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Author:  Drayflare [ Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:41 am ]
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heres one i made: Drayflare

{charmander} Drayflare has an unusually strong charmander, but no matter what he does it won't evolve.He found it in Drayleaf forest and it was terrorizing the local pokemon. He picked it up and ran with it. Surprisingly it didn't burn him. It always is not in a poke ball, and when it can it sleeps. it sits on Drayflares backpack.

{trapinch} Drayflare has always wanted a Flygon. He has to evolve his trapinch. His father was an Elite Four member, but he dissapeared.His father had dragon pokemon, but Drayflare only saw them once.

{houndour} The only thing his father gave him, he loves it wth all his heart.

{larvitar} Drayflare found a larvitar one day, and he caught it. It usually dosen't fight., but is Drayflare's last resort. It defeated a skarmory by getting mad and tackleing it.

Author:  Valentine [ Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:07 pm ]
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i prefer not to give out tons of background information in the first round, so with my rp characters their past is slowly revealed throughout the plot. but who cares.


Name: Mordecai

Gender: Male (mild trap, maybe?)

Age: 8

Height (You can use exact or approximate): 4'2" / 127 cm

Weight (Once again exact or approximate): 45 lbs / 20.4 kg

Profession: Mage-in-training

Appearance: Image Image
(the first one is a bit error'd, i'll fix it later)

Background Story: Mordecai is a refugee - he spent most of his years happily in a structured religious community, but was forced to flee and seek shelter after a new arcane faith shattered the community's former one and lead to siege on his home. Other than that, he seems like a pretty normal kid.

Personality: Being raised in a society with a strong education system, Mordecai's intelligence surpasses a handful of those twice his age, though he's modest and doesn't try to flaunt it. He still needs assistance with his training due to his inexperience; his insecurity is the reason "is this okay" and "am I doing it right" are the two most common phrases to come from his mouth, and without a strong support system he is completely useless. He has a staggering amount of emotional needs to be tended to for a child, even though he likes to play the mother figure.

Speech Style: Quick and high-pitched

Most recent adventure: ..Escaping his home village?

Plans for future: To perfect his magical skills, go back home..and that's about it.


D'AAWW he's so adorable.

Author:  Drayflare [ Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:18 pm ]
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some more for Drayflare

personality; a hard worker but knows when to quit. Often gets into trouble, then reasons out of it.

latest adventure; looking ffor his father. He found Houndour, but only him. This was the night he found Charry (Charmander) and he just ran with him, not knowing where to go. He ended up in a cave, and his houndour howled til his mom came

Author:  Kipper [ Fri Dec 26, 2008 7:19 pm ]
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Note: Details are subject to change depending on the RP.

Name: Kingsley Green
Nickname: Pez (called this by friends, due to his affection for the candy)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Current Occupation(s): Roaming Pokémon Trainer
Former Occupation(s): PokéMart Clerk



Kingsley was born in the architecturally exotic Fortree City, within the Hoenn region; and lived there until his tenth birthday before departing on a Pokémon journey like most children. Instead of meeting Professor Birch and choosing one of the three Pokémon he offers to new trainers, however, Kingsley was given an Aipom his brother, a famous doctor in a far off region, had found abandoned by his trainer. Departing Fortree was difficult; Aipom, as a former dweller of trees, loved the city. Deciding his new best friend's happiness was more important to him than his youthful wanderlust, Kingsley stayed in Fortree and got a part-time job as a PokéMart clerk until he was mid-way through his 14th year. He then challenged Winona, the gym leader of his hometown and defeated her with Aipom, earning his first badge. This spurred both trainer ad Pokémon on; Kingsley quit his job and went on the road. He travelled the region, collecting badges and Pokémon. The thirst for exploration kept Kingsley excited to move on, and soon he was a strong trainer. He competed and lost in the Hoenn Pokémon League, but was not deterred in any way from continuing his career as a trainer.

Recent History: Kingsley has began travelling the Sinnoh region and is fascinated by the vastly different climate than this temperate homeland.

Personality: Passionate and friendly, extremely protective of his Pokémon at certain times, but allows them to be as reckless and curious as he is. Perhaps due to the length of time spent with his Aipom, Kingsley is very fond of climbing. He has a wanderlust that he can rarely keep in check, always desperate to see new sights and try new things.

Current Pokémon Team:
Image Aipom ?
Kingsley's first, and most heavily relied upon, Pokémon. He shares many personality traits with Kingsley as well as being extremely stubborn. He refused to evolve into Ambipom when he learned the move Double Hit, and Kingsley backed him all the way. Instead of increasing Aipom's strength via evolution, Kingsley and Aipom trained for weeks with various move tutors to learn the moves Thunder Punch and Ice Punch. Along with Aerial Ace and Strength; Kingsley believes this combination of techniques makes his beloved Aipom nigh unbeatable. Kingsley and Aipom are as close as can be, and as such the purple monkey is very rarely inside his Poké Ball. Both trainer and Pokémon preferring to me in each other's company as often as possible. Aipom is notably Adamant.

Image Sceptile ?
The second Pokémon Kingsley ever came under ownership of was a Treecko, a gift from Professor Birch after Kingsley's Aipom scared off a swarm of Beedrill while the notoriously curious Professor investigated their unusual presence in the Hoenn region. Treecko was as heavily relied upon as Aipom, and soon evolved into Grovyle and then finally, Sceptile. Professor Birch; Kingsley's brother Tobias and the Hoenn Elite Four surmise that Sceptile is Kingsley's most powerful Pokémon. Sceptile and Kingsley are tremendously attached to one another and as such Kingsley has kept him in his active party since he obtained the grass-type. Sceptile was most recently seen using the moves Magical Leaf, Energy Ball, Dragon Pulse and Brick Break. Sceptile is notably Hardy.

Image Golbat ?
One of Kingsley's first few captures, this Pokémon was caught as a feisty Zubat in the cave north of Dewford. Kingsley kept it with him for part of his gym challenge in Hoenn, and the Pokémon eventually gained enough experience to evolve into a Golbat. As Golbat, it was swift and merciless in battle, almost too aggressive. Kingsley sent the Pokémon to his brother in the Jade region shortly before he departed mainland Hoenn for Mossdeep City. Now that Kingsley is more experienced as a trainer, he has returned Golbat to his active team and is hoping that spending more time with Golbat outside of battle will calm the vicious Pokémon type, and may even trigger his evolution into a mighty Crobat. Golbat is notably Serious.

Image Floatzel ?
A relatively recent addition to Kingsley's team, and his first capture in the Sinnoh region. Buizel was a keen but naive Pokémon, picking fights with dismissive trainers seeing that there were stronger Buizel available in the area. Kingsley thought different and captured the Pokémon, maturing him with training and honing his skills in battle. Buizel was hyper to an almost uncontrollable point before Kingsley's training and his eventual evolution into Floatzel. He has calmed down significantly but still retains that crazy streak. He was most recently seen using the moves Aqua Jet, Ice Fang, Quick Attack and Crunch. Floatzel is notably Quirky.

