World Deprived of Light~
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Author:  shinashu taji [ Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:36 pm ]
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"It's ok that Age didn't answer my question about Fate." Though I wore a worried look on my face. It won't hurt to tell them my story. "Fate is a cruel and sadistic man. In my world he carries the rank of Guardian, which is well above the toughest of S class demons ((I am using the demon class system from Yu Yu Hakusho which is E, D, C, B, A, and S. E being the toughest and S the strongest)) which is as tough as they get." Looking at everyone with tears rolling down my face. "He is the person that has caused me the most pain in my life, he knows my fate and he controls it like it is a child's toy. He is a veritable god, and you don't want to cross paths with him."

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:58 pm ]
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I gasped to see her eyes in agony. I never thought Keyleria could shed tears like that. I turned away again with a frown. This Fate character must have put a manage toll on the poor thing... Something important was definitely taken from her, that much I could tell.

Sparky looked up at Keyleria sadly, pulling at her jeans, "Hey... Don't cry, Keyleria. Don't worry, I'll take care of that jerk!" she boasted.

I smirked a little, "And how about you, Trevor?" I asked, "Got anybody from your world we should watch out for?"

Author:  shinashu taji [ Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:11 pm ]
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I looked at Pikachu, getting a smile on my face while wiping the tears from my now red eyes. "Thanks Sparky, if I can't do it then I am pretty sure someone like you whom he doesn't know can." I lied through the skin of my teeth. I know this Sparky being wouldn't stand a chance against Fate, he would roll her and toss her aside like yesterdays garbage.

Author:  redt [ Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:26 pm ]
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"His name is Victor and before I was transported here, he told me that he worked for the Dark Lord. He is also a Crystal Being and we both born from the Great Crystal at the same time. So he's like my twin but only in age. He has Terra Crystal powers, which allows him to control earth, and commands a legion of dark creatures. He's the one that destroyed my home and killed my Master. Victor said we would have our battle soon."

I remembered back when I saw Master in the mist. "I saw my Master in a mist before I arrived here and he told me that a great evil dwelled here and that I must help destroy it."

I looked up at Umbra, "Well at least I have a right-hand guy that likes the cold." "Enough standing around as sadness tries to creep in our souls. Let's head down to the village and try and help this world."

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:03 pm ]
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“Yeah, let’s go.” I nodded to Trevor with a grin, “Besides, with the six of us combined, I’m sure none of them would stand a chance against us.” I started to walk ahead. “And who knows, maybe they aren’t here. A lot of strange things happened before we got here. I thought my world was racing passed me, and I saw someone else, somebody else who died. Besides, if it was the world’s cry for help that brought us here, why would it invite people who would initially destroy it?”

Was this really a world deprived of light?

I walked through the empty town Age called Hope. It was amazing this town was still standing without the company of people. I wondered what ever happened to them. Did the darkness take them away somehow?

I reached the middle of the town’s square. It reminded me of home. In the middle of the square was a giant fountain with a large unlit holy torch standing above it. It looked like some kind of scripture was written on it. What a strange place for a torch, I thought.

Suddenly, the air around me felt odd. Something dark was approaching. “There!” I looked out above the torch. From around town, white ghostly spirits appeared from around everywhere, all flying, meeting and merging together at the exactly same place, above the fountain. As the last few spirits united the mass, a huge mass of black body appeared from it. It grew and grew and grew until it was so giant, its ghostly body would overshadow the entire square. This large figure stomped down its six massive arms through the pavement, trembling the very earth beneath us. It suddenly revealed its head, a mask like skull from under its black flesh. It poked around, as if it were examining us.

“Rrrwww...” it groaned tiresome. It was really a spooky figure to behold.

Sparky eeped, hiding herself behind Keyleria’s legs.

I stood firmly, my legs starting to give way to fear. What kind of monster was this abomination? “Guys...” I murmured quietly, “Start walking back slowly. Don’t try to let it know-- WHOA!” it suddenly reached for me without warning as I gasped, grabbing me in an instance, overpowering my whole body with just one of six of its gigantic hands. It held me so tight I was sure my whole body was becoming numb. It pulled me closer to its skull-mask head, as if looking into my eyes as I struggled to break free. I couldn’t move at all, not even for my weapon. It groaned again, opening its disgusting mouth where a horrifying pit of darkness passed a large tongue, deep inside this thing’s stomach, was probably where this thing probably had a mind to throw me.

