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Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Mon May 23, 2005 6:42 am ]
Post subject:  Post Your RP Profiles Here

I got this idea from someone else in another RP (Flannery I think) so Flannery if you want to claim credit for this go ahead.

Anyway here's what this is. It's a place where you can post your Profiles for a roleplay, this way as you do RPs you can update your character here with new pokemon, appearances, etc. You can also use this so you can copy and paste your Profile to other RPs so you don't need to write it out over and over again. It'll also be a way for all the rest of us to get to know your characters :D.

Here's one of my characters, which will also give you an idea of what to write:

Name: Kijiro

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height (You can use exact or approximate): Medium-Short

Weight (Once again exact or approximate): Light

Profession: Gym Leader

Appearance: Baggy white T-Shirt, Baggy blue jeans, backwards red-and-white cap, blonde spiky hair, blue eyes, scar running from bottom of right temple to above the chin.

Background Story: This small-town boy became a Gym Leader after beating Therese, another young Gym Leader. He beat her using prime tactics and his powerful pokemon which convinced her that he'd be good as a Gym Leader. His position does not douse his sense of adventure, though, for he continues on his adventures throughout the pokemon world, only occasionally returning to his gym. He specialises in Ghost and Fire pokemon, and his badge is called the Spitfire Badge.

Some good ideas about what to write from Gryphflame:

Personality: Almost bipolar, very pessimistic at times, at others happy and enthusiastic. Always kind to his pokemon and others, though can get annoying at times, especially with his random mood swings.

Speech Style: Slurs words and using slang often.

Most recent adventure: Stopping a megalomaniacal ex-Rocket from summoning the 9 elemental legends (Birds, dogs, and Regis) and fusing them to create an ultimate pokemon.

Plans for future: To just continue his adventures, and beat lots of gym challengers.


Name: Thanatos (Greek god of death)
Lvl. (You may put in a Level if you want but since levels are not mentioned in the Anime you could just put general strength, or even nothing at all, which is what I'm doing.)

Name: Prometheus (Renegade god who gave fire to humans)
Lvl. -

Name: Hades (I'm sure you know this one, god of the underworld)
Lvl. -

Name: Styx (River to the underworld)
Lvl. -

EDIT: If you want to edit new profiles into your current posts thats fine I guess... unless there's some kind of rule against it.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Mon May 23, 2005 7:09 am ]
Post subject: 

A few snippits of Cass's bio. It was written as a writing tool for me, not a roleplaying profile, but I guess it can't hurt to post the more relevant sections.

Name: Cassius
Profession: Gymleader/makeshift monk/ghost trainer

Age: Over two hundred, appears 22-ish
Gender: Male
Body type: tall, thin (in an almost scraggly way)
Hair and eye colours: Purple hair, dark violet eyes (occasionally glow red)
Face type: Thin, sharp features
Other physical features: Hair is spiked similar to a Haunter's head.
Clothing style: Dark fabrics with long sleeved shirts- practical, but elegant. Wears a traditional kimono whenever I can get away with it (this has little to do with his character, I just happen to like kimonos.)
Speech style: Concise and specific, with very few contractions- sounds a little unnatural. When he's telling a story, or talking to someone he knows, he can get more long winded. When speaking in pokemon-speak, he sounds more relaxed and casual.

General demeanor: Usually quiet and reclusive, but when he forgets himself he'll try and frighten people as a friendly gesture. Can get very dramatic when he's telling a story, especially a ghost story.

Parents: A jolteon and an umbreon, long dead.
Siblings: A few other eevees, none he really remembers
Hometown: Born just outside Lavender town
Childhood history: He died when he was very young, during a very harsh winter. Bitter about coming to such an early end, he became a gastly, and was soon adopted by a group of mischievous ghost pokemon from Lavender town. He spent several decades with them, but eventually they caused so much trouble that the people of lavender town asked a whole bunch of trainers to go in and catch the ghostly gang. A few escaped, including Cassius, but the group disbanded after that attack.

Cassius survived on his own for awhile, battling anyone he could find to get stronger, so no trainer could ever catch him. When a mansion on the outskirts of town was built by the same family that had hired the trainers, he moved in, and quickly became the dominant ghost amongst the dozens that had driven the original occupants out. He lived in peace for several decades, fending off the occasional intruding human, until an exceptionally cruel trainer entered, planning to catch the now infamous Cassius.

