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Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:30 pm ]
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Yay for approval!
RP Name: Paradise Lost
Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Adventure
Setting: 2042, Alternate Reality where the Cold War is still going on.
Plot: When tensions finally broke between USSR and USA in 2031, war broke out. With real intent, the war was fought between the leaders for two years. Then, the Merchants of Death tookover, unknown to the rest of the world. On July 4th, 2037, a treaty was signed in the ruins of WTC in New York City. From the ashes of the nations destroyed in WW3 (these nations including Russia and USA), the Coalition Of Reconstructionists, led by the Merchants of Death, rose. Of course, for four years, nobody knew this. And anyone who did was silenced by the COR's personal army, the Coalition Of Reconstructionist Envisionaries (CORE). Uprisings were put-down, protesters were slaughtered, and a regime went up. The affected nations were unified, forming the largest nation ever. It was called the Federation of Nations, and it spanned Asia, Europe, North America, and a part of the Pacific.
But people started connecting dots and turning stones. And some found everything. Now, speak of an agency in Florida is rising, and it is said to be a savior of the peope of FON...
Tech advances: At this time, AP rounds are being phased out for the new portable railguns, which are cost-effective. All guns (except railguns, which cant use incenderiaries) can carry and use incenderiary and explosive rounds, but range in effectiveness.
Rules: This is a war-based RP, so be a little more mature. Killing will be happening, but not too detailed. ('x beheaded x' is okay, but 'x beheaded x and he fell to the ground, dead' is enough. If x (2) starts spewing blood, then its unacceptable.)
Blood can be mentioned, like 'x tripped and fell, and blood trickled from his knee'. That's okay.
Use good grammar and spelling.
Use English
Keep godmoding to a minimum
Character Form

[b]Appearance:[/b] Try to post a picture of your character, or give a good description of them.
[b]Current Location:[/b] Your character will have to start here.
[b]Weapon(s):[/b] This can range from actual weapons, like guns and blades

Name: Mason "Phantom" Tileks
Age: 27
Appearance: 6' 3", 180 Ibs. Black hair, blue eyes. Is usually seen in his training outfit (which are bulletproof (tightly woven spider silk), btw) of various colors. The outfit consists of a vest over a t-shirt and nylon pants.
Hometown: Miami
Current Location: Orlando
History: Orphaned at age 10 by one of the Merchants of Death, he was sent to his grandparents house in Tallahassee, but escaped and lived on the streets of Orlando. Six years later, he joined the USAF in WW3. At age 19, roughly 3 years later, he was moved to the newly formed Shadow Operatives group. He learned a lot of combat knowledge during this time. In 2037, over Siberia, his squad was shot down and imprisoned. As a POW, he was subject to torture of unspeakable extremes. He and a few others made it out. But the one who was left behind haunts his memory.
And he believes she is still alive. And that he can find her...
After SO was split with most joining CORE, he got a job and did his dirty work in the dark, where COR officials couldnt see. His mission: Gather his squad to mount a last stand.
Personality: Mason is a laid-back kind of person, mostly because if he wasnt, CORE will kill him, so he is usually quiet about that. But he can fight. Oh yes, he can. He leads the dojo for Soku Uchinasai in Orlando with care and respect for the trainees.
Weapon(s): The Wasp, M42 Razor, AKM 68 (AK47 successor), and two swords.
Quirks: He's very strong, and is very much a nationalist. Crossing him usually leads to death.
He has occasional bouts of what some see as insanity, but its his mind f****ng with him.

Author:  Dare234 [ Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:40 pm ]
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Application wrote:
Name: Silas "Cub" Defena
Age: 23
Appearance: Average height and stocky with short, dark (almost black) hair. He has bright, green eyes. He wears mainly dark clothing. He has a scar below his left eye. (Will post a picture at some point).
Hometown: Northern Ontario
Current Location: Toronto, Ontario
History: Silas grew up in Northern Ontrio with his mother and father. Silas' father was uneasy about the ongoing Cold War and taught Silas how to fight at an early age, using mainly concealable weapons and focusing on agility and speed, so that Silas could fend for himself in a worst case scenario. When WW3 broke out, Silas' father joined the army. When he returned he seemed troubled, when Silas asked his father said that some organization called COR had taken over. Months passed and nothing exciting happened, the idea of COR fading to a distant memory. Then on a summer night in 2038, Silas' family was attacked in the dead of night. Silas awoke to the sound of gunshots and his father yelling. He grabbed his emei piercers and ran down the hall. He peeked around the corner and saw his mother lying dead and his father being held between two of the attackers. He watched as a third shot his father. Silas ran back down the hall, grabbed one of his father's pistols and ran into the forest surrounding his house. He came up behind a sentry. Silas stabbed him in the back. Taking a moment to look at the insignia on the soldier's unifrom, which said CORE. Silas ran off into the forest. He made his way to Toronto where he took up residence and using the name Cub. He started a small computer repair business so that he could cover up his research on CORE.
Personality: Generally quiet although he can be forceful when he needs to be. He doesn't get angry very easily and when he does it is a simmering anger rather than an outburst. He often seems detached and emotionless. He would rather talk his way out of a fight but he knows when to get his hands dirty.
Weapons: Emei Piercers (See Here), Bare Hands, Sig Sauer P229
Quirks: Doesn't like having to be a leader, always thinks everything through.

