Rebuild of Team Midnight
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Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:47 pm ]
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All of a sudden, saving that mother and child felt like she had accomplished nothing. Jimmy's loss tugged at Sarah heart's strings. Jimmy had lost everyone in one night. What could possibly fix that?

Spence turned, "I give you my promise those clones had nothing to do with us. We were arriving just in time, and just happened to find Fuchsia in that state. I am sorry." Spence shook his head, he eyes closed, "...What is your name?"

"...Jimmy?" Sarah walked over towards the young Rocket, "That's your name, right? I found a camera in your hideout; it must have belonged to one of your brothers. Here," she gave the item to him, looking mournfully to the floor, "I'm sorry for your loss, Jimmy."

"Sarah..." Spence sighed, looking back to Jimmy, "Well, I guess I'll judge how useful you are. I do have rules when you join my team, however... You have to do as I say, there's to be no fighting amongst each other and, we do not kill under any circumstances. Am I clear?"

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Dec 08, 2012 10:41 pm ]
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((Thanks, S_J. And you are so lucky, I've had it four times in my life.))
Wolf andd Root were walking back to the building where everyone was when Jimmy came around the corner and crashed into Wolf. He issued some weird apology. "It's no problem, kid." Wolf replied back faintly. His mind was still worried about the nightmare. Who is David Schruebur? And why does that name sound familiar? Who was the figure, anyways? It worried Wolf mostly because the figure he referred to as David called Wolf David. Not to mention that the figure beared a striking resemblance to Wolf.
"We couldn't sleep, so we took a walk around the Zone." Root answered the kid for Wolf. Spence, Silas, and Bill joined not long after. "What's happened?" Spence asked. Alex said that there was a struggle, and that he put the kid into the ground hard. As Wolf heard this, he had hide his chuckle. Then the boy asked to join. You have got to be kidding me. Bill gave his opinion, but it was ultimately up to Spence.
Spence decided to let Jimmy join the team, and under a similar speech that Wolf recieved. The name David entered his mind again, but he tried to get rid of it. The name stayed. Finally, desperation and impatience got to Wolf. "When are we leaving for Celadon?" Wolf blurted.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:04 pm ]
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Jimmy thanked Sarah graciously for the camera and briefly looked through a few pictures before look back to Spence. "You got it, Captain! No fighting and no killing." He wasn't totally sure why they couldn't kill enemies, but it wasn't his concern right now. All that really mattered to him was getting to the Psyche building as soon as possible. Jimmy's eyes lit up as he heard Wolf. "Yes, Celadon! I've heard such lovely things about that city."

Alex raised an eyebrow and walked back inside. A few moments later he emerged from the building holding the box of medicines. "Since the kid's coming with us, I don't suppose that drafty old place will miss these." Jimmy nodded in acceptance. Alex rubbed his eyes still tired. "If we wanna make any kind of time we should probably be on our way."

Author:  redt [ Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:50 pm ]
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Trevor looked over at Spence before speaking,"I agree with Alex. We should head to Celadon as soon as possible."

Maybe I can finally understand who my family was and why that girl haunts my life.

"Everything will become clearer in Celadon." He lightly muttered "What could possibly be there to make my life clearer?"

Author:  ChillBill [ Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:13 pm ]
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Bill was ready to leave. And everyone else seemed raring to go. "Well, yeah. I guess we should be going. However, let me point out something first. We go to Celadon. We go to Cerulean. But for how long are we gonna stay in Kanto. I mean, this is where Psyche is most powerful. We can't really do much here right now and we are in greater danger. It's a lose/lose situation. So I suggest that as soon as our personal businesses in Celadon and Cerulean are finished, we leave Kanto, at least for the time being." He looked around to see what impression his words had made.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:39 pm ]
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Spence nodded. Referring to Bill, Spence tried to give him an explanation, "Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn are exactly the same, pretty much... At the moment, there's no real safe place to hide... There's a few towns and places Psyche has no interest in, like Lavender before... With our current pokemon and strengths, a lot of you don't stand a chance in other regions at war. Anyway..." Spence turned, eyeing Alex with a quick glance, "We've all said what we've needed to say, for now... Let's all head to the station. Wolf, Root, lead the way."


Once at the station, the group waited patiently for the train to Celadon City. Fuchsia City was already being reconstructed thanks to neighbouring towns and cities. It gave Spence and Sarah a little bit of hope for the future. Sarah stared at the ground, still in distort after hearing about Jimmy's family. She wished she could change everything, and save them. But there was nothing she could do... she glanced at Jimmy for a second before looking away in dismay.

When the train was just around the bend, a gunshot was fired in the air.

Suddenly, the entire group was surrounded, Psyche soldiers armed to the teeth. Sarah darted around her, but to no ends of escape. Spence growled, placing a hand to his sword behind him.


Spence hesitated as ready guns aimed at the rebels. The commander, armed with his own pistol stepped forward, "Spence, I assume? And the young rebels who follow him."

Spence remained silent, eyeing Trevor and everyone else capable. This was going to be a rough battle.

"Hold... you're...?" he stepped forward again, lowing his handgun, "The girl with green eyes and her friend, you had the Wartortle and Garchomp, right?"

"Uh, yeah?" Sarah paused, looking to Bill who looked equally confused. The soldiers muttered to each other as the commander turned back.

"...Let them aboard."


"I said do it, I'll take the responsibility."

Spence turned in question, "You're letting us free?"