Damn it! DAMN IT!! DAMN IT TO HELL!!! This can’t be the way it ends!!

((Hollow. Controlled by: Crunchy (meaning you can’t control it whatsoever). Boss battle rules: You’re not allowed to cut through its skull or sever its head. Abilities: Regenerates limbs.))

Author:  shinashu taji [ Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:05 pm ]
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Jumping back almost tripping over Sparky. What in the three worlds is that thing! I have never encountered such a thing in my life. Noticing quickly that it had a hold of Spence No. I won't let the first person that ever showed any care for me die like this. Gathering up a mass of fire energy I let loose a flurry of fireballs at the thing, aiming for its torso. "Fireball Fury! Take that you giant evil... whatever you are!"

Author:  paco25_007 [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:47 am ]
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Jet looked at the creature with disgust. "What in the hell are you. Do you actually think you can beat us? I have fought grandma that look more intimadating than you." Jet then drew his handgun in a flashy way and loaded a clip of hallowpoint bullets. "Hold on amigo, I got ya." Jet then aimed the Toto at the hand that held Spence and fired 4 rounds innto the monsters wrist.

Author:  Adversity [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:47 pm ]
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Umbra was nearly asleep, holding on to Cryso's back as the group wandered into town. As he was just about to doze off, the ground shook violently, throwing Umbra off Cryso's shoulders and onto the ground. As he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and saw the human with the giant sword take off at a giant black monster, only to get grabbed by one of it's arms.

He saw the Pikachu hide behind the demon-girl's legs, who was flinging fireballs at the monster. Umbra cringed away from the fire, the heat was unbearable. As he held onto Cryso's leg, his pack instincts kicked in. The one with the big sword was their leader, Umbra had to make sure he was safe, or their newly-formed pack would fall apart. Umbra bolted away from Cryso, performing a move that granted him greater agility.

He jumped over onto the monster's hand, "Hold on, bigswordguy! I'll help you!" Umbra started to lift his claw up which was turning dark and shadowy, when he heard some loud pops from the direction of Cryso. He looked over and saw the black-haired one shooting at the hand, grazing Umbra with a few bullets. Umbra stopped the move and jumped away for his own safety, running across the monster's back, when suddenly there was a huge fiery explosion at the monster's side, throwing Umbra off and a few dozen yards away.

Author:  redt [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:20 pm ]
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As Umbra jumped off my shoulder, I watched as he tried to get an attack on the monster. I saw him fly off its back when one of Keyleria's attacks was a little too close to him.

"Damn." I muttered under my breath as I threw my arms out toward where Umbra would fall. Water shot out in a jet then began to spiral as Umbra landed in it. After he was safely on the ground I moved the water onto the creatures arm that held Spence. The water quickly solidified into ice as I clenched my fists. "Now Jet! Shoot at the arm!" This better do something or we're competely screwed.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:12 pm ]
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Jet frowned as his shots did minimal damage to the risk and despised the sneasel for its stupid actions. Finally, Trevor did something useful and froze the creatures arm that held Spence. "Thanks amigo." Jet aimed Toto at the frozen arm and fired 3 rounds to it.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:17 pm ]
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Sparky jumped up courageously, not being as afraid anymore. Keyleria was being a big influence on her, she wasn't afraid of anything. She eyed Spence's struggle with the monster. She hissed, "Damn you! If I use a thunder attack it'll hurt Spence, too!"

With the help from Keyleria and Umbra, and Trevor and Jet's combined efforts, the monster roared in pain as they weaken his arm and hand for just that split second. I quickly jumped out from its grasp with one mighty leap, landing side by side with Trevor. I stumbled a little as my body began to recover. It was as if I lost half my blood. I fell to clutch the ground.

"Whew, thanks guys... I thought I was a goner for sure. Don't let it grab you."

Sparky laughed slyly as Spence was freed, "Pika! Now, TAKE THIS!!!" Sparky leapt from the ground, her body static with electricity. Suddenly, she let out an all powerful Thunderbolt attack as it completely consumed the beast. As Sparky landed with a grin, the ghostly figure broke free of the attack. It was ineffective. Before Sparky could even gasp or take a breath, its free hand knocked her into the sky with one great mighty slap. She landed onto Umbra unconscious.

"Sparky! Umbra!" I cried.

