World Deprived of Light~
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Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:10 am ]
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I was half expecting Keyleria or Trevor.

I chuckled with a bit of pain in my voice - failing to see who it was, “About time you guys showed up --- Huh?” I looked up, seeing another face standing over us where we were tied up on the floor, a blue canine with a bone spike coming through its chest and the back of both its paws. It was something of a mythological type of being I never thought existed, only on the walls of ancient buildings or something, a thing some people would worship as a type of god.

“Oh,” I blinked, staring at the figure. I suddenly realised, thinking of Sparky and Umbra, “...Oh, you’re a pokemon, aren’t you? Do you mind untying us?” If it was a pokemon, I knew I could trust it.

I looked over toward the engine room, “I don’t know what they did in there, but they must have tampered with the train or something before they left us here.” In reality, the lever that controlled the train had been completely broken off, leaving a hole where the mechanism could be seen barely inside. If someone were to stick a blade or something inside, one could pull it back to stop the train completely.

“And...” I sighed. My rib was still broken, wasn’t it? “Do you have any food on you? Both of us have been beaten pretty badly, and I don’t think I can stand. Food heals us in this world. I know it sounds strange...”

I noticed another jump in. I turned my head to a built young man – more or less Jet’s age - with steel armour plated on his arms, legs and body, black spiky hair. They must have been working together.

“...You are good guys, right?” I chuckled sadly.

((Michael and Bone are aware of the food’s heal capabilities from their last battles against the Miasma Monsters – something that only works for Chosen Ones. Just a reminder/a bit about their introduction; when the second group appeared in Charity, they began by helping the city out by fighting the monsters that were causing havoc throughout the city – with the help of the Gunstar Heroes, and when the group started disappearing during the fight, they found out how to stop vanishing by eating the world’s food thanks to Tommy’s advice – he heard a voice who sounded like Age’s voice “I’d eat that food if I were you.” After they sorted the Miasma Monsters, they talked to the Commander, so look that back up.

After Spence is free and the train has been stopped, I’ll release Umbra.))


I looked around some more before walking on, “Good point, Nico, but this place wasn’t just built yesterday. It’s been around for a few years or more from what I can tell. It’s not like me to make assumptions and I haven’t done the research, but this IS called the Slumbering Mountains. If the volcano wasn’t controlled to a point, I doubt someone would be crazy enough to build his laboratory here of all places. Besides, I have a feeling we’ll learn more about this place if we go deeper inside.”

The sealed glowing door automatically opened up as we proceeded through. Around us were pools and tanks of lava being pumped around the room by metal glowing pipes. It was quite hot. I took my jacket off and threw it over my shoulder, I was sweating like crazy. “Okay, where to next...”

Suddenly, I heard the fluttering of wings from above me before something big fell down on top of me. The forced knocked me passed the others and into the doorway’s frame where I hit my head hard. I grasped the back of my bloodied head as I looked to see a big bear with 6 scorpion-like legs from its body with a scorpion tail wailing about behind. Small moles with bat-like wings fluttered around it with vampiric teeth. They all moved in to attack as the bear roared and echoed the hallways. My eyes widened.

“No, it can’t be... Chimera...!!” I stumbled upward, pulling up my ray gun. “The Researcher...! He’s been here!”

“Tommy!” I cried.

From Keyleria’s head I jumped up to thunderbolt one of the mole-creatures out of the sky. Running toward the bear-scorpion, I leapt to its shoulder and clang onto its fur, surging my electricity into it. It tried reaching me with its pincer arms, but they were too short. I scurried to its back, dodging its stinger tail. I finished up with another thunder, leaping from its back and landing next to Keyleria in a pant. The bear roared ferociously.

As support, I started shooting as many mole-bats as I could off of the party. As soon as one reached me, I raised my hand and blasted it with my PSI power PK Fire, burning the sad thing to flames. Only the Researcher could create something so depraved as that scorpion-bear... It was his unique trait.

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((Thanks, I don't have much to work with with redt not posting very much and Umbra in a pokeball.))

Bone surveyed the situation, a broken cage; looked like someone or something had broken out of it, two ragged men and some pokeballs scattered on the floor. He followed the one human's gaze to the front of the train.

"Yes, I'm a Pokemon. I'm known as a Lucario, you may call me Bone."

He flipped out a claw and cut both the ropes around their wrists and ankles, and said to Michael without turning, "You go check the engine room and stop the train, I'll work in here and help them. Call if you need me."

He listened to the humans' request, and began searching through some cupboards above him. It disconcerted Bone how they stared at him, like he was an odd spectacle. He finally managed to procure a small loaf of bread and a slab of cheese, which he handed to the human.

He then crossed his arms and slitted his eyes, staring at the humans across from him and examining their aura. After being sure they were friendly and meant him no harm, he chuckled, saying "Yes, we're the good guys."

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I was starving. I scoffed down the bread and cheese, hacking some of it up a bit after. The bread was stale and the cheese must have been weeks old. I grumbled a bit as a stood up, rubbing my wrists of the cut circulation. After a while, I grunted as my rib healed and cracked back into place. I turned to the Lucario with a grin, “Thanks.”

