Pure Shadows-- the story has begun!
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Author:  Porygon 3 [ Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:30 pm ]
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((Oooh, interesting challenge. :)))

I walked with the group of trainers heading to the challenge, and eventually we found Cora, who explained the rules: Get to the other side of the bridge, no flying, swimming, etc. I agreed with the murmur of the other trainers; this sounded way too easy.

I devised a strategy. I made my way up to the front of the crowd, next to the entrance of the bridge, but stood off to the side, letting anyone who wanted to go before me go. Spence, Silas, Cat, and the others went on before me, as well as other trainers. I watched them cross, looking for the perfect time to make this as easy as possible. That was a big part of what I learned and practiced while I was traveling Hoenn, and it was one of the strategies I used while battling the Sinnoh League.

Most of my friends had made it across, Silas and Jeremy were still helping each other. Then, I saw the perfect opportunity. There was almost nobody on the bridge.

"Go! Talon!" I tossed the Pokeball, and the Hydreigon formed in front of me. Then, I went to the bridge, and put both feet on. Immediately, Ice and Flying type Pokemon blew icey winds at the already wobbly bridge. I started to slip, and my hands grabbed the rails.

"Aggh! Damn it! This wind is insane!" I yelled, jumping off the bridge. Then, I grinned. "Just the way I thought it would be."

I motioned to Talon. "Come here, bud." I climbed on Talon's back when he got to me. "Start across the bridge, bud." I said.

"Gon!" he cried in reply. Talon moved onto the bridge. About two feet in, Cora's Pokemon started blowing winds again. "Talon, now! Grab the bridge and don't let go no matter what!"

Talon used the mouths on his arms to grasp the railings, and I wrapped my arms around his for the maximum grip. Sure enough, the winds were no match for Talon's strength. The Pokemon gave up and started attacking. A Cloyster rose to my right.

"Talon! Cloyster, four o'clock! Use Flamethrower!" Talon jerked his head in the four o'clock position and shot a beam of fire at the Cloyster. The Pokemon went flying, and closed its shell as it fell back down the chasm. More Pokemon rose up, and Talon took them all down.

At that moment, I saw the opening. The Pokemon were recovering before they came for another shot at Talon and I. For that moment, there were no winds.

"Extremespeed, go!" Talon dropped the railings and shot to the other side of the bridge.

I climbed off of Talon and gave him a pat on the back. "Nice job, bud! We did it!"

"Hydreigon!" he cried back in response.

I walked to the group. As I walked over, I saw Cora give me a slight smile, and nod approvingly. "That was some challenge. I wonder what the next one'll be."

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:05 pm ]
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Spence watched everyone get to the other side impressively. It was no wonder. Every one of them were great trainers. Instead of using absolute strength to pass, Red used strategy and cunning to beat the challenge. Perhaps eventually taking down Red would require more planning than Spence originally thought, he smiled. He also synchronized and spoke with his pokemon telepathically, something Spence wasn't able to do. No pokemon could read his thoughts or communicate with him through any kind of speech. He had to learn the hard way.

"Hydreigon, huh..." Spence watched on as Seth easily beat the challenge with his dragon and dark type pokemon. It was Unova's toughest pokemon to raise, and yet, his Talon didn't disobey him even for a moment. Spence walked over to the both of them.

"Nice job, Seth! Your Talon was great, too!" he gazed up at the two of them with a grin. Wow, this Hydreigon wasn't even biting at each others heads, one of his pokemon's trait. How did he do it? "I have a Hydreigon myself. Actually, I brought him along to the collosseum. How did you manage to raise such a great pokemon? Mine hardly listens to a word I say," Spence laughed, throwing his hands behind his head.

Author:  LadyMiir [ Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:05 pm ]
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((this will probably be my last post for a few days >.>))

"That's a Hydreigon? I've not had the pleasure of handling one myself. Maybe I should take a trip to Unova after this is done." I joked, looking at the three-headed dragon, somewhat impressed. I had heard rumors of the Pokemon's violent disposition, and this one was exceptionally calm. All the same, I was glad I hadn't brought Draco, because the territorial Garchomp would definitely see this new dragon as a challenger.

"Since a good number of you have made it across, let me take you inside." Cora called-- recalling Sparky, I followed her inside, and reflexively caught the safety harness that was tossed at me, buckling it around my torso and noting that it seemed to be attached to a thick cable of some kind.

"Step right through there, and your challenge-- against my Colosseum Trainers-- begins." the Leader told us with a smirk. "I'm looking forward to seeing how you folks do."

"You're on." I laughed, bounding through the door, catching a glimpse of a raised central dais connected to the door by a railing-- and instantly staggered sideways when I was buffeted by winds far stronger than anything we'd faced on the bridge. Nick was right behind me, pushing me down as a Bullet Seed attack shot past where my head had just been. I saw a Jumpluff fly past before it was lost in the maelstrom around us.