Done. May edit later. Over the next couple of weeks I have exams and staff training sessions so I may be a little on the inactive side.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:47 pm ]
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((Accepted. Also, YAY Emei Piercers!))
((I'm going to start now, just to help give people a look at what to expect.))
Mason glanced at the clock. "Ok, 6 o'clock! Time to go, everybody. Same time next week." After everyone had left, two people, a man and a woman, dressed in blue, walked up to the WW3 veteran's office door. Without knocking, they entered.
"Mr. Tileks?" The woman addressed Mason. Mason looked up. "Go home. I'm closing up." The man stepped forward. "I got this." he whispered to the woman. "Commander Tileks? We need to speak with you." This caught Mason's attention. "No one has called me that in years. What do you want?" he leaned back in his chair.
"I'm Agent Rex," the man said, "And this is Agent Orange. We're with the People's Liberation of Poltical Oppression Agency." He said. Mason got a sense of deja vu. Agent Orange spoke. "Or PLOPOA, for short. Now-" Mason started laughing. "I'm sorry, did I say something funny?" Mason stopped laughing. "I know how narcissistic COR is. Now, I dont know how you found me, but that is the most ridiculous acryonym I've ever heard. I'm feeling oddly charitable right now. You can either a: Report nothing, or b: Stay here and die. You pick." Orange rolled her eyes. "Zinger, bring the car around. He's not joi-"
"Wait, wait. Zinger? As in, Arnold Howard? That 'Zinger'?" The agents nodded. "Where do I sign?" Mason smiled.
((Miami, FL))
Rex turned to Mason. "This, is where the magic happens." They walked into a room full of computers and screens, with personnel alike. "This," Rex gestured to the console in the center. "Is how we found you. We are currently tracking a Silas Defena in Toronto. This mach-"
"Sir, incoming transmission from Agents Wolf and Nightfox."
"Onscreen." The jumbo screen in the center showed an agent's face. "Agent Nightfox, how is your mission going?"
((Outskirts of Toronto, ON))
Agent Nightfox looked at the screen on his wrist. "One word: Envisionaries. Warn Ottowa. They are planning a coup to go down in a week."
"Noted. What of-"
"Silas? Twenty-three year old techie. Wolf is done gathering intel. He's going down to get him right now. Extractio needed. Nightfox, out!"
((Downtown Toronto))
Agent Wolf burst through the doors of the computer repair shop. "Silas?" The man behind the counter looked up. "Come with me. We've been compromised. If you have any weaponry, now's the time to retrieve it. Bring snacks, if possible, too." Wolf turned and brought up his M4A1 and kept a lookout.
((Over Atlanta, Georgia, 20 minutes later))
Mason glanced back at the new agent. "They call you Phantom?"
"Why?" Phantom leaned towards the cockpit. "It's a long story." Mason looked at him. "We got time."
((I got all the plot points at this time set up to be executed.))
((Also, Mason is wearing all blue.))

Author:  Dare234 [ Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:16 am ]
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((This will end up being a little dull if no one else joins.))

Silas looked up from his laptop as a man with an assault rifle burst into the shop. "Silas? Come with me. We've been compromised. If you have any weaponry, now's the time to retrieve it. Bring snacks, if possible, too."

Silas turned back to the screen. "We are closed, if you need a repair done come tomorrow, although, seeing as you have an assault rifle, I don't think you're here for that. Judging by the fact that you haven't killed me yet, you aren't CORE, so who are you, who are you with, and what do you want from me?" Silas asked as he finished starting a process that would completely wipe the laptop any computer that that it was connected to. He then pulled his P229 out from the compartment under his desk.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:28 am ]
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((Agreed. *crosses fingers*))
"I'm with PLOPOA. We know of COR and their Envisionaries. We are combating them. Come wit-" Just then, a sudden explosion rocked the outside streets. "Aw s***! Nightfox what is going on out there?" He screamed into the com. "Its a Hind! It just fell out of the sky!"
"Alright, kid." said Wolf as he turned to Silas. "Let's go." As soon as they left the shop, the Hind hit the roof of the building, which disappeared into a ball of fire.
((Somewhere over New York))
"The pilots, we shot down. They were known as 'Phantom'. After one killed my friends, I tracked him, stole his callsign, and am now searching for him everywhere." Phantom's thick russian accent made him think. But then Rex's voice echoed in on the headset. "Prepare to start our high-velocity low-altitude descent." Mason gave the ok sign. "Nightfox, ETA in 1 minute!"

