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Author:  Birdknight [ Fri Jul 07, 2006 9:58 am ]
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Alright heres mine

Name: Peron
Profession: A Midknight, an Elite rank of team midnight which carries out perilous and dangerous missions.

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Body Type: Fit
Hair: Black and style like my Avatar's hair
Face Type: Normal
Clothing Style: Black Hooded coat with Dark Purple pants and A Dark purple short-sleeved shirt
Speaking Style: Normal


General Demeanor: Mysterious
Best Quality: always anylyzes the Situation
Worst Quality: He Is very Secretive


Parents: He is an Orphan and doesent like to talk about it...
Hometown: Unknown
Childhood History: Runs away whenever the question is brought up
Recent History: Has been carrying out extremely dangerous missions and hasn't returned from the last one
Plans for the Future: Unknown


Gender: Female
Attacks: Psychic, Double Team, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball

Gender: Female
Attacks: Metal Claw, Faint Attack, Ice Punch, Shadow Ball
Appearance: Normal

Gender: Male
Attacks: Nature Power, Extrasensory, Razor Leaf, Shadow Ball
Appearance: Normal

Gender: Male
Attacks: Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Nightmare, Shadow Ball
Appearance: Normal (Usually used when interrogating prisoners)

Gender: Female
Attacks: Poison Tail, Poison Sting, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball
Appearance: Normal

Gender: Unknown
Attacks: Flamethrower, Psychic, Solarbeam, Sunny Day
Appearance: Normal

Author:  Milotic_Master [ Fri Jul 07, 2006 11:54 am ]
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Name: Hiro Mioshi
Profession: Traviling Trainer

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Body type: Short but well built
Hair and eye colours: Dark red spiked, Red on right light blue on left
Face type: Normal
Clothing style: Always wear's light blue or dark green baggy clothes and constantly wear's an Echo visor
Speech style: Normal

How he/she sees himself: Very intelligent but very disliked
Best qualities: Wisdom, Strength, Helpful, Careful
Worst qualities: Shy, not very talkitive, afraid of most the world

Parents: Asian and Japaneise
Siblings: None
Hometown: Osaki Japan
Childhood history: Mom was killed 3 days after his 8th birthday and father was killed shortly after about a month or two after his mother's death. He dosent know how to do anything and thats why hes shy he raised himself.
Recent history: Turned into a traveling trainer recently
Plans for the future: Become a Top-notch trainer and learn everything about pokemon and their behaviour

Favorite food: Ramen, Sushi, Noodles'n'pork
Favorite pokemon: Milotic
Favorite place: Anywhere in a tree
Pet peeve(s): When people repeat themselves and bad grammer
Least favorite season: Winter
Worst memory: Being attacked by a pack of wild Houndoom's

{milotic} : Beauty
Item Holding: EXP Share
Level: 66
Gender: F
Attacks: Dragon Breath, Hydro Pump, Attract, Surf
Appearance: Has a cluster of shiney red scales on her tail and she is pitch black.
Personality:Shy nature but agressive in battle

{dusclops} : Halo
Item Holding: Twisted spoon
Level: 64
Gender: M
Attacks: Psychic, Shade, Night Attack, Secret Power
Appearance: Pure white with a red jewel incrested into his forehead
Personality: Naive and careless in battle

{tropius} : Mephisto
Item Holding: Miracle Seed
Level: 65
Gender: M
Attacks: Razer Leaf, Vine Whip, Fly, Cut
Appearance: Black leafs on back and blue body
Personality: Jolly and Reckless in battle

{bagon} : Ocean (Always with Hiro)
Item Holding: Everstone
Level: 71
Gender: F
Attacks: Skull Bash, Bite, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw
Appearance: Light Blue like the ocean with tints of green on its head
Personality: Calm and Furious in battle

{nidoking} : Kray
Item Holding: Soft Sand
Level: 65
Gender: M
Attacks: Earthquake, Counter, Horndrill, Poison Needle
Appearance: Black horn on a dark red body
Personality: Ignorant and Arrogant in battle

{altaria} : Perion
Item Holding: Bright Powder
Level: 68
Gender: M
Attacks: Fly, Sleeping Powder, Solarbeam, Agility
Appearance: Pink body with purple wings
Personality: Jolly and Swift in battle

Author:  dragonite [ Sun Jul 09, 2006 8:18 pm ]
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Ok. I'm new to this roleplaying thing, but I'll give it a shot. If I'm doing anything wrong, please tell me.

Name: Mei
Profession: Pokemon Trainer & coordinator

Age: 14
Gender: F
Body Type: Slighly underweight and slightly short.
Hair: Black long layered hair, some of it covers her eyes
Face Type: Normal
Clothing Style: Dark Blue hooded Sweatshirt, Black knee lenght skirt
Speaking Style: Normal, uses contractions, but rarely uses slang.

General Demeanor: She is quiet and shy, but likes pokemon battles and won't turn down a battle unless her pokemon are hurt.
Best Quality: Very clever, thinks before she acts.
Worst Quality: Doesnt always tell the truth, except to her pokemon

Parents: They live in Verdanturf.
Siblings: None
Hometown: Verdanturf
Childhood History: Born in Verdanturf and raised by her parents, she always had a liking for pokemon. She got an Eevee for her 5th birthday, and it evolved when she was 10. She left Verdanturf then and started collecting pokemon.
Recent History: Been training her pokemon
Plans for the Future: Train & become really close with her pokemon.

