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Author:  Nabkov [ Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:28 am ]
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Name: Reft (Refty by close friends)
Appearance: 6'2" with short brown hair, a goatee, blue jeans, and a white button down shirt with a black hoodie hiding most of his face. His face is scarred and shows subtle signs of plastic surgery. Where his left hand should be a metal prosthetic hand appears to be fused with his flesh, and continues just above his elbow. He walks with a dark wooden cane.
Age: 37

History: Previously part of a Science Syndicate until an explosion destroyed his Lab. The explosion killied his Persian (Cash) and severely damaged Reft physically and mentally. After using the last of his emergency fund to have a prosthetic arm and plastic surgery save what they could of his face he was picked up by a mental clinic. Physically unrecognizable from his former self, and serious gaps in his memory he stayed with the Mental hospital for a year and a half before being discharged. ((No money, and not a real threat to society))

Personality: Detached, bitter, and often antagonistic. Reft hears the voice of his Alakazam, sometimes begging for help other times just keeping Reft insane. Reft is very skeptical, and doesn't trust easily. Even his own father betrayed him, and friends weren't needed in a laboratory.

Strengths: Worked with Pokemon genetic engineering. Reft was once a genius scientist, but after the explosion his intelligence, and sanity could easily be questioned. Reft's ability isn't in standard battling, but he will fight dirty or ambush to achieve a victory when needed.

Weaknesses: Mentally unstable, and haunted by memories of his Persian, Reft is on the edge of insanity. His left hand is prosthetic, many nerves destroyed, and he relies on a cane to maintain balance and explosions can trigger mental relapse. He was once an accomplished scientist, and he would like to continue his work, at almost any cost.

Pokemon: On hand only the Bulbasaur (Elmwood) that was used for therapy, and his Arbok (Rivx) [His second Pokemon]
His Persian (Cash) is deceased, and his Alakazam (Ivan) is in custody of the science syndicate (part of Reft's experiments)
Reft is hoping to find his Arcanine (McRuff) with his cousin.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:19 am ]
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((I got impatient lol also, you're in. We should be at a point to introduce you soon.))

The morning sun peaked out through dense clouds as Jimmy was kicked out of his bed. "Get up. We're leaving now." Charlotte took her leave as Jimmy quickly got dressed and left the door at her side. He was greeted with Trevor and Zaro as they made their way to wake up Leo. Nobody spoke - as the group understood how solemn of a moment they've brought themselves into. After meeting up with Leo, Charlotte addressed the group. "Alright, Mauville isn't too far off - but remember, we're not to be noticed. If our position becomes compromised, make sure they can't report back. Do whatever you can to stop their communication." After hours of walking, they'd reached the shoreline. Charlotte called out a Charizard, flying the group just outside of the plant entrance. Charlotte whispered back to them. "Once the door is open, just follow my lead. After that, it should just be a straight away to the holding cell where I'll meet back with you."

Charlotte charged the door, running behind Charizard who was spouting flames from its mouth, taking out any threat who stood between them and the prisoners. The alarm blazed around them as Dismal agents arrived and frantically turned the other way once greeted by a wall of fire. As they approached the cells, the door was blown apart and Charlotte took all but one. "I'll get them out, just find Shaymin!" She returned Charizard and ran back into the direction they once came. Jimmy looked at their new ally for the moment. This guy? He has a cane and a prosthetic hand...we'll end up protecting him!


Two men stood in a laboratory. One with a small metal ring and the other holding Shaymin. "The plan is going well, Malick. Once the rest return with Celebi we can resume work."

"Don't get your hopes up, Riz. Celebi is a time-traveler, after all. There's no way of even telling if it's in our lifetime right now." The man known as Malick approached Shaymin, clamping the metal ring around it's neck. "However, this should be able to do for now." He grinned as Shaymin squealed and began glowing. Riz set it on the floor as it grew larger, it took more of a deer-shape. "Behold! Shaymin's Sky-forme. With this under our control, Celebi and Giratina are practically ours." The alarm sounded loudly as both men looked up at the glowing red lamp.

