Rebuild of Team Midnight
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Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:57 am ]
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"Milady?" Sarah raised an eyebrow.

Spence chuckled to himself, looking to Alex and then to Bill, "He fought with us, not against us. I know things have been difficult, and I know a lot of different things have kept your guards up throughout your lives, but there are people out there you just have to put your faith in." Spence shrugged, "Besides, I kinda like the kid. I'm certainly interested in why he's Team Rocket, though."

"Team Rocket?" Sarah spoke. A light drizzle was soon falling.

Spence nodded, "That symbol on his shirt. Years back before Psyche, there was a powerful criminal organization that used pokemon to try and dominate the world. The Champions, Red and Gold, put a stop to that. You've got to wonder though... maybe the symbol means more to him than that... or maybe he is just a criminal, who knows..." After giving his thoughts, he gestured to the group as he started to walk off, "Come on, let's follow him."

"He was good to his pokemon... Okay, let's go!" Sarah nodded, agreeing and trying to reassure everyone.

((If your characters would have theme songs, what would they be? I always imagined Spence battling with a Final Fantasy soundtrack behind him lol.))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:40 am ]
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((Sorry guys, I'm extremely sick from some random viral infection to the point where thinking or breathing hurts if I'm not on medicine, and even then it still hurts. I may not be able to post a reply for another 24 hours. I'll still follow along, however.
Oh, and Dubstep, Crunchy. Preferably Skrillex, like Rampage or Sick Bubblegum.))

Author:  ChillBill [ Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:00 am ]
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((@Samurott: Get well soon, mate!
@Crunchy: I think I'go with Manowar's Sign of the Hammer. But if we're talking about games, I think I'd go with a Metal Slug boss music soundtrack. I don't play the game anymore, but I really liked some soundtracks. Alternatively, I'd use the Rayquaza-Groudon-Kyogre battle music.))

Bill looked towards Spence. He frowned.
"Alright. Maybe we're too suspicious. But from what you say, Team Rocket doesn't exist anymore, right? So I think that seeing a guy wearing such a symbol means that he is a criminal wanting to revive the team or just a kid playing around. Either of them is not very good for us. I'm gonna trust him, but only because I don't see anything better to do. And because my Pokemon are hurt."
Still, is what I am doing right now any different? It's not like the others are so trustworthy. I mean, I'm stuck with two bounty hunters and a thief. So what kind of a threat does a 16-year-old pose comparatively? None whatsoever.
"Oh well. Perhaps I am too suspicious." He shrugged and followed Spence.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:57 pm ]
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((Court date is tomorrow. So I'll either have a lot more free time afterwards, or I'll be in jail lol I'll let you know.))

Jimmy whistled a light tune as the group neared the abandoned Safari Zone. Graffiti and old signs hung on the deteriorating walls. The door had previously been broken in leaving the large room more like a blackened cave. Jimmy reached into his pocket and pulled out a small zippo lighter. "And James said: Let there be light!" He squeaked his boots across the dusty floor until stopping abruptly. Jimmy dug his cane in between the crease of two planks, ripping them from the floor. From there, he lightly lifted and moved the few remaining to expose a surprisingly lavish room beneath them. He climbed down the make-shift ladder and jumped back to his feet before falling backward onto an old couch. "Mi casa su casa~." Jimmy reached behind him for a decent sized box and lifted it over. He took out the medicines he needed and left it on the floor.

"Help yourselves. In exchange for such generous hospitality, you'll keep our little home away from home a secret, yes? Good! I thought as much."

Alex looked cautiously around the room. It was nice. Too nice for just a kid though. Too big for just one. He didn't understand how someone could sit comfortably surrounded by the graffiti and vulgarities that clung to the walls. Especially with the lack of any windows. The ominous dim lighting didn't help much either. "So you live here?"

Jimmy laughed aloud. "Good gracious, no! It would be my own little paradise though. I dare say I spend more time in here than at home anyway. So wait - yes! This is my home. Welcome to my humble abode!" He grinned and leaned his head back on the couch. "So what is it that brings you all to my busy busy Fuchsia City?" Jimmy raised his eyebrows in interest of their tales.

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:39 pm ]
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((Hope things go well for you, good luck!))

After climbing down the ladder, Spence looked around. He chuckled, looking through the box on the floor to find the supplies he needed. He leaned up after gathering a few potions, extending a hand to their new ally on the couch, "Thanks for your help. My name is Spence," he grinned, shaking Jimmy's hand, "So, tell me about Team Rocket."

