Pure Shadows-- the story has begun!
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Author:  LadyMiir [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:21 am ]
Post subject:  Pure Shadows-- the story has begun!

RP Title: Pure Shadows
RP Genre: Pokemon, Sci-fi
Rating: PG-13 for violence

Setting: The main universe (5 regions), but primarily set on Toropikuji Island, south of the Orange Islands.

Plot: Welcome to Toropikuji Island, home of the Circuit. The Circuit is composed of five Colosseums and their respective leaders, each with a different and unique theme. Every year, the Circuit hosts a Tournament, inviting trainers from across Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova, who have collected the eight badges from at least one region. The objective of the Tournament is to defeat all five Colosseums, as well as the leader of the Circuit itself. These Tournaments are very prestigious, with Elite Four members and Gym Leaders often in attendance, scouting out the next generation of trainers and shortlisting possible successors.

Even as the Circuit prepares to open this year's Tournament, there is trouble brewing... A wave of Pokemon thefts has hit all five regions, with rumors that people who try to stop the thefts have mysteriously vanished with no trace... and there are whispers of a darkness rising...

Additional Information: Part of the idea for this story came from the Colosseum/XD games. The other part came from the most excellent fanfiction Pedestal, which I highly recommend.

This is a REALISTIC RP (insofar as that is possible) so your Pokemon will suffer realistic damage (i.e: severe burns after being hit by a Fire Blast, Grass Pokemon ending up charred and scorched, frostbite from being hit by Blizzard, etc). People and Pokemon CAN die. We are not using in-game rules so I am not setting a move limit, but I expect people to exercise common sense.

Modern weapons such as guns exist and are effective in this world.

Circuit Tournament matches follow the same basic format as League battles-- max of six Pokemon, challenger allowed substitutions, etc. However, the villains won't be so nice as to follow those rules.

Rules: (credit to rex09 for writing up a very comprehensive set, which I have adapted below)

1. No excessive swearing. If you want to use one, use asterisks (*) or just a description of a character cussing ("he/she swore").

2. Violence is to be kept to an appropriate level, use common sense or ask if you're unsure. No fountains of gore.

3. Proper spelling and grammar is a MUST. It hurts my head to try and read ungrammatical posts. Also, please don't use chatspeak in dialogue/IC stuff.

4. You must have 20 posts, or have participated in 2 RPs minimum (if using the latter; then please provide links). This is to ensure quality of the RP, as well as to prevent people signing up then leaving.

5. Put the word "Charizard" in your application somewhere to show you have read, understood, and consent to the premise and rules.

6. No god-modding/powergaming, unless under special circumstances like someone being absent and the RP stalling otherwise.

7. You may not be related to anyone famous, or a character in a book. MARY SUES/GARY STUS/PERFECT CHARACTERS NEED NOT APPLY. What is a Mary Sue? Look it up on Wikipedia.

8. I reserve the right to accept/reject players as I see fit.

9. Standard Psypoke rules apply.

10. For infractions, you will receive two warnings before being banned from further participation.

11. All out of character statements/queries/etc., need to be in double parentheses ((___)), or like so OOC:_______

12. NO Legendaries are to be used. Use common sense in constructing teams.

Age (MUST be over 16-- they have at least one region's badges collected):
Home Region:
Region of Gym Completion (if not the same as home region):
History (1-2 par. is fine):

Pokemon on hand (max of 6 on hand, include distinctive features if any and nicknames):

Pokemon accessible through the PC (Exercise common sense, please. A 13-year-old is NOT going to have 58 fully-trained Pokemon available.) :

Additional Notes: Anything else you want to include.

Author:  LadyMiir [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!


Name: Cassandra "Cat" Taylor
Gender: Female
Age (MUST be over 16-- they have at least one region's badges collected): 22

Appearance: Slender, tanned, petite, Oriental girl with long black hair and dark eyes. Surprisingly strong for someone apparently so small.

Home Region: Hoenn (southern slope of Mt. Chimney, just outside Lavaridge)
Region of Gym Completion (if not the same as home region): Hoenn (defeated by Glacia), Johto (defeated by Lance)

Personality: Quiet, pleasant and observant for the most part. Friendly to allies, and fiercely loyal and protective of friends and her Pokemon. Gets sarcastic when tired or upset.

History (1-2 par. is fine): Daughter of two breeders, Cat has been around Pokemon since she could walk and talk. She started her trainer's journey at 15, substantially later than her peers due to being more inclined to staying at home and helping with the breeding center, accumulating and learning to train a large variety of Pokemon, before eventually leaving home to conquer the Hoenn league. A year later, Cat challenged the Elite Four, only to be defeated by Glacia's Walrein and its Sheer Cold.

Following that defeat, Cat returned home, spending a couple years training and improving her skills before leaving home again at 18, this time bound for Johto. Another year later, she challenged the Johto Elites, this time only falling to the third of Champion Lance's Dragonites, and giving the press a "battle to remember".

Cat has been living in Hoenn ever since, happily helping out at the breeding center and honing her skills and knowledge, while engaging in battles to keep her skills sharp.

Pokemon on hand (max of 6, include distinctive features if any and nicknames):
Anomander ("Dari")-- shiny Charizard, male
Skipper-- Swampert, male
Princess-- Froslass, female
Hektor-- Lucario, male
Draco-- Garchomp, male
Sparks/Sparky-- Rotom, unknown

Pokemon accessible through the PC: Arcanine, Ninetales, Raichu, Lapras, Nidoqueen, Alakazam, Starmie, Espeon, Houndoom, Typhlosion, Lanturn, Sceptile, Absol, Milotic, Flygon.
Can draw on her parents' and brother's Pokemon if needed and they're available (list includes but not limited to Salamence, Swampert, Manectric, Mightyena, Nidoking, Gardevoir, Hitmonchan, Vaporeon, Dragonite, Raichu, Pidgeot, Blaziken, Torterra, Skarmory, Umbreon, Staraptor)

Additional Notes: Is highly skilled at parkour and various martial arts. Is also an avid tree-climber (has a fondness for elevated spots). As a Lucario trainer, Cat has learned to be sensitive to Aura-- she cannot use it to fight, only to communicate with her Lucario in the manner of a telepathic bond.