Image Kirlia ?
Recognising Ralts as native to Hoenn while journeying through Sinnoh, Kingsley was taken by a bout of nostalgia and captured the little psychic Pokémon. She quickly proved herself in battle by being instrumental in two gym battles, evolving into Kirlia in the process. Kirlia is protective of Kingsley and is suspected to have a crush on Aipom; she is very well behaved and reserved when compared to the normal-type. She gets on very well with Kingsley's Sceptile as the powerful grass-type helped her hone her Magical Leaf technique. Kingsley is unsure of whether or not he will allow her to evolve into Gardevoir as he is tremendously attached to Kirlia as she is; and he already sees her as a very strong battler, as he does Aipom. She was most recently seen using the moves Psychic, Teleport, Magical Leaf and Shadow Ball. Kirlia is notably Docile.

Image Sneasel ?
The newest member of Kingsley's new team of Pokémon for his Sinnoh journey, Sneasel is most unlike the stereotypical view of the dark/ice combo Pokémon. He is quite shy, and only managed to gain confidence when around either Kingsley or Aipom. He is closely bonded with Aipom because he, along with Kingsley, spent a every day of a whole week helping Sneasel to learn the Ice Punch attack. He is intimidated by Sceptile and Ninjask, and just plain does not know what to do around Kirlia. Despite his shortcomings and shy personality, Sneasel is a loyal and strong Pokémon. He was most recently seen using the moves Ice Punch, Quick Attack, Faint Attack and Dig. Sneasel is notably Bashful.

Other Pokémon of note:
Image Ninjask ?
Another of Kingsley's original six Pokémon, this bug-type was Kingsley's first official "capture". He caught the Pokémon as a fiesty Nincada and trained him extremely hard. Kingsley used Nincada in his second gym battle, against Roxanne of Rustboro City, despite having his Treecko with him who could have won the battle easier. Defeating a foe at such a disadvantage coupled with Kingsley's obvious faith in his Pokémon, caused Nincada to evolve. Since then the massive increase in power has served to mark Ninjask as a permanent member of the party. He is very eager to show off his speed and loves to fight. He was most recently seen using the moves X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, Slash and Defog. Ninjask is notably Hardy.

Author:  EmotionalFish [ Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

I'm new, and I've always wanted to try a Pokemon RP, so I think I'll attempt to make a profile here. Go easy on me, as I have never made one! :D

Name: Magnolia
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Appearance: Short and shaggy black hair, brown eyes, chubby-ish, tends to wear bright colors.
Profession: Trainer/Student
Personality: Friendly, stubborn, intellegent, somewhat naive, shy (only around strangers)
Hometown: Originally from Vermillion City, moved to Pastoria City

Background: Born in Vermillion City, Magnolia lived with her father (Herb), mother (Julia), and little brother (John), until her parents got a divorce (she was 5 at the time). She went with her dad to Pastoria City (Sinnoh) while her mother and brother stayed in Vermillion.

Interested in pokemon from a young age, Magnolia set out on her own at age 14 to begin catching and training pokemon. She's beaten a few gym leaders, but still has a long way to go before she could actually be called an "excellent trainer." As for income, she does odd jobs here and there in every town she stops in (she's not one for staying in one place too long.)

Recent History: Last spotted in Snowpoint City, braving the cold and travelling south.


Name: Hector
Serious, focused, kind, pacifist (doesn't like fighting), always hungry, decent attacks,

Name: Doug
Naive, friendly, easy to train, good attacks, many weaknesses

Name: Gaspar
Mischevious, narcissistic, fast learner, loves battling, always pestering Rupert

Name: Ritsu
Happy, generous, easily aggrivated, competitive, weaker attacks

Name: Ophelia
Cautious, smart, wary of strangers, great battler

Name: Rupert
Gentle, emotional, but can be overly so, dislikes Gaspar

Well, that's my attempt. :wink:

Author:  Dyvius [ Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:49 am ]
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yay! time for my profile(im a newb)

Name: Dominic Spruce

Age: 23

Figure: Tall and moderately built

Appearance: Long Brown Hair that reaches just below the collar
Thin rectangular glasses, no rim
Brown Cargo Pants
Green T-Shirt w. white stripes along sleeve seams
Brown and Green Hiking boots
Black and green multi-pocket backpack
Leather belt with pokeball claps
Brown Trenchcoat w/ Green Stripes along body and sleeve seams

Biography: Born in Sootopolis City in a remote little house. I nearly drowned in a retaining pond and was saved by a finneon who i had befriended when i was six. This event happened when i was nine. Afterwards, i begged my parent specifically for a water pokemon and they gave me the Finneon from the pond. I then letf home after having my first encounter with Juan the Gym Leader. He gave me the inspiration to do better them him. He also gave me the entire world badge case, which awed me with the sheer size of the badge list.
So then i found myself touring the Hoenn region. I always preferred water pokemon as i toured around and i stayed around the ocean cities earning my badges. My firts badge came from my double match with Tate and Liza. I had caught another two pokemon by then and failed in the end to win the first time around. Thats when my Finneon evolved and i came out victorious when it learnes Silver Wind.
Afterwards. i proceeded around the region until i was forced to fight Juan for the title of the Hoenn qualifier. He beat me and i caught a boat for the Kanto Region.
I then ended up on Cinnabar isalnd and met my easiest gym win as of yet. The Gym Ledaer Blaine fell to my Water Pokemon attacks. I then met the nefarious team rocket ad found their plot to hraness the power of moon rocks to brainwash pokemon. I was promptly whishked away into their midst and defetaed their plan in a two year span before finally re-emrging into the public. From theer, i fought all the gyms until i reached erika's gym. She trumped me pretty good until my Lumineon broke from sleep and ended with Silver Wind once more.
I received that title and went on to Sinnoh, if course, thinsg did not go well on the boat voyage and i found myself starnded ona n island alone for who knows how long. In the end, i simply lived alone with the pokemon i had as well as those on the island in harmony. I was located when i tour guide brought a tour around the island. They brought me to my destination of sinnoh. There, i began my journey once more, even at the age of 22, to win all of those wonderful badges. I now find myself with two more to go; Candice's and Gardenia's.

Pokemon Team:

{lumineon} Lanelle
Graceful and Calculating. Reads my mind at times
Aqua Ring
Water Pulse
Silver Wind
Confuse Ray

{relicanth} Ogden
Pensive and Sturdy at best Always voicing his opinion
Hydro Pump

{exeggutor} Scramble
Always messed up, but powerful when focused
Egg Bomb
Sludge Bomb
Sleep Powder

{kingler} Solomon
Very vain, prefers to be pampered
Mud Shot

{hitmontop} Haley
My other woman pokemon, she prefers to be left alone and when provoked, she attacks viciously
Triple Kick
Hi Jump Kick
Rapid Spin

Still awaiting my final pokemon....who could it be?