Sarah sneezed of the dust on the way here. "Nice... place." She wasn't as impressed.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:46 pm ]
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((I'm on steroids right now, so meh. Why not?))
Just as the titan fell, Wolf heard Spence yell "Everyone, get down!" With fast thinking, Wolf called back Gar. But it was late for him. As soon as Gar was safely back inside, an explosion rocked the area. Wolf was thrown onto the street. I've had worse. He got back up, albeit very slowly, and brushed himself off. He turned and head towards the rest of the team.
When he got there, another person was there too. He talked with an accent that made Wolf feel relaxed, somehow. You should always trust a man with a Russian accent. Root met up with them and the Team followed the man to the abandoned Safari Zone. He started talking about a home away from home, which Wolf could care less about. "What? You've been looking at me like that since we've been walking here." Root asked. "When were you planning on telling me you have a pokemon from Johto?"
"It was my grandma's. She lived in Cherrygrove and she passed it down to my mom, who then passed it down to me."
"So you're from Johto?"
"Don't judge me by my heritage, Wolf." Root snapped harshly back. Wolf felt like he crossed a line. "Sorry."
"I'm not like them, okay?"
"Okay." They sat in silence.
"So what brings you to my busy busy Fuschia City?" The person asked. Spence quickly changed the subject. "So, tell me about Team Rocket." Oh, dear, Wolf thought, just how many teams are there?
((S_J, I seriously hope that you were kidding about the jail thing.))
((And, if it isn't showing yet, the NyQuil and steroids are kicking in, so my intellectual abilities are rapidly going away. Sorry if I made any mistakes.))

Author:  ChillBill [ Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:07 am ]
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((Well, S_J, if you really end up in prison, we'll send Midnight to get you out *laughs in a conspiratorial way*.
As a matter of fact, how many of you guys were members of Midnight before the lockdown of the teams?))

Jimmy led them in the old Safari Zone. There, after some theatrics, he removed some planks and revealed the way to a strange underground room. "Well... that's interesting."
Jimmy took out some medicine. "Help yourselves. In exchange for such generous hospitality, you'll keep our little home away from home a secret, OK? Good! I thought as much."
Slightly annoyed, Bill pulled some Potions out.
"So what brings you to our busy busy Fuschia City?"
Spence, who seemed relaxed, avoided the question. "Thanks for your help. My name is Spence. So, tell me about Team Rocket."
Bill turned. "My name is Bill. And I'd like to learn about this Team Rocket, too. So go ahead."
Still, how many teams existed? We've got Magma, Aqua-Psyche, Midnight, now Rocket... How long is the catalogue? Bill looked at Jimmy with anticipation.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:46 pm ]
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((So I'm not in jail <yet>. The case just got moved to trail today, but my lawyer says its an easy win. So on the upside, I won't be spending Christmas in jail :D Also, I joined Midnight just before they locked. I was very sad...))

"A man of manners! I like that."Jimmy allowed the dismissal of his question and firmly shook Spence's hand. He enjoyed the attention too much to care, really.

"Growing up, we heard stories all the time about how Team Rocket was this...prestigious organization. Why, without Rockets, the fabled Mewtwo would have never come to exist. That being said, rumor has it that early experiments even resulted in Dittos." He leaned forward in his seat as if the story was more interesting than it appeared. "How do you think Celadon became such an engrossed metropolis? I can tell you it wasn't the shopping the mall. Without the Rocket's Game Corner, that city would have crumbled to its very knees. People came from all over Kanto, even Johto in some cases, to spend a fortune trying to win a mere pittance." He stood up and paced around the room admiring the grotesque slew of graffiti as though it was fine art in a gallery. "Team Rocket was, is and will continue to be my family. My brothers and I started up the old gang again not too long ago, actually. Been having a real horror show time ever since."

Alex, being of little history knowledge, eyed Jimmy suspiciously before meeting his gaze with Sarah, who did not look pleased.

Jimmy sat back down, a gaping grin slung over his face. "The good old days. Am I right?" He clapped his hands and rubbed them together in anticipation. "Well now! I've educated the lot of you on my employment of choice. Now, I do believe, it is your turn."

Author:  redt [ Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:45 pm ]
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((Wooh getting some music up in here. Trevor's would be Legacy from the Halo 4 game (which is AMAZING). It's dark, mysterious, and yet filled with wonder. So I hope that Jimmy doesn't get thrown jail but I'll keep an eye on his FB lol. Also got my second interview today :D))

The group moved through the decrypted Safari Zone, Trevor thinking back to the last Zone he was at. He touched Vaporeon's and Gallade's pokeballs, remembering the death of their owner.

He was intrigued as the kid removed some panels of the abandoned building to reveal a ladder. As Trevor went down he was surprised to have a few potions handed to him. He sat in a molding chair, opposite of the couch, listening to what this "Rocket" had to say.

"Team Rocket was, is and will continue to be my family. My brothers and I started up the old gang again not too long ago, actually. Been having a real horror show time ever since." Trevor perked his head up at the last comment, "Has it become terrible due to Psyche? I know that any team resurfacing is seen as a problem to them. There have been many revived Teams that were destroyed because Psyche didn't want the competition or the threat. These guys play hard ball and show no mercy."

Trevor looked over at the young Rocket and chimed in with the others, "So what could a little Rocket possibly be doing in this city?"

