World Deprived of Light~
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Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:04 pm ]
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((Spence, Jet and Umbra are left in the first car currently, while the villains have gone to have a meeting in the engine room. Sparky, Trevor and Keyleria are about to fight the Cyborg atop of the cars. I'll release Umbra once we get to Charity, once the Cyborg deals with the others.))

Umbra broke my shackles to two, leaving them dangled at my wrists. With my arm holding around my broken rib, I extended my other to receive the small round gift from Umbra. I held it in my hand. Why was Umbra giving this to me? I looked over the floor, many of the same black devices rolled back and forth across the floor of the train car. I didn't understand. "Uhh, thanks..."

I let out a painful breath, "Umbra, I can't move buddy..." I grinned sadly, "If you can, escape on your own. Warn the others where we were taken... Umbra, I want you to... Huh?!"

Slightly moving the device around in front of the pokemon, a red beam shot out from it, hitting Umbra. Umbra's whole body turned the same light and suddenly he was taken into the ball, until he was completely gone.

"AHH! WHAT?!" I screamed, shaking the ball device that captured Umbra, "Oh no, Umbra! Crap!" What happened? Umbra, did I hurt him?!

Author:  shinashu taji [ Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:28 pm ]
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Getting myself ready for battle I could feel the wind whipping through my hair. Fighting on a train that is a new one, especially on a moving one at that. Looking at Sparky and Trevor "I can't use my fire powers on top of a moving train, it will only throw them right back at us." I drew my katana "still this thing should be more than enough to slice through and finish this thing." Though I don't know how well I can maintain my balance on this train. I looked at this cyborg thing and I just had to ask "what is your goal, and why is Fate here and if I assume correctly everyone else's nemesis-es are here as well. So what is y'alls goal what do y'all hope to accomplish?"

((excuse the country bit there at the end its just the way I talk living here in the Mississippi Delta))

Author:  paco25_007 [ Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:36 pm ]
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Jet, now free from his shackles, sat there in shock as a red beam caused Umbra to disappear. "What the hell did you do Spence?" Jet had seen some crazy and bizarre things in his young life, but balls shooting red beans was pretty strange in Jet's opinion. "Hopefully Umbra isn't dead or anything. Maybe he is in the ball or something.Regardless, we gotta do something."

Author:  redt [ Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:58 am ]
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As the Merc and Fate walked into the room I turned to face them. "We have a situation. The girl caught up with Trevor and the mouse before I could capture either of them. I don't think it's possible that they can catch us but I don't know what the girl and mouse are capable of."

I paced the width of the room. "All I'm saying is that we need to be on our toes incase they try to stop the train. We can't have our...employer dissapointed with us."


I unsheathed Blood Strikers, the blades slicing the air. "Don't worry Keyleria we still have Sparky's electricity and my water, a bad mix for the Cyborg." I glanced at our small perimeter and the sea of purple, "We'll have to move together unless you want to be absorbed by the Miasma." Talk about major teamwork.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:22 pm ]
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"I don't know!" I panicked to Jet, "I don't have a clue, but judging by all these devices on the floor, maybe this is how they captured Umbra in the first place... Maybe that's it!"

I tried pressing the small button, but it minimized the ball instead.

I frowned, sighing down at it, "Well, I hope he's not in any pain..." I placed the ball inside my jacket pocket, close to my heart, "In the mean time, if they ask, just tell them he escaped and we'll stick to that story. We can figure out how to free him later. I just want Umbra to be safe."


The Cyborg remained silent, his black katana spinning on his right side.

"Hah! Fools... Wouldn't they like to know. Cyborg, destroy them!"

He pushed his arm out toward them, growing an aura of green light that shined through the darkness of the Miasma, "PK OMEGA," he called out with a crackled but unemotional voice, a wave of psychic energy of darkness and light exploding in the party's direction.

"WAAAHHH!!" I screamed, jumping out of the way of the massive wave. I just managed to clutch onto the side of the train as I flipped my body over, banging into the wall. I dangled from the side of the car until it was all over.

I scurried back to the roof and turned for the Cyborg, "How rude! You didn't answer Keyleria's question...!!" I unleashed a thunder attack from the sky upon the Cyborg.

The Cyborg countered the thunder with the katana pointed outright in the air, held strong by his psychic energy above him. Once the thunder had completely sudsided, conducted by the sword, the Cyborg retaliated. His feet clanking metal-to-metal as he ran, he jumped to the second car's roof and into the fray.

((I'll let Keyleria and Trevor have a go at the Cyborg before the battle ends. Rules: Stay on the second car.))

Author:  shinashu taji [ Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:18 am ]
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Feeling the wind gnashing at me, I knew I had to hurry up and make my move against the Cyborg but I also knew if I strayed to far from Trevor and Sparky the Miasma would start to take affect and most certainly kill them. I do not know what I should do but I have to do something. This Cyborg had an agenda and for some reason it wouldn't say what that is. Still no matter what its plan is, Spence and Umbra's rescue comes first no matter what.

Watching the Cyborg move to the second car I was decided.Well this is certainly a precarious perdicament. Fighting on a moving train, oh well risk big win big. "Ok my turn!" I rushed at the cyborg catching up to it on the second car. "Now then you can taste adamant diamond from the Demon Plane!" I performed a quick serious of slashes at it, trying to connect t hem all in one fluid motion. Lets see it weasel its way out of this. "Now then I will ask again what is your secret agenda, and why have you teamed up with Fate to do so?"

