World Deprived of Light~
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World of No Light~


Once walking a path in your prime, a journey and a quest in a familiar world, you are suddenly thrown into another dominion by a tremendous force of unknown proportions, into a world of endless possibilities and limitations. This new world, as you look around a once peaceful town called Hope, once thrived in its light, until a great and powerful entity shrouded the land into darkness. You learn from an Elder that there once lay a crystal kept safely hidden within the great heart of the earth, until it was one day shattered into eight pieces of shards by the great evil who despised it. The eight pieces of the Crystal of Light, the Light Shards, were then locked away into eight temples hidden across the globe. You are the chosen ones who must help restore this chaotic land to its once former glory. Recover the Light Shards, destroy the great villains, and restore the Crystal of Light to shine its light back into the heart of the worlds.

Notebook - Complete wrote:
Once upon a time, a world was born before any other – this world split into two - and these two very different worlds then began creating life in the limitless space of their core - which cradled new worlds to be born and given full of life. This space was called the Void. It both resides within the heart of this world – the world of light - and the dark parallel world across the fresh hold of the Void. Theoretically speaking, these are the "Mother Worlds" to every other world within the Void. These worlds are truly where good and evil were originally born.

Inside the Void are souls of the departed from this world – and somewhere locked, hidden inside the Void are all universes, connected yet reflected by invisible mirrors, worlds reflect each other again and again, creating unlimited reflections. Principles, laws, people, creatures, souls, worlds – they are all different because of a different shade or number of mirrors surrounding each universe and reflecting the image of that ideal world. It is impossible to travel these corridor of mirrors, and that is the reason most of these worlds of never been or seen one another, let alone heard of another world altogether. The existence of the Void and them knowing they were a part of one was impossible.

The crystal shards – originally a mirror, a gateway into the Void and the heart of this world, balances all worlds that depend on light – good to fight the evil, the light in the darkness – it was called the Crystal Mirror of Light. This mirror reflects on all worlds, and creates a level of peace. It reflects the seven virtues of Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility onto worlds hearts, and an eighth – Justice.

Just as with this mirror, another lies across the fresh hold of this world - the heart of the parallel world to this one instead reflects the seven deadly sins in the hearts of all worlds – Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.

You can’t have one without the other. Without these two mirrors existing, or one without the other, unbalance would shift in all worlds, the mirrors inside the Void would fall and shatter, everything would turn to oblivion and everything would vanish, to be taken into the Void and cease to be.

There were always two Guardians, the one who protected the Light Mirror, and the Guardian who protected the Dark Mirror. They were by no means immortal, or any kind of God, they were just picked out – chosen by the Void of the departed souls – and given a lifespan of how long they would protect their respected Mother World Crystal. They protect it until death or just until another was chosen. For how long – I don’t know exactly how many years – but I’ve counted centuries.

This method was flawed and almost became the demise of all worlds, however. After so long, a Guardian who was picked from the Dark Mother World, with an undesirable passion, an absolute hatred of the light that shined onto all worlds - struggled till his very last breath across the fresh hold of the Void, defeated the Light Guardian, and then with his last ounce of strength, shattered the Light Mirror into mere fragments of crystal, which fell hidden inside the Light World – these I call the Light Shards.

As the Dark Guardian fell to his apparent death, the worlds which depended on light the most – their mirrors began to crumble and shatter as well. Subconsciously, with the Light Guardian’s last bit of strength, he also pulled an amazing act – he called to the endless Void for hope. Before the worlds began to vanish as the mirrors were in pieces – the “heart” of the Void heeded his call.

From the Void’s broken mirrors, ten chosen ones were called by the great heart – to recover the Light Shards – and save all worlds from complete destruction.

Because the gateway - the Crystal Mirror - had been destroyed, darkness and evil freely passes in and out from the Dark World, parallel to the Light World across the Void. In spite of the Light World being completely consumed by the Void once the balance was broken – one thing stopped that process from happening: the existence and presence of the denizens of the Void – everyone who was summoned to gather the Light Shards. Their hearts and souls alone, subconsciously, stopped the Void from consuming everything in its path, because of the fact that they are connected by that very Void – and because they do not belong there – the process of the Void rejects them and comes to a complete halt. I’m not sure exactly how it happens to work – but that’s the gist of it.

The Void did have one strategy against this problem, though.

Because they did not belong, the chosen ones first rejected, and perhaps feared this other world that was not their own. Their minds and their hearts fell astray - and slowly but surely, they started to disappear - back inside the Void – so that the Void could finish the process of elimination. But one aspect flawed this, too. Merely by eating a piece of food from this world – or the food that was changed during their travel – made their hearts accept the Mother World around them, ceasing them from disappearing and also holding back the Void once again.

The two Crystal Mirrors reflect good and evil in the hearts of every living thing in all worlds – the Light Shards, however, have a power all to themselves. In the hands of the denizens of the Mother World of Light – they create a dark aura around the vicinity of the land around them – 8 lands – 8 crystals of shard – one for each virtue. This darkness that plagues the world of light is called Miasma. This Miasma has different effects and varies upon the land, as is the usage. In Hope – a small farming town with boundaries of cliff rocks – when affected by the downfall of Miasma, turned all living things into unaware spirits haunting their beloved village town. In Sacred Forest and the fields surrounding it – turned the living people and creatures - who survived the mist - into horrible monsters after the Miasma cursed the land – some I recall are Skulltulas, Heartless, Devils and the like. They lose their souls and become monsters – that’s the Miasma’s main affect.

But the Miasma can be manipulated as well – to create and form monsters larger and more powerful than most other monsters taken by the Miasma. These certain monsters are the ones guarding the Light Shards. By certain dark people from the Void, they can use the Miasma in their favour.

There are very few safehouses that are free of the Miasma or influenced by it. But those with strong wills and hearts in the Mother World are able to survive and not be changed by it, being a force against Miasma and those using it.

The chosen ones summoned from the Void are the only ones capable of containing the pieces of crystal – the Light Shards. Once pieces are in possession, the darkness - the Miasma – should lift from the land and return it to a safe zone. I’m unsure if the land will truly return to normal – but through collecting all pieces and restoring the Crystal Mirror – should return this world and all worlds shattered to their original states.

Though the shards will be carried with a heavy burden to the chosen ones – these shards, in the right hands, are said to protect those from the Void with good hearts. Though, on the other hand, it is also said that those from the Void with evil intentions can however use the power of the shards as a destructive force.

It seems the chosen ones must also have balance in this world – like the two parallel worlds of Light and Dark – good and evil must be there for them to co-exist.

But if the evil ones learn of the Void and the shards, what would be their goal?

As a scientist and apprentice of the next Light Guardian to foresee these events, I’m sad to see my future is a short one as a Guardian, but proud that it wasn’t a fruitless one. I don’t have a choice but to leave the future of this world into the hands of these chosen ones from beyond the Void. But I am confident they will not fail.

It’s good to know that somewhere inside the Void a heart has been there all along, and that as long as there is life, there will always be hope.

I have time travelled long enough. My days of living on this planet are almost up. I will soon depart into the Void where I will one day become Age – the new Guardian of the Crystal Mirror of Light, and fulfil my destiny.

I have faith in the chosen ones, and I hope that once all is returned to complete harmony, they too are returned and reunited to their home worlds.

- Age



- Each character you make comes from a fictional universe either anime/video game based, or perhaps original world. The title and series they're from is entirely up to you. Your character must be original, main characters from anything (Mario, Sonic, Ash, Cloud, etc) will not be accepted

- You can not be a god or god-like. Spells, magic, monsters you command, or control over something such as with psychic abilities must be subtle to a degree. No frequent 1 hit K.O’s either. You will require help defeating or conquering most situations you face

- "The World of No Light" has elements of many different worlds rolled into one. These include Pokemon, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Earthbound/Mother and anime titles such as Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Chrono Crusade, Spirited Away and many more. Think of it as a much more darker version of Super Smash Bros.

- You have permission to create two profiles, but only if you can manage them. They must be completely different characters

- As this is a pokemon forum, one of your characters may be a pokemon (the pokemon will be able to speak English and other characters will understand them). No pokemon trainers in this roleplay. If you choose a Legendary, it will be my decision to allow you to use it or not. Remember, no gods

- Out of character ((Like this, word!))