The commander smiled, "It's thanks, for saving my wife and daughter. They told me about you guys and what you did. Although... you better hurry."

Spence looked at him, uncertainty filled him at first but the sincerity in his voice made Spence believe in what he said was true. The soldiers under the man lowered their weapons as the train pulled up to a stop, the train doors opened. Spence removed his hand from grasp and turned to enter, "Let's go."

"Hey, dude with the Gallade! Thanks for saving my folks as well!" A soldier waved.

"And, another thing!" The commander continued, "I'd be careful about the guys with the clones. They're all odd people... higher ranking than us. Listen, I'd recommend staying away from the major cities! You'll only get into bigger trouble there!"

Spence grinned, turning for a final goodbye, "Thanks for the advice."

The commander smirked back.

Sarah was unsure what was happening, her heart full of panic was now just settled by a huge relief. She bowed to the man, "Thank you for your kindness," before she turned, running inside.

"I couldn't imagine my life without my family. Thank you, young lady."

Spence sat down in the train before it took off, legs crossed. He gazed outside in the window as the Psyche soldiers moved on to help the city rebuild.


Aboard the train, Sarah switched seats with Bill to sit next to Alex. She stared out of the window, "You've been having it rough ever since you left Lavender Town, huh? Was it just to find your parents? Are they really working at Psyche?" she closed her eyes, "I don't think they're bad people. Really."

Spence walked up to the two, interrupting them, "Sorry. Alex, I need a word with you, in private."

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:46 pm ]
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Spence tasked Wolf and Root with taking point. While Wolf was glad to lead the way, Root was not. "Do you have any idea where you're going?" Root whispered. "You've never been to Fuschia!"
"I'm quite capable." Wolf replied back in a sort of mocking tone. "How so?"
"I read the signs." Wolf smiled. Suddenly, Wolf and Root stopped. They were at the station, but something was... Off. Wolf tensed. I have a bad feeling about this. The train came into view and a gun went off. "Ambushed!" Wolf unsheathed his right blade and grabbed Seeker's ball, preparing for the worst. Instead, the commander showed himself and got the grunts to stand down. Shocked, Wolf put away Seeker's ball. As he went to sheath his blade, his hand started shaking violently, as if something didn't want to let him put the blade away. "Not now!" he muttered to himself. He forced the blade into its sheath and boarded the train. Within a few minutes, he was resting, trying to sleep off the pain that was now forming in his left leg...

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:24 pm ]
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Alex gazed out the window of the train as Sarah sat next to him. He smiled, remembering back to the old days. "My Mom used to tell me about how my Dad was always this great Psyche employee and how he was such an important man. After she died, I didn't know what to do so I went to find him. After that, I guess I just build my life up hoping to run into him." He chuckled at the thought as Spence interrupted.

"Sorry. Alex, I need a word with you, in private."

"Sure, boss." Alex smiled to Sarah as the two passed her and moved to two seat near the rear of the train. Alex sat down eying Spence. "So, what's up?"


Jimmy tipped his hat at the man who let them by as he leaped onto the train. Finding a spot to his own, he dropped him body into two seats, flinging his feet over one of them. "Ahhh the old train. What a nice, relaxing way to travel." He noted Wolf dozing off in the seat in front of him and pat his shoulder. "That's the way go, droog. A nice nap will do us some good." Jimmy rested his head against the side and pulled his hat over his eyes.

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:19 am ]
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Spence snapped, “Don’t you what’s up me!!” Spence silenced himself, holding him gut. There was no hiding the fact, Spence didn’t feel well on trains, “Uh, sorry...”

He continued, “Look, don’t play dumb. I know you heard the conversation between me, and…” he muttered, “…Darkrai. Listen… it’s been a long time, so I guess I should explain myself, why I left it till later to talk to you about this…” Spence thought back on when he was abandoned, “When I defeated Magma, the original Team Midnight disappeared, as if from thin air. I sent my friend away, out of uncertainty of whom I could trust. I followed every possible link to their whereabouts wherever I could. First, Sinnoh… then, Unova… I didn’t necessary fight in the war for anybody but myself… I was being selfish. I felt betrayed by the team I joined, I wondered why they could leave me like that and left every one of our comrades to die. I wanted answers. But, eventually… I learnt that fighting for just yourself is wrong. You have to have a higher purpose, especially to live…”

Spence stared to the ground, pausing the topic, “… Sarah spoke of you, and your family and friends. You knew Tori, but not her father… In a way, you and I are like family. Sarah depends on you, trusts you… as she once placed trust in me. So, I have to respect that and allow myself to trust in you as well.”

“This is a warning to you,” Spence grew dark, “I have… searched for too long. Back at Fuchsia, I didn’t think it was just coincidence you encountered Darkrai, a pokemon who mentioned the name of the original Midnight’s Leader, Blackwind… for a long time, it’s the only clue I’ve had to Midnight… to every possible lead I found, more dangers awaited me… Your knowledge now, is a threat to you and everyone you care about. I… can’t allow that to happen…” Spence tugged at his pants, gripping fists, “I can’t allow Sarah to be hurt. It’s why she’s here now; this is my way of protecting her. Please, keep her safe. For her and for your own sake, don’t mention Darkrai to anybody…” he turned, looking Alex straight in the eye, “It’s important to remember that… whatever happened to Team Midnight back then; somebody wants to cover it up, dispose of everything and everyone who knows about it. Don’t forget that fact.”