Author:  redt [ Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:49 pm ]
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As the energy wave surged towards me I raised my arms, a thick ice barrier surrounding me. The wave struck hard and the barrier cracked and fell to pieces. Thank God that it stop the attack.

I watched as Keyleria charged the Cyborg with her melee. I took in a huge breath, preparing for my attack. The shattered ice melted and flowed over to where I was standing.

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:09 pm ]
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Deflecting the fury, each strike of Keyleria's was guarded with the katana at his side. He turned to Trevor, holding his palm toward him as it aura'd green for another devastating attack. Point blank.

"HAH! Even if the Cyborg COULD chat, why would this masterpiece talk to a bunch of goodie-two-shoes?! Kill them!"

I jumped at the Cyborg, biting him on the hand, "No! Stop fighting!" I tried gnawing through the glove. I realised then that his hand was made of flesh and bone. I gasped, this guy was human.

The Cyborg lifted his arm upward with Sparky struggling on, trying her best to stop the attack on Trevor. The Cyborg threw his arm to the side, tossing Sparky from the train and into the Miasma. She cried as she completely disappeared through the fog.

((I just need a post from redt and everyone can post again.))

Author:  redt [ Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:11 am ]
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"SPARKY!!!!", I yelled as my anger peaked. The water levitated around me, quickly shaping into long tendrils. My entire body glowed a marine blue as the tendrils jabbed at the Cyborg. Their tips turned into solid ice as they got closer to the Cyborg.

Clouds began to accumulate and grew dark, heavy with possible rain. Preparing for the Cyborg to counter my first attack I raised my arm and some water began forming into a large ice spear. I threw it forward with every fiber of my being.

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:42 am ]
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Backing away with his arm glowing again, the Cyborg lifted up, forming a PK Shield in front of him, evaporating most of what was left of the first attack, Trevor raging in his tranced state.

But the PK Shield wasn’t strong enough for what happened next.

Trevor threw a giant spear of ice with all of his might. It punctured the psychic shield, shattering it to pieces. And with no hopes of avoiding it, the spear severed straight through the Cyborg’s chest.

He stumbled back as thunder crackled above them, looking up as if he had no feeling of it whatsoever. It had skewered the Cyborg completely, literary sticking out from his back as well as his chest. After a brief second, the Cyborg stood up normally, as if it wasn’t even there at all.

The person whispering inside his head lost it, “Cyborg! That little piece of---!! I’m really starting to get angry now! UGHHHHH. Wait a minute... Hmm... Nobody’s using the second car, right...? Hehehehehe...”

With that, the Cyborg jumped up a few feet, landing on the first car behind him. The spear broke down a bit, but it was still lodged inside his body. The black katana followed him, before he threw his arm left to right, again and again in quick succession. Suddenly, in a violent manner, the katana flew into the Miasma in the distance, flying back to sever the link cable to and from the first to the second car, disconnecting it from the train. The second car began to slow, bit by bit, as the first roared onwards. The rain started to pour above them.

In a mad frenzy, the katana flew and sliced at Keyleria and Trevor, not giving them a chance to move as the Cyborg lifted his hand for a final attack, “PK OMEGA.” The impact of the second psychic wave hitting the car made it explode from under their feet. The train car, along with Keyleria and Trevor, completely disappeared into a great fireball, off the tracks and into the fog of the Miasma down a mountain hill.


Meanwhile, all Jet and I heard over the train’s engine and friction of the tracks was an explosion far behind the train, and the footsteps of the Cyborg on the rooftop above us. It had suddenly started raining as well.

The Cyborg returned, jumping inside the car with a clank to the floor. There were signs of an escape. The bars of the cage broken out of, Umbra no longer being present with them, and Spence and Jet’s cuffs had been broken as well. The Cyborg walked over, grabbing Jet by the neck, banging and holding him to the wall.

I growled, getting to my knees, “Let him go!” I yelled, “Umbra’s gone! He jumped off the train awhile ago, I swear it!” It was as if I was begging. I wanted to tell Jet then and there that I was sorry. I didn’t think Umbra would understand why I did this, but I just needed to protect him. He was weaker than us, and the most vulnerable. I hoped Jet would understand at least, and that he felt the same way.

The Cyborg looked to Spence, immediately letting go of Jet as he hit to floor. He turned, looking to the floor.

“Damn it! Well, we do still have Spence and Jet... I’m sure this is all we need right now... Where the hell were those three idiots?!! Honestly, they’re completely useless. I always wondered why Coross intended to continue being partners with them... Ugh. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure Coross knows exactly what he’s doing, he did organise this little plan with Mr. Alchemist... I guess I should let them know before Victor or somebody else has to explain this little hitch. Cyborg, take a nap.”

The Cyborg’s visor darkened as he again went into another sleep mode, standing. The icicle spear sticking from his chest and upper back, dripping from the tip with a mixture of water and blood.

I sat back against the wall with a sigh, still holding my broken rib. I turned to see if Jet was alright before looking to the Cyborg, a giant icicle sticking to and from his body. I grunted, a normal person would be dead by now, and as I thought to myself, the loss of blood alone would eventually kill him, not to mention the lack of organs pierced from his body. What the hell was this guy?

Suddenly, it dawned on me. The spear of ice... My eyes widened as my face turned pale white. “...Trevor...” I murmured, horrified by the thought. Was he...? Could he have been...? No, it was out of the question. He mustn’t be. I believed in him that much, and that Sparky and Keyleria were just okay, too.


“Hiya! I’m Tommy, nice to meet you,” I shook the hand of Michael in my flashback. Ever since then, my experience in this world had become even more profound and bizarre.