"Looks like now would be the perfect time to test it too." Riz looked at Malick questionably. "What if the collar breaks?"

Malick laughed at the thought. "Riz, this metal is nearly indestructible...the pressure needed to break it would surely kill the pokemon...and who'd want to do that?" Shaymin huffed and twitched as power surged through it's body. The three stared at the iron door, waiting for whoever was rampaging the building.

Author:  Nabkov [ Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:06 pm ]
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Reft looked up at the three boys. He could feel them thinking he would be a burden, and the thought pissed him off.
"Hi, I'm ugly old grandpa! I suppose you're supposed to be my knights in shining armor or something," growled Refty as he twisted the top of his cane. He pulled a small black pokeball with a red letter on it from the hidden compartment, and threw it shouting, "Let's go Rivx!" A 14 foot Arbok burst from the ball, and coiled in front of its master, Its hood swelled open to reveal a terrifying pattern.

"I'm not going to pretend to know what the plan is, and you seem to know something about escaping. I'll take your lead here, but I'm not weak, and I'm not going down without a fight. Now lead on small fries." Reft sealed his cane up again before joining the three boys. "Darn hot headed gym leader left me behind. Guess I must have really pissed her off," he thought.

Author:  redt [ Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:56 pm ]
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Trevor watched as Charlotte simply walked through the base, her Charizard mowing down anyone foolish enough to be in its way.

Once they all made it to the holding cells Trevor was surprised that she left the most weak looking guy of her Brigade. The man quickly picked on this though since he released a very threatening Arbok. Trevor winced slightly, Aw man. He's got a friggin huge damn snake Pokemon. Hate those things.

Trevor shuddered to himself as he moved out of the glaring stare of the Arbok. "Well Leo where should we go? Seems Charlotte looks to you as more of the leader than any of us."

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue May 01, 2012 2:54 am ]
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His Pikachu covered Leo as he walked through, into the base. He looked around, "Of course Team Dismal is hiding in a run down dump like this..."

"Heh-heh, I'm the leader, huh...?" Leo smirked to himself, turning to Trevor, "Well, we're going to free Shaymin, obviously! You see any Dismal bastards, capture them and interrogate them by any means necessary! Who knows, we might get even more info about legendaries and other hidden secret bases!"

Charlotte's Charizard more or less contradicted that idea. Many of the grunts fled from the sight of it. "Come on, down here! Sparky smells something!" Leo signaled the others, running down the hallway.


Leo barged through the doors, revealing a laboratory inside, "Hey!" Leo angerily shouted, seeing a Sky-forme Shaymin before him, "What do you think you're doing with Shaymin?!! Wah!!" Leo and Sparky dodged an in-coming Seed Flare, blasting a huge hole in the wall. Leo recovered, looking back, "Whew! Close call! Hey guys, help me out here--!!"

Leo glared upward, a bizarre-looking ring around its neck... What was even more unusual; Shaymin was working on there side. What the heck was going on?

Author:  Haunted Water [ Tue May 01, 2012 5:31 am ]
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((Catch-up post! Recluse is very big for me, and I'm glad Jimmy thought of it, but I'm in three RPs right now.))
We got to the base on Charlotte's Charizard. It was a beautiful way to start the raid, until an old-timer ruined it. I did a quick check of the decipher.
One character down, 27 more to go. It'll take a whole month at this rate! I looked up as the old-timer, apparently named Reft, summoned a 14-foot long Arbok. I winced at all of the memories that I had fighting Team Rocket. I let Rian out. "I dont trust that man. Your typing prohibits harm from that snake. And besides, youre fun to have around." I told Rian, and she smiled.
"Down here! Sparky smells something!"
I picked out Sammi's ball, just in case.
We broke through the lab doors. Just then, Sky-forme Shaymin attacked Leo. "Rian, Flash Cannon!" The little Riolu charged up its only Steel attack. "Aim it at the ring around its neck. Something tells me thats important!"

