Apokalyptika!! (Still hiring!!)
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Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:27 am ]
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"Gladly!" Charlotte brushed the hair from her eyes as she reached for a pokeball. "This battle will be a one on one. Same goes for the rest of you. If you can manage to beat me, then I welcome you to our cause. Otherwise," she glared, "You can get the hell out of my town."

She giggled as she tossed her first pokemon out. "Volcarona, teach this squirt how the grown-ups battle." She smirked slyly, hoping to hit another nerve with Leo. Volcarona emerged from its ball with a shriek. It fluttered almost aimlessly before settling down on the hot rock of the arena floor.

Leo growled under his breath... Another small comment... Also, this was the first time he had ever encountered a Volcarona... It wasn't exactly common in the Johto region... She got him. No... this wasn't the end. The battle had just started!!

"Hmph!" Leo darky grinned to himself, encouraging himself, tossing a pokeball up and catching it in the air, "...Before you start thinking of those losers you better focus on me! I'll show you who the REAL hot-head is!!" he refered to their red hair. Sparky was starting to see the resemblance in their attitudes, and it was unsettling.

"According to the book... There's only a couple of pokemon I can use in this gym... In this heat, Eon's water type attacks would just evaporate... Which is probably why she's apparently unbeatable... Yeah, I've figured out your secret already, Charlotte... But no matter... I'll beat you at your own game... And with your speciality type no less... I'll beat you to a bloody pulp, I promise you that."

"Pokeball, go!" Leo summoned his own fire type pokemon, Typhlosion. The pokemon roared as his back erupted with a blast of volcanic-like flame, "Heh! Meet my pride and joy--- Axel!"

"Axel, you were the second pokemon I ever befriended. Do your best, buddy..." The Typhloson clenched, ready for Leo's command, "Axel, use your Flamethrower! Follow it up with Quick Attack!!"

Author:  Haunted Water [ Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:14 pm ]
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"We are going to Charlotte's gym. You're welcome to join us, if you want." Flannery said. She left and all of the other trainers followed. "I guess I will." I brought up my C-Gear and looked up info on Charlotte.
So there it was. Charlotte's gym. I could already feel the warmth of the inside. "Water attacks would be useless." I walked inside and was astounded to see a Volcarna. Sammi would be able to knock it out easily, but not under these circumstances. I brought Alus out of his ball. "Be prepared, buddy. We have a lot ahead of us."
((@S_J: I dont know if we are allowed to do what I'm about to do, so if we arent, disregard this next part and PM me saying so.))
I summoned Rian out. He looked at me, confused. "Why would you do this? The heat weakens me."
"I know. But Alus needs to train." I replied. They centered off. "Well what about me?" Rian worried
"Dont worry. You have the capability to use moves by yourself." I reminded him. "Oh yeah."
"Ok. Alus, Bite!" The Trapinch jumped at the Riolu, mouth opened.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:42 pm ]
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Charlotte winked at the ranger before noticing Leo's Typhlosion. "Haha another fire-type, huh? So be it. Volcarona, block out it's fire with your own!" The flames met in a clash as the Typhlosion suddenly appeared through the smoke, slamming Volcarona with a Quick Attack.

"Good move, kid..." Charlotte winced as the first hit was drawn. "Volcarona, use your Quiver Dance into a Swagger." If he's gonna fight for us, both he and his pokemon need to control their emotions. Let's find out how closely related they really are.

Volcarona spun in circle a few times before flaring it's wings in an attempt to taunt Axel into a rage. "So, how do you like my pokemon's beautiful dance?" She smirked, closely watching the Typhlosion's reaction.


Jimmy watched closely. She's not even attacking...and she's supposed to be the best? We might have an easier time than expected... He smirked to himself before noticing the silver-haired trainer and his two pokemon. He tilted his head in confusion before addressing the new face.

