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Author:  Dare234 [ Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:55 pm ]
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((Josh and Caleb are friends, leave the cloaked guy alone, got it.))

Out of nowhere there came a crash of thunder. Caleb looked up and noticed the rapidly advancing clouds. "Brad, we should probably take cover that looks like a pretty nasty storm."

"I can't believe you're here! But now's not the time! Get your brother and leave this place, now!!" Said a Snivy.

"Josh! Is that you?" Caleb exclaimed but Josh was already gone speaking to a Sneasel and her twin. Caleb led Brad over to them quickly. "If any of you need a place to take cover follow me! But be quick about it." Without waiting for a response Caleb ran off pulling Brad with him.

"Caleb? What's happening?" Brad asked in a way that showed he was very scared.

"I don't know, but it looks like the Black Storm. Just keep running! We have to get home and take cover!" Caleb looked back to see if anyone was following but a beam of energy caught his eye. As he watched it tore a hole in the storm. "What the..." He let the thought trail off and stopped in his tracks.

"Caleb! What are you doing?" Brad screamed.

"Brad, get home as fast as you can! I want to see what's going on, I'll be there not long after you." Caleb replied.

Brad ran off, not looking back, trusting that his brother knew best.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:17 pm ]
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((OOC: Well that sucked. My phone just flipped me the finger. I had a nice post that took me 45 minutes to write. Lost connection. So, I cant fricken concentrate, so sorry for the s***** post.))
After dragging Dewey for a minute, she couldnt think. She unclipped a scalchop and apoligized to Dewey before knocking him out.
It was four years ago. Dewey was staring at a news clipping on his wall. The cops were downstairs, talking to his dad.

YESTERDAY- A brave Oshawott dodged many lightning bolts to evolve into a powerful Dewott. When a few bullies made fun of him, he quickly dealt with them and is believed to have multiple scalchops.

"I'll talk to him." His dad said, then hobbled up the steps.
"Why'd you do it? Huh? Answer me!" his dad yelled at him.
"Wow. Three seconds before you lose your temper. That's a new personal best."
"Now listen here, you little rat. You do that, you make me look bad. I-"
"It's always about you. Never a 'Oh hi, Dew. How was your day?' I'm done with this. Goodbye." Dewey ranaway, but was arrested.
Dewey awoke to a flash of light. "How long was I out?" He looked for Sel.
"Why?" Then he felt water. "We're going to the shack, arent we?"
"Yep! Its a good thing I wore my swimsuit today! We wouldve been screwed."
"When are you going to teach me how to swim?" Dewey asked, to no reply. "Sel?" He turned. Sel wasnt holding onto him. He was floating. She was on the shore.
"Well, first, face me." She instructed. "Umm... Ok." He turned to face her.
"Now paddle with your legs." He did so. Within minutes he was at the shoreline. "Did I do good?"
"Your a natural." Sel assured. "I'll catch a few Basculins and make you a swimsuit." She said. She unclipped a scalchop and caught a few Basculin.
"Why would I need that?" Dewey was puzzled.
"Because, it helps you swim. That, and I use them as clothing. It's very cost-effective!"
"Yeah. Maybe one day, you and I can go into business!" They laughed, not knowing what lurked in the Lake...

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:46 am ]
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Matthew took shelter with Trevor. You could see in his face he showed great concern for the King. It was unbelievable in itself that Isaac was actually him, but it all made sense. Trevor Gallade was always at his side, and today showed just how strong a bond they had. But Matthew had become worried. What if the King couldn't stop the Black Storm? This wasnt like four years ago. This storm was incredibly more powerful and dangerous.

Matthew walked in front of the Gallade, giving him an unyielding look, "I'm worried about Isaa--- his majesty. I'm going out to see him. There's also others still out there, like that Snivy I saw a minute ago. Come on, let's go."


The Snivy could only watch as the King shot out a light that pierced the heavens. The King let out a mighty cry, the energy becoming enormous. The storm above lit up, being engulfed in a holy-like light. Suddenly, the thunder stopped, the twister whisked away, and the clouds parted.

Spence panted, his arms falling as the sword hit the pavement in front of him. His clothes and his hair drifted down, the red energy escaping his body as he reverted back.

“Your majesty!” Matt called out, running back with Trevor.

The King sighed weakly, turning to the pair as he saw them approach in the distance. He gave them a warm smile.

The Snivy gasped, “Oh no! Watch out!!”

Suddenly, the dark-cloaked figure appeared behind Spence. The King let out a murmured, his eyes showing a sense of fear. For all to see, the figure revealed a hidden blade from his right arm, immediately, stabbing Spence in the back. Spence grunted with pain as the figured held him close. He suddenly extracted the blade and let the King fall to his knees. Like slow-motion, the King fell to the ground.

The Black Storm was over, but the sky was still dark. The menacing evil that gave the King a fatal blow seemed the cause for such darkness. He gazed over the King’s body who was slowly dying, “Rest in peace, Hume King, Spence.”