There was a hiss and screech outside. We could hear it clearly thanks to the opened latch above. Whatever it was, I guessed they failed to finish the job. I gave a quick smirk to Jet before frowning, looking upward. I needed to work off some anger otherwise I think I was going to explode.

“Jet, pass me one of your guns.”

I found myself on top of the speeding train car, my coat rippling furiously in front of me, Jet’s gun in my left hand and my other at the handle of my blade at my back. I watched darkly as the demon flapped its black wings clumsily, soaring above the tracks behind us to catch up. Its left eye had this arrow pierced through it with a stream of Miasma bleeding from it. One red eye remaining, it was left uncoordinated in its flight. This thing was evil incarnate.

I closed my eyes tight as I felt the wind hitting painfully at my back. I could almost imagine the battle before me, the battle Keyleria and Trevor had to go through in an attempt to save us fighting that Cyborg. I felt so useless throughout it all - being blown away in the hotel, being threatened to have my daughter killed, watching Jet shed those tears, watching Umbra having to suffer. I growled, grinding my teeth, suddenly letting out my rage in a tremendous roar. My body was set aflame with power. I was in a Trance.

I uplifted my left aim, firing everything in the gun’s clip at the beast. Blow after blow. Bang, bang, bang. Each burst made the demon flinch and fall skidding to the ground, flying desperately back to the air. My eyes were only filled with hatred toward it and everything it represented to me.

I placed the gun to my belt, waiting for the beast to catch up. Staring into it like it was nothing to me.

The demon used the last of its strength to rush up in a burst of darkness pushing behind it, coming face-to-face with me as it screeched horribly.

“I’m a First Class Soldier... Designated Spence... I’m a Soldier... I’M A SOLDIER...!!!” I screamed out my rage as another burst of red energy flew upward into the sky.

I jumped from the train, driving my steel blade into the eye of sin, Miasma pissing every direction. My forced drove the fiend slamming to the ground, completely immobilising it to the tracks as the train sped away behind us. It reached at me to try and rip me off with its claws, but the pain was too much to move as it shook aimlessly. I roared out, once again letting out all my rage and fury fuelled by Fate, the Merc and everyone and everything else.

“Nobody threatens my daughter! Nobody hurts my friends!!”

I ripped the blade out, leaping from the fiend as it cried in agony. I landed to the ground, plunging the blade into the earth before me. I then stood there, watching it die, leaving no sympathy for it at all. For those moments, I was the Soldier they raised me to be. I glared down as it evaporated into nothing but black Miasma, blowing away into the cold wind and out across the city.

I sighed tiredly, my clothes, hair and body returning to normal. I pulled the sword from the ground, realising the shake and rattle of the device in my chest pocket. I pulled it out, looking over it sadly. Suddenly, a sudden idea entered my mind. I threw it a couple of feet in front of me, releasing the red beam that appeared Umbra. The ball returned to me as I caught it.

I smiled sadly, “Umbra... I’m sorry.”

I let the ball fall to the ground, smashing it to pieces with a downward thrust of my sword - back into the earth. I pulled it out, placing it to my back as I turned my back to Umbra. I looked up to the sky.

“I saw how... Miserable you were inside the cage. I think the same thing could be said for that device that imprisoned you. You belong in the wild, right?” I looked down in a frown, “...You’re lucky. I’ve always... Felt imprisoned - all my life. And now that I have my freedom, I don’t know how to feel about it. I don’t even know how to live. I’ve been searching for that answer for ten long years, but my heart just doesn’t let me feel any freedom - none at all.”

Author:  Adversity [ Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:20 am ]
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Miasma pissing every direction

Bone curled a lip as the human retched everywhere, then turned to the one he called Jet. "Do you need help standing, or can you get off yourself? We need to get off of this before it crashes." As he watched them exchange some sort of metal weapon and Spence jumped out the train, he turned to Michael and yelled, "How's it going in there? We don't want it to crash and hurt anyone, hurry up!"

Umbra was met with the same overwhelming feeling of all his senses being fired at maximum again, and was dazed for a few moments at the blast of light. All he saw was himself, Spence, and a shattered Pokeball on the ground. He looked down to the Pokeball, then to Spence and grinned. He was free again, no longer a captive, his wild spirit could be free. He listened to what he was saying, and then went up and hugged his leg. "Umbra likes the part about him being wild. We don't have to tell Sparky I was in a cage, do we?" He frowned as he started talking about his spirit and mind being imprisoned and blah blah, ten years. Umbra frowned and said, "I like you. Keyleria, Jet, Trevor like you. And I see no cage, Spence is free human."

Then Umbra stretched and said, "I'm hungry, Spence have some food?"

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((Sorry I have school so I can't make a lot of posts when everyone else does.))

"Right." I walked into the engine room and looked at the damage. "This shouldn't be too hard." I clapped my hands and sparks flew as I slammed my hand where the hole was. I pulled up and a lever materialized into place. I pulled hard and the train began stopping, sparks flying from the brakes.