Long story short, Cassius made a decision that would change his life- he made a deal with the trainer's team to torment him for the rest of eternity by possessing his body. He has lived as a human for roughly thirty years now.

Recent history: Was asked by Winona of Fortree City to come help her with a purification ritual.

Plans for the future: Hopes to continue haunting the Lavender gym and try and come to terms with what he is. Has no ambition to advance into the elite four.

Pokemon team:

Pandora (Pan)- Haunter- Former Raichu
Marionnette (Mari) - Banette - Former Tangola
Rook - Dusclops - Former Golem
Godfather (no one has dared nickname him) - Giant Gengar- Former Charizard
Maiden (Mai) - Misdreavus - Former Azumarill
Sneak - Sableye - Former Murkrow

Author:  2x4b [ Mon May 23, 2005 8:19 am ]
Post subject: 

heres one of my characters:

name: Vergil
gender: male
height: medium-tall
weight: light
profession: pokemon trainer
appearance: white hair, black leather jacket, dark red t-shirt, black jeans, dark red trainers and a silver locket round his neck.
background story: originating from cerulean, he met misty when he was ten, has been travelling with misty since he was ten, was going out with misty from since he was fourteen, got married to misty when he was eighteen, and became a father to aya when he was eighteen.
personality: gentle, kind, can be aggresive at times, good parental instincts, quite unpredictable.
plans for future: to continue becoming a good father to aya and a good husband to misty, to open a battling school.
{typhlosion} (always out of pokeball)
name: blaze
name: vixen
name: specter
name: hercules
name: poseidon
name: prongs

Author:  Siphai [ Mon May 23, 2005 10:21 am ]
Post subject: 

This is my basic character for all the RP's.

Name: Cal (Or Calvin)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: Tall
Profession: Drifter (=P) For real though, Pokemon Trainer
Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, grey hoodie with the words 'Neuman Soccer' and blue jeans.
Backround: Origionally from BlackThorn City, his father was the gym leader there. Hoping that he would have his son become the gym leader when he was too old, he forced the son to endure lectures and classes all about the dragon type. Before he died from bordom and anger he ran away on a boat to Hooenn. There he studied under Steven taking in all we wanted of his prefered Steel type. One day, he saw a Heracross fighting off a group of Pincer. Helping him out he recieved the aid of Heracross his first pokemon. Allowing him to finally capture other Bug and Steel types and is soon becoming one of the best Steel trainers on either continent.

Plans for the Future: Hopes to one day defeat Steven, and eventually take his place and the Hoeenn champion Steel master.

Name: Goliath

Name: Flutter

Name: Chaos

Name: Apocolypt

Name: MeatShield

Name: Vinci

Author:  Truestar [ Mon May 23, 2005 1:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

This profile will be one I use at all RP's also. :P

Name: Truestar
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Height: Medium
Weight: Enough :P
Apperance: Much like Maxie of Team Magma but the trenchcoat is black with a different insignia. (Still making insignia) Belt with Pokeballs, and where the ends meet on the belt it connects behind a pure gold plate with this: Image on the plate. Slick blonde hair and pure Black pokeballs with a golde TS notched in them.
Personality: Very outgoing but evil. Focuses on goals intently, very determined but knows when to retreat and start over.

Yes, my character is a bad guy if you hadn't noticed. However his goals and more are unknown, and you will find them out as we play along in the Roleplays. Most of his information will be revealed here.

Author:  tiger10x [ Mon May 23, 2005 4:03 pm ]
Post subject: 

This is a profile of a character that I plan on using if I find time for RPing:

Name: Tiger
Age: Late teens
Gender: Male
Height: Six feet even
Appearance: Semi-long light blonde hair (mid-neck length), hazel eyes, thin featured face, slightly strong built of body, long, kind of lanky. No hat. Plain light orange T-shirt, dark blue sweat pants.
Profession: Eevee Breeder/Pok

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Mon May 23, 2005 4:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

Here's my character for "First Pokemon RP!"

Name: Michael Surge

Age: (Currently) 16

Height: Slightly less than 6 feet

Weight: Medium (Not entirely sure on his actual weight)

Gender: Male

Profession: Electric Pokemon Trainer

Physical Features: Spiky blonde hair, similar shape of his father's, tan skin, brown eyes

Clothing Style: Normally seen wearing a camo/Army shirt, pnats, jacket, and black boots. Basically he looks like he just got out of boot camp.