Sarah got up, sitting next to Silas, “So, you were a Psyche member as well, right? If a person like you were involved in them, Psyche can’t be that bad.” She smiled to herself.

“Did you have any family or friends-- when you were in Psyche, I mean?”

((Again, their conversations can still be roleplayed in the past, just moving the story along.))


The train finally reached their destination safely. Spence jumped from the train with his party as they walked from the station, into Celadon City.

The group was welcomed with lights and decorations put up on display. It looked as though a carnival was taking place in the afternoon. Stands and galleries of entertainment lined the streets. Rides, fanfares, jumping castles and spooky houses. Advertisements of festivities and tournaments were nearby, and crowds formed as shouting of sparring, fist or blade, as well as underground and illegal pokemon battling was also made mention. The prizes-- of precious stones and special pokemon said to evolve using them.

The group stood among the crowds of people in the middle of it all. It was hard to hear over everyone.

Sarah shouted, “They can’t do that, those poor Eevee!”

“Sarah…” Spence whispered, drawing closer, “There’s not much we can do about it…”

“Well, how about we join?!” She looked to everyone, “Come on, you know you want to!”

“Hmm…” Spence crossed his arms, “I guess it would be good for training… and separated we wouldn’t be easily seen as a group… Fine.”


“Alright... Everyone, participate in the tournaments if you want to. We should also be on the look out for those Eevee as well. If they’re being treated poorly we’ll see to it that they’re cared for. Trevor,” he looked towards him, “What are you going to do?”

Spence made eye contact with a couple of men wearing black guises, their sleaves branding a familiar red lettered symbol. Were they walking towards some kind of hideout of their own? Spence walked over towards Jimmy, “Friends of yours? Is Rocket involved in this whole affair?”

((Just so you know, if you do want an Eevee you can’t have Vaporeon because that’s Trevor’s.))

Author:  ChillBill [ Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:48 am ]
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((NOOOO! A whole life of bad deeds is ruined! I just saved the day together with a green-eyed girl! If word spreads, my reputation will be destroyed!))

Bill tried to contain himself. He returned Sarah's gaze, smiling lightly before he climbed in the train. Seemed like there were still some good people out there. He found himself a seat somewhat isolated and fell asleep.


The train reached Celadon, which seemed to be bustling with life. Oh, yeah. It's Game Corner Day. At least it will be harder for anyone to recognize me. Still, he pulled on his hood, hiding his features.
Sarah was complaining about the Eevees. Bill smiled bitterly. "Yeah, these Eevees are not exactly in their greatest. However, it's really hard to win these games. They're designed to be impossible. Still, you can give it a shot. Just don't use all the cash." He began moving away from the group. "I'm going to my house. If it's still standing, it might have some useful things inside. If anything happens, the address is 24 Vileplume Str. See ya!"


Bill was searching his room. The house was still whole, so he broke a window, packed some food, grabbed the first aid kit and then went to his room to take some personal stuff.
First, he attached another set of knives to his belt. Then he put on new jeans and his favorite black t-shirt with the skull, and packed the food, medicine and some other clothes into a backpack. Then he jumped out of the window down in the garden and moved out in the street. He walked towards the funfest. What he needed now was some information on Gina... and then he would ask Spence if they could do something.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:17 pm ]
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The train stopped and shook Wolf awake. Root handed him the phone. "Torren would like to have a head's up notice." Wolf agreed and reluctantly took the phone before getting off the train.
Celadon was very busy, and Wolf wasn't liking it for some reason. Wait, they can find me here. I need to blend and hide my identity. He flipped his hood up to hide his hair, which would surely allow him to be noticed. Once he had the chance, he talked to Spence. "Hey, Root and I have to do something real quick. We'll catch up with you later." He turned and walked into the back roads of the city.
"Wolf!!!" Torren said through the line. Wolf flinched. "We are here in Celadon."
"Already? Meh, I guess that would make sense. You know where to find me."
Wolf knocked on the door. Torren's voice came from behind it on cue. "I didn't do it." That was a invitation. Wolf and Root walked into the shop. "One sec, I'll be right out." Wolf rolled his eyes. A couple minutes later, a Korean walked out with a metal leg in one hand, a phone in the other, and a Magmar in tow. "So, how did it go?" Torren asked as he took the mission phone from Root in exchange for her own. "Well, we hope you like your place in Lavender." Torren smiled. "Well, I have something for you, too!" Wolf jumped up on a nearby table as Torren boasted about the splint. "I made a boot with it, that way," Torren started laughing. "That way, if you kick someone in the head - You know? Boom, Headshot! - It'll drop'em!" He finished putting on the splint. "You see, I also added some gold detail to it, so - Yeah. Well come on! Let's see how I did!" Wolf dropped down and felt no pain from the ground. He walked around the shop for awhile and got accustomed to its clanking. "Alright! Thanks, man."
"No problem." Wolf and Root went to walk out. "One thing: I need help with something."
"My friend sent back my Hitmochan that I loaned to him."
"You have friends, Torren? I'm so proud." Wolf joked. "Anyways, he sent him back and he arrived here yesterday. Someone obviously has him. Can you help?" Wolf thought about it. He sighed. "I guess."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:51 pm ]
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Alex was taken aback at the bite in Spence's tone. He listened to Spence's words as thoughts raced through his head. Alex had wondered why Spence was so comfortable with Sarah staying with them this long - or even at all for that matter. If what Spence said was true though, then why him? This still didn't make too much sense, but Alex assumed he would learn more in time. If his knowledge really was threatening Sarah, he wanted it to end. Alex looked Spence dead in the eyes. He spoke quietly, yet seriously. "I'm not letting anything happen to her. You have my word." The thought of anything happening to Sarah enraged him. Alex knew in Spence's hands, Sarah would be alright. Some back up can never hurt though.