"Are you challenging Charlotte too? I don't think we've really met. I'm Jimmy, of Lavender." Jimmy extended his hand as he watched the two small pokemon battle in his peripherals. Why would someone weaken their own pokemon before a match? Unless he doesn't intend to use either...? He banished the thought from his head and focused on the newcomer.

((Also, sorry if I'm a bit slow. I'm only really active at night...being nocturnal and such XD))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:34 pm ]
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I kept having Alus use Bite or Sand Attack when one of the others approached me. "Are you challenging Charlotte too? I don't think we've really met. I'm Jimmy, of Lavender." Jimmy extended his hand. I replied "The town, I presume? I loved Lavender when I was in Kanto. I caught my Haunter there. My name is Zaro, by the way. Zaro Cane." I shook hands with him. "Wait. My Haunter! I mustve left him back at home in Nimbasa City!" Turning on the Xtransciever, I forgot that Jimmy was there.
"Hey bro. What's up?"
"Cilas! Did I leave Hunter there?"
"Uh-oh. N, give it back. Zaro will have your head if you dont." Cilas talked offscreen. My eye twitched. "Keep calm."
"Sorry, bro. I didnt know that was yours."
I had to avoid a total meltdown, as I was already melting. "This isnt over." Ending the conversation, I turned back to Jimmy. "Sorry about that. Slight difficulties. So what brings you here?"

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:13 am ]
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Jimmy gave Zaro a confused look as he immediately took out his Xtransciever mid-conversation.

"Uhh...yes, the town. I'm the keeper of it these days. Now that I think about it, you do look somewhat familiar though..." Jimmy thought back, not being able to remember the last visitor he'd seen in Lavender. Since the fall of the Rockets, the Radio Tower had presumed it's previous name of "Pokemon Tower" despite the equipment remaining inside. "Awkwardly enough, I have a Haunter too." He laughed at the coincidence before returning to the topic at hand. "Well...I came here to see my family...but then all of this happened, so....yeah...I guess I'm gonna help these people out." Once I beat that woman to a bleeding pulp... He could feel his eyes darkening at the thought and quickly laughed again, pushing back the idea.

"So...what exactly are you doing?" He watched the battle of the two small pokemon as he noticed Trevor's Gallade in the corner of his eye, wincing at the sight of it.

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:24 am ]
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"Don't keep your eyes off it, Axel!!" Leo yelled as if he was fighting the pokemon himself. That command almost cost him the fight, "Damn it! It's a confusion technique! Axel, shake it off with Flame Wheel!"

The Typhlosion roared his back aflame, turning himself into his own personal Fire Spin. It charged at the Volcarona, dealing it some damage. The Typhlosion had to rest, giving himself a moment to become undazed. The Volcarona approached from behind him.

Leo gasped-- the incredible recovery speed that pokemon had just came out of nowhere! "Damn it! That second move it pulled must have been a stat buffing tech! Axel, get out of the way!"

Axel didn't have time to even turn around until a Bug Buzz landed to his back. Axel fell to his knees in pain.

"That was a cheap shot... I could continue and I know Axel has it in him, but he's hurt..." Leo growled under his breath, breaking out his pokeball, "You did an amazing job, Axel. Please, return!" he called back his Typhlosion. Shortly after, Leo melodramtically fell to his knees, "...I lost. I can't believe it." He sighed, glaring to the floor, "You beat me, Charlotte... I know I still have a lot to learn about pokemon, but I never considered the fact that you had an Unova pokemon with you, especially since you live in Hoenn. I never considered it, and my lack of knowledge was my down fall."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:26 am ]
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Charlotte watched as Leo crumbled to the ground in anguish. She studied him thoroughly before returning Volcarona and walking over to him and crouching down beside him. " did lose...but you were also smart enough to learn when to get out without your pokemon getting seriously injured." She quickly stood and turned away. "At the same time, you should have considered the options at your opponent's disposal." She glared downward for a moment. "The fight was brilliant though. We could use someone like you...just try to keep up on your knowledge." She pat him on the head and smirked.

