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((After this post I'm gonna take a well needed nap and send you my future character. Part of me really does want to finish Midnight...we were all so close and it was by far the best RP on here.))

Forde took note in Trevor's interest. "Infestation is exactly what we're trying to prevent. However, being short of guardsmen and our lack of certain intelligences, it has proven hard." He chuckled. "Funny though...Sir Warren and I go out on patrol looking for such rogues and instead we find you travelers. A small world, it is."

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Crunchy wrote:
And Jimmy, I liked that roleplay, too. Really, since three of us are here, we could complete it someday if someone took over as some of the other main characters as well; Matt for example. But the way I set it up, writing a war based on the sea is really difficult, especially describing battleships lol...

((YES!!!! I have been wanting to finish that plot line forever.))
Crunchy wrote:
((Edit; whoa, i rant a lot.))

((You're a're supposed to XD))

((Ok I'm done screwin around now haha. And I'll pm you my future character as well as edit it in my profile post once it gets the "ok" stamp.))

When Forde said it was a small world Trevor thought to himself, You have no idea.

As they were walking through the village Trevor noticed the steel beams around a wooden structure that looked like unfinished tower. "I'm curious but is that the Clock Tower being built over there?"

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((Sorry, Crunchy. We get internet through satellite (as weird as that sounds, it's somehow possible) at my house, and I tried editing the App on the PC, but my internet decided that it didnt want to work. So, I'll try to see if my phone's Opera internet platform can finish it. It'll take throughout the night, since I wont see home until like 8 tonight (around noon your time, if I'm correct). I'll start finishing it now. And I can play as two characters.))

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((I edited my Electabuzz (past) profile in with my Pawniard profile. I can put them both with my original Medicham profile if you wish.))

((And Crunchy, feel free to move on without me if you need, I can catch up.))

Caleb woke up in a capsule of some sort. Remembering the fight he checked all of his ribs and they were all intact. He eventually found a button to open the capsule and staggered out, just as Josh woke up. Josh asked the Zoroark several questions all of which the Zoroark answered.

"What's your name anyway? I'm Joshua." Josh ended with.

"...It's Axel." The Zoroark replied.

"I'm Caleb." Caleb stated, introducing himself. "So Axel, can we still travel through time without the Meteor Shard? I don't like the idea of being stuck here for the rest of my life, not to mention that I'd like to try and prevent this." Caleb asked, gesturing around indicating the disaster.

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((Got Abel's app done! I will start on Luka's (my future character) app sometime tonight and post it tomorrow morning, since I will write it on paper tonight, just for you, Crunchy!))
Abel walked towards the five as they walked passed the construction site. He met up with them at the site. "Brother Warren, its come upon my attention that you left your post without checking in. Nonetheless, I see you left with good intentions, so I guess its fine." He winked and started walking with the group. Turning to the three in tow, he addressed them. "You four! What are your names?" The Dewott stepped forth and answered.
After leaving where they were, they came to Clock Village. It dawned on Dewey that they were, in fact, in the middle ages. Upon entering, they passed in front of what will be Clock Tower. A Charmeleon in armor approached said a few words to Sir Warren, then turned to Dewey. "You four! What are your names?" he asked."I'm Dewey Dewott, and this is Trevor Gallade, Scarlet Sneasel, and Matthew Mime." Dewey said, gesturing towards each of them as he introduced them.
"Hmm... What an interesting group of people." Abel said. "I'm Dragoon Abel Charmeleon, a royal guardsman, like Sir Wartortle and Sir Pawniard here. Now, I assume you are being escorted, judging by the fact that you arent tied up or worse-"
"Worse?!? What can be worse than that?" Dewey interrupted. Abel looked at him with disgust. "Death. Dont interrupt me again. Many a foe have made that error before you. Its disrespectful." Abel scolded the Dewott.
Fine! Be that way. Dewey thought to himself.
Abel turned to the other guardmen. "I'm going to see if King Achxes will allow permission for Frederick and the Crimson Blades could lend a hand with escorts. My last one didnt go well. So I will tag along with you six." he annouced.
((How's that Crunchy?))

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((Yeah, I’d like it if everyone’s characters were in your first and previous posts, if that’s not too much to ask of everyone.))


“There’s no way to determine from here where a Piece of Meteor is located to get you back to your own time… But in the second dome there’s a satellite… There’s no doubt in my mind that the satellite dome is still operational… But if the power generator is, it’s got to mean the records at the dome are all still there as well. We’ll be able to find a new source in which we can travel through time.”

The pod opened as Snivy left it, feeling strangely refreshed and as good as new. Axel was right however-- he was just as hungry as ever.

“Does that mean we have to traverse the overworld again to make it there? There’s a dangerous storm brewing out there, I don’t think it’d be safe to journey outside at the moment.”

“It’s fine. If we take the elevator here and take the underground train, we’ll be there in no time.”


As they all took the elevator down inside the seemingly cold chasm, the Zoroark ached. His stump ached heavily because of the moister in the air.

“Why did you get a gun attached to your arm, Axel?” the Snivy wondered.

The Zoroark lifted it to the air as he winced, “As Black Storms continued in our time, lots of people would lose bits and pieces of their bodies in the aftermath… We had the technology back then to create fully functional limbs that react to the nerves they’re rejoined to. Originally, this was a fully automated, capable arm… Twilight, the place I lived, took considerable amount of damage after the fall of Meteor, but it was the furthest away… I lived, and I… It reminded me of my past too much to bear. I knew exactly what I wanted to do after I got my hands on a Piece of Meteor… I wanted to change the future. So, I replaced it, and destroyed it. This Arm Cannon uses energy, much like the powers you have learnt, and turns it to an energy I can use to fire. I attached a retractable hidden blade beneath it, and I traversed time itself and became a Time Mage, obtaining magical abilities of that of the Antiquity Era… When I would eventually kill the King… When I knew the moment when the King would be his weakest… I didn’t consider coming out of it alive.”