"Be careful, I think the Trainers released their Pokemon into this!" he shouted over the howl of the winds, locking an arm around my waist to anchor us both to the railing before reaching down to his belt and releasing Chase. The Garchomp shielded its face with a wingblade and growled questioningly-- Nick pointed forwards and he took off, disappearing into the depths of the chamber.

"Got it!" I yelled back, then released two of my own Pokemon-- Skipper, my Swampert, and Lyrica the Nidoqueen. Instantly understanding what I wanted, the two bulky Pokemon hunkered down, using their bodies to shield us from the wind as we made our way to the central dais.

((Okay, the point here is to get to the central platform and fight off the Trainer Pokemon. They'll be using light Pokemon, Flying types, or big bulky Pokemon that aren't bothered by wind. Have fun! :D ))

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:56 am ]
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His bandana rippled behind him as they met the chamber... "Gale Collosseum, huh? Guess they weren't kidding."

"Heh-heh, not bad..." Spence walked into the wind chamber as he took a gander around, one of his arms holding onto Kimberley's chandles as she stayed adrift and stable using the power of her ghostly might. He caught a harness being swung by a retractable rubber cable, that seemed to rise to the heights of the chamber that stormed a strong unnatural maelstrom. The cables and harnesses reminded him of rock climbing. He loved rock climbing!

"Hey," Spence turned to Red, giving him a feral smile, "How about we make this interesting? How about a bit of blade on blade, Gale Collosseum style?"

When he reached the central platform with Cat and the others, Kimberley was exhausted. Before returning the pokemon to his pokeball, he struck the rocky terrain deep with his sword, holding on with a grip so he wouldn't fly away. "Pokeball, go!"

Releasing from the pokeball was Bananas, his Darmanitan. Instantly, he beat his chest, roaring plume after plume of Flamethrower into the raging wind, almost catching all the other trainers' hairs on alight. "Hey, Bananas! Calm down! Listen, Cat will give you a treat if you be good!" The monkey stopped at the sound of treats, sniffing around before looking at Cat curiously with sad adorable eyes. "Haha... Sorry Cat, it's the only way I've figured he'll obey," Spence chuckled sadly as he exclaimed to her.

The Darmanitan climbed onto Spence back and grabbed the cable, like a piggyback ride, "Ow, ow, ow!" he knocked Spence "lightly" on the head a couple of times before he got bored. Luckily, Spence's head was as hard as a rock. He tightened his hand's grip, smiling to everyone a goodbye, "See ya later! Meet you in the fray, Red!"

He pulled the sword from the stone with a roar, running and jumping from the platform with a swing of the cable, "Woo-hoo!!"

Author:  Porygon 3 [ Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:02 am ]
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"That's a Hydreigon? I've not had the pleasure of handling one myself. Maybe I should take a trip to Unova after this is done." Cat said.

"Yeah. They can get pretty aggressive, but my Dad gave me Talon here as a Deino; he was my first Pokemon, so he's gotten really tame over the years." I replied.

Then Cora addressed us and the other trainers. "Since a good number of you have made it across, let me take you inside." She led us inside, where there were raised platforms everywhere connected by railings.

Haha, I knew that bridge thing was to easy to be the only challenge. I thought. A harness was tossed at me. I caught it and attatched it to my waist. Looking out at the raised platforms, I noticed that the wind here was easily twice as strong as outside.

I released Cirrus from his Pokeball. "Hey, Cirrus. Do you think you could push through that wind?"

"Fly! Flygon!" Cirrus cried.

"Ok then, let's do this." I climbed on Cirrus, and he took off. "Stick around the railing! we don't need to be dragged by the wind!" Cirrus obeyed and flew inches from the railing. I could tell it was tough for him, but he still plowed through the wind.

"Nice job! Almost there!" As we reached the platform, the wind calmed down slightly, but I could still barely stand. I called Cirrus back, and sent out Acciaio. The Aggron took up nearly a quarter of the platform. I climbed onto his back, and got a good grip, ready to give commands, as I did before with Talon.

Pokemon shot around in the wind, and I had Acciaio pick them off with Dragonbreath. I called blindly to the rest of the group behind me.

"How long do you think they'll have us fight these Pokemon?"

Author:  twistedturtwig [ Sun Jan 22, 2012 7:56 pm ]
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Silas ran ahead, and joined the others who were waiting.  I was about to make my move when Seth went rocketing past on a Hydreigon.  "Hey, watch it!" I shouted, the bridge rocking back and forth.  I felt my footing give way, and I staggered over the railing.

"Stephanie!  Psychic!" I shouted, without missing a beat.  A warm psychic glow enveloped my body, and I was levitated back up to the bridge.

"Thanks Stephanie," I said.  "Now let's get to the end already!"

<Absolutely!> she chimed back telepathically.

We were able to make our way to the platform at last, where Cora stood to greet us.

"Nice work, trainer," she said, "but the others have already begun the second part.  You'll be the last one to enter."  She gestured behind me, and I turned to see that everyone else was either unconscious or had backed off.