Author:  Nabkov [ Tue May 01, 2012 8:47 am ]
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Reft followed the group down the halls, but as he went he searched for the door labelled Security, and just his luck a guard popped out to observe the commotion.

"Rivx, the door!" shouted Reft as the Arbok shot forward, pinning the security man and wedging himself in the door. "Now I part ways for a small detour." Called reft to the others, though the general feeling seemed to be relief that he was leaving. "I'll meet back up with you after I get my belongings."

The security guard that opened the door seemed unable to move, so Reft moved to the second. "Rivx, Poison Fang." Reft grinned as the Man howled in pain, the purple poison dripping out of his leg. "You'll be dead soon, unless one of two things happen. Either you give me the key to the lock box and I let you grab an antidote from the medic tin, or You hesitate to give me the key and I have my arbok amputate your leg. Don't worry amputation only hurts for the rest of your life," Reft taunted as he grabbed at the man's shirt with his metal hand. The man quickly ripped the keys from his belt and threw them at Reft. "Thank you for making this easier on everyone, now I had better not see you again, or... Well I might let Rixv eat you next time we meet." Reft cackled as he unlocked the security box, and collected his things. A white Pokeball with a small green leaf on it, and another black pokeball with another red R on it, though this one was labelled Cash, and was empty. Reft helped himself to the money, and the rest of the pokeballs, only adding one of the other pokeballs to his belt, the rest he shoved in a small bag. The first guard seemed to have recovered, but after Rivx closed his hood, and reopened it revealing a bright new pattern the man collapsed in pure terror.

"Well Rivx, seems we got Elmwood and Cash's ball back, hell we even found a new guy. Lets go meet up with those kids again."

The group was easy to find, he just had to follow the trail of charred walls and the occasional unconscious guard.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed May 02, 2012 1:29 pm ]
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((Whew...after a long week of goose chases, I finally got that job! So my undivided attention is back - thanks for the patience!))

Jimmy glared at the scientists before tossing a pokeball out. "Finally!! Charmeleon, roast these guys!" Just as the red light disappeared from the lizard, a flash cannon struck Shaymin in the neck, causing it to wince back. Charmeleon shot fire around the room as Shaymin made a quick recovery. Explosions were set off left and right from the computers' reaction. As the smoke began to clear, a protective barrier could be seen around the Shaymin and the two scientists.

"Haha! kids actually think you can take back this pokemon? Shaymin, obliterate them!" A sudden flurry of leaves appeared, hurling straight at the group. "Fire spin!" Charmeleon created a wall of fire, nullifying the attack. "I'll keep his attacks blocked off, go in for the hit!" Jimmy called to the rest as Charmeleon spat flames around the possessed pokemon.

"Stupid kids!" The scientists looked at one and other in frustration as the heat grew around them. "Now you're all going to have to pay!"

((Also, when fighting further legendary pokemon under their influence, you can expect discoloring. The reasons will be given in time. For example, this is the current Shaymin. Image

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu May 03, 2012 1:51 am ]
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Leo clenched a fist, getting himself up, "It's no good! Whatever's controlling Shaymin doesn't matter at this point, we'll have to faint it and take it back by force!" Sparky nodded, readying her attack. "Sparky, Thunderbolt, now!"

"PIIIIIIKACHU!!!" Electricity charged inside her tiny body, unleashing it and striking the Shaymin. The Shaymin shook it off, throwing back a Leaf Storm.

"Sparky, help Charmeleon with Discharge!"

The Leaf Storm battled the Fire Spin, and was winning, Sparky unleashed a field of its own power, giving Fire Spin an edge and successfully shielding the party with a moment's discharge.

Author:  redt [ Thu May 03, 2012 5:21 am ]
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Trevor grimaced as he saw the Shaymin. "This is terrible! No one can control the legendaries like that!" He grabbed a pokeball from his belt and threw it out, "Metang help us out."