Author:  Dare234 [ Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:26 pm ]
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"PLOPOA?" Silas asked as he threw his laptop and some backup disks into a backup and ran out. As he ran out he attached one of his piercers to the ring on his left hand and held his P229 in his right. "What's going on?" Silas yelled once the were out and surrounded by destruction. Silas pointed his gun at the mysterious agent. "You're going to give me my answers before either of us goes anywhere alive."

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:13 am ]
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"PLOPOA stands for People's Liberation Of Political Oppresion Agency. We're fighting COR and their Envisionaries. We've been keeping tabs on persons of interest as far as we can reach. Whether you like it or not, we are pulling you out of this hellhole!" Agent Wolf said. The com on his wrist lit up. "Wolf? Where are you?"
"I'm down by the base of the hill, half a klick from you. Where did these guys come from?" Wolf yelled. "No idea! But we have reinforcements!" Wolf's cheer was cut short when his HUD caught movement. He opened up and emptied the magazine in a spray of weapon fire. Still movement. One object. Turning towards Silas, he saw the missile. He rushed and took the shrapnel blast instead of Silas. He fell to the ground. "Kid. Travel east. There will be a group waiting for you. Go with them." He weezed. Managing his last breath, he warned as Silas ranoff, "If theyre still there and still alive."
Mason jumped out of the aircraft. Eager, he already had his Wasp in hand, cocked and safety off. "Hmm. We have a mole amongst us." Rex muttered. Then it all clicked. "You! You killed them all. Agent Strelska! Its all your fault." Zinger stood up. "Mason, who are you talking to?"
"This guy killed Andrews. He killed Saigin. Deng. Farson. All gunned down by him." Mason started to raise the Wasp up to Phantom's head. "Once an Envisionary, always."
"Mason! Dont do it! Do not pull that trigger!" Zinger and Rex shouted. He tapped Phantom's shoulder. "Mason! MASON!" Rex started running towards Mason, who's finger was started pull back on itself. "MASON!" BANG!
Too late. Phantom fell to the ground. Rex jumped on Mason and started beating the now raging agent. Jeez, what is this guy on? Wait. That look. In his eyes. Flashback. He's delusional! Rex thought. He looked up and saw Silas breakthrough the undergrowth. "Nightfox, Get the POI in the craft now! Zinger, provide cover." Rex slung Mason's limp, knocked-out body over his shoulder. "God, what have you seen with those eyes?" he asked the unconcious man. He put Mason on the craft. "Zinger, fall back, NOW!" A helicopter rose over the ridge. It opened fire, and Zinger dropped flat on his face, not moving. Mason awoke suddenly. They lifted off while he was still screaming.

Author:  Dare234 [ Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:44 pm ]
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((So Wolf, Phantom and Zinger are all dead, at least as far as I'm supposed to know, right?))

Silas watched as Wolf was killed. HIs last words echoed in Silas' head. "Kid. Travel east. There will be a group waiting for you. Go with them."

"I guess I owe him that much." Silas muttered and ran off. He burst into a clearing and imeediately slowed down seeing the agents fighting amongst themselves.

"Nightfox, Get the POI in the craft now! Zinger, provide cover." On of the agents yelled as he picked up one of the other, unconscious agents.

"POI? I guess that's me isn't it?" Silas muttered as he borded the craft. Soon after they were in the air. "Your friend's dead, I think he called himself Wolf or something along those lines. He took a shrapnel blast from a missle. So, why did you bring this fight to me. I know I didn't bring this here. And can someone shut him up?" He said gesturing to the one who looked like a screaming lunatic.

((Just thought that you'd like to know that your sig says "Paraise Lost." ;) ))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:01 pm ]
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((Yes, they are dead. Only 6 posts in and 3 fatalities! ALRIGHT!))
((And thanks for pointing that out.))
Nightfox looked at Silas. He studied the Canadian young man like he did when Wolf was new on the team. Of course, that was two years ago. "What happened to Wolf? He's dead? No. Impossible." After he put him on board, he took an RPG out of the onboard armory. "Nightfox, lets go now!" Rex yelled over Mason. "Just a sec." He aimed at the helicopter and pulled the trigger. The grenade scored a direct hit. Nightfox tossed the RPG aside then boarded. He sat next to Silas and said nothing.
Rex was trying to silence Mason. "And can someone shut him up?" Rex grabbed a sedation syringe off the wall. He carefully applied it to the recruit. "There, there." After Mason fell asleep, Rex looked at Silas. "You know of CORE. We needed you." he explained. The thirty-four year old latin american looked down at Mason. "He had a flashback. He killed Phantom. Something about the war."
"Zinger would know." Nightfox suggested. "Yes. Let's ask Zinger, shall we?" Rex snapped. "You dont have to be a dick about it."
"Rex? What do you need?" Agent Orange asked through the com. "Get a containment unit opened up. Mason turned out to be hell."
"I'm sorry?"
"We lost Wolf. Mason was in pieces when Zinger was mowed down. And he killed Phantom. I want to run a psych eval on him. That is all." Rex turned to Silas. "So. Silas Defena. What do they call you?"

