withdrew him.
Suddenly, Root was helping Wolf to his feet. "What happened?" Wolf cringed as his leg seemed to move. "Rayquaza. I got creamed. Also, I hate bricks." He managed a weak chuckle.
"Come on. Spence and Bill headed of to the Cave to assist in tracking down Axel." Root wrapped her arm around Wolf to help him walk. "How far ahead are they?"
"About 2 minutes ahead."
Wolf grimaced. "What is Axel's situation? He is calm now?" Root pulled out her walkie-talkie. "Sarah, how is Axel doing? Has he calmed down?"
((Basically, Wolf is screwed over atm. No pokemon muscle to throw around, and crippled. Sure, he may be able to dodge high speed attacks, but throw a brick in his direction, and he doesn't know how to react lol. He also has a slight fracture in his right shin.))

Author:  redt [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

Trevor nodded as Spence ran off towards the explosion caused by the Rayquaza. He looked back over to where the Suicune and Latios were circling each other, both dodging the attacks from the Gardevoir. Two extremely fast legendaries were no match for ordinary Pokemon. Trevor looked at Gallade who was sitting up in the snow now. "You did an awesome job buddy, but not it's Latios' turn." He recalled Gallade and turned as Gina was slightly struck by the Hydro Pump. "Don't worry Gina I'll handle this." As Trevor watched a command voiced in his head. "Latios use Dragon Pulse."

Latios held his hands close to his chest, blue energy beginning to form. The Suicune prepared a an Ice Beam as Latios released the attack. The two collided causing a large explosion. Trevor shielded his face as snow and dirt was blasted everywhere, the blast sliding him back a few feet. When the smoke cleared both legendaries seemed to not have moved. "This is the power of a legendary Pokemon. This power is now yours forever..." Images flashed across Trevor's mind, something he's been all too familiar with lately.

Restraints against his body.......A bright white lab.......a sharp pain shooting across his body.......A tube filling with blood......The Color Base being built as three others stand next to him smiling......staring at a map with several markings all over it........Someone who seemed like Red standing in the meeting room, blade drawn.......

The sound of Latios is what broke Trevor out of his trance. Suicune had somehow managed to Crunch onto Latio's neck, the Pokemon crying in pain. "Latios use Thunderbolt!" Latios started to spark as electricty jolted from its body and shocked the Suicune. It yelped as it released its grip and jumped back.

Trevor ran over to Gina and Gardevoir checking to make sure they were both alright. The Suicune saw this and released a fast Hydro Pump again, but Latios was faster. A Dragon Pulse intercepted the attack, causing another large explosion. Trevor tried to help shield Gina as Gardevoir did the same. Another forceful command came into Trevor's mind and he looked over at Latios then back to Gina. "Alright you two need to shield your eyes. This will be a powerful attack."

"Latios get in close to Suicune and use Luster Purge!" Latios tucked his arms into his body and sped off, a slight smirk could be seen on his face. As Latios began to close in he was glowing a barrage of changing colors. Suicune began firing Ice Beams, all being dodged. Latios was soon in range and a giant ball of light erupted from his body.

Trevor covered his eyes as wind and snow blasted him. When everything was over the blizzard had stopped and the Suicune was nowhere to be found.

Latios looked over at Trevor. Trevor smiled, "Thank you for saving me." Latios smiled and nodded. He approached Trevor slowly and Trevor held out his hand. As Latios' head touched Trevor's palm, a vivid memory shot into his mind.

"Hello Red. Long time no see." Trevor stared at a young man looking exactly like him. "Skip the formalities Crimson, you know why I'm here." Trevor sighed as he sat down in his chair, "Even in serious matters you cannot hold any type of humor. Sometimes I seriously doubt you're the copy of me." Trevor picked up a glass of water and took a sip.

Red looked irritated at the copy remark. "Don't bring that up to me! I'm not you at all!" Trevor scoffed into his glass as he was sipping. "Seems that Psyche would disagree with that. They tried to make an exact copy so they could of two of the same. Physically they were spot on, but mentally; well you can figure that one out."