The kid was pretty good...considering that Volcarona is my best. Normal trainers usually don't even land a hit. That opening strategy was enough to gain my approval as a trainer and the fact that he didn't use a basic water-type nailed it. He'll be useful...

Charlotte thought carefully which pokemon she should use next as she glanced around the room for Trevor. Smiling, she just sat down in a large throne-like chair at her end of the stadium. "You, ranger. I believe you were up next." Charlotte smiled in anticipation of the battle that she hoped was coming. I think now would be a good time to use my trump card...

Author:  Haunted Water [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:34 am ]
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((Just realized how awkwardly worded my last post was))
I talked to Jimmy. "Well, I'm currently here to investigate the disappearances in the legendaries. I am a high-ranking trainer in Unova, after all. Although it may not look like much, but I'm actually training Alus, my Trapinch, to take down Charlotte, it being a Ground type and all. I caught him when I arrived here. Rian, on the other hand, is from Sinnoh. She has proven to be a faithful companion throughout the past. I would use my Samurott mop the floor with her pokemon if its a drastic type change that Alus cant handle." I caught on to where Jimmy looked.
"Are you worried about that Gallade?"

Author:  redt [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:34 am ]
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Trevor and Gallade watched the battle go on between Leo and Charlotte.

She is a true Gym Leader. Her Pokemon do the exact opposite of what you would think. I would of expected her to be more ranged attack orientated than stat orientated. I'll have to be very careful on who I choose, but I have several surprises that each of my Pokemon can do to take her down.

He looked up at her sitting in her throne like chair. Charlotte must of thought herself as the queen of this town, but it didn't matter. Every person makes a mistake in their battling and she is no different.

Trevor approached his side of the stadium, "Well since I am a former Ranger I was taught chivalry. So, ladies first move." He grinned at Charlotte from across the room, taunting her. She's probably going to use another surprise Pokemon. That Volcarona was definitely a surprise and I hope this next Pokemon won't be that shocking.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:35 am ]
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Jimmy shook his head. "It's nothing...I'm a super-sensitive, so where ghost-types never bother me...psychic-types normally do." His head shot upward as he noticed Trevor walk up to his position at the stadium.


"Well since I am a former Ranger I was taught chivalry. So, ladies first move."

"Ohhh, a gentleman...I like that in a man." Charlotte rose her hand to her mouth in a mock surprise. "Really though, nobody has any manners anymore. Anyway, let's get this going." She rose both of her hands and snapped her fingers simultaneously. "Come on out, precious!" Charlotte leaned back in her seat as the room shook. Bits of debris crumbled from the walls when cracks were sent flying from the center at all sides above Charlotte's head. One of the sculpted suns started moving. It's eyes glowed as the sculpture twisted and turned its way out of the wall.

"I'd like to introduce you to my lovely Solrock." It levitated with leisure in front of the smug woman, awaiting her command.

Jimmy's eyes widened. He backed into the wall, anticipating what would happen next.

Author:  redt [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:01 am ]
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Trevor smugly replied, "Well at least I managed to get a compliment out of you before you get mad at me defeating you."

She rose both of her hands and snapped her fingers simultaneously. "Come on out, precious!" Trevor began looking around anxiously as the gym began to rumble. "What the hell...?' His confusion was answered as a large Solrock floated down from above Charlotte's throne and on to the battle field.

Trevor simply smiled, "I knew that every Gym Leader would have a Pokemon to cover their weaknesses, but I was not expecting a Solrock. Quite a rare find there." He looked directly at Charlotte, "You're lucky this gym is too hot for any regular water type. But luckily for me I don't have any normal water Pokemon." Just then Trevor smirked and expanded a pokeball. He threw it onto the field, "Time for battle Slowking!"

A Slowking emerged in a burst of light. He looked around then his eyes landed on the Solrock and became very focused. "Be light on your feet Slowking, Charlotte is crafty." Slowking shook his head in agreement, not looking away from the Solrock.