After the train stopped I walked back to the car. "Where did the other guy go?" I looked around then jumped out the door. I looked and saw the guy standing with what looked like another pokemon. "Hey Bone, I think there's more of your kind here."


As the bat moles flew at me I flicked my hands, ice shards pinning the bats to the walls. Their screams piercing the air then stopping as fast as they started. The bear scorpion charged at me. I lifted my hands, an ice barrier forming, and jumped put pf the way as it crashed through.

"This thing doesn't want to give up and nothing is holding it back."

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Umbra hugged me as flashes of my daughter flooded my mind. "Heh, yeah..." I spoke to Umbra, staring off for awhile. I turned and looked down to him with a grin, kneeling down, "Don't worry, we'll keep it to ourselves. Sparky won't know."

I looked over my shoulder to see the man waiting for us by the train in the distance. They managed to stop it, so that was a relief. "Come on, Umbra," I extended my arm so he could run to my shoulder, "Let's grab something to eat."

I walked over to our saviour at the train, throwing Jet his gun back, "Thanks for rescuing us you guys. I'm Spence and this is Umbra, that's Jet. We were captured back at Hope. Anyway, sorry to go off the point... But we're starved! Let's find a place to eat, we can talk more afterwards," I chuckled.

As we ventured into the city, a shady character left from his hiding place behind a wall, laughing darkly to himself.

"We've now found all 11 Chosen Ones... Now the fun begins..." A ripple of a black and gold robe disappeared into the alleyway, "Soon, our goals will be realised..."


Another unfamiliar place... I never thought a city could be so... big. It was as if the city was paved in gold and silver, roads and buildings floated midair and glowed in the sky. Charity was exactly how I thought Ancient Continent was like. I felt privileged to even be here.

We found ourselves inside a hotel restaurant, all-you-can-eat on our single table, plates of everything I could’ve imagined. It was like I was in heaven. I think my eyes sparkled before I started chowing down as fast as I could - devouring rice, breaking opening crabs, slurping up spaghetti. I jugged down a bottle of wine and did it all again, the waiters around our table were astonished with my eating... abilities.

I turned my head to Michael and Bone with a mouthful, not even stopping, "So you're looking for something, right? *om nom nom* Truth is, we're looking for something, too. *om nom nom* Ever heard of the Light Shards? *om nom nom* Apparently the Miasma of this world is coming from them. *om nom nom* That monster back there was born from Miasma, right? *nom nom* You see, our group... *om nom nom* We were taken from our worlds to find them and save this world. *nom nom*” I paused stuffing my face for a second, gulping down, holding up my wine bottle, “But we’re not the only ones here. A number of bad people from our worlds appeared, too. Those were the people who kidnapped us. I don’t know the reason why they just left us though.”

“So...” I drank some more wine, “If you know anything we didn’t learn from Age or the Great Fairy - yeah, don’t bother asking – It’d be great if you’d let us know. You two don’t exactly fit around here either, right? Are there more of you?”

It was just a hunch, but I decided to find out more about them before I started spewing out that Chosen One crap. Besides, maybe these guys belonged in this world. If they did, they’d probably think I was crazy, and that would be that. No loss though, I didn’t mind.

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Umbra had decided to savor this meal instead of scarfing it down this time. He had slowly picked his way around the table, grabbing all the meat he could and depositing it onto a big plate that the humans gave him. He made the trip multiple times, until he had a steaming pile of meat dripping with all kinds of sauce and taller than him. He was frothing at the mouth by the time he was done, and then started wolfing it all down. He shoved steaks, ribs, pork chops, jerky, chicken, all down the hatch. He faintly noticed that Spence was doing the same, albiet with a slightly more varied meal.

When he got thirsty, one of the waiters gave him a bottle of strange purple liquid that he poured into a glass for him. The glass was nearly as big as Umbra's head, but he still drank heartily. As he gulped more and more down, he wondered why his belly felt so warm. He dismissed the thought and continued his revelry, grabbing all the meat he could and scarfing it down.

After a few courses and more glasses of drink than he could count, Umbra jumped onto the table and said "I am Umbra... *burp* RAWR! Gimme shome more meat... *hiccup* and you!", he pointed to Bone "Are a Lucario... are you not? I bet I could take you... *hiccup* come on, letsh battle!" And then he fell to the table, asleep.

Bone didn't know whether to be impressed or disgusted by Spence's eating abilities. Bone himself had picked a small meal, and had picked at it while the sneasel and Spence gorged. As he said something about the Light Shards, Bone's eyes perked up. "Yes, we were supposed to be looking for something like that. I showed up here with Michael and a few others, we split up to search for an Alchemist and a mad scientist." Bone flinched as a piece of rice flew out of Spence's mouth and right past his ear. "I am tired, and I am going to sleep. Our rooms are number 45 and 46, I will be in 45."

As Bone was starting to get up, the sneasel jumped on the table and started yelling incoherently, then collapsed. "I'll take him with me, so he can get some rest." Bone slung Umbra over his shoulder and started up the stairs, into room 45.