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:30 pm ]
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((I told you not to shoot and kill a guy, Jimmy. You're very lucky you're just getting a slap on the wrist. Also, woo, good luck redt!))

Mewtwo was created... by Rocket...?

Not allowing the statement to show signs of confusion, Spence thought he'd finally tell him. Not without rambling a bit first.

"...I used to belong to a team called Team Midnight, it dated back even before Giovanni founded your organization. There were actually another three teams as well, Inferno, Hydro and Solaris. But all they ever did was start war. It was Midnight that stopped all that. The team lived on protecting people and their pokemon in secret. In 2012, when I became a trainer, I joined Team Midnight to find my friends and stop Team Magma, who spurred from the original team, Inferno... but I guess you've heard that story before," Spence's eyes wondered, there was something suspicious about what he said, but it was impossible to tell what it was, "Anyway, I founded Team Midnight again to put an end to Psyche. Originally it was a group, a team, just like Rocket and Midnight, but it evolved into something much more..."

Spence turned towards his group, "These people are my current members. I wouldn't have considered asking them of this if I didn't think they had the skill... the courage to fight Psyche. I'm a war veteran; I'm used to war... But these kids... no, pokemon trainers... I wish I didn't have to see them fight for their lives like this, but it's how the current pokemon world is... and so we must fight."

Author:  ChillBill [ Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:00 am ]
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((I never said you did it with a heavy heart, Crunchy. I just happened to see a bit from the other Midnight threads and I was curious. See, although I joined more than a year ago, and had another account before that, I only became active 2-3 months ago. So I don't know a lot about the older Psypoke days. Thanks for the information.
Back on topic. Sorry for the distraction. Oh, and good luck redt.))

Bill heard the story with disbelief. Mewtwo... I thought it was just a legend. Can it possibly be true? Hearing Spence's story confused him even more. So many teams, wars, heroics and all... Man, the world sure sucks. I need to ask Spence later... there certainly are things he hasn't told us yet. But when Spence expressed his worries, he decided to interfere. "Yes, we must fight. I can't say I like it. But it's the only thing left for us to do. Psyche ruined my life. They killed my real parents and the ones that adopted me. They took my girlfriend. Perhaps she is dead, too." A shadow covered his features. He spoke with passion. "I can never set this right. All I can do is prevent it from happening to others in the future. So I fight. And I'll fight 'till my last breath... or when I accomplish my goals. Then, I can be a Pokemon Trainer and help this world to become a better place. But not before Psyche is nothing but a bad memory. Not before that."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:41 am ]
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((Alright! Interview number two! I hope you nail it. Sorry, Crunchy, you know I can't help myself :( ))

Jimmy laughed hysterically at the explanation until he realized it wasn't a joke. "Oh, you were serious..." He raised his eyebrow in confusion. "So you think a group of misfit trainers can actually take out the world dominating corporation of Team yourselves...without any such heavy artillery against their army of elite trainers and legendary pokemon." He paused momentarily before leaping to his feet. "Sounds good to me! You should probably get some rest. You're welcome to stay the night here. The Zone is completely abandoned, so its safe here. The land is entirely uninhabitable." He started to climb the ladder as he turned back to the group. "Fortunately, I have a real home to get back to. Tootles~"

Jimmy gazed blankly at the ashen pile of rubble he once called home not 12 hours earlier. His clothes were covered in black soot from hours of digging through the debris. He stood up and wiped his nose with his sleeve before turning back toward the abandoned Safari Zone. Isaac...Steven...Matt...I'll avenge all of you.

Alex stood outside the old Zone watching the sky while his insomnia passed when he spotted Jimmy coming back. He didn't walk with the same swagger he had just a few hours before, but now he had hard determined steps.

"Hey kid, back already?" His question was met with a cane being swung hard into the side of his leg. Alex dropped to one knee before quickly catching another sweep aiming for his head. "What the hell, man?"

"You led them here!" Jimmy roared as he fought for possession of his weapon.

"What? Who?"

"The legends! I know this city like the back of my hand. I've never seen you people before, nor have we ever had an attack like that. Coincidence? I think not!" With a sharp tug, Jimmy disconnected the handle from his cane, revealing a knife. He swiftly stabbed at Alex before being intercepted at the wrist. Alex squeezed until the knife dropped and lifted Jimmy by his shirt.

"What's your problem!?"

Jimmy struggled. "You killed them! You murdered my brothers! You and those filthy people!"

Alex sighed. "I'm sorry. I know how you feel, but that wasn't our fault. We got here right in the middle of the attack." Jimmy glared daggers just before spitting in Alex's face. With a hard headbutt, Jimmy was thrown to the ground. "Look, punk. It sucks. I get that, but can't blame us. If I remember correctly, we're the reason that you're even alive. You're not the only one who's lost a loved one in this struggle, so get off of that pedestal and stop blaming us just because we happened to be here. You want to blame someone? Blame Psyche, but don't go taking it out on us." Alex turned to walk back inside when he felt a tug at his pant leg.