Nico, Ace and I were about to enter inside the lab’s entrance. It was a facility hidden inside the Slumbering Mountains, seemingly broken down over a year of being abandoned. That was until we heard an explosion behind us, and a train car that fell flaming down from the cliff above us. I jumped up. I thought the sky was falling for that slipt second.

We turned and ran over to see the burning wreckage, finding two people unconscious among it, and a lantern by their side that kept the Miasma a safe distance from us. Ace smelt something far off and proceeded to go after it. I reached out as he ran into the Miasma without hesitation for his life. Taking the woman and strange crystalloid man inside with the help of Nico, Ace came back with another of his kind carried on his back, another Pokemon. It was then and there we discovered that Pokemon were unaffected by the poisonous Miasma.

We brought the three inside and placed them in machines I recognised as Instant Revitalizing Devices. I used a few on my world. In only a few seconds, this machine would fully revitalize you, just like a good night’s sleep, and recover wounds and the like.

I looked down at the lantern in my hands as the three recovered inside the machines, waiting for them to become conscious. I looked to Nico and Ace with concern. Who were these people? What happened to them?


The train came to a stop at the first Charity station. A robed dark man with a striking red dragon’s wing on his back and a large scar down across his face waited for the three to come speak with him on the clear platform. His dark red hair was shaped like a bulb of flame, and his robe was black and gold. He had black eyes, devilish eyes. He was their boss, Sage Coross. A few things were known about him in the group. One was that he was resurrected from the dead, and that he despised humans. Exceptions were the dead, the Alchemist working beside him, the monsters, and typical outright fiends basically.

“Heh, Victor, Fate--- human,” he eyed them all, sarcasm of being delighted to see them shone in his deep voice, “Have fun? Don’t bother explaining, big shot Mr. Scientist told me everything. He WAS the one who was supposed to watch over and be in control of the situation – but he failed. So, I sent him and his soulless toy - the Cyborg - to Slumbering Mountains to take care of them. Humes are so useless...”

He yawned, stretching out his wing, his robe rippling until he was finished to speak again, “As I was saying, we don’t have to worry about the small fry – he might be able to live in the Miasma, but the fiends out South are more than enough to make a meal out of him.”

Sage Coross turned to overlook the train, “So, he’s in there, right? Heh,” he chuckled darkly, “Though I would love to get even with him, I - WE have a far greater agenda than mere pitiful revenge,” he smirked.

He turned back to the others, “Make sure they’re trapped and secured inside the train, put the train on overdrive, and leave it to circle the city alone for a few hours – either the train will crash and burn, or the rest of the Chosen few will reveal themselves and rescue them. This is exactly what Mr. Alchemist and I had envisioned. Once we know their whereabouts, the easier it will be to keep an eye on them and use them as planned...”

((That’s when the villains sort of disappear from there.

Party 1: Spence, Jet, Umbra (inside pokeball) on the train circling Charity dangerously

Party 2: Michael and Bone looking for clues on the evil Alchemist – eventually going to be told about the train

Party 3: Tommy, Ace, Nico, Keyleria, Trevor, and Sparky inside the lab’s entrance at Slumbering Mountains

Once Trevor or Keyleria asks Tommy about their presense, everything will be explained in a flashback, including why Michael and Bone are alone in Charity. If you have any questions, PM me.))

Author:  paco25_007 [ Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:20 am ]
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Jet massaged his throat after the Cyborg went psycho on him. He glanced at Spence whose face was pale, and Jet probably knew the reason. After seeing the ice spear in the Cyborgs chest, he knew the Cyborg fought the others and won. Jet sat there in silence as it was down to him and Spence, with Umbra incapacitiated by that ball. "Well Spence, I guess this is the part where we gotta suck it up and keep going. I know it's tough, losing your friends, but we got to finish this thing. Sure we might be outnumbered now, but hell we can still beat the hell out of those bastards that are responsible for this tragedy." Jet stood up and looked around. "But first, we gotta get out of here."

Ace was in the facility with Nico and Tommy. They had rescued a wierd group of travelers from a nearby wreckage, which could have been fatal if they didn't arrive as soon as they did. In the strange group was a pikachu, a red-headed demon- looking woman, and young man, whose body was partially crystalized. Ace sighed and turned to his comrades. "I don't suppose you recognize any body here. I however, do know the pokemon. It's called a pikachu, a pokemon that usues electric attacks. I don't know why it's here or why it's with these people. Oh well, I guess we have to wait for them to wake up."

Author:  shinashu taji [ Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:33 pm ]
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Well look what we have here. I looked around the labs entrance, and it was solidly built. We definitely don't have anything remotely close to this in Japan. I slightly adjusted my cloak to make it look more symmetrical.

Oww where the hell am I? Every inch of my body hurt, the last thing I remember is being engulfed in a fire ball which doesn't usually hurt me too bad. What happened to Trevor and Sparky I wonder. Stumbling up I see these new faces, I just had to ask "who are you guys? and why are you here?"

All I could even possibly think at that moment was, how this girl standing up somewhat resembles my fiancee.

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:30 pm ]
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((Haha, that's not exactly how I imagined Charity, Adversity. Right now you're just walking around Charity until you pick up some clues. I'll just pretend Bone was day-dreaming or something. :P))

Before we were left inside the train car alone, they returned, tying us together back-to-back. They must had pulled the train lever and just bailed for some reason, they didn’t explain why. I sighed.

I glared into the shadows, “Jet, don’t talk like that ever again. We don’t know if they’re really gone yet. But I do agree with you, we have to tough it out together for now.”