The Snivy glared. This Zoroark was opening his heart out… I was almost as if he hadn’t spoken to anyone in a long time. He pitied him. He wasn’t trying to convince them that killing the King was the right thing to do, but he didn’t look like he took pride in it either. Joshua remembered back on when the Gallade was beating him… the Zoroark was almost hoping he would had killed him. The scar on the Zoroark’s face was a horrid reminder of that time.


“Here, we made it,” the Zoroark walked from the elevator, almost an entire control room intact. He walked over to a computer screen and used his one good hand to operate it. Record display commencing… The Zoroark gazed upward, the room dimming as a hologram visual before them showed the truth behind the future’s demise. “There. It’s Meteor falling onto Dark Continent.”

The city beneath it was getting ripped to pieces as the gigantic Meteor slowly fell upon the earth. The Snivy’s eyes couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A tear slowly swelled in the corner of his eye, falling down his face. The Snivy noticed enough to be surprised about it. He had never cried in his entire life. He glared back up as the advanced civilisation was being ripped to shreds under the chaos of Meteor.

“THERE!!” the Zoroark roared, zooming in on a figure floating midair, only watching Meteor fall on the Planet, “IT’S HIM!!” Contrary to belief, a figure that looked almost identical to the King in their own time laughed hysterically as the city was soon turned to oblivion, his silver long hair flew behind him in the flames that soon erupted from hell itself. The hologram then fell under a white storm as visual left—most likely due to the satellite being hit and soon destroyed.

The Zoroark began to hit the control panel with his metal arm, smashing it again and again in a fit of uncontrollable rage. He roared in insane anger as he destroyed the panel as it exploded in a burst of electricity.

“Stop it, Axel!!” Joshua cried, walking over to him. He didn’t know how to take any of this in.

Axel fell to his knees in defeat, lightly hitting the floor with his mechanical arm, “I didn’t—I didn’t change anything! I killed a man, and yet—it was for nothing!! By murdering your King, not only did I not change what was inevitable, I probably changed the rest of the future for the worst as well… I failed. Elizabeth… Forgive me.”

The Snivy watched as the Zoroark fell apart. He glared to the floor soon after, not knowing what to do.


Some time passed before Axel was calm again. The Snivy left the wall he was leaning against and asked again, Caleb’s question earlier, “Is there any means of going back and changing any of this?”

Axel was at a different computer before he located something interesting, “Dormant Pieces of Meteor are useless, and there’s only one other place we can try in this time period… The crater Meteor left behind. We’ll have to go to Dark Continent ourselves.”



Warren the knight laughed at the Charmeleon’s suggestion, placing a hand to his shoulder, “I’m sure the three of us will be more than enough to accompany these people. And they’re quite capable of protecting themselves. Forde and I have seen them fight, and they’re not easily faltered. However, it was be grateful if you could escort them with us to the castle. I would very much appreciate that, Abel.” He smiled.


They left the sad village, the construction of a future Clock Tower in the back of the party’s mind. They traversed the forest and encounter many of the Middle Ages monsters, and fought bravely. Tiredly and exhausted from battle. They finally left the Sacred Forest and found the castle in the distance. Hoping for answers, Matt, Trevor and the others proceeded in hopes to speak to the current king of the Era.


The situated Hume’s Castle, as it was called throughout time. It stood proudly and solid throughout many eras, some saying it was protected by the Sacred Forest itself. The 1000AK castle and the 600AK one was very much the same. The castle towered before them, like a holy symbolic structure.

“It’s Sir Warren and Sir Forde! Lower the drawbridge!!”

Numerous calls lead to the noise and sounds of mechanical gears and the turning of them. The wooden but sturdy bridge lowered to grant their path across. A deep and watery trench channelled all around the castle. Matt peeked in a gulp as the height from a watery death took his breath away.

“Open the doors! Open the doors!”

Gigantic wooden doors were also unlocked and again turned with gears. The drawbridge behind them lifted as the doors granted them access.

“Please!” two guards awaited them along side of both doors, “Proceed up the stairs to the Throne Room. The King Achxes is expecting you!” Matthew frowned, being reminded of home and his dad. He hoped he was okay.

Walking up the red-carpeted staircase in front of them, another door was opened for them. Inside the room, an eager King leaned up from his golden throne. A crown sat on his long black and platted hair. He was the splitting imagine of the future successor; King Spence. However, this man was at least ten years older.

“Your highness,” Warren took his helm to his side and bowed.

“Thank you, Sir Warren, Sir Frode, Sir Abel. The people were saved because of your swift actions. The storm has yet to take another innocent’s life because of your knightly hood and loyalty. I thank the three of you,” he then addressed the four creatures behind them, the Mime Jr., Gallade, Sneasel and Dewott, “Thank you for coming, I’ve been expecting you.”


12, 000BK---

Meanwhile, in a world where its continents were afloat high in the heavens; a world Meteor had not existed and devastated with its Black Storms, where there was neither Light nor Dark Continents dividing each other apart-- two people with dark brown pointed hats greeted each other outside before they entered the domain of the master of magic, the Savoir of the future, their teacher-- Sage Blake. This man, again, was identical to all the future Kings, however, he was much older. His hair was long and white, although still retaining the spikiness. He wore black, purple and gold garments as a robe. As the two students under him greeted their teacher, he acknowledged them as he bowed himself before conversing.

“Adrienne Gardevior and Claudius Slowking. It was no joy and leisure summoning you two here today. The world in under grave peril, and it is the future that we must save and protect. You two, my greatest students, must endure a quest through time itself and save the Planet from much darkness and evil. Before I go on, do you think you have what it takes?”

The large breasted Gardevoir, along with her accompanying small Moogle bowed their heads to the powerful sage, “Yes, Master. I’m ready. You’ve taught me all I know and I am forever grateful. I will complete any task you will have of me.” Her beautiful black and blue silk sage dress fell lightly on the floor around her. As well as the Slowking, who was just as powerful, she was also well diverse in the magic-oriented era where mages ruled over all. Adrienne herself was a talented Sage, capable of black magic, white magic, and summoning spells. However, accidents and mistakes were often her speciality.