Matt’s eyes widened in utter shock, a cold chill striking his very soul.

The Snivy watched, horrified. Was it him who let this happen? Could he have possibly stopped him?! The Snivy grunted, pulling his dagger from his sheath before he turned to the cry of a Mime.

Matt withdrew a piece of chalk, hitting the cement and drawing a circle. When it was completed, he slammed his hands to it. His transmutation formed in front him in the array. Matt placed a hand to it, pulling it up as it materialised into a weapon, a spear. Matt charged at the hooded-man, the Snivy swiftly following and doing the same.

Matt swung his weapon, only to stumble. Joshua Snivy did the same, only to miss as well. The man simply had to sidestep them side-to-side with relative ease. The Snivy grunted in a glare. There was no way he could’ve dodged him like that, unless---

“I only came for him. There’s no need to throw away your lives,” he said coldly, his body and cloak vanishing in a dark whisk.

“Wh-Where did he go?!” Matt found his footing, “W-Were we attacking an illusion?”

“It seemed like it, but no,” the Snivy darted around, looking behind him to see the Clock Tower. There was a single dark cloud above it. “I’m betting he’s up there.”

“T-Trevor…” the King called tiredly for his friend to come to his side.

“Damn it…” the Snivy murmured to himself, feelings of dread taking over, “Listen, I’m going up there. Hey Mime, you coming?”

“Y-Yeah,” Matthew nodded, his head falling, tears falling from his face, “But, the King…”

Joshua gritted his teeth, giving a sorrowful sigh, “…Listen, Gallade…” the Snivy turned half-heartedly to him, “He doesn’t have much time left. I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do... I’m going on ahead, I’ll meet you up there?”

((Okay, after Spence says his goodbyes to Gallade, we’ll be entering the Clock Tower and running up the circular staircase to the very top outside where we will confront the hooded-man in a few posts (so if you haven't already, it's very important to all group up now without your supporting characters). Only Trevor has permission to use one of his ultimate attacks on him (the reason why he has one unlocked will be explained later), but we can attack him now.))

((so, it'll be like this, first post; reactions and a group together, second post after mine; running up the stairs and the confrontation on the clock tower, and then we'll see~))

Author:  redt [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:20 am ]
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Trevor was running towards Spence trailing Matt. After he heard the Snivy yell for the King to watch out everything felt surreal.

King Spence slowly fell to the ground, his blade falling into the dirt beside him. Trevor froze for what felt like a lifetime, shocked beyond anything he has ever felt. He barely knew what was happening around him until the Snivy and Matt began attacking the figure. Trevor quickly rushed over to the fallen King.

Spence said his name and Trevor clasped his hand. The Snivy told him it was too late but Trevor just looked at Spence with despair. Without looking away Trevor spoke to the Snivy, "I'll help you, but I'm the one to kill this monster."

"We should of been more cautious. I should of been able to help you....." Trevor began pouring out reasons of how he shouldn't of failed his King then suddenly stopped as Spence was looking at him. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you my King."

Author:  OshawottFTW [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:41 am ]
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For the first time in Scarlet's life she had nothing to say, and honestly didn't know what to do. She had seen the hooded figure appear, her mind was telling her to attack, but her heart said different. She had seen the king fall the ground but instead of going to help, she stood still, very still. Almost like she was in a trance-like state. When the skies died down from the raging storm, and groups of people disbanded from their shelters her state returned to normal and she finally snapped out of the trance. She pondered for a second, just to catch up where she was and what had just happened. She tried pinching herself lightly on the arm to confirm that it was not a dream, it wasn't. She looked over to see if King Spence was okay. Although she came from the Dark Continent, she had no particular opinion about the king. She looked into the distance and saw the Clock Tower. She stared at the tower, intrigued. There was a single cloud above the tip of the tower. After she had finished pondering she looked into the crowd of people and saw the Snivy and a Mime Jr run off towards the tower. She knew adventure would follow where ever the Snivy went and she felt somehow that she owed him an apology. She had made her decision and tried running too, to catch up with the duo.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:45 am ]
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Dewey sat around for what seemed to be an eternity, until Sel came out.
"There. Finished. Try them out!" She tossed the trunks to Dewey. He did so, and turned to thank her. The storm subsided, but not before causing anymore damage. A branch from a nearby tree broke loose and fell. Dewey looked up and dived to push Sel out of the way. But he was too late. He took out a scalchop and tried to cut the branch, to no avail.
"Dew, I'll be fine." Sel weezed. She was barely alive. She looked towards the town. "That cant be good. Dew, please, I'm alright. Go check out Clock Tower. Something isnt right about it." Dewey looked and saw the cloud.
"Wait for me. Promise me that." He said in an annoyed tone. Why must it always be me?
"I promise. Now go." Dewey left and swam through the water. Alone, knowing that could be the last time he talked to Sel.