Personatlity: Has a slightly better temper than his father, slightly. Usually a "Fight first, ask questions later" attitude, battle crazy, at least to an extent. But can be calm and seriuos, when he puts his mind to it.

Family: His father (If you already didn't know), is the Vermillion City Gym Leader known as Lt. Surge. His mother lives in thier house nearby the Gym. Mike is an only child.

Hometown: Born and raised in Vermillion, so he knows a lot about fishing, sailing, and boating.

Childhood: Born in Vermillion, his father taught him everything he knew about fishing, boating, and the like. When he turned 10, his father gave him a Pikachu, who is now a Raichu. He didn't evolve him ASAP though, due to a battle he saw when he was 8 (aka, Ash vs. Lt. Surge). He traveled around Kanto, collecting Gym badges, even deafeating his own father for the Thunderbadge. His Pokemon grew to be quite formidable, reaching him 3rd at the Indigo Pleateau. He also went to Johto, placing in the top 8 there. He is now traveling Hoenn, and currently has 5 badges.

Recent History: Is traveling with Cassius and another trainer.

Future Plans: Participate in the Hoenn League challenge, and eventually take over his father's postition at the Vermillion Gym.


{raichu} - Static; his prized Raichu, his first Pokemon, they've been together, through thick and thin, and share a bond almost parallel to Ash and his Pikachu

{electrode} - Kaboom; Makes Mike's attitude equal to a Chansey, watch out for Explosion, it's wild!

{jolteon} - Quickster; Very fast and graceful, but almost impossible to see in battle, he even rivals the super speedy Ninjask.

{electabuzz} - Shockbox; Pure power, that's Shockbox written all over. He attacks and attacks, giving little, if any, time to fight back.

{ampharos} - Lighthouse; The intellegent one, goes for strategy over power, even though he has more power than Shockbox. Also one of the few Pokemon vegetarians, which is why he gets teased sometimes.

{manectric} - Proton; The quiet one. Doesn't speak out as much, and goes for a more balanced approach.

Tada, I'm done!

Author:  Galar [ Mon May 23, 2005 7:36 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'm not really up-to-date with RP's, I'm not taking part of none. But I absolutely love creating characters.

This first one is Chaos, a trainer I did for Pok

Author:  tessa7338 [ Mon May 23, 2005 9:23 pm ]
Post subject: 

My "good" characters are quite complicated so I shan't do them now. Let's have a villian then. Still in the making and probably won't be used but if you guys need a villian badly you can use him.

Name: Floran (don't be fooled, he hates his name and insists on being called Boss)
Profession: Full Time Evil Genius

Appearance: <img src="" alt="Image hosted by"> says all
Age: Top Secret
Gender: o+
Speech style: Fast talker

Personality: Adamant (nature)
General demeanor: ???
How he sees himself: "There is nothing I cannot do"
Best qualitiy: Ability to out-talk people
Worst qualitiy: Over-confidence

Background: ?
Parents: ?
Siblings: ?
Hometown: ?
Childhood history: ?
Recent history: Planning big things. Evil things.
Plans for the future: Planning and doing more big things. Evil things.

Pokemon team:
{breloom} his personal pet and always by his side

Favorite pokemon: His Breloom
Favorite place: Top secret hideout in a top secret place
Pet peeves: Minions who fail him, meddling kids (sounds familiar?)

Author:  Aquarius [ Tue May 24, 2005 4:36 am ]
Post subject: 

Name: Wedge
Age: 18
Hight: Medium
Gender: Male

Look: like on sig and ava
Nature: quiet, friendly and very loyal to friends.

Wedge loves the sea.
So he joined Team Aqua as grunt.
Trained his self and his water pokemon here.
After finding out what Evil plans they where up to, he quit and along with him a few others.
To stop Archie in his evil plans he stole the submarine "Nautilus 1" and made for Kanto.
Still wearing the Team Aqua uniform as a simbol for his love for the sea !
After hiding the submarine, the ex-members split up.
Wedge went to Saffron.
This is where he met Sabrina.
They became friends, and she tought Wedge how to awaken his psychic abilities.
He decided to stay in Saffron.
(both for his interrest in psychic and Sabrina...)