"I'm coming with you."

Alex shook his head before shaking his leg free. "Its not up to me, kid. Talk to Spence." Alex descended the ladder as Jimmy released Arbok and Pidgeotto. After making his way to a corner in the empty upstairs, he curled up in Arbok's coil and stroked Pidgeotto's feathers. "From now on, I'm calling you Isaac. He always was better at these emotional situations." He smirked to himself before quickly falling asleep.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:44 am ]
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Wolf took in all the converstion around him, and waited his turn. "I'm here making sure Psyche pays for their... Sins." He smirked. "They, uh, are holding my little sister hostage. They want me to kill or capture Spence for 50,000 credits, but, I'm not doing that. If they fall, I get my life back." For a moment, it was silent, then Root said, "I'm just tagging-a-long!" After everyone shared their stories, Jimmy left and Wolf and Root walked out to explore the Zone. Eventually, they ended up practicing CQC; Wolf with his blades, attempting defensive moves, and Root was attempting disarming moves with her Tomahawks, which she solemnly used. Wolf stopped at once. "Shh, I hear something." Sure enough, Wolf heard some kind of disurbance by the gate. Wolf ran towards the gate and saw Jimmy and Alex struggling against each other. "Hey hey hey, what's going on here?" Wolf mumbled to himself. He thought nothing of it. He thought to himself, I guess I can just walk around and guard the Zone for awhile. Just in case anything else might happen...

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:24 pm ]
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Finally nodding off on the couch, Sarah snored away inside the basement of the hideout.

Meanwhile, Spence wondered the Safari Zone for awhile until he met a small river with a waterfall. He jumped small rocks pertuding from the surface of the water until he found himself on the largest one fronting the waterfall. He sat down, shortly closing his eyes and concentrating.

"Mewtwo... where are you?"

Focusing, a white shape of a figure appeared in his mind. It turned as it revealed a long purple tail. It started to walk away from him as snow started the fall.

"No, wait!" Spence reached out, waking himself of his meditation. Staring for awhile, he calmly listened to the waterfall.

"What are you trying to tell me...? Are you close...? Is there something from stopping you from seeing me...?"

Spence sighed, closing his eyes again, "Soon, my friend. I'll find you, like the first time we met."


A young Spence fell to his knees, in front of his eyes, a demolished town. "No, no... It wasn't supposed to... Chayse, Shiny... Mum, dad..."

Tears rolled down his cheeks, he screamed, "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Walking the debris, Spence stumbled upon what used to be his house. He tried to remember his mum's face, welcoming him home. He wiped his dry tears from his face and entered where a door once stood. The living room, this was where he watched TV, all his favourite pokemon shows, that one with the Snorlax always made him laugh... The kitchen, where his mum cooked him food, his favourite was lasagne, his mum always made the best... His bedroom... Spence took a step forward.

Suddenly, the floor underneath him collapsed. He yelled for help, but no one was coming. His grip slowly gave way, until he couldn't hold it anymore. Into a pitch black darkness below, Spence fell.

Awaking from unconsciousness, Spence felt his head, "This headache... did I fall on it or something...? I shouldn't be alive, but I am..."

Spence stumbled up, it was pitch dark. He couldn't see a thing. "Where are my friends when I need them...? That's right... the Magma explosion... they probably think I'm dead. Heh, I thought I was as well... Maybe this is hell?"

Shifting through his travelling bag, he finally found it. Using the torch, he shone its light around as he peered for an exit or anywhere to escape. What's this cavern doing here, under my house...?

Spence started to walk forward, finally seeing a doorway. However, it was blocked by fallen wooden planks. Spence took out a pokeball.

"Treecko, use Cut!"

The doorway revealed a faint light down an arch stone corridor. Proceeding using caution, Spence traversed the hallway carefully.

The dim light revealed a small waterfall, sunlight priecing down from the surface. Spence's eyes gazed. In front of the waterfall appeared a tall white pokemon with a long tail. It looked like a alien, and it seemed fierce, powerful. Beside the pokemon, a large sword stood, dug into the earth. It turned slowly, looking at the trainer. Spence's heart started to race. It was as if it had waited for him. Spence shuddered, fearing for his life. Was this thing going to kill him?! Suddenly, he felt something enter directly into his mind. He gasped, tilting his head. Were these... words?

"Wait, what? Are you talking to me?"

"Yes... I am the one who destroyed your home. Defeat me."

"You're the one... who did this...?"


Spence gasped, absolute shock hitting him. His eyes started to water. Memories of his home flooded his mind. He'd never get to see anyone he loved, ever again--!! Suddenly, anger overtook him. He grunted, running and taking the sword from its threshold, he turned, directing the blade to the Mewtwo's neck. Mewtwo closed his eyes, welcoming death...

"My town... my friends and family... give them back, give them back!!" Spence cried, screaming. So close to actually doing it, a motherly voice echoed through his mind. He hesitated.