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:55 am ]
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So they WERE from other worlds! And there were more than just the two of them. I wondered where they all went.

I watched the Lucario go with Umbra passed out in tow. Was it something I said? I chuckled sadly, turning to Michael, “Well, he’s certainly cheerful,” I said sarcastically, “So, you’re looking for an Alchemist, huh? We have a few Alchemists in my world... But they’re pretty tame. I don’t really know anything about the subject.” I noted the markings on Michael’s armour, “So, judging by your clothing, you’re an Alchemist, too. What are those signs for anyway?”

I placed my empty bottle to the table, “If you’re interested, we should team up and search for your Alchemist. I have a feeling that if we find him we’ll come across those shards of light, too.”

((I'll give Redt the job of explaining what the Commander said and where Tommy and company went.))

Author:  redt [ Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:44 pm ]
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I cut my steak and ate diligently as I listened to Spence and avoided his spewing food. "You probably know more than us." I gulped down some more wine as Bone got up and left with the other pokemon.

I laughed a little at what Spence said about Bone. "Yeah he can be pretty upfront most of the time.", I folded my hands in front of me, "These symbols allow me to use my armor in transmutation without weakening it, within reason of course. I can transmute objects without a circle, which is a rare ability for an Alchemist."

I thought about where the others might be. "Me and Bone are also apart of another group that left for the Slumbering Mountains. I stayed behind to find the Alchemist and Bone wanted to help. The Commander said that there is a high concentration of Miasma near the mountains and also around some kind of forest. She said it would have been suicide to try to get there, also that there was a doomed town called Hope."

I looked at Spence, "But to answer your question I don't see why we can't team up. Maybe there is a Light Shard hidden in this city somewhere."

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(I'm back! Sorry I was gone for spring break and forgot to tell you.)

Jet stood in the corner of the room while Spence and the Alchemist known as Michael, were talking about alchemy. He was grateful that Bone and Michael save him and the others, but he was against the fact that there was more people in their now comfortable group. Jet sighed as there was going to be more people to worry about. Unlike the others at the table, Jet was not hungry and only ate an apple for health. He was in no mood to learn more about his new allies and was only thinking of the Merc. Great, that bastard is in this world and he is going to be on another killing spree. I got to stop him quick before he kills anyone. Jet then looked over to Spence. "Hate to intrude on your conversation, but do we even know what to do next?"

Ace sat bored in a chair as every was going on about Age and scientific stuff. Ace was a fighter, always was and always will. He was intelligent when it came to battle, but when came to history and electronics, Ace was basically a caveman. He already disliked the Red-Head woman and hated how she acted like a know-it-all. Ace couldn't complain, as everyone else got to do the boring stuff and he did not. The others went into some room as followed on. As the door closed behind them, some weird monsters attacked. One was some beast with insect-like legs and head of some beast with sharp teeth. The other monsters were flying rodents with long fangs.

Ace's face lit up. "Bout damn time!" Ace saw Tommy attack the creatures first with lightning attacks. Ace followed his lead as he attacked the flying monsters with an Ember attack. A small burst of fire spewed from Aces mouth and torched a few of those flying beast. Ace then charged at the six-legged beast with a Headbutt.

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I grinned smugly at the forest comment. I think the alcohol was kicking in. I sat back in my chair with a leg over the other, my arms crossed, "Suicide, huh? Well, we got through it just fine," I lied through my teeth before leaning in, "Seriously enough though, thanks to us, we saved those people cursed in Hope by obtaining the Light Shard in the forest, and kicking the badass monster's ass. Hmmm..." I thought, looking over Michael, "...By the sounds of it, you don't have a clue about the shards, yet you're still willing to help us?" I asked before sitting back again, "Well, I like your guts. To tell you the truth, I don't know much about the shards either - just that to save the world we have to find and collect them."

I looked to Jet. I could sense his frustration. My eyes darkened and I became serious.

I closed my eyes, "There's nothing else we can do but move forward - and the reason we were brought here was to gather the Light Shards. You noticed how the Merc, Fate and that Victor guy were working together... If they're the bad guys from each of our worlds, then obviously the Alchemist Michael is searching for is a bad guy, too. They're most likely all working together," I reopened them, "If we find the Alchemist, we could possibly find out exactly what they're doing here, and why they were brought to this world, too."

I stood up, turning to leave before leaning on the chair, "...Trevor, Keyleria and Sparky would've kept going as well - I know that. We just have to keep going and hope they're still alive, and maybe we'll see them again."

I turned to Michael, "We were told all this by a man called Age - he said we were the Chosen Ones picked from the Void. I don't know what it means either, but I think you guys are the same as us," I sighed, "He wasn't very helpful really... Though he wasn't with us for long. We saw him die, or at least a part of him that remained after his battle."

I yawned, stretching. "Well, Bone and Umbra had the right idea. I guess I'll see you guys in a bit. Try and get some sleep, Jet. Night you two," I waved them off and ventured to my room.