Last adventure:
Prevented Archie from destroying Saffron.
(I'll write a story about it after finishing Clash of the Elements)

Future plans:
- Defending Saffron
- Ask Sabrina the BIG question...

Wedge's pokemon:

Name: Adanos (god of water in the game "Gothic" )
Pilowag was the pokemon Wedge chose when he joined Team Aqua.
Poliwrath is strong in water, fighting and psychic attacks.

Name: Poseidon
Caught Totodile when passing trough Johto.

Name: Neptune
Caught it back in his Aqua days

Name: Neo (nothing to do with matrix !)
Wedge recieved an Abra from Sabrina when he bagan training in Saffron.
Neo stands for a "new" begining !

Name: Alpha
The Begining

Name: Omega
The End

EDIT: the name...used Wedge in stead of my own name...:wink:

Author:  Flannery [ Tue May 24, 2005 2:26 pm ]
Post subject: 

Name: Sidney Valentine
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hometown: Fortree City, Hoenn
Occupation: Ninja, Pokemon Trainer
Specialty: Dark, Dragon, and Fighting Pokemon

Check out avatar.

Sidney is a rather chipper young girl who doesn

Author:  Galar [ Wed May 25, 2005 1:49 pm ]
Post subject: 

Is it okay if I create a character that is actually a real person?

I guess, since we're not advertising, publishing, nor messing with illegal things, I don't think there's a problem.

But I would like to know if that is incorrect...

Author:  Gryphflame [ Wed May 25, 2005 5:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

<img src=""> >> Darth Havec

<img src="" align=left>Although she has a given name, she usually sticks to her Sith name Havec because her species speaks partially with their wings, making her name rather difficult to pronounce for most people. She's one of about two thousand remaining members of a birdlike race of humanoids. Skilled at concealment and subterfuge, even against strong-willed minds such as the jedi, she prefers to use nonviolent methods to resolve conflicts, since she is not an exceptional fighter.

Physically, she is slightly taller than a human, with falcon-like features, including a longish nose covered in a hard beaklike material, and scaly skin with featherlike patterns over most of her body. Each strand of her brown hair fans out at the end, turning into a tawny feather. Her back legs are covered in lionlike fur, ending in wide talons, and she has a long mammalian tail, something like a cross between a monkey's and a kangaroo's, but covered in an intermediate evolutionary form between scales and feathers. A pair of brown-tan wings grace her back, big enough to carry her thin, hollow-boned frame for a few minutes, or longer if she can ride updrafts as her race does in their native desert, or if she uses the Force to lighten herself. The largest flight feathers can be withdrawn, like cat claws, into the rest of the wing. One of her race's most interesting natural abilities is a trait of their scales that reflects away some harmful solar radiations, but also has the side effect of making said scales impossible to photograph or film with modern cameras- if photographed, Havec's face would come out as a white smear.

She uses two main weapons. The first is a relatively normal purple lightsaber, created partly out of the horn of an extinct beast from her home world, and as such irreplaceable. The second is hidden in the jewelry she wears; seven bracelettes, a necklace, two pairs of earrings, a hair tie and a hair pin, most of which are hidden in the fur-feather cross covering on her arms. Given a casing in which to put them, she can fashion a second lightsaber from these trinkets in less than twenty minutes.

She usually wears plain brown jedi robes, although when she's guaranteed a long stay in a Sith base, she can occasionally be found in black robes more befitting of her alignment, or more interesting attire in the style of her home tribe. Despite her unusual appearance, she has learned how to blend into almost any crowd, using a combination of acting and force manipulation.

Mentally, she's a little... different from most Sith. She considers the senate easily corruptible, and as such unfit to rule, and sees the Jedi as closed-minded and outdated. Although she seeks power, she does so with the honest intention of using it to benefit the whole galaxy, and she's actually liable to live up to that intention. As with most Sith, Havec draws strength from her emotions, but chooses to rely on happiness and kindness rather than anger, for the most part.

Author:  Magus [ Wed May 25, 2005 5:45 pm ]
Post subject: 

RP:"Change for the better?"

A boy from Hoenn who had become a powerful trainer, he won a contest to go to the pokemon lab in Cinabar Island. An explosion caused his atoms got reconfugured to make him a Houndoom.