"Where Chayse and Shiny failed, you did not... Zack."

Spence grunted, looking around, "W-What? Who said that? Ki---kyo?" But there was no sign of another person.

Spence angrily tensed, turning back to Mewtwo. Mewtwo stood there, not moving at all. Spence glared, eyeing the killer down... he spotted devices, collars around the pokemon's head and wrists. With a sigh, Spence put down the sword, walking over toward him.

"No, don't touch me... Don't!" Mewtwo stumbled, falling back. Spence grabbed at the bizarre bracelet around his wrist, pulling it towards him. Mewtwo hesitated, staring at the trainer.

"This...? This was the same technology Aqua and Magma used to control their pokemon..." he said blankly, giving a growl before ripping the bracelet off. He ripped the one off the other pokemon's hand, before grabbing at his neck with both hands. With much effort, Spence destroyed the device as pieces of it fell onto the cavern floor beneath them.


Spence fell back in a sit, staring to the ground.


Spence shook his head, "My judgement... was clouded with revenge. I apologise."

Mewtwo gasped, "But I'm--!!"

Spence shook his head, "Pokemon don't hurt humans. Humans hurt humans."

"I dont understand..."

"Mewtwo, you were controlled. You don't remember anything at all, you're memories are blank... I've seen it before." Spence leaned up, holding his hands together while rocking back, "I'm a fool... I'm no pokemon trainer... I... I couldn't save Shiny, and Chayse is nowhere to be found... I couldn't even protect my home, and now..."

"It wasn't your fault," Mewtwo uttered to him subconsiously.

Spence chuckled, shaking his head, "Well..." Spence got himself up, grabbing the large sword to hand. He walked over toward Mewtwo before extending a hand, "Diseh said Psyche was to blame. Apparently, they have Aqua working for them right now. If Psyche gave both Aqua and Magma the same technology to control pokemon, then, Psyche is pulling the strings."


Spence nodded, "No pokemon would've done this without being forced," he grinned, Mewtwo suddenly feeling dazed, "You look like Mew, but you're not... you're Mewtwo. Mewtwo, please, help me and Midnight stop them, together we could do it."

Mewtwo stared, allowing himself to stand before taking Spence hand. Spence shook it.

"We better find the others... Ki and Xalia are probably worried about me, huh? I guess it was pretty reckless fighting Maxie alone..."

*sleeping melody*

Author:  ChillBill [ Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:27 am ]
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((That's fine. Thanks for your help.))

Bill lay down, gazing at the ceiling. He didn't want to sleep. He was afraid that the nightmares would be too much for him.
Once again, Gina passed before his eyes, her long black hair waving, smiling at him...
"You know, before Psyche there used to be some other teams... or so they say."
"Really? And what happened to them?"
"They were defeated by a guy and some of his friends, before Psyche rose in power."
"Alright, Bill! Let's have those guys as examples! They defeated their opponents. We're gonna do the same with Psyche. And then everyone will be able to interact with Pokemon... without hiding or being afraid."
"I think it's a great idea."
Blaziken and Garchomp collided in mid-air, then fell back to the ground.
"Alright guys, enough for today! Good job!"
"Bill, will we do combat practice too?"
"Sure! Let's try that kick that Blaziken showed us the other time."
After a while, the teens fell on the grass next to one another, smiling.
"You know what, G? I think there is hope."
"Bill, baby, there's always hope. You just have to find it."

Gina... Our efforts... they weren't in vain. One day, Psyche will fall... and we will be among those who helped this to happen. I promise.

Bill closed his eyes. Nightmares or not, he had to sleep, right?

Author:  redt [ Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:19 am ]
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((Time for a trip down memory lane and a weird nightmare.))

Trevor sat against the far wall and leaned his head back. He's seen some weird stuff while working for Psyche but nothing like this. The way the Pokemon acted and how aggressive they were towards everything was beyond normal for even a clone.

He sighed deeply and closed his eyes.
Trees flew past the group as they drove through the forest. "Team Alpha, the rebel Team base is just beyond the hillside. Prepare for a fight and take only the leader, the rest can be disposed of." The young girl's voice echoed through their ear pieces.

A young man with a number one on his light armor stood up n the passenger seat. "Alright Alpha prepare for a long battle. This Team has been considered one of the biggest potential threats to our cause. You heard the mission and let's not see any screw ups." The three other men said in unison,"Yes sir!"

The Land Rover pulled to a stop at the base of a hill. "Alright let's move!" They all jumped from the vehicle and sprinted up the hill. All of them pulled a pokeball from their belts, ready for anything.

As soon as they broke over the top of the hill they see met with a huge explosion. Two of them were flung into the trunks of trees while the rest were flung closer to the base. The Alpha team jumped to their feet and,more or less, ran to the base. They had set off the first trap and were sure there were more. As well as alerting the rebels they were there.