Author:  azul [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

sorry but I don't have time to be in a RP right now (work/work/home stuff) so I guess I will see you guys on the forums in other places then this. :(
{charizard} charizard.

Author:  twistedturtwig [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

Don't have time to write an application right now {charizard}, but I'll post one shortly. Don't count me out!

Author:  Trainer-Purple [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!


Name: Gray (Not the color)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Badges: 12 (Lost to Agatha)
Appearance: Medium-Long dark brown hair, right eye is brown and left eye is blue, relatively short, wears a navy blue T-shirt, jeans, steel-toed boots, mirrored shades, and a plain grey jacket with all his pokemon hid in the lining of the inside, he is a little above average strength compared to his small stature, but he is very light but also very stealthy.

Home Reigon: Johto
Reigon with all 8 gym badges: Kanto, working on Johto

Personality: Gray is usually pessimistic but keeps the negative thoughts in his head. It takes a lot for him to open up to someone, but if he does and he gets a positive respnse, he's perfectly fine opening up to that same person again and again. He prefers doing things by himself, but is fine with working with others. He often looks down on himself as undeserving and inferior but when it comes to Pokemon, he doesn't care what others think about him. He is very blunt all the time, but sarcastic only some. Plainly, He is an awful people person and can only trust allies that he knows won't turn on him.

History: Gray got his first pokemon when he was three: An Abra with only the move Teleport. He recived this Abra at such a young age because his parents never were home, as they were always busy. He didn't know much about pokemon, being so naive, so he was a bit cruel to the Abra, attempting to train it every other minute. Although as he grew up he realized his mistakes, then apologizing to his Abra. Which then made it evolve into a Kadabra (Of course also that training he made the Abra go through). So then Kadabra and him made a more friendly, partnership bond. When he hit 10 he let his friend Joey take care of Kadabra for a day, although that just made his Kadabra evolve into an Alakazam. So that is when he decided that Alakazam and him should go on an adventure and attempt to beat the Pokemon League. He decided to go to Kanto, instead of his Home Reigon, because he had already taken trips all the way across Johto on vacation, and he wanted his paths to be a mystery to him. So he went to Hoenn and collected the Gym Badges, along with new Pokemon he got from his old days at Johto and his more recent days in Hoenn. He never met many people in his lifetime, if he did it was only for a short while. So he was still a bit uncomftorable around people, and whenever he saw criminals on the news and such, he grew a hostility toward people which shaped his personality. He heard of the tournament when he was 15, and trained for that. When he was sixteen he went back home to visit his family. Although now he is 17, and his story starts here.

Pokemon on hand:


PC Storage Pokemon

Additional Notes: Interested in Weaponry. He has Knives, and he also always brings 5 books of matches with him, and even 10 foot of rope. He used to hunt so he has learned to make traps. Knives and Matches are hidden in the lining of his jacket while the Rope is in his pack, as well as resources for making traps. He is also very bad at math, but exceptional in science.

Author:  Dare234 [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

Charizard. Took longer than I anticipated but here it is.

Name: Silas Defena

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Appearance: Average height and stocky with short, dark (almost black) hair. He has bright, green eyes. He wears mainly dark clothing.

Home Region: Hoenn

Region of Gym Completion: Sinnoh

Personality: Generally quiet unless he is around friends or family. He takes it personally when anyone one challenges his views and rarely backs down. He is generally seen as very angry because he tends to lash out do to his childhood.

He was born and raised in Mauville City. His father was an archaeologist and as a result worked in the Route 111 desert. When Silas was 10 his father brought him a Sandshrew, his first pokemon. Silas' father had amassed a large collection of fossils and a friend at Silph Co. had regenerated (I believe that is the right word) a few of them. When Silas was 11, Team Aqua attacked his house for the fossils and fossil pokemon killing his father and Sandshrew in the process. Silas went to live with his Uncle (who also lived in Mauville). Silas travelled to the desert and caught a Trapinch. He then went to train under Wattson.

When Silas was 15 he completed his training and Wattson awarded him an Electrike. Silas then set out to track Team Aqua fuelled by his thirst for revenge. Eventually, he had to fight a high ranking Admin. Silas lost miserably. After this loss Silas travelled to Sinnoh to to become stronger. He eventually collected all of the badges and challenged the league and lost to Cynthia. One year later, when he was 18, he challenged the league again and won. He refused to take the post as champion and returned to Hoenn to continue in his quest to destroy Team Aqua. However, he couldn't track them down again. He returned to Mauville to wait for them to reveal themselves, if they ever did. During this time he never stopped training.

Pokemon on hand:

Jolt - {manectric} - Male
Quake - {flygon} - Male
Shade - {dusknoir} - Female
Claw - {crawdaunt} - Male
Fury - {medicham} - Female
Titan - {arcanine} - Male

Pokemon accessible through the PC: Kingdra, Weavile, Clefable, Grumpig, Shiftry, Breloom, Staraptor, Luxray.

Additional Notes: He carries a five and a half foot staff with him. Many mistake it to be just for walking, although a few have learnt otherwise. He also carries a few throwing knives with him. He has trained with Fury to hone his hand-to-hand fighting skills.

Author:  LadyMiir [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

Azul, I'm sorry but the spelling and grammar leave somewhat to be desired. I had trouble understanding your profile and it would give me a headache later on. Perhaps another time.

Trainer-Purple, looks good, just be careful of overpowering Pokemon like Dragonite and Tyranitar; and it's Electivire. Also, please tone down the weapons. It is illogical and impractical for a 17-year-old to have a large collection of weaponry especially since katanas are rather expensive.

twistedturtwig and Dare234, looking forward to seeing it.