As the group parted ways, the Darkrai and Sarah's mysterious family were on Alex's mind. That is...until the sparring matches were made evident. Alex followed the posters before arriving a dimly lit basement. Men stood in a large circle as two fought it out in the middle of them. Alex could feel his adrenaline building as the larger of the two landed his finishing hit.

"Who's next?" The large man flexed. Even his expansive facial hair seemed to move along with his muscles. Alex stripped off his jacket and pushed his way into the ring. "Hahaha! This little man thinks he has what it takes to play with the big boys!" The crowd laughed as Alex stretched. Alex took his stance just before being met with a heavy hit to the face. Falling back, he was met with a crowd of hands that pushed him back in.

"Looks like I underestimated you, Tiny. My turn?" Alex dodged an oncoming hit and delivered a solid punch to the stomach. The larger man bellowed a laugh. Alex's eyes widened at the ineffective hit. "Well....damn."


Jimmy gave Spence a mischievous smirk. "Only one way to find out, right?" Jimmy broke off and followed the group into the hideout. Once inside he was pinned to a wall. "Calm down, droogs. I'm one of you." Jimmy dropped his cane and rose his hands to show he was no threat.

"If it isn't little Jimmy!" Jimmy was greeted with a hug by a man in black. Once in the light, his face became familiar. "Don't you remember? We were good friends back when Matt ran the show."

Jimmy's eyes lit up. "Well if it isn't Barney boy!" The two shook hands and told stories of times past for quite awhile before the man calling himself Barney took Alex to a back room.

"This is our latest little attraction." Barney turned a light on as the room illuminated and an Eevee sat caged in the corner. "People will pay out a lifetime of coin just for the possibility of winning one of these little beauties."

Jimmy forced a smile. "Since when do we operate with pokemon? Team Rocket victimizes people, not pokemon." Jimmy worked to hold in his hostility. "Why don't you let me hold onto that one? I'll turn it on my own and we can split the profits."

Barney chuckled. "Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy...since when do you care about the lives of others? You were the most monstrous out of us all if I remember correctly." Barney leaned in and looked Jimmy over. "I don't know what made you all soft for this thing, but if you want really want it, come to the tournament and win it. Escort him out." Jimmy was held by the arms and lead out of the hideout. Disoriented, he worked to find any evidence of the group or the tournament at hand.

As Jimmy was taken to the street, Barney pulled one member aside. "He's sure to enter. The boy's a sucker for helpless pokemon. Make sure he get humiliated." The member nodded and walked off.

Author:  redt [ Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:39 pm ]
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Once everyone arrived at the station there a gun shot rang through the air. Soon the group was surrounded by Psyche troops, regular grunts by the look of their uniforms.

Trevor was about to pull his I.D. badge to cover for the group, but that wasn't necessary. The men lowered their weapons as the commander of the squad walked up and thanked everyone for saving the people of the city. As Trevor boarded the train he heard a man thank him and he looked to see a grunt covered from head to toe in soot. Trevor smiled and waved back at him as the door closed and the train began heading out.

Celadon City......where my family might still be. And where that girl might be. He touched the hilt of his katana, "I'll be more prepared this time."

Trevor was sitting towards the front corner of the car, a few rows seperating him from the rest of the group. He was still thinking about his meaning in life. He wasn't comfortable with being so friendly with others yet. Trevor didn't really know how to be friends with any of them, at least not being a true friend.
When the train stopped the doors opened to a bustling city. Trevor looked around at everything as the group walked down the streets.

"Everything is so busy and fun looking." He looked over at one of the competitions that were going on. Two people were sword fighting in the center of a ring that had several obstacles to make it more of a challenge.

He heard Sarah talk about the underground Pokemon ring and the plan she had. "Trevor,” Spence looked towards him, “What are you going to do?”

"I think I'm going to compete in that sword tournament over there to get a good warm up.", Trevor laughed lightly at Spence. "If you're game I've been wanting to fight you again. And this time there won't be any interference." He smirked as he walked towards the ring, watching the current match. Trevor walked up to one of the managers, "I'm next."

The man looked at him, "Yeah right. What makes you qualify for this?" Trevor pulled his blade quickly, slicing a bit of the man's cigar. He stepped back a moment, "Well I guess that was a stupid question. Alright you're up next."

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:23 am ]
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Spence was staring blankly at the Gameshark building in the distance before Trevor approached him. “Huh? Oh,” Spence grinned, “Sure, I’ll take you on. You caught me off guard last time. This old man still has some tricks up his sleaves.”

Sarah dragged Silas along as they finally caught up to Jimmy, “Hey, are you entering the tournament as well? Apparently, we’re only allowed to enter with one pokemon each. I’m going with Wartortle. What will you choose?”


Meanwhile, atop of the Gameshark Development Building, the ghostly aura of Cathy appeared from behind Diseh, Trevor’s nightmare. She walked up towards him, gazing down at the city’s festival beside him.

“Entering this year, Diseh?”

“Heh,” Diseh smirked to himself, “Not this time… let’s see how Spence’s little group does in the tournament. It should be… interesting, to say the least... Rocket never played fairly.”