It wasn't long until morning. I walked outside with blade to my back, watching cars zoom by on the road and airships sailing in the sky as I waited for the others. I smiled sadly.

"Jack, Sarah, Gale... I wish you could all see this," I murmured, looking up to the blue sky, "Trevor, Keyleria, Sparky... Where are you?"

((If you guys want to keep going, just someone kill of the bear, and Redt, mention that Tommy and the others went to find Age (after thinking about it and telling Spence in the morning when they meet up) - finding out from Spence that he's been dead all along.))

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((I think the RP's stalling :()

Bone yawned as he rolled out of bed, welcoming the warm light coming through the window. He looked at the sneasel further down on the bed, who had been dreaming violently all night, kicking and talking in his sleep. He walked downstairs to the lobby, where a large table was set up with breakfast foods. He sat down with a grunt, nodding to Spence, who had just walked in from the front door. He grabbed some fluffy, brown, flat discs an placed them on his plate and started eating. He frowned at the course. The only meat provided for carnivores like him and Umbra were bacon and sausages, so Bone grabbed a few of those and put them on his plate, resuming eating. '

Umbra awoke with a blaring headache, a ringing in his ears, a metallic taste on his tongue and a sore throat. He only remembered scattered bits of the previous night, eating tons of food, and drinking the strange red liquid. He moved to get up, and winced as the sheets rasped loudly as he moved, even the tiniest noise was loud to him. The light also made tears come to his eyes, all this added to his headache and he felt ready to faint.

He managed to drag himself out of bed and downstairs, where he took a seat next to Bone. He hooked a sausage onto a claw and began nibbling at it, trying to ignore how much he hurt.

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:48 am ]
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((Yeah... Well, I have some good news; Jimmy, an awesome roleplayer, could possibly be joining soon if he makes the profiles and posts - not sure he'll be staying though, haven't asked, but I'm looking forward to that. The bad news, Taji's disappeared, and it's taking longer and longer to wait for replies. It sucks. Still, I hope you guys aren't giving up on this, because even though nobody's posted for a few of days, it doesn't mean the roleplay's dead.))

I walked in, noticing the pokemon up and early eating breakfast at the table.

"Oh, morning you guys," I walked up, leaning on the chair beside them, chuckling, "How's that hangover of yours, Umbra?"

I took a seat and looked to Bone, "I'd like to ask you something. Why did the others go to Slumbering Mountains? What was their lead?"


I panted exhaustedly. We were rid of all the bats - some twitching the floor around me, but the bear wasn't giving up at all.

After tearing and ripping at anyone who got in its way, it suddenly charged and lunged toward me. I screamed as I covered for the floor, eyeing a piece of lead pipe at my feet.

With a slice and a splatter of blood that hit the floor a distance away, the beast had suddenly stopped in its tracks. The pipe piece had impaled through its jaw through to its head. I originally used telekinesis to maneuver it upward to defend myself, but I misjudged how close the chimera was in front of me. Its scorpion pincers fell lifeless before it collapsed to its side, tail and all.

I sighed deeply at the body before me. Even though it was a chimera, I never wanted to kill anything, ever - especially with my PSI. I fell to my knees, pushing my head into my sweaty palms. I was just like the Cyborg.

((Keyleria and Trevor can note that the psychic ability is the same as the Cyborg's.))

Author:  redt [ Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:44 pm ]
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((I just started Spring Break so I'll more active since I can stay up later now. I hope Jimmy does come back for a little bit at least. He always tends to add more to the story.))

I walked into the dining room as I heard Spence's question. "They went in search of Age. The Commander said he had some laboratory in the mountains. Tommy, one of our members, took the others to Slumbering Mountains in hopes of finding Age or anything about him at least."

I sat down at the table with a plate of eggs and some juice. "They've been gone for days and we haven't heard anything from them." I stared down at my food, "Bone and I have been searching for leads on a guy from my world known as the Alchemist here. Our group believes that this guy called the Scientist from Tommy's world teamed up with the Alchemist."


As the creature fell to the ground with the rod sticking out of its body I backed to the wall. "How did you do that? The Cyborg did the same thing with its katana."

I looked at the group then at Keyleria and Sparky. Can we trust these people or did we already make that mistake?

Author:  Kinglugia [ Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:11 pm ]
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Crunchy wrote:
(Yeah... Well, I have some good news; Jimmy, an awesome roleplayer, could possibly be joining soon if he makes the profiles and posts - not sure he'll be staying though, haven't asked, but I'm looking forward to that. The bad news, Taji's disappeared, and it's taking longer and longer to wait for replies. It sucks. Still, I hope you guys aren't giving up on this, because even though nobody's posted for a few of days, it doesn't mean the roleplay's dead.))