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 3:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

Quick app.! Lol I swear I only ever open my DS anymore to play roleplays on this forum.

Name: Spence
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Appearance: Average height, brown kind eyes, brown untamed hair, slender but strong and capable of being athletic, black jacket with fluffy hood down his back, black bandana like Solid Snake's, large sword inside a black sheath equipped to his back (think Buster Blade but smaller)

Home Region: Unova, an appartment in Castelia City, grandparents live in Nuvema
Region of Gym Completion: Defeated the Unova Gym Leaders, bested the Elite Four and faced and won against the Champion Alder, only to be defeated by his brother

Personality: Friendly and warm towards others, laughs a lot and tries to make the best with every situation with a chuckle and a silly side, does whatever he can to help someone in need, has a strong sense of justice and cares about people and pokemon equally. Will always give someone who has done wrong a second chance. Personality changes with the mention or in the presence of his brother and is the reason he tries harder to be better. Loves a challenge and will accept and take anything on with stride. He has a serious/dark side about him and blames himself for not being able to deal with a situation even when the odds are staked against him, or a past moment he regrets and can be non-talkative and unusual about it.

History: Having lost both parents to an illness, Spence and his brother Isaac lived with their grandparents in Nuvema, who happened to be friends with Professor Juniper. Juniper saw potential in both of them, and gave them a pokemon each, but both were simply not ready to become trainers. So Spence moved out into the city and Isaac travelled the world, however, having a change of thought and collecting Gym Badges. At 16, Spence got a full time job at the docks and life was good. A couple of years later, his grandparents informed him that Isaac had flown back into the region and was a fullpedged Pokemon Master. Spence tried not to care.

As days went by, his life slowly but surely seemed dull and boring... Something was eating at him. To what anyone would think was a wonderful life. A job you actually enjoy, beautiful girlfriend, great place with an awesome view of the city's highlights... His brother's success haunted him. He had collected a few pokemon and had been traded some... But he never went out into the world and battled, fighted for the right to be one day called the ultimate trainer of pokemon.

His brother visited one day, passing through with already the first badges of Unova. It was brief, but that was all it took.

At 18, Spence took his things, grabbed a pokeball, and left his home to become the Champion. His goal and dream was to best his brother and settle the rivalry between them they had since they were born.

Eight badges under his belt, Spence took on the Elite Four. In a struggle that lasted for days on end, he defeated them all victoriously. The Champion with his flaming hair challenged him and Spence quickly defeated him with every bit of courage and love for his pokemon the great heroes of Unova had. It was then Isaac entered the fray, and took Spence's title of Unova's Champion away from him. Isaac declined the title and didn't accept another battle after defeating his brother, saying it was worth it just to crush his brother's dream.

Afterwards, after resting at home and picking himself back up again with the encouragement of everyone he loved, Spence travelled to all sorts of hidden and secret locations in the wide region of Unova for a long time, and has even entered the Dream World. Improving himself and training his pokemon for another chance. One highlight and moment; a town in despair had reports of a legendary monster terrorising them and even taking the lives of people and their pokemon for many years --- Lacunosa Town.

bulbapedia quote and reference wrote:
The Lacunosa Legend

A long time ago, it is said that a large meteor came from the sky containing a terrifying monster. It was said that at night the monster would appear in the town along with the cold winds and take away humans and Pokémon to eat them. Eventually, the residents of the town surrounded Lacunosa Town in a wall to keep the monster out and rule was then set on the town that forbade anyone from leaving at night and encouraged people to stay in their homes. Even though Lacunosa residents claim to no longer believe this old story, they still stay inside of their houses at night and the walls remain standing to this day.

It always happened at night and there was always a blizzard from the chasm after the town. Spence was given a sword from an ancient man who seemed to know him and went to seek and defeat the legendary beast at Giant Chasm. Whatever happened there was a mystery. But Spence came back and the monster never harmed the townsfolk again. Spence had never been quite the same since and carries the sword as a reminder.

Pokemon on hand (just added moves to help me remember the new moves and what they can be best at):
--- Whimsicott/Jazz/female: sub, energy ball, leech seed, stun spore
--- Starmie/Twinkle/genderless: scald, thunderbolt, ice beam, psychic
--- Chandelure/Kimberley/female: shadow ball, flamethrower, hex, will-o-wisp
--- Darmanitan/Bananas/male: Flare Blitz, superpower, stone edge, earthquake
--- Reuniclus/Squishy/male: Psychic, calm mind, recover, focus blast
--- Conkeldurr/Brucie/male: mach punch, drain punch, bulk up, payback

Pokemon accessible through the PC: --- carracosta, excadrill, hydreigon, braviary, galvantula, togekiss, and a lots of weaker pokemon who live with either girlfriend at home or with grandparents or professor.

Additional Notes: Carries the Xtransceiver and gets regular calls from his girlfriend and grandparents, and also has C-Gear along with other Unova technology he's forgottten about.


Author:  azul [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

LadyMiir wrote:
Azul, I'm sorry but the spelling and grammar leave somewhat to be desired. I had trouble understanding your profile and it would give me a headache later on. Perhaps another time.

I was super busy and only had time to write part of my app. but this is your RP so you decide.
If you want me to delete my app. I will.

Author:  Trainer-Purple [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

Understood. Thank you for the spelling correction and I'll see to it that I edit my profile and cut the irrational/illogical weaponry out.

Author:  LadyMiir [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

Dare234, Crunchy, accepted and welcome!

Azul-- If you'd like to edit your profile, go ahead. I'll re-evaluate it then.

We're only going to take 2-3 more.