- Have fun, and I hope you enjoy the roleplay to its fullest extent



Only two profiles of two completely different characters from different universes are accepted. Your profile must go with this flow:

Universe: (name of game or anime or your design of chosen character’s origin, also the land your character resides)
Name: (the name of your character)
Age: (the age of your character)
Weapon: (the weapon of choice, pokemon would have none obviously)
Other (optional): (chains, armour and whatnot)
Abilities: (the abilities your character may have, like magic or psychic talents, agility or strength)
Personality: (details about the character’s behaviour and manner )
Description: (the description of the character’s appearance)
History: (the story of how your character is legendary/the hero in their land)
Questions for your character: (must include a list, a sentence or perhaps a paragraph, must be in-depth, the mere thoughts and dreams of your character(necessary story-wise to include into your history!!!))
[i]What are you most afraid of?[/i]
[i]What do you dream about?[/i]
[i]What are your favourite things?[/i]
[i]What are your weaknesses?[/i]
[i]Who are your enemies?[/i] (plot down your main villain from your origin, and the people you may have fought as well)
[i]Who is your best friend?[/i] (simple description if possible)
[i]What do you want to be in the future?[/i]
[i]What kind of nightmares do you dream?[/i]
[i]Who or what do you love the most?[/i] (again, desciption)
[i]What do you hope to gain from a new adventure?[/i]
[i]And finally, what would you give to return to your home world?[/i]

My profile:

Universe: Original, New Continent, Final Fantasy based
Name: Spence
Age: 36
Weapon: Issued Soldier’s Blade given to him during the war to combat Magi, a long two-handed metal blade, customised with an swirl-patterned grey orb on the rim which reflects and draws magic to use at will
Abilities: Swordplay and Trance (turns a fiery pink, like he’s aflame, clothing/hair and all) which lets him go into a trance-like state which boosts normal abilities making him faster and powerful, his lifeforce is somewhat doubled, turning him into a super-being for a limited amount of time
Personality: Laid back for the most part, stubborn, can be lost in thought, gets seriously aggressive over the past, loves to protect those around him and fights for the greater good, loves adventures, he somewhat takes a leadership role but throughout the story is somewhat unsure of his abilities to help the others accomplish their goals due to forgetting how to be a soldier
Description: Brown messy long hair somewhat spiky all over especially down his back, black bandana around forehead, dark hazel eyes darkened underneath, black tank top, long brown coat (almost like a detective’s), dark blue jeans, big brown boots, average height, a bit muscular.
25 years of age, Spence became an elite soldier, master of the Soldier’s Blade, a two-handed beast of a weapon passed down in the army, which would soon make him and his companion Jack legendary...

In Spence’s world, for as long as he could remember, two regions called the Hume Kingdom and the Magi Kingdom were at war for a mysterious cause. He and his best friend Jack, a mechanic who could fix anything, were soldiers on the Hume side. After training, they were thrown into combat against the Magi, mystical beings who could perform the phenomena; magic. To the Humes, Magi were considered to be evil, considered to be demons who only thought of destroying the Hume civilisation.

After many battles against people who could shake the earth with their tremendous power, they were both captured and brought to the Magi Kingdom to be executed under the eyes of their Queen. Being imprisoned with a man named Diseh, they counted their final days. At the last moment, Diseh’s rescue team showed up from nowhere and saved the three from being hung. Diseh’s party included his better half – Tori, and a beautiful Magi by the name of Sarah.

Escaping with their lives in the New Continent’s underground caves, Spence and Jack learn more about the Magi from Sarah, and they both easily fall in love with her. Apparently, the war began when the Magi King was mysteriously taken from the throne and replaced by the Queen, only after a Hume attack on the Magi which soon sprouted the war. Diseh and Tori explained that instead of blaming one side or another, they should stop both sides entirely; starting with the easiest Kingdom they can get into, Hume Kingdom.

Spence, Jack, Sarah, Diseh and Tori ventured the caverns together as Spence and Jack found out some hidden truths from their new allies. Diseh and Tori were treasure hunters, who found out secrets hidden buried underground, about a place where both Hume and Magi once lived together in harmony in a forgotten land. That was until a great tragedy struck them, and this once peaceful civilisation was torn apart. This darkness that overwhelmed this once advanced civilisation was so bad, the survivors had to escape on a flying machine and leave it all behind. In their efforts to find a new home, they stumbled upon this continent, naming it New. But the scars that edged in the people’s hearts carried on for generations until a whole race of people were split into two, the Hume, and the Magi, divided. And so the regions were born. They were all the same after all. Magi were no demon, only as evil a normal Hume could be. Humes grew away from magic relying on technology, whereas Magi continued to depend on it.

They finally reached the castle to speak with the Hume King, to find out it’s his intention to continue the war, whether or not the Magi are evil or not. Despite their efforts to persuade him, the King orders the Magi, Sarah, to be taken into their custody and that their continued patterns with the Magi would result in treason, and they would be sentenced to death. Of course, they all refuse to hand Sarah to them and fight the King and everyone who followed his evil ways. Defeating the King, it turns out he was being manipulated by an unknown person or entity. He calls his men to stop the war against the Magi, to then find out that the Magi have suddenly resorted to used dark magic, the highest form of magic there is, to summon fiends to push through their walls and defences, and they had now bordered the region, the Kingdom’s perimeters as they speak. Before the King dies of moral injuries, he asks of the party to confront the Magi Queen as they did to him and stop her whatever means necessary. They agree.

Before the final act, they fight off the fiends the Magi summoned within the region and continue up to a small village in the hills where it had been almost completely destroyed by the outbreak. They rescue a small child at the age of 2 whose name was Gale, a couple of his limbs were torn to no-repair, but Sarah managed to heal Gale to some extent so he could live. Diseh and Tori decide to head back, along with Jack, who showed the most sympathy toward the boy, to get him to a safe place before they went any further. Spence and Sarah stayed behind to clean up the mess, and see if there were any more survivors. Sarah begins to hate her people while Spence comforts her. They have a special moment together.

When the party returns, they are given a few choices between how they may approach the Magi Kingdom, but they eventually get there and fight the evil Magi and their Queen as they race up the Magi Castle. They find the old King, King Leo, to be petrified, turned to crystal, as well as their princess daughter, Katie. Saving them before they encountered the Queen, Sarah asks if she may enter the chamber alone to speak with her, feeling an obligation to do so after witnessing so many deaths caused by her own people.

A battle commences between Sarah and the Queen who seems to be under the same spell the Hume King was in, awhile Spence and party fight off the Queen’s dark henchmen they met throughout their journey; Cory, Emma and Abbey.

They eventually enter the chamber where Sarah and the Queen’s Magi battle had drawn to a close, but the Queen’s power was mutating rapidly inside her. Becoming a dark beast, also known as a Guardian, the party fights their final battle together and succeeds, vanquishing the evil that possessed her heart. Before the Queen dies, she apologises and continues to speak of the great darkness which has yet to make an appearance, saying only the next generation can possibly overcome it. She again apologises, but oddly, to only Sarah. She then fades away.

Peace finally between the two regions on New Continent, the party return back to Hume Kingdom. Diseh and Tori set up a treasure shop to make it big, and Jack goes into the engineering business, taking Gale in and making him new mechanical arms and legs so he can move and live normally like everyone else. As well as for Spence and Sarah, they build a place aside a beautiful meadow by the sea. It wasn’t long before Sarah tells Spence that she’s pregnant with his child.

When the baby was born, Sarah smiles brightly to Spence as he holds his baby girl. The next day, Sarah doesn’t wake up. Apparently, the thing that possessed the Queen absorbed her life energy, if it wasn’t for the child’s life-force growing inside her, she wouldn’t have survived for this long. Spence names the child Sarah, after her mother, and raises her at their secluded house.

10 years pass...

Gale and his daughter Sarah are getting along really well, and everyone’s doing fine. Still, Spence and Jack know and bear in their hearts that someday, evil will strike this world again. And survival may very well be in the hands of these two children.