Red pulled his blade, "And that's why they want you back, but this time they want you alive." Trevor sighed again, "Are you sure you want to do this Red? I was one of your mentors while I was still with Psyche. I won't go down without a fight." Red smirked, "I wouldn't expect anything less. Now eldest first." He slightly bowed at the ending comment. Trevor got up and kicked his sword into his hand, "Now that's the humor I wanted to see. Let's begin."
Trevor laid on the ground, several cuts laced across his body. Red stood over him holding onto his side, blood dripping from his handand falling to the ground. He spoke weakly, "My mission was to subdue you, no matter the cost. I fulfilled that and Psyche is coming to collect you." Trevor looked up at Red sadly, "I'm sorry that it came to this finally. I was hoping I could of changed you and let you live a real life."

Red looked in disgust, "There is no real life for things like me. Destined to live in the shadows of others." He stopped and looked out the window. "It seems that Psyche's chopper is here. You won't remember anything after today." He turned and began limping out of the room before turning slightly, "And I'm sorry it had to be this way too, Crimson." Trevor smiled slightly as he passed out.

Trevor opened his eyes to see Latios staring back at him. He turned his head slightly, questioning what he himself saw.

Latios nodded, almost answering his thought, before flaoting back and turning. The Pokemon took off into the sky and was out of sight in a matter of seconds. Well at least some of my questions were answered......but that just opened another can of worms I didn't want to dig through.

Trevor walked over to Gina and Gardevoir. "Are you alright? Thanks for your help by the way." He looked over in the direction of the others. "We should go join the rest of the group." Just then Trevor saw Bill and Spence break over a hill, heading towards the cave. "Speak of the devil. Well I guess we should get moving to catch up."

((Sorry if I'm kinda pushing Gina around CB. And hope that was enough mystery and yet full of hints for ya Crunchy haha.))

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((Heaps to read today! I was pretty excited haha. Wow, I know Trevor and Crimson are the same person but gosh it gets confusing sometimes haha. Also, if you read more carefully, Spence and Lucario never jumped off from Rayquaza's back. No need to edit though. Hope things start looking up for ya Jimmy...))

Sarah walked deeper and deeper into the ice cavern that was Cerulean Cave, home to once the most powerful of pokemon in the entire Kanto Region. Mightyena, although irritated, seemed to bring a sense of comfort to her. She saw faint glimpses of a Celebi, as if leading them further down, whisking away just before the others had seen it, stalking them... Celebi........ why?............ Sarah frowned.

Sarah answered the radio that was now tuned to Wolf's frenquency, "We haven't found Axel and Jimmy yet... What?! Spence is gone fighting Rayquaza?! Uh..." Sarah sighed, tighting her arm around Alex. She was worried about him, hopefully he was okay, "I'm sure... I'm sure he'll be fine. Let's all meet up inside, bring Trevor, Bill and Gina along as well. I have a bad feeling about this........ Over and out."

Finally, having followed Sarah's direction, and the sound of Jimmy's voice, an amazing pillar of ice revealed a shocking turn of events. Sarah gasped, there entrance inside the large hall cavern.

"What the hell is this?!" Alex responded.

"Isn't that......... Mewtwo?!" Sarah's eyes widened, Mewtwo frozen inside as if sleeping.

Suddenly, Jimmy yelled out. This was a distraction that had a huge cost.

"Get the hell out of here! It's all just a trap!"

Axel turned yet again, a wide smirk on his face. Taking his chance, he caught Jimmy in a strangle hold and pulled a knife to his neck. He used his right hand to hold a gun to the approaching party, edging away from Jimmy's Arbok and Rhyhorn who were helpless to protect and help their master. "Too bad, looks like I win after all..... Heh," Axel said mockingly.

"AXEL!! What the heck do you think you're DOING?! Jimmy's like a little brother to you!!" Sarah cried. Axel simply smiled back, almost as her words were ineffective and falling upon deaf ears. The Axel they knew was gone, only the monster within, this Axel was heartless and would've done anything to meet his ends.

"Don't make any sudden moves or the kid is done for..... Heheheh," Axel chuckled, his eyes darkening, "We're all just gonna wait here till all of you start to show up....." Axel looked to the weakened Zoroark, giving the being who was controlling Axel a hint of an idea. He grinned, "Hmmm... Maybe Zoroark will have its uses after all..... Heh."

Sarahs radio broke out, Root's voice, "Sarah, what's your situation? Sarah!" She winced, taking her radio to hand, but before she could press the button to answer.......

"Don't you dare answer if you know what's good for you and your friend here......" Axel chuckled, shooting Alex in the shoulder with a bang.