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((Hahaha you just had to specify "large breasted", right?))

-2300 AK-

Alex watched in despair as Axel destroyed the monitor. He'd heard the sad story and dropped his head. "So, it was the king after all..." Alex snarled as he beat his fist against the wall. "Great, so our only hope is just a probability? I saw the fight...I saw everything, I don't understand how much more we could possibly change to alter this time." He sighed as his eyes welled up. "We'd better head to Dark Continent then...the world's already screwed as is, right?"

-600 AK-

Forde knelt to one knee and brought his bone to his chest. "Your highness, no need for thanks. We merely just did our job." His head rose up suddenly in surprised. Catching his action, Forde lowered it once again. "With all due respect, your were you aware this group was coming?"

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((I've grouped Dare and Samurott's profiles together already, so I'll get to yours; Jimmy and Red (after he's posted Slowking's profile, that is) later. I see awesome potential already!))

((Just awaiting posts in the meantime, my main goal is this; one group of characters against another group of characters. Obviously, past characters and the ones now with the king will favour him, while the ones previously in the future and the characters of the 2000AK era will hate him and consider the Zoroark's act as good. This is and was my goal from the very start. Hopefully, we'll have an equal amount of characters on each side. That's just a bit of spoils for you guys, don't worry too much of it, I'll sort it all out.))

((Jimmy; yes, yes i did :P))

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((Oh I'm so excited!! I love confused and disoriented conflict :D hopefully all goes well enough to climax to said point. Also, sorry for the short posts, I have an interview coming up shortly so I'm submitting in increments of looking "professional"))

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((Oh, it will, it will. Mwahaha. Also, good luck to you Jimmy!! And hopefully you can post a bit more later on because I can see what you did there with Celia and it's sorta the same idea I had with Joshua :P))

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((You had to mention the breast size, didnt you? Now I know who makes all of those fanfics. *shudders*))
((Also, I might be dropping my future character. I dont want to go against myself, but Luka might be able to take on both Dewey and Abel for awhile. I'll think about it.))
((If I do decide to make Luka a character, it'll be posted some time tomorrow.))

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((Gosh, you guys are so immature :P what's wrong with big boobs? And I'm not a furry, I just wanted the chick to have some human aspect (plus she's based from a FFX character), as all of my characters do. Anyway, no more OOCs. We need posts!))

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12,000 BK

Claudius bowed after Adrienne was finished. "It will be an honor to complete any task for you sir. We have worked under your guidance for many moons and my respect has not wavered the slightest for you."

600 AK

Trevor gazed in amazement as the castle came into view. It looks the exact same. It must be protected some type of magic from deteriorating.

As everyone filed into the Throne Room Trevor's eyes fell onto a familiar face, though a bit older. When the King stated he knew that the group was going to come Trevor bowed in respect before speaking. "Sir, if you may explain what you mean I would be very grateful."

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((I'm not immature about it. If I was, I would currently be single, if you know what I mean.))
((I just started working on Luka's profile, so expect it to be posted tomorrow afternoon.))
Abel knealt down on one knee, bowed his head, and lowered the flame on his tail. He sat like that for the duration of the King's speech. When the Gallade spoke, he looked back at him, then up at the King to see his reaction.
((Abel Flashback))
((Setting: Twilight Bridge))
"I'm counting at least 700 roughly, Cain. Are you sure about this?" Abel asked his brother. He didnt like being out this far. "Yes, brother. They have two exits; Retreat, or advance. And the latter isnt in their favor. Now stop worrying." Cain consoled.
"So youre going with my plan, then? Thanks, bro!" Abel got ready to distribute his company. "No. Its too elaborate."
"What? Bait them with a company, then surround them, giving them two options: Surrender or die." Abel explained, once again. "Here they come!"
The roar of the armies snapped Abel out of the flashback.
Dewey sat and listened to what was going on, not a care in the world. He was sharpening a scalchop behind his back. He looked up when Trevor spoke to the King, interrupting Dewey's thoughts. Trevor said, "Sir, if you may explain what you mean I would be ever so grateful." By the way Abel reacted, Dewey thought that Trevor just crossed a line of Abel's.

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((I was hoping for longer posts but oh well...))

12, 000 BK ---

Adrienne snickered, giving a wince to Claudius's little speech. Being well versed in magic --- as she was a Sage --- was one thing, but she had always spitefully hated and had this invisible rivalry with Claudius. His black magic was by far superior to hers. By simply collecting books, he was able to cast ultimate magic from any of the four elements, and he was well on his way to obtaining the last of them. If anyone was going to complete this mission, it was her, and way before the likes of Claudius Slowking.

Her Moogle, Mog, gave the Slowking a poke of the tougue before Sage Blake continued. A Moogle is a small cute creature with white fur and a black nose. It's biggest trait is its red pom-pom dangling from its head and its purple bat-like wings.

"I have had a vision... A vision of the future... And it is very bleek..." the wise man sighed, "Creatures that have obtained mythical shards have traversed time, and it seems this group has parted ways and have separated into different eras of time... Soon enough, they will be involved in a war between my successor and a dark enigma who calls himself Darkrai... I need you to meet with both these groups of creatures, work individually if you have to... Let them do what they need to and help them when necessary... But stop them when the time comes that they must fight to determine the fate of a future they can't comprehend. If they fight during this war... the King will die and the world will be plunged into darkness."

Adrienne gasped as her Moogle jumped in surprise, "If that's the case, couldn't we just stop them then and there if they're going to start a war?!" War was totally unheard in this era as peace raine over all-- such a thing being said was a great deal to them.