Cathy glared, “Diseh… About Fuchsia…”

“Enough. I want you to prepare. Trevor should be visiting his dear mother shortly. That’s when you’ll strike. Kill everyone with knowledge of our existence, including Spence himself. Kill everyone if you have to.”

Cathy darkly smiled, a long shadow growing behind her in the shape of a Giratina, its origin forme, its wings spread, “Giratina and I will handle it… They’ll be helpless in my Distortion World... Hehehe…” she giggled.

Diseh turned, smirking. Pity, Cathy. I really was starting to like you, too. Orders are orders, however.


Each tounament was held in an underground area. Most twons and cities started building underground in the hopes of evading cloned pokemon if they were ever to attack, but were shortly abandoned. Rocket took these underground shelters and turned them into arenas, much like the ones Alex fought and took part in at Saffron.

“Red, Blackwind, step right up!” The sparring announcer called, another Rocket goon. Spence stepped up as well as Trevor. Across from one another, in the arena, Spence drew his sword as he turned towards Trevor, “I figured I’d sign us up with different nicknames. Can’t be too careful.” Spence smiled, resting his large buster blade on his shoulder, “Let’s get started, then.”


Walking beside Silas and Jimmy, they made their way downstairs towards the pokemon arena. When they got inside, they were met with a huge battle cage, the arena floor marked with chalk, the outline of a pokeball. A few people would be an understatement as crowds shook the cage, roaring and ready to see a show. She looked on in awe. Was this the feeling every trainer used to have?

“You lot friends?” One Rocket approached the girl, eyeing Jimmy with a sly smile.

“Uh, yeah?” Sarah answered.

“Good, good. That will make things easier! You’re all entered together, okay?”

“Wait, what?”

“Come one, then! In ya go!”

“Hey, wait! Don’t push!”

The Rocket pushed Silas, Jimmy and Sarah all into the arena together. Sarah tripped and fell to the floor. The gate to outside the arena cage slammed shut, being chained soon after.

“Ouch…” she got up, brushing herself off, “Hmph, how rude!” Sarah pouted.

“These three challengers… against!!” The announcer introduced.

The crowd gasped as three pokemon were released into the cage. A Snorlax, Machamp, and Golem. The crowd roared. The three evolved pokemon looked pretty fierce and tough. The lot of them were covered in battle scars, tattoos, and one was even wearing an eye-patch. They gave the crowd push-ups and a show of muscles, working the crowd. It seemed as though this battle was one-way, although, they never expected the likes of these trainers.

Sarah shivered. The pokemon were scary at first, but after awhile they just looked silly. She chuckled, brushing her dress in a show of courage, “Well, let’s show them what we’re make of, shall we?” She grinned, looking to Silas and Jimmy.

“Wartortle, I choose you!”

Author:  ChillBill [ Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:43 am ]
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Bill reached the funfest. He pulled on his hood and blended with the crowd. He moved through the people, trying to locate the rest of the team. Suddenly, he felt a pull at his hand. He looked around and saw a girl waving at him. Bill followed her to an empty, narrow side street.
Once they were there, the girl turned at him. "Well, Bill? What brings you here in our humble town?"
Bill breathed hard. In front of him stood Lexie Priest, Gina's friend since their first school years. And now she was staring at him like he was a criminal or worse. Bill tried to keep his calm. "Hey, Lex. How are things around here?"
"You tell me, Bill. You tell me."
She paused, took a breath, and then threw herself on Bill. "How could you do this? Because of you, your parents died and Gina is facing death as well! And now you dare to show up here like nothing's ever happened?" She pulled away and started crying. "My best friend is facing death sentence! And all because of you!"
Bill was expecting this. However, his pain and anger overtook him. "You think I wanted this to happen? You think I don't care? She's my person, Lex! And that's why I'm here! I want to save her!"
Lexie eyed him doubtfully, still sobbing. "Save her? With what? The famous troublemaker, Garchomp? And what are you gonna do? Walk to Celadon's prison and politely ask for Ms. Sabbath, or else you're gonna beat the hell out of 50 guards? Don't give me that."
Bill felt relieved. So Gina was here after all. "If she is in Celadon, that's fine. I've got some... friends with me. We will work something out."
"Yeah, something like that. Don't worry, we're good at this."
Lexie looked up to meet Bill's grave, determined expression. She smiled weakly. "If that's true, then I'm gonna help you. What can I do?"
Bill hesitated. He didn't want to put Lexie in danger. But he knew she wouldn't stay out of it. "Weeell... Could you provide a few people a place to stay for the night?"
Lexie's face lit up. "Sure! My parents are away this week. So there's no problem. When shall I expect you?"
"Nothing's definite. Just be on the lookout."
"OK." As she left the alley, Lexie turned back. "Bill... Thanks. And sorry for before."
"No problem."


Bill walked down a staircase. Perhaps he would try to win an Eevee, just for the sake of it. When he reached the arena however, he saw it was already occupied. Sarah, Jimmy and Silas were facing three mean-looking Pokemon - a Snorlax, a Machamp and a Golem. Bill pulled on his hood and became one with the crowd, ready to help if anything happened. He had faith in his teammates' - it was too early to call them friends - skills. However, he knew that many 'accidents' happened to participants of such contests. He watched as Sarah threw out Wartortle.

((Any of you can control Lexie. Just don't kill her.))

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Trevor perked up as he heard his new nickname. He looked over at Spence and smiled, "It seems to fit just fine." Trevor flicked his blade from its sheath, "Given the fact of my signature blade."