Sarah screamed, falling to Alex's side, "Alex! Are you alright?!" She darted upward, glaring Axel or whoever it was down, "Whoever you are, you're not Axel! Axel would never... hold Jimmy hostage and hurt his friends..."

Axel laughed, his cruel voice echoing the whole cave, "I never said any of you were my friends. You're just going to have to think again, sweetheart........ I AM Axel. And this....... THIS is my true purpose."

((You can call your pokemon and attack him if you want, but I'll have to control Axel so he fights them using Zoroark.))


Spence grunted weakly, the legendary Rayquaza flying higher and higher, the pain almost killing Spence..... He ached all over and panted and panted, his oxygen up so high was extremely low. Although the blizzard had come to a stop below in the city, Spence was still dealing with bitter and chilling winds. Spence searched his pockets, hardly able to think clearly while he held his blade still dug into the Rayquaza's body. Finally, he found Edward's pokeball........ "Edward..... return.....!!" Spence returned his Lucario for its own safety, turning back as he fought Rayquaza's attempt shaking Spence off........ even a fall from this height meant certain death to Spence.........



"Ki, Xalia... Please reconsider. I need you guys!" A young Spence pleaded. Standing beside Diseh and Chayse.

"No, Spence. We're done, we're done making mistakes and we're sick of it. Aren't we, Xalia?" A bald monk called Ki shook his head, obviously fed up with their past mistakes and being used.

"Hmm." Xalia quietly agreed in the background, taking Ki by the hand.

Spence growled, lashing out, "Don't speak for her!"

"Come on, Spence. Let them go... He has Rayquaza. They'll be fine." Diseh stepped in. He didn’t want a fight between allies.

"I'm sorry, Spence." Xalia sadly apologised, looking into his eyes. Spence turned to her, looking into her eyes. Spence felt saddened, soon frowning and lowering his head.

"Diseh... Xalia... Fine, I'll let you go. Ki, just be careful, okay..."

"I will. We’re leaving on the train in the morning. You guys are heading to Sinnoh, correct? We can at least spend one more night together, how does that sound?"

Spence frowned, eyeing Ki.

There was no way I was going to sleep that night, and there was no way I was giving up that easily. Ki and I stepped outside. I think it was around Midnight... He released his Rayquaza and I fought back using Mewtwo. I proposed to Ki that if I could beat him, that they would stay and help us fight Psyche. Aqua and Psyche had used us to destroy Magma who knew the location of Groudon... the only ones able to hold Aqua and Kyogre back. And so, the world was in danger. I needed them... to fight alongside us. No... I think it was more because I wanted them by my side, so I didn’t have to feel so alone anymore...

However, Ki had won that fight. Ki left with Xalia in the morning, and Diseh and I followed Chayse into what was fought to be Psyche territory.

That’s when...


Spence was falling to sleep. He couldn’t hold on to his sword anymore. Rayquaza turned as Spence’s numb hands finally gave way. Spence fell into the sky. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Author:  ChillBill [ Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((No problem, redt. This was your fight after all.))
As Rayquaza and Spence disappeared, Bill checked Wolf. Root was giving him a hand. Bill hesitated for a moment. He didn't wanna abandon his teammates, but Jimmy needed him. Spence had a flying Pokemon after all-he could return to the ground easily. So Bill turned and headed towards Cerulean Cave. His leg protested, but he gritted his teeth and moved forward.
Gina got up at her feet. Gardevoir looked at her anxiously. Gina smiled. "Sorry for troubling you." She withdrew the Pokemon and turned to Trevor. "I'm fine. Just a bruise. I've been through worse." She rubbed her shoulder. "Congrats on beating Suicune." She sighed. "Well, I guess we should be moving."
Spotting Bill moving towards the cave, Gina ran to him.
"You're hurt."
"I'm fine. You're the one who's hurt."
"Can you walk?"
"Pretty much." Bill smiled. "Spence, Wolf and Root are on the way. We should go too." Bill and Gina moved towards the cave.
The cave looked frozen and dark. "Gina, use your Gardevoir. It can tell us the location of the others." Gina released her Pokemon. After a few moments, Gardevoir winced and shuddered. Gina looked anxious.
"I can feel Gardevoir's mind... It's scared... There's something amiss with the cave."
"Well, we don't have much of a choice. Lead us to the place, Gardevoir."
The Pokemon drifted through the cave, Bill and Gina following it. Eventually they reached the room where the others had gathered. Hearing their shocked voices, Bill and Gina exchanged a glance. They cautiously entered the room. Immediately, they realized something was wrong... mostly because Axel was holding a knife at Jimmy's throat.
"What the hell is going on here?"