Suddenly, the monster fired a series of ghostly punches toward some of us still standing. I managed to pick myself up and throw myself out of the way before the impact crushed me. I felt the ground shake violently as it hit and left a massive dent in the earth. I stumbled to my feet. I couldn't fight and help the others like this. I remembered how Umbra's arm recovered, the food! I took some bread out from my bag and ripped a mouthful. In 5 seconds my body felt great, back to normal again. I chucked the bag to the closest person next to the Pokemon and grasped my sword from my back, holding it to the beast. I was fired up and ready to go, "Nobody hurts my friends!"

"That's it! It's about time we finish this before anybody else gets hurt. Everyone, use your best attacks on its head! The skull might be a weakness!"

Author:  paco25_007 [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:15 pm ]
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Jet nodded as Spence told him to hit the monster at its skull. Jet was actually kind of glad that sppence was out the monsterts grasp. Jet waited for the monster to swipe at him. He tried to stand his ground as the monster slammed the ground with its fist. Jet drew out his machete-like sword called JayJay and put Toto back in its holster. The monster finally swung at him, Jet seeing this, barely dodged the blow and lept on the back of its hand. Jet drove his sword into the hand, using his sword as a climbing tool. Jet then drew out Toto and fired a few shot at it's face.

Author:  redt [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:46 pm ]
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I used a torrent of water to lauch myself away from the crushing hand. I landed myself next to the Pokecreatures and picked up the bag. I slipped a piece of bread in each of their mouths and watched as the others took aim at the beast's head.

"Time to break in Blood Strikers." I unsheathed my two sabers from my back and brought forth a water spout. It surrounded me as I lifted up to the beast's head. I threw open my arms and the water turned into ice shards.

The shards pelted against the creature as I landed at the base of its neck. "Die!" I thrusted Blood Strikers into the hollow below its skull. If this like the other shadow beasts I've seen then this should do some damage.

Author:  Adversity [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:49 pm ]
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(Forgive typos please, I did this on an iPhone) Umbra was thrown several yards by the blast, and closed his eyes, fearing for the worst when hit the ground. He got drenched very suddenly, and instead of a hard landing, he got a nice cushion of water. Umbra looked over to see Cryso saving him with a jet of water. As he tried to push himself up, he heard something that sounded like thunder. He looked around, searching for the noise, when suddenly something heavy landed on top of him. Umbra let out a grunt, then looks over to his back to see Sparky laying on top of him. "No! Sparky! You okay?" Umbra poked Sparky on his red cheek spot and felt a jolt. "Ouch! Sparky, wake up!" Umbra heard more of the mean-guys' popping weapons, and there was shattering ice flying everywhere.

Umbra looked over to see the bigswordman pull out his sword, and eat a peice of food. He threw the bag toward Umbra, and yelled something about attacking the monster's head. Umbra remembered how his arm was healed after he ate the meat, and ran over to the bag. "Let's see here... Apple, pear, bread... Cheese!" Umbra grabbed the cheese and ran back over to Sparky. "Sparky, eat cheese." Umbra put a bite of the cheese into Sparky's mouth, and turning back towards the monster, Umbra closed his eyes. He thought of the cold, the snow, the ice. He thought how good in felt in the snow. Umbra turned his head skywards, eyes still closed, and felt a cold breeze. He felt the sun become covered by clouds, and it began to lightly snow.

Umbra stood up, feeling the snow. He laughed, the snow made him feel pure joy. He turned to the monster, and screamed.

"BLIZZAAAAAAARD!!" The wind instanly picked up to a high speed, blowing snow And shards of ice painfully fast directly at the monsters head.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:59 pm ]
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Ugh, I am still weak from that last Fireball Fury. Still I gotta do it.

Looking around at everyone launching their all out attack, I decided to use it the most deadly fire based attack I have in my arsenal.

"Everyone get back now!" Unlinking the chain mail off my left arm, revealed a dragon tattoo in black ink. With the dragon's head at my palm and its tail ending at my shoulder. Charging what energy I could I prepared for the attack.

"Dragon of the Darkness Flame!" I punched my arm out and springing forth was a dragon of black flames heading straight towards the skull of that monster, immediately I fell to my knees holding my singed arm. Damn it now I am out of energy, if that doesn't work then I am screwed. Releasing my left arm I used my right hand to cough up blood in.

((Crunch if you think that the DotDF is too much then I will refrain from it in future posts, just thought it was a powerful attack from the Hakusho universe to be used with a serious drawback.))

Author:  redt [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:24 pm ]
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Seeing the clouds appear and snowfall reminded me of my best technique. As a sudden blizzard arose I held my hand and the harsh snow split passed me. I propelled to the ground.

