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 A Castle in the Night (still accepting but starting) 
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I was vionently awakened by blood curtaling screams coming from the town. I sat up from the rock I was on and streched.

"What the heck????"

I looked over tot he town and immediately wished I didnt. A horde os skelaton worriors and zombies were attacking the townspeople.


I got up off the rock and bolted towards the Inn/tavern. All the while my body was in excruciating pain, one down side of being able to sense things... As I ran, I avoided the swings of skelaton swords and crazed zombies, that where going after anything that moved. Bodies were everywhere, as I neard the Inn I realized I had a problem...

"Great, they locked the door. NOW how am I supposed to get in there...."

Zombies, skelaton worriors and survivors surrounded the Inn/taveren. My mind raced, I noticed an axe lying on the ground and scooped it up. The undead beings where so focused on the survivors that they didnt see me sneak past them into a vacant building 2 story building. I ran up to the second story that was butt up against the inn's second floor, and smashed the windows with the axe. I crawled through into thje Inn and ran down to the first floor.

I saw Jet and Andrei. Jet was holding a broadsword in one hand and a gun in the other. Andrei had his pack and a sword in hand.
Both looked like they were ready to fight the undead horde that was trying to get in. If either of them where scared, they did a good job hiding it.
I quickly ran over to them.

"PLEASE , tell me you guys have a plan......"

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Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:10 am
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My eyes snapped open. I grabbed Spider and Thunder, leaving Venom on my back. I heard from downstairs "We're under attack!" from an unrecognized voice and followed it. I sklammed my way through a window and started hacking, slashing, blocking, and parrying. I couldn't keep this up with just Spider. I went duo-sworded and nearly stood still for a moment. Deadly spiders were straming from Spider. Brazillian wanderers, Black widows, Brown recluses, Trapdoors, and a million others that I couldn't identify. Most amazing, they only attacked the Undead. I slashed at a zombie with Venom, and where I struck sizzled and the flesh began to be rapidly be eaten away. Boutolin toxin. Even when fighting like this, the Undead were dangerous. You hamstring a zombie, thinking that it's dead, and it crawls back and lops off your hand. Or at least tries to. I quickly realized something. In order to kill a zombie, it had to have an injury to the head. Same with the skeletons, but beheading them didn't work for either. "Go for the heads!" I shouted. I put Venom to one's ear, Spider to another's eye socket, and bashed a yet another one on both sides of the head. It was total and complete carnage all around.

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Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:24 pm
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(Before I post, I need to know one thing. GofD, did you got through a wall? Really,Really? I'll edit my post to an actual post when I get hsi cleared up.)


Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:18 am
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