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

Root waited for the reply, but one never came. Minutes passed before Wolf stated the obvious. "Something is happening in there. Something bad." Root shot him a stern look. "You think so? What possibly could have made you come to that conclusion?" Wolf frowned. The two continued onwards and stopped at the cave's entrance to rest...
It was raining. Mt. Moon loomed in the distance, and the opening to Cerulean Cave was a couple hundred feet ahead of Wolf. He realized that nothing was right with the enviroment around him. A faint click followed by a red dot appearing on his chest. Wolf remembered this moment. He remembered reading the headlines the next day:
'Local Fugitive Still On The Run, Many Lay In Wake.'
This was the night the police almost caught him. The manhunt would've ended here. "David Schrueber! Put your hands on your head and stay put!" Wolf complied. The dot moved and Wolf started counting the steps as the wielder of the gun moved forward, so Wolf had an idea where the cop was relative to him. "We are all coming to get you! Resistance is futile! Nowhere to run!" Wolf smiled. Morons. "A few questions."
"Go ahead. It's not like I can kill you with words." he smirked. "Why did you do it?" Wolf knew this. He had to give the motive. "I got cheated. I needed the money, and he denied me."
"So, robbery?" Wolf chuckled. "No, hardly. Just taking what was mine."
"And my last question. Why did you decide to run to a dead end upon your capture?" At this point, the group was upon him. At least a good ten, eleven cops, probably. Wolf answered the question. "I didn't come here to give up."
"No?" The officer asked. "Then why did you come here?" Wolf smiled, quite deviously. The tension built as each second passed. Finally, the cop grew tired of waiting. "Why did you come h-"
"To make a stand!" Wolf seized the moment of confusion and struck. He remembered his training and swept through the officers with rhythm. About 20 seconds later, it ended as swiftly as it began. Wolf picked up the rifle and disassembled it, throwing the parts into the mud.
Wolf walked past the front door of the police office and slid a note under the door: 'Don't follow me, and call off the people you have watching and following me.'
The next day, the only thing cops had to show what the assailant looked like was security camera footage of a hooded figure with piercing green eyes sliding a note under the door. The odd thing was the eyes had a faint glow to them.
Wolf awoke in a state of unreality. He barely felt the pain in his shin as he stood up, eventhough he only rested for a couple minuted. "Wolf, what are you doing?" Root asked when Wolf walked away from the entrance. It was another five minutes before he found it: a piece of a rifle. Wolf turned and headed into the Cave. "Come on." he said, in a trance. "What is your problem?" Root asked. No reply. Wolf stopped suddenly and put his hands by his swords' handles. Root gasped. "Axel, what the hell do you think you're doing?"
Wolf looked down at Alex, whom he realized was bleeding out. From a gunshot. Coward. Guns are for the weak-minded. The heartless.
Wolf's eyes started to glow a luminescent green. He drew his swords, remaining silent while waiting for the inevitable attack. "You just crossed a line." He whispered to himself and smiled grimly.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

Jimmy gulped hard, cursing himself. "Remember when I said you could take out your grudge on me? I expected more of an epic 'student surpassing the master' kind of way, ya know?" He forced a chuckled. So much for being prepared...dammit... Arbok and Rhyhorn sat helplessly in wait for any type of opening. As a few others appeared, only subtle glances were made from the two pokemon. "Really? Now you guys come to the rescue?" He gave off a weak smile as Axel pulled his head back further.

Alex sat on the ground, clutching his shoulder. "You filthy....urggg...bastard! Hiding behind...a kid! If you were as tough as you talk...just fight us." He panted as Mightyena crouched down for a lunge attack. "Stay. We want the kid alive, at least." Mightyena huffed and took back its former stance. Once Root, Wolf, Gina and Bill arrived, it seemed as though it were just a matter of waiting. The only problem was waiting for what? An escape? A miracle? Spence? Those few moments seemed like hours. Alex struggled to his feet. The feeling in his arm was quickly being taken over with the furious stinging heat of lead lodged inside of it. Sarah managed to catch him just barely before he fell once more.

"It's not him! Something took over...around the time we--" The rest of his words choked back as Axel pushed the knife closer to Jimmy's throat. Even breathing was becoming a bit of a burden for him.