Author:  Dare234 [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:37 pm ]
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Caleb just turned the corner in time to see a cloaked man easily dodge attacks from both Josh and a Mime Jr and then disappear. Then he noticed the body and the Gallade. He ran over.

"What happened? Are you OK?" Caleb asked. Then he realized that Josh and the Mime Jr. were heading towards the Clock Tower, which had a single dark cloud above it.

"I bet there's something up there." Caleb muttered. He started running without waiting for an answer. He noticed one of the Sneasels running in the same direction. Caleb veered over so he was running beside her. "You going there?" Caleb asked gesturing to the Clock Tower.

In no time Caleb was standing at the base of the Clock Tower.

Author:  OshawottFTW [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:49 pm ]
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Scarlet stood at the base of the tower with the other adventurers. "Let's see who we have here..." she muttered to herself. "We have a Snivy and a Mime Jr over there..." "And a Dewott there, and a Medicham there." she continued. "That makes a collection of, hmph, 5 people." "That's funny I think I've met everyone here, or at least seen them around town" "But why are they all he-" before Scarlet could finish her sentence a bolt of lightning struck the top of the tower quickly. "I have a feeling this is about to get very interesting" she said smirking to herself.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:29 pm ]
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((OOC: Guess I shouldve made myself clear. I was out of Clock Town. But now I'm back in the town's city limits.))
Dewey continued to run towards the tower. He had four scalchops unclipped, holding two in each hand. He was focused in with only one thing on his mind: Making sense of what is happening. He was engrossed in his quest to notice that he was at the base of Clock Tower. He skidded to a stop. He gazed arund him and counted. Dewey counted five people. A Medicham, a Mime Jr., one of the Sneasels from earlier, a Gallade, and... Youve gotta be kidding me. Not this rat again. He saw the Snivy.
He stopped dead, resisting the urge to release his current chaos he is experiencing onto the Snivy. He decided to be the better person about this and walked to the thief.
"Hard to believe I'd see you again. Are you here because of the black cloud, too?" Dewey spoke between clinched teeth.
((OOC: Since Dewey and Joshua will be kinda forced to deal with each other, why not start forcing Dewey now?))

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:11 am ]
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"Trevor..." the King whispered, the Gallade at his side, "Listen to me... I don't know who that man is... But he must be stopped... Trevor, my old friend... Fighting off the Black Storm opened my true memories... I now know why we've had peace since four hundred years ago... But only if your powers were unlocked, will you be able to stop that man..." the King used the last ounce of his strength to grasp his hand, "You're going to feel a lot of shock, and a lot of anger and hate will overwhelm you for awhile. But I know you, Trevor, you have the strength and courage... So many people do not. I am going to unlock your powers."

Suddenly, vast amounts of aura left the King's body and entered Trevor's. The King grunted with pain, as if he was giving some of his life force to him. Suddenly, something in Trevor's being simply clicked, like a key turning a lock. The energy surrounding him turned to red, then faded.

Spence's eyes turned pale, the gleam fading, "Goodbye, Trevor, my friend..." the King then started to fade, his body disappearing in a swarm of bright pyreflies. They left the Gallade's grasp, flying up and scattering high above the dark sky.



Snivy turned to everyone. They had all grouped up, apart from the Gallade, all at the base of Clock Tower. What a weird group of people... He thought, smirking to himself. The only two he really had any respect for were Caleb and the ninja.

"I'm not a leader, by all means... But if you're not ready to fight, I suggest you go home. I know Caleb, the Mime, and the ninja are capable. But the Dewott..." he eyed him down, "Shouldn't you be protecting your girlfriend or something?"

Matthew rubbed his tears away, gazing upward at the tower and the dark cloud waiting for them, "My name's Matthew Mime. The King was a good person, he didn't deserve to die. Let's all work together to stop him."

The Snivy shrugged with a slight chuckle, "Then it's agreed, I'll race you there."

Both Joshua and Matt walked up to the giant doors. Together with Matt, they pushed them open. Inside Clock Tower was a circular staircase. The humming and clanking of gears and gizmos all around them. The giant tick-tock sound echoed from above, as well as the storm that was to greet them. The Snivy lead the way, along with Matthew behind him. The Snivy had his Mage Masher on hand, grasping it tightly as he clenched.

"I'm the one to kill this monster." The Gallade's words flooded his mind. "Not if I beat you first. There's still a lot of unanswered questions I need to know. If anyone's going to kill him, it's me." Joshua told himself.

The Snivy ran up the staircase as fast as he could, around and around the structure, gaining distance from Matt.


"No, what's happening here...?" the dark-cloaked man paced around, a chunk of rock in his black claw emitting a dark energy, "I need to time travel out of this era. Has it lost its power...? No, that's not it!!"

The man looked above, "That's Black Storm, reacting to this Piece of Meteor. If I can find a way to stabilise it, perhaps then..."