Questions for your character:

What are you most afraid of?
Watching others especially family or friends die, and being betrayed by others or in beliefs. Letting others down for not being strong enough.
What do you dream about?
Sarah before she passed away, my daughter growing up, I think of home a lot, and my next course of action and where the road before me will take me, and traveling and seeing the world someday
Who are your enemies?
The Queen’s Henchmen (Cory, Emma, Abbey), Hume or Magi Soldiers who are ordered to kill/capture me and my friends, fiends or monsters who get in my way or summoned to destroy us, myself when I let myself down and fail to do my best, and basically bad guys who submit harm to others.
Who is your best friend?
Jack; Light brown messy hair, multiple piercings on ears and one on the bottom lip, black Soldier Uniform.
What do you want to be in the future?
A caring and devoted father and friend who always did the best he could.
What kind of nightmares do you dream?
Back in the day when Jack and I were mindlessly ordered to carry out any mission without hesitation, to think it was all for nothing carried out by a tainted King. Love ones lost or the Hume Kingdom being completely annihilated by Magi or an unseen monster like a Summoned Guardian.
Who or what do you love the most?
Our kids Sarah and Gale, and especially my beloved Sarah.
What do you hope to gain from a new adventure?
New friends, new experiences
And finally, what would you give to return to your home world?
To return back to where I came from and watch over them until I can no longer, I would do anything and everything to make that possible.

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Post subject:  Re: World of No Light~

(Yay, RP! Hey Crunchy, Ill had more to the history, but for some reason, it keeps bumping to the top of the page everytime I write)

Universe: Original, Kaji City (Trigun and Cowboy Bebop)
Name: Jet Weston
Age: 22
Weapon: A custom Machete like sword named Jay Jay that is made of a rare and really strong metal, a custom Handgun (modeled similar to M9 barretta) named Toto that has dragon on the side of the barrel and "Toto" engraved on the grip.
Other (optional): A silver Chain with a weird emblem attatched to it. Looks like a silver star with a spikish cross inside the star.
Abilities: Skilled with his machete and a skilled marksman, however his real talent is his expertise in the martial arts. He has his own style which is based on Muay Thai. Knows pessure points and is excellent at disarming. pretty agile. Even with these good abilities, he lacks magic and psychic ablilities or anything supernatural
Personality: A sarcastic, quick witted young man. Jet is the guy that talks the talk and walks the walk. He loves trash talking as mush as loves breaking an idiots arm or leg. He is also a smooth- talker and to use persausion to get info before resorting to force. Jet is fairly intelligent but is no genuis nor is he incredibly strong which is why he relies on technique to defeat an opponent.
Description: Short brown, spiky hair. Brown eyes. He wears a black shirt with a red jacket and blue jeans. He is toned and average height.
History: While not really a hero in Kaji City, he is known as that Punk Mercenary. Doing jobs most people would call suicidal was what Jet called having fun.

Jet was born to a loving family and it looked like he was destined for a normal life. Howevr, this would not be the case as he was kidnapped at the age of 3 and sold to a crime boss who was wanted a son without having to get some lady pregnant as the Crime thought he was too godd for a pregnant women. The crime Boss loved Jet from the start. Even though the Boss wa cruel man, he was a loving father and raised Jet to be member of the crime Family. The Crime Boss hired men from all over the city to train Jet to become a killing machine. By 16, Jet was the main hitman, eliminating any man that crossed his father. a year later, Karma finally got to the Crime Boss as a Mercenary hired by the Government, killed the Boss in his sleep. When Jet came back from a hit, he shed tears for the time as he held hid father in his arms.

Jet managed to track down the merc as he questioned the iniders in the government. He found the Merc in a warehouse, but after a long fight that lasted 3 hours, the Merc got away. Furious at the fact he could not kill the Merc, Jet trained to be a Mercenary himself in hopes of finding the Merc again. He later found himself a natural in his new line of work as he manged to protect, kill and sabotage everytime he was hired to.
Questions for your character (must include in a list, a sentence or perhaps a paragraph):
What are you most afraid of?
Not knowing my full potential
What do you dream about?[/i
A coule crying over a loss, my necklace and a pair of menacing eyes, not that comforting
[i]Who are your enemies?
(plot down your main villain from your origin, and the people you may have fought as well)
That damn Merc.
Who is your best friend? (simple description)
I don't know, they usually die when I get paired with them in a job. I never had the had tthe zbility to really connect to someone as they usually die or they are a traitor
What do you want to be in the future?
A Someone better and less corrupt. to be feel normal
What kind of nightmares do you dream?
A young girl crying, a demon charging at me, the damn Merc
Who/what do you love the most?
My dad or foster dad, whatever he is, hopefully i can get some friends when get out of my mess
What do you hope to gain from a new adventure?
To achieve my full potential and redeem my self. To use my abilities for a good cause.

And finally, what would you give to return to your home world?
Who cares about that world, it has nothing i want.

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Woo a Crunchy RP this should be very interesting.

Universe: Original, Demon Plateau (Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha).
Name: Keyleria Winters
Age: 325 (appears around late thirties to mid forties being half demon she has an increased lifespan [this can change if you think it should be Crunchy]).
Weapon: A katana that is made of adamant diamond found only in her worlds (Crunchy if you don't want it to be a girl a change is no problem), and her own claws from her demon heritage
Other: Her ability to create and control fire at will (with limitations on how much she can use it).
Abilities: An accomplished samurai like warrior, very deft of blade and an excellent street fighter/martial artist. Being half demon she has enhanced speed and strength than regular humans. To counter act this she has a slight frame (more on that later) so therefore won't be able to sustain many heavy hits.
Personality: A strong fighter that lacks common sense and often times says the wrong things at the wrong times. She has only one goal and that is to be accepted amongst her own kind. She is a very selfless being. She has heavy views on how people should be treated and often times makes it a personal matter even when it wasn't her business in the first place. She is very laid back, and loves to take in the scenery every once in a while. Though she has a quick temper.
Description: Long red hair that reaches down to her back. She has hazel eyes. Wears a lightweight chain mail shirt made from refined Demon Plane metal. With jeans and more chain mail underneath it. Very slender frame and is 5'10".
History: Born to a human father and a full demon mother. Keyleria was always different than the others.

Keyleria was the only child of both her parents. Keyleria's parents were able to hide her human blood throughout most of her infancy and childhood. However once the other children and her powers awoke everyone soon found out that she was quite different. Life was very hard for Keyleria, she had no friends, no one treated her with respect, and no one ever liked her for anything so they called her horrible names for people like her (such things as half breed, and mutt, and mutant would be good for the RP enemies to play on her temper).

Still throughout her hardships she made it through to what is known as the Demon teens, but just barely. Though the hatred soon enough manifested into murder. One day from returning from the woods from fishing in a lake, someone had murdered her parents leaving a note that said "You brought a half breed in the world, we bring you out of it." Having putting up with the hatred for so long Keyleria decided to bring her parents honor and show them that a Half Demon is as good as a Full Demon.

So she trained herself in the ways of fighting, through varies means such as watching other Kung Fu masters fight, people fighting in the streets, and most importantly her master. Her master as herself was a Half Demon, so he parted all the knowledge he had of fighting and fire power to her. On the day he was to die of natural causes he handed her his diamond katana.

After many years of training she has brought herself into a level of fighting she thinks will be enough to accomplish her goal. She sets off to enter the most prestigious of all Demon Plane tournaments, the Demon Plane rumble. Barely skating by through entering, she fights with all her heart and abilities she has. She fights many of the people who mistreated her, and many new faces. Then upon reaching the final she encounters the person who abused her the most (who is her arch rival) a being simply known as Fate. Fate is amongst the most elite group of Demon Plane fighters, with the title of Guardian (the best of the best). Fate reveals to Keyleria that it was He who made her life a living hell.

Knowing she cannot possibly win she fights with all her might against Fate the second strongest Guardian. The fight lasts only a few seconds as his god like abilities crush her almost completely. Barely surviving the fight she recovers very very slowly. It is during this recovery she knows what she has to do to prove her equality to others, she must beat Fate in a fight. Setting off to do this almost impossible task, she gets this feeling. Fate might not be the only heavy hitter she has to beat.