The ring master walked out, "Alright so the only rule is you have to stay in the ring, everything else is free game. Once someone either falls out, surrenders, or dies is when the victor will be named." The man raised his hand then dropped it, "Begin!"

Trevor smirked as he ran at Spence, blade pointing outward. It was a feint, however, and he stepped to the right and turned left as he slid his blade through the air. "Let's all see if a buster blade can beat a katana!"

((Just letting you know Crunchy my second post of the battle is when I have something interesting planned :twisted: It's all battle related though so nothing plot-wise haha.))

Author:  Dare234 [ Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:16 pm ]
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When the group arrived at the train station they were quickly surrounded by Psyche soldiers. Silas reached for his pokeballs but there was no nedd as the commander let them go because of Sarah and Bill whose pokemon had saved his family. The group quickly boarded the train before the commander could change his mind.

Silas turned to the commander. "Psyche's way isn't the only way." Silas gave him a quick salute and boarded the train.


Silas chose a seat alone, thinking about the commander's actions.

He looked up as Sarah sat down beside him. “So, you were a Psyche member as well, right? If a person like you were involved in them, Psyche can’t be that bad.” She smiled to herself.

"Yes, I was a member of Psyche. Most of them aren't bad. The ones who are higher ranking are the ones who give Psyche its bad image, just like the commander said at the train station."

“Did you have any family or friends-- when you were in Psyche, I mean?”

Silas chuckled, "Of course I had friends, most of them were Psyche members, but they were friends. My dad was a higher ranking member of Psyche, he's the reason I ended up in Psyche. I was never close to my mom and I don't have any siblings. In the end, I don't regret joining, it's the reason I'm here and the only way I ever would have gotten to be with Pokemon."


They arrived in Celadon in full swing of a carnival. They found out about the tournaments and the prizes, unfortunate Eevees. Sarah and Spence had a quick conversation deciding that they should try and win the Eevees. Silas blinked as Sarah grabbed him and pulled him along eventually catching up to Jimmy.

“Hey, are you entering the tournament as well? Apparently, we’re only allowed to enter with one pokemon each. I’m going with Wartortle. What will you choose?”

"I'll be using Fury." Silas said. "She is my best bet."

They made their way down into the arena where they were pushed in together. A Machamp, Snorlax and Golem were released into the arena.

“Well, let’s show them what we’re made of, shall we?” She grinned, releasing her Wartortle. “Wartortle, I choose you!”

"I like that idea." Silas said grinning. "Fury, take them out."

The Medicham materialized and adopted a battle stance.

"Are we each taking one of them, or do we want to try and coordinate our attacks?" Silas asked.

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:25 pm ]
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Spence grunted, Trevor stepping into what appeared to be a single movement. He wanted to be in close combat, something Trevor seemed flawless at. His katana's blade sliced through the air. Spence pulled his sword upward at the last second, blocking the lightning strike Trevor unleashed with a mighty clash of steel.

Spence pushed Trevor back, unleashing a series of powerful blows. After a three-hit slash, Spence jumped back, gripping his sword tightly, "Luckily for me, I have range and defence. Will your offence and speed be enough to defeat me?" he grinned to Trevor, eyeing the marker behind him, "...That's right, I was able to push Trevor back at the Pokemon Tower... If I can do it again..."

Spence grunted, keeping his guard up.


"You're asking me like I'm the leader?" Sarah chuckled, ordering her first attack, "Wartortle, use Water Gun!" She directed her attack at the Golem. Immediately to counter this, Golem crouched into a ball and launched itself. It was a Rollout attack. It cut through the Water Gun and made its way into Sarah path. Sarah braced herself, "Not good..."

((You can all take out one pokemon each, you don't have to wait for me.))

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:53 am ]
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Alex panted, dodging another oncoming attack. The crowd booed at the elusive fighter as the large man let out a growl. "Stay still! If you stop moving, it'll hurt less." He laughed again and grabbed Alex by the neck, lifting him up. Alex wrapped his legs around the man's waist and bit hard into his hand. Once the man let go, Alex twisted his body to the side and flipped the man with him. Once on the ground, Alex scrambled to his feet and locked his arms around the man's giant neck. The tighter he squeezed the more desperate the man's attempts at grabbing him had become. After awhile, his eyes rolled back and the man dropped limp.

A man made his way to middle of the ring just before Alex stood to his feet. The man looked as though he'd taken a few too many hits to the head back in his day. He grabbed Alex by the wrist and rose his arm up. "The smaller guy wins!" The man placed something in Alex's hand and pat him on the shoulder. "Good job, kid. Come back again sometime!"

Alex wearily made his way out of the basement and outside to the festival. He slid his arms through his jacket, fighting through the pain. The cool air feeling like paradise after being enclosed for so long. He looked down at the object in his hand. Alex found himself looking at a small stone, glowing a deep blue. "A rock...I got the living hell kicked out of me...for a rock." He stuffed it in his pocket and sighed, making his way off to try and find the others.