Author:  twistedturtwig [ Thu Dec 08, 2011 6:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

I've finally finished my application!
Here it is. This better be good, since I put a heck of a lot of work into it! ;)

Name: Jeremy Martin
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Appearance: A little bit shorter than average height, thin, Caucasian boy, nicely combed brown hair, green eyes, wears rectangular spectacles

Home Region: Sinnoh (outskirts of Eterna City)
Region of Completion: Sinnoh (defeated by Lucian)

Jeremy is very bright for his age, and has always been, even as a small child.  He constantly, if not obsessively needs to learn new things, and consequently gets bored quite easily.  On the other hand, he isn't that creative of an individual, and has the artistic talent of a stick of butter.  He tries to keep a serious face most of the time, but if something stirs up his emotions, they really show, be it gut-busting joke or tear-wrenching story.  Jeremy tends to keep many things to himself, and at times may seem cold, but this is just because of his need for secrecy.  Despite what he let's on, he can be a real scaredy-cat at times.

Jeremy was born in the outskirts of Eterna City, close to the edge of Mt. Coronet.  As a young child, he explored Eterna Forest often, against his parents' will.  Unfortunately, one day, he got too close to a wild Wurmple, and was almost fatally poisoned.  Thankfully, he was rushed to the local hospital by a hiker, and barely made it.  However, his sight was greatly impaired, and was forced to wear a pair of high-strength glasses 24/7.  Without them, he is practically blind.  Along with this came a chronic fear of Bug Type Pokemon.

As Jeremy got older, he began to travel to Oreburgh with his older brother, who worked in the mines.  On one trip, when he was looking at the exhibits in the museum, he met Roark, the Oreburgh Gym Leader.  Roark took him under his wing, and allowed him to help out with the gym every so often.

Even after reaching the age of ten, Jeremy decided to hold off from starting his Pokemon journey.  He continued to study under Roark, and even aided the curator of the museum at times.  Finally, when Jeremy turned thirteen, he was given a Claw Fossil from Roark.  They resurrected it, and Jeremy gained his first Pokemon, an Anorith (which is ironically a Bug Type).  Just for fun, Roark challenged him to a battle.  Somehow, against all odds, Jeremy was able to win, and Roark gave him an honorary Sinnoh League Badge.  With the adrenaline from the rush of the battle in him, he pledged from that day on to complete the whole Gym Challenge.

Jeremy bid farewell to his mother, father, and brother, and with backpack in hand and Maloc the Anorith on shoulder, set out from Eterna.  He went around on his journey, fighting trainers and capturing new members for the team.  There were a couple close calls with Team Galactic, though.  When he returned to his hometown to fight Gardenia, he was ambushed by a couple of Galactic grunts who kidnapped his Budew, Carolina, and fled into The Old Chateau.  Jeremy seriously considering calling it quits right then and there, but Maloc evolved into an Armaldo, and broke down the door with an Earth Power, scaring the underlings out of their wits.

It took him two years, but when he finally secured the last badge in the frigid Snowpoint City, he had done it.  He had actually completed the Gym Challenge!  But it wasn't over yet, for the Elite Four and Champion, the strongest trainers in all of Sinnoh still remained.  He managed to take down Aaron, then Bertha, and even Flint, but when it came to Lucian, Jeremy's Pokemon were all just too exhausted from their previous battles.  The entire team was swept by his Espeon.

With sorrow in both his heart and those of his Pokemon, Jeremy returned to Eterna City and decided to settled down there.  Things went back to normal, he visited Roark on occasions and continued to study at the museum.  But something was missing.  The thrill of the battle was like a unceasing itch, and soon enough, he found himself back in the game, with his Pokemon by his side once again.  This time, he traveled to the Unova Region, but refrained from taking the Gym Challenge again.  Currently, he is home, in Eterna City.

Pokemon on hand:
Armaldo- Maloc (Male): X-Scissor, Ancient Power, Aqua Tail, Earth Power
Golurk- Asimov (Male): Shadow Punch, Fly, Iron Defense, Hyper Beam
Roserade- Carolina (Female): Extrasensory, Grasswhistle, Toxic Spikes, Petal Dance
Sableye- Hopkins (Male): Shadow Claw, Detect, Ice Punch, Power Gem
Mamoswine- Dima (Female): Icicle Crash, Superpower, Bulldoze, Ancient Power
Gardevoir- Stephanie (Female): Psychic, Sing, Reflect, Teleport

Pokemon accessible through the PC: Hitmontop, Porygon-Z, Magcargo, Cradily, Swalot, Xatu, Relicanth, Cofagrius, Ditto, Electrode, Crobat, Tangrowth, Beheeyem, Archeops

Additional Notes:
Adrian is all about being fast.  He's a speed-reader and has finished entire series in a sitting before.  The same is with food.  All of it's burnt off quickly though, since he is an active runner.

{charizard} {charizard} {charizard} {charizard} {charizard}
That should be good enough, right?

EDIT: And for good measure...

Author:  LadyMiir [ Thu Dec 08, 2011 6:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

That is an exceptional profile, and an adorable picture of a Charizard. :3 Accepted, and welcome aboard!

Author:  LadyMiir [ Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

((Okay, since nobody else is interested, we're going to kick things off. I'd like you guys to make an initial post receiving the letter from the Circuit and making your way to the nearest port city to get on the boat to Toropikuji Island. Be as detailed as you'd like. Enjoy!))

Welcome to Toropikuji Island, home of the Circuit. The Circuit is composed of five Colosseums and their respective leaders, each with a different and unique theme. Every year, the Circuit hosts a Tournament, inviting trainers from across Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh who have collected the eight badges from at least one region. The objective of the Tournament is to defeat all five Colosseums, as well as the leader of the Circuit itself. These Tournaments are very prestigious, with Elite Four members and Gym Leaders often in attendance, scouting out the next generation of trainers and shortlisting possible successors.

Even as the Circuit prepares to open, there is darkness rising...