What are you most afraid of?
Failing at the tasks I have set out to do.
What do you dream about?
Who are your enemies?(plot down your main villain from your origin, and the people you may have fought as well)
Fate, and various other Guardians who have yet to reveal themselves to her.
Who is your best friend?
No best friend or any friends.
What do you want to be in the future?
A strong powerful fighter who isn't viewed as what I am.
What kind of nightmares do you dream?
The kind where she sees her parents killed.
Who/what do you love the most?
What do you hope to gain from a new adventure?
Power and knowledge.

And finally, what would you give to return to your home world?
Her powers and abilities.

Author:  redt [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World of No Light~

Universe: Original, Crystal Domain (Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda)
Name: Trevor Red
Age: 23
Weapon: Dual sabers made out of Solar Crystal. Known as Blood Striker in his world.
Other (optional): Aqua Crystal covering both forearms.
Abilities: The ability to manipulate water in any form and change it's state.
Personality: Trevor is very calm and bright. He takes in his surroundings and can find solutions to almost anything. Loves to be around people and is very social. Trevor can get a little angry sometimes and drown an entire city. He's more of a leader or second-in-command and never a follower. He takes in everyone's opinion before making a move and tries to keep everyone on the same page. He tries, above all else, to keep everyone happy with each oher and will even fight to make things clear.
Description: Black hair with light brown eyes. Tan skin, tall, and fairly built. Wears cargo shorts and a grey T-shirt with a red and grey sports jacket.
History: Trevor was born from the Great Crystal, which is extremely rare in his world. He was taken in by a couple that were great Sages, people who are gifted with power of the elements, that cared for him as their own. When someone found Trevor laying by the Great Crystal they alerted the Sages that "another has been born." Children born of the Great Crystal aren't even human but Crystal themselves, this allows them to manipulate an element far better than any other. Two Sages were assigned to raise and protect him but at the first sign of Crystalization they must tell Trevor of his fate.

When he was about 9 a sliver of Crystal was visible on his arm. It glowed a deep blue, signifying his powers reached maturity. Trevor's 'parents' told him that he was destined to save their world from an evil that threatened to shatter the balance of the universe. They told him about the Crystal growing on him and that it was an Aqua Crystal, meaning that he could control water.

They sent him to the last Crystal Being for guidance at 12. The Crystal Being looked like crystal figure of a human. He was made of Solar Crystal, which meant he controlled fire, and introduced himself as Feir. He told Trevor how eventually he too will become a Crystal Being and become immortal, just like he did.

Trevor left the demolished city and went to the Endless Cliffs to mourn the loss of his master. As he let out his anger and rage, clouds formed and rain poured. Water spouts sprung out of the Calm Sea and tidal waves battered the cliffs. Since then Trevor kept his anger and wrath in his heart, having it to be triggered whenever he loses his sanity.
Questions for your character:
What are you most afraid of?
Losing control.
What do you dream about?
Having my revenge.
Who are your enemies?
The shadow beasts and Victor, who controls the creaures.
Who is your best friend?
Feir (deceased).
What do you want to be in the future?
The one to prevent the evil in the prophecy.
What kind of nightmares do you dream?
The day when Feir died in front of me.
Who or what do you love the most?
My people and the Great Crystal.
What do you hope to gain from a new adventure?
Peace and who was responsible for the destruction of my beloved city.
And finally, what would you give to return to your home world?
Nothing. As long as my people and the Great Crystal is safe there is no need for me there.

I'll make another profile later if need be.

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:21 am ]
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((Since I don’t want this to be a depressing RP most of the time, one profile of a pokemon would be great if you can manage anybody else who wants to play.))

New profile:

Universe: Pokemon World / RP Galactic Distortion
Name: Sparky the Pikachu
Age: 4 years since she’s been hatched
Weapon: None
Other (optional): Red goggles on forehead
Abilities: Thunder and lightning attacks, able to generate or charge electricity in her body, great agility, super sense of smell.
Personality: Often quiet, rarely talks to strangers but as she opens up to people she will speak her mind, she’ll do whatever necessary to help her friends but may leave others to the slaughter if she doesn’t like them. She’ll sit on the shoulder of the person she finds most trustworthy.
Description: This Pikachu is smaller and fluffier than regular Pikachu, but that doesn’t downgrade her abilities.
Her story entwines that of her master, Leo, a small boy who was given her egg from a famous breeder of the Seven Islands. Along with beating everyone to a pulp who called Leo small (Leo is a runt), they journeyed catching other pokemon, battling Gym Leaders, and taking on the Pokemon League together.

Along the way they get into a lot of trouble with Team Rocket and the Legendaries, and even got sucked into Giratina’s Dark World with a few other trainers. But they all eventually manage to pull through with the help of their new friends.

Leo’s other main pokemon include the in-famous water type, Muddy the Mudkip, and his brave dragon pokemon, Flygon. While Muddy’s outgoing nature influenced Leo’s nature sometimes, Sparky was always the one who kept them in line, whereas Flygon was always the one to save them if they were in trouble.

They’ve been journeying together for four years.

Questions for your character:
What are you most afraid of?
Being alone in the dark, falling behind, getting lost
What do you dream about?
Battling stronger pokemon and opponents
Who are your enemies?
Team Rocket, Team Galactica, their robots, giant pokemon, shadow pokemon, most legendaries
Who is your best friend?
14 year old Leo, he’s short, dark red messy/spiky hair with fringe over his big dark brown eyes, black collared and buttoned up shirt, collar always stinking upwards, dark blue jeans, black boots
What do you want to be in the future?
Nothing, everything’s perfect
What kind of nightmares do you dream?
Losing anyone, especially Leo
Who or what do you love the most?
Food, Leo though I won’t admit it, and probably battling competitively
What do you hope to gain from a new adventure?
Friends, memories, and to grow stronger
And finally, what would you give to return to your home world?
I’d give it my all, but take in the new experience for all that its worth.

((Everyone’s accepted, though you'll have to put some more thought into the questions, even if your character is a loner and never talks about their feelings, details, etc (it's my way to drive the story). And yes, even if your best friend is dead, please write the description anyway. Also yeah, I’ve been having trouble making long posts too, so you might have to type into a Word document and copy/paste to write all the info on your character as you can.

ANYWAYS, I'm going to start us off. We'll just meet the others as we venture Hope. Hope Jimmy can make it! The idea: You first see something from your past that “shouldn’t be” as time around you comes to a halt, then your world races passed you until you wake up, suddenly appearing on the cliffs where I’m at. Ready, steady, go!))

"Sarah! I'm going shopping! Do you need anything?!" I shouted off as I headed for the door, throwing my brown coat over my shoulders.

"Nah, dad! I'm alright!" she called out, hopefully doing her homework.

"Okay! See you in a bit!" I grabbed my sword and took off out the door, closing it behind me. Walking through the meadow, being a bright and sunny, I could see that this was going to be a good day. The sense of darkness lingering had faded for awhile, which gave us some peace to relax, but I still had to make sure.


Walking through the Kingdom's Square, I had bought a few ripe apples in a sack and headed over to Jack's place, the mechanic’s shop across from the market.

“Hey, Jack! How’s it going?! Anybody here?!” I walked through the open shop, taking a gander at all the machinery and engines around me.

“Spence, hey!” he called out from under the biggest engine I had ever seen, suddenly hitting his head hard with a rather loud thump, “AHH! CRAP, DAMMIT!!”

“Uhh, you alright, Jack?” I walked up and looked under the machine, Jack trying to rub the pain away.

“Yeah, I’m fine... Just a big bump...” he started to crawl out to greet me, “Hey Spence. How have you been?” he stood up and we did our handshake.

“It’s been good actually. Though, I don’t know who’s looking after whom now. Sarah or me...” I chuckled sadly. It was true though, Sarah was growing up into a strong beautiful woman. She really took after her mother a lot.

“Yeah, I imagine. She does look a lot like her,” he grinned.

“Anyway, how’s Gale?”

“Ahh, he’s alright. Still his anti-social self as usual, but he’s getting better. Actually...” he looked around the corner, “He should’ve been here helping me awhile ago... Hey, Gale! Where are you?