A floating Pokemon appeared in the midst of the battle. "Use Gyro Ball!" Metang began spinning extremely fast as it flew through the air towards the Shaymin.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu May 03, 2012 1:09 pm ]
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Shaymin stopped, obviously exhausted from the Leaf Storms as Metang struck it head on. "We're in there!" between the combined for of their pokemon, Shaymin suddenly fell to the ground, blacking out. After a few moments, Shaymin glowing a bright white before shrinking down to a small hedgehog shape. The collar falling right from it's neck.

"This is bad...Noelle is going to kill us now." Riz growled under his breath. Malik, in a fury, took out a pokeball and released a Hypno. "Get us out of here!" With a flash - the three were gone.

"Whew...that was tougher than expected..." Jimmy called Charmeleon back before motioning at the knocked out Shaymin. "So...what do we do with this little guy?"

"I guess somebody should hold onto him for the time being. There's no telling what those creeps did to it in this lab." Charlotte appeared in the doorway, panting. "Did I miss all the fun already?" She knelt down next to Shamyin brushed her fingers over it lightly. "It's still got some energy...but only enough to get to a pokemon center." She looked to the group. "Any volunteers? My Fire-types would only put it in more harm."

Jimmy backed away. "Not me...I can't stand Grass-types. Nothing personal..." Charlotte shrugged, eying the rest of the group. "Zaro...why don't you hold onto it? You seem to have a good attachment with that Riolu already...I think that's just what this Shaymin might need right now."

Charlotte stood up and placed her hands on her hips. "Good work, everyone! That was a job well done."

One of the screens flickered on a pc in the far corner of the room before a laugh could be heard from it. "Well, well, well...if it isn't the Burning Bridage. I see you've managed to win Shaymin back. No matter. With our newest little recruits, that hedgehog is useless to us." A woman with jet black hair and glasses appeared on the screen. Her eyes like a cat. "Call it a test subject, if you will. I do give you credit though. Having found new soldiers, finding the hideout AND beating my two executives...despite their incompetence." She glared behind in a wince. "Let's finish this, Brigade. Dragon Spiral Tower." The screen went black.


"You idiots! How could you let a bunch of children beat Shaymin!?" Noelle sent a stack of books flying across the room. The woman regained her posture as she straightened her suit and glasses. "If you fail me again, I swear that will be your last breath." Her glare was intimidating. As if a snake had just found it's prey.

"In all only gave us one pokemon to use against a group." Malik tried to stand his ground and fend off the predator.

"Oh boo-hoo. Are your individual teams that useless? You can only fight with what mommy gives you? Get out of my sight - the both of you!" Noelle was irate. The Brigade had caused her trouble in the past, but it was no matter. She had another trick up her sleeve.

Author:  Nabkov [ Thu May 03, 2012 2:53 pm ]
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EDIT: seems the story has come to a long pause... if you don't mind I'll push it forward a bit.
EDIT #2: I forgot about one of the boys. SORRY!

Reft recalled what his cell mate said: "Everything needs a power source. kill the power source and you kill the problem." At the time Simon was explaining why he wouldn't crack during interrogation, and would keep up hope, but Reft suspected he meant more by that. Reft rummaged through his bag to see what sort of Pokeballs he had liberated. Of the several dozen he had taken most were specially colored and had printed names on them, but there were at least three dozen plain pokeballs with just a yellow lightning bolt on them. He threw one and found it released a small Joltik. The little bug scurried off towards a power conduit and began nibbling at the wires. "Curious," thought Reft as he released another to confirm his suspicions. Another Joltik popped out and raced towards the power source again. "Simon, you genius!" Shouted Reft as he understood the hidden message. "Rivx, open up that power conduit with an iron tail! these little guys are power hungry."