I started to struggle a bit, but the ropes wouldn’t loosen. I sighed, giving up for awhile.

I started thinking about what the Merc said to Jet, and that unbelievable moment when Jet was crying actual tears. I looked down.

“You know, Jet... We probably have more in common than I originally thought. ...I was born and raised to be a Soldier, but I was an orphan before that. I never knew my real parents at all. Instead, I was trained only after 10 years of age to fight some war I had nothing to do with. After I learnt the truth, we had to kill someone I thought of as a father - who was really being controlled to begin with - but in the end, we had no other choice... He had committed so much that he had died inside a long time ago.”


“Hello ma’am, I’m Tommy, and those guys behind me are Nico and Ace,” I turned off the machine, turning to the lady, “Well, who are we, and why we’re here... That’s kind of a long story. You might want to sit back down for this,” I chuckled, and I wasn’t kidding.


((Charity – One of the most populated and advanced areas of the world. A train line circles the city, tall buildings and skyscrapers have halos around the bodies of them that seemingly float, roads lift off skywards. Mobile cars and even hovering cars take to the roads, and small airships also flood the sky. Some areas of interest are the Train Stations (situated around the city, a supply line to and from Hope), Charity HQ (the largest/centre building that comprises of the Charity forces who protect the city, it is also a launch station) , Communication Centre (a building with a large antenna, using the Net, it’s the building which lets them communicate and connects with the opposite city Harmony, which is home across the sea), Sphere Stadium (a large blue dome stadium which is home of events, in either fighting or sports, for friendly competition among the people of Charity), and the docks out north (heavy ships are the only main transport to and from Harmony, small ships/boats and airships are unable to venture across the sea due to the Miasma).))

We were inside Charity headquarters, the Launch Station outside the hanger - Michael, Nico, Bone, Ace and I. We found each other in Charity, after being torn mysteriously from our own worlds. Back on my world, I was in the middle of a fight with the Cyborg. The Researcher wouldn’t tell me the location of my father until I had defeated him... That’s when my world flashed before my eyes. I thought I had died, but I woke up here instead.

The city was like no other I had ever seen before, and its entire population were quite peaceful towards us, given our uniqueness. It must have been mere coincidence we all found each other, but we all got along just fine. Michael, Nico and me found out what Pokemon were, and I realised some magic didn’t just have to be PSI in this world. I really had to keep an open mind. It seemed like this world had limitless possibilities, even more so than my own.

The Commander of the Arwings – whatever they were - flipped her helmet screen up before speaking with us, crossing her arms onto her white jacket. It seemed this world was in a crisis as well. The mysterious Miasma and the monsters born from it... I wondered if it had anything to do with the Starmen, or perhaps the Researcher... As soon as we arrived, we had fought a few monsters terrorising Charity from the overworld. We needed to know where the Miasma was coming from, and if anyone we knew was also lost on this world.

“Thanks for getting rid of those monsters for us; you’re a real life saver. As you can see I’m pretty busy at the moment, so I can’t exactly help you out... But since you appeared to help us, and you look like decent enough people, I could let you in on a few things... How about this; I’ll tell you two places where the Miasma’s the thickest. In the Slumbering Mountains South-East from here, there’s a laboratory there. It’s supposedly abandoned, but I don’t know... South-West is the Sacred Forest, but it’s basically suicide to go in there right now, seeing as it’s been cursed along with Hope, which is directly South from us...”

I stepped forward with determination. I must have been the shortest there, “Thank you, and what about the people before us? The Gunstar Heroes said we were similar to the others...”

“Oh, those guys, huh...” she thought to herself for a moment, placing her hand to her hip, “...I didn’t get to meet them in person, since I was training at the time, but I’ve heard a bit about them. They appeared one year ago, fighting one another. I don’t remember the others, but I remember being told about the Sage, the Alchemist, and the Scientist who stopped them from destroying both Charity and Harmony in their battles... They all disappeared soon after that. We haven’t heard about them recently, but the Miasma has gotten stronger ever since.”

I looked to Michael, adjusting my glasses. He said he was looking for another Alchemist, and I was looking for a Scientist – The Researcher. Could they have been the ones we were after? But how, this was a year ago she was talking about. It didn’t sound logical.

The Commander sighed, she felt useless, “Sorry guys, I wish I could help you out more, but I don’t have any more information than that. If you need more info on the subject, I suggest you find someone called Age. He should know all about those weirdos--- Oh, no offence.”

”None taken...” I mumbled, “So Age? Who’s that?” I asked.

“Oh, he’s a famous Historian. He knows all there is to know about the world, and probably even beyond it. He’s the one who originally built the lab at Slumber Mountains. He’s bound to be up there, but because of the Miasma---” she had looked away for a brief second, being distracted by the twin brothers arguing in the distance. “Hold on just a sec. I’ll be right back,” she told us, walking over to attend the situation, “Gunstar Red, Blue! What are you fighting about this time?!”

“Okay, thanks a lot, ma’am,” I nodded, turning to the others, “Well, it’s been interesting so far. First we’re fighting monsters, and now we’re on an adventure together... Well, let’s go to the laboratory at Slumbering Mountains. We’ll look for the Historian there. Hopefully he knows something about us being here.”

I turned, suddenly finding myself in my own head, becoming completely and utterly frustrated. Was all this just some kind of wild goose chase? My world, and now this one? I sighed, glaring down. I closed my eyes tight and made a fist. I suddenly looked up to the sky, letting these unnecessary thoughts go.

“No, I can’t stop now. I have to find my dad. I just have to. I’ve travelled so far, I have to see him again...”