Invitations are sent out to Trainers from all four regions, each delivered by one of the small birds native to their home region-- Pidgey for those in Johto and Kanto, Taillow for Hoenn Trainers, Starly for those in Sinnoh, and Pidove for Unova Trainers. The invitations read as follows:

Dear Trainer,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen to take part in the Circuit's annual Tournament on Toropikuji Island. The Circuit will open in one week's time, on the first of June. You are invited to avail yourself of our hospitality till then, as are your Pokemon. We have plenty of Pokemon Center facilities, complete with transfer machines, so do not worry about switching your team around.

There will be a ship awaiting you at the port town of your region. Simply show this letter to board. You will receive further information when you arrive at the Circuit. We hope to see you soon!

Respectfully yours,

Circuit Champion Malcolm Larsen


"All right, all right-- ow!-- I promise! I'm-- ow! Geez!-- sorry! Now-- ouch!-- stop pecking me!"

I could hear the squawks and yelps three pens away-- pouring the last few pieces of chow into the Miltanks' feeding trough, I headed over to rescue my brother, who much to my amusement, was being attacked by a messenger Taillow, holding a letter in one hand while shielding his head and face from the tiny irate bird.

"Hey, hey, easy there." I distracted the Taillow with a piece of Pokemon food, holding it out as a peace offering, while glancing at my older brother, Jake. "What did you say to it?"

"I tried to take its letter, did it a bit roughly, then it started pecking me and squawking that I wasn't the intended recipient." Jake explained, rubbing at a bruise on his arm from the Taillow's determined assault. He held out the letter. "It's for you, sis."

"Thanks." I opened the letter with one hand, the Taillow pecking contentedly at the food in my other hand, and scanned it. "... I've been invited to take part in the Circuit Tournament."

Jake let out a whistle, running his hand through his dark-blond hair. "Wow. Better you than me, sis, I've heard those Circuit trainers are -tough-."

"Wimp." I playfully punched him in the arm, making the Taillow chirp in alarm, clinging to my other hand. "Thanks, little lady. You can go home now."

The Taillow chirped as she launched herself off my hand, swooping down to snatch a second piece of Pokechow from my hand before darting off.

"How're you getting there?" Jake asked.

"They said there'd be a ship at the port. Which means Slateport. Short flight with Dari." I shrugged, sticking two fingers in my mouth and whistling sharply to signal my Pokemon that I wanted to talk to them. Within a few minutes, I was surrounded by a group of Pokemon-- not everyone could fit in the area, so my Espeon, Belle, was in charge of mentally transmitting the words to the rest of the Pokemon, as we usually did when having a meeting.

"Guys, I got an invite to the Circuit. Big, prestigious Tournament, held once a year. Only top trainers and Pokemon." There were growls of excitement-- I let them die down before continuing. "I won't lie, it'll be harder than anything we've ever done before. But, I reckon we can do it. What do you guys think?"

After that, I had to duck jets of flame, electricity, water, and leaves as various Pokemon expressed their eagerness in a rather physical manner.

"Okay, I get the message." I laughed softly as I doled out petting and attention to the Pokemon pressing against me. "I won't be able to take all of you at once-- don't give me puppy eyes, Huan, you know how strict the League is-- but since they said there's PC access, I'll be able to switch you guys in when I need you."

The Pokemon grumbled in approval as they dispersed, leaving me with my faithful six and an Espeon who was watching me with twitching whiskers and a look that said she had no intention of moving till we were done.

"Chr?" A draconic muzzle prodded my side and I chuckled, reaching over to rub between the large black Charizard's head horns. Anomander had been my starter, and could read me better than any of my non-Psychic or Aura talented Pokemon.

"I'm sure, buddy. You guys are my top pick, we've been through everything together, and I wouldn't leave you out of this for anyth-- oof!" I couldn't help the grunt and then the laughter as I was instantly smothered by six hugs from assorted forelimbs, Belle wriggling her way into the midst to end up in my arms. "Okay, let the trainer breathe now..."

They let go, and I held out their Pokeballs. "All of you, in, except Dari. Belle, I'm going to need you to sit by the phone, I'll call when I hit Slateport and when I get there."

"Oi, sis." Jake approached, holding out my old trainer's pack that had been sent away for cleaning and repairs after the last journey I'd undertaken. "Supplied and ready to go. Lots of healing items this time around. You've still got plenty of cash, and your phone and charger's in there."

"How'd you manage to get it all done so fast?" I asked in shock as I strapped on the sturdy pack.

He shrugged. "Melody heard."

"Oh. That means Mom and Dad already know." I muttered, knowing our mother's Gardevoir would have told her Trainer instantly.

<Yes, and they say to "go get them".> The aforementioned Gardevoir replied as she Teleported onto the scene. <Enjoy yourself, Miss. Be careful.>

"I wish you wouldn't do that." I muttered once I recovered from my heart attack; Belle licked my face, then jumped to the ground and padded over to stand by Jake. I gave my brother a hug as I buckled the Pokeball bandolier onto my waist, feeling the familiar weight settle.

"Take care of yourself, Cat." he murmured as he returned the hug. "Call when you can."

"Promise." I thumped his shoulder lightly then broke away from the hug, walking over to my Charizard, who was patiently crouching, waiting for me. "Ready, Dari?"

He blew a smoke ring in answer, looking smug.

"Hah, you've been practicing." I teased as I climbed on and buckled the harness. He growled agreement, before rearing up and launching himself into the sky with powerful beats of his wings.

((If you guys want, Psychic types can communicate via telepathy, just indicate it with < >. Common sense, as always.))

Author:  Dare234 [ Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

((First roleplay so this may be a bit rough but I will try my best.))

I walked up Route 110 with a freshly caught Goldeen that was to be my dinner. As I approached my house, I heard a scuffling sound coming form around back.

"Go see what's happening." I told Jolt who was walking beside me.

Jolt took off and I followed more slowly. I turned the corner and found nothing but a messenger Taillow. Laughing at my own cautiousness, I took the letter and told it that it could leave.

I opened the letter and quickly read it.

As I finished I whistled under my breath. Jolt looked at me curiously.

"I've been invited to the Circuit Tournament." I explained.