"Well I am a man of my word and I believe it's your move."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:24 pm ]
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Charlotte's smile soon faded as she looked toward the Slowking. A this temperature...what's he got planned? She stood before calling out to Trevor. "If I remember correctly, a ranger should always be able to work under pressure. Always in tip top shape in the harshest of environments. Let's see if you're really up to the task."

"Solrock, Sunny Day!" The sun-shaped stone glowed brightly as the gym filled with a blinding light. Heat pounded onto the trainers from the reflecting ceiling. She smirked. "You may Solar Beam when you see fit." The tips of Solrock's point lit up as they simultaneously shot small beams, combining into a larger one at its center, aimed directly at Slowking.


Jimmy wiped sweat off of his forehead as he panted lightly. Man...I never did like the heat...and this match looks fairly over unless Trevor has some tricks up his sleeve. He gulped as he slowly opened the gym door. Jimmy poked his head into the stormy weather and inhaled deeply. "Ohhhh yeah...that's the stuff."

"Hey!! Shut that door, you fool!" Charlotte stomped her foot in a rage. Jimmy sighed as he closed the door. The intense heat almost nullifying the rain he'd just stepped into.

Author:  redt [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:47 pm ]
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Trevor smiled as the Solrock used Sunny Day, increasing the heat and making the gym brighten incredibly. I was hoping for that.

The Solarbeam was coming straight at Slowking. "Show her your power with Focus Blast!" Slowking pushed his hands foward as a ball of dark gold energy flew out, colliding with the Solarbeam. The ball of energy kept going through the beam until it hit into the Pokemon.

"How's that for tip top shape?" Trevor smirked tauntingly at Charlotte. "Slowking use Water Pulse and surround it with a Psychic barrier to protect it from the heat." Slowking concentrated hard as a ball of water formed between his hands. It was coated with a thin pink line as it grew in size. "Now!" Slowking threw the ball of water at the Solrock.

"I'm just full of surprises aren't I?"

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:09 pm ]
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Charlotte faintly smiled to herself. "Good move, ranger..." She returned Solrock and looked to the floor. "There's no way we would have been able to recover from that type of strategy." She lifted her head. "Ranger, you passed with flying colors. You were able to think on your feet as well as overcome the harshest of weather." Solrock, you did good...we were simply out maneuvered.

Charlotte sighed and looked into the group of people. "You, the one with the headache. You're next." Jimmy walked up to the stadium with a grin. "So, fire-types...this should be fun." Charlotte laughed.

"Since you enjoy having your head in such dark places, let's see how you can manage battling in the dark." The stadium suddenly turned a deep purple as the flames lining the walls swirled into the center of the arena to create a Chandelure. The room now completely black aside from the area around it's body.

"Haha let's brighten this back up then. Go Char---" "Haunt!" A red light appeared and dimmed as Haunter appeared, tugging on Jimmy's cheek. "Haunt Haunt Haunt!" "Or...Haunter..."

Charlotte looked down in disappointment. "This match is over...your pokemon don't even obey you." Charlotte turned to leave as Jimmy shouted to her.

"Hold it!" Jimmy clenched his fist as he felt his eyes darken again. "Who the hell are you to say that? If my Haunter wants this fight, he can have it. I'm not gonna let you decline that right from him. If you really wanna save those legendaries, you'll finish this battle out."

Charlotte raised her eyebrow. His personality seems to have changed all together...let's see where this goes. "Is that so? Then where is this 'illustrious' Haunter?" The room fell quiet as Chandelure was thrown into a circle. Haunter had a delivered a hard Shadow Punch.

"Good Haunter, Curse it! Never take your eyes off of the battlefield. You never know what you could miss." Jimmy glared toward her. Charlotte gritted her teeth an self-disappointment.