Nature: Evil! :twisted:

Other info:
He was known for defeating several Gym Leaders and stopping Team Aqua from stealing things from Devon HQ, which he then stole for himself. :twisted:

Pokemon He Had when human:

Nature: Brave
Steel Wing

Nature: Calm
Sunny Day

Nature: Modest
Shadow Ball
Ice Beam

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Thu May 26, 2005 1:24 am ]
Post subject: 

Avenger - One of the Drakellyn Race

This new recruit to the Sith religion is polite, yet, when angered, he becomes a devilish, murderous beast. He is vaguely humanoid but is more of a lizard. He has the pointed snout of a lizard, sharp fangs, claws on both hands and feet, and a long, swishing tail. He wears the normal cloak of the Jedi order on normally but in battle he dons the traditional war clothing of his race: A feathered headress, golden greaves and armplates, and an embroidered loincloth.

He is both physically and mentally very strong. He has many of the normal force powers but he can also occasionally scry (seeing another place in the present), look into the past, and see into the future. He has almost complete mastery of the force, but is still affected by his emotions, rather than using them to make him more powerful.

In his past he was a Jedi Knight but was betrayed by his beloved padawan, shunned by the Jedi Council, and became an outcast. For the full story look in the Sith Order RP. So now he has found the Secret Base of the Sith and has joined their order. Currently he is plotting revenge against his traitorous ex-padawan

Though it appears that he only has one lightsaber he really has three, one of them double bladed. The other two are hidden inside his normal lightsaber. First he uses a secret word and button to split his lightsaber in half. Pieces inside the two half-lightsabers come out automaticallt to form the other side of the handle on both. Then out of the two new lightsabers he pulls two more lightsabers which connect to form a double bladed one. He holds one lightsaber in each hand and the double ended one in his tail. With this he can easily defend himself from the front and back and becomes a dangerous vessel of destruction.[/url]

Author:  2x4b [ Thu May 26, 2005 3:31 am ]
Post subject: 

Name: Raziel Zeraii
Profession: Un-Official Sith Master

Age: 525 but appears about 40
Gender: Male
Species: Hash'akk'ik
Body type: Demon-like, tall, muscular, carries one Black bladed Lightsaber and a second concealed Lightsaber.
Hair and eye colours: Eyes are amber, hair is a silvery white.
Skin Colour: Black.
Face type: Demon-like.
Other physical features: Right arm is robotic.
Clothing style: Same as Senator Organas from Ep III, the one that he wore in senate with Padme.
Speech style: Sophisticated, slightly deep.

General demeanor: Slightly muscular, tall.
How he/she sees himself: As a powerful, intelligent Sith.
Best qualities: Intelligence.
Worst qualities: Instinct.

Parents: Father unknown. Mother unknown.
Siblings: one deceased, four living
Hometown: The Abyss.
Childhood history: Grew up on the planet known as the Abyss, there is no light there, so his people adapted the power of being able to see in the dark.
Recent history: After the battle on Coruscant, from which the Necromancer escaped, he fled from the Jedi Temple, afraid of being executed by Gralen, for the past years he has been on his home planet, known only as the Abyss, there he discovered a Sith Shrine, which had imprisoned in it the spirit of a Sith Master, he trained with the spirit and is now an Un-Official Sith Master.
Plans for the future: ???.

Favorite food: Anything.
Favorite place: The Sith Temple.
Pet peeve: Cowards.
Least favorite season: Summer.
Worst memory: ???

Author:  Twixt [ Thu Jun 02, 2005 2:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

i got lots of RP profiles to put in. these will be edited as they get farther in the story.

profession:dark-pokemon breeder

hair:long, black, hair with a mullet and bangs tha sometimes go over his eyes
eyes:sharp, blue eyes
clothes:loose, black dickie pants, a purple long-sleeved shirt with some knid of red logo on it, and black sk8 shoes with grey laces.

hometown:Ecruteak City

pokemon team:{umbreon}-"Umbry"
{absol}-"Halo" (has silver fur and blue eyes)

name:Dark Phantom
profession:evil admin :twisted:

height:just under 6 ft.
hair:black {haunter}-like spikes
eyes:one dark-blue, the other violet
clothes:long, black trenchcoat, black pants, a black belt with pure-black pokeballs with a gold DP notched in them. the belt connects with a pure gold plate.