"Here," she instructed.  "You'll need this for the next challenge."  She handed me a harness, which Stephanie aided me in attaching with her psychic powers.  "You'll have to make your way to the central dais over there if you want to move on."

Everybody was already a good distance in, and Seth was already on the dais with his Aggron, blasting the Pokémon assailants.

"Stephanie, you've done well," I said as I returned her to her Pokéball.  "Lazarus and Hopkins, I'll need you this time."  I reached to my belt and clicked the buttons on their Pokéballs, bringing them to my side.  Cora raised an eyebrow at the fossil Pokémon, surprised to see one beside hers, but said nothing.  She boarded the Aerodactyl and took off, probably to the next checkpoint.

Hopkins scurried up my back and dug on with his claws to my pack.  I hopped onto Lazarus's back, wrapping my arms around his massive neck.

"Ok, Lazarus, you're going to stick as tightly to the platform as possible.  Hopkins, you fend off anything that comes our way."  We set off, the Cradily's suction pads gripping the ground tightly.

As we went further along, the path began to get congested by those who were using massive Pokémon to block the wind. "There's only one way from here," I shouted.  "Lazarus, hold tight!  We're going under!"

Lazarus shifted around and swung underneath the platform, as I hung onto his neck as tight as I could.  We began to move forward, but it wasn't long before Hopkins let out a shriek.

"What is it-" I began to say, as I turned to see what was the matter.  But I stopped as I noticed an entire fleet of Drifblim rocketing towards us.  "Lazarus, full speed ahead!  Hopkins, pick em' off with Power Gem!"  Hopkins screeched and began to shoot blasts of energy from the gem on his chest.  They fell, but not quickly enough.  They kept getting closer and closer.  If I didn't do something soon, then we would be done for.

"Lazarus, we're going back to the top.  It's our only chance."  He grunted in reply, and laboriously clambered back up.

"What the- Jeremy?"  I had startled Kaitlin who was next to her Magmortar, trying to push against the wind.

"No time!  Drifblim are heading this way!"

As if on cue, the swarm rose up from below.  Some shouts came from behind.  The Pokémon rushed towards us, trying to knock people off.

"Lazarus," I commanded.  "Energy Ball, now!  Hopkins, keep up those Power Gems!"  Kaitlin's Magmortar was shooting a steady Flamethrower as well.

"How long do you think they'll have us fight these Pokémon?" came a shout from Seth, who was busy fighting from the dais.

"I don't know," I replied, yelling at the top of my lungs.  "But they'll have to stop sooner or later."

"Out of my way!" screamed Kaitlin.  She and her Magmortar barreled through, knocking Lazarus and I to the side.  "I'm making it there if you're not."

I steadied Lazarus, and followed right behind her.

Author:  redt [ Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:37 pm ]
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"Well looks like you have a decent rival already in this tournement Red." It seems to be that way. "Well this wind will be an extremely difficulty for the entire team....well almost the entire team." True. Well Haunter has always been a good sport in these tournements, though he went a little crazy on some of them. I smiled thinking back to past challenges and the catastrophes that followed Haunter's actions. He'll be fine now, and what happened in Hoenn wasn't his fault anyway. "Yes that is true. Well I'll get you out to the center, but I'll be of no use afterwards. Togekiss will come in handy once Haunter is exhausted." I nodded at Slowking and let him know I was ready. He used a Psychic to move my body to the center.

I grabbed a hold of one of the harnesses that were dangling in the room. I attached myself and felt Slowking's power release. I returned him to his ball as I grabbed onto the railing. "Haunter give me a hand!" I yelled over the screaming wind. The Ghost Pokemon was released out of the ball and latched onto my back. The wind didn't bother him since he wasn't solid all the time. "Hold on cause this will get a little extreme." I jumped over the rail and drew my sword, flying towards Spence's direction. I could see Pokemon flying through the chamber around me, but I was swinging to quickly for them to attack me or Haunter. Where is he?

Author:  LadyMiir [ Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:10 am ]
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I tossed Spence's Darmanitan a treat with a laugh, before reaching down and releasing my Pokemon-- Terra and Dari took to the air at once, the two dragons working in tandem to herd enemy Pokemon down for Skipper and Lyrica to pick off, while my two Ghosts picked off any Pokemon that came within reach.

"No idea how long! Probably till we knock out everything that's coming at us!" I yelled back through the howling winds.

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:50 pm ]
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After the long swing from the platform, he realised just how large the chamber actually was. It wasn't long before the wall of the twister they were inside dragged them spinning around it. Bananas darted around, spotting at least three Jumpluff in the same current. They were gainning, opening fire with Bullet Seed.

"Fire Punch!"

Locking his legs around Spence's body, the Darmanitan unleashed three blows of Fire Punch, his fists ablaze. A left punch of Fire Punch thrust them swaying to the right as the wind propelled them back, the opposite for a good right hook. Bananas' next left hook set them swinging around dizzily. Spence almost threw up his breakfast.