Yaku {absol} F - The 2nd pokemon she caught. Gets very shy around people she doesn't know.

Moonlite {dragonair} M - Doesn't want to evolve. Caught as a dratini. Always stays calm.

Epsun {espeon} F - Kurai's first pokemon, Epsun helped her when she was little and evolved when she was 10. Rarely goes into a pokeball. Mei and Epsuns bond is so tight, they can read each others minds.

Author:  RedYoshi64 [ Mon Jul 17, 2006 1:07 pm ]
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This is a charachter I recently created for Sneaky_Sneasel's Pokemon City RP, so it's a Pokemon. I hope that's okay.
Species: {breloom}
Name: Bremoon (or Bermoon, I changed the spelling later)
Special markings, ect.:There is a wedge-shape cut out of his mushroom head that was caused by a Sneasel, whom he was very angry at and beat the stuffing out of using Brick Break, something he normally doesn't do. He always carries a Berry Pouch around his neck.
Sky Uppercut
Mind Reader
Brick Break
Giga Drain

Bre, or Shroo as he was called before evolution, was abandoned by his parents as a baby. He was found by a Solar member, a Parasect, and raised by Pokemon City's Team Solar gang to be an expert tracker and a good fighter, though he prefers to solve problems peacefully. When he saw a group of Team Solar members kill a member of a rival gang, Team Hydro, he was ashamed and abandoned Team Solar. He wanders through the city, mainly in Solar territory, which he can get along well in because of his freinds in Team Solar. If he finds someone in the city injured, he will use the berries he carries to heal them, and so he has a few connections with other teams through the Pokemon he helped. He has always tried to stop the fighting between the five rival gangs, and little does he know that very soon he will discover events happening throughout the city that could do just that... or make it worse than ever. See S_S's Pokemon City RP for details. :)

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Aug 26, 2006 6:56 am ]
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Player Information
Your Name - Spence
Your Age - 16
Your Current Character - Spence
Character Information
Character Name: Spence

Character Age: 16

Character Gender: Male

Character Race: Human

Character's Abilities: Can perform many combos before taking a rest and can send many attacks back at the opponent

Character Personality: Brave, serious and kind

Character Position: Good

Character's Appearance: Spence is short, but has defined muscles. He has thick black messy hair that covers his big blue eyes, a white shirt underneath a grey jacket with a hood behind his back, and long baggy black pants that cover his brown boots halfway.

Character's Weapons: The Oblivion Keyblade

Character's Hobbies: Helping people out and killing the Heartless

Character's History:
Spence once lived happily on a world with his family, his dad and his big sister. Until one day, the Heartless came and destroyed Spence's world along with everything in it.
After those events, Spence wakes up on an unknown world and finds himself wielding a strange black keyblade.
The confused kid then sets off to find a way to restore his world, the only thing is, he forgot everything about it, including what his home looks like and his own family.

Sample Post:
Spence walked along the endless road that seemed to twist and turn as Spence followed it up hills and down. Spence looked back to see the green grass behind him and the trees that went along with the dirt path.
Spence turned back around and sighed, "Damn, how long is this thing...?" he asked himself as he started running, "All well, I'll just have to find out, huh?" he said as he made his way up another hill and bolted down.

Which form will you choose?
2. The power of the defender.

"What's most important to you?"
2. Friendship.

"What do you want out of life?"
3. To be strong.

"What are you afraid of?"
2. Being different.

Author:  pokemon prof. [ Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:11 am ]
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ok this is the profile i am going to use for now on(besides team midnight rpgs :D )

name: Shadow

age: 15

apperance: is about 215 lbs.(not muscle sadly :( ) has green eyes and wears the hero outfit on fr/lg. but the color is black instead of red. hair is blondish brown.

background: has the good life but in his eyes it isn't all that great since he is emotional and has a short temper but doesn't do much about it,also he is im mature and he gets picked on alot untill he got his first pokemon,then he changed.

occupation: trainer,soon to be champion.

teams: a new member to team midnight. :twisted:


{charizard} shiny



wing attack
blast burn

background: was Shadow's first pokemon and is his closest,is kind and good hearted but has a short temper like Shadow,it has been known when Shadow gets mad and goes on a rampage like punch stuff and things. His charizard will do the same. so stay about 2 miles or more away from them.

{gyarados} shiny



twister(for taking down flying foes)
hyper beam

background: Shadow got him by buying him off that salesman near mt.moon,to bad Shadow didn't know magicarps ain't that great untill they evolve. Has a calm nature,which isn't expected in a gyarados and has been known to attack other gyarados for fun. likes Shadow as much as charizard,charizard and gyarados are good friends.

I might edit this later to add more pokemon.

Author:  heartofdarkness77 [ Sat Sep 02, 2006 7:36 pm ]
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ok heres mine with every bit of info possible

NAME- Evan

LOOKS- Wally from ruby hair but brown a brown hat that has a volcom sign on it a bue and brown volcom shirt and broen shorts

volcom sign^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

weight- 120 pounds kinda skinny

height- about 6 and a half feet

age- 18


{jolteon} my number 1 pokemon--- Dash

{sandslash} my funny pokemon--- slash

{squirtle} i cought last in a great ball--- Buddy

{charizard} my flying pokemon--- drags

{magmar} my blazing killer--- Smuggle

{gyarados}(female) terror of the seas--- Muffin

Author:  Musashi [ Fri Sep 08, 2006 6:39 pm ]
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Any of this can change to fit in an RP. I really want to get in on the ground floor of one. Please PM if you have any ideas for starting an RP.