Reft released all the Joltik, and laughed as the bugs swarmed the power source, and already the power flickered. As he turned to join the boys again he noticed a small Joltik trying to nibble on his left arm. "No power in that I'm afraid, it's connected to my muscles. It's a part of me, but if you hunger for power, stick with Rivx and I." The Joltik clicked in agreement, and so Reft recalled the Bug into it's original ball and joined the boys.


"Simon intended to use the Joltik to kill the power to their experiments," Reft explained to Charlotte, "I took the liberty of setting his plan into action. Without power their experimental data will be lost. This needs to be a total victory or we taint Simon's memory... That and they stole my research." Reft made his way to the computers. The back up power would keep them running for a few hours, but after that they would be useless. Reft proceeded to access the external memory scanning for familiar terms, and deleted them. "What do you say we get out of here? I'm sure we have a lot to talk about," suggested Reft as he removed his wallet from the backpack and handed it to Charlotte. "These belong to the other prisoners. I trust you will return them. I'm keeping one of the Joltik, the rest are somewhere in the electrical circuits, if you want them."


Charlotte's Charizard flew the group back to town. Dragon Spiral Tower was a long distance away, and they would need to rest and reorganize before making any venture out that ways. Charlotte led Trevor and Leo to the guest room they would be sharing, and then pointed Jimmy and Zaro to their room. Reft took the door at the end of the hall, and searched the closet, and held the various dress shirts up to himself until he found one that seemed a decent fit. He grabbed a pair of black slacks and made off towards the bathroom. After some scrubbing he felt clean enough to sleep. He glanced at his old clothes a minute before throwing them in the trash. Having worn them for several weeks they were sufficiently ruined. Reft set his cane against the wall and slid into bed, feeling as though he was being watched. "Electrode. I know what you're thinking. My laboratory was destroyed by several Electrode using explosion, and I had the misfortune of being inside when it blew. I've seen the way the kids look at me, and I know you've seen the pokeballs. Think what you want, but at the time Team Rocket was the only chance many of us scientists had. They had their secrets, and we had ours, and they paid us well to share a few of ours." Reft looked over at Charlotte, and scowled, "The hell I care what you think. You can't always have things black and white, and eventually you realize doing the right thing won't always protect you." Reft removed a vial of golden powder that he held under his nose and inhaled deeply. "Sleep powder," he explained, "I can't sleep otherwise." Reft was asleep in seconds.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Tue May 08, 2012 12:32 pm ]
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Charlotte looked at the drained Shaymin and petted it. "Any volunteers? My fire-types would only put it in more harm." She glanced around the room, finally settling on me. "Zaro... Why dont you hold onto it?" I glanced at the decoder. Let's hope I can find something to do with this. "Yeah, I guess." Just then, a computer flickered on. I could care less about what was said, until I heard "Dragonspiral Tower."
"Wait, we are going to Unova? I have influence there. I could be of great help!"
((I mean this also as an ooc question. Are we?))

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed May 09, 2012 8:38 pm ]
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Leo was half expecting Charlotte to reward him with the Shaymin. It WAS his great leadership that helped them rescue it. He looked on in disappointment as Shaymin was left under the Unova guy's care. He sighed sadly.

Leo darted around to see the menacing woman on screen. How repulsive, they had to go to them? Unbelievable.

"Damn it, you want a fight?! We're right here you coward!!" Before the screen flashed off. Leo growled under his breath, Sparky giving a worried murmur.


Charlotte gave them a lift back to Lavaridge, Leo following closely behind on Baroo. At the hidden base, Leo and Trevor were placed in the same room. Leo had argued to Charlotte beforehand, but the fact was, they had infiltrated and messed with dangerous people. They had to take every precaution. Staying at a public Pokemon Center was a bad idea.