“Huh?” Gale walked in. I could clearly see his new machine arm and leg. He’s always been a lucky one. Before we got to him, the monster who did this to him managed to tear up his left side pretty good, just leaving him to bleed out alone. If we hadn’t found him, he probably wouldn’t have survived at all, “Oh, Spence... How’s Sarah?”

I smiled, “She’s great! Bright as ever. But hey! I like your new arm! Did you just get it done awhile ago?” Gale was always quiet. We were hoping he’d lighten up as a teen. Although, Sarah always managed to open him up a bit.

“Um, yeah...” he held his arm with his flesh and blood one, “Uncle Jack made this for me a couple of days ago...”

Jack smiled, chuckling to himself proudly, “Yeah, I’m really proud of myself for this one. The new adjustments make him more lighter and makes it easier for him to move around. As long as Gale’s comfortable, I’m happy,” he looked to his boy. Jack really thought of him as his own son.

Gale looked to the floor, “Yeah, thanks Uncle Jack... Anyway, I’m going to go play with Sarah now,” he took off, racing behind them, “Bye Spence! See ya later, Uncle Jack!”

I was a little stunned as he bolted through, “Wow, he’s fast... He’s gotten really strong, too,” I murmured, “And to think he’s just 12 years old...”

“Hmm, yeah,” Jack stretched his arms out behind his back, “He has a lot of potential... That’s for sure.”

After a couple of second or so, I turned to him, “So, how long do you think this calm will last?” I asked seriously, “Surely you’re sensing the same thing. The evil the Queen foretold us about... How could it just disappear like that?”

“Yeah, I’m with you...” Jack replied, “But until that day comes, we’ve just got to live, that’s all. Raise our kids and live happy like everybody else. When that day comes, it’ll come. Try not to let the sense of darkness get to your head. Sarah gave us this gift for a reason.”

I frowned, nodding my head, “Yeah... Yeah,” I grinned, “You’re right.”


Leaving the Kingdom and taking to the small forest where eventually I’d met the meadow, I thought about a lot of things. I wondered if maybe if I changed the past, even just a little bit, if Sarah would still be with us today... After the 10 years we’ve been apart, it’s gotten easier to not miss her so much, and little Sarah is always there to cheer me up. Sometimes I just can’t escape the feeling as if she’s here with me, but in reality... Heh, maybe these are just thoughts for fools.

The sack still behind my back, I took an apple from it and threw it up into the air, catching it. I did it for awhile, eyeing the red of it up and down. Suddenly, I dropped it. I chuckled at myself for being so clumsy, reaching down to grab it, until something bizarre happened. Looking down into the apple, everything around me became blurred. The sound of birds chirping and the rustle of leaves being swept by the wind were now non-existent. I turned around in a glare. It was as if time itself had come to a stop.

“Okay, this is odd...”I turned back, gasping, working myself into a growl, “What the hell is this...” In front of me no other than Cory, just metres away. His black and red robe fluttered downwards as he looked up to me with his familiar and annoying dark chuckle.

“No way! We destroyed you!” I pulled my sword from my back, the metal blade and the orb I had equipped glimmered in the timeless sun, “You bastard... DIE ALREADY!!” I ran up to deliver the final blow, somehow instead, running through him. I halted as he disappeared before me in another hideous chuckle. I then became dizzy. The earth, even the trees of the forest were racing passed me. My mind was souring through the meadow to our house, through the Hume Kingdom, the country side, then the Magi Kingdom, out to sea. It was as if my whole adventure here was flashing before my eyes. It became dark. My head was becoming clearer, as if having an outer-body experience. I managed to open my eyes. And there was Sarah.


I suddenly woke up from my position as if I were only dreaming. I put away my sword to my back and dropped the sackful of apples to the ground, pushing my head into my palms. I took them away, and suddenly the painful headache was washed away, but a single question arose in my thoughts.

“Where, am I?” I said aloud, as I walked above a cliff-face and looked out to the awestruck sight. Out in the distance, in an unfamiliar land, a horrifying darkness covered all that the eye could see. Behind me on the cliffs that struck the ground as if they were a giant’s, a large pedestal that once held something important and dear stood empty. And below the protection of the cliff-wall a small town that lay peacefully forgotten.

“Something tells me... I’m not on New Continent anymore.”

((Write however you want. I got used to writing in first person. Probably won't for Sparky.))

Author:  shinashu taji [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:24 pm ]
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"Honey, its time to wake up" a sweet soothing voice rang in my ears.

"Grrmmph, hrmmph" I mumbled still half asleep.

CLANG!!! I woke up right away, after hearing my mother banging on her pot that she had in her hands, especially prepared for my not wanting to get up.

"Now then lets try again" mother said this time more irate "It's time to get up."

I looked up at her in my pajamas and mumbled alright.


Thirty minutes later I emerged all dressed and ready for some breakfast. As I walked in the room the smell of pancakes filled the room, a rare delicacy that I in the Demon Plane know of due to my father's human heritage. As I sat at the table my dad looked over at me and after finishing his sip of coffee, another thing that my family gets, and said "Gonna catch us a big one today my Peach."

A bit embarrassed from his old name for me from when I was a kid, still I nodded and replied "The biggest one in the lake hopefully." I never was a good fisher, but I always went whenever mom and dad had something important to talk about and this was one of those days.

"Alright I'm expecting it for dinner ya hear" he said chuckling. Soon enough mom brought over my pancakes. I scarfed them down, grabbed my fishing gear said goodbye to my parents and left for the lake where I fished for many many years.


Leaving the little lake in the woods, this time with an actual fish in my hands I couldn't believe it. So I ran and ran and ran to the house. Then it happened, the murder the note everything.


"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I awoke screaming, and crying a bit. "I wish the nightmares would stop." Then as if from nowhere, the smell of pancakes arose. "They will soon enough, or not at all depends on my mood." A cold ruthless voice said, I turned around and there was Fate. Stunned and shocked I tried to move but I couldn't. Fate was laughing his cold ruthless laugh "Ok I will release you from my binding spell." Then I could move again.

I drew my sword in my left hand, and had a fireball in my right. As I was rushing to hit him with both, the world started to spin extremely fast as time seemed to stand still.

Then the next thing I knew, I was on this cliff standing next to some boy. I just turned to him and said "I don't think I am in the Demon Plane anymore."

(I usually RP my best in the first person, so I will be using it pretty much throughout I might slip up here on there, but don't count on it.)

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:49 pm ]
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I jumped back in shock of the sudden appearance of a second person, almost losing my balance and falling to my death. "Whoa..." I looked down in a gulp, "Heh... Close call."

I walked away from the edge, from the fear of falling, turning my attention to the woman who appeared out of nowhere. Long red hair, hazel eyes, chain mail... She wasn't like anyone I had ever seen before. She had this otherworldly sense about her, but then again, so did this place. She seemed more tomboy than anything, more Jack's type than my own.

"Uh, hiya!" I greeted her, extending my hand, "I'm Spence. And, Demon Plane? I don't think I've ever heard of that place before... Are you a Magi by any chance?"

Author:  paco25_007 [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:50 pm ]
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A young man ran into an abandoned warehouse as rain poured down in the dark, cloudless night. The man struggled to find his way through the warehouse as his sight was impaired due to the fact that the only light came from the moon. He was being hunted down by some guy that killed his date, destroyed his car, and burned down his house in one night. He did not know who the guy was but he knew his intentions were not good. After ten minutes of feeling around the place, the man finally found the stairs and climbed up them to reach the second. The second the man reached the second floor, he felt the barrel of a gun touch his forehead and then a bang.

Jet just finished a target in some abandoned warehouse and the body was in the trunk. His client really wanted this man dead as Jet was getting a hefty pay for this job. This was Jets third job this week and his work as a mercenary was paying off. In the corrupt city of Koji, the Corrupt always paid a lot of money for professional to get the job done. Jet was a mercenary a good one. Even though the pay was amazing, being a merc was lonely. Usually Jet went on solo missions but when he was teamed with someone, they died or backstabbed him. As he kept on driving to the meeting place with his client, Jets sight started getting blurry and he started feeling dizzy. Suddenly, images of the biggest events started flashing before his eyes, the last thing he saw was the eyes of the Merc.