The dark-cloaked man walked over to the edge of the great platform, looking over the town as his cloak violently whisked in the wind, "I need to leave now. I have to go back to the future."

The man swept his black cloak from his arm, revealing a mechanical weapon that had replaced it. "The King stopped the Black Storm with his power. Perhaps I can as well."

Lifting his Arm Cannon to the sky, dark energy powered from the tip --- in the form a shadowy ball. It grew bigger and bigger...


"Hey you!" Joshua confronted him a distance away, the group wasn't that far off, "What are you doing?!"

"Considering the circumstance, I don't think I'm in a position to tell you anything."

The Snivy gritted his teeth, shouting, "At least, tell me why you saved me damn it!!"

The dark man chuckled, "You think I care about your life, then here," he aimed the ball of darkness directly to him, "Here's the proof."

Joshua gasped, clenching for the blast. Suddenly, Matthew ran up, slamming his hands to the ground --- forming an array --- creating a wooden shield in front of him. The man fired his cannon, the blast being defended by a ruined chunk of wood. The smoke and debris cleared as Matthew sided with the Snivy, "We'll defeat you here and bring you to justice for murder. Do you have anything to say?!"

The man laughed, his laughter cutting through the storm that still erupted from the sky. It was at this time everyone had made it to the top of the Clock Tower.

"Hmph," the shadowy man mocked, "A group of people who worship a false prophet... and have no powerful abilities of their own... I highly doubt that."

((Now's the chance to take swings at the man, remembering; I control this man and I judge if anything hits --- besides from of course Red, giving him permission after everyone has posted.))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

"Shouldnt you be protecting your girlfriend or something?" The Snivy said. Dewey couldnt take the Snivy's attitude any longer.
"Now listen here, you little rat!" he asserted himself. "You can do what you want to survive, but why you seem to have a problem with me for no reason is beyond me! Why dont you just- Hey I was talking!" the Dewott was about to unleash his full rage onto him when the man atop the tower caught his attention. He raced off into the tower, about ten paces behind everyone else.
He still had the four scalchopsin his hands. He got to the top of the stairs and noticed the man filling his monologue. I dont know who you are, mister, but you just made a bad choice! Dewey thought. He jumped into the air, movin towards the man. He screamed, "I've had enough of this!" and threw two scalchops at the man. He landed in front of him, two scalchos still in out and proceeded to attack.
((OOC: I know. The scalchops can hit the man or not.))

Author:  redt [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:30 am ]
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Trevor gripped harder onto the King's hand as he felt a surge of electricity run through his body. He felt like something in the back of his mind was suddenly unleashed. Then a severe flow of power coarsed through him. This must be what mother meant. It's so much power. A quick flash of anger roamed over Trevor's mind and he was engulfed in a red aura for a moment.

Spence said his last goodbye before fading away into pyreflies. Trevor felt the King's grasp disappear altogether as he faded. A tear hit the ground seconds after where Spence's body was. Trevor stood up, "I will keep my promise to you my King. You will be avenged by my own hand, even if I to destroy myself to do so."

Trevor clinched his fist, becoming overwhelmed with rage and power. His body erupted into a red aura, so violent it looked more like flames. The armor he was wearing shot of as the amount of power was too much to withhold.

"I'm coming for you.", was all Trevor said through clenched teeth as he ascended the Clock Tower.

((Trevor will be up there once after everyone has made post like Crunchy said. Also I assume once I get there that I have control of the figure when I start beating the hell out of him?))

Author:  OshawottFTW [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 7:35 am ]
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Scarlet gasped deeply for a breath as she finally got to the top of the staircase. She fell to her knees to gain air and watched the Snivy and the Dewott attack the cloaked man. "What amateurs" she muttered under her breath. She sighed while rolling her eyes. "I guess it's my duty to show how these guys how it's done!" She stood to her feet and lept into her fighting stance. She pulled several shurikens out of her pocket and threw one into the ground beneath the hood man. The group turned their heads (( Sorry for godmodding )) towards Scarlet Sneasel as she smirked evilly. "Let's do this!" she screamed ferociously. She lunged into the air and swiftly threw about seven shurikens at the hooded man. The shurikens flew quickly through the air, slicing the atmosphere.

Author:  Dare234 [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:36 pm ]
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Caleb watched as the rest of the group launched various attacks, noting that the majority were ranged attacks. He circled around and found an angle of attack where he wouldn't be hit by shurikens or scalchops.

Suddenly he charged in and feinted high with a punch, then he spun around with a low kick designed to trip the cloaked man. As soon as the spin was completed he leapt backwards to get out of range.

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:06 pm ]
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"Heh," the man grinned from under his dark hood. His moves drifted like he was a ghost himself.

Dewey attacked. Guarding and the sending the scalchops away, he blocked his first close quarters attack and elbowed him. Blocking four out of seven shurikens, he quickly dodged the others side to side, being hit by at least two. Caleb came around and managed to trip him, but after a growl, he returned the favour with a dark claw.