"Let's not do that again!! Whoa!!" A giant's shadow flew out above them, almost taking them right out. The giant emerged from the furious maelstrom, "Staraptor?!!"

The bird swooped down, ready to give both pokemon and Spence a Close Combat! Bananas accepted the challenge, footing to Spence's shoulders, "Go, Superpower!!" the gorilla leapt up, his arms growing twice its size. Pummelled by Staraptor's powerful claws decending, Bananas closed his fists together and gave Staraptor a giant belt to the back. The Staraptor fell with a screech, disappearing back into the maelstorm. Bananas caught Spence's cable, landing in a sit on Spence's head.

"Heh-heh, good job! Stay focused! Wait, what?!" Bananas was glowing, reverting back into THAT form. The HEAVY form, "Wait, no! Stop!" It was too late, Bananas fell into Spence's arms in Zen Mode. The weight made the cable fall and Spence plummeting down, "Ahh!!"

Bounce, bounce...

"Huh?" Spence opened his eyes. It was a safety net. He sighed a breath of relief. He gazed over at the Staraptor from earlier his Darmanitar did a number on, completely faint, "I guess you took some blows as well, Bananas. You did a great job." Spence smiled with his pokemon still in his arms. He reached for a pokeball, "Return!"

Right away, the cable retracted and sprung Spence to the heights as the twister picked him up. Spence threw out a different pokeball, "Squishy! I choose you!" his Reuniclus merged his substance hand to the cable and another to Spence back. "We need to have a good look at this thing! Take us to the closest wall!"

Using Focus Blast, Squishy threw them out the side of the twister. Using Psychic, he helped Spence turn and land a footing to it slowly. Spence gazed upward. It was amazing. Everyone was inside this gigantic storm and twister. If it wasn't for Psychic, Spence would be pulled back just by the incredible force. A pokemon's power had to be the thing causing this. However, it was time to seek out Red... "Squishy, can you see him? Get me above him!"

The Reuniclus sent another Focus Blast below them, sending Spence flying into the fray as he unsheathed his massive sword. Almost to the height of the maelstorm, he came plummetting down, his sword in hand as he found Red and Haunter being carried off, "Above you!" Spence swung his blade down to meet Red's katana. The clash of their metal sent sparks deep into the void.

Author:  redt [ Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:11 pm ]
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As I spun around the chamber, I watched as other trainers battled Pokemon that would fly in. Several Hoppips flew at us as we rounded the side. Haunter easily put them to sleep with Hypnosis. I saw them get carried away by the maelstrom, being too light to fall to the bottom. I noticed the flock of Drifblim surrounding Jeremey and a girl I haven't seen before. Well they may be competition but I want to defeat them on my own. "Haunter use Dark Pulse!" Haunter shot dark waves from his palms, taking down several of the Drifblim and leaving a few that survived flinched. The attack slowed our momentum down and I told Haunter to use Dark Pulse to speed us up. We flew by the platform and I yelled to Jeremy and the girl, who were still battling the remaining Drifblim, "You're welcome."

Haunter and I were curving around the opposite side of the chamber when I heard "Above you!". I reacted in time to stop a fairly large, but familiar blade with my katana. "Well there you are Spence. And it seems you switched Pokemon as well.' I noted his Reuniclus hanging on his back. Even match with Haunter, given his move pool and his typing.

The blow sent the four of us spiraling into the wall. I stopped with my feet, my blade still resisting Spence's. I wretched it free and went in to strike again, exchanging moves with him. "Looks like I'm not the only one with a lot of sword training."

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:36 pm ]
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"When your mentor's a pokemon, you learn pretty fast! Must have been the same for you, right?!" he made conversation while trying to hold on, gritting his teeth. Red unlocked their swords and went for a strike, Spence dodging backward in a gasp before falling back into the maelstrom.

"Squishy, Focus Blast!" the Reuniclus shot them back onto the wall a distance away, casting Psychic for him to stand. He grinned, running back up to Red before exchanging another few piercing blows. Spence made an opening, swinging both blade and body around for a powerful strike.

A Tropius noticed their presense, flying in with the batter of its mighty leaf wings.

"Huh?" Spence hesitated, looking up to see the charging phase of an attack finish. Sunlight energy burst from the pokemon's mouth in a furious beam, gaining on the two trainers along the wall.

"No you don't!" Spence shielded Red and Haunter as the Reuniclus used Protect, the Solarbeam rebounding off of them by the presense of a shield. The Protect fell before Spence called his next attack, "Squishy! Psychic, now!" The Reuniclus let go of the cable to form from his gel a mighty hand, clenching it into a bind, sending a psychic aura around the foe that stopped it midair in its tracks.

"Your turn, Red!"