Name: Amos
Profession: Trainer

Age: 14-17
Gender: Male
Body type: Slim
Hair and eye colours: Dark brown hair parted down the middle. Blue eyes
Face type: slightly angular
Other physical features: Tanned from living near the ocean.
Clothing style: Black t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes a jacket.
Speech style: Relaxed

General demeanor: Carefree
How he/she sees himself: Just an average trainer
Best qualities: Lenient, forgiving, easy to get along with
Worst qualities: Overconfident, overlooks his own mistakes, doesn't learn from errors

Siblings: None
Hometown: Dewford
Childhood history: Found a tentacool on the beach and became its trainer at a very early age.
Recent history: Set out to catch more poke'mon
Plans for the future: Specializing in poison types and joining the elite four

Favorite food: BBQ Chicken
Favorite pokemon: Tentacruel
Favorite place: Route 106
Pet peeve(s): Battling Psychic Poke'mon
Least favorite season: Winter
Worst memory: Almost Drowning

Tentacruel (Vardirge)
Item Holding: Mystic Water (refuses to use Hydro Pump without it)
Gender: M
Attacks: Surf, Return, Hydro Pump, Swagger.
Appearance: Slightly larger than most of his development
Personality: Crafty and stubborn. Enjoys remaining out of his poke'ball if he can stay in water. Will simply take what it wants if not watched(especially from vending machines).

Author:  Celeste [ Tue Sep 19, 2006 7:04 pm ]
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Name: Celeste
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: One brown eye, one blue eye, Green shirt, Light blue vest, Brown hair, Blue jeans, Green shoes, Light blue headband, Green side-saddle bag.
Personality: A peppy young woman with a knack for adventure, Celeste wants nothing more than to make friends. Although she is hyper-active and friendly, she does not like to have people mad at her. She loves all pokemon, and would never harm one, even to defend herself. This can prove troblesome during battles, as she tends to hold back.
Main Team of Pokemon:
Charizard Lvl 50 "Chyanne"
Persian Lvl 49 "Percey"
Ampharos Lvl 50 "Allie"
Shiftry Lvl 50 "Sammy"
Gardevoir Lvl 48 "Ginny"
Peliper Lvl 50 "Pepper"
Notes: Celeste has a Little Brother, Charlie, 3 years younger than her. When Celeste wa 10, They were lost in the Petalburg woods, and had been attacked by Beedrill. They were saved by two Charmander, who, ironicly, were also lost. During their time together in the woods the four bonded, and became friends. They were saved by some passing trainers, and went home. When Celeste became a trainer, she took the female Charmander with her, and left her brother the male. Occasionally, her brother challenges her to a match, but Celeste has proved herself stronger each time.

Author:  heartofdarkness77 [ Tue Sep 26, 2006 6:18 pm ]
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My new and approved profile

NAME: Evan
AGE: 18

PERSONALITY: Over round shy guy. When people get him mad he real gets mad. he has a evil look in his eye when mad.

HISTORY: Evan lived in goldenrod and got his first pokemon eevee. He has 7 johto badges.



{jolteon} male- his favorite pokemon

{sandslash} male- second favorite and first caught

{squirtle} male - newest pokemon to the team

{magmar} male - helps evan escape by using smokescreen

{gyarados} female - the only female pokemon and it has a nickname MUFFIN

Author:  CyclopsCaveman [ Sat Sep 30, 2006 3:40 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'll post one.
Name: Muliiroan
Profession: Gym Leader
-Specialty: Various

Body type: Skinny
Hair and eye colours: Green Eyes, Black Hair
Face type: Medium sized eyes with glasses to match, small, triangular nose, and a small, bearded mouth.
Other physical features: Long arms, to compensate for his long legs and small torso.
Clothing style: White T-shirt, Blue jeans, and a black cap, with the badges he has earned on the front.
Speech style: Regular speech style of most NPC's in Pokemon.

General demeanor: Quite fun to hang around, if angered can be a real pain.
How he/she sees himself: Fun, nice and an overall good person.
Best qualities: His sympathy for trainers if they lose.
Worst qualities: His undeniable love for sweets and junk food usuall leaves him tired, and not willing to battle.

Parents: Jokiilor (Father), Mossiitan (Mother)
Siblings: One, Milliiakaan
Hometown: Celadon City
Childhood history: As a child, his parents belived that he should be treated with respect, while still being punshied for his wrong actions. At the age of twelve he left to become a trainer, his sole purpose however, was to find his brother. To this day, his brother is still wandering around, Muliiroan had found out, when he did find him, that he left home to wander the lands and bond with his loving Pokemon.
Recent history: At the age of eighteen, he set up a Gym beside victory road, the Gym is desinged to test the will of trainers, and to provide a good workout and leveling up for trainers and their Pokemon. However, more trainers have been coming in recently, too arrogant and cocky for Muliiroan to battle.
Plans for the future: His plans for the future are to close down his Gym, and to start working out plans with the Eliete Four for a preliminaries round to decide wether or not rainers are able to pass, and challenge the Eliete Four. However, for now, he will maintain his training Gym.