Matt and Joshua went in to attack. Throwing swings again and again with his spear, all it took was a guard with his metal arm for the spear to snap in half. Matt gasped, being knocked behind him in the head. Joshua striked, tearing a cut in his cloak, but the man easily leapt back. Joshua grunted.

"It's useless. If I have to, I'll finish you all here..." he held up the Piece of Meteor, the dark energy burning in his claw.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

I feel like it's missing something...but, I'll let you be the judge~

Name:[/b] Alexander (Alex) Sableye
[b]Era:[/b] Present
[b]Species:[/b] {sableye}

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Body type: thin, slightly malnourished.
Hair and eye colours: No hair, bright red eye gems.
Other physical features: No other abnormalities other than nourishment and red eyes.
Clothing Style: Brown cloth pants and a tattered, dark green short sleeve shirt.

General Acting on his own for years has given Alex a sense of self sufficiency. For a Sableye, he was looked down on by his own people for having red eyes and therefor abandoned to fend for himself. He uses all of his wit and cunning to get by as a thief. However, despite his ability to be stealthy, his reckless and rambunctious personality often gives him away. Being a klutz tends to bring down his stealing abilities. Alex may not always get away, but his charm tends to lighten his punishments every now and again.
How he/she sees himself: A "master thief" and a goofball. Alex believes that he has the potential to steal and evade anything when the cards are on the table.
Best qualities: Charming, resourceful, can get a good laugh out of almost anybody.
Worst qualities: Hard-headed, greedy, Alex has a terrible tendency to be clumsy with newly stolen goods.

Parents: Sibil and Gerard Sableye
Siblings: N/A
Hometown: Clock Town
Childhood history: As a child Alex was always ridiculed for having red eye gems. "it doesn't fit in" or "You're just bringing us shame" have often been heard from the other people when he walked around the town. After being isolated for years with no friends and little family contact, he was disowned and banished from the clan.
Recent history: Alex now gets by stealing and charming his way out of trouble with pretty words. Although still alone and starving, he can always be seen wearing a smile.
Plans for the future: To settle down and become rich so he can live the life he's always wanted with a family of his own.

[b]Job, Magic & Specials:[/b]
Job: Rogue
Weapon: An old rusted dagger
Skills: Steal, lock pick, pick pocket
Special attacks: Sucker Punch(unlocked), Shadow Claw, Detect(unlocked), Thief(unlocked), Foresight, Foul Play, Confuse Ray

[b]Ultimate attacks:[/b]
Shadow Walk, Rogue Flurry, Camouflage, Shadow Well, Hypnosis
Conditions: Shadow Walk, Camouflage and Hypnosis all require Alex to have a sound mind and calm down enough to be able to focus long enough to utilize them. Shadow Well and Rogue Flurry can only be used when Alex is pushed beyond his limits into a sort of "blind havoc" where he is forced to use his blade and dark powers at a high cost.
Appearance changes: (Will be mentioned in individual descriptions)

[b]Shadow Walk[/b] (Unlocked)
Description: Alex blends in with the dark or shadows around him. This raises his chances of evasion and sneak attacks, but is brought down by the fact that he is naturally noisy. It is mainly used to make for a good get away or infiltration.

[b]Rogue Flurry[/b]
Description: If ever there is a point where Alex allows his emotions to burst out of control, he'll enter this berserk state where his body turns a jet black and his eyes glow crimson. He's granted a speed boost and utilizes only his dagger to lash at his opponent. However, after his burst is over his body will remain weakened down to 25% of it's maximum capabilities for several hours after use.

Description: Alex changes his body colors to match the surrounding environment until he's made physical contact with another creature. This requires Alex to find a collective mind set and focus on the ability. If focus is broken or it becomes too much to handle, the skill will shatter. This raises critical ratio for one attack.

[b]Shadow Well[/b]
Description: Just as Rogue Flurry, Alex can only reach this skill by being pushed far passed his physical limitations. His body will glow a jet black and his eyes turn a crimson red as tendrils shot from him in all directions. This is a last resort move, as the after effects of a few minutes will leave him immobile for an unpredictable amount of time.

Description: Alex can force the opponent to perceive anything he wills them to. However, this skill requires so much of his focus that he has trouble even moving while keeping the spell in tact. It is seldom used and never lasts for very long.

Favourite food: Roasted Chicken
Favourite pokemon: Alex is always a sucker for a cute Clefairy.
Pet peeve(s): Chewing with one's mouth open, being underestimated.
Least favourite season: Winter
Worst memory: Being excluded by everyone as a child everywhere he went.

[b]Name:[/b] Celia Clefairy
[b]Era:[/b] Future
[b]Species:[/b] {clefairy}

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Body type: Plump, yet cute
Hair and eye colours: Bright blue eyes and a pink curl
Other physical features: Her ears are nipped and tattered
Clothing Style: She wears a blue decorated robe decorated with mysterious silver markings and a golden stave.