Author:  redt [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:19 pm ]
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I exchanged more slashes with Spence. "Yeah, my Gallade taught me everything. I'm sure I'll have the priviledge of battling your mentor soon." I smirked at Spence as I saw the beam of light shoot towards us in the corner of my eye.

I applauded Spence's skills with a nod before aiding in defeating the Tropius. "Haunter, Poison Jab!" Haunter released from my back and flew towards the Grass/Flying type. He made easy work of the motionless Tropius. His glowing hands oozed poison as he struck the Pokemon several times. The Psychic wore off and the Pokemon plummeted to the bottom.

Readjusting my hand positions I slashed at Spence again, being blocked again and again. Haunter latched back onto my back as our fighting continued. A thought occurred to me then. I kicked off the wall and into the middle of the chamber. "Haunter use Dark Pulse to propel us forward, full power!" Haunter shot darkness out of his hands and we flew back towards Spence and his Reuniclus, my sword ready to strike. "Hope you can stop this!!'

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:06 pm ]
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Spence smiled wickedly as Red charged forward from within the storm with the help of Dark Pulse. Spence spun his blade in the air, locking it down to his side as he gazed upward. "Squishy, Focus Blast!"

Spence launched himself from the wall, readily colliding into Red's path. Spence swung his sword forward.


Spence was knocked back, thrown hard backward against the wall. He cringed as he struck his back, the cable falling a little as Reuniclus followed to keep up. "This is... nothing," Spence grinned, admittedly a little hurt as Reuniclus lent over to see his master's condition, "...I'm not sure how a katana can give me so much knockback... That Red's incredible."

"Nevertheless, you're going to become exhausted if you keep up your Psychic for took long. Return, Squishy," he opened a pokeball which beamed his worried pokemon inside. The wind was dragging him along the wall already, Red was still out of sight, leaving Spence wondering where he fell.

Suddenly, another pokemon spawned in front of him, leaving Spence bewildered, "D-Dragonite?! No way..." All of a sudden, to Spence's disbelief, the Dragonite opened its gigantic mouth. From point blank, Spence could actually see the dragon pokemon charging, swelling within it a powerful attack. It must have been Hyperbeam. Spence's eyes widened in absolute terror.

Why?! This is crazy! This attack will kill me!! But Cora said... No, is this REALLY a Collosseum Trainer's pokemon?!! Or...?! He grunted.

Spence could do nothing but guard with his blade and cringe for the attack to hit.

Author:  redt [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:41 pm ]
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I was caught by surprise when Spence launched himself like I did. Our blades clashed in mid-air, the power of it sending us both flying in opposite directions. I slammed into the wall, barely able to see Spence on the other side, slightly below my position. I saw him return his Pokemon in a flash of red then a large object blocked my view.

A large Dragonite floated right in front of Spence. I saw a light start to glow brighter and brighter. I swore to myself, knowing that he was being attacked, and released my Togekiss. She was immediately pulled into the wind storm. "Use Protect to block that Dragonite's attack! And hurry!"

Togekiss flew as fast as possible in the wind chamber. A giant green shield surrounded her as she flew in between the dragon Pokemon and Spence. The beam shot directly into her shield, the amount of power destroying the shield almost immediately. I ran across the wall, using the cable and the wind to do so, until I was near Spence and Togekiss seconds after the attack. "Togekiss use Ancient Power then Silver Wind!"

Togekiss glowed a dull gold then rocks dislodged themselves from the walls and launched at the Dragonite. Togekiss followed up with a continous flap of her wings, sending a sparkling gust of air. The Silver Wind increased the speed of the Ancient Power drastically, severely injuring the Dragonite. "Nice job Togekiss." I looked at Spence, "You alright man?"

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:41 pm ]
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The Dragonite bellowed, slamming and disappearing into the thick of the maelstrom for now. It was strange. An attack like that would've normally hurt it more.

Spence dropped a sweat, somewhat in a panic. All he could think about was who could have done this, and why? The girl with the long red hair? Why did she hate him so much? "...Yeah. Thank you, Red, Togekiss. If it wasn't for you, I would've been a goner." He thanked Red, trying to think straight in the process. But it wasn't helping. All he saw at that moment was his life flashing before his eyes. That Dragonite wasn't like the Collosseum's pokemon, that was for sure. It was trained with quite a considerable amount of experience. Also, Togekiss's attack would've weakened a normal Dragonite a fair deal amount more. Why was this Dragonite able to take the attack and then manage to get away free?

Spence shook his head. There was no time to stare into space. He looked to Red, "If that pokemon belongs to that girl from last night, she's most definitely from my home region. That Dragonite..." Spence glared into the maelstrom, "It's a Dream World pokemon, with an awesome ability you can only obtain from pokemon captured inside the realm."

Spence sheathed his sword to his back, taking all six pokeballs into his hands, "Alphonse, Twinkle, Bananas, Falcon, Kimberley, and Jazz... Definitely." He thought to himself, looking back to Red in a grin, "I wouldn't normally play this dirty. But it's my life on the line, and if I capture her Dragonite she can come and take it from me herself, and we can settle this all face to face. Besides, I can't die yet, there's still so much left I want to do."