Alex crouched over in pain, slowly reaching for his gun. A clear shot would be a tough call to make, but provided Jimmy had some way out, he was confident he could take Axel down. Keeping the weapon concealed, he watched around very closely, wincing time and time again from the pain. Where are Trevor and Spence? God forbid, we end up attacked at two angles let alone with losses... He pushed the thought from his mind. Those legandaries may have been particularly stronger than before, but so were Spence and Trevor. They were capable fighters.

"Axel...what is it that you even want?" Alex clutched Sarah's arm for balance, expected some type of psychotically ridiculous answer.

Author:  redt [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

((Sorry Crunchy thought Rayquaza disappeared into the blizzard without you attached haha. And it's confusing to follow because it's confusing to think about XD))

Trevor saw as Gina reunited with Bill, but Spence wasn't anywhere to be seen. Bill and Gina ran off towards the cave and he debated on whether to find Spence or help with the possible danger the rest of the group was in.

He decided that Spence was fully capable of finishing the job he started. Trevor just hoped to himself that Spence was going to be able to get out of it in one piece. He ran off in the direction of the rest of the group.

Trevor rounded the corner as he heard the gun shot. His heart quickened as he realized nothing good could ever come from that noise. Jimmy was held hostage by a knife wielded by Axel. Trevor couldn't make sense of the matter on how someone that seemed to have been friends with the Rocket could go to willing to kill him.

"What the hell is this about Axel?!"

Author:  Dare234 [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

After Alex's Charizard set them down they proceeded into the cave, Alex replacing Charizard for Mightyena.

"Fury, return. Let's go Spike." Silas released the Sandslash, realizing that the ground type would find the conditions in the cave favorable. As they came to the frozen Mewtwo, Silas let out a small gasp. "So that's Mewtwo."

"Get the hell out of here! It's all just a trap!"

They turned to find Axel holding Jimmy hostage. After some bantering, he shot Alex in the shoulder.

"I don't think that's Axel, at least Axel isn't in control. Let's face it, if that was Axel, he probably would have shot me." Silas said grimly. As the others started arriving, Silas came up with an idea. "I'm going to try something, but you're all going to think I'm cruel. Let's see if Axel can get mad enough to take back control or at least give us an opening."

Silas reached for a pokeball and released Jolt, who looked around confused. "See Jolt Axel? You're right, he's not mine. That kid you knew was his original owner. That kid is dead because of me. That's right, it's my fault he's dead! You said you were going to make me answer to you. Well, let Jimmy go and bring it. You know you want to fight me." Silas bent his knees and tensed, ready to move in an instant.

((Why do Axel and Alex's names need to be so similar? I keep getting them confused. :x ))

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

"So, you've finally come. Taken your sweet time, huh?" A tall, built and dark man with a black coat and black shiny leather pants. They had ventured down the basement of the ruined Game Corner in Celadon City until they finally approached a man in the distance--- this man was Axel. He had black long hair down his back, wavy spikes protruding it, and his hair tied into a ponytail. It was almost like a Zoroark's. Nobody knew this man, however, besides Jimmy.

"You're a Rocket, too?" Spence questioned, tilting his head, "We've come to collect our prize."

"Certainly," the man turned, revealing red eyes, his sleeve showing the ordinary symbol of a Rocket, although this guy was far more rugged than the others. He gave them a wicked smile, "I've come to claim my prize as well... you're equipment and pokemon will be a nice addition to the gang."

Spence grunted, a gun suddenly pulled to his back from out of nowhere. Spence hesitated, turning his head to see the glimpse of the exact same man behind him. Axel held the gun with sinister intent, identical to the man speaking with Spence and the group a distance away. How was that possible? "How'd you--?"

The man gave a chuckle in the distance, a dark aura revealing a part of a furry leg before it reverted back. Its trainer turned the gun, creeping it up Spence's back. Axel was ready to pull the trigger at the slightest movement, "Zoroark and I are master illusionists... It was easy to ambush such idiots like yourselves. It would've been easy to guess what us Rockets wanted right away. To think you actually came here expecting any less. Now that was stupid."

Spence grinned to himself, finding Axel amusing, "Idiots and stupid, are we...? I think you've underestimated us, utterly and completely."

The dark man laughed menacingly, "Hahaha! If you think I'm not prepared, you're sadly mistaken!" Axel sharply dug the gun into his back, Spence wincing, "Just any one of you try anything...... I dare you. You think I would be down here alone if I didn't know I could handle myself with a bunch of brats and their old man?!"