Jimmy calculated the stats, weaknesses, resistances, moves learned and strong points of the opposing team and his partners before assessing the proper pokemon to choose. "Looks like I don't have much of a choice. Isaac, you're the only one I can count on." In a red flash, Pidgeotto appeared in the sky above them. It gave Jimmy a look as if it were cursing him. It darted off once it spotted the Golem bowling toward them. Luckily, it stopped just before colliding with the trainers. Sarah's Wartortle seemed to endure the hit in a last minute Protect. Alex smirked at the pokemon's quick thinking. The Pidgeotto turned back and forth in the sky as Machamp reached out to grab it. Snorlax rose its arms, but to no avail. As Pidgeotto fluttered over the two, it dropped a shower of feathers onto them. As the two reached about, sand was blasted into there faces with a gust of wind. Pidgeotto was quick, but it wasn't nearly strong enough to handle these things. Feather Dance and Sand-Attacks were its only means of survival for now.

Of course...rig the matches, make people pay to participate, have an inside winner, sell the pokemon afterwards for giant profit...these guys aren't messing around. Jimmy looked to Silas and Sarah then to Isaac who was sequentially pecking at the Machamp's good eye. He hoped that his support was able to help them.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:00 am ]
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"So how do you know if it got stolen?" Wolf asked. "I watched it happen. Gray jacket, ginger hair. He sticks out." Just then, a shadow moved out of the corner of Wolf's eye. Upon seeing who was casting the shadow, Wolf was furious. Not only was it the thief, but a familiar face. "Wave." Wolf said the failed hunter's name. "I found him." Wave turned and ran, with Wolf on his tail. Eventually, Wave ran himself into a dead end. Wolf followed in behind, blades drawn. "Oh, ho ho! How long I've been dreaming of this day!" Wolf laughed. "What do you want from me?" Wave asked, petrified. "Everything." Wolf replied deviously.
Root and Torren rounded the corner, finally catching up. Torren doubled over, trying to catch his breath. Root paid attention. What are you doing, Wolf? You made a promise. She thought. Wolf continued in on Wave. "Uh, look man, I don't want any trouble."
"You have a stolen pokemon. Give it back." Wave looked down at the pokeball, thought, then looked up. "No!"
"Very well, Wave." Wolf threw his left blade into the air, while he timed it. At the right moment, he spun parallel to the ground and kicked the blade at Wave. It scored a direct hit, right dead center of the kneecap. Wave buckled at the knees as Wolf ran up on him. "Give it." Wolf seethed. Wave threw the ball at Wolf, who tossed it back to Torren. He walked up to Wave, then laid him face down. "My fifth mission was a failure because of you. You got off scotch-free while I was punished. You know what they did Wave? They took a bullwhip to my back nine times. I think we should share that pain." Wolf took the tip of his blade and sliced it accross Wave's back. Then, he walked over and took a handful of soil. "What are you going to do?"
"Infect it." And with that, poured the dirt into the wound.
As they walked back to Spence, neither said anything. Then Root spoke. "What the hell was that back there?" she scolded. "I've been having these dreams, and it's like, I have some sort of seond personality living in me, and it's not a nice one." Wolf admitted. I need to get rid of this personality...

Author:  ChillBill [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:18 am ]
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Bill grunted. Wartortle and Pidgeotto were doing their best in the arena, but it was clear they couldn't easily overpower their opponents. They need to fight together. Silas's Medicham has an advantage against all 3 opponents. They need to give her a chance... Bill looked anxiously, ready to interfere if any of these Rocket guys tried to do something funny.
I wonder where Spence has gone. And where are the others? We need to gather soon, if I want to keep my promise to Lexie.


Lexie was moving through her house. Bill's promise had given her hope. Of course, she was putting herself in great danger. But she didn't mind. The guard's words rang in her ears once more.

"I'd like to see inmate Sabbath, please."
"Impossible. No one is allowed to do so."
"May I ask why?"
"Gina Sabbath has been put in death row. She will be executed in two weeks."

Lexie curled her hands in fists. Bill must save her. Otherwise I'll kill him. She dropped to the sofa and closed her eyes. If Bill kept his promise, this was gonna be a long night. She needed sleep.

Author:  redt [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:10 am ]
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As Trevor's blade clashed with the large buster blade, he was surprised to have been thrown back so far. He slid to a stop a few feet from the boundary of the ring. Dammit. He's faster than he looks, especially with that large of a blade.

Spence stood straight after the series of attacks,"Luckily for me, I have range and defence. Will your offence and speed be enough to defeat me?"

Trevor laughed, "We'll see if you can handle my speed." With that Trevor sprinted off towards Spence, weaving as he ran. His speed almost rivaled that of a certain Pokemon. He slashed out his blade with a fierce strength, but Spence didn't budge from his spot. Trevor jumped out of the way as he dodged a crashing blow from the huge sword.

A devious thought crossed Trevor's mind, "It's been a very long time that I've had this kind of opponent. But the last time there were rules." He snickered as he pulled a Pokeball from his belt. "It's time you got to meet my teacher of the sword. Help me out Gallade."

Gallade stood up as he materialized onto the field. The ring master went over the speakers, "It seems that this battle has just gotten more interesting as Red releases a Gallade into the mix! How will Blackwind counter this trick?" The crowd of people went crazy as Gallade readied himself for battle.

Gallade stood tall as he looked over at Spence then to Trevor. Trevor winked at Gallade so that he knew Trevor wasn't intending any real harm to Spence. "So Spence, do you have any ace up your sleeve?" At that both Gallade and Trevor ran at Spence, planning on knocking him back beyond the boundary.

Author:  Dare234 [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

"The way you dragged me here, I could've sworn you were the leader." Silas replied with a chuckle. Seeing Wartortle and Pigdeotto focus on Golem and Machamp respectively Silas nodded, pleased at the choices they made.