Author:  Jaguar [ Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Here are the Pokemon for my elite four character in the order I would have the challenger battle them:

Bubblebeam, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Psychic

Psychic, Power Gem, Flamethrower, Surf

Dragon Pulse, Brine, Flash Cannon, Hydro Pump

Silver Wind, Bounce, Surf, Blizzard

Ice Beam, Aqua Tail, Sheer Cold, Signal Beam

Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Water Pulse

Author:  Shadowninja [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:31 am ]
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I gotta cool guy

Name: Nhilathak

Size: 5'2"; skinny

A rat's nest of brown hair
blood red pupils
usually wears a green hoody and brown hiking pants
a pair of brown camping boots
and a brown hunters hat

History: He was born to a poor family in agate village in orre, and he wanders around searching for his dead parents' killer. when he was Young, As an orphan, he was worked hard and had rarely any friends until he discovered the attic of the orphanage. Where he found a Shedinja and befreinded it until he was ten, when the orphanige burned down.

He is a wise and humble man who is not much for words, but seems to know too much for his own good.....
or the fate of the world...

signal beam
shadow ball
destiny bond

Author:  Resne [ Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Okay, first post here, hooray.
Name: Satoshi Nakamura (Nakamura Satoshi, for the grammar Nazis)
Gender: Male
Appearance: About 5'9", shoulder-length sliver hair that completely covers eyes, very pale.
Clothing: Loose black shirt and leather jacket, dark blue jeans and black loafers. Often likes to don a deep blue fedora.
History: Taking his origins from the town of Ecruteak in Johto, he caught his first Pokemon almost by accident when he dropped a Poke Ball on a Dratini that nudged his leg on vacation near the Lake of Rage. He returned home and at the urging of his mother decided to proceed to the Kanto region and take the S.S. Anne to Sinnoh. He has decided himself that he is not going to take either the contest or League challenges, but simply wander from town to town taking on the best.
{dragonite} Nickname Dracos, first Pokemon obtained, often used for flying.
Dragon Pulse, Fly, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam
{ampharos} Nickname Jolt, received as a Mareep newborn from a farmer.
Shock Wave, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Rain Dance
{absol} Nickname Blade, found abandoned near Mt. Silver.
Razor Wind, Night Slash, Detect, Future Sight
{togekiss} Nickname Angel, evolved from a Togepi he received in Kanto.
Air Slash, Wish, Aura Sphere, Aerial Ace
{luxray} Nickname Volt, always used in Double Battles with Jolt.
Thunder Fang, Charge, Discharge, Thunderbolt
{gallade} Evolved from a Kirlia he traded his Jynx for on the boat to Sinnoh.
Psycho Cut, Psychic, Focus Blast, Focus Punch

Author:  Jaguar [ Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Clarke Richardson
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Description: ... SY400_.jpg
That is just his face; he would not be seen dead in those clothes. His fashion sense has always been looked at very positively. He had know idea why though but somehow with his use of black and white jeans and constant array of designer shirts and jackets, he managed to always look presentable. Except for when he is grossly annoyed. When this happens he does not care what he looks like. For shoes he loves converses, especially if they are black or white.

Personality: Generally loud and never really shuts up. He talks and then thinks about what he has just said. With such an outgoing personality he has always been very popular with lots of friends and girlfriends. In relation to pokemon he always trains hard and he says to them “During training, I am not your friend. I am your coach.' After training he would go back to his caring and extremely close bond with his pokemon.

Side: Rebellion

Role: His official title is a Pokemon Coordinator, however helping out with this is he is not entirely fussed, he just wants things sorted out.

History: He began life in Sinnoh, where he had a easy life. He parents were better off than most, however, his parents went to extreme lengths to make him not spoilt. He went to a regular school and only his closest friends ever knew of his palace of a home. As soon as school was finished he knew what he wanted to do. His dream was to be a top coordinator. His parents gave him some poke balls to catch some pokemon and after a along time he eventually caught a vulpix. He was completely overjoyed. He and vulpix had an instant bond, every minuet of any day with each other. Then a problem came. Jason won a new pokemon in a flying super flying contest he won a Swablu. Vulpix took an instant dislike to Swablu always picking on it. Jason got involved in some trouble and the only ones who could help him where Altaria, that had evolved from Swablu, and Vulpix. They formed a bond the moment they rescued Jason. When jason started obtaining more pokemon it got easier for Vulpix. He moved to the Tarhee region only one year before the conflict.

Pokemon Team:
Level: 47
Gender: Female
Held Item: Expert Belt
Moves: Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Energy Ball, Iron Tail, Dark Pulse, Fire Spin

Level: 46
Gender: Female
Held Item: Shell Bell
Moves: Ice Fang, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Bite, Iron Tail, Ice Shard

Level: 46
Gender: Female
Held Item: Dragon Fang
Moves: Dragon Pulse, Take Down, Refresh, Sing, Earthquake, Pluck

Level: 46
Gender: Male
Held Item: Black Sludge
Moves: Poison Jab, Haze, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Wrap, Poison Tail

Level: 46
Gender: Male
Held Item: Msytic Water
Moves: Bubblebeam, Psychic, Flash Cannon, Swift, Recover, Power Gem


Level: 46
Gender: Female
Held Item: Leftovers
Moves: Dizzy Punch, Jump Kick, Hyper Beam, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Bounce

Name: Clarke Thornton-Rose
Age: 22
Appearance: ... thNote.jpg the blonde one
Personailty: The guy that everyone gets along with. Many people can talk to him about problems but at the same time become intoxicated with him.
History: Born and raised in Goldenrod City, as with the city he lived everything was big and bright. His parents were quiet wealthy however when Clarke's mother (Sandra) fell pregnant, they got seriously worried about Clarke becoming spoilt. As a result of this Clarke grew up having to work for anything he wanted, except birthdays and christmas, with this he gained great independence so for he tenth birthday he received a pokeball and his parents wanted him to go and catch himself a pokemon. Eventually he did and obtained a Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander, which are all now on there last evoloution . He went on his journeys and met lots of friends including to called, May and Max. A nice woman in sinnoh taugh Clarkes pokemon the ultimate elemental moves. He once met a Cresselia whilst traveling in Sinnoh.


Frenzy Plant, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake, Giga Impact, Energy Ball
Personality: A mirror image of Clarke. Knows when to have fun and when not to.

Blast Burn, Dragon Pulse, Shadow Claw, Crunch, Air Slash
Personality: A brilliant contest performer and generally cool.

Hydro Cannon, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, Ice Beam, Rock Slide
Personality: A big friendly giant, always hungry and a cuddly guy.

Author:  Weavile Lord [ Sun May 10, 2009 1:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Will Sydney
Profession: PKMN Trainer

Appearance: Caucasian, average height, slender build. Spikey blonde hair, green eyes.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Body type: Slender Build
Hair and eye colours: Blonde and Green respectivly.
Other physical features: A large scar across his chest from when he was in a plane crash.
Clothing style: Black fine silken clothes
Speech style: Well spoken, no real colloquialisms.