I went into my house and found Fury.

"Can you got tell Uncle Nathan that I was invited to the Circuit Tournament?" I asked.

<Right away.> Replied Fury in her normally, concise way.

"Meet us at the edge of town when you finish." I yelled as Fury took off.

I called up the rest of my team and explained to them. Each looked ecstatic at the thought of battling trainers that are considered the best of the best.

I started packing as much as I thought I needed, a few healing supplies, some food, a couple water bottles, a book, and a spare change of clothes. As well as my weapons that I would carry.

After I finished I grabbed my bike and headed to the edge of town and saw Fury, Uncle Nathan and, to my surprise, Wattson waiting for me.

"Fury and I passed Wattson on the way so I invited him out." Said Uncle Nathan, who then embraced me in a bear hug while saying "Good luck! Make the family proud!"

"Thank you and I will." I replied.

"I expect you to win, Boy." said Wattson.

"That makes two of us." I said.

"Don't forget the training I gave you, Boy." said Wattson. "Good luck."

"Thanks a lot. Bye." I said as I turned away.

I returned Fury to her Pokeball, got on my bike, and took off down cycling road, with Jolt running by my side, towards Slateport City.

Author:  Porygon 3 [ Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

Ok, here's my app; LM you know my character from Pokemorphs, I'm just going to change him a little to both fit this RP and just to change it around:

Name: Seth McGrath
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Appearance: A somewhat slender, but not too skinny, young man. He stands 6' exactly. Seth has stormy grey eyes and a hardened and handsome face. His hair is a silvery grey color, darker than his eyes. He keeps his hair kind of short, spiked up. Fitness-wise, Seth has never really left the norm.

Home Region: Hoenn (Rustboro City)
Region of Gym Completion: Hoenn (Unchallenged) and Sinnoh (Lost to Cynthia)

Personality: Seth is friendly to most strangers, unless he knows they're not good people. He is respectful of most people, and is a good friend and ally. Not really competitive unless someone tests his patience. Seth has a great sense of humor and can get pretty sarcastic, though not in an obnoxious way.

History: Seth grew up in Rustboro City, right next to the Gym and the path to Route 116. He always loved Rustboro and how it was a city, but nothing like the population of Jubilife. He got his first Pokemon at the age of 13. It was a Deino that his father had gotten all the way from Unova, which he nicknamed Talon. Seth spent years traveling Hoenn, training, collecting badges, and catching new Pokemon, native and foreign.

In the trainer community, Seth was generally taken as an underdog from others, but if anyone challenged him, they would almost always be defeated. By the age of 18, Seth had gotten around to collecting all eight badges, but decided not to challenge Hoenn's Pokemon League, putting off until later.

A year later, Seth traveled to Sinnoh and defeated all eight Gym Leaders in eleven months, which was rather fast for him, considering it took him five years to beat Hoenn's leaders at his own pace. In a shocking outcome, Seth fought his way through the entire Elite Four, only to be defeated by the Champion, Cynthia, with her last remaining Pokemon. It was startling to the community, that this trainer just rose out of nowhere. Because of this, Seth became rather well-known by many trainers all over Hoenn and Sinnoh. Seth himself, though, didn't want to be bathed in limelight, so he traveled back to Rustboro to continue living his life as normal.

After Kanto, Seth once again returned home to his house in Rustboro City at the age of 19, where he then continued training on Route 115 to the north, as he did when he was younger.

Pokemon On Hand:
Talon (Hydreigon) - Male
Cirrus (Flygon) - Male
Deluge (Milotic) - Female
Shadow (Absol) - Male
Kilowatt (Electivire) - Male
Inferno (Arcanine) - Female

Pokemon In PC: Barbagianni (Noctowl), Acciaio (Aggron), Cosmic (Metagross), Darkwood (Shiftry), Blackout (Zoroark), Corporeal (Gengar), Flubber (Ditto), Blade (Scizor), Scorch (Blaziken), Berserker (Haxorus), Gyrator (Hitmontop), Megawatt (Luxray), Tailwind (Staraptor), Cerebra (Gardevoir), Tempest (Kingdra), and Guerilla (Zangoose). (Hope this isn't over the top with caught Pokemon, LM. I just decided to put in a bunch since Seth had traveled Hoenn and Kanto for a total of about six or seven years.)

Additional Notes: Seth can usually calm anyone who's upset down, expecially if it's a friend. Also, he can be very persuasive if need be.

OK, there it is. Hope you CHARIZARD like it. (lol)

Author:  LadyMiir [ Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

It looks good to me-- welcome aboard!

Author:  Porygon 3 [ Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

Thanks, glad to hear it! I'll make my first post sometime later tonight or early tomorrow.

Author:  Trainer-Purple [ Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

Gray was talking a walk through nature right outside of his home town of New Bark, coming back from Vherrygrove with the groceries his family asked. He had all his pokemon out and they were enjoying the fresh air. Gray was smiling at each of his pokemon's whimsical humor. Alakazam juggled his spoons while walking backwards and tripped over a log. Tyranitar and Dragonite were carrying Lapras across the land, as his squirming couldnt keep up with the rest of the Pokemon. Venusaur was finally swinging his vines around looking for Apricots and fruit.
When Gray returned home, his father informed him that a latter had come for him, and he opened it and read the letter.

"Wow, I cannot believe I made it. Dad, I'm going. Although you already expected that. It is at the port city, but I am just going to go to Vermillion since my Pokemon are more familiar with that." Gray said.

"i'm very happy for you son, and I wish you good luck." Gray's Father told him.

Gray nodded, and his father nodded back. Gray turned around, and went out the door, threw Dragonite's Pokeball up in the air and released him. Dragonite flew in a loop then swooped down, where Gray leaped on his back to set off for Vermillion in the Northeast. It was quite pretty up in the sky, gray could see a flock of bird pokemon, but couldn't make out what Pokemon it was. After about an hour of flying Gray reached Vermillion, due to Dragonite's exceedingly fast flying speed. Dragonite landed on the ground, and Gray jumped off from Dragonite and returned hi. Into his Pokeball. He then walked to the edge of the dock, and flashed the letter at the sailor. The sailor's eyes widened slightly, and he gestured for Gray to come aboard.