“Hello, sorry to be a bother---” we were stopped by a young man passing in the street. I think it was because he saw Michael using Alchemy on the street. His name was Peter, and he was searching for someone. He had been looking for his sister, Beth, “Last time I saw her, she said she was working for an Alchemist, something to do with the Miasma... Please, I’ve travelled city to city in hopes of finding her again. I’m afraid something’s happened to her... Lots of other people have disappeared lately over the past year, too...”

We felt sympathetic for his cause, most probably because we were also going through the exact same thing. This made it clear that the Alchemist Michael was searching for had definitely passed here. We were about to leave when Michael decided to look around some more. He figured there was still something going on in Charity, something secret, and he needed to find the answers, he need to find the truth. Bone volunteered to stay behind with him, and they continued searching for clues within the city.

We parted ways, while Nico and Ace stuck behind me to visit the Laboratory. The Rocket Machine the Commander gave us was suicidal at best. A space rocket shaped hovercraft, able to gain enough momentum and speed to punch through the Miasma at the loss of control. I steered it, of course, as the other two sat behind me in the passenger seats.

It wasn’t long until we crashed at an old station of where the Lab was situated, Slumbering Mountains.

Nico, Ace and I were about to enter inside the lab’s entrance. It was a facility hidden inside the Slumbering Mountains, seemingly broken down over a year of being abandoned. That was until we heard an explosion behind us, and a train car that fell flaming down from the cliff above us. I jumped up. I thought the sky was falling for that slipt second.


I caught half the story, waking and getting up, rubbing my tired eyes. “Keyleria, Trevor... They’re okay,” I smiled, looking to see the new guys, spotting the Bagon, Ace.

“AHHHH!! GUYS, WATCH OUT! IT’S A BAGON!!” I jumped. Usually Bagons were quite dangerous, so I Quick Attack’d, tackling him and pinning him to the floor.

“...And that’s the whole story. We’re looking for a man called Age, and Michael and Bone - who we left back at the city - are looking around Charity some more for someone Michael knows in his world.”

I grinned, pushing my glasses back up to my face, “...Now, if you don’t mind me asking, whatever happened to you guys? When we found you it looked like you were beaten pretty badly, not to mention the wreckage outside...” It was then that I lifted the lantern up to give back to Keyleria, “And this lantern... It protected us from the Miasma while we were bringing you in... What exactly are its properties?”


Meanwhile in Charity, two teenage twins with white jackets - with a separate colour stripe of red and blue down their backs- and boots, ran down the road together with their Gunstars by their waists. They spotted Michael in the street, skidding to a stop. They were the Gunstar Heroes.

“Guy, Alchemist dude! Where’s your buddies?!” Red asked, looking around. He had darker brown hair than Blue.

“Dude, chill out. Just ask him already,” Blue told Red. He had lighter brown hair than Red.

“Pfft, fine! Well, Alchemist guy! We need your help...!!” he was a bit more hyperactive than Blue, too.

Blue sighed, pulling Red away, “There’s been reports on the news about a train circling Charity, it’s been put into overdrive, and we’re afraid it might crash and hurt somebody. The train LOOKS abandoned, but there might be passengers in the car behind it... It looks a bit roughed up. Anyway, we heard you wanted to help, so if you can do anything, it’d be much appreciated,” he bowed with a grin.

Red nodded, also bowing, “Please Mr. Alchemist, please help Charity again...!!”

Author:  Adversity [ Thu Mar 04, 2010 6:24 am ]
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((Oh, sorry! Well you know, it's kinda hard to work off of nothing. I'll fix it so it's more city-like and less horror-film like.))

Bone was in awe. This was the biggest city and the most humans he had ever seen. He enjoyed the experience, him and Michael had been walking through the city for a few hours. They stopped once to eat, with Bone getting odd glances frequently. As they were heading out to check around again, some odd men came running up in colored suits, asking them to stop some train that was going around the town. "Why, exactly is this our problem? You can't stop a train?" This is ridiculous... all we've been doing is walking around for hours and we haven't found a single clue yet.

Bone's eyes flashed blue as he examined the auras of those around him. The two men in front of him seemed good, so he looked to Michael, trying to gauge what he was thinking. He didn't know him well enough yet to quite read that far into him, so he asked, "Do you think we should help?" He was also slightly irritated, all the humans seemed to regard him as if he were a pet, never speaking to him, talking to Michael for him. The one time Bone tried speaking to someone, they simply ignored him as if it didn't happen.

Umbra was in the Pokeball again. He vowed to kick Spence's butt when he got out, but somehow he knew he had good intentions. He could catch random bits of conversation from outside the Pokeball, and knew Spence was protecting him. It was dark inside... too dark for even Umbra. But instead of being cold like last time, it was pleasantly warm, and he could feel and hear a faint beating sound.

No, this time he did not fear being inside the Pokeball. He had heard that the nature inside the ball depends on the intentions of the person who puts you into it, and Umbra knew that Spence wouldn't try to hurt him.

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"Well then my name is Keyleria" acknowledging the one called Tommy, who seemed to be very polite.

"Nice to meet ya Keyleria"

"As for that lantern, and how we ended up here" I paused to think of the right words. So I summarized our adventure up to this particular point, and what was so special about the lantern and its properties. "I would also like to have that back please, I told my friend Spence that I would keep it safe."

I listened to Keyleria's tale. This girl put herself in a lot of danger, still wouldn't have been too bad if were there. Still she acts in a manner similar to my fiancee, so I guess she is cool. "Well Keyleria that was a very interesting story, and I would be happy to help you reunite with all of your friends that you got seperated from."