Jet woke up and wiped his eyes with his hands. He had a small headache but was no longer and could see just fine. The problem was that he was not in his car or even in the city. Jet was now in some strange land with a small village up ahead. Jet took out his handgun, Toto, and cocked it. "Well Toto, looks like we're not in Koji anymore."

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:30 am ]
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((The village we'll be in awhile is a ghost town at the moment. You'll notice a train station that's abandoned. You'll have to make your way up the cliff-wall stairs to meet the rest of us.))

The small Pikachu ran around town, looking for her master, "Leo, Leo! Pika pi... This is a strange place. Maybe Leo isn't here after all. I can't smell him anywhere..." Images of Leo flooded her mind. She didn't care to admit it, but she was worried about losing him for good.

Walking around in her dismay, she saw a young man by his lonesome. Finally, somebody to tell me what's going on, she thought. She ran up to him as fast as she could.

"Hey, mister! Where the heck are we?" the Pikachu said, "Don't tell me you're lost, too!" Immediately, she eyed the pistol he held. Maybe talking to this stranger was a bad idea.

((Just so you know, Jet. Your character doesn't have a clue about Pokemon just as the rest of us. And yes, to us, they speak english.))

Author:  paco25_007 [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:40 am ]
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Jet heard a voice from behind and spun around, aiming his gun to whomever the voice originated from. Expecting a person, Jet instead saw some oversized, yellow mouse type thing with a tail in the shape of lightning. He had never seen something like it before but could tell it did not intend to kill him by its facial expression unless it was tricky little monster. He was mainly concerned on how he got here in the firs

"Alright Mousey, knowing you can somehow speak english. I got two question, one being where the hell am I? The other, what inn the blue hell are you? Are you some mutated mouse or something?"

Author:  redt [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:57 pm ]
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"Hello Trevor." "Victor."

I walked up to the edge of the dark trees. " I'm guessing that you've run out of beasts to send out now."
" Not at all. I've just decided to finally face the so called savior of this land." A tall man around the same age walked into the light, half of his face concealed by Terra Crystal. " And I'll defeat you so that the Darkness will rule the entire universe."

The last part caught my attention immediately. " So you're not the one behind the prophecy. Who do you work for?" Victor just laughed,"Apparently you'll find out soon enough. The Great Master has other plans for you. Don't worry though, we'll have our little showdown sometime soon."

"What are you talking ab..." Just then my vision began fading while all I heard was Victor's laugh.

I woke in a mist. Footsteps echoed in my ears until I saw Feir walk up to me. "Well Trevor, it looks like the prophecy has begun." I looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean Master?" He just smiled, "I mean that it's time for you to defeat the evil force. Don't worry though, you'll meet people who will help destroy the Darkness."

After saying that Feir began turning around. "Where are you going Master?" Feir glanced around, " Away Trevor.....away." "I understand Master." "Good." Feir continued walking until he was almost out of sight but stopped. "Oh and Trevor, don't let your emotions run wild in the times when you need control the most." And with that he disappeared into the mist. The air began rushing around me, then nothing.

I woke only to see a blue sky staring back at me. "I guess this is what Victor was talking about. Well might as well try and find someone."

I got up and walked up the hill. I saw two people standing with their backs against me. Might as well... "Hey can someone tell me where I am?", I yelled across to them.

Author:  Adversity [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 5:14 pm ]
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Hi, I've been waiting for a good roleplay. PLEASE judge me based on how well I roleplay, not how long I've been on the forums.

Universe: Pokemon world, Sinnoh Region
Name: Umbra (Sneasel)
Age: One and a half years, recently left the nest to form his own hunting party.
Weapon Pokemon moves: Night Slash, Bite, Ice Shard and Blizzard.
Other (optional): The feather on his head is blue-colored.

Abilities: Extremely agile but very frail, can only take but the weakest attacks but his strong point is avoiding them rather than taking them. He specializes in stealth and reconnaissance for his previous pack and is a lethal assassin. Capable of almost completely blending in to a cold or snowy environment.

Personality: Spoiled by his parents because he was the only child, he grew bigger and stronger than most other Sneasel. He understands all about being a team player and following orders, but will not hesitate to do something else if he's sure it will benefit the pack better. He is used to being full and happy at all times, and gets grumpy and whiny when he doesn't get what he wants. He's not very mature because he just left the nest, but he's very intelligent and good at tracking. He has an extreme distrust and slight fear of humans, seeing them stomp through his territory with no care of their camp or territorial markings. He will run at the sight of a Poke ball, and is deathly afraid of being caught.

Description: Normal Sneasel, but with a blue feather.


Grew up on the cold tundra hunting Swinub, Piloswine, and on rare occasions Mamoswine, Sneasel grew up in one of the biggest hunting packs in northern Sinnoh. The pack's newborn were almost twice the size of the next largest pack because they were so well-fed and the adults were skilled hunters. His parents were the leaders of the pack, and spoiled him. Because of this, he has no sense of not getting what he wants, he was always the spoiled child, the rich kid. He had all the friends and was the popular guy, he had everything. What he didn't know is that all these people only liked him because he was the son of the pack leader, if they didn't befriend him he could get rid of them.

His first hunting party didn't go well, he went off on his own in the middle of an important hunt during a famine and attempted to take down a Piloswine all by himself. The rest of the pack tracked him down by scent and found him, a bloody mess in the snow. He managed to pick himself up and proceeded to track the Piloswine down that injured him, it was licking its wounds in a cave with it's eggs. They stole the eggs while the mother was sleeping and brought them to camp. The pack leader punished him by giving him sentry duty for half a year, it was during this time he practiced stealth and spying, catching many enemy clans on their way to raid their camp.

After this time, he is now a year and a half old and has had his coming of age ceremony, and been given his adult feather. The blue color is a family trait, and has been passed down through his family over generations. He has been sent off from his pack, on a mission to begin his own pack and clan.

Questions for your character: (must include a list, a sentence or perhaps a paragraph, must be in-depth, the mere thoughts and dreams of your character(necessary story-wise!!!))
What are you most afraid of?
Umbra has had a morbid fear of Piloswine ever since his incident, but has not problems taking on Swinub, Mamoswine, or any other Pokemon.

What do you dream about?
He dreams of becoming as great as his father, and being the leader of one of the biggest hunting clans on the northern Sinnoh tundra.

Who are your enemies? (plot down your main villain from your origin, and the people you may have fought as well)
The Clangs were the main rival clan of Sneasel, with a Weavile as the leader. They have many strong Sneasel and have conducted many raiding parties, killing Umbra's mother and crippling his dad. Umbra formed a guerrilla party and managed to fight them out of their territory, and his father decided he was now an adult.

Who is your best friend? (simple description)
Teeny, another Sneasel he bonded with while stuck with sentry duty. Teeny was Umbra's first pick when choosing a guerrilla party, and was granted adult status at the same time as Umbra.

What do you want to be in the future?
He planned on forming his own pack and possible finding transport to another region, he didn't want to interfere in his previous clan's hunting, and planned to move northeast, towards Snowpoint City, rumor has it there is plenty of eggs trainers leave behind for food.

What kind of nightmares do you dream?
He has nightmares of the one Piloswine, mauling him over and over without stopping. He can never defeat it, and he eventually gives up and lets it maim him over and over until he finally wakes up. He also has nightmares of the Clangs leader, how it killed his mother and destroyed their camp. He also occasionally dreams of humans and being captured, the few caught Pokemon he has met seemed brainwashed and strange.

Who or what do you love the most?
He loved his mother and Teeny the most, he never got over how his father punished him for attempting to make a kill for the pack. He has not formed a pack yet, and thus has not chosen a mate.

What do you hope to gain from a new adventure?
Me or my character? If you're speaking of me, I love roleplaying, specifically Pokemon ones. If you meant my character, then he never dreamed of having an adventure, but his ultimate goal would be to get stronger and return to his nest to form a clan, and hopefully eliminate the Clangs.

And finally, what would you give to return to your home world?
He forms new friends relatively easily but doesn't form a trusting bond (especially with humans) for a long time. He enjoys new friends, but his ultimate goal will always be to return home, whether it be sacrificing his friends or not.