I saw that the origin of the blizzard came from Umbra. How very unique and useful. I saw Keyleria launch her attack, "Perfect."

I clapped my hands together and the snow stopped in mid-air. My entire body emitted a blue aura. The snow turned into water and began forming together. The clouds above began pouring water into the mass. Soon a giant wave appeared and I thrusted my body forward.

The tidal wave launched at the creature and struck at the back as a large fire hit the front.

My body glowed bright as a star for a split second then I fell to the ground, the tips of my hair turning into Crystal. I could feel the effects take toll on my body. "If I keep this up I'll Crystalize sooner than I'd want to.",I mumbled to myself.

((Just to let everyone know, Trevor will continue to 'crystalize' everytime he maxes his energy. This won't be often but will happen throughout the story, if that's cool with Crunchy. Plus I get awesome blood in a couple posts!))

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:23 pm ]
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((Awesome job guys. I'll allow Keyleria to do that, as long as it has that drawback.))

Sparky woke up with a favour of cheese in her mouth, still a bit dazed. "Umbra?..." she thought she heard his voice, lifting up to see as all four including Umbra unleashed all they had. She saw Keyleria fall to her knees, being severely weakened by her own attack as she cough up blood, "Keyleria!!" Sparky cried.

Acting fast, she picked an apple by her mouth from the bag and raced as fast as she could over to her feet. She dropped it to the ground so she didn't get in the way. "Here! Eat this!"

Sparky turned with a growl to the monster, almost paralysed by the immense power and combination of attacks. But it was far from over. "Looks like they're all directing their attacks at the head. Right!" she noted, pouncing the ground, "Get ready for.... THUNDER!!!"

From the downfall of blizzard, a series of thunder strikes landed the skull left to right. Sparky continued calling them with loud cries. The idea was to land powerful strikes until either the monster was defeated, or until she made herself faint in the process.

I glanced at everyone as they exceeded what I had ever thought possible. I felt a grin coming on. I felt as if I were with Jack, Diseh, Tori... and Sarah again, ten years ago. These were my new companions. And this was our new adventure.

I glared to the black hollow creature, “This is for them... Rrrrrahhhh!!” my body burst out power, like it was aflame. I looked up at the monster with a new determination, gripping my blade as my hair and clothes fell adrift in hot pink and red, “And this is my limit break!!”

I sped to its skull in a burst of power, face-to-face again, floating mid-air. I lashed out my sword, again, again, and again. Seven mighty strikes. For the finale, I took the sword below me and slashed it down and up vertically, finally giving it that extra hit that shredded the skull to two. I leapt back as my tranced-state vanished and my body returned to normal, putting the sword to my back. Everyone’s attacks were so powerful, the monster’s whole form blasted out in a great distorted explosion which consumed us all in light.


I didn’t know how long I was out, but when I came to, the smoke was finally starting to settle. I looked around for the others, but I still couldn’t see clearly enough. The blizzard lightened to specks of snow and the thunder clouds parted from the sky. I stood back up, feeling somewhat weakened again. There seemed to be no sign of the monster.

“Hey, guys! Where are you?!”

((Nobody finds any piece's of the Hollow, alright. :wink: ))

Author:  paco25_007 [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:53 am ]
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Jet struggled to see through the debris caused by the explsion of the creatures death. Jet then heard Spence's voice call to the rest of the group. "Yo Spence! Over here!" Jet was suprised on how they actually defeated the the gigantic monster. "Well Spence, I gotta hand it to how you and the red-head just went psycho on that thing." Jet chuckled. "Makes me a little jealous."

Author:  shinashu taji [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:02 am ]
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Wiping the blood of my right hand, I picked up the apple that Sparky was handing me and ate it without batting an eye. "Thanks" was the only word that I could mutter. I then turned to my right arm, completely burned if I were full human it would never heal, but due to me being half demon its gonna be weeks before I can launch that attack again, and about the same time before I can fully use my left arm again.

I looked around seeing absolutely nothing left of the monster. Seems their ultimate attacks worked well with mine. Barely managing to put the chain mail back on my arm, as well as standing up. I turned to look at Jet "Thanks, I guess" I was still feeling the draining effects of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame.

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:23 am ]
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Sparky jumped up onto Keyleria's shoulder, "I'm glad you're okay, Keyleria! You had me worried!"

I turned to Jet and the others. I was also relieved they were okay, but what about Trevor and Umbra?