((due note this is going to be my last post for the weekend basically. I am going on a weekend trip which will cause me to not be able to post, Crunchy if you really need me to post I can do so from my phone which those might not have incredible quality to them but still it will get the job done. I will be able to full posting abilities on Sunday.))

Author:  redt [ Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:05 pm ]
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I looked at Bone, "Well we haven't had any good leads on where the Alchemist is, so I guess this could be a start." I clapped my hands together, the sound echoing, and I placed my hands on the ground. There was a blue spark of light and a staff rose out of the ground.

"This should be more than enough to stop the train. Do you mind showing us where the train is running rampant at?"


"Ugh....what happened?" A flashback of me fighting the Cyborg and spearing it with a giant ice spear reminded me. I looked around as I saw the new group of faces. I heard Keyleria introduce herself and explain our story to them. I walked up to the group, "I'm Trevor and by the looks of things I'm guessing that the crash was worse than I assumed."

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:04 am ]
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((That's okay, Taji, I'll let you go. Have fun! Anyway guys, here's Tommy's profile again for reference and description if any of you guys need it.))

Universe: EarthBound/Mother
Name: Tommy (Thomas Brown)
Age: 12
Weapon: Ray Gun
Abilities: Using the power of his mind, he forces a movement of the hand to use his PSI Powers - Offensive - PK Blaze (scorches flames around his body), PK Ice (throws icicles at the enemy), PK Lightning (controls a bolt of electricity) - Defensive - PK Shield (puts up a light green shell-barrier that protects an ally of special attacks until it breaks) --- he also is telepathic, though only exceptionally good at reading the minds of animals, and a small range of telekinesis abilities like floating and moving small objects with his mind
Personality: Being a small boy, he finds courage when he knows he’s useful, though being a child, alone he’ll be very timid. He’s not physically strong at all, but his intelligence and PSI power more than makes up for it. He has a gift with technology and computers and he’s a quick learner.
Description: Typically small and nerdy, has small specks just under his eyes, big blue eyes, blonde messy hair which fringes greatly over his forehead, small black unzipped jacket, red and white striped shirt, long grey shorts, white bunched socks, black school shoes
History: Back in the day, Tommy’s father and his best friend, The Researcher, used to do research together into many things in the world, unworldly things. That was until Tommy’s father was done. He settled down and started a family with a beautiful wife. Tommy’s dad had a special gift in PSI, which he would soon pass to his son.

The Researcher continued without him...

One destined day, the evil Starmen came. They taught the Researcher a compile of centuries of research/experiments in a blink of an eye, driving him completely evil and insane.

In this state, the Researcher started horrific and horrible experiments under the watchful eye of the Starmen. Creating life from the dead, combining animals and humans with machines, creating absolute monsters --- Chimeras. They started roaming and terrifying the once peaceful planet.

And that was how The Researcher lost his soul...

One day, the Researcher became stuck, something was missing. To find use in all these experiments for a final project, he needed a gifted candidate with the PSI trait. He turned to the Brown family.

After The Researcher attempted to kidnap Tommy at age 9 with the assistance of his henchmen, Tommy’s dad ventures out to finally stop his old friend from destroying the world, along with saving him from himself --- that went for the Starmen behind the scenes as well.

Three years went by with no sign of his father returning home...

Finally at an age where his mother could see that Tommy could look after himself, at age 12, she sends him off to find his father, for Tommy was the only one who could.

Tommy adventures the now futuristic planet since the Researcher came in contact of the Starmen --- and with his best friend Scruffy, they defeat Chimera, Starmen and the Researcher together --- in hopes to find their beloved father and bring him home.

What are you most afraid of?
Being hurt, dying
What do you dream about?
Mum and Dad
What are your favourite things?
Computers, gadgets, Ray Gun, PSI power
What are your weaknesses?
Being small and weak
Who are your enemies?
The Chimera, the Starmen, and The Researcher
Who is your best friend?
Scruffy the Dog
What do you want to be in the future?
A famous scientist
What kind of nightmares do you dream?
Dad becoming a Chimera
Who or what do you love the most?
Friends and family
What do you hope to gain from a new adventure?
New found strength and courage

As Keyleria told us their story, I couldn’t help it but to read her mind as she was telling it, just in case she left out any minor details. I closed my eyes as I dived into her mind using PSI - without alerting her - watching their moments with the Golden Sage - like a movie in my thoughts. In the memories, I had to share and bare her emotions as well as her thoughts.


As I dived into her mind and consciousness, I felt I strong disconnection from the others, that I was far different to them, to a point where I felt left out, abandoned by society. Still, I cared enough to get along with everyone around me as they accepted me as a half-demon, especially the one called Spence. He didn’t care at all, he loved everyone equally. She had a really sad past, so I tried holding it back as hard as I could before it overwhelmed me.

“Let me start from the beginning...”

A voice echoed Keyleria’s mind, becoming louder. A man suddenly emerged as if from nowhere above a pedestal before their very eyes. The solemn figure was robed in an enchanting black and gold kimono. He had long strains of golden hair and a long untamed beard with golden bushy brows. He looked fairly ancient, and I had this feeling of him being someone you should respect and honour. Most of the group went completely silent, some finding it hard to even utter a single word. I remembered his voice from when we were disappearing at Charity... A young man with golden hair... Nah, it couldn’t have been.

“I should introduce myself... My name is Age.”