Ok, can I get in at this point? Not as one directly, but as an observer, interfering only when necessary, just like Yuuko, the Witch of Dimensions. If so, this is my character.
Universe: Multiverse.(Tsubasa Chronicles, Pokemon Special/Adventures, Warcraft DoTa, Alagaesia, Earth, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc.etc)
Name: King Brisingr du Skulblaka
Age: Unknown
Weapon: A staff-wand (a combo of a staff and wand)
Other (optional): Two swords: One of Fire, one of Ice
Abilities: An Elementalist, which means that he can control every elements in the world, a Warrior Mage, Shapeshifter/Animagus, and a powerful Necromancer.
Personality: Very loyal to his friends and his Mistress, the one whom he serves, who is none other than Yuuko herself.
Description: Looks a bit like King Ashura. Wears a long robe which made him look royal. His robes were impregnated with many magic spells, allowing him to use magic without needing an incantation. Usually frail looking, he is actually very good at melee battles and can hold his ground against an entire Legion of armies.
History: He was originally born in the lands of Azeroth, and grew up in a mysterious castle which trains Battle Mages in a war against the Burning Legion and the Undead Scourge. However, he walked the dark path in order to save his comrade mages from every mage's fear: the Felbeasts. He practiced the dark art of necromancy and dabbled in the blood magics. When the Council of Wizards found out of this , they planned to banish him to hell for eternal damnation. But his master, Uther The Lightbringer decided to send him into exile by sending King to Yuuko, the Witch of Dimensions.Before doing so, however, the king received news that his castle was under siege by the Undead Scourge, lead by the terrible Lich King Nerzhul, in person. Uther and several of the most skilled warlocks went out to engage the enemies, while the other warlocks of the council created a portal for King's exile. Before King was thrown into the portal, he saw Uther fell, slayed by an archdemon in the name of Archimonde. Enraged by his master's loss, King managed to fire a bolt of energy before disappearing into the void, maiming Archimonde and Nerzhul and destroying the whole Undead armies, not to mention killing the warlocks around him in the process. When he had arrived his destination, he saw a woman in dark robes staring at him and saying that he is in a place called Earth and the country he was in is called Japan.King had seen that she is a good woman and explained his predicament to her, and told her to let his comrades to win in the war. Yuuko accepted , "But in exchange of your wish, you must: First, never reveal your true power. Second, you must work for me to repay the debts forever, or until you die. Third and last, you must obey my instructions, or else, everything will go into chaos" King readily accepted her offer.During the next 10 years, Yuuko has given King several assignments which involves traveling through different dimensions. King succeded in several, and has failed in others, resulting in direct interference by Yuuko herself. During the years King has made many enemies, some of them including Lord Voldemort, Team Rocket, Team Aqua and Magma, and Team Galactic as well. He prefers being a lone wolf, but he will also make new friends when neccessary which includes Albus Dumbledore, Nicholas Flamel and Brom. Currently, Yuuko has asked King to go to the Void to investigate some abnormal phenomenon. More will be revealed.
Questions for your character:
[i]What are you most afraid of? King's friends in danger
[i]What do you dream about?Returning into his home
[i]What are your favourite things?Casting magic and working with that cold woman, Yuuko
[i]What are your weaknesses?Unable to cast spells in their full potencial.
[i]Who are your enemies?Archimonde, Lich King, Fei Wang Reed and others. Main: Archimonde
[i]Who is your best friend?Albus Dumbledore (dead)
[i]What do you want to be in the future?Greatest mage in the land.
[i]What kind of nightmares do you dream?The day he was exiled and Uther's death
[i]Who or what do you love the most? Justice
[i]What do you hope to gain from a new adventure? New friends and more magic
[i]And finally, what would you give to return to your home world? Yuuko has given King a magical Crystal ball for him to travel between dimensions for her assignments, so none is needed.

[Edit]: Please PM me if you agree/disagree my character, or else I will start posting starting tomorrow.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

(Jimmy coming back? Freakin' sweet! Also, sinc i'm now getting my college essays under control, i'll be able to put more thought into my posts as the most recent ones felt rush due to time. Also this RP will not die!)

Jet awoke from his bed as the morning sun greeted him with a comfortable warmth. He stretched and got dressed, hurrying so he can grab breakfast before the others planned on what to do today. Jet hurried down stairs where the rest of the group were eating breakfast. He placed two eggs on his plate as well as three pieces of bacon, four sausage links, two oranges, and a glass of juice. Sitting next to Umbra, Jet quickly scarfed down his meal, never mentioning a word or a greeting to anyone. Jet was currently all about business, his mind fixed on vengeance for the loss of Sparky and the others. He then sat patiently, waiting for everyone to finish their breakfast so they can plan their next course of action.

Ace had his mouth opened in awe as he witnessed Tommy killing the Chimera. "That was....FREAKIN AWESOME! I don't know how you did that, but you just impaled that thing through the face!" Ace clapped his claws together. "Bravo on that performance, bravo." He then noticed the look of disappointment on Tommy's face. "Hey man, you all right?"

Author:  shinashu taji [ Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

I was amazed at that scorpion bear thing, it was like a creation of the famed Kyo. I couldn't believe I just stood around and watched the others do the fighting. It made me feel plain ole guilty. Still I would do better in the next fight, and I would carry twice as much weight than anyone. That was absolute.

