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 Strife in Penoic (Sign-ups) 
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Cheers for the approval. Once again, all the details.

Roleplay Name: Strife in Penioc. PG13+
Roleplay Genre: Pokemon.

Setting: The Penoic region. Composed of two main islands, East and West, and one minor island, Isle Hamrad. The Eastern island is by far the largest, and the location of six out of the eight Gym Leaders, and is based around the hulking metropolis of Lakenhone City. The Western island, however, is significantly smaller, and stricken with lower-middle class living, a run-down region with crime rife in the streets of it's major city, Hive City. Isle Hamrad, originally a large volcano, has been converted into the seat of Penoic's Elite Four, and their Champion, Viktor. (NOTE: if it all goes ahead, I'll sling up a map of the region to give you all a better idea. Also, there aren't any new Pokemon, but Black/White is included.)


The numbers are...
1. Nordora Town. A small farming settlement situated amongst rolling hills and endless plains. Home to Gym Leader Natasha, who specialises in Grass Pokemon.
2. Ancantena City. Built into the foothills of the Snowpeak Mountains, this moderately-sized city is home to James who, aside from being an accomplished Breeder, is Gym Leader and favours the Flying type. A former member of the Elite Four, he stood down to allow Harrison a place.
3. Hive City. A mash of old high-rise buildings and accomodation for it's many citizens, this is home to Gordon, the oldest Gym Leader, and user of the Steel type.
4. Graziec Port. An expansive city built half on land and half over the surface of Lake Cadashar. It is the major source of goods in Penoic. In Graziec resides Theodore, who naturally uses the Water type.
5. Lakenhone City. The most populous, and largest city in the region. Packed close together are ultra-modern skyscrapers and apartment living for the thousands of workers that are employed within. Stacey, the Ghost Gym Leader, resides here.
6. Sihron Town. A smaller version of Hive City situated towards the bottom of the Western Island. The Gym Leader responsible is Chase, the Bug type specialist.
7. Enor Cape. The second port of Penoic, although far smaller than Graziec, still pulls in large amounts of goods from the surrounding ocean. During the heat of summer, the Enor Tourney is hosted: a competition which tests a trainer's Pokemon in multiple fields, including battles, races and strength tests. Sonny focuses on the Rock type, and serves as Gym Leader.
8. Byfess Town. The smallest town in Penoic, it is located on a large moor. It does, however, still have a Gym Leader: Rose, the user of Ground type Pokemon.
9. Shaswar Town. A town moderate in size set amongst hills and valleys. It can prove a challenge to access, particularly in winter, when the snow blocks off paths, however, trainers still make the journey in order to participate in the annual Trainer Tournament, which takes place in the height of snow season. Shaswar Town does not have a Gym Leader, and instead comes under Nordora's jurisdiction.
10. Hamrad Town. The only town on the tiny Isle Hamrad, this town holds the Elite Four and Viktor, Penoic's Champion. The Elite Four consist of Harrison, who uses Fire Pokemon, Lisa, who uses Psychic, Benjamin, who specialises in Ice, and Iona, the Electric user. The Champion, Viktor, does not specialise.
Aaaaaand the rest of the places.
Lake Cadashar is the immense body of water occupying a large portion of the upper Eastern Island. It is packed full of life in the form of various Water type Pokemon, underwater ruins of a civilisation past and Cadashar Kelp, a delicacy only for the very wealthy.
Verdantin Forest serves as the Western Island's only claim to fame. The beautiful groves of immense trees create a perfect habitat for Bug Pokemon, and the forest chimes with their cries. People from all over the region take the journey throughout the year, however, the main season for tourism comes with the famous Bug Catching Competition, held during late spring.
The Snowpeak Mountains loom over Ancantena City, towering high into the sky. They are pockmarked with many caves, which house Ice, Rock, Ground and Flying types. During autumn, trainers gather in Ancantena City for the Ascent of Mount Frost, the tallest mountain in the range.