The white haired Sage turned, pacing in thought, "I know your concern, dear Adrienne... but the Zoroark from the future, who has upset the balance in time, changed the future to a world where my line -- who has protected the world since the ages -- has been cut... A dark and powerful person now rules over what is Dark Continent and perhaps the entire world --- his name is... Mewtwo... I have no doubt that these people who traversed time itself are the only ones capable of stopping this man."

600 AK ---

The King laughed, standing before them, "I hear the shock in your tone, Sir Gallade, but this is by no means a coincidence. The Hume King line is a powerful race, protecting the Planet ever since the first prehistory creatures were walking on the earth millions of years ago..." his King's red robe followed him as he walked down from the throne to walk among them, "We are prophets, who see into the future, and who act when the world is under a great threat. You have already foreseen our power when you witnessed King Spence and unlocked your hidden power, Trevor Gallade. In many ways, Meteor and our kind are very much the same... The destructive magic you call Black Storms, the use of the Pieces of Meteor to travel through time, and a means in which are able to unlock your powers... Every King before me once had this power, but it is now lost. We lost this power in a great battle many years ago, and are yet unable to destroy Meteor where it threatens us in space."

"When the Zoroark killed your King, and changed the future-- that's when I had the premonition. The Zoroark destroyed the line that was able to stop Meteor in the year two thousand."

"But hope is not however lost," he smiled, placing a hand to Trevor's shoulder --- flashes of King Spence flooded his mind --- "If you and your friends would journey through time again, to this time, and defeat Mewtwo as well as stop the Zoroark and his allies--- you may have a chance to save the past as well."

The King laughed to himself, "I know it sounds bizarre... changing the future to change the past... but I have no doubt in my mind that you will succeed. I have faith in all of you, and the man who once protected the King four hundred years from now in the future."


"I have a method which you can use to travel into the future, but you'll need more allies if you're to fight the Zoroark and this Mewtwo. Please, take my knights with you, and also, these men are also capable," the King referred to the rest of the Past characters who walked into the room to greet them, including an Electabuzz and Larvitar in the group, "Please, do the best you can."

"Y-Your highness!" Warren bowed, a sweat dropping from his forehead as he held his one good eye closed tight in resistance, "I can't! I can't possibly! I'm serving to protect you and your people from Darkrai! It's what I was born to do! I can't simply abandon everyone!"

King Achxes walked up to Sir Warren, trying to reassure him, "Sir Warren, you are one of my best knights. It is your abilities that I'm confident you'll help me with this-- saving the future means saving this kingdom as well. I hope you can reconsider."

2300 AK ---

"We're here."

The Snivy gazed forward-- his eyes couldn't believe what he was seeing at first--- a giant chasm-like crater, pyreflies circling the entire Dark Continent. It was the only place storms didn't hit. Maelstroms were seen from every direction in the distance.

"Those are tiny life forces... The remnants of those who have died... But why haven't they dispersed?"

"It would seem..." the Zoroark frowned, "That they have no where to return to. The Planet suffered a wound it could not heal, and now this Planet has become an empty shell of its mere self... It was once thought and theorised that when a person dies, their spirit returns back to the earth where it recycles and begins anew... But with a Planet without life, well... This Planet must be just holding out..."

The Snivy followed him down into the crater, echoes of haunting cries following them. The Snivy tried to block his ears, but it was no good. As they carefully walked down, a feeling of warmth and a heartbeat flooded their imagination. It was almost as if they were arriving at the heart of the Planet itself.


"...Ever since I can remember, I've always dreamt of another world, a different time and place --- my true home... There were all these pretty lights, dancing around me..."

The Snivy wondered if this was the place in his dreams. He stopped for a second as pyreflies danced around him before being carried off into the wind.

"Joshua?" the Zoroark turned.

"...It's nothing."


It was some time before they reached their destination. Looking below a cliff was a black hole, much like the one at that consumed them at Clock Tower. "This is it... a phenomenon that's caused by Meteor. Again, I've been using Pieces of Meteor to travel through time. I refer to these as Time Gates. I'm not sure why this portal is open, but it may have something to do with it being here, at the heart of the Planet... hopefully it takes us to a time where we can change the future. And..." the Zoroark clenched a fist, "Hopefully, I can make amends for killing the Hume King."

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((Sorry for the short posts, my attention is back now. Also, if anyone is an immature fan of breasts, it's me haha))

Forde watched on, almost stunned hearing the King's words. It was so hard to believe. Past? Future? Now they're leaving post? He had to speak up. "Your highness...our place is here. The Darkrai Army could strike at any moment and without the proper only knows what could happen." He bowed his head, worried about the kingdom's fate. Closing his eyes, Forde thought to himself. If the king wills it, it will be done...
Alex wandered through the desert with the rest of the group. He waited for any sign of danger that could be lurking from the dunes. His body quaked and shivered as the howls reached his ears. "It's so that really what's become of the world?" Alex admired the small, firefly like remnants. "There's no way these things could be harmful and they're basically glowing with life force." It warmed his heart a bit as the group reached the crater. Alex watched Axel with sympathy. He knew what it was like to commit atrocities with hopes of redemption.

"Eeeeeeek!" A lone Clefairy pranced about, trying desperately to escape the grasp of a Cacturne. She just barely managed to avoid Needle Arm and Needle Arm as she felt herself imminently becoming trapped. Pyreflies scattered as the two slowly made their way through the sand. "S-stop this! I don't even know you!" The creature swung at her recklessly as a burst of yellow light exploded between them. The Cacturne dropped to the ground, twitching endlessly as the Clefairy hopped away. Tears dropped from her eyes, dripping dark spots into the sand as she hopped. Without memory, all she was left with was a severe headache and the vague name of "Celia" stitched into her robes.

As soon as cover was seen, she dove into a dune only to see a group of people consisting of a Sableye, Zoroark, Snivy and a Medicham. "Don't come near me! I know..power FIRAGA magic!" Celia's stave shook before she quickly curled into a ball, crying.