Leo sighed, staring up at the ceiling. Sparky was curled up down the bed, having a rest. "What's your take on this... Trevor?" he asked out of curiosity, "Dragon Spiral Tower... It has to be a trap. I don't think we can count on Zaro. And why did he get to look after Shaymin?" Leo turned to his side, facing the wall, "This sucks." He felt frustrated and confined. It was uncomfortable.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri May 11, 2012 11:04 am ]
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Charlotte flew everyone back to base and finally settled in as everyone was getting ready for the following trials. "I didn't expect all of these people to become so involved. I just needed my crew back." She sighed disappointingly. "They seem good enough, though. However that might not be enough...those dismal idiots are so concerned with their plan that they could get themselves and all of us killed. For once I actually hope they know what they're doing." Charlotte shut the lights off and laid down, soon falling asleep.

Jimmy opened one of his eyes as he listened to Reft's story. He sighed deeply and stood up. "You might be asleep, but I know where you're coming from. My Grandfather was actually one of the Rockets in charge of taking over the Pokemon Tower back in the day. Once the construction was finished and it became the Radio Tower, it wasn't long before the ghosts there started getting restless and spooking the townsfolk...but that was only the start. Soon people started to leave. Some went insane, others...worse. I took the liberty of being the keeper of Lavender now so that nobody can disturb the spirits again. So I understand the trials your speaking of. Hell, my cousin, Alex, in Fuchsia is still trying to keep the Rocket name alive. He and his gang of thugs go around robbing people and speaking in gibberish. I want no part of it, though. If you've really changed your ways, then we can use you. Otherwise, I'll be taking my leave." Jimmy waited for a response and soon remembered that Reft was asleep. He sighed, now slightly frustrated and walked out into the night with his fishing rod. Jimmy thought to himself. I wonder how Alex is doing these days...I haven't heard from him in some few months now...

Author:  redt [ Fri May 11, 2012 11:34 am ]
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Trevor was laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. He sighed as he heard Leo ask his opinion. "I don't honestly know what to think at this point. I agree with you that Dragon Spiral Tower is a trap, but what other choice do we have?"

Trevor closed his eyes as he continued, "Zaro seems awkward to me. His fighting style is sporadic and off-balanced, though his attitude towards his Pokemon is caring. I think that's why Charlotte gave Shaymin to him. Their natures seem to be similiar if you really think about it."

He smiled a little as he heard the kid get an attitude. "Don't worry Leo, I'm sure you'll get yourself a legendary to take care of as well." Trevor pulled the covers over himself, "Now get some sleep. I'm sure we'll have a long journey tomorrow."

Author:  Nabkov [ Sat May 12, 2012 1:11 am ]
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Reft sat at a kitchen table, a piece of burnt toast half eaten remained on his plate. Although Reft had slept the whole night, the dark bags under his eyes hinted that he didn't sleep well. "Ivan, you make it really hard to sleep." He muttered under his breath. Charlotte seemed to be forming some plan about the next step in combatting Team Dismal. She was surprised at how helpful the boys had been, and felt they could be trusted, but she didn't trust Reft. No one trusted Reft. They all saw the Pokeballs, and the Arbok was far too large, especially considering it should be weakening with its old age. Flannery seemed to put up with Reft's behavior, though she wasn't sure why. They weren't friends, and there was an age gap. Reft was an odd one, but he knew something, and she wanted answers.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Tue May 15, 2012 8:57 pm ]
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Jimmy slowly made his way back to the safe house. A large grin lined his face with tired eyes. Despite having no sleep, he felt oddly proud of himself. As he walked through the door, he gave Reft a quick wave before dropping the three pieces of his fishing rod in the trash. "Well, at least I got some use out of this thing." He slumped deep into a chair and sighed as he closed his eyes. The sun seeping through the windows warmed him in his relaxed state. Suddenly, Charlotte stormed in.

"Jimmy, please go into the other room. I need to talk to private." Jimmy shrugged, not having the energy to argue and left into the shared room. As Jimmy closed the door, he looked at the dusk ball in his hand.

"Looks like I need to train my new friend anyway." He called out a Poliwhirl and leaned down next to it. "So, I'm your master now, ok? That means you get to help out our little cause!" Poliwhirl gave Jimmy a confused and questionable look.