hometown:lilycove city

pokemon team:{umbreon}

profession:leader of The Fangs

height:just under 6 ft.
hair:black {haunter}-like spikes
eyes:sharp, blue eyes
clothes:worn, baggy, jean pants, a short sleeve black and silver t-shirt, and black and grey, worn sk8 shoes.

hometown:near Fortree city

pokemon team:{ampharos}-"Conductor"
{umbreon}-"Shadow" (always out of pokeball by his side)

profession:Riley's girlfriend and Winona's sister

height:just shorter than Riley
hair:short blonde hair
eyes:bright green eyes
clothes:spring-green tank-top, a light blue skirt, and white tennis shoes
hometown:Fortree city

pokemon team:{roselia}-"Spring"

that's it for now. I will post more soon. i will also make a new RP soon, with Riley and Rose in it.

EDIT: here's one more, and ill be posting yet another one l8r-

name:Duy Sundava Freohr a.k.a. Fang
profession:bounty hunter
home planet:Ithro Zhada
gender:unknown, seems like a male, so refer to him as a male
age:768, but appears about 25

appearance: Lizard-like, with black scales and giant bat-like wings.
He has claws on hands and feet, large, white fangs, purplish-blue spikes on his back, and a long whip-like tail. He has yellow, cat-like eyes, and wears black leather clothes similar to anakins in ep. III.

powers: He can make many non-damaging copies of himself and turn invisible, but if he is invisible too long, he'll pass out. He can see in the dark, and, with his wings, fly. He is very flexible because his bones are made of a cartilage-like substance. He can also inject a poison through his fangs, which can paralyze and seriously injur a victim almost instantly.

personality: He likes lurking in the shadows, and prefers to wait until most of the enemies are gone to strike.

weapons: He has an electrical staff on his belt, but prefers to use his claws, fangs, and tail.

recent history: He was hired 100 years ago by Darth Sidious to track down and assassanate an old enemie of the sith lords. Fang killed the target and returned to the Sith temple, only to find that Sidious was dead.

additional info: Duy Sundava Freohr is the last surviving Barzul in the galaxy. He lives at the Sith Temple and works as a bounty hunter for them. He wears a yellow crystal attached to a chain around his neck, and noone knows why he wears it or what it is. He has more, very powerful dark powers, and he has no control over them (yet!). He often speaks in his native tongue, which very few people in the galaxy know.

Author:  LegendaryYami [ Thu Jun 02, 2005 7:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

Name: Yami O. Kaguya

Age: 18

Height: 6'1"

Weight: Not sure...Haven't checked recently. Definately not fat nor bones, though...

Hair: A slightly spikey but mostly brushed to the side (sort've), black and red hair, blonde bangs.

Eyes: Bloody scarlet.

Skin tone: Tanny-ish.

Attire: Mostly gothic; will vary, thus I shall say in I always do...

Favorite color: Black, blue, white, red; any dark color.

Favorite food: Pepper steak with steak sauce...*Drool.*

Hobby/Occupation: Artist/Pokemon Trainer.

Trainer type: Rare Hunter/Breeder/Gym Leader (Will explain later).

Specialty: Dragons or dark pokemon. Sometimes rarities.

Hometown: Lilycove

Currently residing in: Vilonite (Again, will explain later).

Pokemon (When not in gym):

Name: Envy
Gender: Female
Description: Despite the pokemon she is, and her name, she's quite friendly and otherwise protective.

Name: Jenova
Gender: Male
Description: A quiet and powerful beast; very much protective.

Name: Elanorci
Gender: Female
Description: Named in honor of a close friend, she has a habit of kicking random people, then go off squaking(laughing) about it. I have no clue why...

Name: Jillkon
Gender: Male
Description: If he doesn't know you, one word: Run.

Name: Seto
Gender: Female
Description: Named in honor of my dearest beloved, whom lovesss Absol, Seto is very compassionate and cuddly...Easy to get along with, and a fair fighter.

{rayquaza} (Shiny)
Name: Shzark
Gender: Male
Description: First name I could think of...But aside that, he has his good moods...and his bad ones...Meep...But he's very loyal and compassionate, as well.


Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Fri Jun 03, 2005 7:45 am ]
Post subject: 

Umm... dark_phantom... all the names in your star wars character post were taken from the book Eragon. I don't really mind but I'd prefer some more originality.