"Jimmy..." Axel whispered in his ear, Jimmy perking up, "I'm sorry about this. Leave everything to me, alright?" Jimmy slightly nodded.

"What the hell is going on here?"

"Axel, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Axel laughed almost as if this was all just one big joke, finding their responses very humorous. He paused to dignify their questions with an answer, "You really think I was on your side at all? Don't make a fool of yourselves! I told you what I was after from the beginning. What? You didn't believe me? Don't be pathetic!" Axel smiled widely, "Don't think I'm not prepared or anything. Just any of you try anything, anything at all. I dare you......" he spoke cruelly, holding the knife closer to Jimmy's neck, "You think I would be down here if I didn't know I could handle myself with a bunch of brats and their old man?"

Axel smirked.

"Good job, Axel, your usefulness has been quite impressive. I don't think we could've done this without you," the voice of the man from Celadon City. Three Psyche members, identified by purple and gold cloaks, started appearing above the glacier pillar Mewtwo resided, peering down at all the Midnight rebels below.

Sarah gasped, darting upward, "You guys! Who the heck are you?!"

A woman grinned, revealing her face by removing the hood. She had flowing blonde hair and was quite beautiful, "We're Psyche, lovely. It's a pleasure to finally meet all of you. I've heard great things, very great things...” Xalia.

A second man in between them revealed his face. He had long blonde hair and looked like the most powerful between them. He had gold plated armour around his body as if he was a dragoon. "We're all of yesterday's sins in human form. We are what today's pokemon world has come to, and we're here to stop you fools from punishing pokemon any further." Ki,

The third, after slightly hesitating for a bit, revealed his face to them. The man from Celadon who watched Team Midnight very closely from the beginning....... He had green eyes and long brown hair. Sarah gasped, falling to her knees. This man looked similar to Sarah, possibly related.

"No..........." she gazed wide eye at him, her eyes over flowing with tears, "It can't be......... Diseh........... dad............"

He grinned, "Dad? No, I'm not your father. I think Axel could probably tell you who we are... Actually, I think Crimson could now as well. Your memories during your time with Psyche are finally coming back to you at last. Isn't that right, Trevor? Heh heh heh," he chuckled.

The dragoon spoke up. It was as if he was assuming the role of the leader as he crossed his arms. Unlike Diseh and Xalia, his personality was far different. He didn't find any of this amusing. "Myself, Xalia, Diseh... and the lessor members, Red, Axel and the late Cathy... we are all human clones. You could say the pokemon below us is our genetically related father... We are human clones, or rather, Mewtwo in human forms... We are closer to pokemon then you'll ever know. Pokemon have suffered for countless years thanks to the misuse humans have gave them. And now, we're here to take them back, whatever means necessary."

"You guys....... are clones...... not real............?" Sarah murmured, completely and emotionally drained, her eyes falling upon the frozen Mewtwo.

"Oh, we're very real alright. Our Master picked us all because of our pure feelings towards pokemon, and of course, because of our original selves' capable abilities. We were all powerful trainers, and we befriended the likes of many different legendary pokemon in our lifetimes. We awakened with our memories still intact, and the decision to follow our Master's will wasn't something that was forced upon us. It's not like we're puppets, like some people... Axel, Red, Cathy... The lessor of our numbers were merely imperfect replicas controlled by us. Still, they have been useful...”

Xalia butted in, "We are the real Psyche members... Silas, Crimson and your other comrades... you were merely pawns. We are the true Psyche Elites, if you prefer... we've always worked in the shadows, running the Psyche Government since the beginning.”

Ki gazed coldly at the humans below, "We watched as humanity suffered and took your pokemon away from you. Humans don't deserve pokemon. With pokemon, humans have only wanted to rage war over greed and selfishness. Some of you only seek to be better than everyone else, hence more fighting and more battling where pokemon get hurt. We simply wish to end this."

“It was good of Spence to bring you all together like this. Without him, a lot of you with so much potential would have gone to waste. As soon as we heard of Spence’s exploits, leaving the war in Unova to the Kanto region, through pawns- Wolf, Crimson, and eventually Axel, we watched you constantly struggle against our clones, testing you, judging you… AndI think you’ve passed. A lot of you will do well among our ranks, don’t you agree?” Diseh grinned, “However…”

“We won’t need all of you, I’m afraid.” Ki mentioned. Xalia laughed cruelly, Diseh chuckling after. “Until our main star appears, I don’t see the purpose of all of you still being alive.”