Author:  Super_Typhlosion [ Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:11 pm ]
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Name: Andrew "Ace" Fayllah
Age: 25
Appearance: Blonde hair with green eyes. Stands 6' 6" and weighs 200 Ibs. Always dressed in combat gear.
Hometown: New York City, NY
Current Location: New York City, NY
History: Growing up in an apartment playing CoD on PlayStation with his friends, Andrew would never have dreamed that those games would become a reality. When the war broke out, he was only 14. But while the Russians launched the biggest invasion ever seen ((Mayday Invasion)), Andrew was enlisting in the USMC. He came back to NYC to find his parents MIA and the city overrun by Russians. He picked up an FN FAL RG ((RG = Railgun)) Grenadier from a dead Russian and his Beretta M9 from his house. At age 16, he joined into the Military that day. In a year, he astonished the commanding officers. They put him as Captain Commander of the 2nd Company of the newly formed Shadow Operations. After the war ended, he returned home to find many Russian ethnic areas set up. He has since been purging the Russians from NYC.
Personality: He comes off as a thick-headed muscular racist, mostly because he is. He views anyone who can do better but doesn't inferior, and he views Russians as warmongering scum, just like he views the current regime.
Weapon(s): FN FAL RG Grenadier ((Grenade Launcher attachment)), Beretta M9, War Hammer, and Tomahawks.
Quirks: He is usually distinguished as one with a loud voice, and an even louder (or bigger, whichever you prefer) ego.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:42 pm ]
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((Accepted. Youll have to wait, though, since we will be going to NYC within a few posts. We're just waiting on Dare.))

Author:  Dare234 [ Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:13 am ]
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((We aren't loners anymore :lol: ))

"I've been going by Cub since I started messing with COR." Silas said as he used the backup disks to transfer all of his data back to his laptop. "Are all of your missions so uh... fun? And where are we headed?"

((I know it's a short post, but its been a long weekend.))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:43 pm ]
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((Yeah ikr? Now I know why he was bothering me with soo much questions about the RP))
"Well, Cub, we are heading back to HQ in Miami. Ever been there? Anyways, we have a BIG day tomorrow, so its 1930 hours right now. Once we get back, you'll get a tour of the facility then you should get some sleep. I'm Rex, by the way. I am the Head of Field Operations in the Americas for PLOPOA." Rex said. "So sit back and enjoy the ride. We'll be in Miami in about 10 minutes."
((One hour later, Containment Unit 3, HQ))
"So what's wrong with him? What propelled him to act the way he did, doc?" Rex asked. "Well, Phantom he killed because at the end of the war, Mason lost half of his remaining team to Phantom. Enough on that. Zinger was part of that team."
"And the insanity?" Rex pushed the doctor to go on. "An extreme case of PTSD. He can be a great asset to the team."
"You've seen what he can do. Somewhat. Figure it out."
((The next morning, same place))
"So ho did he sleep?" Rex asked the doctor. "Well... Uh, good, I think."
"You think?" The doctor turned on the moniter. "Whoa." The room looked as if a monster went through it, followed by a tornado. "He sleepwalks. Or ragequits to the third power." The doctor laughed. "But this, I found, intriguing." he pointed to the other moniter. "What is it I'm supposed to be looking at?"
"Well, see the bars?"
"I took the liberty of scanning his bioenergy readings throughout the study. I found that the purple never really went down until after he fell completely asleep."
"What's that have-"
"I'm getting to that. The purple is conversion from negative energy to mechanical energy. Negative energy, in red, paralleled the purple all the time." The doctor looked at Rex. "LOA has a possible superweapon on their hands right now. We're looking at him."
"Oh. We shortened our name to Liberation of Oppression Agency. Makes it sound more... Intimidating." The doctor and Rex sat in silence for a moment. "Wake him. We have to be in NYC in 3 hours." And with that, Rex walked out.
((Cub's and Nightfox's quarter))
Rex walked in and turned on the light. "Alright, wake up. We have to have wheels up and headed towards NYC in 2 and a half hours.
Nightfox looked at the clock. 8:30. Fair enough. Rex was already gone. Nightfox walked over to Cub. "Come on. The tone he used tells me that this is a big mission ahead of us."
((Briefing room, 10:00am))
Nightfox sat down at a table and finished his breakfast. He just got done debriefing on his last mission. Looking around the room, he saw Mason and Cub. Then Rex walked up to the board at the front of the room and started to brief them.
((Basically, S_T will make his debut post for Ace after my next post, because my next post ends with Mason, Cub, Nightfox, and Rex meeting new recruit Ace in NYC.))
((Also, expect to have more free-reign after what's about to happen. It'll be fun. What could I be talking about? You'll see. ;) ))

Author:  Dare234 [ Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:50 am ]
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((My exams start this week so I may not be on long enough to post. Sorry for any inconvenience.))

Rex walked in and turned on the light. "Alright, wake up. We have to have wheels up and headed towards NYC in 2 and a half hours."