"Falcon! I choose you!" Falcon, his Braviary, summoned below him. Spence stood down to the valiant pokemon's back before seating. Falcon battered his wings taking them up and up, fazed not by the storm. Spence looked back down to Red, "...Sorry, we'll have to spar again some other time."

"Falcon, go!!"

His Braviary fell spinning into a dive. Afterwards, they were battling the maelstrom head on. They were inside the thick of it. The Dragonite couldn't have gone far. It would be coming back for a second attempt. Suddenly, the Dragonite appeared behind them, Spence gasped as he ordered Falcon to turn only to have a second Hyperbeam blast them. Spence returned his pokemon, calling out Twinkle, his Starmie. Spence grabbed the pokemon, directing a Ice Beam from it's gem. The Dragonite swooped down into a dodge. Thunder crackled, the Starmie sending down a few volts of Thunderbolt. Dragonite was still left to recharge, flying away. No way was he escaping this time. Returning Starmie, Spence called upon Alphonse. They chased the dragon, surfing the storm until Dragonite turned for another shot. Spence and the Togekiss charged out of the way as the beam roared passed them. Air Slash was Alphonse's attack, flinching the Dragonite not to move. Spence called upon two more pokemon. Kimberley and Jazz. Spence held onto the Chanderlure as he sent Alphonse and the Whimsicott flying over head. To the Dragonite's dismay, Jazz rained down Stun Spore, completely paralyzing it. But it kept going. Jazz blew a Tailwind, increasing the speed Alphonse and her were at. Dragonite recharged, blasting Hyperbeam to take them out, but it was too slow. Jazz used Hurricane, the move mixing with the maelstrom created a small but powerful twister she controlled. Jazz sent it into the path of the Dagonite. But it was no good, the dragon was going to dodge. Spence sent out a forth pokemon, Bananas. In Zen Mode, it floated, using Psychic to trap the pokemon. The twister battered and bashed at the dragon type, and once the move had ended, the Dragonite fell unconsious. It feel into the eye of the storm. Spence gasped.

"Alphonse!" Spence returned Kimberley, Jazz and Bananas to jump onto Alphonse, "Extreme Speed!" the Togekiss managed a small burst but was completely over tired. Spence tsked, looking up at the cable that hindered him, "Alphonse, cut the cable! Now!" It cried, using the last of its strength to completely sever to cable connecting Spence, "Thank you!" Spence returned him to his pokeball, spinning around and diving into the maelstrom to find Dragonite.

Falling, falling... "Pokeball, go!" he threw it, capturing the pokemon in a bright flash. Spence grunted, trying to catch the pokeball. It was so close within his grasp. He yelled, managing to grab it before it was too late.


Spence sighed in relief, looking up into the chamber, all spawled out on the safety net. The pokeball of the captured Dragonite in his hand. He frowned, "...I better not tell Cindy about all this, she'd probably kill me herself." He grinned, then started to chuckle, suddenly, bursting out laughing.

Author:  LadyMiir [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:04 pm ]
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I raised an eyebrow at the Dragonite's appearance, making a note to get the others to tell me what that was later, before I heard Princess' cry and the Froslass appeared next to me. "What?"

She cooed again, the high-pitched cry cutting through the howl of the winds-- when I deciphered what she was saying, I grinned. "Shiftry helping to generate the winds, huh? Take Dari and go get 'em."

The Froslass cried out again, fading into the maelstrom as I crouched down between Lyrica and Skipper, the two big Pokemon using Ice Punches and in Skipper's case, a few carefully timed Avalanches, to keep the attacking Pokemon at bay. Princess called out, and Dari answered with a deep roar, the black dragon rising into the air with the white Ghost by his side, heading for the Shiftry at the top of the chamber.

Author:  redt [ Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:46 pm ]
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I listened to Spence as he explained his plan and the why the Dragonite was possibly so strong. I watched him jump onto his bird Pokemon and fly into the violent winds after the dragon type. I stared into the wind storm and watched bright flashes light up the center, most likely Hyper Beams from the Dragonite.

Togekiss reacted before I even noticed, shielding us both in her Protect as several Air Slashes hit it. I looked up to see a fairly large Skarmory flying quickly towards us. I jumped onto Togekiss' back and we flew away from the Pokemon. "Try to get above Skarmory. We'll have a better vantage point." Togekiss began flapping faster against the wind, climbing higher in the chamber. I looked back to see that Skarmory had less trouble with the wind than Togekiss due to the dual Steel typing.

"We can't outrun it! Turn around and use Aura Sphere!" Togekiss did a quick loop and began free falling. She pulled her wings in front of her chest and began forming a ball of orange energy. She released the Aura Sphere at the Skarmory. It hit directly, but the Pokemon was persistent. "Silverwind!" Togekiss flapped quickly, sending the shiny air rapidly at the Skarmory. It countered with an Air Cutter that continued through and struck Togekiss.

