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 Realm (Revisited) [Now Accepting!] 
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Welcome to Realm, the most advanced online gaming experience available today. In this game, you will create your own avatar from the ground up, complete with appearance, skill sets, and much more, and venture into the virtual world known simply as Realm. In the world of Realm, you can be almost anything; a warrior, a merchant, a mercenary, you name it. You can challenge other players to a battle (known as Matches) and set the stakes, whether it be for money, a highly coveted item one possesses, or simply for honor. However, if you are killed in a Match or die elsewhere in the game of other causes, you cannot log back into the game for 24 hours. Once function that is rarely used is a Death Match, in which two people battle, and the loser is banned from the game permanently.

Thank you for taking interest in this "relaunch" of one of my older RPs. People who take place in this RP will create their own Avatar (see form below) and essentially "play the game." The weaponry used is swords, spears, arrows, etc. However, this RP would be no fun if everything was picture perfect in Realm, so...

When Realm was first launched, it was overseen by a large group of staff members known as Moderators. Hundreds of mods played the game directly; in most cases, each town, city, village, settlement, trading post, etc. was ruled and overseen by one, or in some cases multiple, mods. Moderators were given extreme advantages over normal players, to establish their powerful roles. A common method of correcting problems was banning players. In addition, there were 4 Programmers, who ranked much higher and were much more powerful than the Moderators. Each of the four Programmers ruled over a quadrant of Realm: North, East, South, and West.

Thus, for 3 years, Realm ran and functioned beautifully under the watchful eyes of the Moderators and Programmers. But, in secret, a player by the name of Raznor was growing very powerful in secret, dedicated hours upon hours of training. Raznor was out to test the power of the Staff Members, and so he started, one by one, challenging Moderators in the far reaches of the Northern Quadrant to Death Matches. He kept winning, and winning, and winning, and with every mod he vanquished, he grew considerably stronger. Death Matches with Moderators became less and less challenging to him, and after months of battles, the 4 Programmers stepped in. The East Programmer was the first to fall, then the West. After defeating two Programmers Raznor was so powerful that defeating the South Programmer was a breeze. At this point, the only staff member left to face Raznor was the North Programmer, a fierce warrior with long blue hair known as Aurorus. The North Programmer was far superior to the other three, and the match seemed to be evenly matched for a time. The battle was so fierce the entire world of Realm shook with storms. After hours of battling, Raznor gained the upper hand and cut down Aurorus. Standing unopposed, Raznor declared himself as King and implemented insanely unfair and absurd policies- high taxes/prices, insane security measures, and if any powerful players on the rise did not swear loyalty to him.... they tended to disappear. Nevertheless, the vast majority of players swore loyalty to Raznor and many joined his armed forces, known as the Regime, merely for the benefits. Speaking ill of Raznor in public would often result in imprisonment.

Miraculously, the inhabitants of the barren, desert-covered Western Quadrant were very persistent in their resistance to the Empire, employing both their knowledge of the landscape and guerilla tactics to keep the Regime at bay. Eventually, the Regime, growing tired of the persistent attacks and the unforgiving landscape, gave up their hopes of taking the Far Western cities and returned home. The people of the Western Quadrant became unified as a group known as The Zura, with their leader Azurok. For the time being, Raznor is reluctantly, and bitterly willing to let the Zura govern themselves. The Zura are strictly neutral, not getting involved in any sort of affair involving the Empire, keeping to themselves and their land, and are rarely seen outside the Western Quadrant. The Empire and the Zura leave each other alone.

Thanks to a secret failsafe protocol, Aurorus was not truly destroyed and banned from the game. He survived the Death Match, the only player to ever do so. However, he was severely, SEVERELY weakened, only retaining a small fraction of his former power. His body is constantly glitching, and therefore he rarely ventures out of the safety of the uninhabited Eastern Mountains. Raznor does not know that Aurorus survived, so Aurorus can't show himself. In secret, Aurorus formed a group known as the Resistance, who oppose the Regime. The Resistance is very small and weak compared to the mighty Regime, and so attacks have been becoming less and less frequent.

Rumor has it that Raznor is after some sort of weapon, something left behind by the Programmers but it has eluded him throughout the 7 Years of his rule. [I will reveal what the weapon is at a later time].


Western Quadrant: Desert, home of the Zura. Very dangerous, rarely ventured into.

Eastern Quadrant: The most urbanized area of Realm. Many large cities, such as Atlantia and Citadrale, lie on the coast. River systems
connect them to other cities. Rafts are the most commonly used system of transportation. The Empire capital of Illodor lies in the Western part of the Easter Quadrant.

Northern Quadrant: Snowy, forests, a few major cities, many small villages.

Southern Quadrant: Flat plains, many small posts and settlements, very few major cities. The Trading Post, where every player starts his/her journey, is located here.


Avatar Forms...
Battle Style:
Which Side (Regime, Resistance, Zura, or NEUTRAL):

Weaponry and clothing will be determined by what you buy (later) in the Trading Post, but you can still share that information in your form.


As far as rules go, I'm not going to picky. All I ask is that you be RATIONAL. A brand new player cannot defeat a much stronger player. Don't keep having perfect things happen to your character, mix it up a bit. Also, ONLY PEOPLE WITH 150+ POSTS MAY APPLY.

Other than that, I'm just going to let this RP go where this RP goes. Once we have a good number of applicants, I'll close it off and we can start.

My avatar...

Name: Eon
Appearance: Shaggy, light blue hair. Dark blue/black clothing, uses a black cloth to cover his mouth/nose.
Battle Style: Quick, but as a result weaker. Uses a long, two handed golden blade. Very minimal magic usage.
Which Side (Regime, Resistance, Zura, or NEUTRAL): Resistance

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Which Side: Resistance

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