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Alex sighed. "Man...I guess my short attention span got the best of me again." He scratched his head in thought. "I thought I saw that though..." He paced the room, knocking on every few bricks to see if there was any way of escape. "Looks like this place is locked in pretty well. I hope Celia's alright." Alex frowned as Joshua spoke up. Alex set his head next to the wall and listened carefully. After hearing some light knocking and a high voice he grinned widely. "Joshua! It's that little Mimey guy, I think!" Alex knocked back and laughed. "Hey little buddy!" He turned, keeping his smile on. "Hey, Joshua, do you think that means we all ended up here?"

Celia sat in the corner quietly. She wasn't sure whether to try to make conversation or just sit in content at the fact that the Medicham hadn't tried to attack her. Stupid Alex...I can't believe he got us thrown in here. This place is so dirty! She put her hands in the pockets of her cape and felt a small piece of bread. She took it out and hesitantly ate it. At least he's good for something... "Um...excuse me..." Celia took a step toward the Medicham. "I have some you want a piece?" She held her trembling hand out in a sort of peace offering.
Forde woke up, rubbing his head. "Where am I?" He immediately reached for his bone, not finding it. "My weapon...! Where is it!?" He jumped from the cot he was on only to fall to one knee. "Ugh...still hurt a bit...but I need to find out where I am." Forde wandered for a bit and soon saw Warren. "Ahh! It's good to see you, brother!"

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Tue May 15, 2012 8:48 pm
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Claudius' eyes widened as the Grumpig fused his energy to form a portal. "That's forbidden!!!"

He reached out for the Mime Jr., trying to grasp his hand quickly. Claudius clenched on nothing except air as a bright light filled the room. Soon everything exploded and he felt the floor give away beneath him.

Claudius was wrapped in complete darkness as he floated through nothingness. This cannot be the end.....not by the hands of that magical monstrosity. The Reactor Core violently exploded as another light flew from its insides. The darkness around Claudius quickly lightened to a shade of gray as he felt some warmth around his body. Can this be?...........Could this be the power of one of the Great Books?

He opened his eyes to see the young Dewott holding onto his body. Then Claudius felt a slight weight in his arms. He looked down to see a book that shared light and darkness on its cover with a gold circle dividing them. "........the Book of found me!" He looked above himself as he saw the wreckage of the Reactor falling towards the group.

The Book of Destiny floated up from Claudius. "Protect!" A sphere of light wrapped itself around the group as the Reactor fell on top of them, sending the sphere down to the lowest level.
Trevor nodded as he grasped the Zoroark's hand. He felt Axel fling Trevor through the air.

His fists were set ablaze as he felt the familiar sensation of magic course through his body. "Ragnorak Fist! Full speed impact!" The speed of Trevor's body caused the magic to spread farther down his arms, turning him into a living arrow.

Trevor sliced through the blast, wincing slightly as the attack did affect his body. He was closing in on the Charmander's Salamence. ((Crunchy can decide what happens next, don't want to cause something not intended :D))
Peony walked around the rooms of the Inn, just checking in on the other travellers. She walked out onto the front porch, "How are you feeling?" The Slowking turned towards her. "I am well, thanks to you. You have a strong gift in the healing arts madam."

Peony blushed softly, "Well I am a doctor so I was only doing what I'm supposed to."

Claudius nodded at her, "Still I owe you a great debt for saving my comrades and myself." Peony smiled, "Well your friend Adrienne helped out just as much." Claudius sighed and gazed upwards, "I owe her nothing. Though I do owe her some gloating. If you'll excuse me."

Peony stood looking abashed by the Slowking's comment. She stammered for a moment as he walked inside.
Claudius walked into the room where Adrienne was sitting next to a knight. "Oh Adrienne." Claudius had a large grin on his face as he came closer into Adrienne's personal space. "Look what I obtained." He quickly grabbed the Book of Destiny and shoved it in her face.

"Seems there is only one more book I need until my collection is complete."


Fri May 18, 2012 2:45 pm
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I am afraid that I have to leave this roleplay for the foreseeable future. I've become really busy in the last couple of weeks and I can't find the time to juggle school and Psypoke. It has been a pleasure roleplaying with you all but I can't make a commitment to PokeTrigger in my current situation. I may come back in a weeks time or sooner but it's very unlikely.

My deepest apologies,


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Sun May 20, 2012 11:27 am
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