“Axel,” Xalia commanded, “Kill them!”

Axel’s eyes flickered open, a dark glint to them. He pointed the gun onto Silas, smiling, “I’ve been waiting for this… I told you if I found out if you hurt the kid you’d pay, and you did…” he looked to Jolt on the ground beside him, “You did nothing as your team hurt him. And now, it’s your turn…”


Xalia gasped. Diseh turned to her, wondering what was wrong. Ki asked in curiosity.

“Xalia, you were controlling him, correct?”

“I was, but then she appeared and took over… I figured it was her will and let Axel go.”

Ki glared, looking downward before Axel took his only chance.

“Sorry for shooting you, Alex. That was me,” Axel grinned, warmly, “I didn’t see a choice, and I wasn’t about to hurt a girl. I had to play the part, so I could snuff out the rats.” Axel pushed Jimmy out of the way, turning his gun that was pulled on Silas and pointed it above, “Tricked ya, you bastards. Take this!” Axel fired.

The bullet caught Ki, knocking him back. Xalia gasped, “Ki!” Diseh winced, looking to Axel.

“Right in the heart! My aiming’s gotten a lot better, don’t ya think?!” Axel boasted, laughing, “Not so tough anymore, are ya, No. 1?”

“Think again, No. 6, Axel…”

Axel gasped. Ki was floating back up to stand once more. To Axels horror, where Ki was shot in the chest, purple sparks healed his body of flesh and blood. Ki regenerated. “Oh, that’s right. I guess an imperfect human clone wouldn’t know… We can’t die, we’re not weaklings like yourself and Red. We’re pure.”

“Then…? Huh?!” Axel turned, having Diseh teleport behind him before smacking him behind the back, Axel snarled before being grabbed by the back of his head and smashed into the ground. Axel screamed. Diseh chuckled.

“We do have our weaknesses. But we’re not about to tell you, are we?”

Ki crossed his arms once again, cracking his back, “Well, that was annoying…”


It was within a couple of days and half the people here already knew me as The Midnight Leader... It felt almost too easy... it made me feel like... a feeling I got from the Psyche member before, Diseh............ and how he told me everything we had been through up until now was apart of their objectives all along. It made me feel uneasy. When I journeyed to Kanto on the cargo ship from Unova, I certainly had my mind set on it... to rebuild Team Midnight. No, it had to be my choice, MY objective... but my reasons for doing so still worried me, and it made me second guess myself all the time. I figured it was just because I wanted to stop the war, and to give pokemon back to the next generation... but didn't I originally want this for the revenge for my friends? Or, was it something much deeper than that...?

Spence was continuing to fall to his death. He woke up only to close them again, already giving up.

Why…? Why did I ready want to rebuild Team Midnight? I—I guess I’ll never know.


Huh? Kikyo…?


Spence reopened his eyes, whispering, "Kikyo, is that you?"


Spence grunted, turning as tried to pull a pokeball from his coat with all of his strength, "Come on... Come on...!!"


With a loud explosion from above, debris fell from below as a Dragonite collided from above and cratered the floor in the cavern hall. Sarah’s red and watery eyes drifted to the cause of the quake, a familiar Dragonite holding Spence as he pushed from his pokemon, falling to his knees in a terrible condition.

“So, it appears our star guest has finally arrived. It seems we can’t do this without you,” Ki cracked a smile.

“Spence..............” Sarah murmured.

Spence turned his head, “Sarah… guys… Alex, Wolf, you’ve both seen better days. Sorry I’m late everyone…” he grunted weakly, pushing himself off the ground before collapsing again. Spence sighed tiredly, “No good, I’m too worse for wear…”

“Spence, it’s… it’s awful to see you again, you look like a mess. You’ve always been too reckless. You should be more careful in your old age, you might die or something, and wouldn’t that be a shame,” Xalia mocked, laughing afterwards.

“Long time no see, Spence,” Diseh finished Axel off, throwing his unconscious body to join his Zoroark.

“Your team have proven to be quite an annoyance, Spence,” Ki spoke.