Alex slowly approached her. "Shhh, we're not gonna hurt you." He rested his hand on her as another bright flash burst from her stave. Alex dropped onto his back, twitching helplessly. "Can'" He grunted and struggled to no avail. Celia watched the rest of the group in fear.

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(( I should be able to make more posts since the week is over, and I have been briefly following your posts so I should be able to keep up, correct me if I get anything wrong: The 600AK people are in the King's Castle, we are introduced to all our past characters, the past and future groups either favour the king or Zoroark respectively. Did I miss anything out? Anyway let me finally get back to RPing!! ))

As the king began talking she started day dreaming and twirling her blonde locks with her index finger. Scarlet turned her attention when he introduced the Electabuzz, Larvitar and some others. She rolled her eyes reluctantly. More people? Are you serious? It's hard enough travelling with the amount we already have! She looked out of the stain glassed window and yawned ferociously. Scarlet felt a tug on her cloak that ended her day dreaming abruptly. She looked down to be greeted with a cute little Larvitar. It wore a small, brown, tattered robe that looked old, even for the middle ages. It had a clump of dirty blonde, ruffled hair located at the front of his head. It's bold, yellow eyes were staring into her's and it had a cheesy, but mischievous grin on it's face.
"Hey there!" it spoke in a high pitch and energetic tone.
"Erm... Hi?" Scarlet replied with a perplexed look on her face.
"My name is Sebastian but you can call me Seb, or Seth if you like."
Scarlet's attitude changed when he introduced himself. "Well it's nice to meet you Seth, how are you?..."
They continued talking for what seemed like a life time. They clicked almost instantaneously and they both knew they would become great friends.

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((Sorry haven't been feeling too good lately. Also didn't know what really to say to any of your characters Crunchy :P))

12,000 BK----------
Claudius folded his arms behind his back, seeing the Moogle out of the corner of his eye. He pointed his finger and the Book of Lightning raised a little. It sent a small shock of electricity from its cover that fizzled the small creature.

It smoked a moment before passing out over Adrienne's shoulder. Claudius smirked at the now enraged Adrienne.

He continued listening to Sage Blake, thinking about what would possibly happen to make these people realize what they are doing to the flow of time.

Adrienne gasped as her Moogle jumped in surprise, "If that's the case, couldn't we just stop them then and there if they're going to start a war?!" Claudius shook his head as Adrienne made such a ignorant idea. He spoke up at the end of the great Sage's speech, "Then this is why the two of us must go through time. So that we too can stop this era of darkness from happening. All we'll have to do is watch and wait for the right moment to interven."

Claudius bowed once again to Blake, "I will take on this task and succeed, no matter what." He looked up with a smirk as he continued, "This will also give me a great opportunity to find the other two books of Power." Claudius looked over at Adrienne with a sly grin.

------- 600 AK-------
Trevor clenched his fist as he heard the King mention the Zoroak. "I tried to defeat him sir but apparently he lived to see another day. A mistake I won't allow to happen again." He began thinking to himself, The end of the world is that damn Zoroak's fault afterall. I knew I shouldn't of hesitated when that forsaken Snivy stepped between him and me.

Just then the King put his hand on Trevor's shoulder and images of Spence flooded his mind, all of the happy times they spent training and sneaking out of the castle. The last one was Spence's last day alive, when they were sparring in the arena during the festival. I will make this right again.

When the King asked the group of the task and hand, Trevor didn't hesitate to agree to follow through till the end. "I have a method which you can use to travel into the future, but you'll need more allies if you're to fight the Zoroark and this Mewtwo. Please, take my knights with you, and also, these men are also capable," the King referred to the rest of the Past characters. He bowed low to the King, "We cannot be more grateful for your help your Highness."

Trevor wondered for a moment before asking, "What time will be going in in order to defeat this Mewtwo?"

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

((Almost done with the briefing. Also, join EP's Werewolf and vote in DP's Battle Royale!! Links are below /shameful advertising))

2300 AK ---

"A... Clefairy?" the Zoroark turned, questioning the existence of a survivor. "A White Mage? Magic and a staff suggest Antiquity... But how? Either way, she might be a problem for us..."

The Snivy turned from Alex's struggle in a chuckle to eye the Zoroark mockingly, "No survivors, huh? Then why is this girl here? She doesn't look or sound like any monster I've encountered before."

The Zoroark sighed, turning back to the crater, "Then it can't be helped. Wherever she's from, she's coming with us."

Joshua walked over to the Clefairy, lending her a hand up, "My name's Joshua. The grumpy guy over there's Axel, you already had the pleasure of meet Alex Sableye," he grinned at him, pointing behind him, "And over there's Caleb Medicham. Have you been all by yourself, girly?"

600 AK ---

"I've already unlocked Edward Electrabuzz and Sebastian Larvitar's powers. Hopefully, as you journey you'll become stronger in the hopes of defeating Darkrai's Army. That was my intention... Sir Warren, I know your concerns, but have no fear. As you know we've sent a unit into the Dark Continent to monitor Darkrai's movements. It's not soon until another war will break out between our two continents."

King Achxes walked back to his throne to take a seat, "In my visions, I saw the battle between Trevor Gallade and this Zoroark... There will again be another battle between them... But you can rest assure, Trevor is a man to be trusted. King Spence trusted this man with his life, and I will also lay my trust in his capable hands."

Matthew's eyes wondered the carpet. He missed home already... his dad, Jack, working peacefully at the Den... but he wanted to help out anyway he could. If using his alchemy could set things right with the world, he would've done anything possible to make to happen.

"Count me in, too! Trevor, you won't be doing this alone."

Warren the Knight still felt his presence here was more important, at least for the Light Continent's sake anyway. He looked to Forde who also looked unwilling. But he knew, from the Marowak's perspective, that any order from the King would have been absolute. Warren sighed under his breath. This seemed like a very important matter indeed... even though he hardly understood any of it. He sucked in his pride and bowed again, "Yes, your highness! I will lend my sword to your party and defeat this Mewtwo!"