A1 touched his comm on his ear, "This is Alpha leader. There was an explosive trap set but no casualties." He looked at the tri color symbol at the top of the base door, "We're about to enter the Color's base." (my Easter egg) "Precede Alpha Team."

The group barged into the base and ran through the hallways. After rounding the first corner several trainers released Pokemon. "A2 and 4 handle this. A3 you're with me." A1 and 3 continued on through the base. "The leader is at the top floor. Probably surrounded by guards just like the last rebel group we had to face."

They made it to the floor beneath the top. The only way up was through an elevator and it was on its way down to their floor. The doors slid open and a slender woman in all green walked out. "No one will get to Crimson. I will stop you both." A1 looked at his watch," A3 you can handle her right?" A deep man's voice responded,"She shouldn't be too hard to handle." A1 nodded, "Good."

The woman was prepared for what happened next. A3 pulled a gun and shot one bullet. The woman dodged it and A1 could barely be seen running into the elevator. He flicked his hand goodbye as the doors slid closed. He waited as the elevator went up and up.

Soon it stopped and it revealed a floor decorated in many shades of colors. A map of the Hoenn region sat in the middle under a light. Several maps and pictures were pinned on the walls. A man, about the same age as A1, called out to him from behind a chair. "I knew you'd be here for me. It was only a matter of time." He turned and stood to face the Psyche member. The man was very tall and dressed in a deep red color. "I have no Pokemon to fight you with but I didn't think that we would be fighting with them anyway." The man reached for his belt and withdrew a red bladed katana. A1 smiled and drew his own sword, a deep purple blade with a golden hilt.

A1 didn't say a word as he leaped in to strike. Crimson fought back easily. The two fought for what seemed like hours. Eventually A1 realized it was an even match and had a plan.

Crimson slashed downward and A1 took this moment to jab forward. Crimson's blade slashed through his shoulder but A1 managed to deal the killing blow. Crimson coughed and smiled, "No one has ever bested me in a fair sword fight, not since my master from years ago before he left me this base." Crimson sheathed his sword as A1 stood there unemotional. "You've earned this blade. Take it and always remember this fight and maybe one day you'll realize the right thing to do." At that A1 was handed the sheathed katana and turned away from Crimson. "You know I was supposed to bring you back alive but you forced my hand." Crimson laughed lightly, "I'm sure you wanted to spare me the pain that Psyche would of put me through after our fight. You wouldn't taken that wound unless you wanted to kill me." A1 said nothing. "Well you should get going. This place is set to selfdestruct very soon." At that A1 realized his mistake and grabbed his comm. "Everyone get out of the building now!"

He ran towards the window and jumped out. A1 slammed onto the ground several stories down as te building exploded. The rest of the team seemed to be out with minor wounds. They came over to him, "A1 you need a med kit to fix that before it gets bad." "No I'll be alright." He gripped the katana. "I was given a gift by the leader before he blew the place up."

A1 touched his comm again,"This is Alpha leader. Mission is complete though the leader is dead and the building is not salvageable." A voice answered back,"Good enough Alpha team. Return to base. And congratulations on your successful first mission Trevor."

Soon the memory became a dream as a voice began speaking to him. The same voice that have him his recent mission. "Everything will become clearer in Celadon Trevor." The form of the young ghostly girl appeared, "I told you you'll see me again and again...and again....and again......and again...."

Trevor shot his head up. He tapped his face as he looked around, making sure he's awake. He got up and figured fresh air would be best at that moment.

He walked through the Zone. Trevor heard running water and as he turned past a lined trees he saw the waterfall. Spence sat on one of the rocks, seeming like he was meditating or something. Trevor figured there was no harm in talking to him about his weird nightmare and that he might need to know he saw the girl.

"Spence? I guess you couldn't really sleep either, but then again after today's events I don't see who could."

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

Spence opened his eyes as Trevor's voice awoke him. Spence got himself up, jumping stones until he landed beside Trevor.

Spence's eyes wondered, "I've never been able to sleep well. Not since I failed everyone. Partly, I find myself to blame for all this. So, in a way, being leader is my redemption. Anyway," he changed the subject, "You were sent by someone... correct?"

((Spence and Trevor can have their conversation in the past so I can move the story along.))


It was morning, Sarah stretched awake, scratching under her neck. She got up, wearily looking around her. "Hey, where is everyone?" she spoke to Alex who was nearby.

Author:  redt [ Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

Trevor nodded,"Yes. A young girl was the one that have me the mission. She's also the same one that is haunting my dreams."

He rubbed the back of his head,"The weird part is,however, is that she seems to not completely be in person. Almost like she's a hologram or something. But I know somehow that the girl in my dream was the very same that have me the orders to kill you."