"Chandelure, flash! Then imprison that poor excuse of a ghost!" A bright light blinded Haunter as a translucent box covered it's body. "Good luck fighting back with no attacks. Anything you could have had against us is useless now." The Haunter was alright at half health, blinded and now unable to attack. Jimmy felt at a loss before deciding he only had one hope of coming back to victory.

"Haunter, Destiny Bond!" A large array of light covered both of the pokemon as Charlotte giggled. "Do you really think that old trick will work...? Chandelure, Will-O-Wisp. Burn it so we don't have to have to worry about that bond." A few of the flares left Chandelure's body and circles the Haunter, engulfing it in purple flames. "Haunttttt!!" It burned all over, hovering just above the floor.

"Call your pokemon back. You can't win this, trainer. That Haunter can't even move." Jimmy gulped hard. We can do this...just a little more... "Chandelure, put it out of it's misery...Shadow--" "Sucker Punch!" One of Haunter's fists flew into Chandelure as it charged for it's Shadow Ball. As the ball left Chandelure, Haunter had become a red light and vanished.

"Aaargh!" Jimmy was thrown several feet backward. Landing on his back and rolling across the floor of the waiting area. The room dimmed, and soon became pitch black as the florescent light kicked in and there was light again. "You've lost, kid. Get out." Jimmy struggled to get to his feet. The Shadow Ball dealing him much more damage than he'd thought. "Ch-Check again...Charlotte." Jimmy weakly pointed to the dimmed Chandelure in the middle of the arena. "Your Chandelure's out of energy." He let his head fall back down, trying to regain his breath.

"How!? That Sucker Punch wasn't nearly strong enough to do that much damage!"

Jimmy laughed weakly. "I told you...never take your eyes off of the arena. Did you already forget about the Curse Haunter laid on it?"

"...It doesn't still withdrew." Charlotte clenched her fist.

"And your Chandelure still technically got beat by my 'poor excuse of a ghost'." Jimmy got to his feet, supporting himself on the wall. "At least we can still fight if need be. You're at a loss in a real battle." Charlotte grimaced and turned her back. "...You still didn't win the match." He's got a point...the kid obviously knew his pokemon's boundaries enough to push the match that far...and he was willing to take a hit just to ensure his victory and Haunter's life...

"You pass. Silver-haired-guy, let's get this over with." Charlotte was deeply upset with herself. Were these trainers actually good? Or was she just losing her touch? The decisive match was coming up now.

((Sorry for the long post. This battle sequence is taking much longer than anticipated so I'm trying to speed it up a bit.))

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:34 pm ]
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Leo had seated himself beside the others. The silver-haired guy was way too noisy, making him twitch on end. The fact that Trevor guy hardly said a word was irritating as well. Leo was in his spoiled brat mood-- his limbs crossed and waiting for the whole entire diaster to end.

He opened an eye to witness Jimmy's win. Charlotte was so frustrated there was almost steam coming from her ears.

When Jimmy returned, Leo gave him a huge triumphant thumbs up with a giant grin on his face. His Pikachu, Sparky, also applauded him on his success.

"Nice job, Jimmy! THAT'S how you kick her ass! Hahaha!!" he laughed, just wishing he had the opportunity. But seeing her butt whooped by both Trevor and Jimmy was more than enough to satisfy him.

When Zaro's name was called, Leo dropped his arms to the floor, "Aw man! Do we have to? ...Just make this quick, Charlotte. I don't have all day."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:50 pm ]
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Jimmy sat next to Leo, holding his sides. As soon as he was awarded the thumbs by both Leo and Sparky, he gave one right back with a weak grin. "Much thanks! I just wish it could have gone differently." He clutched his side, holding back the overwhelming pain of the Shadow Ball. "She's just...too full of herself. You could had that match though. Volcarona is just a tough cookie." Jimmy knelt his head, thinking about the previous battle. I'm sorry, Haunter...I didn't mean for it to get that intense. As soon as this is over, I'll get you some help.