Plot: Deep within the endless towers and countless houses of Hive City, the seeds of uprising have been planted. The citizens of the Western island are unhappy with the rule of the East, and the sparks of what may well become a full-blown, revolutionary fire were not hard to start.
They did not come up with a fancy name to intimidate their opposition, nor do they use uniform to display their loyalty. They are known simply as 'Change'. The organisation grew fast, spreading it's tentacles throughout the Western island, drawing in more and more followers. Disillusion was not required, nor were any other insidious tricks. People just followed.
At the centre of the fast-growing Change sat Evan. Formerly a member of the law-keeping force in a far-off region, he was forced to leave for unknown reasons, and relocated in Penoic. However, a man of insatiable greed, he saw his opportunity for power that he had never achieved before in the weakness of Viktor. Penoic has always been a peaceful region, at least, excluding the Western Isle, and the governing forces had soon grown accustomed to turning a blind eye. Even Gordon and Chase, the two Gym Leaders residing in Hive City and the other Western town, Sihron Town, ignore the unlawfulness around them. This insecurity had gone unnoticed in past times, but Evan decided it was time to capitalise on it.
Soon, Change had grown to such a proportion that it was time to act. Evan formed a small committee of subordinates, through whom he would relay information out to the masses of Change, and with these, he traveled to Sihron Town and confronted Chase, the Gym Leader. A challenge was made, and despite Chase's experience, it was all over soon. Evan saw his moment, and high off the exhiliration of victory, announced his motives to the rest of the region.
The Eastern island, and Isle Hamrad were slow to react, having never dealt with such an issue before, and an emergency meeting was convened in Lakenhone City regarding what their course of action would be. In the meantime, Evan and the rest of Change had consolidated their position, and planned their next move: the takeover of Hive City.

My fellow RPers will play the roles of the Committee, basically the officers of Change, and I'll play Evan. Feel free to imagine to your heart's content, but try to be realistic, and keep pseudos and legendaries out. Unless, of course, it's a 1st or 2nd Evolution, like Metang or Deino. Team of six, max, as per norm, but feel free to have less. What will we do? Well we're gonna take over Penoic, using any means necessary!

Additional Rules: A little more info about the RP. This isn't supposed to be a disillusioned team like Plasma, or stereotypical bad guys like Rocket. Change know that what they're doing is wrong and that it's gonna cause harm, but everybody likes a slice of power, right? On the other hand, they're not all d*ckheads. They don't go out of their way to make life hard for people (well, not all of them, at least), and they certainly don't all mistreat their Pokemon.
Along the same lines, this isn't save-the-day-through-spirit-of-character stuff. People and Pokemon are allowed to get hurt, even die. I haven't seen a dark take on the Pokemon universe yet, and I'm interested to see how it works.
When making your characters, the more fluff, the better. Reasons for joining Change, past, family life, Pokemon team, all that stuff. If your guy's got a signature Pokemon, let us know a bit about it.
One final point. I'm aiming for a lot of player flexibility here. If you want to go beat a Gym Leader, or take over a village, go right on ahead.

Some more rules I'm gonna throw in.
I will turn down a character if I deem it too ridiculous, of if there wasn't a reasonable amount of effort put in.
Godmodding to a small extent will be allowed, but if you're changing anything too drastic, or uncharacteristic, be sure to clear it with that character's RPer first.
Swearing and violence will be tolerated, but to a certain limit. If every other word your character says is a curse word, it won't be acceptable. Also, don't drop the c-bomb.
And, all your other typical Psypoke rules.
1 warning = {bulbasaur}
2 warnings = {ivysaur}
Out = {venusaur}
Try not to get yourself Venusaur-ed. The more people get kicked out, the less fun we'll all have.

On character submission, here's the table.
[b]Physical Description:[/b]
[b]Brief History:[/b]
[b]Reason For Joining Change:[/b]
[b]Pokemon Team:[/b]
[b]Additional Info:[/b]

For example...