Favorite food: Any Sweets or junk food.
Favorite pokemon: Meganium
Favorite place: Celadon City
Pet peeve: His own memories of starting out as an arrogant trainer.
Least favorite season: Winter
Worst memory: Having to use his Dad's Haunter to make it to Profeesor Oak's Pokemon Lab, to start his journey.

Pokemon 1: Meganium {meganium} (Alphabotana)
Item Holding: Miracle Seed
Level: 80
Gender: Male
Attacks: Body Slam, Cut, Razor Leaf, Solar Beam
Personality: Taunting

Pokemon 2: Haunter {haunter} (Dad's Man)
Item Holding: Berry
Level: 67
Gender: Male
Attacks: Spite, Shadow Ball, Confusion, Beat Up
Appearance: Shiny
Personality: Mischevious

Pokemon 3: Flareon {flareon}
Item Holding: PZCRBERRY
Level: 77
Gender: Female
Attacks: Fire Spin, Body Slam, Flamethrower, Heat Wave
Personality: Wise

Pokemon 4: Dugtrio {dugtrio} (Diglettrio)
Item Holding: Antidote
Level: 70
Gender: Male
Attacks: Dig, Rock Blast, Rock Tomb, Sandstorm

Pokemon 5: Alakazam {alakazam}
Item Holding: None
Level: 78
Gender: Female
Attacks: Confuse Ray, Extrasensory, Grudge, Imprison
Personality: Neutral

Pokemon 6: Lugia {lugia} (Mystic)
Item Holding: Pink Bow
Level: 71
Gender: Male
Attacks: Aeroblast, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Return
Appearance: Shiny
Personality: Neutral

EDIT SUMMARY: Reworked some stuff to make it look better, and added the Pokemon.

Author:  Valentine [ Mon Oct 02, 2006 4:45 pm ]
Post subject: 

Well, I guess I'll use this one in the next role play I'll join. Which will be my 11th role play here. (Damn, I need to stop. :P )

Name: Skye
Profession: Pokemon Breeder

Appearance: Very long hair that she keeps in a bun with chopsticks under the band, tan-ish skin, almost what you'd call "beautiful"
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Body type: Skinny
Hair and eye colours: Hair is bleached white, eyes are a luminous gray
Face type: If you've payed close attention to what the R/S/E beauty's face looks like, it's like that.
Other physical features: A scar across her left arm that looks as if it was only a few seconds old
Clothing style: A short-sleeved white blouse, tan pants with a brown leather belt, white shoes
Speech style: Normal

Personality: Responsible, caring towards friends and Pokemon, but occasionaly reflects badly towards humankind and their accomplisments.
General demeanor: Uhhh...Once I find out what a demeanor is, I'll edit it.
How he/she sees himself: Strong, but has not achieved her goal in life, which she thinks makes herself helpless at times when she thinks about it.
Best qualities: No one has really described her in positive ways
Worst qualities: Her power

Background: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: None
Hometown: Sootopolis
Childhood history: Unknown
Recent history: Killed a human on accident due to rage
Plans for the future: She does not know currently

Pokemon team:
An egg that she found abandoned

Favorite food: A special mixture of berries, water, and sugar
Favorite pokemon: None
Favorite place: None
Pet peeve(s): Being called a threat (which she is)
Least favorite season: Summer (she cannot blend into overly hot weather)
Worst memory: Death

Author:  saga [ Mon Oct 02, 2006 5:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

Man, i need one of these :D I'll be editing if needed.

Name:Dave Glacier

Appearence: tan long pants filled with pokets that may or may not contain any spare pokeballs to save room in his back pack. He has a black T with a coller that is up, though not that big. He has a chain that has a sphere which is holding a special pokeball that he would only be showing to people he wants to.

Bio: Started with an Eevee, he went around the towns and didn't really battle gyms. Rather he just caught pokemon and just kept battling others till he grew in strenght. Then he started entering competions as an underdog, though winning most of the time. After a while, he decided to go into isolation, so he found an island and just remained there for a long time, till he felt he became stronger. At the moment, he is traveling though out most of the regions, in which his next stop is Shinou after own a while. He just caught a few pokemon and quickly finished the gyms and won the league. Last time, he was just in his home town, training and helping others.

Personality:SHy person that doesn't like much confrentation. Though when he is ticked off, with his new found power, he is a power to fear of. Making friends wasn't one of the easiest things he has ever had to do. He cares alot for people and always has a mind in his thought of "what have I done" most of the time. Most of the time he just shuts people off when he doesn't want to be bothered.


ImageAlways out

Author:  CHJB [ Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:21 pm ]
Post subject: 

Name: CJB
Profession: random kid

Appearance: long hair, tucked in shirt, belt...down right tacky, but who really cares
Age: 12
Gender: male
Body type: ...huh?
Hair and eye colours: brown, both
Face type: two eyes, a nose, eyelashes, eyebrows, on mouth, two ears
Other physical features: about 4 foot 9 inches (short for my age if I am correct)
Clothing style: Long pant, short sleeved shirt...through out the seasons...
Speech style: English...?