Author:  redt [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:57 am ]
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Trevor looked over at Jimmy as he walked by, "Impressive to say the least. Taking a hit so your Haunter doesn't get too badly injured. That's a great quality for any trainer to have. You did a good job Jimmy." Trevor shoke his hand. "I hope to be able to battle you one day."

He heard Leo complain as the newcomer was up next. Trevor did admit to himself that the newcomer looked fairly weak but he would have never of voiced that, unlike the child that sat not too far from him. Someone must not like to lose at all.

Trevor returned his attention to the battlefield, not nearly as interested as he was earlier.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:27 am ]
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Jimmy looked up at Trevor, the pain slowly subsiding. "Thank you, but I don't know if I could really consider it a win. You demolished her though. Nice combo with that barrier of the Water Pulse." Jimmy watched in anticipation to see what Zaro had to offer. He seemed like somewhat of an enigma, but that they did just meet, after all.

Flannery watched the trio. They show promise... She laughed to herself as she saw Charlotte trying to control her anger. When will you learn to trust my judgment?

((Just waiting on Samurott...))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:28 pm ]
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((Ask, and you shall recieve))
The ranger finished his battle. Charlotte called me up. "But, Alus isnt done yet. Ugh. Very well. Rian, Alus, return!" The two came back and I brought out the PokeBall containing my most fearsome pokemon yet. I stepped up into the arena. "You might've thought I'd be using one of those two, didnt you?" I chuckled. "Well you're wrong. I have one left. My pride and joy. Sammi, go!" The ball opened, revealing what was inside. A Samurott appeared, issueing out a roar.
"A water type? You've got to be kidding." Charlotte mocked. "In this heat? Youre asking for it. Nevertheless, Darmanitan, come out and administrate the beatdown!" I chuckled at the thought.
<She's right, you know.> Sammi reinforced the fact. Yes, but not if she gets close. If that Darmanitan comes within your proximity, Cannon it. I explained to her. I couldnt resist smiling at the thought. This got to Charlotte. "How dare you? Darmanitan, Fire Punch!" the Darmanitan came in close enough. "Now!" Sammi charged up Hydro Cannon, and fired. It scored a hit, and knocked the Darmanitan into the ground before evaporating.
"What? That's impossible!" Charlotte raged. "At a distance, yes. Up close, its possible." The Darmanitan got up. "Fire Spin."
Sammi was encircled by fire. "Come on. Come on." <I'm ready.> "Ice Beam!"
Charlotte laughed so hard she didnt see the ice turn to water right before hitting her pokemon. "Why are you laughing?" I asked, with sarcasm. "Huh?" then she glanced at her fainted pokemon. "But how?"
"It turned into water. Simple as that." I explained.
It was completely silent. Spectators sat, confused at what just happened. A water type used an ice type move and defeated her pokemon. The fire stopped burning. I stepped up. "I believe the phrase 'Veni vedi vici' works here so-" I snickered, "Veni vedi vici!" Charlotte was speechless for a second, then reacted.
Charlotte started to speak...
((I'm going to leave this part open for Saint_Jimmy to say what Charlotte would say, since the battle is over and the rest of her... Character traits, I guess... Is unknown to me.))

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:13 pm ]
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((Ehh...I'll take it. Awkwardly enough, I did plan on her fourth being Darmanitan :D))

Charlotte inhaled deeply before releasing a sigh. "Fine." She returned Darmanitan and walked back to the seating area.

"I told you, didn't I? Mother always knows best, after all." Flannery pinched Charlotte's cheek with a snicker as her hand was lightly swatted away.

" all passed. Follow me..." Charlotte hung her head as she lead the group across the arena. She rose her head to the spot where Solrock had replaced itself, slowly gaining it's energy back from the light around them. "Solrock, Psychic." It's eyes glowed a bright blue as the fire queen's throne rumbled across the floor. The ground below their feet shook as a staircase was revealed. "I'm sorry, I don't have the kind of time to wait for all of us to run to a pokemon center, so I'll just share the rations I have down here." Litwicks lined the walls, flaring up their flames into an ominous purple glow as the group passed them. Oddly enough, the surroundings were growing cooler.