"Very good, Sir Warren. I'm glad to hear it," he smiled. Reaching for something, he held a rock into the air. Piece of Meteor...

"That's the same rock that brought us here!" Matthew exclaimed.

"Yes. It's called a Piece of Meteor. Those who are able to unlock its power can open passages of time called Time Gates. It was the Zoroark who first used its power and still does today. I'll open a portal and allow you to travel to 2000 AK, there you will face Zoroark and Mewtwo." He explained, allowing them time to rest, "Are you all prepared? There's no way to know how dark a world it is under Mewtwo's rule. It will be a tough and perilous journey indeed."

12, 000 BK ---

The wise Sage continued, "These time travelers are separated into two groups; the group whose mission is to stop Zoroark, lead by a Gallade --- the other; Zoroark himself and his allies. They will both try to stop Mewtwo in this future. It will be wise to help these two groups, but stop them in this war I have foreseen with this Darkrai person, whatever necessary."

Mog fainted after the tiny bolt of lightning hit her. Adrienne gave Claudius a hateful glare, "That's it Claudius! You're dead!"

"Of course, Sage Blake. I will do my absolute best."

"As expected from my two favourite apprentices. Claudius, Adrienne, if you'd take a minute outside, I will begin conjuring up the portal inside the ritual chamber behind me. Please, converse CIVILLY to each other." Sage Blake placed his hands together in a pray, bowing his head to them before he left to prepare.

Adrienne kindly gestured back, walking outside with Claudius as she gave him death stares on the way out.

Outside, it was another peaceful and blissful day. To think the world would soon be engulfed in darkness and the chaos of war. Adrienne looked out over the glassy plains of the island, gazing out over the clouds. The floating island they stood were in perfect view of the other many continents, seen off in the distance, resting in the heavens. Their Academy wasn't too far off either. She wondered what the future was like and what it would bring.

The Moogle started kicking and punching the Slowking on the shoulder as her small voice yelled at him for earlier, obviously a little mad. Adrienne pulled her bustier corset up as she stomped over to Claudius Slowking, "Obviously, you know what this means! Whoever can save the future obviously is entitled to become the greatest Sage ever! I'm going to team up and side with the Zoroark, and I hope you consider joining the Gallade so I can get the chance to finally kick your butt! We both know I'm the best out of us two!" she gestured, giving a laugh, "I'll obtain the Ultimate book before you and burn it before you can even get the chance to lay your fatty hands all over it. Unlike myself, I don't need any book to preform my spells. I really hope that when the time comes, Sage Blake will find out exactly how low of a commoner you really are!"

Adrienne was nasty when she was mean, but Claudius knew of her good will and intentions. He knew deep down Adrienne would've done whatever it was necessary to save the future, and she knew him deep down as well.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Apr 28, 2012 5:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

((Yet another flashback, to help explain Luka's beginning.))
"Commander, I've set the bombs and the oil is down. Fire?" Captain James Sceptile asked Abel. "On my mark, you will."
"Yes sir!" the captain acknowledged, then called in his Skarmory. "There's something wrong with him."
"Brother, dare you to betray my orders?" Cain spat. "No, I'm improvising your orders."
"Well cease and desist." Cain ordered. "No."
"No? No?!? NO?!? Brother, I hold dominance here, in case you forgot."
"I didnt." Abel calmly replied. "Mum always liked you best." Cain disappointedly said. "Captain!"
"Yes sir?" James answered. Abel turned and looked. "Get the men ready. Now."
"Abel, what are you doing? Cain will kill you!" Sir Teryu warned Abel. The Croconaw showed concern.
Out of nowhere it came. The bolt from a crossbow struck down Sir Gilfred Quilava. "Gilfred! Attack!" At Cain's words, the division, except for Abel's men, charged. "Goodbye, brother."
"Captain, report!"
"Sir, were getting overrun. There are only 170 left." Abel grinned and raised his right hand, revealing a detonator ((Runs on magic)). "Time to break some morale!" Abel shouted. His men roared out, and he flicked the switch. The forest on the other side lit up. ((Only 19 detonate. One detonates later, though.)) Abel breathed fire and lit the oil, causing a wall of flames to rise up.
((I know its not much, but its alll I can muster))

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

-2300 AK-

"I...I have..." Celia looked uneasily around the room. "I remember, I was...talking to a man and then...I was in the desert...and..." Her eyes began to well up again as she Celia held her hands over her face. "I don't know what to dooooo!" She wiped her eyes, aware that she must have cause a scene and presented a smile. "But you all seem nice...thank you for taking me in." She trotted over and knelt down next to Alex. A dim light formed in her hands as he yelped and jumped up. "Gyahhh! What did you do? That hurt like - hey, I can move. Thanks!" Celia forced another smile as she looked back toward the group, not knowing what to expect...but at least she wasn't alone anymore.

-600 AK-

Forde's opinion was sealed. As soon as Warren had spoken, Forde knew he was following his brother in arms onto the battlefield yet again. He stood, addressing the king. "My lord, our job is to serve thee. If that must be done in different age, so be it. My bone will help to seal the fate of that blasted Mewtwo." For the first time in years Forde felt nervous. Who knew what could happen 1,400 years into the future? Only the king. And with Trevor and his group, all signs should point to victory. Forde stood by the king's side. "Your highness, I am ready."

Author:  redt [ Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

600 AK---------
Trevor bowed to the King as he was complimented. At least I still have my chance to settle the battle with that Zoroark once and for all. "Thank you your Highness."

He saw Matt chime in, "Count me in, too! Trevor, you won't be doing this alone." Trevor smiled and patted him on the head. "Thank you Matt. Your father will be very proud to know he has raised a great son."

Trevor then looked up at the King as he held the Piece of Meteor. So much power in one small stone.
"I'm ready to defeat the Zoroark and Mewtwo your Highness. It'll bring me great satisfaction to see the assassin of my friend defeated." Trevor's eyes and thoughts were focused on the defeat of the two people that ruined the world.