Author:  Porygon 3 [ Thu Dec 15, 2011 5:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

((First post! Here we go.))

I woke up in my bedroom. Someone calling my name, but i was too drowsy to indentify anyone. I sat up and wiped my eyes, which helped to wake me up enough to know who was talking.

"Seth! Seth, honey! Come downstairs, I made some breakfast!" It was Mom. I was suprised, though. Mom hadn't really made me breakfast at all after my eighteenth birthday, when I was home, at least. I replied with a "OK, Mom, be right there!" and got up and got dressed.

Heading down the stairs, I smelled the food my Mom made. Wow... I thought. That smells really good. I walked into the kitchen to my Mom, Dad, and a big bacon, egg, and sausage breakfast. "Good morning!" My Mom said. "Hey, 'morning." I replied, still half asleep.

"What's the occasion for this?" I asked with a laugh. "You seem way more excited than usual. Did you find one of those precious stones Roxanne and I hid in the Gym?"

"What?" Both of them spoke at the same time.

"Oh, uh, nothing." I said, smiling. "What is the occasion then?"

"Well, we got this." My Mom said, giving me a letter. The seal on it was a Pokeball, which was kind of cheesey, like something my grandma would do. "I think your father and I know what it is!" She said, bursting with excitement.

"Uh, ok then." I took the letter and opened it. I read the letter for the first time aloud:

Dear Trainer,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen to take part in the Circuit's annual Tournament on Toropikuji Island. The Circuit will open in one week's time, on the first of June. You are invited to avail yourself of our hospitality till then, as are your Pokemon. We have plenty of Pokemon Center facilities, complete with transfer machines, so do not worry about switching your team around.

There will be a ship awaiting you at the port town of your region. Simply show this letter to board. You will receive further information when you arrive at the Circuit. We hope to see you soon!

Respectfully yours,

Circuit Champion Malcolm Larsen

"Hah, it's about time!" My Dad said in an overconfident tone. That was just like him. He thought the fact that I was only known to trainers in one region was complete crap, and that I should be universally famous. "They should've sent you your winnings for that tournament. Why, if I was that Malcolm Larson, I'd-"

"Dad! I've told you a thousand times, I don't want to be a celebrity." I interrupted him.

He sighed. "I was just making an example..." he said in a grumbly tone, which made me chuckle.

"Well, you should get going to Slateport. Who knows, maybe you'll meet another trainer there. Like a rival of some kind!" Mom said, and rolled her eyes when Dad added, "Yeah, that rival will be a good warm-up for him!"

"Ok, see you guys later!" I said. I grabbed my things, gave hugs and kisses, then headed out the door. I was glad my parents got over the whole 'hard to say goodbye' thing. It was probably because I'd left so many times.

Walking out the door, I saw Roxanne polishing her Nosepass, and some other trainers from her Gym sparring against each other. "Oh, hey Seth!" Roxanne said. "Where are you all packed up to go?" I walked over and handed her the letter. "I got invited to the Circuit Tournament. I'm surprised you couldn't hear my Dad yelling about it from out here." I said with a laugh.

I looked around at Roxanne's trainers, who were still busy sparring. "Hey guys. You're improving! Though you might want to stop using only Geodudes to spar." I said smiling. Then, a kid I didn't recognize came out from the crowd. He must've been new.

"Whoa! You're Seth McGrath! I read an article about you in my Pokemon Today magazine!" the kid looked awed to be in my presence. "Can have you're autograph? Please, please, PLEASE?" I smiled. Normally, I would've said something like, 'Sorry, not right now.', but I couldn't say no to little kids like him. "Ok, you got it." I said, and signed a piece of paper for him.

"Now, I better get going." I said. "Let's go, Flygon!" out came the Pokemon. "Fly, Flygon!" it said, happy to see me. I climbed on its back and patted it on the head. "Let's go, boy. Slateport!" right when he heard his destination, Flygon started to take off. "See you later, guys!" I yelled back as Flygon picked up speed, shooting out over Rustboro like a bullet.

Author:  Trainer-Purple [ Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

When Gray entered the large ship, he swept the interior with a glance. Impressive. Gray thought, but he kept his same straight expression as he always wore unless he was spending time with his Pokemon. Gray walked up to a stand and recieved his key for his room. The key had a tag attatched to the other end of the keychain, the tag glistened with a luserous gold color as it was made of metal. The tag had the words Room 3C writton on one side and amsketch of a ship floating in water on the other.
Gray reached his room where he unpacked his things that he had packed before he left; food and water. He had a few other things such as Full Restores and heals that he always kept with him, since he was cautious about the injuries his Pokemon sustained during battle.they were going to arrive at theur destination in a couple of days, nbut in the meantime Gray was just going to chill with his Pokemon.
There was a facility in the ship where Pokemon could play, small or large. Gray sent out all his Pokemon to play on this Poke-P,ayground type deal. He sent down on a bench that was xonviently there. He was a bit u comftorable letting his Pokemon p,ay with strangers' Pokemon because he never had a good impression that there were other good people out there, as he was always paranoid. But he let his Pokemon go, paranoia didn't take him over that much.
Venusaur was playing with a Meganium, a Tropius, and a Grovyle. They were using fancy Grass moves to hit a ball back and forth, Venusaur would use Vine whip. Meganium would just hit it, and Grovyle kept using Pound until he got bored of that move and Leaf-Bladed the crap outta that thing. It didn't quite go too well, as he cut the ball in half and the others were disappointed, and as punishment, Venusaur sleep-powdered him.
Lapras was chillin in the water with a Dewgong and a Cloyster. They were having a splash battle, but Cloyster got an exception and was spitting water.
Typhlosion fell asleep while watching Alakazam do his juggling routine.
Finally, Tyranitar was digging holes in the artificial grass and dirt, whilw Dragonite just flew around, looking impressive. Then a random Geodude threw a rock at Dragonite, which made zdragonite super-pissed. "Oh god." Gray said to himself. "Help that poor Geodude." he said as Geodude backed up againxt a titanium pokemon attack-proof wall, Dragonite charging a very angry Hyper Beam and releasing it. Making Geodude faint in an instant. This was going to be an interesting trip.