"Looks like we get Snorlax. Fury, use Hi Jump Kick." The Medicham charged and leaped into the air, hammering the Snorlax in the chest and staggering it. However, the Snorlax recovered quickly and hit Fury with a Mega Punch, sending Fury flying. Fury hit the ground and was slow to get up.

"You okay, Fury?" Silas yelled. Fury nodded and started moving in again, more cautiously. "Use Drain Punch, watch out for counter-attacks."

Fury charged forward, her fist glowing green, dodged around another Mega Punch and hit th Snorlax. As the impact took place, green sparks flew off the Snorlax and into Fury, revitalizing her.

"Good job, keep going." Silas encouraged.

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:08 pm ]
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((Although I'm liking the character's mysterious split-personality you have going, Samurott, your salt in the wound display is a bit out of place. Tone it down, please.))

Spence prepared himself as both Trevor and his Gallade ran for him. Spence rushed forward as well. In a clash, Spence locked blades with both Trevor and his pokemon. Spence grunted, the footing underneath him almost giving way. In a heave, Spence pushed the two from him a display of power. Spinning his sword around him to get them back a distance, the both of them blocked the large buster sword in a skid.

The Gallade was the first to strike blows, chaining combos into Spence that even he had almost no time to counter or think about. In a duck, Spence dodge-rolled to the other side of the ring as Trevor and Gallade again readied themselves for another push.

"That's right... I'm no match for Gallade as I am. But two can play at that game," Spence pulled out a pokeball. The pokeball was the Lucario's, "Edward, let me borrow the power of aura." Spence closed his eyes and concentrated, a blue aura from the pokeball started to fill his entire body. Spence took a deep breath, reopening his eyes. Suddenly, he could foresight and foresee the movements Trevor and his pokemon were about to take, if only briefly. Their auras could by read like an open book ordinarily, but Spence didn't have time to focus for very long. He took a step forward, gripping his sword.

Ignoring the Gallade completely in a sharp sidestep, Spence maneuvered himself into Trevor path. Trevor continued to move forward, only to be blocked by Spence's heavy buster blade. Swiftly, Spence started swinging his sword almost wildly downward, upon each strike, meeting Trevor's katana time and time again. Spence ducked, swinging his blade around his body. The Gallade evaded and leapt back as well as Trevor. Using the last of the aura Edward gave him, Spence turned as to meet the psychic type face-to-face, opening his free hand outward, "No hard feelings," he said as a sudden short burst of aura sent the pokemon sliding out the boundary.

Reaching the power's limit, Spence grabbed Trevor by the chest of his shirt, edging him closer over the line. Spence took a few tired breaths, the aura escaping him, "A little training I did in Sinnoh. Impressed?" He grinned. Suddenly, Spence gasped in surprise as Trevor took him and gained the upper hand.

((Trevor can win this one. Spence will grab the prize so Trevor can go alone and move the story along, I'll control Cathy and where she comes in. I have to do this in such a way every character gets involved.))


In the pokemon arena, with a renewed sense of motivation and with Jimmy and Silas right by her side, she sent her Wartortle into the fray, "Wartortle, use Surf!"

Suddenly, a wave of crashing water roared from the side of the underground, catching most spectators to hold onto something. Silas's Medicham bounded for Pidgeotto's grasp as the flying type pokemon flew upward. The crash of water knocked into all three of the pokemon; the Machamp, Snorlax and Golem. Taking heavy damage, Golem tried its best to stay above the surface of the water. Wartortle surfed across from the final wave.

"Wartortle, finish it with Aqua Tail!" The Wartortle cried, spinning into a dive from the wave and slamming Golem hard with the thick of its tail. When the water had flooded away. Golem was left fainted. Wartortle stood up, looking to Sarah as she jumped for joy, "Yay, we did it!" Suddenly, to Wartortle's surprised, it started glowing.

"Wartortle? You're evolving...?" Sarah gazed in awe as the small turtle grew with a bright light, into the much bulker Blastoise. The crowd cheered. Sarah smiled, wiping a tear from her eye, "My Wartortle evolved into a Blastoise. I'm so proud of you, babe. Return," she returned her new pokemon to its pokeball.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:58 pm ]
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Alex arrived at the sparring ring where Trevor and Spence were at just in time to see Trevor gain the upper hand. He clenched the stone in his jacket as he watched closely for the victor. Honestly, he wouldn't be able to decide between the two judging from where he just came in.


Jimmy pat Sarah on the shoulder. "Congrats. Now let's show them how real trainers win." He looked to Silas and nodded. Pidgeotto and Medicham hovered in the air as their opponents looked around perplexed. Pidgeotto suddenly started to dive bomb Snorlax and let go of the Medicham, launching it forward. Just after the release, Pidgeotto rocketed itself towards Machamp, striking it just in the middle of the chest. Machamp dropped to one knee as Pidgeotto ruffled its feathers. The recoil was much heavier than previously assumed. Machamp held itself up with two arms and rose the other two up for a hard cross chop. Just as soon as Machamp flung down, Pidgeotto struck it in the jaw with a Quick Attack. Machamp fell back just in time to see the glowing Pidgeotto collide with with it. With a low groan, the Machamp was down. Pidgeotto half hopped, half staggered to the corner behind the newly formed Blastoise. "Good work, old droog. Ya did me proud. Rest up, the other two can finish this bolshy Snorlax up." Pidgeotto cooed quietly and Roosted waiting for the match to end.

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