As I watched the creature fall, I couldn't help feel some pangs of guilt. One pang for not doing anything to help slay the beast, while everyone else albeit Keyleria do all the work. A second pang was for the innocence of the creature that was killed, and how a crime against nature was committed. Ever since I gained Kalua, my attunement to nature has increased greatly and when Nature hurts or any of its creatures I hurt just as well.

"Well then now that this beastie is dead why don't we get along with doing some research." I cheerfully offered. "I mean if this person has the ability to create such a weird thing, just think what the notes could contain." This is a small sampling of his work and I don't want to see how close his depravity is that to Kyo.

"You're right Keyleria we should get along with the research, but do me a favor." I really didn't want to sound rude, seeing how nice she is but still I put this as delicate as possible. "That was a horrible mutation, an abomination against nature I am highly attuned to it and I hurt when these things happen." I paused a bit "please don't treat it lightly like you just did, sorry if I come off as a bit rude.

"It is ok Nico, sometimes I do end up saying the wrong things."

((sorry for the delay but when you get the flu you get the flu))

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

Sorry guys, but I don't have much time to post but the summarise what we have so far so everything makes sense.

Only one group was confronted by a person called Age, an old sage of some sort, explaining few details and to seek the things called Light Shards in this world they appeared on. The world is shrouded by what is called Miasma. Monsters spawn from it, it curses towns, it's dark, purple and evil --- and it is generating from the Light Shards themselves. Light Shards – pieces of the Crystal - is the heart of this world, and was shattered by a Dark Guardian who hated it. Age dies before them.

The first Light Shard Spence and company found fused into a lantern given to them by the Great Fairy, and because it was in the hands of the Chosen Ones, it restored the people of Hope to normal.

Another group appeared in the City of Charity, where Tommy and company appeared fighting off the Miasma monsters with the help of the Gunstar Heroes and the Commander of the Arwings. Afterwards they are told by the Commander that people similar to them have appeared on the world too - their rivals - and that an Alchemist and Scientist worked together with Age something along the lines of ten years ago - their rivals appeared ten years ago before the Chosen Ones. She tells them of a lab Age had in Slumbering Mountains - where Tommy and a few others go to investigate. Michael and Bone stay to find clues on the Alchemist after they speak to a young man on the street concerning his sister working with an Alchemist - and she hasn't returned since.

There are two groups of Chosen Ones at the moment...

The City of Charity: Spence, Jet, Michael, and pokemon Umbra and Bone

While Spence, Jet and Umbra got captured by their rivals and taken to a train to Charity, Michael and Bone stayed behind to search for more clues on the Alchemist from Michael's world who is suspected working with the Scientist from Tommy's world - they help Spence, Jet and Umbra out of the train and they are now inside a hotel catching up and ready to leave.

Slumbering Mountains Volcanic Underground Lab: Tommy, Nico, Trevor, Keyleria, and pokemon Sparky and Ace

Trevor, Keyleria and Sparky's rescue attempts for Spence and company fail and they are knocked from the train in an explosion by the Cyborg. About to enter the lab, Tommy, Nico and Ace discover the fallen party members and help them inside, recovering them. They catch up and are now fighting inside the lab's depths.

Any questions guys before I post tomorrow?

Author:  Adversity [ Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:48 pm ]
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((No questions, but you might want to give Kinglugia a definite Y/N))

Umbra poked at his food, the headache seemed to be crushing his head. He winced at the noise as Spence asked how he was feeling, so he turned his head up and grunted, showing the bags under his watery eyes. He swore he would never drink any of that evil red liquid again.

Bone had been enjoying the meal, he was in a pleasant mood that day. As Spence asked about the other group of people, Bone explained, "They thought they would find some mad scientist guy from Tommy's world. I don't really know, I dislike larger groups and took the first chance I could to split off with Michael. What or where do you think we should go from here, though?" He paused as he took a gulp of orange juice and Umbra shifted beside him. "Michael and I haven't found any clues on the Alchemist yet."

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

((I did yesterday in PM, like he asked.))

I grumbled. Tommy and the others - the group who were with Michael and Bone - took off somewhere to look for a guy who was already dead.

"I see... Well, I hope they find something. It would be nice to find out more about the Light Shards."

I rubbed his eyes tiredly. I could sense today wasn't going to be a good day for me, I could just tell after hearing news like that.

"Well..." I had to think to myself before I answered Bone, "Is there like a library in Charity? Or a place we can find information quickly - because the more we know the better."


I looked up, gazing toward Trevor, "I'm sorry, I should've told you before. The Cyborg you fought on the train was from my world --- and what we use in my world is what we call PSI. It's basically telekinesis theory on a steroid-scale. The Cyborg's power is basically the biggest example I can offer you on the subject."

I stood up, sighing – I feared that I would have to explain it all like this. "In my world, someone called the Researcher - a famous renowned scientist - who even had all the knowledge no moral human-being could handle - needed to use our world as an experimental lab to quench his own thrust for even more knowledge... Before I started my journey to stop him, he took my dad – he was trying to protect me, because he was after my gift. He played god and created Chimeras just like this – and that Cyborg is his ultimate achievement."