Author:  LadyMiir [ Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

((Looking great so far, you guys. :) ))

I tapped Dari's chest twice with my heels as Slateport came into sight-- the big Charizard growled in acknowledgement, sniffing the air eagerly as he sideslipped, losing altitude gracefully as he came in for a landing on the strip of beach Slateport used as a landing strip for airborne Pokemon.

"Thanks, big guy." I gave him a good scratch behind his head-horns, eliciting happy rumbles and a thin stream of smoke, then called him back into his Pokeball. Ships and large Fire Pokemon did not mix, and I was not eager for an accident.

I glanced around as I walked into the city-- there had been a rash of Pokemon thefts lately, and most people were on guard, keeping intimidating or Psychic-type Pokemon out of their balls. "Might as well... C'mon out, buddy."

Popping a Pokeball open, I released Hektor, who yipped curiously as he tilted his head in my direction. "Keep an eye out for thieves, will you?"

"Rio." He nodded and fell into step beside and slightly behind me, keeping a wary eye out for any unsavory types as we made our way to the docks, flashed the letter, and boarded the ship.

Author:  Porygon 3 [ Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

((Haha thanks. :) And LM, since we're both from Hoenn, I'll introduce you to my character on the boat. Even though Seth is well-known around Hoenn for almost beating Cynthia, you don't have to recognize me if you don't want to; but just because he doesn't like being treated better than everyone doesn't mean you can't have heard his name before.))

After about 45 minutes of flying with Flygon, I spotted the Slateport lighthouse. "Here we are, boy." I said to Flygon. The Pokemon gave me a "Flygon!" in comfirmation and descended right in front of the docks.

As I climbed off, I put Flygon back in its Pokeball and turned towards the ship just in time to see a girl, probably around my age, with a Lucario by her side, flash the same letter I had to the guard at the boat and walk in. I jogged up to the man and showed him my letter. "Another one, huh? Do you and that other young lady know each other?" the man asked. I shook my head, and the mand waved me through.

As I walked onto the boat, I noticed it was much large inside than it looked from the outside. The part of the boat I was at looked like a full-size hotel lobby, complete with a desk to check in and everything. I walked up to the desk. "Um, hi." I said to the girl sitting there, who was probably an intern of some kind. She looked around 18 years old. "I'm looking to check in, I guess. I have this." I showed her the letter.

"Oh, I see! You're one of those Circuit trainers!" the girl talked in a voice that sounded like she was a high school cheerleader, not a secretary. "Well, you were absoloutely right! Here's your room key, honey!" She handed me a gold room key with some writing in a calligraphy font. It said:

Suite C122 ~ Reserved for Circuit Competetors

"Wow, they're giving us some pretty special treatment." I said to myself.

Before I went to my room, I decided to introduce myself to the other trainer. I spotted her and her Lucario, and walked over to her.

"Hey, my name's Seth McGrath." I said. "I got invited to the Circuit Tournement too." She was a skinny, oriental girl, with long dark hair, which matched her eyes. She stood a few inches shorter than me, but I decided not to assume I was older than her. I remembered that Roxanne was 25, and I was three or four inches taller than her.

Hopefully she didn't think of me as a celebrity like my Dad did. It would probably ruin a friendship of any kind. I never had a problem with people knowing who I was, but treating me like royalty just because I fought Cynthia was a different story. I guess I'll find out soon I thought, and continued the conversation. "So, what's your name?"

Author:  LadyMiir [ Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

((Well, Cat is semi-well-known for being a) the daughter of two top breeders; and b) Nearly defeating Lance, so we're even.))

"Now this is nice." I commented idly, Hektor looking around and letting out a soft bark in agreement as we picked up our suite key from the girl at the desk.

"Hey, my name's Seth McGrath. I got invited to the Circuit Tournament too."

The voice was male-- I turned and smiled at the young man, noting absently that he was a fair bit taller than me, with silvery hair and dark grey eyes. "Nice to meet you, Seth." The name was familiar, Jake had mentioned a kid who'd nearly beaten Cynthia during his trip to Sinnoh. Must be him. No need to bring it up, I hated getting mobbed in Johto because of the Lance thing, and he looks like he hates being treated as special...

"So, what's your name?" he inquired.

"I'm Cassandra Taylor, but everyone just calls me 'Cat'. This is my Lucario, Hektor."

Hektor barked politely and extended a paw to the young man.

Author:  Porygon 3 [ Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pure Shadows-- accepting applications!

((Ok, cool, I guess we are even. :D))

"I'm Cassandra Taylor, but everyone just calls me 'Cat'. This is my Lucario, Hektor." the girl said. She looked at me with that 'I definitely know that guy' look when she was speaking, so I guessed she knew who I was. Surprisingly, she didn't ask. Wow, I like this girl already. I thought.

Hektor barked and held out his paw. I shook it, smiling. Then I remembered: I knew this girl, just like she knew me. It was obvious that this Lucario was bred and raised by skilled breeders. Cat came from the Taylor family, the famous Pokemon breeders. I heard the story about how she challenged the Pokemon League like me, and almost one. Cat looked like she shared my feelings about our regional fame, so I returned her favor of not bringing up my accomplishment by not bringing up hers.

"Hey,nice to meet you guys." I said to Cat and Hektor. "Hey, you wanna come explore the ship with me? If everything is this fancy, there's got to be some pretty cool things on this boat."

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