Once they reached the bottom floor, Charlotte flicked the switch on and bright fluorescent lights hummed as the room suddenly became visible. Despite being quite large, all that inhabited the room were a few trunks and several chairs circling around a table holding only a map on it. "Welcome to the Burning Brigade." Charlotte sat at the table, staring intently at the map. "As you can see, we're currently lacking in "employees". Well, that would be because those Dismal bastards are holding them hostage." She smiled devilishly at the group. "This is where you come in. I may be good, but I can't take down so many recruits alone."

Jimmy leaned onto the table. " want us to get your cronies back? What do we get out of this? I'm not getting killed because your men were weak." His comment was greeted with a smack on the head. Jimmy turned quickly to see Flannery glaring at him. It seemed to be a warning.

"If you'll kindly shut up...I'll get to that. Yes, my troops are trapped, but they were ambushed. You see we stormed the base in order to reclaim one of the legendary pokemon they have held there - the grass-type Shaymin. We don't quite know why yet...but it's necessary for their plan."

"Umm..." Jimmy rose his hand. "What exactly is their 'plan'?"

Charlotte groaned. "Can I please speak?" A pause. "Thank you. From what our intel has gathered, Team Dismal is taking the legendaries to turn this world to hell...then use them to "fix" it. Purposeless, yes. However, a soldier we had on the inside found that they had created a sort of serum. We don't fully know what it does, but it's only safe to assume that they plan to alter the legendary pokemon that they've managed to round up. Obviously the rumor that they'd become extinct is just that - a rumor. You four have proved that you're all reliable enough to accompany me. Any further involvement is completely up to you. If you don't think you have the stones for're welcome to leave now." Charlotte waited to watch for reactions before going on. This would certainly be a shock to the system so it was best to introduce the idea further to those who had the stomach.

Jimmy paused, looking around the room restlessly. He addressed Charlotte. "...Just point me to the healing items...I'm in. Dismal needs to pay for what they're doing to this world and the pokemon." He honestly couldn't care less about most of the people. Jimmy had learned by now that society's destruction was of it's own doing. There was no use blaming it on a scapegoat.

Charlotte nodded, suppressing a smile as she pointed to the trunks. She never took her eyes off of the group. "Anyone else?"

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:36 pm ]
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((Whoa, that was weird. I must be psychic then.
The manner of the defeat shows Zaro's ability to adapt under pressure, so that's why it happened like that. Dont worry, Sammi is a favorite of his, but wont be used much, as Alus and Rian are lv. ~35.))
Charlotte brought us around to the Solrock on her wall. She made it use Psychic, and we followed her down to the meeting room. I brought up the rear. I let Rian out of her ball, since she seemed to be getting a bit anxious. Charlotte was all business down there. Rian began talking to me telepathically.
"So what are you thinking of doing?"
"I'm going to join in." I said aloud. "I'm very protective of Unova, a place I can finally call home. But those bastards are now in Unova. I simply will not tolerate their presense there." He looked at Charlotte. "Where do I sign?"

Author:  redt [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:52 pm ]
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Trevor watched as the trainer known as Zora battled Charlotte.

Once the battle was over she revealed a secret stairway beneath her throne. Trevor was slightly impressed as everyone descended into the dark hallway.

He listened intently to Charlotte's plan. "Well I know I'm in this for sure. I have been wanting to find my 'old' friends and pay them a visit." Trevor glared down at the map, "This is the best lead I've had in months on their whereabouts."

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:55 pm ]
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"It would seem our goals are the same then, Charlotte... I also want to save the legendaries... And thanks to your information; I now know the legendaries are still out there, somewhere, and that's for a fact..." Leo paced around the room, his back to them. He stopped, however, "...I don't like working in teams though. I work alone. And even though it's for the good of the world... and I want to help you and your cause... I can't do it with these people."