Author:  redt [ Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

"Umm...Yeah I think there's one a couple of blocks to the east of here. I guess that would be our best bet. We can at least brush up some of the history of this world as well."

I got up and grabbed my bag from the back of the chair. "I'm ready when you guys are."


"Your PSI is similar to my powers. I can manipulate water in a similar way you can manipulate objects through telekinesis. But that explains why the Cyborg was able to defeat us so easily."

I looked around the room, "We need to get the information we need fast. I'm sure that those aren't the only creatures we're going to encounter the longer we stay here."

Author:  shinashu taji [ Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

I was taken aback, but not quite surprised fully to know this information. "I see Tommy that Cyborg was quite difficult to manage." To see what that Cyborg could do, and to see Tommy's powers, I knew there could be some relation. "Well Tommy I wouldn't say that I'm no stranger to Chimeras, but I do know of them a little." I paused trying to think of how I was going to put it, and then cleared my throat. "In my world there was, and some theorize that he still may be alive, a renowned researcher. He is known for laying the foundations of Alchemy, among other things, pretty much every demon in knows of him. His works were quite cruel and twisted his depravity knew no bounds. The only way we know of him is through very old notes he left behind, and pictures of his creations. His name was Kyo Fortuna."

This girl comes from a demon world! I knew there was something strange about her. I stood in front of Keyleria "wait a minute you say you come from a world with demons, how can that be? In my world demons are horrible spirits but you are not." To have to comprehend Keyleria's words along with Tommy's it was a bit too much. I mean I have seen demons before, and Keyleria just didn't quite fit the bill.

"Well Tommy the thing is..." I explained to him my lineage, and how that there are good demons and bad demons in my world.

"I see sorry for judging you right away like that Keyleria." Still though I count her as a friend, I still can't imagine a world full of demons. On the other hand we still had more important matters to attend to "well Tommy, that is pretty disturbing I won't sugar coat it I have a feeling as we go deeper into this volcano the more of these Chimera creatures we will find."

Author:  Jaguar [ Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

((I just wanted to pop in here and say that I am still interested in joining, but my profile is taking sometime, I will send it to you when it's finished Crunchy.))

Author:  Adversity [ Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

Bone nodded to Michael and stood up, walking towards the door. "Shall we?"

As Umbra finished his food, his headache started to feel a little better. He started walking out the door after Bone, blinking because of the bright sunlight. The air smelled fresh and spring-like, he was ready to go see what the humans called a library.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

They reached the central library. It was huge to say the least. Bookshelves towered the walls like cliffs, and the hall of books seemed to be almost endless. The only way of reaching the very top book of the shelf was a long step ladder with wheels to be pushed and held at the bottom.

I sighed. I hated reading, and I especially hated books. The very thought of it made me groan.

“Well,” I turned to look down at Umbra, “This is a library. For some, it’s like hell itself. I’ve spent my whole life never reading a single book. Sure, I can read and write... But I just don’t have the patience, you know?” he scratched the back of my head, turning to Michael, “Alchemists have to read a lot, right, to learn new alchemy and whatnot? Well, this should be right up your alley then! Try finding anything about worlds, or light shards. I’ll try my hand at finding interesting titles and pass them your way. Bone, Umbra,” I turned to the two pokemon, “I’m not sure if you guys can read, so I’m giving you guys the mission of using the ladder to reach the very top shelves. Just pass them to me or Michael.”

((Mission: There is no book of Worlds or about the Light Shards, but there will be a torn note hidden in one of the books we stumble upon. It’ll be half of what I’ve written of the first page. Then the Gunstar Heroes will show up and we’ll be sucked into another world after we check to see the disturbance outside.))


“Right,” I nodded to Keyleria, “...I misjudged your world at first, but I can see that you’re good. Truth is - I read your mind to gather information about your stay here when you told us your story, and in doing so, saw some of the bad demons in your world, especially the one you know of as Fate.”

I looked down sadly, “I was scared of you. But you’ve opened my eyes. I shouldn’t have intruded your thoughts earlier, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry to keep you all waiting, but you’re right Trevor. Let’s get going,” I nodded, proceeding to the next ventilated door.

The next hall, protected by the glass tube like the earlier railing, was just this pool of lava stewing below us. I started to walk a little faster so I could get out of there fast enough so I wouldn’t die of overheating in that place. The next door I walked before opened with a whoosh of cool refreshing air. I gasped with relief, taking in the breeze before walking inside.

Inside was air conditioned – vests of fans working away above. My eyes widened in delight, running over and across the room as I spotted something. A large computer and screen waiting for me, I jumped on the spinning chair of the keyboard and punched in keystrokes, the wide and large scream above me and everyone in the room lit up and started booting up.

I span to the others behind me with a smile on my face, “Just leave this to me. This is my speciality! We’ll have ourselves some information soon, trust me.”

I ran up and jumped to Trevor’s shoulder, perking up at the screen of the large round room of cool vents, “Oh, a computer! We have those in my world, too.”

((Sorry for taking so long. I had some stuff going on and at one point I forgot was I was doing.))

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