She shrugged it off and I told her to dive. "Now turn around and use Ancient Power!" Togekiss turned one last time and shot rocks at the incoming Pokemon. The Skarmory dodged the first few rocks before the others struck it head on. It fainted and fell to the mercy of the winds, falling out of sight.

"Let's go find Spence." Togekiss took off into the winds.

Author:  LadyMiir [ Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:51 pm ]
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Princess' Signal Beam struck the Shiftry at the same time as Dari roared and spat a gout of fire that sent the Grass-types scattering and shrieking in pain, collapsing one by one as the winds' intensity started to fade.

Before I could direct my team to attack now that the conditions were better, an alarm klaxon went off, all the Trainers' Pokemon coming to a halt and looking to their humans for commands. "What's going on?" I asked a nearby Trainer with a Gliscor.

He shrugged. "Some kind of emergency. Leader Hewitt will tell us more soon."

A few seconds later, there was a faint *pop* of teleportation, and Cora teleported in with her Xatu, her expression grim. "Trainers, sorry to cut short the challenge, but we've got a problem. A gang of Pokemon thieves-- apparently the ones responsible for the thefts in the mainlands-- have made it to the island. The forests on this island are a Pokemon reserve, and they may be looking to steal Pokemon from there. They are however attacking civilians and stealing those Pokemon. The forests are large, and the Colosseum Trainers will be helping to comb that area, but we'll need your help to defend the civilians. Anyone who's up for it, head back to the civilian areas. Don't kill, try to take a prisoner if you can, but use all necessary force to protect yourselves and your teams. These people have guns, and they aren't afraid to use them."

I snarled something unprintable under my breath, grabbing my cellphone and quickly dialing home. Jake answered at once. "Sis, what's up?"

"Jake, is Belle nearby? Give her Draco and Hektor's Pokeballs, and have her teleport to my location, now. I'll explain later."

"Got it." He hung up, and I turned to face the group of guys, absently holding out my arms as there was a second faint *pop* and a lavender-furred Espeon materialized on my shoulder, dropping two shrunken Pokeballs into my hand. "Let's go."

Author:  Dare234 [ Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:06 pm ]
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((Been a while. Time for a catch-up post. I will be able to post more often now that exams are done.))

As I walked up to the colosseum I was tossed a harness, so I strapped it on. As I walked in I staggered to the side from the wind.

"Come on out Quake." Quake materialized beside me. "Help me get to the centre." I yelled over the wind.

Quake latched on to me and flapped his wings to counteract the wind. Once I reached the centre, I pulled out one of my knives and stabbed it into the ground, holding on to it. I drove second knife into the ground beside me and called out Fury. I grabbed her arm as the wind started to take her and gestured towards the second knife, which she promptly grabbed. I gestured towards Quake and he quickly flew over.

"Fury, hold the colosseum Pokemon steady with Psychic. Quake take them out." I yelled once Quake got close enough. Quake growled and took off. Fury's eyes glowed and a Staraptor was stopped cold mid-flight, enveloped by a blue glow. Quake took it out with a Dragon Claw. They continued on like this for a while, Quake chasing off any Pokemon that got behind Fury.

After a while the wind started to die down, almost simultaneously as an alarm that went off. All of the Pokemon stopped.

"What's going on?" Cat asked a trainer.

"Some kind of emergency. Leader Hewitt will tell us more soon." He said witha shrug.

Cora teleported in with her Xatu and explained that a group of Pokemon theives had got to the island and had started taking Pokemon living in the reserve and those belonging to civilians. She requested that we help protect civilians while colosseum trainers went through the forests. She finished by saying "Don't kill, try to take a prisoner if you can, but use all necessary force to protect youselves annd your teams. These people have guns,and they aren't afraid to use them."

"If we take a prisoner, what should we do with them? It doesn't seem like a good idea to keep them with us." I asked.

Author:  LadyMiir [ Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:43 pm ]
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Cora shrugged as her Colosseum Trainers readied themselves for battle. "Just knock them out and stash them somewhere safe. No need to be too gentle to dirtbags like that."

I stroked Belle's ears as the Espeon started to glow, glancing at the boys. "You ready?"

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:25 pm ]
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"I wonder if this means I'm disqualified..." Spence sighed as he gazed up into the maelstrom chamber. Carrying more than six pokemon, severing his safety cable... Yeah, he thought so. It was hard for him to see, but there were flames being shot from up at the tallest height. He squinted, wondering what a trainer was doing up there. Suddenly, the wind seemed to slow, blowing more gently than usual, until the maelstrom all but disappeared in a flicker. Spence wondered, "Did they find the pokemon?"

Then the alarm rang.