Personality: He only cares about himself and Dark type Pokemon. He is incredibly inteligent and well built. He doesn't understand others thinking they're ideas are better than his. He simply cannot relate to other people, but hates solitude, since he loves to show off.
General demeanor: Narcisistic
How he/she sees himself: The be all and end all
Best qualities: He is extrondinarily intelligent, and doesn't fail to realize it. He is also very physicaly skilled, and could beat most people in most sports.
Worst qualities: He is often considered antisocial or a scociopath. He fails to understand the situation of anyone else, and couldn't care to anyway. He lacks any fundimental teamwork skills, and simply cannot work with others.

Background: He was born in Pacifidlog town (Hoenn) to the now elite four Sidney. He later moved to Ever Grande City, when his Father was enducted into the elite four.
Parents: Elite four sydney, A woman from Pacifidlog
Siblings: One sister
Hometown: Born in Pacifidlog Town, moved to Evergrande City.
Recent history: He recently recovered from a crash on a plane with other students at his school, and promtly dropped out afterward, to take on the Sinnoh region.
Plans for the future: Beat the Sinnoh elite four, and return to Hoenn to take on their elite four, and beat his father.

Pokemon team:
Name: Ace ... /359_1.png
Name: Blade
Name: Coronet
Name: Jaws
Name: Soul
Name: Blackfire

Author:  Jaguar [ Wed May 13, 2009 2:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Ashley Ryan-Rose

Age: 27

Appearance ... SY400_.jpg

Personality: A cool chilled out guy, loves to have fun but can be serious to.

History: Born and raised in Lilycove City he was a typical pokemon mad kid. He had a dream to be a top coordinater but when he first became a trainer he was picked on for because his pokemon appeared weak.. He trained and trained and then after two attempts he won the grand festival. Soon after he challenged Wallace to a contest battle. Glaceon Vs Milotic. The battle was extreme and both pokemon were landing serious attacks. Wallace commanded Milotic to enter the pool. A though came to Jason. He told Glaceon to freeze the water top. Milotic was trapped, then Glaceon was told to use Iron Tail to crack a bit of ice. She did and then fired lots of shadow balls into the hole. Then freezing it over. When Wallace's points had stopped being drained. Glaceon cracked open the ice with Iron. Milotic raised to the surface and the timer was up. "And the winner is JASON!!!" the announcer shouted. This was definatley the best moment in Jason's life. After which he decided to take a break and just chill out. After he was done realxing he took on the elite 4 and was successful! 5th Time Lucky!


Ability: Snow Cloak
Held Item: Neveremeltice
Moves: Ice Beam, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, Giga Impact

Ability: Swarm
Held Item: Shell Bell
Moves: Energy Ball, Psychic, Silver Wind, Solarbeam

Ability: Cute Charm
Held Item: Silk Scarf
Moves: Dizzy Punch, Sky Uppercut, Thunderbolt, Bounce

Ability: Shed Skin
Held Item: Black Sludge
Moves: Poison Jab, Dark Pulse, Haze, Flamethrower

Ability: Aftermath
Held Item: Wise Glasses
Moves: Shadow Ball, Silver Wind, Double Team, Hypnosis

Ability: Thick Fat
Held Item: Msytic Water
Moves: Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Rock Slide, Hyper Beam

Author:  shinxfan23 [ Mon May 25, 2009 1:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Ty

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Height: 5" 4'

Weight: Not to much

Profession: Trainer

Appearance: Baggy pants, T-shirt, Black head band with brown spikey hair.

Background Story: he made friends with a Cyndaquil and had to wait to go on his journey untill he was 14.

Personality:Funny and active thats preaty much it

Speech Style: has a good vocabulary

Most recent adventure: Travelling on route 101 to Hameter City


Name: Cyndaquil


Author:  Jaguar [ Tue May 26, 2009 4:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Ashley Ryan-Rose
Profession: Student

Appearance: Image
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Personality: A slightly stuck up, funny, mature guy.
How he/she sees himself: Ashley is rather stuck up and has a high opinion of himself.
Best qualities: Intelligence, Good Speaker, Good Friend
Worst qualities: Can be a total bitch sometimes, when he is horrible he is really horrible.

Parents: A loving mother and a father.
Siblings: One sister who will attending the defence accademy.
Childhood history: Born and raised in Celadon City, he was surrounded by wealth. Before he was born his parents were worried about him becoming spoilt so they made him work for everythnig he got this made him very inderpentdant
Recent history: He got accepted into the acadamey as he passed the entry exams with flying colours.
Plans for the future: Become a top coordinater.

Pokemon Team:

Author:  ClUeLeSs [ Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

This is the profile I'm using for an RP currently, but I like the charecter so I'll post him here and probably use him from now on.

Name: Jay
Profession: Pokemon Trainer, eventually Indigo League Champion

Age: (Varies depending on RP)
Gender: Male
Body type: Average build, muscular, but not obnoxiously so
Hair and eye colours: Black and messy hair, dark brown eyes
Clothing style: Always wears jeans and a black sleevless shirt under a black jacket
Speech style: Careful, intelligent. Trys to always think about what he's saying before he says it
Personality: Confident, almost to the point of arrogence occasionally, though he gets better as he gets older. Always calculating, and has a special knack for figuring out the consequences of any given action. (on a similar note, he's a brilliant chess player and trys to look at battling the same way.)
General demeanor: When he was younger, Jay would look down on any trainer he didn't consider strong and was incredibly arrogant. As he's aged, arrogence turned to confidence and respect, reserving judgement on people until he got to know them.

Parents: Mother was a contest co-ordinater and always wanted Jay to be the same. Taught him to battle, so all his attacks and combanations tend to have a contest-esq flair about them. Father was Professor Elm's aid.
Siblings: Sister who lives and works as a nurse in Violet City.
Hometown: New Bark Town
Childhood history: As a kid, Jay helped his father and Professor Elm with his research on pokemon evolution and care. That combined with his mother's teaching gave him all the background he needed to quickly become a competent trainer. Left for the Kanto region when he was fifteen to begin his journey, deciding against traveling the Jhoto region because he wanted to start in a region where nobody knew him.
Plans for the future: Aspired to be the champion of the Indigo league (encompasing Kanto and Jhoto) which he finally became at the age of ninteen when the elite four invited him to take their challenge. By the time he was twenty-four, he'd found and recorded almost every species of pokemon indigenous to the Kanto-Jhoto regions and Professor Oak encouraged him to travel to other regions. At age twenty-five, Jay set off on a journey to the Hoenn region.

Pokemon team: (Again, varies from RP to RP, but the following are some of his staples:)

{eevee}, {umbreon}
Jay's first pokemon, Eevee was the family pet, and the son of his mother's prized Vaporeon and his father's Flareon. When Jay left for the Kanto region, Eevee insisted on comming along. It evolved into Umbreon to protect Jay when they were ambushed in Celedon City by a group of theives who used dark-type pokemon to rob their victims at night.

{charmander}, {charmeleon}, {charizard}
Jay's official "starter" pokemon, Charmander was stubborn and uncooperative when he first joined Jay. However, when Jay and Eevee put themselves on the line to save him from Rockets in the Viridian forest, he began to behave. Very proud, Charmander, and it's later evolved forms, would prove to be a key powerhouse on Jay's team.