"Come on. The tone he used tells me that this is a big mission ahead of us." Nightfox said after Rex left.

"8:30? I over slept, not a big surprise though. OK, lead the way, I have absolutely no clue where to go." Silas said as he stretched.

((Briefing room, 10:00am))

Silas sat at the table trying to digest all that had happened as he ate his breakfast. "Do you want me to take a backseat role in NYC? Or will I be treated as a full member? I'm still a bit foggy on all that's going on."

Author:  Haunted Water [ Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:48 pm ]
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((Wait. Youre still in school? That must suck! haha))
((Briefing room))
Mason sat down and looked around. That one agent and the kid were there, as was Rex. He felt like some sort of monster after what he did and experienced in the last 18 hours. Rex started talking, and Mason paid attention.
"We have a new agent in NYC. He is our eyes and ears there. Why NYC? A COR stronghold is there. The bulding in question is the Empire State Building. Now, two days from now, on July 4th, they will have what they call a Freedom Festival. We are going in early to avoid suspicsion and gather info. Now, go get prepared to launch and meet me out on the flight deck in 50 minutes. Any questions?" The kid raised his hand. Mason chuckled lightly. In Shadow Ops, if you raised your hand, you were berated for it. "Cub."
"Do you want me to take a backseat role in NYC? Or will I be treated as a full member? I'm still a bit foggy on this." Rex thought. "No. We will need you, but you will be treated as a junior member. Consider this your test to enter LOA. The only ones being treated as full members are me, Agent Nightfox, and Agent Ace. Anyone else? No? Dismissed."
Nightfox packed his MP5 and the attachments for it, then slung the pack over his right shoulder. He grabbed his holster and threw his Glock 18 in it, then attached it to his belt. He waited for Cub to grab his Sig P229 and Emei Piercers and they met Rex and Mason out on the flight deck.
Mason went back to his quarters and holstered his handguns at his hips. Grabbing five additional fully loaded mags for each gun, he rushed out the door and met Rex on the flight deck.
"Now that everyone is here, Phantom," he pointed at Mason "And I will be piloting the craft. Nightfox and Cub, you guys get in back and get on the guns. Just in case."
((NYC, 1200 hours))
A man approached the craft as soon as it touched down. Mason put his hand on his Wasp. "Ace! Good to see you!" Rex shook hands with the man. Mason took his hand away. He recognized him from somewhere.
"Its been awhile, Rex. Who are the other two?" Ace asked. "Uh, this is Junior Agent Cub and Junior Agent Phantom."
"Phantom? I knew someone who went by that. Commander Tileks?" Mason acknowledged. He realized his mistake a little late. "No way. Commander Mason Tileks, aka Phantom. I didnt know you got out. Tell me. How's Zinger? Ghost? Archer?"
"Commander Andrew Fayllah, aka Ace, aka Dickhead." Nightfox suppressed a laugh at Mason's joke. "I got out so I can personally make sure the people that left the First Third for dead realized what they did. People like you! And Zinger died yesterday. A helicopter mowed him down."
"Oh." Ace bowed his head. "So, what have you got for us?" Rex asked.
((I gave enough plot info to S_T so he can move it forward.))
((Apologies on the godmodding. I had to get the plot points down.))

Author:  Super_Typhlosion [ Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paradise Lost

((Samurott, your phone sucks.))
"Well, the building of interest isn't the Empire State Building. It is called the Freedom Tower, and was built after a so called terrorist attack on the Empire State Building."
"When did this happen?" Nightfox asked. "About 2 years ago. I guessed they covered it up pretty good." Andrew explained to him. "Anyways, they built it from the remains of the building. It wasn't destroyed all the way, after all. It's 88 stories tall, with 86 floors. And guess who's on the 83rd floor? Merchant of Death Cline Rogers." Andrew smiled. "Any point of entry?" Andrew walked over to room that had no windows and one thick steel door. Opening the door, he looked back and said, "Be my guest."
Nightfox brought up his MP5 and screwed on the suppressor and attached the flashlight. He walked over to the prisoner and pointed it at the prisoner. "What do you know about the entry points of Freedom Tower?" Andrew walked up on the opposite side and brought up his FAL.
"I will never tell a thing to you toy soldiers!" the prisoner spat at Rex. "Yes you will."
"Very well." Rex sighed. "Cub, can you get the information from him?"
"I'm immune to reverse psychology, so the least intimidating guy is not going to make me talk." the prisoner crossed his arms. He glanced at Nightfox. "And can you stop looking at me like that?" Nightfox turned on the flashlight, blinding the prisoner. "Can you see me now?" The prisoner lashed out, but Andrew drove the butt of his FAL into the prisoner's shoulder to stop him. He sat in seat and looked at Cub, admitting defeat.
"Cub? I ran a facial recognition of him. He's the guy who killed your father." Rex whispered to Cub. "Now, get us that info."

Author:  Dare234 [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paradise Lost

Silas pulled out his Sig and followed the others into the room.