----------12,000 BK---------
Claudius could barely feel the small punches and kicks from the Moogle as she gave back her revenge for earlier.

He gazed out over the floating island, taking in a deep breath. This will surely be the battle of all the ages.

Adrienne quickly broke the silence, causing a deep sigh from Claudius. After he rant he began speaking, not taking his eyes off from the scenery. "Of course you would take sides with the one that caused this mess. At least if you make a mistake it'll be for the good of the world. And of course I'm going to side with the Gallade, it seems the more noble cause."

Claudius turned with a dark smirk at Adrienne, "You may not need books for magic but my spells are far more powerful than yours. And only a Scholar can even touch the Ultimate Book." The last part was a lie that Claudius would hope Adrienne would take as truth. He closed his eyes and continued speaking, a smile stretched across his face, "And besides, at least I get what I want through hard work. Unlike you who uses her looks to achieve her goals. Let's hope we stay out of a time that would recognize you as a harlot."

Claudius laughed hard as he said the last comment. He got serious after they both calmed down, "But in all reality Adrienne be careful out there." He added on a lighter note, "And if you find that book it'll be in my hands."

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

"I guess I'll tag along to." Abel stood up. He turned and faced Dewey. "I'd suggest you join too."
Dewey was sitting in silence. Do I need to be here now? Just send us on our merry little way, he thought, or give us a stone. A small voice squeaked out from behind him. He looked. "You broke my concentration. I appreciate your blatant disregard to peace and quiet." he said, with sarcasm in every drop of every word.
"I'd suggest you join, too." Abel said.
"What do you think?" Dewey replied.
"Very well." Abel turned to the King. "King Achxes, I believe that's everyone. When can- Ahh!" Abel began to scream. "No. No. No no no no no! Ahhh!"
"Captain, report!"
"Sir, only you and Commander Cain remain." Abel weighed the consequences. "Captain James, come closer." James did as he was told. Abel put a hand on his shoulder. "If I dont make it-"
"Sir! Dont talk like that!" James protested with persistence. "-You take command. That's an order." As soon as James opened his mouth to protest, an arrow tore through him. "Captain. Captain? Captain!" Abel pulled out his shortsword. "RETREAT!!!" The command boomed out accross the area, and there was immediate reaction. He turned to see his brother mouth I'm going to kill you, only to be slaughtered by a rampaging Machoke. "Cain! Da***t!" He went to check on his twin, but instant pain swept through his body. His brother was dead. James' Skarmory picked up the writhing commander and took him to the castle.
"Ugh. What happened?" Abel opened his eyes. "You were massacred. Youre one of 16 to return. Consider yourself lucky."
"Clara?" Abel asked out. "Yes sweetie, I'm here. Get rest."
"They killed him, Clara. They killed Cain. I'll make them hang by those words. Count on it." Abel assured, then stumbled to stand up.
((Clara was a victim of the plague, and Abel did what he promised. End flashback.))
It was all black. "Where am I?" He opened his eyes. "You blacked out after a fit." Dewey said. "Now tell me. What happened to you?" Abel was filled with rage it showed through his armor. "Something you should hope to never experience."
"Which is?"
"I dont want to talk about. Now leave me alone." he grumbled then shoved Dewey away.
((Crunchy, if you want, feel free to have Warren tell Dewey what happened. I supplied enough info in the flashbacks to do so.))

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:49 am ]
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12, 000 BK ---

“WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO IMPLY, FATSO?!!” she burst out, scaring Mog to fly off to duck for cover, “I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW THE GREAT SAGE HIMSELF PICKED ME FOR MY ABILITIES, NOT BECAUSE OF HOW ATTRACTIVE I AM!!” she blanked out the fact Slowking was actually implying that was a female—“Hmph! Anyway,” she crossed her arms in a pout, turning her back to him, “Don’t get yourself killed either,” she muttered under her breath.

Adrienne was definitely more emotional than the two. Claudius was more calculating, never letting his emotions lead him astray.

“Adrienne, Claudius, it’s ready.”

When they walked back inside, an ominous dark aura flowed from behind the room. It was something they had never experienced before. Proceeding inside the ritual chamber, the old Sage possessed a large black portal behind him. “This… this is a Time Gate. I hope you’re both ready. Adrienne, Claudius-- I leave my faith and the future of this Planet in your capable hands. Now, go!”

600 AK ---

“Abel…” Warren walked over to the grief-stricken Charmeleon. The constant battles between their kingdom and Darkrai wounded and left a lot of people suffering, some if not most wounds were to the heart. Both Abel’s brother and lover were casualties of a battle and the plague, just as Warren’s parents were, “Abel, this young man is only showing you concern. If you don’t think you’re up to the task, you don’t have to come.”

Warren turned to Dewey, “I’m sorry. We’ve all had many hardships. By that look in your eyes, you’ve lost a loved one as well, have you not? Let us always carry them within our hearts, may the day we finally become stronger to overcome any obstacle.”

“Dewey?” Matt turned, a feeling of dread filling him, “What happened?”

“I’m sorry, but it would seem we’re out of time!” King Achxes held the stone above his head as suddenly a dark portal summoned in the middle of the room, “Someone’s activated another portal in another time and space! It’s out of my control! Please, if it is your decision, jump into the Time Gate!”

“I’m in!” Matt nodded, leaving Dewey for the moment to side with Trevor, “Let’s change history!” He yelled, jumping into the portal and disappearing from sight.

Matthew smiled to himself as he gazed deep within the darkness, pulling him through time and space itself. Would it be possible to change the past and future in many more ways than one? Could they stop the fighting of the Middle Ages? Could they save King Spence in the Present? Could they change the fate of history to a much brighter Future? Matthew’s eyes gleamed before he closed them again, praying he could do exactly that--!

2300 AK ---

“A mysterious man and that’s all you can remember, huh? Well, consider yourself a member! You’ve just joined the weirdest group of people you’ll ever meet in your life!” the Snivy laughed, “What’s your name anyway? Let’s hope you can at least remember that much.”