General Demeanor: Celia can be a ditz, but she has a kind heart. She'll always think of others before her own needs and is willing to do anything to help a friend. She doesn't consider herself much of a fighter, but her use of magic can help boost her allies, as well as grant herself some ability. However, since her amnesia, she can't recall many spells.
How he/she sees himself: Celia sees herself strictly as a support. Her main goal is to keep everyone around her happy at all times, so she works around the clock to keep that in check.
Best qualities: Somewhat skilled in magic, will never turn away from a person in need and she is unconditionally loving.
Worst qualities: Celia isn't the smartest woman in the world...nor the most observant. She gets very nervous during conflict and cannot fight well on her own.

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Childhood history: Celia doesn't remember anything of her past thus far.
Recent history: Due to a strange source of amnesia, Celia awoke to find herself alone and afraid in a desert region. In hopes of safety, she made her way deep into a nearby dome for protection. She calls herself Celia due to it being stitched into her robe, but she isn't sure whether it's her actual name or not.
Plans for the future: Regain her memory and repremand whoever took it from her.

[b]Job, Magic & Specials:[/b]
Job: White Mage
Weapon: Her golden stave
Skills: Healing
Special attacks: Copycat, Minimize, Wish, Light Screen, Thunder Wave, Attract, Metronome
[b]Ultimate attacks:[/b]
Meteor Mash, Lullaby, Cosmic Shield, Holy, Transference
Conditions: Meteor Mash and Cosmic Sheil can only be utilize while holding the Moon Stone or a pieces of a meteorite

Meteor Mash
Description: Once inhibited by the cosmic powers of the meteorites, Celia gains the amazing ability to animate a meteor, severely crushing her opposition. However, this drains a large amount - if not all of her magic.

Description: By manipulating the sound of her voice, Celia can lull all listeners of this omen-filled song into a deep slumber.

Cosmic Shield
Description: When given power from the Moon Stone or a chunk of meteorite, Celia can create a barrier around herself of allies. (The time span being to the number of allies equaling the number of Moon Stones used.)

Description: A light blast of white magic heavily dealing damage to the undead and impure of heart.

Description: Celia gains the ability to transfer any magic or life energy she has to an ally. However, this decreases her own energy of that type until the spell wears off.

Favourite food: Curry
Favourite pokemon: Those of kind hearts
Pet peeve(s): Brutes, bad language, flattery
Least favourite season: Winter
Worst memory: Waking up with no memory (lol)

Name: Forde Marowak
Era: Past
Species: {marowak}

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Body type: very muscular and althletic
Hair and eye colours: No visible hair, dark brown eyes.
Other physical features: Scars covering his arms and rough hands.
Clothing Style: Leather vest, metal gauntlets and hide boots.

General Demeanor: A stalwart warrior, Forde lives in his life by chivalry. If an opponent is at a disadvantage, Forde will hanicap himself before doing battle. He shows the utmost respect for not only his partners, but his opponent as well. He can often be heard saying, "Before you understand your enemy, you must first understand yourself.".
How he/she sees himself: Forde sees himself as nothing more than a soldier - sworn to protect his loyalties and those too weak to protect themselves.
Best qualities: Skilled on the battlefield, loyal and trusting in his own judgment.
Worst qualities: Forde is often too hard on himself, pushes too hard (both in battle and training) and lives entirely for his work.

Parents: Lydia and Gerard
Siblings: None
Hometown: Unkown
Childhood history: Forde's first memory as a Cubone is the pride he felt when utilizing his Bone Club. Although not remembering anything of his deceased mother, Forde heard many stories of her from his father, Gerard. Being the son of a general, Forde found himself training in the art of battle often. He was taught all the ways of the knight and soon learned what it was to be chivalrous.
Recent history: After enlisting in the royal army, Forde quickly moved up in the ranks. He swung his Bone Club with aplomb and worked through the harshest of battles with his fellow knights. Whether winning or losing a battle, Forde always comes home to tell the stories to his father.
Plans for the future: Become a great and respected general as his father once was and live out his days on the country side.

Job, Magic & Specials:
Job: Knight
Weapon: A war-painted Bone Club.
Skills: Warcry, Guard, Provoke
Special attacks: Bone Club, Bonemerang, Protect, Double-Edge, Focus Energy, Counter, False Swipe
Ultimate attacks:
Deflection, Critical Strike, Adrenaline, Berserk Rush, Fissure Strike
Conditions: Deflection, Berserk Rush and Fissure Strike can only be used while Forde has his Bone Club accessible.

Description: By spinning his Bone Club, Forde can deflect energy projectiles in one direction. This also causes him to be completely susceptible in all other direction while deflecting.