{pichu}, {pikachu}
When Jay arrived in Cerulean City, all of the power was out. Upon investigation, Jay found that the power plant was under attack by the Rockets. Aided by the legendary pokemon, Zapdos, Jay managed to drive them out and, in the process, befriended a Pichu that would later go on to be one of Jay's signature pokemon.

Throughout his journey, Jay befriended and caught many pokemon, some for the purpose of study only and others to train and battle with. At the time of his departure to the Hoenn region, these were some of his most promenant pokemon:

{magneton} {rhydon} {tauros} {snorlax} {dragonite} {crobat} {gyarados} {sneasel} {kingdra} {ambipom} {skarmory} {porygon2}

I actually really like this charecter and I might even write some stories about his various adventures... anyways, yeah, that's it.

Author:  kaizer20 [ Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Kaizer
Profession: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Mostly like Volkner
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Body Type: Like Volkner's
Hair & Eye Color: White hair and blue eyes.
Clothes: Like Volkner's, but with white jacket and blue highlights on the edges
Speech style: Calm but firm.
Personality: Friendly but kind of an introvert. Likes to make friends with his Pokemon. He tends to fire up during battles
because of his will.

Family: Son of both Pokemon Trainers.
2 years before present: Kaizer was raised to be a trainer. But when he started, he was very cruel to his first Pokemon which was Squirtle. As his parents heard how he treated his Pokemon, they decided to teach him a lesson. They both challenged him to a battle. But only his father's Venusaur got to battle. The result was very disappointing to Kaizer. His parents took Squirtle and gave him 1 Pokeball. After that, they told him to catch the first Pokemon he sees. In the forests, Kaizer saw a Bulbasaur. After the performance shown by his dad, he wanted to train a Bulbasaur. However, he doesn't have a single Pokemon to weaken it. He looked up to the trees and saw a berry. He thought that giving the berry would somehow make Bulbasaur distracted and easy to catch. He gave the berry then threw the Pokeball. It was easily caught. He then realized what his parents want him to learn, to treat every Pokemon with love and respect. That lesson forever changed the way he sees all the Pokemon...


{bulbasaur} , {ivysaur}, {venusaur}
Leech Seed
Magical Leaf
- As his father owns a Venusaur, he wanted to have one too after his defeat w/ his Squirtle. But not only did he catch a good Pokemon,
he found his first true Pokemon friend. That attachment soon grew when Kaizer saved Bulbasaur from wild Spearows (hence Kaizer's hatred to Spearows). That same time, Bulbasaur evolved to Ivysaur when it saw Kaizer was hurt. It eventually evolved to Venusaur after their battle with Misty at Cerulean Gym.

{caterpie} , {metapod} , {butterfree}
Silver Wind
Stun Spore
- Kaizer's second Pokemon. Caught in the Viridian Forest, but wasn't an easy catch. It gave Bulbasaur a heck of a match, fighting tackle after tackle, it surely gave its all. But when it got tired, Kaizer smartly threw the Pokeball and finally caught it after a long battle. It quickly evolved to Metapod, and eventually Butterfree.

{zubat} , {golbat} , {crobat}
Sludge Bomb
Shadow Ball
Aerial Ace
- Perhaps one of the most attached Pokemon to Kaizer, no wonder it quickly evolved to Crobat after beating Erika in the Celadon Gym.
The fastest Pokemon on his roster, it takes advantage of Pokemon who aren't aware what its capable of.

{pikachu} , {raichu}
Thunder Wave
Quick Attack
- Caught 2 days after Caterpie. Kaizer found Pikachu a very reliable Pokemon. Evolved to Raichu after Kaizer found a Thunderstone. Its speed second to Crobat in the roster, it gives Kaizer another speedy Pokemon and a threat to water and flying types (Fearows beware).

{gastly} , {haunter} , {gengar}
Giga Drain
Shadow Ball
- Kaizer first saw Gastly scaring people away on Lavender Town. Not intimidated by it, he battled using Butterfree. Beating it successfully, it was easily caught. It quickly evolved to Haunter and eventually to Gengar. Being the second option in the roster, Kaizer completely trusts this Pokemon and it never dissapoints.

{rhyhorn} , {rhydon}
Focus Punch
Rock Slide
Swords Dance
- Caught while going through the Safari Zone. Kaizer wasn't supposed to train it because he was only filling up his Pokedex but saw what Rhyhorn
was capable of. Evolved to Rhydon while training it. Gives Kaizer's roster a physical boost.

Well I worked hard on that. But not sure if I'm going to be absolutely active on RPGs. Maybe when a new and interesting one is created then I'll surely play and be active(I'll be using this profile most of the time, even the Pokemon).

Author:  Jaguar [ Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Clarke Robinson

Age: 13

Personality: Generally quiet kind although he can be very mean. He has quite a sarcastic humor and likes to laugh. He dislikes to be shy but sometimes he is. Bottom line. He's hard to figure out. Deal with it.


History: Born and raised in Goldenrod City, Clarke was a pokemon mad kid. His parents were quiet well off and he had rather an easy life. When he begun his journey to become the greatest pokemon coordinater ever he focused on battling and contests alot. Now that he is moving towards his last few years in school he already has a impressive team.


Ability: Levitate
Held Item: Shell Bell
Moves: Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Stone Edge, Silver Wind

Ability: Keen Eye
Held Item: Sharp Beak
Moves: Air Slash, Steel Wing, Hyperbeam, Brave Bird

Ability: Synchronize
Held Item: Silk Scarf
Moves: Psychic, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, Swift

Ability: Water Absorb
Held Item: Mystic Water
Moves: Hydro Pump, Mud Bomb, Focus Blast, Ice Beam

Ability: Chlorophyll
Held Item: Rose Incense
Moves: Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Protect, Leaf Storm

Ability: Levitate
Held Item: Magnet
Moves: Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Hypnosis, Thunderbolt

Author:  *superiorchingling* [ Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Full Name : Katelyn Alynea Nicholas

Nickname : Kate

Age : 13

Birthday : June 18th, 1995

Gender : Female

Hair Color : Auburn, more red than brown, getting redder as it approaches the tips. She has a bleach blonde fringe which gets darker again as it approaches the tips, sort of a golden butterscotch colour.

Hair Length : A little longer than shoulder length, sort of down to her breast bone. It completely covers her ears and eyes, although she brushes one part back to be able to see.

Hair Style : Straightened obsessivley - not a strand loose. It comes down to her shoulders, then begins to curl, ending in red locks that usually end below her breast bone.

Eye Color : Forest green, sort of warm and welcoming colour, although these can turn hard and cold if Kate wills it. Streaks of hazel also make their home in her iris.

Height : 1m 67cm (5 feet 6 inches)

Weight : 7 stone 7lbs

Body Structure : Thin, to the point of being scrawny. Good body, as she is not fat. She isn't anorexic, but someone could perhaps mistake her to be. Almost Size Zero, but not quite; a little bigger than that. Long legs, although these are very thin, and look brittle and spindly. They are well toned and strong, though. Due toher skininess, she has no curves.