Author:  Haunted Water [ Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

((Yay! I no longer have the flu!))
It was sometime a little after midnight that Wolf decided to get some rest. Around 3am, he woke up Root to let her know that he's going to sleep, so she decided to pick up where he left off. Finally, something I need. Some good, meaningful rest. Wolf closed his eyes and and drifted off to sleep...
Sounds of sirens drew closer, and yelling could be heard. A man on a megaphone was declaring a fugititve's identity. "David Schruebur! Fugitive of the North! Murderer! Liar! Filth!" No. Please. Stop! Wolf was affected by the name, however unfamiliar it might be to him. "Over here! I think I see something!" A man said nearby. A mysterious figure approached Wolf. "Come with me, you'll survive to do great things. Don't, and your fate is sealed with them." The figure outstreched its hand, which Wolf took. He was pulled to his feet, at which time he realized that it was raining. The figure took him closer to the advancing police officers. "Shh... Sit here, shut up, and stay hidden. They are looking particularly for you, David."
"But-" Wolf went to protest, but the figure cut his sentence short. "Shh!" It whispered, then reached down and with two jerking motions and a faint Swish! to accompany each motion, the figure turned and headed towards the group of officers. As each darkness fell for the time between a spotlight sweeped through the area, Wolf felt his hands getting warmer and wetter. Eventually, he noticed that something is making the officers seemingly disappear. Then everything clicked. Wolf rushed up to the figure. "Stay back!" it said, then with a quick motion, dropped someone with a thud. That's when it hit Wolf fully. "You didn't have to do this. These people had families."
"Ask yourself this, David:" the figure said, reaching down to put its weapons away. "What has family life ever done to you with a positive effect?"
"I'm not David, I'm Wolf!" the figure started to walk away. "Whatever, kid." It was then, during the split second where the figure's features were visible in the light of a passing spotlight - its face concealed by a brownish-colored hood, two sheathes at its thighs, two pokeballs around its waist, its short stature - that Wolf realized who the figure was. "No, David. No!" Wolf shouted at the figure. The figure just returned a smirk and dissolved into the air. A few seconds later, Wolf felt a shock that pierced even the greatest depths of his soul...
Root was hunched over Wolf, about to wake him, when he awoke and accidently headbutted Root. "Ow! What the hell was that for?" Wolf looked at Root, who was holding her head. "You startled me." Wolf lied. "Come on, we better get back. The others will be awake soon." Root said, and couple walked back.
((I intend for the nightmare to be a plot piece for Wolf, so that is why it might be a little hard to undertand for some.))

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

((Ahaa! Good job, samurott! I haven't had it, but I heard its pretty awful.))

Alex was curled up on the opposite end of the couch with his head hanging over the arm. He chuckled and looked up. "It's about time you woke up." He'd slept a few hours, but nothing too impressive. Alex rolled his legs off of the couch and stretched. "I haven't seen anybody in awhile." He soon realized he wasn't wearing his jacket and hurriedly thrown it on. He hoped in her grogginess, Sarah hadn't seen the scars that covered his arms. He smiled to her before making his way to the ladder. "I might have gotten a bit more sleep if someone wasn't snoring the night away." Sarah stuck her tongue out at him before getting to her feet.

"I'm going with you. I need a good morning walk." She climbed the ladder behind him and the two immediately met with Jimmy who was rubbing the newly sore bruise on his forehead. "Good morning!" Sarah smiled at the young boy, startling him enough to jump. He covered the bruise with his hat and returned her smile.

"Lovely day, isn't it?" He turned back toward his corner to return Arbok and Pidgeotto. Jimmy was slightly guilty that he'd even left Pidgeotto out, not knowing much of its nature. "So, where's everyone gone?"

Alex squinted at him. The kid spoke as if the night before didn't even happen. "We were just about to look for them."

"Fantastic! I'll join you then."

"What's wrong?" Sarah eyed Alex as he watched Jimmy skip through the door, twirling his cane.

"Nothing. Just...that kid's weird." The two laughed as they followed him through.

Jimmy turned the corner quickly and crashed into the oncoming Wolf. He stumbled back a bit, catching himself with his cane. "Appy polly logies! Ya know, when I said you could stay here, I didn't actually mean throughout the Safari Zone." He smiled widely. "Seen the rest around?"

Author:  ChillBill [ Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

Bill moved in his corner. He pulled off his hood and rubbed his eyes. It wasn't much sleep, but it sure was helpful. If only I could strech my arm... He examined his wound. It had closed, but it still hurt to move his arm. He sighed and climbed the ladder.
Man, I sure hope we won't have other problems before Celadon. Yesterday's incident wasn't so pleasant. He moved towards the others, who had gathered outside. Celadon, and then Cerulean. But then we must leave. Kanto is where Psyche has the most power; it wouldn't be favourable to attack here first. We need to stir the other regions, too.
He reached the group. "Mornin' everyone! How was the night?"

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

After listening to Trevor, Spence nodded. Uncertain himself off what Trevor really encountered and what haunted him, he tried to encourage him the best he could. It was the least he could do. "Trevor, by now I'm not surprised... pokemon can give their trainers all sorts of abilities... Maybe this was Psyche's pokemon at work, I'm not sure. Today, from what we saw, we've only scratched the surface of the mysteries of pokemon. That imitation of Regigigas..." he glared.

