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Author:  Anade [ Fri Dec 23, 2005 7:11 pm ]
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((Wait a second. If Magma couldn't move, how could he reach, grab, and then throw a pokeball?))

Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Fri Dec 23, 2005 8:15 pm ]
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((Unforunately, that's not the first time he's did something like that, Anade.Trust me.In another Pokemon RP-it's hard to explain, but somehow he escaped death TWICE!Don't ask me how.But it's sad knowing he's not gonna post until a couple days after Christmas, but at least that gives me enough time to figure a plan to defeat him-in both RPs!))

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Fri Dec 23, 2005 8:26 pm ]
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((You have a great eye for catching those small details, Anade. :wink:

In my opinion, kryten2x4b, your posts have been kinda low on the quality meter. They seem kinda too-fast, as if you're trying to accomplish too many things in just one post. Look; they're not bad, I just think your posts could have more thought, time, and accuarcy in them.))

Locke had reached his destination point, but he parked quite a bit aways from it. He crept quietly through the bushes, and looked out of them to see what was going on. Snoot was also looking on.

Hmmm...I'd say the favor of this battle is leaning towards those kids. Those Rockets are doing unsatifactory in this battle. I'll see to it that they get demoted...

Locke stood in the bushes, waiting. I'll wait until this battle is over and the grunts have lost, which I know they will. Then I'll eliminate the weakened brats.

Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Fri Dec 23, 2005 8:50 pm ]
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Serene was about to switch a couple of her Pokemon when she thought she saw a Sneasel.She was tempted to catch it, but thought she also saw another Rocket nearby.
"You're kidding.Blaze, Blast Burn!", she yelled, pointing to the Sneasel.

((Yes, Serene has very good eyesight!))

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:04 pm ]
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Locke immediately noticed the fire heading his way. "Give me a break...I just got here!"

He turned to Snoot. "Sneasel! Use Blizzard to make a wall of ice! It will melt after being hit, but it'll save us from being burned!"

Snoot jumped out from the bush began creating a wall of ice taller than Locke. Snoot also made it wider than the small bush, so that the bush wouldn't set on fire and get Locke hurt.

So...they want to play, eh? I'll give them toys to play with...

Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:09 pm ]
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"Flame, use Blast Burn on the other side!", when Typhlosion appeared & also aimed at Sneasel, Serene stood right where the Rocket could see her.
"Blaze, Flame, use Blast Burn again!", Serene yelled, running off before she got hit with any fires.

Author:  animalluv_r [ Sat Dec 24, 2005 1:15 am ]
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Clefable's eyes glowed a deep red as the fairy pokemon heaved deep breaths, in and out, in and out. The air around Tanith, Clefable, and the Rocket and his pokemon seemed to go flat, almost unbreathable.
A voice echoed through the heads of Tanith and Magma (godmode, sorry), whispering "Mind Reader".
And, with a sudden blast, Clefable shot out a Hyper Beam. Not at Rapidash, not at Sandslash, not at Houndoom, not at Magmar. This attack was aimed straight at Magma, and thanks to Mind Reader, it couldn't miss.

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Sat Dec 24, 2005 9:50 am ]
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((After all those Blast Burn attacks, your pokemon should be dead-exhausted. Blast Burn, like Hyper Beam, is a concentrated attack of pratically all the pokemon's energy. After using it that many times, your two pokemon should be wheezing and gasping for air.))

"They...they used Blast Burn twice in a row!" exclaimed Locke. "Even though they won't have the energy left to fight us, they won't have to because we're gonna get hit!"

Snoot understood the fear from Locke. The Sneasel jumped forward, and sent its most powerful Ice Beam attack to weaken the Blast Burn a bit. Part of the attack was eradicated, but 60% of the fire was still coming.

Snoot went in front of Locke and took the hit. After making a small cry, Snoot fainted.

"Snoot!" cried Locke as he returned Snoot to his Pokeball.

Locke looked at the trainer with the now exhausted pokemon. "'ll regret messing with an Administrator of Team Rocket!"

Locke grabbed all 5 of the other Pokeballs on his belt and threw them onto the ground. "Swoop! Reki! Bruce! Nightmare! Cleaver! Teach our foe a lesson!"

In respective order, a Crobat, an Electabuzz, a Hitmonlee, a Haunter, and a Scyther appeared from Locke's Pokeballs.

Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Sat Dec 24, 2005 7:48 pm ]
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Serene was getting annoyed.
"Of all the-never mind.Look, unless you want to be hurt badly, you might wanna call off your Pokemon & get out of here.Flame & Blaze won't stop until-", within seconds, Flame had already taken out Crobat.Serene groaned.
"The curse of having 2 VERY loyal Pokemon.They won't stop until all of your Pokemon-& probably including yourself-leave.They think I will get hurt!", Serene said, watching, hoping that fatigue would get to them.

((Think of having an adrenaline rush & you've kinda got the idea of how Flame & Blaze are acting.You might want to listen to Serene's warning & get out of there, because she has lost ALL control of her Pokemon & they will fight, no matter how weak they are getting.))