Suddenly, the black hole beneath them started a vortex in the centre. Millions of pyreflies swirled helplessly above them as the crater quaked. The climatic scene could only mean this was their one and only chance!

“It’s time. I’m going!” Axel turned to the group, nodding his head. He jumped from the cliff, entering the portal below.

“Okay!” the Snivy swept the Clefairy off her feet, “Hold on tight! Let’s get going, guys!” The Snivy laughed, running and leaping from the cliff to follow Axel.

2000 AK ---

Dark Continent ---

In a dark and altered time, the year was 2000 AK, a large towering skyscraper stood in the heights of Midnight City. It was a modern and futuristic metropolis. Plates and Sectors were structured in the city. The rich and powerful rejoiced in the uppers plates while the poor and weak grovelled and lived the best they could below. The city was run by a Power Plant that used the energy of the Planet itself to power the city that was doomed to never see the light of day again, to don the city in bright lights and colour. The person who ran the city and this facility was none other than the President himself.

Meanwhile, in the tallest skyscraper of the upper sector, resided that very president.

“Really? Then, if that’s the case-- I haven’t a choice.” Mewtwo paced behind his desk, dressed in all-important black garments. “Homunculus, right? Very well, I’ll use you. This city will know the chaos of Meteor soon enough, but I have a plan. Nothing’s going to stop me… Not even them.” The Mewtwo gazed out his window, the whole city of Midnight under his watchful gaze. “Soon, I will become the new Hero of Time.”

“Yes, Mister President.” A sinister voice beckoned. Three mysterious people answered him from behind the shadows, each creature bearing familiar traits---


((They don’t have to be together right away. Such as Caleb meeting Matt and the gang inside the Power Plant. And you can meet up with your future characters now.))

Group 1 – Clock Tower
Trevor and Axel

“I’m back… My own time… But I changed the course of history… I failed,” the Zoroark gazed down, letting the recent events all sink in. He listened to the gentle sounds of airship engines in the distance, and the sound of gears rotating within the mechanical clock beneath him, “I wonder where the others fell in this time… I better start looking.” Axel looked to his mechanical watch, “The first of July? Five days till the fall of Meteor… Damn it! There’s no time to spare.”

The Zoroark turned quickly, being startled by a familiar face. The scar from that day ached. Axel chuckled.

“This is where it all began. I don’t believe in fate, but it’s funny that we should meet here again.”

Group 2 – Upper Sector
Joshua, Celia, Alex

Joshua gazed upward, sighing. “I can’t believe it. I’m actually relieved Meteor’s still up there… Judging from this night, I’d say we’re in the Dark Continent.” He walked along the streets, street lamps lighting their path. This place seemed to be busy. Nightlife was always encouraged. Theatres, bars, nightclubs, restaurants… But there was always the lowlife as well, gangs, criminals... Most likely from the Lower Sector just trying to make a living. It was almost like home.

“This place is too bright… It’s nothing like the Midnight I’m from. Hey Alex, to one thief to another, you thinking what I’m thinking? We gotta eat somehow.”

Group 3 – Power Plant
Matt, Abel, Dewey, Caleb, Edward

“Trevor! Warren!” Matthew called out, sighing in disappointment, “They’re not here.
I hope they’re all okay…” he looked around, pipes and railings all around them. This place was huge. Matt found himself feeling lost, “Where are we anyway? This looks like some sort of factory… but for what?”

Down the hall, a sign that addressed the name Reactor Core was seen above the doorway.

Suddenly, security alarms screamed. Roboguards of all shapes and sizes ran down from the hallways, shooting at them from every direction. “Gah! Give me a break!” the Mime cried, clapping his hands together to prepare a transmutation.

Group 4 – Lower Sector
Warren, Forde, Scarlet, Seth

Compared to the Upper Sector of the plate, this sector was stricken with poverty. Also called the Slums, it was a dump and a dangerous place to live if you didn’t know the right people. A few houses lined up here and there, along with a church and an inn. The only way to visit the Upper Sector was by train. Only those who had the money could live there, or be working for or under the President himself.

“That… was an awful experience. I wonder what happened to the others?” Warren looked around. A lot of strangers walked passed, looking at him weirdly. Warren couldn’t help but notice that their limbs were replaced by robotic like replacements, “…I suppose we should locate an armoury for a change in appearance. We’ll just bring unnecessary attention to ourselves dressed as we are. Scarlet, correct? Do you think you could lead the way?”

Group 5
Adrienne and Claudius

“I guess this is where we part ways,” the Gardevoir turned away, coldly at first, she walked down the dark alleyway and from the Slowking’s sight, “And don’t forget what I said!” Adrienne yelled. The Moogle on her shoulder yelped a small kupo! as well.

Author:  redt [ Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

600 AK--------
Trevor nodded at the others as Matt was the first to jump into the portal. He glanced over at the King one last time, "We will fix all of this."

And with that Trevor jumped into the dark portal. He felt the familiar sensation from before, though it was slightly stronger. He felt solid ground appear beneath his feet and the sound of gears whirring around him, his eyes still in darkness.

----12,000 BK------
Claudius felt the pull of the dark aura draw him in as soon as he came into the room. He and Adrienne walked into the darkness together, not knowing where they'd end up.

----2,000 AK-----
Trevor stood behind a metal pole as he heard another person materialize in the tower. The person spoke, obvious to the fact that he was there. Zoroark.

He casually stepped out from behind the pole, "Yes, fate tends to laugh at the desperate. And it seems that you were seperated from your group. As was I." Trevor walked a little closer to the Zoroark before taking his fighting stance. "And with no one here to stop either one of us, it seems that fate is in my favor. Now shall we resume where we left off so many years ago?" He laughed at his small time joke.
Claudius smiled as Adrienne took off. "She's always running before planning. Now where to go....." Claudius pondered for several minutes before deciding. He took off in the opposite direction.

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