Personality: easily irritated, funny, smart, easily says something stupid where my image is least important, such as on forums
General demeanor: what now?
How he/she sees himself: easily irritated, funny, smart, easily says something stupid where my image is least important, such as on forums (isn't that a little redundant of a question?)
Best qualities: Funny, usually, happy smart (in public)
Worst qualities: bored, depressed (at home)

Background: hey, my life isn't a "scene" I'm a little more complicated than that, gawsh
Parents: two, a mom and dad
Siblings: yes, older brother
Hometown: uhh... Rustboro city, cuz I can
Childhood history: (see recent history)
Recent history: (see childhood history)
Plans for the future: (see recent history)

Pokemon team:
{zangoose} named slice (ebil and wants to just like kill stuff)
{shedinja} named nindjaus (nice, relaxed, bored)
{blaziken} named kiki (happy go lucky, blah blah blah, like main characters of anime or anything like that)
{alakazam} named psonjcho (smart, easilt irritated, see the definition of alakazam pretty much)
{dragonite} named crazazoa (jolly, happy, and happy to be around, and killing people)
{aggron} named hastin (hasty to battle hence the name, arrogant, but the weakest of the team)
(mixture of ruby and fire red team)

Quirks: lots
Favorite food: spearow liver, I mean BBQ spare ribs
Favorite pokemon: all of my team (awwww)
Favorite place: home
Pet peeve(s): lots
Least favorite season: summer, I like winter mostly
Worst memory: this one day where I had this loose tooth and...*rambles inceasantly*

I mostly based me on...myself...except the whole rustboro thing, oh yeah, and the pokemon, I don't really have any real pokemon...

Author:  Musashi [ Sun Oct 15, 2006 3:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'm gonna give 5 psybucks(w00! big money!) to the first person that can tell PM me as to what I'm referencing by the name of my character and his Cradily.
Name: Seymore Douglas
Profession: Fossil Hunter

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Body type: Slim
Hair and eye colours: Dark brown hair kept a little long; parted in the middle if not covered with bandana, and blue eyes.
Face type: A little rugged
Other physical features: Tan skin
Clothing style: Black T-shirt and jeans, sunglasses, and a red bandana - pirate style(Yarr!)
Speech style: Relaxed

General demeanor: Calm
How he/she sees himself: Nothing special
Best qualities: Sensitive, compassionate
Worst qualities: Rarely catches wild pokemon

Parents: Steven, a miner, and Marie, an engineer.
Siblings: Younger sister, Sara, at home
Hometown: Lavaridge
Childhood history: Found a Root fossil while young and his mother had it revived into a Lileep.
Recent history: Has been searching for more fossils of extinct pokemon
Plans for the future: Taking up a career in research of extinct pokemon

Pokemon Team
Name: "Audrey"
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave
Item: Leftovers
Moves: Giga Drain, Rock Slide, Ingrain, Recover
With high defences and amazing recooperative ability, Audrey is extremely hard to put down. She is horribly slow, however, and prefers to stay in one place, even to the point disobeying Seymore if he doesn't return her even for a short walk. Unlike Seymore, she enjoys battles of all kinds and is very aggressive. Audrey settles down with Ingrain first, heals any damage she took from the first turn, and then goes on a full assualt (usually with Rock Slide) untill she is below half health. In such a case, she uses Recover and begins attacking again.
She can and will drag a battle out for hours if needed.

Name: Seek
Gender: Male
Nature: Timid
Moves: Supersonic, Bite, Aerial Ace, Confuse Ray
Seek is Seymore's eyes in the dark. He won't fly far from his trainer and rarely battles. Is very shy and prefers to stick close by no matter what.

Favorite food: Boneless BBQ chicken wings
Favorite pokemon: Ancient or Rock (like Cradily)
Favorite place: Any kind of cave
Pet peeve: People's failure to see the worth of resources
Least favorite season: Winter
Worst memory: Getting lost in a cave for a few hours

Author:  Archfiend007 [ Sun Dec 03, 2006 7:29 am ]
Post subject: 

Name: Naka' ramen
Profession: Evil Dictator

Appearance: tall, shrouded ina cloak at all times
Age: 75
Gender: Male
Body type: Thin and kinda sikly lookin
Hair and eye colours: white hair and white eyes
Face type: A thin and kind face
Other physical features: really old... older than agatha old
Clothing style: pure white robe
Speech style: always correct in senes of grammer and when it comes to writing he has oerfect spelling

General demeanor: often loses control, trying to run a country like a dicator
How he/she sees himself: the ruler of a small country that will eventuallty evolve to ruler of the world
Best qualities: tyranical methods gets him whatever he wants
Worst qualities: trys to rule a nation with an iron fist while so many other things need to be done

Parents: no record
Hometown: Safferon City
Childhood history: Was born into a family that never had anything and was plauged by the greedy government Naka' ramen swore to take vengence and one day rule the country himself
Recent history: Trits to rule a country ruthlessly while looking to push the boarders of the republic if the colours (country formed by the cities of cerulean, fushia, saffron, lavander, and vermilleon) to encompess all kanto then push on to jhoto and hoen
Plans for the future: wants to be supreame overloard of the pokemon world

