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 The Gym Leader Nomic Quest 
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The Gym Leader Nomic Quest.

Welcome to this roleplay. The plot may be simple, but this is a combination of a roleplay and a game. In the game section, players can create their own rules. (More on that later.) Here's the story's plot.

Long ago, there existed naturally-occuring plutonium in the Pokémon world. This plutonium was highly dangerous, so most of the plutonium was destroyed, or scattered into insignificant particles, in fear that it would cause disease. However, a third, more questionable method was also used. Some of this radioactive plutonium was buried very deeply in a distant location, as to be inaccessible. During the artifact search in which Mew was discovered, Giovanni found and decoded paintings that applied to this legend, but he did not discover the exact location of the plutonium. New technology can use it as a source of energy for Team Rocket, so it is highly coveted in their hands.

Player Characters-

Each player will play as one gym leader from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh; the role of writing Giovanni's story may be allowed to an advanced user on our forums, but will be prohibited as a character choice to most users. The Pokémon on that player's team must either be owned by that gym leader in some form of media, or be classified in that leader's type.

The rules might seem long... but I needed all of them to make sure the game works. Most of them just prevent buffoonish moves with the "game" rules.

The "thread" rules:

1. No spam, PG, no swearing, and all other forum rules apply.
2. This thread is literate. Capital letters and somewhat-decent spelling and grammar are expected. "LOL" and other abbreviations can be used for humor value alone, but cannot be overused (such as in non-RP dialogue, or character dialogue). The ampersand character (&) should not be used in every occurence of "and".
3. This thread may only be ended by administrative action or after either Team Rocket or the Gym Leaders access the Plutonium. An alternate goal may not be reached, and ultimately, the goal of both teams must remain accessing the plutonium.

The "story" rules:

4. A character may be removed from the group or "godmoded" out of the story if its user has not posted here for one month.
6. All non-story text must be separated by putting a colon (:) behind it.
7. Each person is limited to one gym leader. Gym leaders may not be used by multiple people, even if they are sharing the roleplay's activity. Once all 31 slots are filled, there will be no more new characters. In fact, even 31 is ridiculous.

The "game" rules:

8. Each user may create or repeal one new rule that everyone must follow in their post.
9. Rules in this post, forum rules, or Psypoke rules may not be broken, modified, repealed, or altered in any way by those rules.
10. A single post may not create and repeal a rule.
11. No rules may apply to what a person may have on their profile or apply to any activities outside this thread.
12. A paradox may not be created by the rules. If any new rule contradicts an old one, then the new one is instantly repealed.
13. All users with characters must be able to create or repeal any user-created rule in this thread.
14. Both Team Rocket and the other Gym Leaders must be able to access the plutonium at all times. A "We All Win" rule is prohibited. A "This Thread Ends Now" rule is prohibited.
15. Rules may not require people to edit previous posts in the thread.
16. Nosepass, although not staff, can remove any player's new rules.

A list of all New Rules created will be located below this line of text once the story/game starts.

For now, this is the end of this post. Happy Role-Playing! The next person can start the story with whichever leader they would like.

Hamiforbeeterra's credit to Rocket's Game Corner.
Dunmaorprasecutail's (also: Whakadon) credit (avatar) to Mektar.

Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:30 am
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Is this one still running? I hope so because it sounds pretty cool...

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Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:16 pm
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