I grumbled. This was easier than I thought, they already found him! I continued to listen in inside Keyleria’s thoughts. They were distorted a bit, but I managed to overhear him and everybody else just fine.

“...I was once Guardian of the Light in this world for many eons...

Until the Guardian, Lord of Darkness, detesting the Light so much, ripped open the heart of this world, from the parallel side of this land, and shattered the great Light, the Light in the form of a Great Crystal... The shattered shards of Light which once belonged in this world’s very heart, where only but a void of nothingness remains, were then stolen and hidden away, never to be reunited together again... I call these shards of light, Light Shards-- and one of them alone is tremendously powerful in the wrong hands.

How were you brought here, and by whom? I believe that the great Heart, before the void, simply cried out for help. Why you--? Why among you were chosen? It may be nothing more than mere coincidence, or perhaps if you believe in fate? It’s up to you to be the judge of that. This is a world tied to many worlds, principle and rules co-existing together. As you journey to seek the Crystal’s shards, you will see many familiar and also very unfamiliar things...

You were summoned from your worlds-- To find the Light Shards, and bring the Light back to this world, deprived of it... Evil lurks around every corner, so you must be aware...”

Age almost ran out of energy completely as he fell to a knee. For some reason, I picked up that his speech was not completely coherent, sort of mixed up and scrabbled, like a faded afterimage. There was something he left out, but at the time it wasn’t important. I believed him.

The man Keyleria knew as Spence reached out in a cry, “Wait! Hold on, what’s wrong?!”

Age looked to him warmly, I almost knew what he was about to say, “I am not of the living anymore. The Dark Lord destroyed me and my failed attempts to protect the Crystal. I saved my last bit of energy to give you, travellers-- this message. I will shortly fade away into the void...”

I was sure everyone started to panic, I was starting to. They asked a thousand questions while the old Sage just listened. Age stood as firmly as he could. I could tell that he was soon to collapse, but they needed to know more, and they needed their questions answered. I felt a sense of urgency. I could tell whatever he was, that he was on the brink of death at that very moment.

"I'm afraid, Umbra, that you must gather the Light Shards of the Crystal first. Jet is correct, you must all help each other in order to find these said shards, and once altogether, the Crystal of Light will be reborn and this world will return to normal. Those of you should then be returned to your home world...

Trevor... Smothered by an unnatural forest, consumed by fiery volcanic lava, drowned within great sea, frozen under the coldest glacial of ice, buried within earths darkest curst, casted off into the void of sky, eaten and swallowed by a soulless demon, and the eighth, thrown into the darkest depths of hell itself... These are the last locations I sensed their power. But as I have grown weak, I've lost their direction... It also seems that other people are also working towards obtaining these shards... Both good people like yourselves, but also very bad people...

The first location... Go down below here and meet someone in the empty village called Hope... They should help you.

Keyleria... I'm sorry, but I am no God. I am just a protector of the Light... Nothing more. The Crystal shattering and the world's cry for help, is the only explanation I have that you people are here. I'm not even at all sure if you collect all shards that you'll be returned to your world... It's only a guess..."

Keyleria was feeling hasty, she had to ask now otherwise there might not had been another chance. "One final question..." she nervously trembled. Being in synch with her, I felt her every emotion, especially her fear, images of a demon flooded my mind, "Before I came here, one of my worlds Guardians named Fate... I saw him and almost got into a fight with him, is he here in this world with the rest of us?"

Age took a deep breath, his final breath, "That’s right. Fate, along with the others-- Are...!!" he suddenly fell, this moment seemed like a lifetime. He hit the ground, remaining lifeless to the world. Suddenly, his body started to fade and glow - and in a stream of light - pieces of him turned to delicate flakes that streamed upward until he was completely gone, dispersed into the sky. It reminded me of how the Miasma Monsters faded away after defeating them.

My emotions got carried away and I started to cry in real time.

Afterward, I watched pieces of the battle with the Hollow who turned out to be the remnant of the souls of the village, Hope. I saw Keyleria’s dreams and felt her pain after her Dragon of the Dark Flame attack, her feelings toward Spence and the others, the battle against the swarm of Skulltulas, and the tunnel they fell into, the underground spring and the Great Fairy, the battle against the Shadow Beast, and after all their hard work, obtained the Light Shard, and saved the people of Hope from the curse the Miasma brought them.

It wasn’t long until a new danger arose. I saw Fate with Keyleria after he had just blown Spence out of the room they were staying. She didn’t have a choice but to run away to warn the others, which took all of her being and courage to leave him there. She then met up with Sparky and Trevor when they then jumped the train Fate and the others were escaping on. That’s when they met and fought the Cyborg...


I gasped, pulling out of her mind and waking up. Impossible, I thought...

Spence’s words echoed through my conscious mind from their memories, “Yeah, let’s go--- Besides, with the six of us combined, I’m sure none of them would stand a chance against us. And who knows, maybe they aren’t here. A lot of strange things happened before we got here. I thought my world was racing passed me, and I saw someone else, somebody else who died. Besides, if it was the world’s cry for help that brought us here, why would it invite people who would initially destroy it?”

I fell back, using my hands to carefully sit down, my eyes darting in all sorts of places on the floor. There was no way I was trying that on anyone else again, I almost mind-locked myself into her memories, never being able to awaken again.

I got up from Ace, apologising with a scratch at the neck. I noticed the small boy Tommy on the floor. He looked distressed. I walked over and stopped in front of him, “Are you alright?” I asked with a worried tone.