"Reft...I know you were a prisoner back at the base...and I know you were once a great scientist. Please, tell me what you know about your studies."

Author:  Jaguar [ Wed May 16, 2012 2:34 am ]
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((Jimmy told me to just post my character and I'll be brought in at some point. Nice to be back.))
Name: Cassandra 'Cass' Brookeberry

Appearance: ... v42361.jpg

Age: 20

History: Raised in Hearthome City, Cassandra was brought up as only child, by her father. As a teenager, Cassandra's father worked in Solaceon Town, with the Pokemon News Press, which meant Cassandra had freedom to explore and enjoyed never keeping out of trouble. With her first pokemon, Eevee, at her side, Cassandra travelled Sinnoh as she developed a talent for Pokemon Coordinating. Competing in contests was a form or relaxation for Cassandra, as she liked entering her own world when performing. Sinnoh has been good for Cassandra, but her desire for exploration has provided her with determination to harness her skills throughout all of Meso.

Personality: Cassandra is a defensive person, that will enact a 'take no prisoners' demeanour quite naturally. She doesn't like to be patronised and craves organisation in her life. She has confidence in her skills but can be self conscious when others attack her. She tries to give a strong impression, and doesn't mind flaunting her ambition.

Strengths: Coordination, honesty and insults.

Weaknesses: Harshness, selfishness and excitability.

Pokemon: {glaceon} {altaria} {gorebyss} {venomoth}

Author:  Haunted Water [ Wed May 16, 2012 4:36 am ]
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((Whoa! Did you draw that yourself?))
((Also, since I speak in 3rd person in PokeTrigger and in Recluse, I'mma start speaking in third person if thats ok with you guys.))
Zaro rid on the back of Charlotte's Charizard. He remembered the Charizard that his friend from Kanto had. "I'm sorry." He said aloud, remembering the eruption of Cinnabar Island, where said friend disappeared. A tear rolled down his cheek. Feeling lost and drawing attention, he pulled out the laptop and went back to working on cracking the code. He checked the decipher:
Zaro punched in the numbers, then worked through guessing. He found one, and punched it in on the decipher:
Zaro put his equipment back and drifted off to sleep.
After he got off, Zaro went to the safehouse to continue working, and to become acquainted with Shaymin, only to see Charlotte go in and Jimmy come out. "I take it I cant go in there right now?"

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed May 16, 2012 1:18 pm ]
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Jimmy had his palms up, having Poliwhirl punch them. "I suppose not...sounds like they're talking business stuff or something." Jimmy fell back as the Poliwhirl delivered a hard blow. Holding his wrist, he stood up and returned Poliwhirl. "Enough for now. We both need to heal." He laughed a bit and turned back to Zaro. "So, just so I can clear my head of this...Dragonspiral tower is a trap, right? If so, I hope Charlotte doesn't have another head-on storm in mind. Shaymin was only the first...I can't imagine what other legendary pokemon we're gonna have to fight." Thoughts flew through his head of the legendary pokemon he'd only read about. Jimmy hoped to eventually obtain one of his own though, especially since the Grass-type Shaymin was already off the list.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Wed May 16, 2012 2:01 pm ]
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"Well if by trap you mean confined space with only two ways of moving and an emphasis on confined, then yeah, most likely. But, if N held out, they probably only have Kyurem, Coballion, Terrakion, and Virizion. We sould hope they dont have Zekrom. That would be bad." Jimmy kept training his Poliwhirl. "Hell, that looks like a good idea." Zaro took out Alus's and Rian's balls. "Here we go again." he said to himself. The containers flashed and out came a Trapinch and a Riolu. "Alus, Bite." The Trapinch lunged at Rian, only to miss. Rian tried to fight back, but couldnt as Alus unleashed a Sand Tomb. Zaro and Rian stood, awestruck. "I didnt teach him that." Alus seized the moment and attacked, using Sand Attack and Bite all-on-his-own. They were doing little damage, but enough to make Rian become confused. With a bit more attacks, the Riolu fainted. Zaro put her back, still awestruck. Alus came to his side.