"You guys were all great. Heck, Keyleria, that last attack you pulled, better than Cory's magic, that's for sure," I chuckled. Suddenly, a fear struck me. Something overshadowing us was coming toward us from the debris, coming closer and closer. It was the monster again! "Oh hell! Guys, look out!" I shouted all hell.

"No, no! Wait, just wait!" the same skull-headed, black bodied monster waved around in a panic absurdly. It was as if we hadn’t touched him at all.

"Uhh, wha?! It talks!!" I almost fell over in shock. This thing was a complete animal a second ago.

"Y-yeah! Of course I can talk!"

"We killed you! Die already damn it!!"

"I can't die, I'm already dead! Okay?! Just listen to me, if you just---"

"Back off, big guy!" I threatened, “You better not try to eat me again!”

"Hey, hey! Take it easy! I'm sorry I attacked you like that before! I'm a Hollow, its instinct to eat the living!"

"Then what stops you from eating us now!" I screamed at him for the last time before my voice was completely gone. I panted.

"Because! You guys purified me! I know, it wasn't easy!" he tried to calm everyone down, “That light! And the explosion you all saw! It was the spirits inside me being purified!”

“Uhh, spirits...?” I crossed my arms as I thought to myself, “...Oh yeah, right. Those white ghost-like things before your big butt appeared... You’re going to have to tell us the whole story before we believe what you’re saying. Otherwise we’ll have no choice but to pummel you again.”

“No-no! Anything but that! Please hear me out!”

“Okay,” I grinned, “But first say sorry to everyone else. You really gave us a beating.”

“Yeah!” Sparky landed a jolt to the Hollow’s feet as he cowered back, “Especially, Keyleria here!” she glared.

“I will, I promise I’ll be good!” he said sincerely, bowing his head to the ground, “I’m sorry you guys! And I’m sorry Keyleria! Please forgive my behaviour!”

It was unusual to be talking to this thing so calmly, and for this thing to actually be talking to us like this. I guess being able to distinguish something good from evil wasn’t just by appearance. This world really was one of its own.

“Okay. I’ll start from the beginning. This village once thrived with many people. When the darkness came to take the light away, a battle was fought between the two Guardians’ of the world’s heart, and as you can probably already tell, the darkness won, and the light shattered to pieces. The Dark Guardian then came to this world, and the first thing he did was turn every living thing in Hope into mere spirits, the only real consciousness that can survive in the darkness, other than monsters. They are doomed to float around for eternity, at least until the Holy Torch is lit.

Those spirits, when they were disturbed, thought their home was being threatened, and in which case was by you guys. Subconsciously they all came together to create me, a combined shadow of their dark selves. What you see before you is the darkness of those hearts, and I was merely influenced by their most darkest of emotions. When you defeated me, it purified their spirits and calmed them, therefore allowing me to think rationally. So I must thank you, really.”

“Uhh, no worries?” I scratched my head, “Since your acting much more civilised... I kinda believe you. Also, I can’t feel that strong sense of evil anymore... So...” I turned to my companions, “Uh, what do you think?” doing so, I noticed the fountain and torch again, maybe that was the Holy Torch the Hollow was talking about.

“You guys aren’t from around here, are you?” the Hollow sat back on its hind legs, rubbing its chin with one of four of its other arms, “Oh hold on just a minute!!” it jumped, trembling the ground beneath it, “You guys are looking for the Light Shards, aren’t you?!”

“Yeah, so what?” Sparky murmured.

“So?! You guys are the very hope this village needs! Only by lighting the Holy Torch can bring Hope and its people back to normal! And the only thing that can light the torch is the power of a Light Shard!”

((To move the plot along, ask where the Light Shard is.))

Author:  paco25_007 [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

Jet looked at the good Hollow with a confused look. "Wow, you went from a flesh-eating moster that looked like it came from a madmans dream to a good, civilized spirit. This world is wierder thna I thought. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but can you just tell us where the Light shard is?" Jet just wanted to get out of this village. For some reason, it creeped him out.

Author:  Adversity [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:48 am ]
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Umbra cracked an eye open, he felt like there was no part of his skin that wasn't bruised. He pushed himself up with one of his arms, and realized it was still snowing. A big grin broke out from his face, and he jumped up, dancing wildly and laughing like a child. He ran around in the snow for a bit, digging in it, playing in it, making snow angels, when he came upon Cryso, unconscious. Umbra went up to him, sat on him, and wondered why his hair was a bit shiny.