Favorite food: tamato barries, he is ammune to the sting they leave
Favorite pokemon: {steelix} Steelix and {shedinja} Shedinja
Favorite place: the capitol of his kingdom, saffron city
Pet peeve(s): People who root against his glorious conquest
Least favorite season: winter
Worst memory: he lost veridan to the jhoto kingdom

Pokemon: A
Pokemon 1: {shedinja} Shedinja {shedinja}
Item Holding: white herb
Level: 94
Gender: unknown
Attacks: Grudge, shadow ball, solar beam, aerial ace
Personality: the first pokemon Naka' ramen caught as a child, when the {nincada} Nincada {nincada} evolved into {ninjask} Ninjask and {shedinja} Shedinja Naka' ramen let the {ninjask} Ninjask go and kept the {shedinja} Shedinja for training. Known as Ra' Naka this shedinja has a powerful nature that will one day aid Naka' ramen in his attempt to rule the world.

Pokemon 2: {steelix} Steelix {steelix}
Item Holding: metal coat
Level: 89
Gender: male
Attacks: earthquake, iron tail, crunch, iron deffence
Personality: the most powerful of Naka' ramen's pokemon and the largest, though the {steelix} Steelix known as Conquisto is not the highest level, the sheer stats of this pokemon make him unbelievably powerful, there are records that he has beaten lv 100 {dragonite} Dragonites. Naka' ramen usually starts a battle with this poke'mon regardless of a disadvantage, a peculiar trait of conquisto is that the resistance to fire of onix {onix} transfered over to the {steelix} Steelix he became

Pokemon 3: Nincada
Item Holding: quick claw
Level: lv 77
Gender: female
Attacks: Sluge Bomb, hyper beam, False swipe, Extreme Speed
Personality: the newest addition to the team, Naka' ramen decided that he needed a scout so he raised another nincada {nincada} (his third) and kept the ninjask {ninjask} instead of the {shedinja} Shedinja. the pokemon itself is extraordinaroly fast and uses that to an advantage in battle, thie ninjask {ninjask} when naka' ramen uses hi m in double battles usually occumpanies the second [shedinja} shedinja named Alabra

Pokemon 4: {milotic} Milotic {milotic}
Item Holding: mystic water
Level: 80
Gender: female
Attacks: waterpulse, dragon breath, surf, raindance
Personality: the darkest member of the tyrants team this milotic {milotic} is used in the terror tatics by controlling the water so that an area of renagades would starve to death if the situation called for it. (no water... no food)

Pokemon 5: {metagross} Metagross {metagross}
Item Holding: twisted spoon
Level: 88
Gender: unknown
Attacks: psycic, meteor mash, hyper beam, iron deffence
Personality: the intelegent member of the tyrant team, this {metagross} metagross has been the spawn of many war movements. he alone sent the warriors to fushia city where over 2000 people were killed, this metagross is also extremely religious he is convinced when he dies that he will become a gastly instead of going to pokemon heaven because of the hanus acts he commits Naka' Ramen uses the {metagross} metagross to feel out the opent and get rid the fighting type opposition

Pokemon 6: {shedinja} Shedinja {shedinja}
Item Holding:
Level: 93
Gender: unknown
Attacks: spore, nightmare, psycic, ice beam
Appearance: black instead of brown
Personality: the most versitle pokemon of all the tyrants team, also the most battles won, this is the pokemin prefers to use, because the other {shedinja} Shedinja's age and sentimental valur to Naka' Ramen usually stops him from using it, so this is the next best thing

Author:  Sakura of Goldenrod [ Thu Dec 07, 2006 5:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

My turn...

Name: Azula Takashida
Profession: Trainer

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Body type: small
Hair and eye colours: dark hair, green eyes
Face type: ...
Other physical features: N/A
Clothing style: whatever she feels like that day
Speech style: Developed vocabulary, occasionaly british slang

General demeanor: switch's emotions easily
How he/she sees himself: Caring and Determined
Best qualities: Unselfish. calm
Worst qualities: Undecisive

Parents: Mum and dad
Siblings: Youngest of 3 siblings, all brothers
Hometown: Viridian
Childhood history: Her brothers became trainers and well known pokemon catchers, she wanted to be a trainer too, she was always in their shadow
Recent history: She's well into her journey of becoming a world class trainer
Plans for the future: Explore every possible place with her pokemon

Favorite food: Pasta
Favorite pokemon: Charmander
Favorite place: The forest
Pet peeve(s): N/A
Least favorite season: Summer
Worst memory: Locked away in a barn by her three brothers, couldn't be found for five hours

Pokemon 1: Charmander (Seika)
Item Holding: N/A
Level: (62)
Gender: F
Attacks: Attack1: Flame thrower, Attack2: slash, Attack3: Fire punch, Attack4: Secret
Personality: Calm, explorative, determined

Pokemon 2: Riachu (Chu)
Personality: Tempermental

Pokemon 3: Vulpix (Sora)
Personality: A thinker

Pokemon 4: Togapi (Gia)
Personality: Leader

Pokemon 5: Bayleaf (Tree)
Personality: Shy

Pokemon 6: Torchic (Fire)
Personality: Rough

Author:  SulfoniX [ Mon Dec 11, 2006 10:00 am ]
Post subject: 

R0ck wrote:
Name: Brandon

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Profession: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Long, dark hair, dark green t-shirt, regular sized jeans

Height: 5' 10


Background: Born in the Kanto region, Pewter City. One of the many siblings of Brock. However, Brock doesn't know about me since I have lived with my father instead of with him. I am almost as old as my big brother and am confident that I am much stronger. My father has cared for my younger siblings ever since Brock left with the legendary Ask Ketchum of Pallet Town. Soon after he left, I also departed, along with my team of rock/steel/ground pokemon. I stayed in Kanto for a while, honing my skills. Once I thought I was strong enough to start challenging others, I started going into new regions, in search of my older brother so that I could see him, but also so I could battle him.