Spence looked back up, "Whoever came into contact with you will most likely be waiting for you at Celadon City. You don't have to worry though," Spence placed a hand onto his shoulder, "We're going to fight by your side, Team Midnight and I. Still, we shouldn't get the others worried. Right now, they have to rest, just as you do. I don't know what's going to happen at Celadon, but we've all shown today that we're prepared."


In the morning, Spence walked out to the group. He spent the whole night at the waterfall. It was peaceful. Before he saw anyone, it was obvious Alex and Sarah were the only ones who had any sleep at all. The rest of the group remained exhausted. Luckily, there was definitely catch up sleep aboard the next train out. The sun shone briefly in the horizon of the Safari, only to be hidden in black cloud shortly afterwards.

"Spence!" Sarah waved, catching the attention of the others.

"Sarah, are you ready? We got to get moving. The next train is for Celadon City. Hmm?"

Spence saw the Rocket member Jimmy. It seemed as though something was off... he didn't fool Spence. Jimmy was a light-hearted person, if something terrible had happened it definitely showed, he couldn't hide it from Spence. He looked to Alex, who seemed a bit off as well. Did Alex want to speak about that Darkrai that appeared...? Hopefully that wasn't the case, he had too much on his mind already. Mewtwo, the cloned legendaries, the girl who Trevor mentioned... What were Jimmy and Alex hiding?

"What's happened?"

Author:  Dare234 [ Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

((Sorry about my absence, I should be able to post more frequently now. As to a theme song, I have no idea. As to Team Midnight, I joined Psypoke after the teams were shut down.))

Silas followed the group to the Safari Zone and down into Jimmy's hidden room, taking the medicine he needed. He sat back and racked his memory, trying to think of anything that Psyche had or was planning that could've allowed them to control those clones and Regigigas.

He couldn't figure it out. Eventually he dozed off.


He woke up the next morning, still tired from his restless sleep. After he got outside, he saw the rest had already gathered and realized that he was the last one up.

"Good morning." He greeted walking over.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

Jimmy noted Spence's question and replied with a grin. "Why, nothing at all! Whatever could be wrong?" Alex nodded to Silas before putting his hand on Jimmy's shoulder.

"This group works off of respect, kid. Don't lie to the man." He inhaled deeply, getting ready for the possible backlash for his actions. "There was a struggle. The kid came back last night and let his temper fly off of the handle for good reasons and...I beat him to the ground. The whole situation was a misunderstanding."

Sarah gave Alex a look of horror. "He's a kid, Alex. Why would you do that?"

Alex shrugged. "It's my general reaction. It may not be right, but I had to cool him off."

Jimmy looked around. He wasn't sure why Alex had left out such crucial elements of the story. Jimmy was, after all, on his way to execute the lot of them. "All is well, droog! A misunderstanding and I forgive you."

Alex sighed. He was even unsure why he was covering for such an obnoxious character. "Well, you're turn." Jimmy turned to him, not completely sure what he was talking about. Alex motioned to Spence. "I told you, you gotta talk to the big guy. Just tell him what happened."

Jimmy swallowed hard before addressing Spence. He found it hard to meet eye contact. "Last night, my whole family was..." He struggled to get the words out. Still drilling the whole scenario into the back of his brain. "They were killed in the attack. My house is a pile of ash and rubble." Jimmy held his arms out, showing the dried soot that marked his clothes. "So I want to come with you. All three of my brothers are dead now and I have no home." His expression lightened suddenly. "I can be useful though! I'll pull my own weight up to the very moment we bring Psyche to their knees." He kept the rest of his intentions to himself. Although the group was trusting, he wasn't sure how they'd react to his personal interests yet. "Come on, mate. I'm useful."

Author:  ChillBill [ Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

He lost his family and home... And all that because of Psyche...
Spence had approached the group, and he instantly took notice of Jimmy's worries. Alex and Jimmy took turns talking, eventually revealing all the details of the last night. Bill heard Jimmy's story, apparently uninterested, but in fact he was boiling with rage. It was happening. And it would continue to happen forever. Unless someone put a stop to Psyche. He turned to Spence. The leader had to accept the kid in the team. His face was expressionless as he spoke.
"I say we take him with us, Spence. He seems to have some ability with Pokemon, and he definitely has a good reason to fight. I think he would be a good addition to our team." He breathed deeply, trying to control himself and not show his feelings. "After all, the more we are, the better. Oh, and speaking of the team, I'd like to talk to you later." He turned his attention to Jimmy. "I'm with you, kid. I know how you feel. I think you have earned the right to do something to avenge your brothers."
Yes, he definitely has earned it. I only hope he won't backstab us. Because I'm afraid he's hiding something. He might make a good companion, but he's not trustworthy. He turnec back to Spence. "So, what do we do?"

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