Critical Strike
Description: Forde analyzes his opponent, finding their weak point and raising his critcal accuracy. However, in order to do so he must have complete concentration. Will not work when two or more enemies are present.

Description: When in a pinch, Forde can must a rush of adrenaline and increase his speed and attack power. This is ony feasible if his current hit points are low. While in a state of adrenaline, Forde would receive double the amount of damage he would normally intake.

Berserk Rush
Description: Letting all of his guards down and forcing an all out attack at his opponent, Forde swings his Bone Club with great skill and delivers heavy blow after blow to his enemy. Unfortanetly, this tires him out to the point of exhaustion due to his heavy armor.

Fissure Strike
Description: Forde musters all of his power and channels it into his Bone Club before driving it deep into the earth. This causes the ground around him to break and shatter, engulfing everything in it's radius. This skill has not yet been used, as it is deamed suicidal.

Favourite food: Cooked goose and mead
Favourite pokemon: Any pokemon who has a sense of justice.
Pet peeve(s): Show-offs, weak opponents, not being able to train.
Least favourite season: Summer
Worst memory: Not having the memory of his mother.


Author:  redt [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

As Trevor ran to the top of the tower he heard as the others attempted to attack the figure.

He reached the landing and saw the figure reach into his cloak to pull out a rock coursing with dark energy. I need to stop him now. A thought flickered in his mind for a moment. Trevor nodded to himself before lashing out his right arm. A golden crest of energy flew out of his bladed arm, striking the hooded figure's hand that was holding the stone.

"Enough of this. You will pay for what you have done here today. I will avenge the King's death. Who are you that would dare to strike down the King? There are no wars, no strife among either Continent. Who are you?!" The last sentence Trevor yelled at the figure.

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

The man gasped as his hand was attacked, the Piece of Meteor flying behind him. He quickly turned to shelter his wound, giving a slight growl at the Gallade --- which soon turned into a roar.

"What the hell are you doing?! You'll ruin everything!!" He subconsciously screamed at him --- soon taking a quick breath to relax. The rock didn't matter anyway... He looked over to see the rock fallen by the dazed Mime. The man turned to the Gallade, cloak and all.

He had to accept, then and there --- he wasn't going back home after all.

"Hmph, heh heh heh..." the darkest of grins formed in his smile, "...You wouldn't believe me even if I told you so. I've already managed to change the future. It doesn't really concern me if I die here or not. So, by all means, have your revenge."

The man held his weapon ready, changing another big shot. Dark energy charged to the tip of the cannon's orb, "Give me all you got!!" The man fired three shots, dark orbs of furious energy as the Gallade swooped in to attack.

The Snivy didn't want this to happen, shaking his head violently. All his life he had been searching for something, and as soon as that something had been found... No, this couldn't happen!! "No wait, don't do it!!" he cried, only to be fallen on deaf ears.

Author:  redt [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 7:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

Trevor looked at the figure with curiosity. Where does someone get that kind of power?

As the figure shot three dark orbs at Trevor another thought flicked across his mind. He slashed out his arms, the blades beginning to glow a dull gold and extending outwards. Soon the blades on his arms were almost as long as his entire body.

Trevor deflected the oncoming attack by slashing through the orbs, closing in on the creature. Trevor's speed quickened as he weaved in and out of the figure's attack until he appeared right in front of the figure. Trevor started punching and kicking the creature with amazing speed and strength, being consumed in the red aura and by the rage in his heart.

He picked up the figure and threw him into one of the wooden beams, easily snapping it like a twig. Trevor ran over and grabbed the figure with his glowing fist, "Now I'll ask again; who are you?" Trevor held his free arm at an attacking angle, the blade glowing bright showing another energy strike was ready.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

While the battle between the two fighters exchanged one-sided blows, Matthew pushed himself up with a bit of effort. He clenched his aching head, feeling it bleed a little. Beside him, he noticed something particular. A rock that glowed and fumed a dark energy... Was this the source of the man and the storm's power?

As thunder clashed around them, the Gallade beat the man with intense force. The Snivy clenched his fist. Was there no way... he could possibly match this bladed creature’s power? Where did he even gain this power? This was almost like a nightmare... he glowed and burned energy just like the King did. Was the King responsible for this Gallade's power? Something had to be done... he couldn't let that man die!

As the Gallade pulled him up with the strength of his fist alone, the hood fell from his head. A red and black Zoroark with a large scar slashed across his face, the Gallade's handiwork. The Zoroark laughed and coughed, weakly looking into the Gallade's eyes with a grin and dark cold eyes.

"...I'm an assassin, who murdered your King. Got it memorised?! Finish me off now, or I'll kill you and the rest of your friends." He glared, awaiting the finishing blow.

"Stop this, now!!" Joshua leapt in, swiping with his dagger to get the King's servant away from the Zoroark, "You want him, you'll have to get through me!!"

"You fool, get away from here!" the Zoroark hissed, barely able to get himself up with what strength he had left. He pulled a shuriken dug in his arm.