Personality: I am confident in my abilties, never let anyone tell me what I can't do or how much potential I have, believe that a rock hard defense is an awsome offense as well, and train train train.

Pokemon Team (when I left):


Pokemon Team (currently):


Seems like ur a ground pokemon fan.. by ur pokemon

PS: im busy ill post my stats later (doing Homework)

Author:  SulfoniX [ Mon Dec 11, 2006 11:01 am ]
Post subject: 

Name :SulfoniX
Nick :GhosT oF LighT
Gender :Male
Age :10
Height :4,11
Weight :35 KG
Profession :Trainer
Appearance : Black T-Shirt, Baggy blue jeans, Redn'White cap, Brownish Silky Hair, Mud Brown eyes.

Personality: Understanding, Kind Personality. I always tollerate bad things said about myself

Speech Style: High-Standared Literature and Usually Slang

Plans for future: Planning to Increase "Dragon Non-Legends" Collection

Dragon Collection:

Moveset :-
Dragon Claw
Ariel Ace

Moveset :-
Hydro Pump

Moveset :-
Body Slam
Dragon Claw
Arial Ace
Ice Beam

Moveset :-
Dragon Claw
Flame Thrower

Moveset :-
Flame Thrower
Wing Attack
Iron Tail

Party :-

Moveset :-
Flame Thrower
Horn Attack

Moveset :-
Shadow Ball

Moveset :-
Dragon Claw
Flame Thrower

Moveset :-
Iron Tail
Meteor Mash

Moveset :-
Flame Thrower
Wing Attack
Iron Tail

Moveset :-
Hydro Pump

Image I didn't catch it, it just joined me more like Meowth of Team Rocket
Moveset :-
Hydro Pump
Aurora Beam

Author:  Firarow [ Mon Jan 01, 2007 3:51 pm ]
Post subject: 

My profile for 'BattleQuest' Roleplay. I also have a link(my TC) and a TC with my trainer & the pokemon. The skin spots on my clothes are where the clothes are ripped(he used to live on the streets).

Name: Ivan Valef
Age: 11
Appearence: See avatar
Team Destiny: Yes
Recent history: Ivan walked out into the streets, no place for Ivan to live. Ivan battled for money and slept in alleys. One night while Ivan was sleeping, a Team Destiny Member snuck up and picked up Ivan silently. They brang Ivan back to their base and raised him there.

Species: (Abra)
Name: ???
Given to Ivan by Team Destiny.
Appearence: Pokemon Egg
1. (Teleport)

Species: Gastly
Name: Gastly
Long time pal.
Appearence: Normal Gasty looks.
1. Hypnosis
2. Lick

Author:  pokemc33 [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 7:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

His name is Revan, and he's 12. He has a black vest, on top of a black t-shirt. He has black hair and black pants. He has a specially designed backpack to hold up to 200 items in each slot. He just started and he has a torchic at lvl 5, knowing scratch and growl, and Torchic has a quircky personality(like my blaziken). Revan has an angry personality and hates water types. *Hint hint*.

Author:  StevensNightmare [ Fri Mar 09, 2007 7:08 am ]
Post subject: 

Name: Jovan - So named by his parents because they believed that he possessed vast potential, a curious mystic foretold massive capability in this boy, then vanished.

Profession: Trainer/Adventurer

Appearance: Medium length, wavy medium brown hair. Hair turns bronze-colored when exposed to sunlight. Lithe body, somewhat tall for his age, moderately muscular but extremely flexible build. Brown eyes with green rimming, oval/heart face, thick eyelashes about 1 cm long, almond shaped eyes, can also be round, long fingers, clear skinned with an occasional birthmark. Considered very handsome and has a semi-latent athlete's build.

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Clothing style: Dramatic, likes fire colors and color combos. Does not like pictures on his clothes, tends to be very picky, likes two tones, harmony of the outfit matters more then the individual parts, has been described as stylish. Grandparents still believe he likes water colors.

Speech style: Highly advanced vocabulary. Voice described as feminine, capable of masculine voice but speech over the years has set him to this voice as a default. Tends to speak eloquently, can sound rhytymic when trying to trance someone, is often pretty loud and extremely outspoken. May be impulsive, especially if angered, also known for his belief in truthfulness that often extends into a blunt remark. Vocabulary often impresses or stuns, when impassioned by an arguement, his knowledge of words are fully unleashed.

Personality: Known for a sunny personality, Jovan is usually bouncy, very cheerful, lighthearted, and loves to crack jokes. Considered ambitious, Jovan is intensely driven and believes that if you have a talent, you should take full action to master that. Extremely active, assertive though can be aggressive when angered. Believes in doing everything today, extremely high energy as long as he is not bored. Procrastination is unbearable to Jovan and he will go to any lengths to avoid it.