Basic Clothing : A crimson red minidress, made of sort of a leather material, is Kate's favourite choice of outfit, a tight-fitting, figure-complimenting thing that mirrors her strong, sort of saucy side. Scarlet red Converse high tops with the laces threaded through every hole except the very top one are what she wears on her feet, complete with dark socks. Black fingerless gloves are used to protect her hands and show her darker side - the hard, bleak one she becomes when everything goes wrong.

Pyjamas : Pink short sleeved t-shirt, which ends at her navel. Long white flares for the bottoms, with thin pink stripes running down them. She also has a robe, almost like a dressing gown. She holds this around her with a ribbon that she recieved in a local Contest (more on this later).

Bathing Suit : Red bikini. Quite skimpy, it's blood red in colour, and loose on her due to her skinny figure.

Accessories : Long, red earrings with rubies in. These are supposedly made of solid gold. She also wears red lipstick and aviator-style sunglasses.

Personality : Kate is generally a nice person, although she has her different sides.

Mainly, Kate is a kind yet slightly arrogant person. She knows she is pretty, she knows she has everything going for her, she knows people are jealous of her, and she uses this to her advantage. She is normally an incorrigible flirt, constantly making innuendo and saying inappropriate things to thw wrong person. She is very easygoing and the life and soul of the pary, although she is also a rebel; she smokes, drink and does drugs occaisonally. She acts very confident and is. She also can be arrogant, bragging about her body, a body that models would envy, and for many boys' desires for her. She also constantly brags about her good looks and her capability in contests.

However, Kate has a darker side that is rarely seen; only when everything seems to go wrong and nothing good happens to make up for it is when it shows. This "dark" side makes Kate unusually depressed and likely to lash out. She doesn't seem to care much about anything in particular in this state.

History : Kate's parents divorced when she was young, which made her a bit of a rebel, and also brought on an enormous low. As she thought that it was her fault, she became unconfident and started putting less effort into things, making her fail in those things. This made her think she was useless, making her fail in more things....this carried on until everything went wrong and Kate became depressed for a short time. However, after getting over this, she got into street dancing and before long was the best dancer in the school. She showed off her dancing skills to her parents, even though both her mom and her dad disapproved of her going to the club, since several of the members did drugs. She began training to become a Coordinator, even borrowing people's Pokemon to improve her performance as a dancer, something which earned her amazing respect. She has always dreamt of being the best coordinator ever, although also the most different one too - she wants to make a difference.

Starter : Image
The Water Buffalo Pokemon
Level 5
Timid Nature
Attacks: Tackle, Growl

Other : Although overconfident, Kate has vowed to herself to put her Pokemon first.

RPG Sample : You will find examples of my writing here and here.

This is my profile for an RP here. =3

Author:  Jaguar [ Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Alicia Dove Ratrasten

Age: 15

Personality: Alicia is quiet and a bit shy upon first glance. She doesn't like meeting new people and is happy with the friends she has. Once you get to know she is geniune teenage girl with a slight attitude. She can be bitchy and very mean if she needs to be she is generally lovely.

Appearance: Image

History: Born and raised in Solaceon Town, Alicia was a small, innocent, pokemon loving child. His parents were quiet well off and he had rather an easy life. When she begun his journey to become the greatest pokemon coordinater ever she focused on battling and contests alot. Now that he is moving towards his last few years in school she already has a impressive team.


Ice Beam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Giga Impact

Discharge, Iron Tail, Seed Bomb, Sweet Kiss

Flamethrower, Take Down, Mega Horn, Flame Wheel

Shadow Ball, Psybeam, Magical Leaf, Dark Pulse

Dizzy Punch, Bounce, Water Pulse, Hyperbeam

Psychic, Focus Blast, Teleport, Thunderbolt

Name:Clarke Samuels
Weapon: White Witch Wand ( ... h_Wand.jpg )
Elemental Magic: Water + Ice (Do I get Ice with water? If not I'd just like Ice if that’s okay.)
Personality: A shy and fairly quiet fellow, he doesn't really speak up and sometimes he can become a little overshadowed by friends and other people. He always likes to think things through before making his decision and never makes many quick decisions. Once you get to know Clarke he opens up a bit more and becomes friendlier.
Age: 20
History: Born in Leicester, England, but then moved at the delicate age of three to western Australia. He didn't want to move but he really didn't have much of a choice. His parents treated him okay, with the reasonable amount of love and care. They were fairly well off so Clarke never really had any complaints. He did have a few problems though, he never really decent friends. He never knew if people liked him for his stuff or for him. He never thought he fitted in, that he was never one of the guys or whether he was just the rich kid. Eventually he grew up and he became friends with a small group of people that he never mentioned he was rich to. It took him weeks to finally admit to why he had the nicer things in life. His new friends just accepted this and he was never looked at differently because of his parent's bank balance again. Maybe money isn't everything.

Name: Keane Shadow-Rose

Age: 27

Apperance: Image

Personality: A cool chilled out guy, loves to have fun but can be serious to. He likes to take control and become a leader. There is another side of him that is rarely seen this is a meaner, bitchy side that he only uses when he is really frustrated.

History: Born and raised in Lilycove City he was a typical pokemon mad kid. He had a dream to be a top coordinater but when he first became a trainer he was picked on for because his pokemon appeared weak.. He trained and trained and then after two attempts he won the Hoenn grand festival. Soon after he challenged Wallace to a contest battle. Glaceon Vs Milotic. The battle was extreme and both pokemon were landing serious attacks. Wallace commanded Milotic to enter the pool. A though came to Keane. He told Glaceon to freeze the water top. Milotic was trapped, then Glaceon was told to use Iron Tail to crack a bit of ice. She did and then fired lots of shadow balls into the hole. Then freezing it over. When Wallace's points had stopped being drained. Glaceon cracked open the ice with Iron. Milotic raised to the surface and the timer was up. "And the winner is KEANE!!!" the announcer shouted. This was definatley the best moment in Keane's life. After which he decided to take a break and just chill out. After he was done realxing he took on the elite 4 and was successful! 5th Time Lucky!

Ability: Snow Cloak
Held Item: Shell Bell
Moves: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Giga Impact, Blizzard, Mirror Coat, Secret Power

Ability: Swift Swim
Held Item: Msytic Water
Moves: Hydro Pump, Psychic, Confuse Ray, Double Team, Body Slam, Whirlpool, Signal Beam, Rain Dance

Ability: Swarm
Held Item: Leftovers
Moves: Silver Wind, Energy Ball, Psychic, Solarbeam, Bug Buzz, Air Cutter, Morning Sun, Swift

Ability: Synchronize
Held Item: Wise Glasses
Moves: Zen Headbutt, Shadow Ball, Teleport, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Hypnosis, Double Team, Fire Punch

Ability: Limber
Held Item: Silk Scarf
Moves: Slash, Dark Pulse, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Assist, Double Team, Shadow Claw, Hyperbeam

Ability: Natural Cure
Held Item: Sharp Beak
Moves: Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Sky Attack, Draco Meter, Sing, Ice Beam, Take Down

Name: Solana Micheals

Age: 26

Apperance: Image

Personality: Solana is quiet and a bit shy upon first glance. She doesn't like meeting new people and is happy with the friends she has. Once you get to know her she is just a normal geniune person. She can be bitchy and very mean if she needs to be she is generally kind.