Nightfox brought up his MP5 and screwed on the suppressor and attached the flashlight. He walked over to the prisoner and pointed it at the him. "What do you know about the entry points of Freedom Tower?" Andrew walked up on the opposite side and brought up his FAL.

"I will never tell a thing to you toy soldiers!" the prisoner spat at Rex. "Yes you will."


"Very well." Rex sighed. "Cub, can you get the information from him?"

"I'm immune to reverse psychology, so the least intimidating guy is not going to make me talk." the prisoner crossed his arms. He glanced at Nightfox. "And can you stop looking at me like that?"

Nightfox turned on the flashlight, blinding the prisoner. "Can you see me now?" The prisoner tried to hit Nightfox, but Andrew drove the butt of his FAL into the prisoner's shoulder to stop him. Andrew sat in seat and looked at Silas.

"Cub? I ran a facial recognition of him. He's the guy who killed your father." Rex whispered to Cub. "Now, get us that info."

"Did I ever mention that I'm not an interrogator? Now that I know that I just want to kill him." Silas whispered back. "And how do you know about my father?" Silas asked as he moved to sit across from the prisoner. "You have one more chance to tell us the information."

"No." The prisoner spat.

"Ok then." Silas said with an evil chuckle as he pulled out a metal canister. "If you won't talk I can use this."

"What is it?"

"Sulfuric acid, and I know what amounts will kill someone and what will just cause extreme pain, and I don't make mistakes. But first I use the paper clips, ghost peppers and duct tape." Silas said with a maniacal grin.

"Paper clips, ghost peppers and duct tape?" The prisoner asked with a fearful light in his eyes.

"Oh, you don't want to know. The last time I used it, the subject was begging for the acid, and the time before that I was in a factory and the subject threw himself into a vat of molten copper." Silas said chuckling as the prisoner started to sweat. "Nightfox? If you could go grab the materials, please." Silas added, flashing a quick, concealed wink to Nightfox.

Nightfox caught the signal and grinned. "Sure thing." He turned towards the door.

"Stop! I'll talk, just don't do that to me!" The prisoner wailed, looking terrified.

"He's all yours." Silas said looking at Rex.

((I think that's my longest post ever.))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paradise Lost

((That was beautiful! *sniff*))
"I'll talk." The prisoner said. Jeez. This guy can really torture someone just by fear and lies. Mason thought. Throughout his time in the gulag as a POW, he has seen stuff equal to this.
"The roof has a helipad on it. It wont be guarded on the 4th during the festival."
"That all?" Rex asked. "Yes!" the prisoner squealed. Bulls***. Mason took his M42 out of the holster and rushed forward. "You know more. I know you do. Now talk, or," Mason pointed at the man's knee. "It wont be pretty!" He cocked the gun. "You think a bullet is going to scare me?"
"No. I know that it will."
"Oh bull-"
"Look! Take a look at the gun. You know whats about to happen?" Mason threatened. The prisoner looked at it. He flinched. "Think your gun is worth it? I'm still not talking."
"Your loss. Literally." Mason pulled the trigger. The bullet came out and the serated fins extended. It tore through the tissue so fast that the man didnt feel his lower leg get severed from his body.
He let out a squeal of pain. "I'm not done yet." Mason plugged the man's nose and put the gun up to his face. "Open up..."
"OK! The top ten floors of the building are filled with CORE! Thats all I know, I swear!" Mason retreated back and turned. "That's how its done." Rex looked at the man. "Are you sure he's telling the truth?"
"Yes. The Russians and CORE found that method quite effective in the gulag."
Mason walked away. "Thank you for your generous donation to LOA." Rex said sarcasticly. He untied the man and followed the team out and then shut the door.
"Cub. I knew your father as an ally in the war. He was a great man. It sucks that he was killed for what he knew. But, in two days, you can avenge him."
((July 4th, 2042, 12:00pm, NYC, over Freedom Tower))
"Here's the plan. Mason and I will take on the 86th floor. Nightfox, you and Silas will take on the 85th. Ace, 84th is yours!" Rex finished the orders as the helicopter set down. "We have 5 other squads, which means we have 25 agents with us on this. Squads Echo and Foxtrot are our sniper support. Now, everyone, rappel down and get to doing what you need to!" Mason noticed only four rappel hooks.
"Why is there only four?" Nightfox looked at Rex. "You arent going to do what I think you are going to. It'll scare them."
"They can take it." Rex replied. He jumped on the ledge and put his arms out, forming a cross. "I'll see you all on the other side!" He winked at Nightfox. Assassin blades extended from his wrists and he backflipped off of the building. Mason took his rappel hook an hooked it up, then jumped off. He swung out and then he smashed through a window on the 86th floor. He helped eliminate the soldiers in the room, then followed Rex out the door.
((Since I'll be out of reach until Tuesday (AT&T, Y U NO PHONE SERVICE IN NEW YORK?), and my grandma's computer is ungodly slow, I'll just explain what'll happen:
Dare, you can control Nightfox. Just dont kill him.
Both of you can draft up your floor designs (basically, like a floor design of a house, you know what I mean?) and PM them to me so I have an idea about what the 85th and 84th floor designs are. Keep them in the dimensions of 20 squares x 20 squares (go graph paper!).
Isnt mandatory, but I would like to have a good idea.
It should take about 2 or 3 posts to get through your floor.
((Also, in the app, I said movie. But, I might just go for an FPS video game, instead.))