Author:  Gonga909 [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:21 pm ]
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I'm now smug. I lol'd twice.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:45 am ]
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((Adversity: Accepted. Gonga: I'm going to have to say no, sorry. Your profile still sounds like a bit of a joke. Didn't add your abilities either, etc. And at first your profile says you're a Gabite, then in your history it says he evolved. Yeah, I'm not very nice when it comes to profiles. // Anyway, awesome! A final fantasy guy, a gunslinger, a crystal-being, a half-demon, a pikachu and a sneasel. Good mix of characters. I'll still wait for Jimmy but I'll let him just turn up out of the blue as we continue, since I invited him and all.))

"Wait, you can understand me?!!" Sparky jumped in shock. Wow, finally a human who can understand me, this will be a lot easier, all humans should learn a thing or two from this amazing guy, Sparky thought. The man hit a nerve though when she was called a mutated mouse, "NO I AM NOT SUCH A THING-- PIKA PI, I'M A PIKACHU!!" she blew up, almost letting sparks fly. She quickly calmed down in a click, realising something different, "Huh? Wait. You don't know what I am...? That's odd. Everybody in the Pokemon World knows what a Pikachu is..." she murmured.

Sparky looked around the area inquisitively as a light mist started to roam the air, "To tell you the truth, Mister, I don't know where I am either. I think I was taking a snooze and then everything around me just suddenly whizzed by, and then I woke up here."

Suddenly, something sweet filled the air. The Pikachu's nose twitched. "P-Pancakes! PIKA!!" she suddenly darted in a turn and quickly ran toward the hill that steered off up a cliff, "Come on, Mister! PANCAKES!!"

((Watch how disappointed she'll be when there won't be any pancakes. And for people wondering why I was so random, it actually wasn't. </mysterious>))


I'm sure the lady was about to speak her mind, that is until a new person yelled to us coming from the town I saw below, which seemed to present a mysterious mist of uncertainty I didn't foresee earlier.

"Oh, hey!" I waved as the figure came up to meet us eventually, black hair, a bit younger than us but he looked like he could carry himself just fine. The special gift Sarah gave Jack and I, the gift that sensed darkness- evil present, told me that these guys were no trouble at all. I was surprisingly calm. I had no idea what was going on or what I was getting myself into, but something special was about to happen, I could tell that much. That got me excited.

"Looks like you're in the same boat too, my friend," I chuckled to myself. I found myself a seat on the edge of the pedestal and rested, "I wonder who else will arrive here... Only time will tell, I guess."

Author:  paco25_007 [ Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World of No Light~

Jet looked at the mouse named Pikachu after it almost went insanewith electricity. "Sorry, but I no damn clue of what a Pikachu. I also dont' know what Pokemon is either. All I know is by some weid supernatural force, we have been taken from our world into some weird strange land. I hate supernatural forces, they always mess things up and creep you out." Suddenly the Pikachu got all excited and ran up the cliffs yelling about pancakes. "Well I guess that is what our worlds have in common...pancakes.' Jet then followed the pancake-driven Pikachu up the cliff.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World of No Light~

((sorry about not posting got a migraine yesterday after school))

"Dammit" as I came out of my reverie I quickly looked around. I walked up to this Spence person and reached out my hand. "Sorry about that, just got to thinking about where I am." I took a quick look around, and then proceeded "My name is Keyleria Winters, the Demon Plane is where I come from, and as for the magi part I have no clue what that is."

Could I be in another world. I wondered, taking in this new environment fully now. "For what I am might surprise you." I don't know who these people are, or what even they think of half demons for that matter. I thought but I still went on. "I am a half demon, and just what are you Spence?" Well he does have a weird aura around him, human but different from others. He looks somewhat of my type.

((I will always use italics for things Keyleria thinks, I just added the wonder, and I thought, so y'all will know.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World of No Light~

I shook her hand lightly as I smiled a little, I think she had the same eyes as me. Earlier when I made the gesture, she had that look I always had of being swept up in your own thoughts, almost binding you to the spot. It was a bad habit I used to have all the time, during the war. Sarah was the one who taught me to speak my mind, it was healthier without having to bottle up stuff all the time.

I leaned back a little, taking in what she said to me. I was a bit confused. What did she mean by a half-demon? I was guessing the Demon Plane were where 'demons' lived, but an actual demon? A real demon, here, talking to me in the flesh? Demons... In the war, we called the Magi demons because they were different from us and we were afraid of their powers... Could this person be any different from that? She didn't know what a Magi was, so maybe there's a possibly that she's completely different somehow. Someone who isn't from my world? "Hmmm..." I thought things over in my head. Seems like I was going back to bad habits, sorry Sarah.

I looked back up to her, realising how rude I was being, "Oh, I'm sorry! Something happened before I woke up in this place... I'm still a bit shaken up, I guess!" I laughed to hide my embarrassment, sighing a little inside. Her question was a bit odd to me, "So you're asking what I am? Well, a Hume, I guess. To Humes it means human, or normal, it depends on what way you look at it. From my experiences, everyone's the same. We all have hearts, now don't we? Anyway, I've never met a demon before, let alone a half-demon. Keyleria, right?" I smiled, it was a pretty name.

I turned my attention to the newcomer, "And how about you, do you have a name?"

((Sorry, Gonga, but don't worry about it. Feel free to make your own roleplay if you want though. I'll wait for Red and Adversity to post before Sparky and Jet meet up with everyone.))

Author:  redt [ Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:16 pm ]
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I walked up to the two, barely catching the last part of their conversation. "I'm Trevor. Did you say you're human? Then you must be from Crystal Domain."

I've never seen any human like him before but then had been awhile since I was near a city. But this girl is....a...demon? I wonder if that's similar to me? Maybe she has a similar gift as I do but I don't sense even a sliver of Crystal on her. Odd.

Author:  Adversity [ Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:42 pm ]
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(Ack! Sorry if I've been holding you guys up, but thanks for waiting!)

Umbra had been running for days, following the human's tracks to where he knew it would lead him to the place the humans called 'Snowpoint'. He stopped under a pine tree to catch his breath, thinking about his home and old pack. It must be feeding time right about now... I wonder what they're eating. Ooh, I'm so hungry... better go hunt.

He sharpened his claws on the tree's bark for a few minutes and started running in the direction he had seen a herd of Spheal and Sealeo a few hours earlier. After about an hour of nonstop running, he saw a large shape through the blizzard. He tasted the air with his tongue, he couldn't determine the scent from so far away. Umbra covered himself with snow and began slinking towards it. When he was close enough, he found tracks. He checked them and sniffed them, and froze. The shape and smell of the tracks instilled a fear in him that brought back horrible memories of being mauled as a youngling. He looked up, and saw the Piloswine from his childhood. It had noticed him. Umbra started running as fast as he could away from the Piloswine, looking back and seeing it was charging, he sprinted towards the tree line.

The Piloswine was at his heels as he scrambled into the nearest tree, gasping for breath, hair raised and growling at the Piloswine. He climbed higher
and higher, and suddenly it was very warm. He heard voices, and looked out from the branch he was perched on. He saw three humans talking, a black-haired one, a brown-haired one, and a red-head. Where am I, and where did all the snow go? He looked down, but the Piloswine was gone. Umbra was never good at distinguishing features between humans, they all looked the same to him, although he had never gotten this close of a look. There was something different about the red-head though, he could tell she was female, but perhaps her father or mother was a Blaziken. While Umbra pondered if it were possible for humans and Pokemon to mate, he didn't notice he was slowly creeping foward on the branch he was on to get a better look. Suddenly the branch snapped, and Umbra fell out of the tree. He landed hard on his arm, and got up in an instant, thinking: Oh no, I'm going to be captured!

Umbra's arm was in pain and he knew it was broken, but he stood there holding his breath, praying the humans didn't hear him fall, or grunt when he hit the ground. He sat there, calculating where he could run, and how far. He didn't think they were hostile, but knew most humans had Pokeballs, and might try to catch him.