History: Born and raised in Goldenrod City, she was a just a nice person to be with. He parents were fairly well of and her life just turned out well. She explored the Johto and Sinnoh region with her two best friends, Maylene and Charlotte, learning everything she needed to know about becoming an amazing breeder. When she returned to the Johto reigon, and her friends went off to Hoenn, she began working at the DayCare centre in Goldenrod and now plans to move to Hoenn to set up a Breeding Centre there.

Pokemon & Movesets (DPP Moves, DPP TM & HM, DPP Egg):

Ability: Torrent
Held Item: Mystic Water
Moves: Hydro Pump, Ice Punch, Dragon Pulse, Rock Slide, Protect, Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Avalanche

Ability: Flame Body
Held Item: Magmarizer
Moves: Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, Focus Blast, Overheat, Psychic, Confuse Ray, Will-O-Wisp, SmokeScreen

Ability: Chlorophyll
Held Item: Rose Incense
Moves: Leaf Blade, Sludge Bomb, Poison Powder, Slam, Leaf Storm, Ingrain, Sleep Powder, Vine Whip

Ability: Levitate
Held Item: Wise Glasses
Moves: Extransensory, Flash Cannon, Hypnosis, Giga Impact, Sand Storm, Shadow Ball, Gyro Ball, Confuse Ray

Ability: Static
Held Item: Muscle Band
Moves: Discharge, Power Gem, Fire Punch, Thunder Wave, Iron Tail, Signal Beam, Thunder, Take Down

Ability: Keen Eye
Held Item: Heal Bell
Moves: Steel Wing. Air Slash, Flash Cannon, Swift, Night Slash, Brave Bird, Double Team, Sandstorm

Author:  Slade421 [ Fri Jan 29, 2010 3:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Aaron
Profession:Team Aqua Grunt
Appearance:See my Avatar, but with green eyes

I was given a {spheal} by Archie when I turned 10. I began my Team Aqua training. I learned how to SCUBA Dive properly, I can hold my breath for 4 minutes underwater. My spheal evolved to {sealeo} when I was 12. I caught a {wailmer} and {carvanha} when I was 14 which both evolved soon after I turned 15. I am now a top member of Team Aqua, however not an Admin. I have 5 Gym Badges, and Birch gave me a mudkip which evolved to swampert in record time. I recently fought a few magma members alongside Archie, and stopped those stupid Rockets and kids from ruining our plans. I also have a {crobat} that I had been given when he was a {zubat} back when I started training.

My current team:

{sealeo} lvl 50 Male
{wailord} lvl 45 Female
{sharpedo} lvl 45 Female
{swampert} lvl 45 Male
{crobat} lvl 45 Male

I continue to battle for Team Aqua. I feel we are very close to fulfilling our dreams. As long as that dratted {rayquaza} doesn't interfere this time then we'll win. Archie has challenged Maxie to a duel. Us Admins, yes, I was just promoted, are going with him to ensure that Maxie doesn't try to cheat like last time. We are Team Aqua, and we will win.

Author:  -X-Goku-X- [ Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Guhi Nemeo

Age: 17

Appearance: Tall and Buff; Orange Clothing; Black Belt; Black Hair

History: Guhi's ancestors come from a long line of Martial Artists, at the age of four, Guhi was at a family reunion that had gone wrong, he had unleashed so much fury and power, that all his family had passed away except for one, Gohan, his uncle, and his dad, Goku had passed away 3 years before and now trains in Heaven with Grand Kai, the leader of the Universe.

Guhi has just turned 15 and has mastered all he needs to learn in order to fight with his unaged uncle, Gohan. 3 days after turning 15, he was in his bedroom and overheard Gohan, and his mother, Ghi, arguing about a divorce, he was annoyed and decided to go into the forest to break trees and such. He was so angered by what he heard, that he had strained and strained in anger, after 5 minutes of glowing, he noticed himself glowing yellow, he then noticed his hair turning gold, he then had flashbacks of what he had heard, he strained harder and harder until he had turned into a Super Saiyan.
Gohan and Ghi had heard the loud noises and rumbling outside, they rushed into the forest to see, that Guhi had turned into a Super Saiyan, their face lit up.
1 Year later, Gohan had died, leavin Guhi unknown of what happened, he is now 17.

Author:  Scizor Rules [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here


Proffesion:Elite 4
Location:Rockfall city
History:A Famous ground type lover, then a gym leader, now a ground type elite 4.He is also expert in pokemon contests.
NIDOKING(Henry(King henry))
His superb pokemon using first in his battle. Don't expect him to go easy on you.
Golem is eaasy to defeat.He will most likely use Explosion which kills himself.
Pupitar is his best pokemon.
His cry baby pokemon(like ash). This is the reason he is called wimp.
His 2nd best pokemon.
Not using her for battles. Only pokemon contests.

Author:  Electric Trainer [ Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Raiden

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: Medium-Short

Weight: Average

Profession: Electric Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Image

Background Story: Raised in Mauville, he looked up to Wattson. He grew fond to electric types, then caught a electrike. Then he adventured the Hoenn, getting all the badges. He has made friends in every region, but chooses to stay with his home region.

Personality: Laid back, loves to have fun. Likes to go to the Battle Frontier often. Can get competitive.

{manectric} (always following Raiden)
Name: Thor
thunderbolt/quick attack/thunder/thunder fang/discharge

Name: Flash
flash/thunder punch/thunder/discharge/thunder wave

Name: Jolt
quick attack/double team/thunder/discharge/thunder fang

Name: Lecta
thunder punch/discharge/thunder/swift/charge beam

Name: Thunder
shock wave/crunch/thunder/charge beam/discharge/thunder fang

Name: Storm
iron tail/quick attack/thunder/discharge/slam

Author:  LadyMiir [ Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Hello! This is for the only one of my characters in existence at the moment, I'll update if there are more.