Author:  2x4b [ Fri Jun 03, 2005 8:20 am ]
Post subject: 

also dark phantom, you are copying MY character on the sith rp

Author:  Twixt [ Fri Jun 03, 2005 11:55 am ]
Post subject: 

check the post in the sith RP. i explained it there. i DIDN'T COPY YOUR CHARACTER. alll i knew about him was that he was a bounty hunter. i got the idea for my charaacter from a video game called champions of norrath. actually, our character are quite different, yet, similar.

Undeadcutlet wrote:
Umm... dark_phantom... all the names in your star wars character post were taken from the book Eragon. I don't really mind but I'd prefer some more originality.

actually, they're based on that, but are no copied. i changed them up abit. the name 'Duy Sumandava Freohr' is Death by shadow, while the original name, 'Du Sumandavar Freohr' means death of shadows.

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Fri Jun 03, 2005 8:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

Sith Order RP
Name: Darth Steelven
Member of the Sith Council

He used to be known as Steveno, but after a horrific tradgedy, he became Darth Steelven. Some of his organs and one of his legs is mechanical, so many call him "Cyborg". He is normally seen with his normal 2 arms out, but he can bring out 2 extra mechanical ones whenever he wishes. He uses 4 lightsabers in combat. He has a rough past, and many people in the galaxy hate him. He has a problem though: Steelven doesn't even know what race he is. He grew up alone on his home planet, which he doesn't know the name of or where it is anymore (for all he knows it could be gone). He now presides at the Sith Temple, and he is a Sith Master on the Sith Council alongside Darth Havec. He has his own personal ships, 3 of which have been blown up. He is known to go on surging rage tantrums from time to time that cause many things happen. Although he can be very intimidating, he absolutely loves to teach younglings (children training to become Sith Knights). He is still searching to this day for any other of his species that are still alive...

Pokemon RPs
Name: Dom
Age: 21

Dom is a very lonely person. He has no friends, mostly because people think he's a freak. The reason is because Dom is an albino. Due to this he has snow-white hair and crimson-red eyes. He wears a big wizard like hat when he's outside since too much exposure to the sun can hurt him. He wears a black and dark red jacket that has a big collar all the time so that the sun doesn't pass through. He wears black denim jeans, and he also wears black gloves. He has a sling backpack, and on his belt is six pokeballs containing his pokemon:

{scizor} - Cecil
{ludicolo} - Mirror
{golduck} - Kappa
{jolteon} - Bolt
{delcatty} - Skitten
{slaking} - King

Author:  flaming_fox [ Sat Jun 04, 2005 9:16 am ]
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Sith RP
Race:Zabrak (like darth Maul)
powers:pretty much normal sith (many hidden powers a well)
lightsaber:Look at my sig
Apearance:Darth maul minus the tatoos. wears normal sith tunic
Histry:unkowna(actually more of undecided)

Author:  CHARZARDRAKE [ Tue Jun 07, 2005 4:19 pm ]
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Trant Of Hoenn RP
Name is John
Fire master

Not Another pokemon RP!
Name is John
Current Pokemon (will change)

Battle Of Legands RP
Name is John
Fire master

ELPU must be stopped!!! pokemon RP
Name is John
Fire master

(All of my characters are the same people, but in the second RP that I noted, my character is younger.)

Details- Boy/Man,
older John- 6'3"
brown hair, brown eyes, not to muscular; but not skinny.
younger John-5'5"
brown hair, brown eyes, skinny.

Both wear a red vest, blue pants that can change into shorts, orange bandanna, and a belt that holds Pokemon's Pokeballs, and has a brass Pokeball connecting it. He wears a backpack, and there he stores his Pokeballs, his collaspasble bike, and other items. He also wears a Pokenav on his belt.
History- None

Author:  Magus [ Tue Jun 07, 2005 8:31 pm ]
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RP: Not another pokemon RP!
Name: Ray
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Ht: 6ft. 1in.
Wt: 101 lbs.
Apperance: Blonde, green-eyed, always wears a black hoodie (I really do that :P) Baggy tan jeans and a belt to hold pokeballs.
Hometown: Pallet Town
Background: His parents deforced while he was still young he lives with his dad and hardly sees his mother who now lives in Lavender Town, he tries to keep to himself but enjoys company.
Nickname: Squirtle
Background: His first pokemon, likes food and battling.

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