Jovan is brave, always the first to charge into any situation. He is very outgoing, though past experiences seem to hold this back from full expression. Popular without trying, Jovan has often been seen with a group of female admirers wherever he goes, but he is completely oblivious to that. Considered the most liked child in his group, his school, wherever he goes. Charismatic, natural leader, can bring order to a chaotic situation.

Flaws: Extremely talented, but doesn't know his own strength. May be subject to manupulation if caught unaware of an ability. Often witnessed to intend to throw a ball a few feet and instead witnessed a ball flying over ten feet or more. Anger releases his power fully, but can also be extremely destructive. May unleash a vindictive streak if someone has seriously wronged him.

Parents: Eastern Europe appearance, mother comes from Goldenrod, father comes from Saffron, met on the magnet train, love at first sight, courted for two years until they married. Mother is very good friends with Whitney, sometimes they buy each other adorable dolls. It's a family fact that mom and Whitney both aspire to make the best MooMoo milk in the world. Father used to be a Slyph Co. worker, but resigned when they started restricting access, because he always believed in the common person's free right of travel.

Siblings: Huge amount of Aunts and Uncles, lots of cousins. Family is scattered over five regions, a love for adventuring runs through the family line.

Hometown: Was birthed in Goldenrod city. The family moved to the Orange Islands when Jovan was five years old. The current town is near Ivy's laboratory.

Childhood history: Both parents gave Jovan the best nurturing possible, extremely affectionate. There is a dark side: The parents took a passive role in nurturing his talents, and his mother actively suppressed several in fear of his own safety. A subconscious fury towards his mother drives his actions, and often influences the outcome of many situations between them. He chose to become a trainer for freedom.

Recent history: Is about to graduate from the Orange Academy, plans to start his journey in the Hoenn region.

Plans for the future: He has so many - How am I to lay them all down here?

What he loves most: Freedom, friendship, adventure

What he hates most: Being restrained, procrastination

Pokemon: Changes depending on the RPG.

Author:  agenttjw [ Mon Mar 26, 2007 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  My Profile



Weight-230 lbs.


Build- Very Muscular


Profession- Team Inferno Member, Trainer, Mentor, Professional Football Player

Attire- Black Tank-Top, Baggy Black Shorts, Clean Black basketball shoes, sometimes black shades, sometimes a black cap with an A on it

Background- Pheanom grew up in a rough city and was picked on much through elementary. He only had three pokemon and there other kids had lots. They said they were weak, so he decided to train his pokemon. The three pokemon he had were a Torchic, a Charmander, and a Cyndiquil. .He also decided to start working out and pack on some muscle so he wouldn’t be picked on in middle and high school. When he got to high school he was feared by lots of his peers. They were afraid because he liked to bully them. He was very popular though because he was an all-star on the school football team.
When he got out of school he started playing professional football. He tried to balance out his love for football and for pokemon, but he was led off by his love for fire types. He later joined Team Inferno, a pokemon group for fire type trainer. He didn’t only train fire types; it’s just that they were his favorite. Pheanom is a very powerful trainer who has conquered Hoenn with a very powerful Blaziken he calls Torch. Blaziken has never seen the inside of a pokeball and probably never will. Pheanom wants to continue his pokemon journey and become the greatest trainer of all time……….

Race- African American

Hair- Black Cornrolls

Personality- A very straight forward person who doesn’t like things out of his order, but a cool person once you get to know him, just don’t get to know his bad side………because you might get stuck over there.

Language- A southern accent and often uses slang words. Occasionally curses……..

Current Pokemon Team-
[Won’t post levels here because different games have different level restrictions]

Blaziken a.k.a. – Torch

Flygon a.k.a. – Mystic



Alakazam a.k.a. – Hodini


Author:  Flame Crazed [ Fri Mar 30, 2007 9:09 pm ]
Post subject: 

Name: Robert

Age: 14

Weight: 130

Height: 6'0

Build: Tall and thin

Gender: Male

Profession: Student, Pokemon breeder/trainer, future scientist/Pokemon professor

Attire: Lab coat, jeans, tinted glasses, t-shirt, old Chucks

Background: Robert's family has always consisted of Pokemon lovers; from breeders, to trainers, to professors, and even doctors. He, like his relatives, is facinated with Pokemon and science. He loves breeding Pokemon, training them, and collecting them. He plans on traveling and training with his Pokemon, then, when he retires from training, settling down peacefully with his Pokemon and becoming a Pokemon professor.

Race: Caucasian

Hair: Long and blonde, hangs in face

Personality: Likes using his brain instead of physical force. Loves fighting strategically. Prefers intellectual Pokemon.

Current Pokemon Team: Charizard (favorite, shares special bond), Alakazam, Dragonair, Ampharos, Lapras, Arcanine (all Pokemon around level 40)

Author:  Blazikendude [ Tue Apr 03, 2007 12:36 pm ]
Post subject: 

Here's mine for Riolu's aventure.
Name:Riolu {riolu}
Age:About 5 months old
Weight:44.5 lbs
Hight:2ft 4in
Personnality:Very courageous but sometimes gives up hope
History:He always liked his two parents but when they sudenly disapered he became very sad.

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