Name: Cassandra "Cassie"/"Cat" Taylor
Profession: Travelling Trainer

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Body type: Slender and compact.
Hair and eye colours: Black shoulder-length hair worn loose or in a ponytail, and dark brown eyes.
Face type: Heart-shaped, seemingly delicate features.
Clothing style: Whatever's comfortable and functional. Jeans and comfortable shoes are usually part of her ensemble, and she is rarely seen wearing a skirt. Owns a black leather belt with spots for her Pokeballs (won as a prize when younger)
Speech style: Normal. Tends to swear very unusually whe irritated (to avoid giving her young Pokemon a bad impression)

How she sees herself: Observant, caring and helpful, though often overlooked or underestimated
Best qualities: Caring, humorous, fiercely protective
Worst qualities: Shy, sometimes overprotective, has a fear of the Bellsprout line

Parents: Alayne and Ben Taylor, two top Breeders
Siblings: Elder brother Jake, also an accomplished breeder
Hometown: Just outside Celadon City
Childhood history: The daughter of two well-known breeders with numerous connections to Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, Cassie grew up surrounded by eggs and Pokemon from all regions. She would have spent her life learning to be a breeder and following in her parents' footsteps, if not for an event which changed her outlook on humans.
Recent history: A year prior to the start of this story, her parents adopted an abused Absol and an abandoned Arcanine missing a forepaw. Upset, Cassie "borrowed" some of her parents' adult Pokemon and left home to hunt down the two Pokemon's Trainers, claiming she wanted revenge but more out of being unable to understand how anyone could do that. After nearly a year of trekking around, she found the Trainers, and the encounter-- where the trainers just laughed and said the two Pokemon were worthless and caring about your Pokemon had no part in being a Trainer-- left a lasting impression on her. Thankfully, no violence broke out and she returned home safely, but with a different ambition-- not to continue the family business, but to be a trainer and raise a powerful team of Pokemon, to prove that caring about your Pokemon was essential to being a good trainer. When the Johto League sent out their call, she jumped at the chance to leave home, and after selecting a few young Pokemon, she left home for Olivine City.
Plans for the future: Learn as much about Pokemon as possible, raise a powerful team, and be the best caretaker and "parent" to her young Pokemon.

Favorite food: Chocolate, sushi (salmon in particular), and meat in general... also fond of tea.
Favorite pokemon: Most likely Charizard. Not a big fan of Bug types and Normal types, and shows a preference for animal-like Pokemon or Fire-types.
Favorite place: Anywhere quiet, warm, and peaceful.
Pet peeve(s): Badly behaved small children, selfishness.
Least favorite season: Winter
Worst memory: Nearly being eaten by a wild Victreebel as a little girl (saved by her mother's Charizard)

{charmander} --> {charmeleon}
"Anomandaris", commonly called "Daris" or "Dari"
Item Holding: Charcoal
Level: -
Gender: M, SHINY
Attacks: (currently) Flamethrower (egg move), Dragon Pulse , Air Slash, ThunderPunch
Appearance: His scales are an odd golden color, but he is surprisingly strong. Rarely if ever in his Pokeball.
Obtained: The result of an egg from Alayne's Charizard and Ben's Salamence, Cassie's first Pokemon and her most loyal.
Personality: Affectionate to his trainer, shy but polite around others, and a fierce, determined battler.

{mudkip} --> {marshtomp} --> {swampert}
"Skipper", commonly called "Skip"
Item Holding: MysticWater
Level: -
Gender: M
Attacks: Ice Punch, Earthquake, Surf (HM), Waterfall (HM)
Appearance: A standard blue, but noticeably larger than average.
Obtained: An egg from Ben's Swampert and a Ditto which was found by Anomandaris and brought to Cassie by the young Charmander. The egg hatched in her hands, and Ben allowed her to keep the baby. Her second Pokemon.
Personality: Loud and rough, but playful and kind-hearted. Charges into most things, including fights, without thinking.

{gible} --> {gabite} --> {garchomp}
Item Holding: Soft Sand
Level: -
Gender: M
Attacks: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Dragon Claw (TM), Bite
Appearance: Has a slightly tattered dorsal fin from fighting.
Obtained: Cassie's third Pokemon, obtained in a trade for a wild Weepinbell she accidentally caught and was about to release.
Personality: Arrogant and bordering on a berserker in battle, this little Pokemon will never give up till its opponent is down. Can be slightly cold or aggressive to other humans, but jolly and good-natured around other team members and utterly loyal to his trainer.

{riolu} --> {lucario}
Item Holding: Expert Belt
Level: -
Gender: M
Attacks: Swords Dance, Crunch (egg moves), Close Combat, Extremespeed
Appearance: Normal , except for the Expert Belt it wears.
Obtained: Another gift from her brother Jake, an egg from his own Lucario. Cassie's fourth Pokemon, usually found perched on her shoulder or walking beside her.
Personality: Quiet, serious, observant and focused, but a honorable, determined battler who will do anything for his trainer.

{snorunt} --> Froslass
Item Holding: Nevermeltice
Level: -
Gender: F
Attacks: Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball (TM), Ice Beam (TM),
Appearance: Small and delicate, but robust enough to keep up with Skip's playfulness.
Obtained: Cassie's fifth Pokemon, a birthday gift from her brother Jake during his travels in Sinnoh. He saved the little Pokemon from a wild Medicham and decided to send her to where she would be well-loved and cared for. Doted on by all the males on the team.
Personality: Extremely shy and reserved. Hides in her Pokeball or behind her trainer if startled.

Rotom (Egg)
A gift from a friend in Sinnoh upon learning she was about to start her Trainer journey. The egg is orange with a faint purplish-blue aura, and gives off faint amounts of static energy.
Set: Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Leaf Storm, Toxic

Those are her mains, but Cassie has a variety of other Pokemon at home or otherwise accessible through the PC including: (These may or may not be seen in the RP depending on the requirements)
{eevee} (several owing to her mother's Vaporeon and father's Espeon, but deemed too young to travel with her)

Author:  Psycho Trainer [ Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Post Your RP Profiles Here

Name: Jack "Jester" Cade
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Physical Characteristics: 6'4, 200 pounds.Long, Brown Dreadlocks. tanned, Weather-beaten face and skin.

Personality: Jack possesses sarcastic sense of humor, but cares for his friends and his pokemon.

Hometown: Lavaridge town

Childhood History: Jack was born to a poor family of little status in Hoenn. His mother was a archeologist of little success, and his father was a miner. The two of them were constantly arguing and Jack was caught in the middle, often abused. Despite his poor upbringing, Jack's sense of humor never diminished. He would often travel with his father or his mother to work until he was old enough to stay home. It was at his mothers dig site he found a fossil of a Kabuto, which he kept at home until he could someone how bring it back. The Sableye he found when he wandered away from his father while he was at work. He got lost and had almost given up all hope of seeing his father or one of his friends again when a Sableye found him and helped him get back to his father. After that incident, Jack named the Sableye "Sable" and would always visit him when he came to work with his father. When Jack ran away from home, Sable came out of the mine and became one of Jack's first Pokemon. With the help of the Sableye, He caught many Pokemon, including the Baltoy that would eventually evolve into a Claydol. He brought the fossil of the Kabuto with him as he traveled and had it brought back in gratitude for saving the life of a scientist's daughter.


Kabutops "Kassandra", more commonly called Kassie(F). Moves: Slash, Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet,Stone Edge, Flail.

Sableye "Sable" (Male) Moves: Shadow Claw, Detect, Dark Pulse, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball. (Always out)

Claydol(Gender unknown) Moves: Teleport, Psychic, Ancient Power, Earthquake, Earth Power.

Magmortar "Magnus" (Male) Moves: Fire Blast, Lava Plume, Smokescreen, Flamethrower, Hyperbeam.

Tropius "Coco" (Female) Moves: Leaf Storm, Magical Leaf, Fly, Synthesis, Solar Beam.

He has other Pokemon from his travels, but they are not often used.

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