"No!" the Snivy swiped his blade back and forth, protecting the dark creature who saved his life before, "I've waited too long for this moment," he gestured, "All my life I've been searching for the purpose, the reason why I exist. And now, after witnessing these events I understand... I'm not like any of you. I'm fighting for me!"

"You idiot, don't think you can do anything..." the Zoroark, lifted himself up behind him, his sinister cloak moving like a phantom toward him. Taking him by the shoulder, he pointed a blade to his back as he frowned, "It's going to end here. Your fate is here."


"Hey, Assassin!!" Matthew held the rock in his hand, a spear in his other already previously transmuted. "THIS is the source of your power, isn't it?!"

"No!!" the Zoroark pushed Joshua down, sweeping around to reach for the Piece of Meteor, "Don't touch it!!"

"Too late!!" Matthew threw the rock down, jumping with the spear to forcefully stab it. The rock exploded and shattered in darkness, suddenly and violently causing a furious reaction. Joshua and Zoroark looked in a widen gaze, the Snivy gasping for air as his oxygen was forcefully taken from him. The rock sucked in all the energy within it, including the storm into oblivion. Then, a deep black hole formed from it, expanding. The Snivy gasped for air as the black hole grew larger and larger, until it engulfed all the characters inside.



The Snivy's screams, feeling himself get pulled into an endless dimension under an immerse amount of pressure. Deeper and deeper into the black hole... He felt himself light up with an amazing energy, feeling it uncomfortably being forced, as if injected into his body. He screamed as pain took over, being pulled and dragged into the unknown.

What fate awaited them, was anyone's guess...

((Like? Also, type "poketrigger" in google :P))

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

Alex watched carefully as the fight progressed. He'd been hiding back behind a ledge since the very beginning, eying both parties closely. "Oh man, what happened to that guy's face?" I need to get in closer. Alex jumped up onto the ledge, but couldn't hold his balance. The next thing he knew, he was laying on his back only a few feet away from the conflict. After hearing a yell and a shattering sound, he jumped to his feet only to see a black hole appear before the group. Alex could feel his body stretching as he was pulled into the gaping hole. "Wait - wait - wait! Not me too! No!" Alex felt his body burning as he entered the hole. "My treasure!!!" Before he knew it, the Sableye was engulfed.

Author:  OshawottFTW [ Sat Apr 21, 2012 6:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

The black hole widened immensely. Scarlet tried to run from the ever growing hole but failed to do so. She tripped over trying to escape. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU FOOL!" Scarlet exclaimed. She held on to a pillar with a strong grip as her legs flapped in the wind wildly. Her legs began to stretch and become swallowed into the depths of the black hole. Her hands were in agony and she eventually lost her grip. She watched the crew fall into the hole and she quickly followed behind.

Author:  redt [ Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

As the figure revealed himself to be a Zoroark Trevor released him and let him fall to the ground. Just then the Snivy jumped between them and demanded the fight to stop. Trevor simply stated, "Stay out of the way. This doesn't concern you."

He heard Matt say something and turned to see him holding the stone that was knocked from the Zoroark's hand earlier.

Trevor watched in shock as Matthew smashed the stone with his spear. As the stone broke Trevor felt some kind of energy release then the black hole formed. His red aura quickly faded as Trevor felt his power begin to weaken.

The black hole started sucking in the very air around them, and then the people around it. Trevor felt himself get pulled into the dark opening.

As he flew threw complete darkness he felt his body become weaker. Then he felt a burst of relief as the feeling stopped. This relief was short-lived sa it was replaced by a strong shock through his entire being. Trevor began fearing that this would never end.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

((OOC: I knew it! Zoroark was the first bad guy!))
Dewey picked up his scalchops, and then attempted to charge in to the again. He looked up and saw the Gallade striking out at the figure, who, unmasked, looked a lot like a Zoroark. No, he is a Zoroark. Just then, the Snivy jumped in the fray.
You dumb***. Youre going to die. Dewey thought. They exchanged some words, and then...
"WAIT! NO!" A lot of the others started getting sucked into a black hole. Dewey didnt know what was happening, but it was too late. He was almost at the event horizon.
((OOC: Oh yay! We'z on teh google! :) !))

Author:  Dare234 [ Sat Apr 21, 2012 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PokeTrigger (still accepting roleplayers!!)

Caleb saw the Gallade come up the stairs in a rage. He used powers beyond anything Caleb had imagined and beat the man back. Suddenly Josh jumped in front of the man and stopped the Gallade.

"What are you doing Josh?" Caleb yelled.

Suddenly the Mime Jr. yelled something that Caleb missed followed by an explosion. Caleb felt himself being dragged towards the expdanding dark hole. He twisted and tried to find a hold on the floor, his plate-mail guantlets causing large scratches. Suddenly he was falling and falling through blackness.

"So this is how it ends..." Caleb murmered.

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