"Cryyyyso. Cryyyysooo. Wake uuuuup! We need to find the otherrrss! Cryyyyysoooooo. Hellooooo! Wake uuuuup!" Umbra proceeded to poke Cryso in the leg, and on his arm repeatedly. Umbra remembered the bag of food, but he couldn't see very far in the mixed snow and monster-fallout. Umbra decided to keep the Cryso warm until he woke up, and curled up on his chest.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:06 pm ]
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"Well then I accept your apology." Turning to look at Sparky "Thanks for the concerns, in retrospect I shouldn't have used it, but.... I just wanted to show you guys that I won't hold back anything in the long run" I just can't tell them the true reason why I used it, my feeling to want to protect Spence, maybe it was more than that. "Well then" turning back to face the hollow "if we can believe your story about all this then where can we find this Light Shard." I don't trust this thing completely, there are many a demon I have faced which have seemed to have turned a new leaf by pulling a trick such as this.

I decided to sit down for a bit, still feeling quite weak from my last attack and as I sat my left arm brushed against the ground causing me to wince in pain for a moment.

Author:  redt [ Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

I blinked several times before I registered where I was. I gazed up at the parting clouds. "Well so much for enjoying the rain like I wanted to." I felt a slight weight on my chest and looked down. Umbra was curled up on me. I looked where the clouds were completely gone and saw the others conversing with the shadow creature.

I picked Umbra up and put him on my shoulder as I stood up. My hair hit against one another and a melodious sound, like a windchime, came from them. "Great, now I'm a walking instrument." I looked at Umbra, "At least you don't have to worry about this stuff. Well I guess we need to get to the others." I started to walk then, "Wait....I need to get my blades."

I held out my hands and called it's name. The sabers flew from under the snow and into my grasp. I sheathed them behind my back. I looked up to Umbra, "Now let's get to the others."

I walked up to the group as they continued to talk. "Well at least it's not trying to kill us anymore." I looked up at the creature. "Is there more of your kind in this world? I would like to know so I can be a little more prepared."

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

I glared as I noticed something odd about Keyleria. Looks like Sparky was right, she had overdone it. I was a bit concerned.

I decided not to alert the others about it as Trevor and Umbra came by, I gave them a warm smile, "Great, it's good to see you're all here," I said, half-noticing Trevor's hair. For some reason his hair was partly crystallised, like shards of ice dangling from his head, "Trevor..." I frowned.

Looks like everybody overdid it, except Jet and I. I felt as if I let them down.

"Sure, I can show you where the Light Shard is! It's across the fields, deep inside the darkest forest!" he said cheerfully, "But wait... It'll take a day to get there by foot for you tiny people... And the Miasma in the fields would surely turn you guys into monsters, if not kill you..." he rubbed his chin again, suddenly pointing his figure upwards with a plan, "Oh, I have an idea!"

The giant looked upon Trevor, "Well yeah, if you ever hit a town, city or place where a whole civilisation has been lost, you're more than likely to find a Hollow there. But I'm the strongest."

"Well," I turned to everyone, "I believe him. And if I do, then he must be trustworthy. I WAS the one who was almost swallowed by him," I chuckled.

"Great! Thank you everyone!" the giant Hollow smiled with glee, "You don't know how much this means to me! You’re really helping the people of Hope, you know! Meet me at the train station, okay?" he then floated midair and vanished into the night sky.

We headed to the train station, even spookier than the town actually was. There were wreaked trains piled up below the platform in the distance, almost like a train graveyard. Suddenly, from the distance, the Hollow appeared from above and landed himself on the tracks, transforming into something of a ghost train, the engine being his large skull and a single black carriage behind the head. It slowed and came to a stop at the platform, the ‘doors’ opening up.

“All aboard! Next stop, the Dark Forest!” the Hollow bellowed without making a sudden movement from the rails.

I looked inside, sort of concerned about the safety of this venture. There were no windows, but seats on both sides enough room for us all, a few poles from the roof down into the floor, and a couple of lights in the ceiling. It was very modern. Something Jet and Sparky would probably be familiar with. I felt a nice cool breeze coming from inside, air-conditioning. It didn’t smell bad at all, just really fresh. Like new car smell.

“Heh, what the heck, we only live once,” I walked inside and seated myself, squatting down a fraction to lean on my knees and cup my hands together. I wondered what the Dark Forest was like.

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