Author:  Super_Typhlosion [ Wed Jun 27, 2012 3:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paradise Lost

Andrew still had trouble believing the tenacity and brutality of the person that was the former commander of the First Third Shadows. He hooked up and watched Rex backflip off the building and disappear. "Crazy bastard." Andrew muttered and jumped off. He made to the 84th floor, broke the window, and jumped inside. The sound the glass made as it shattered attracted a lot of attention. Envisionaries poured into the room and started to fire. Andrew brought up his FAL and leveled them.
Walking over to the door and changing magazines, he heard the loud bangs coming from above. It sounded like they were getting a similar welcoming as well.
((Short post, I know.))

Author:  Dare234 [ Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paradise Lost

((Sorry for any inconvenience but i won't be able to make a decent post until next Tuesday at the earliest due to work and a camping trip. Sorry.))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paradise Lost

((I understand. I expect this to take a week to get through anyways. And you have a job? Man! I feel like a bum. Damn summer school.))
((Also, I guess we can add in a filler, like what I'm about to do here, until Tuesday. That way, we can zip on through this part to the more fun stuff!))
Mason picked up a shotgun from a dead Envisionary. Turning it over, he read the name of the gun. "BEREN"
"What is it?" Rex asked and walked over to him. "Its a Beren. I didnt think they made these still."
"Is it a good gun?" Mason glanced at Rex. "This is a great gun." Mason said, smiling. A sense of deja vu washed over him, and immersed him with the memory for a few seconds.
((May 12th, 2034, 0300 GMT))
((London, England, Great Britain))
The comsat in Mason's ear briefed him and his squad about the objective.
"CORE terrorists have seized hold of Prime Minister Winchest. They arent asking for ransom, or anything. Your mission is to get to 10 Downing Street as fast as possible and eliminate the problem. The shotgun we have given you is to be used only when you have no cover. Your suppressed weaponry wont be able to work effectively in that situation. The Beren is loud. The suppressed weapon is a reboot of WW2's Welrod, however ironic it seems. Are you on Downing Street now?"
"Good. Commencing radio silence."
"Typical." Mason said. The 19 year old has seen and done more than anyone else at his age. He's changed the tide of many battles single-handedly that the military has decorated him hansomely. A nameless hero in USA, he is still known for being the enemy's worst fear to walk the Earth.
"Archer, get on the top of this building and provide assistance." The sniper, the only one not carrying a Welrod Mark II, started to climb the ladder on the side of the building. "It'll take me about a few minutes to get set up." Archer said. "Okay. Travel to the end of the block then zipline across. I think I see our guides." Archer continued up the ladder while Mason, Ghost, Solar, and Zinger made their way to the intersection.
"I want machine gun back so much." Zinger complained. "As we all do. Now shh." Mason approached the five men and stopped. One noticed him.
"Oi!" he looked at him. The leader stood up. "What can be seen, but not caught nor killed?" Mason asked.
"Lieutenant Rogers. Its a pleasure."
"Commander Phantom. Same goes to you." Rogers had an American Accent. "Weird. Did they trade you to here?" Mason asked. "Yes."
Mason saw a patrol and signaled to hide. Once they passed, he gave the command and all nine opened fire and killed the patrol.
((You'll see where I'm going with this soon.))

Author:  Super_Typhlosion [ Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paradise Lost

((Let's see what I can get for a filler. I'll think of something...))
((Ok, I think I got a good one.))
Andrew remembered his return home on May 1, 2033 after enlisting in the USMC by the similarity of this current attack. "Except we are on the offensive, and aren't just taking it lying down." he muttered to himself.
((5/1/2033, NYC))
Andrew rushed over to the military outpost by the Stock Exchange and found the Stryker. "Here, take this. You seem like you can handle it." The captain gave him an RPK with a drum mag, then gave him more ammo. "Also, take this with you to." Andrew was handed an RPG-7 and three rockets. "They blockaded the road up ahead. Take out those vehicles!"
Andrew reached the roof of the Exchange and spotted a line of Russians coming down Wall Street like it was a firing range. The American forces were having trouble with keeping alive. "F*****g Russians." He set up his RPK and pulled the trigger, mowing down the whole line. He looked down the road and saw the blockade in the distance. Leaning over the ledge, he pulled out the RPG, aimed, and fired off the rockets at each of the tanks.
Andrew then turned and left the roof.
After reaching the bottom floor and walking outside, he rushed to the smoking blockade...