“Ki, Diseh, Xalia…” Spence looked to the ground, shamefully, “I’m going to say this to you once again. I’m sorry for everything... I couldn’t save you and now your clones of Psyche. I heard everything thanks to Mewtwo,” Spence gazed into the pillar, Mewtwo frozen in a timeless animation, “Axel waited for the right moment to try and kill you himself, but he failed… He doesn’t have the right to punish you… That’s my job, my sins and my burden to bare!”

Spence heaved himself up as Trevor threw him a katana, he ran in towards the pillar, roaring, “I’ll make Psyche pay for hurting my friends!!”

Three icicle lances drove through Spence chest, pulling his feet from the ground. His arms fell to his sides, the katana falling from his grasp. He coughed, unable to speak and unable to move.

Meanwhile, Rayquaza long and giant body slivered around the walls of the caven, blocking all exits. Xalia jumped from the pillar as Suicune appeared surrounded by a small hail. Celebi teleported besided Diseh, he grinned.

“Spence… No…” Sarah gazed, “Spence… is he…?”

“Dead? Nope, far from it,” Diseh answered, “Didn’t you think it was strange how much he has survived up until today? You really think someone like Spence could survive years of warfare without any help? And why, out of everyone, did Mewtwo befriend Spence out of everyone in the entire world?”

“Spence, along with two others were the first of the Psyche’s clones. He’s the reason were all here today. He’s the reason the world is run by Psyche. Team Midnight is merely an illusion created by Spence, created by his own sense of guilt. It never existed. To make sure he created his team, we certainly credited Spence for being a capable trainer, and we spread the rumour of his existence under his made up, proxy team. He’s been living, believing in a team that never existed. It was fun while it lasted, but also very sad,” Ki spoke, teleporting over to his Rayquaza and pulling Spence’s buster sword from its body, teleporting back onto the pillar, “And now that Spence is finally here. This is where it all ends for you.”

Mewtwo’s eyes pierced bright purple, first, sending everybody’s pokemon back to their pokeballs, before falling everyone unconscious by a massive psychic blast of energy.

End of Act III

Author:  ChillBill [ Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight

As the Psyche members revealed themselves, Bill stood, shocked. Ki, Diseh, Xalia... Spence's old acquaintances. And they where all enemies. Strong, ruthless enemies who had used the entire team for their own purposes. More than anyhting, Bill hated being used. He watched as Axel tried his trick, as the three Psyche elites showed off their powers...
No... This cannot be... All this time... We were pawns. And now we're facing three ridiculously powerful clones who claim to have come from Mewtwo's DNA. And they are immortal as well. Now this is annoying. Very annoying. He smirked at Diseh's comment about their weaknesses. His hands caressed his knives. "I wonder, would you bastards die if somebody cut off your empty head from your shoulders?" Provoking them isn't wise... But I hate them so much right now that I don't really care. His Pokemon appeared next to him, both of them with the look of fury in their faces. Bill spat. "Thinking you own the world just because of your genes... How stupid can you get?"
Gina's surprise was evident on her face. As the Psyche members boasted of their powers and rights, anger began building in her. When Axel was thrown unconscious at the side, she lost all of her patience.
"Who do you think you are? Just because you are a bunch of clones with freak-like powers, do you think this gives you the right to judge everyone? I tell you what... It doesn't." Gardevoir appeared as Gina pulled her knives. "Bill is right... I wonder if you die when your head isn't on your shoulders anymore."
Spence literally fell from the sky. His condition was terrible. However, he still wanted to fight. He ran towards the Psyche elites, grabbing the katana Trevor threw at him. However, he never completed his attack. Bill and Gina watched, horrified, as three icicles ran Spence through, throwing him on the ground. The next words of Ki about Spence broke the last straw.
"Whether... it's Spence's guilt... or something different... Midnight is not an illusion. It's the will of people to be free... their will to rise above their tyrants." Bill looked at the Psyche members, his face a blank mask, his anger evident in the tense of its body. "So... what if Spence is a clone? What if he is responsible for this? At least he tried to do something to make up for his mistakes."
"You people have powers beyond that of humans. You have befriended legendary Pokemon. But you let these powers go to waste. It's not Spence's fault. It's yours... yours alone." Gina's face was a mirror of Bill's. They both stood side by side, looking at the Psyche members, their bodies tense with anger, their eyes full of hatred.
Just then, there seemed to be a movement of Mewtwo in the glacier. Its eyes shone, sending all Pokemon back in their Pokeballs. Then, a wave of energy shot through the cave.
What the...
What's going...

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