"W-What's going on?" Spence pocketed Dragonite's pokeball as he got himself up, "Falcon, go!" Although he was battered by Dragonite's Hyperbeam, he was still capable of flight. He checked his Braviery over just in case, as he unstrapped the harnass on his back. All his pokemon were still able to fight, although badly weakened by the pervious battles. Spence jumped onto Falcon's back, "Let's go, Fly!" he commanded the brave bird, shooting up into the heights.

Up above, Spence noticed a familiar brown spiky haired trainer, "Hey, Red!" Spence waved to him and his Togekiss, "Something's up, let's go check it out!" He patted his pokemon to fly further up into the chamber.

Before Cat, Cora or Silas could even think about taking off anywhere, Spence appeared. "Hey! Whatever this emergency is, count me in! I hope we're not talking about Team Plasma!"

Cora explained the situation to Spence, Red and everyone who was late.

"Gotcha. Well, do you think you can teleport us all there? If you need more psychic power to shoot us all in the location, I've got a Reuniclus, Red has Slowking and Gallade, and I see an Espeon on Cat's shoulder. We should be able to do it if they combine powers."

Author:  LadyMiir [ Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:45 pm ]
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((just to make it clear, the Colosseum trainers are heading into the forests to fight off the thieves there. We're heading for the civilian area to beat the rest of the gang off.))

"Cora's not going our way, Spence." I called out as he approached, Belle sniffing in the boys' direction curiously. "We're on our own to protect the civilians."

"Hey, I'm coming with you." Nick cut in, looking more than a little windswept, motioning to his Medicham who stood beside him calmly, her arms folded over her chest. "Kamala's got more than enough power left for a short jump."

I smiled as I glanced around. "Sounds like we've all got a Psychic on hand, so why don't we let them do what they do best, and go chase off some thieves?"

Author:  redt [ Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:00 am ]
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As we flew through the battering winds, still searching for Spence, the wind suddenly turned light then stopped all together. My visibility became normal and I saw how large the chamber really was. Then an alarm rang and filled the area with its obnoxious nosie. What in the world is going on?

As if on cue Spence flew up out of no where and told me to follow him. We flew up to the platform where we started, meeting with the others and Cora. Cat had an Espeon sitting on her shoulder. They talked about teleporting and Spence mentioned my two Psychoc types. I took the hint and released them, returning Togekiss in the process. It looks like we're gonna have to fight off some grunts. "Sounds like fun. Gallade has been waiting to fight all day apparently, as have I." I smiled and looked at the others, "Well me and my Pokemon are more than ready to help with this. Plus it'll give us a great warm up." I laughed a little bit with the ending sentence.

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:53 pm ]
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"Right," Spence nodded to Cora and Cat, "Besides, we're all pretty skilled trainers with tough pokemon. We should manage on our own."

Spence turned to Red in a chuckle, "Well, aren't you confident. Even after our little sparring match you're still full of energy. I guess I picked the best rival after all," he grinned, suddenly looking to him more seriously, "And hey, Red. Because you remind me of someone... I used to admire, let me give you a little advice." He looked to all the trainers who were gathering for the teleportation, all ready to lend a helping hand in a battle that wasn't theirs to begin with. Every one of them really, true Pokemon Champions.

Spence looked back to Red, in a sad gaze, "No matter what happens, don't ever change." Brother...

Spence released the Reuniclus, hovering above his back and the Braviery's, "Let's get there quickly. There's no telling how they're stealing pokemon from trainers as tough as the ones invited to this island. We need to stay on guard."

"I'm coming, too!" A young woman with long black hair responded. Spence nodded with agreement. Her voice sounded familar somehow...

Author:  LadyMiir [ Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:09 pm ]
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"They're stealing from the civilans, most likely. People's pets, not actual battle Pokemon." I muttered as I glanced over at the now violet-glowing Espeon on my shoulder. "Ready, girl? Teleport whenever you're ready, take the destination from my mind."

"Esp." Belle nodded once as the purple glow started to transfer to me-- I grinned at the boys as my vision started to fade at the edges. "See you there."

The world shimmered around me, and suddenly I was standing at the fountain in the center of the 'civilian area'. Chaos reigned-- people struggling with burly men and Pokemon crying out in fear and anger as they were torn from their humans' grasp. Other Trainers, no doubt from the other Colosseums, were starting to appear on the scene with their Pokemon-- I leaped away from the fountain as someone released a Tentacruel into it, the Jellyfish Pokemon's tentacles shooting out to ensnare a few hapless thieves almost before it finished materializing. From my shoulder, Belle yowled something, a Psybeam attack flashing from the jewel on her forehead and striking a Toxicroak that had attempted to sneak up on me.

Just then, Nick appeared-- seeing the Toxicroak, he pointed, and Kamala darted forward, landing a spectacular Hi Jump Kick which left the bipedal frog ploughed into the ground, definitely not getting up any time soon. "Thanks!" I shouted to him, getting a wave in response as I released the rest of my team.

"No problem! Now let's go kick butt and get these people's Pokemon back!" he yelled back with a big grin.

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