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Sun Dec 25, 2005 8:50 pm ]
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(( Okay, R2Breathe_fan, time out. The more I think about these things, the more it seems like you're just godmodding. :evil:

1.From what you're saying, it sounds like your pokemon are like Shadow Pokemon; all adrenaline. Normal Pokemon don't attack like crazy, especially when they haven't even been provoked whatsoever. :evil:

2. This is the biggest godmodding issue: How do you even know I'm a Rocket? For all you know, I could be the King of Scotland! If you even bothered to read Locke's profile, you'd see his appearance, which showed that he didn't wear clothes that had a big red "R" on it. In fact, he wears pratically the normal-ist of normal clothes.
I'm sorry, but there was no given physical proof that anyone could tell Locke is a Rocket. :evil:

3. How'd your "Flame" just "take out" Crobat?? That's top-of-the-line godmodding. You didn't give me any chance to react, and on top of that, you didn't even say how he was taken out! For cripes sake! :evil:

4. To top it all of, how in the friggin hell could you have even seen me? Locke and Snoot were totally in the bushes, and they were looking through the friggin leaves, not sticking their heads out. Locke was at least more than 10 yards away from all the fighting was going on. If you actually bother to read my posts, it read; 'Locke had reached his destination point, but he parked quite a bit aways from it'. :evil:

I refuse to continue until you explain yourself. :evil: ))

Author:  animalluv_r [ Mon Dec 26, 2005 4:29 pm ]
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((Rawr. Hostile. :shock: ))

Author:  2x4b [ Tue Dec 27, 2005 5:17 am ]
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Anade wrote:
((Wait a second. If Magma couldn't move, how could he reach, grab, and then throw a pokeball?))

((You said arms are trapped right?, then theres nothing to stop him from using his HAND and throwing a pokeball, and it is possible, a little thing called using your head))

Magma saw the beam of energy run straight at him, "this is it, I'm done for" he whispered, suddenly Houndoom leapt from his side and jumped in front of the Hyper Beam, taking the full force of the blow and slammed into the tree behind them, Magma ran over....... Houndoom wasn't breathing, Magma whirled around, the look of blind fury on his face, "MURDERER! MURDERER!" He screamed at the girl, he then calmed down, "you killed my first pokemon, now I'm going to kill one of yours" Magma whispered, he then threw the Rocket Ball containing the girls Steelix into the crack in the earth which Typhlosions Firewall attack had made, Magma watched as the ball fell into the flames which dwelled beneath the crack.

Author:  animalluv_r [ Tue Dec 27, 2005 3:46 pm ]
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Clefable acted instinctively and used Safegaurd, then jumped into the crack after the pokeball.

Alec heard the agonized yelps of a dog pokemon, then Magma's cold voice. He tried to stand up, and the awful sight of Magma looming over Tanith greeted his eyes. He knew he needed to help, but he needed backup.
"Is there anyone here? Lindy? Dom? Anyone?" he called out, trying to muffle his voice enought so that the creepy Rocket people couldn't hear him.

Edging closer to the purple object/pokemon thing, Lindy was sure she heard a voice. She squinted her eyes and realized that the purple 'thing' was really Alec, and he was calling for help. Without thinking, Lindy rushed through the brush and burst out in front of Alec. "I'm here!' she excalaimed.

Author:  2x4b [ Tue Dec 27, 2005 4:27 pm ]
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Magma watched as the Clefable dove into the crack, he then turned to the girl, "You better have more pokemon" Magma hissed, he then turned to his Sandslash and Magmar, "Kill her" he said commanded, Sandslash and Magmar looked at each other, Magma had never asked them to kill someone but they could not disobey their Master, they then began to advance on the girl, Magma then picked up Houndoom, he was lifeless, his legs hung limp, Magma hoped that someway that Houndoom would just wake up, but deep down he knew nothing could bring him back.

Author:  Flarey [ Tue Dec 27, 2005 6:22 pm ]
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((Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold everything! What in flip's name is going on here? I can't post until I can control my character again, and I don't know what was going through animal_luvr's mind as he did that... Animal_luvr, PM me so I can get Lindy back in my control. Till then, I can't rejoin.))

Author:  Anade [ Mon Jan 02, 2006 9:48 pm ]
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((Okay, I suppose a free hand could do it; excuse my accusation. :P))

Tanith looked at the Rocket member, raging mad for a moment. Had Alec's Clefable not jumped after her Steelix, she would have tried to kill the Rocket with her bare hands. As it was, though, her temper was cooled and she was more worried about herself--her other pokemon weren't near enough to help. She looked the Rocket right in the eyes as she started backing towards the battle and her pokemon. "I understand that your pokemon meant a lot to you, but I didn't kill it. That clefable is not mine. I did not command it to do anything." She kept her eyes rock steady on the Rocket, but she could see his pokemon advancing on her. "I won't hide my hate for Rocket members, but this is not the kind of battle anyone should fight. Call off your pokemon. You don't need another innocent life on Team Rocket."

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