Name: Evan
Age: 27
Physical Description: Average in all aspects. Evan is 5'11" tall, with dark brown hair and eyes of the same colour. He is slightly muscular, but not defined. He prefers light clothing, and his typical attire consists of a plain shirt, jeans, and a tight-fitting jacket during colder weather.
Brief History: Not much is known about Evan's past before he came to Penoic. If rumours are to be believed, he was born in a town by the sea, and his father was killed whilst he was in his early teens. The next piece of solid information is that he was a member of the law enforcement team by his early twenties. However, soon after, he was made to leave. The exact reason is unknown, however, it is suspected that it was due to unscrupulous activities as, rather than face consequences, he left and made his way to Penoic. His history now becomes more concrete. It is known that he travelled around the region for some time, following the seasonal competitions and sightseeing before settling down in Hive City and starting Change.
Reason For Joining Change: Evan created Change out of nothing more than pure greed. His constant lust for more led him to band together a large group to help him take over as much of Penoic as he could, trying and trying to satisfy his thirst for power.
Pokemon Team: Archeops + Joltik + {absol} {gorebyss} {breloom}
Additional Info: Sig Pokemon: Archeops. Evan met his Archen as a fossil whilst exploring the depths of Lake Cadashar. Travelling to Lakenhone City, he bribed the Scientists there into reviving the ancient bird for him, and after making a hasty escape with the newly awakened Archen, they fled into the Snowpeak Mountains, where they trained until it evolved into an Archeops. Now, over a year later, they have a tight bond, and enormous amounts of trust between trainer and Pokemon.

So, now you know what I'm trying to get at here. If you're keen, post a character below and we'll take it from there! Cheers :D


Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:06 pm
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i added in a little dump island if thats ok and i'd like to point out that i cant view the image you posted
Name: Jay or J (no last name)
Age:believed to be 13 but exact age is unkown
Physical Description: standing 5 foot 3 has dark brown hair eyes change color to fit what he is wearing (eg. blue shirt blue eyes) normaly wears jeans and a nice shirt like somthing you would wear to church has a necklas with a pokeball on it and almost always has a fedora on
Brief History: First memorys are of being raised with Trubbish and Stunky. He was abandoned as a baby and somehow mad it to a small man-made island that the whole region uses as a dump. While exploring the under water with Carracosta he found a crashed plain that was transporting 10 master balls. Virtualy unheard of in this region he sold 9 of them and became a millionar he then became so consumed with greed that he spent all his time training his pokemon and himself to be stronger than the rest of the region.
Reason For Joining Change: his wealth was worthless in this region so he hid his cash and bribed his way to the top of change wanting to have a position of power is his goal
Pokemon Team:
Garbador- Jay caught him because he was raised as his brother
Skuntank- Jay caught him because he was raised as his brother
Carracosta- Jay met while exploring the outer rim of the dump knowing that it had to have been revived and abbandoned like him he desided to catch it
Golurk-While Jay was exploring the plain the dead pilot had a gotlet with him in his pokeball Jay decided to take it and train it
Additional Info: He uses all his pokemon evenly
Weaknesses: is very greedy and hates being looked down upon for his age
Strenghts: Very smart, Secretly Rich very few people know and is uneffected by pokemon's Stench abillity (eg. Skuntank spraying him would not affect him)

In between strenght and weaknes: always smells alittle bad like just a bit of skuntank spray bad, bad enogh for someone sitting next to him to scooot down a seat but not bad enogh that some standing a few feet away would be affected also his stink gets stronger with his anger he can also control it to degree

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Tue Apr 12, 2011 2:34 pm
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Sure thing, you're in. On the issue of the image, I've stuck a direct link below.


Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:24 pm
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First RP, so here goes...
Name: Zaro
Age: 18
Physical Description: 6' 1" with silver/blue hair, changing eye color due to contacts (allthough he favors red or black), light muscular build, allthough he has problems control anger and temper. Great martial artist and very good reflexes. Very agile. Is in touch with his pokemon.
History: Zaro was born in Nimbasa City but moved to Sinnoh after Plasma Sage Gallo killed his mother for revenge for the defeat of Team Plasma. Fled Sinnoh after hearing about Team Galatic. Arrived in Nordora Town in Penoic where he and his Samurott single-handedly defeated the gym leader, Natasha, in a great upset. Soon after, Reshiram, one of his means for transportation, and a great friend, was shot out of the sky while flying. The government refused to help. Zaro believes it was a conspiracy.
Reason for joining Change: He blames the government for the death of his pride, respect, and for his beloved Reshiram, and blames them for his fear, hatred, and disobedience that he has towards the government. The Change to him is a chance for payback and redemption for the loss of his mother and Reshiram.
Pokemon Team: Samurott (female, Sammi), Emolga (female, Emmy), Axew (male, Axle), Haunter (male, Hunter)
Additional Info: Signature pokemon is Sammi, but watch out for Hunter. Has a psychic link with his pokemon, as in he feels as they feel, and can talk to them. This furthers his hatred towards the goverment.

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:19 am
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Alright, this has been a while so bare with me...
Name: Kai Nevena
Age: 32

Physical Description: Kai is above average height, around 6'5". He isn't muscular per say, he is not slender though, he stands in a good medium. Kai's hair is short, but full and black. On the back of his head appears to be a bald spot, not caused by age, but instead caused by his accident. His eyes are a stale grey, and are commonly unresponsive, or better noted as unreadable. Kai is deaf.

History: Kai hails from the Enor Cape. In his youth, and to this day, he declared himself a superior intellect to his peers. With his proclamation he defied the city norms, when Pokemon selection came he prefered a Bug-Type over the typical Rock and Water-Types of the port. A stow away Nincada captured from a Liner from the Hoenn Region that was dropping off equipment for the Gym's construction, was Kai's first Pokemon. After intense training and honing in on Nincada's natural Ground-Type power, Kai entered the "Enor Tourny". Kai quickly swept with his unusual choice in Pokemon and was confronted in the finals with a young Sonny. The battle was feirce. Sonny's Onix proved the most difficult of opponents, with it's above average stats in Defence it was able to fend off Nincada's Ground-Type assult. During the final moments in the heat of battle, Sonny's Onix unleaded the devistating attack that was Stone-Edge. Kai, fearing for Nincada's well-being got in-between the attack and it's target. Kai was struck. The damage was extensive but temporary. It wasn't until a week in the hospital that the physicians noticed that Kai's hearing was unresponsive. Kai was Deaf.
While Kai remained injured in his hospital bed for many months. During this time however he noticed, though he couldn't hear Nincada's wings rub together, he could feel them. The ultrasonic sound waves resonated within him. Nincada's wings ended up restoring Kai's ability to communicate. Kai however, never learned the art of reading lips, Nincada became a sufficient translator.
An odd side effect of Sonny's Onix embodied itself years later, when Kai discovered the experience left him emotionally scarred, with a deep seated irrational fear of all Rock-Type Pokemon. In an attemp to conquer his fear he carries around his own Onix (Now Steelix), but he finds himself rarely able to call on it.

Reasons to join Changed: Kai's accident left him bitter, and seeking revenge on the world, most specifically Sonny. Kai's scorn, however, runs deeper than just revenge. His bitter outlook leaves him unable to tell whether or not he has gone to far. It is Kai's aspirations that have led him here.

Pokemon on Hand:
Shedinja {shedinja} - Hi-NiN
Surskit {surskit} - Drips
Larvesta - Rodan
Yanmega {yanmega} - Gdorah
Ninjask {ninjask} - Ni-HiH
Steelix {steelix} - Stone

Additional Info: Shedinja is Kai's right hand, the most unlikely to battle in any serious threat, as he relys on Shedinja to communicate. So if you see Shedinja on the feild first, you can assume you are not a threat.
Pokemon kept in Lab: Crustle - Crush; Scizor {scizor} - Claw; and Joltik - Sparks.

Wow that was time consuming.

Fri Jan 06, 2012 11:25 am
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