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((sorry about my absence. I turn 20 tomorrow, meaning my permit expires, so I've been scrambling trying to get my license. Hard to do when your brother took the car to work.))

Reft sneered as he took in what Charlotte was asking. "Hey Shakespeare, I need to know about your play. You do realize how vague you're being? I have worked with so many projects I wouldn't know where to begin. Some I won't talk about unless it is absolutely necessary. But fear not, Reft, the 'Once great scientist' knows all. What do you mean once great? I AM a great scientist, and I deserve respect. They have everything. The first question is what do they know, and they own the Science Syndicate. They have all my work, and all the work of every scientist I know."

Charlotte glared at Reft in disgust. She didn't like being mocked, and this man had come into her home, and was mocked her in her face.
"I need to know what they are planning to do. What did you work on that was important enough to use? Which of your abominations can I expect to find if I try to confront them next!"

Reft smiled, and stroked his goatee. "Well you met Rivx. I assume you noticed his condition. You wouldn't know it but he is over two decades old, yet is still in his youth. All cells have DNA, and over years the DNA can be damaged, some ends cut off. Telomeres are strands of non-coding DNA at the ends that protect the important parts. When the telomeres are cut off nothing bad happens. Over years the telomeres can be completely removed though, and when this happens the crucial DNA can be damaged. This is part of why we age. Rivx's body reconstructs the telomeres, allowing him to live much longer, and has offset aging for some time. Do you find Rivx an abomination?" Reft locked eyes with Charlotte as he continued, "No, the only abomination you see if me."

awkward silence followed until Reft answered what Charlotte wanted to know from the start.
"Ivan was born in my laboratory. I made him from a collection of DNA, and altered it such that his psychic ability would go unhindered. Some very powerful Psychic pokemon are able to use their ability to control another pokemon. Ivan does this on an entirely new level. Against a pokemon like your charizard Ivan could make it strangle itself. Against a pokemon like Shaymin Ivan would be lucky to slow an attack. Ivan can dominate the minds of most pokemon, but certainly not of a legendary pokemon. The final portion of my last experiment involved making a network of psychic pokemon that would increase the potential enough to control a legendary pokemon."

As Reft finished this last sentence he could see Charlotte trembling. He chuckled, "scared now? wait for this: that was only MY work. They have the work of thousands of scientists, some I'll admit are far more brilliant than I. What's I've told you is likely but a thread in the blanket of their scheme." Reft pushed his chair out, grabbed his cane and limped out. "Pleasure chatting," sneered Reft.

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[b]((Sorry for the wait everyone. I've been working about 50-60 hours a week when I'm only supposed to be scheduled for 20...but money is money.))

Charlotte clenched her fist and burst through the door seeing Jimmy and Zaro. "Were you two listening?" Jimmy shook his head. He was half surprised and half afraid. "Good. Follow me. We need to have a meeting as soon as possible." Charlotte stomped off to find the rest of the group as Jimmy shrugged to Zaro and followed her. I can't believe how far along into they are...Dismal isn't this smart...they must be working under some other influence. Plasma? Maybe...N really isn't the type to quit too easily. Charlotte barged into Leo and Trevor's room, immediately barking orders. "Get up. The both of you. I know its early but we need to discuss things a little before going into Dragonspiral Tower. Get ready and meet me at the Gym at once." Charlotte took her leave without another word as Jimmy and Zaro followed.
Meanwhile, as Flannery took her rotation of the town limit's inspection, she came across a young looking girl. Flannery approached her cautiously. "Excuse me, young lady, are you lost? We have a pokemon center just a little ways from here and I'd be happy to show you the way." Flannery eyed the dark-haired girl making sure to check for any suspicious behavior. It wasn't exactly common to have people wandering around these parts anymore.

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