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:33 am ]
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"Uh, Crystal Domain...? I'm from the Hume Region, that's on New Continent... But I'm guessing both of you don't know what I'm talking about either..." I stood up, crossing my arms as I thought very hard to myself, walking over to the edge of the cliff to eye the surreal scenery once more. I took in a breath of the cool air as it rushed passed me, "...I don't know if you guys feel the same or not... But this place, the way I got here... It's so bizarre. Do you think, and maybe there’s a possibility--- That this place... is actually like another world altogether? And maybe, we all came from---" I was interrupted when suddenly I heard something strange coming from the distance, "What's that? More people?"


Sparky was racing up the hill when she saw another pokemon in the distance, a Sneasel. It was sitting idly by under a tree, occupied by where the smell of pancake was coming from.

She paused for a minute, looking the Sneasel over, "Hey, I'm Sparky. Want to follow me?" she asked the poor Sneasel. He must have been a wild pokemon. She couldn't smell any kind of people scent on him as she sniffed around. It looked like he was in some kind of pain, but Sparky didn't pay that much attention to notice his arm. She was still busy with the sweet smell of pancakes wafting in the air, "Well, come on! It'll be worth it, trust me!" the Pikachu went on, turning to look around behind her, the man that was following her, "Come on then, Mister! God you're slow!"

She turned back and bolted up the hill some more.


"Hey, check it out... " I squinted, "...Looks like there are three other figures over there by that tree---- Holy-!! Keyleria, watch out!" I jumped in surprise by a small and yellow blur that ran up towards us so quick I couldn't even comprehend it.

Sparky leapt from the air and jumped onto the lady’s shoulders, quickly sniffing around through her hair, curious to find any sign of- “Pancakes! Where are the pancakes?! You have pancakes, right?! Pi-chu? Wait...” Unfortunately, the smell subsided, “No, wait... Was my nose playing tricks on me...? Uhh, nevermind. Sorry, Miss...” she murmured, feeling saddened. That’s unusual... She doesn’t smell like a human at all either... And, that smell of pancakes... My nose must be getting stuffy.

I was a little shaken up by the sight of this new creature, “WHA?! Holy crap! That yellow fuzzy thing talks!!”

Sparky jumped off forward toward the messy-haired man with the bandana, looking up from the ground, “Well, yeah, I guess so! That guy behind me can understand my language, too! Weird, huh?”

I blinked, looking to both of my new acquaintances oddly, “Yep, well this proves it. This is definitely another world of its own!” I looked down to this unusual animal. I could tell it was used to humans, or a human, and whatever these other two guys were.

Sparky looked around the new area with only food on her mind, spying the bag that was left stranded on the ground. She wondered over towards it and helped herself, crawling inside.

I realised exactly what that thing was doing, “Wait, hey!” I broke out, walking over to the creature rummaging through my stuff. I took the bag away from her and looked inside it. It was only the groceries I had bought today. I quickly realised what she was after. I sighed tiredly, pulling out an apple, “Oh to hell with it,” I tossed it the apple.

Sparky caught it with glee, “Oh boy! Thanks a lot, Mister!” Sparky started gnawing at it gratefully, fairly pleased.

I grinned a little. I liked making others feel happy, even a small creature like this, “No worries... To tell you the truth, what I picked up was actually for home. But it looks like I won’t be returning back anytime soon...” I clenched at the bag, a secret frown I kept hidden to myself. "Anyway---" I turned my attention to the approaching two.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:14 am ]
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Jet finally caught up to the Pikachu as he finally reached the top of the cliff, "That is one fast super mouse." Jet then stopped as he noticed three other peoplenand another creature coming up behind him. The man that gave the Pikachu an apple looked weird with some weird armor and a giant sword that looked akkward to weild. he saw some woman that kinda creepy and another guy that looked Jet's age but also dressed weird. Jet shook his head. "So let me guess here, you people somehow got transported to this place from you world. you know this could be a dream, a screwed up dream, but a dream non the less." Jet then pinched himself. "Nevermind, its not a dream and we are stuck in this strange place."

Author:  Adversity [ Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:17 am ]
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Umbra was clutching his arm in pain as a Pikachu whizzed by in a flash of yellow and brown, screaming about pancakes. What are pancakes? Oh... so hungry... Maybe it knows where to find food. I'll follow it. If all else fails, I bet I could eat the Pikachu.

Umbra hid behind the tree until the human had passed, and began walking in his shadow silently. As the human caught up to the other three, Umbra dashed into the bushes, circling the group until he found the Pikachu, rummaging through a bag of something. As he was about to pounce on the Pikachu, one of the humans walked over and grabbed the bag, reaching in and tossing it an apple. Umbra's stomach growled wildly. It's not meat... but it'll have to do.

Umbra circled through the bushes until he was at the edge of the cliff, hiding in a hedge and behind the Pikachu. He got ready, and pounced, swiping the apple from the Pikachu in one move and getting ready to run if the humans came after him. He knew he was in no condition to fight, his arm was limp at his side and he had the half-eaten apple on one of his claws.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:32 am ]
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I looked at the Pikachu.How does this little yellow thing know of Pancake? I looked over at Spence, I could tell something was up with him. The way that he drifts off like that, the way he was in his own reverie like me. He has lost someone precious and close to him, that much was clear to me.

"Well basically where I come from" directing my voice at Spence "A half demon is the child of a full demon parent and a full human parent." Looking around and seeing these new faces that just recently arrived, I faltered a minute in my speech. "In the Demon Plane, you catch a lot of hell if you have any human blood in you, and if you are a half one well lets just say hell seems like a paradise."

Sitting down near Spence I wonder could there be a place to where I am accepted regardless of my lineage Asking Spence "So what is this New Continent anyway, and yes the Demon Plane is where demons live."

Author:  redt [ Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:07 pm ]
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I blinked several times as a large yellow creature began devoring the apple. I looked over at the newcomer, "Well I guess you're right, we are stuck here. But I think something important brought us to...HEY!!"

Just as I was getting to why we might be here another strange creature jumped from behind the bushes and snatched the apple from the yellow one. "Stop right there!" I lifted up my arms, the Crystal glowing a dark blue, and water shot out. I clamped my hands and the as soon as the water struck the creatures legs freezing them instantly.

I walked over to the creature, "Looks like we have a little thief."

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:45 pm ]
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As our little sneaky friend grabbed for the apple, turning for a quick getaway, Trevor pulled something almost completely out of nowhere, "Wha, whoa!" I gasped. Unexpectedly, literally right out of the blue, Trevor's arms became as blue as sapphire and manipulated water as if from nothing, freezing the little guy right to the spot. My eyes became wide, as if something reached in and touched my very soul. A deep fear awoke inside me, buried for over 10 longs years. The Magi Queen was also able to cast magic familiar to that---

I tipped my head in sadness, lifting it back up with a grin, "Hey. Come on now, Trevor, it just looks as if it wants something to eat, that’s all." I walked over to the frozen-bound weasel. A pink feather stuck out from atop of its head. I had a feeling that this creature was related to the yellow one for some reason, I don’t know how, it was just a guess. One thing was for sure, it was probably won over by food just as easily, too.

I smiled, "Sorry friend, but that apple doesn't belong to you," I went through my bag, "...How about a trade, buddy--- This piece of tasty, mouth-watering, nice fresh piece of meat, for say... that leftover apple. Hehehe," I chuckled.

I held out my hand for the apple, while in the other the wrapped up piece of rare steak.

While I did this, I spoke to Keyleria sitting by in the distance, “...A long time ago, there was a war between two different kinds of people with different cultures and beliefs-- Hume, and Magi. To us Humes, Magi were evil because they could control and cast magic. And because they were different, we feared them,” I placed my hand to the weasel’s feet as it melted away, “...My friend and I were born and raised to be soldiers to destroy the Magi, and because we didn’t know any different, we killed a lot of people.”

I looked up to her, smiling a faded smile, “I used to think of Magi like some kind of demon. That was, until I actually met and talked to a Magi for myself. I then realised Magi felt the same way as us Humes did. ...It took a great loss from both our regions to understand that, that we were all just the same, really. Hume or Magi-- we all came from the same origin; we both just went down a different path, that’s all,” I stood up as the creature was completely free, “...That’s why I don’t judge anyone by how different they are. Like I always say to my kids; you’re determined by your actions, not by how different you are.”

“Anyway, New Continent is still a bit shaky after the war-- But we’re striving to help join our two regions together again. That’s my dream.”

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