Author:  Haunted Water [ Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paradise Lost

The group of nine headed down the street, careful not to get caught. "Archer, get to position where you can provide support while we go into the target building."
"Clear." Archer pulled out his grappling hook system and aimed at a building across the Thames. With one flex of the hand, he flew across the Thames and landed on a building opposite to 10 Downing. "Youre covered."
"Good. Solar, breach charges."
"I'm on it." Solar put the chargeson the door. All that was heard was a slight whirring followed by click and they were in. "Alright Archer. We are in on the first floor."
"I see a two-man lookout at the window, a patrol along the outside, and a team of snipers surrounding the perimeter." the sniper confirmed. "Alright. Take care of the snipers and watch the patrol. First Third Alpha, mission go!" Silenced sniper fire filled the comm every 3 seconds. "Sniper team down. Phantom, you are clear to advance."
"Copy." Mason moved his team into the building tobegin the strike. The lookout noticed the nine and opened fire. With great accuracy and precision, the seemingly, on purpose, tookout the Brits before they were killed by Solar and Ghost. Zinger walked over and picked up one of thier SCAR-Hs. "Finally!"
"Phantom, you have been comprimised. Finish the mission objective and get out in 10 minutes. Extraction point is on the roof. Central out."
"God, I hate him. Alright, switch to Berens and get the **** out! Archer, find the PM. Solar, cover the entrance. Zinger, youre with me. Ghost, cover our six."
"I've found the target. Right above you."
"Thanks Archer."
"Archer, get this door down." Zinger stood back as a high velocity sniper bullet came through the window and blew the door off its hinges. A scream came from behind the door, followed by gunshots and more screams. The team moved in and was stunned. "Archer, they did it. Those bastards. They killed the Prime Minister." A gunshot came from behind and a man fell to the floor. Mason checked the name on his uniform. Lieutenant Cline Rogers. Solar entered the room as the sound of a helicopter filled the air. "Your ride is here, Phantom. I'll see you soon."
"You too, Archer."
((Present Day))
"You too, Archer." Mason whispered to himself. "What?" Rex asked. "Nothing. Lets go!"

Author:  Super_Typhlosion [ Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paradise Lost

Andrew rushed through the smoldering remains of the blockade like it was part of the street. An enemy patrol walked into his path and he opened fire. He ran over to them and picked up an FN FAL RG and all of the ammo he could find an manage to carry. Ditching the RPG-7 and RPK, Andrew advanced to find his objective: Secure the Empire State Building's top floor and roof. He found the jetpack ((What? Too cliche?)) and flew up.
Once he was level with the top floor, he opened fire with jetpack's mini-gun then continued to do the same with the roof. Andrew landed and the HQ contacted him. "Andrew, look towards the Statue of Liberty. We detected something come in at high speed and low altitude towards it. Do you see it?"
"Yes. It looks like a jet."
Just then, the object sped up nd crashed into the statue. "NO! It can't be! Those bastards! They blew it up!"
((Since I'm pressed for time, Andrew goes downstairs and gets info off a computer that speaks of COR. This info later becomes a motive in the formation of Shadow Ops.))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paradise Lost

((Good. Now, we get back to beating the crap out of COR/E.))
((Also, after this part, I'll introduce somewhat of an interface to make it feel more like a game.))
Mason followed Rex out of the room and into the enemy infested building. While fighting through Envisionaries and personal guards, Sniper Team Echo reported in to Rex. "Agent Rex, this is Raven of Sniper Team Echo. I shot a scanner bullet into the 83rd floor which came back with the results I'm sending to your's and Phantom's comm units now." Rex and Mason ducked into a room and looked at the holographical scan. "It has a hole in it with support beams and a courtyard in the middle. Now, the trick is, I see the Target Of Interest. He's locked in a room that even a high velocity round cannot get into. You'll have to breech from the inside and knock out the supports, which will knock out the circuitry and allow an easy breech to the security system. Until then, youre on your own. Raven out."
"A lot of good that does us." Rex said as the building suddenly shook violently. "What the hell's going on down there?"
"A jet just crashed into the 83rd Floor. Pilot bailed." Nightfox replied. "You two already at the end?"
"Yeah, there werent much here. Cub disabled the auomated defense system on this floor within a few seconds of being here."
"Defense system?" Just then, metal doors in front and behind Rex snapped shut. "Hold on, Rex. And stand back." Mason shot out the pressure box that was holding the door shut with the Beren. He jumped through the small gap. "Can you do that on the other door?"
"No. The Beren's shockwave would probably kill us. We're S-O-L right now."
((Agent Rogue))
After bailing out of his Intercepter, Rogue pulled out his XH8 and shot out the window in front of him and landed on the 84th floor. He waited there for a few seconds until the doors in front of him snapped shut. Rogue shot the Pressure Box and a LOA agent jumped through. "You must be Ace. Rex said you'd be here. I'm Agent Rogue."
"Nightfox, Cub, help us out of here!"
"My MP5 cant do the job. Maybe Cub can hack in and disable it. Cub?"
((This is basically making you guys have to finish it. Dare, I apologize for godmoding. Your job is easier now, though.))

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