Leo turned back to Charlotte, giving her his honest answer, "If I don't like your plan, I'll go and investigate Team Dismal myself. I don't care about anybody or anything except pokemon."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:20 am ]
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Charlotte nodded. "Leo...that's a shame. We could really use you assistance." So much for my second in command...His sense of judgment would do wonders on this mission. "As for everyone else," she turned to face Leo, "and yourself, if you decide to change your mind. The base we'll be storming is right here in New Hoenn. They've taken hold in Mauville. There's a power plant just off of the coast that hasn't been touched in ages where they've settled down at. I have recent knowledge that many of their troops will be gone for the next several days hunting for the remainder of legendary pokemon they haven't yet acquired. Therefor, we strike tomorrow. Now, I'm not completely sure how many will be there...but it's safe to say that the four of us with our combined strengths should be able to handle grunts."

Charlotte stood and began pacing. "Remember, this is a rescue mission. Not only for the troops of Burning Brigade, but also for Shaymin. Arceus only knows what they must being planning for that poor creature. Once inside, we'll head first for the prisoner's cells. This whole mission will go much more smoothly with extra help. After that, we'll need to split up." Charlotte slammed her hands on the table, addressing the map.

"They'll mainly hunt me down, so I'll divert the attention by taking some of the Brigade and leading them out of an emergency exit that will be previously prepared for us. Now, I originally intended for Leo to lead the you four and the remainder of the hostages to Shaymin's holding area here." She marked the map with a thumb tack. "Leo, if you should choose to brave it yourself, I'll have Trevor take your place. After the hostages tagging along with me have escaped, I'll rendezvous with the rest of you in the holding chamber. I expect security to be tight around the room, but the four of us plus the prisoners I have accompanying you should be more than enough to take them out and make our escape back through the emergency exit."

Charlotte sighed as she turned to each of them. "You'll all be necessary in this plan...Leo, with your admirable judgment, Trevor with your skill, Zaro with your brute tactics and Jimmy for your cunning." Those are all of the necessary characteristics for a fully functioning team to have." Charlotte eyed Leo once more. "If you still decide you want to go alone, I'll aid you with a map. There's no doubt at some point we'll all end up together again, but on the off chance I can't have you getting lost and captured...or worse."

Charlotte left the group time to study their destined routes before standing up and turning toward the staircase. "It's're all welcome to the spare rooms here if need be. get some rest, we leave at dawn."

Jimmy gulped hard. He knew that together they'd be fine, but couldn't help think about the worst. This is for your family...and the pokemon. If things get worse, the world really well end up as a hell for both... He sighed as he finished healing his Haunter. "This better work, Charlotte. If not, Dismal won't be the only thing for you to worry about." He stood up, cracking his back and peering at the rest of them. I just hope we can manage that kind of synergy.

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:56 pm ]
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"Pika-pi..." the Pikachu on Leo's shoulder tried to encourage him to join. Unlike Leo, Sparky was already fond of a few of them, especially Jimmy. Not only did he dislike other people, but weren't Brigade just another team like Dismal? He hated the fact that joining them meant being apart of one team or another. A sickening reminder were Team Rocket in Johto, who popped up every now and again.

"Sparky..." Leo sighed, having a brief change of heart, "Okay! I'll do it! And Jimmy's right! If you guys even slightly betray us you'll have to worry about me! Team Dismal is nothing compared to my wrath!"

Admirable judgment...? Yeah, right...

"I'm going to get some sleep! You all better be ready!" Leo left them, walking back up the Litwick hall as he stormed out, "...If anyone's saving Shaymin, it's me."


He took a room in the Pokemon Centre, soon falling asleep on the bed. Sparky cuddled up to him as she dreamed soundly as well. Tomorrow was going to be a tough day...

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