“Yeah, yeah...” I answered after awhile, adjusting my glasses, “Things just got to me, I guess. It’s hard to explain...” I sighed, looking to Sparky, “You guys have been through a lot... From my understanding, we are all the Chosen Ones. More or less, we’ve been through the same thing.”

I stood up, looking to Nico and Ace, “Age is gone, so it’s not probable we’ll find him here. But what he said doesn’t explain a whole lot, and it might not have been his fault, but he left out a lot. I assume we’ll learn more by finding these Light Shards, but on a side quest, we should also find out more about Age and his theories,” I looked around us. There was an elevator down the hall, our next course of action, “And what better then to start inside his old Research Lab?”

I turned to Keyleria, Trevor and Sparky, “So, would you guys like to join us? Like Nico said, we’ll more than likely run into those guys again. From your story, I’m sure Spence, Jet and Umbra can look after themselves,” I smiled.


Gunstar Red slid over and patted Bone on the back, “We need your help too, Bone,” he chuckled smugly.

“Haha, yeah...” Gunstar Blue chuckled as well, but embarrassingly, “Well, we came to you because... There’s another monster. And he’s riding on said train...”

Meanwhile, the train speeding Charity with Spence and Jet inside, a large black demon with giant wings and purple Miasma shrouding from its body clutched the roof of it, waiting for anyone brave enough to stop it.

((I basically summed up everything in this post. Also, if you guys want to start a flashback for when Tommy, Nico, Ace, Michael and Bone appeared in Charity and fought the Miasma Monsters, we can do that while we play the main story. Just give me the thumbs up or something.))

Author:  paco25_007 [ Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:53 am ]
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Jet heard Spences little story and chuckled. "Wow, we do havea little in common. Hell I never knew my real parents and I don't really want to. My father that was killed was not my real father, but he was still a father to me. He had a lot of enemies, so it was required in my family that you learned how to fight. I was trained by a mercenary that was a friend of my dad." Jet sighed."After the tragic night when my whole family was killed, there was never a single momentt of happiness. Every time I tried to make friends or find the love of my life, The Merc ruined it. You see Spence,the Merc kills so I can suffer."

Jet then smiled weakly. "At least you found some happiness Spence, right? You have like a girlfriend or something?"


Ace got up after being knocked down by the Pikachu, and nodded after the Pikachu apologized. Tommy was going on about some Age guy and some research lab stuff. Boooooooooring. Ace could care less about Age and Light shards, he just wanted to go home. Ace looked at everyone in the room. Tommy was already annoying, the Pikachu was annoying, Red-Head Demon Woman is gonna be annoying, and the other two guys mind as well be annoying.
"Tommy, can we just get to the part where we kick some ass, cause I really don't see the need in researching some dead guy."

Author:  redt [ Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:19 pm ]
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"I guess we don't have much of a choice but to join.", I answered to Tommy's question. The small dragon does have a point, we need to hurry up. We don't have much time since we have no idea what's happening to the others.


We arrived where the train was circling the city. A large winged creature was sitting atop the train. "Interesting. It seems that the creature is guarding the train." I folded my arms, "Now why would it be guarding the train, unless there's something worth protecting on it!" I half-talked to myself. "I guess we'll have to find out for ourselves."

I looked over at Bone, "Looks like there's a guest. Ready to show him a warm welcome Bone?" I smirked and jumped onto the train as it passed by. The demon glared at me with piercing red eyes.

Author:  Adversity [ Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:28 am ]
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Bone jumped onto the train after Michael, keeping his eyes on the winged beast at all times. Bone shivered as it stared at him with it's beady red eyes. He didn't know if it was friendly or not, so he examined the aura surrounding the monster, and found that it was pure darkness. Bone's jaw dropped open, he had never seen anything so purely evil. As he was caught up in that, the monster jabbed its head down, grabbing Bone by the scruff of the neck. He barely managed to keep hold of his staff as he was yanked high into the air, feeling queasy from the train going forward and being thrown up into the air.

He slashed his staff forward as hard as he could, but found that the beast had some sort of armor, it's scales were rock-hard. His foot went ablaze as he broke out of the monster's grip and ran up its arm, kicking it in the eye while shouting "Blaze kick!"

The force of his kick sent him rebounding down to the train, and he landed on the roof with a hard, loud thud. His vision went blurry, but he could see the monster rearing and screaming in pain. Bone pushed himself up and shouted to Michael over the monster's screaming and the ringing in his ears, "The eyes! You can only hurt it's eyes!"

Author:  shinashu taji [ Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:36 pm ]
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Little hothead, we need to know about some major players first. "Listen you." I directed towards Ace "we need to know about some of the huge players in this play, and if one of those players is dead so be it." I really wasn't in the mood to deal with someone that wasn't really willing to do some research on someone, "besides you might learn a thing or two in the process."

Well physically she resembles Itho, but what she just did Keyleria is just like Sonya. "Excuse me Keyleria I don't want to interject here I somewhat agree with Ace we can, or at least I can, beat anything or anybody with my abilities. So what is the point of looking up some info about this guy if we can just move on." Sonya would slap me silly if she ever heard me say something like that, you are never supposed to disagree with Sonya. I walked over to Keyleria standing by her side "still I agree with you more, researching can be beneficial and like you said I might learn how to increase my Furyoku." ((I will explain that in a bit))

Who is this boy to agree with someone and yet disagree with them, oh well its good to have someone on my side. "Well then Nico its good to have someone on board with research, but do tell what is Furyoku?" My curiosity was piqued by this word maybe its like how much power he has or maybe its an energy thing, like my demon energy.

"Well then Furyoku, or Mana as some call it, is my level of Shamanic abilities." At this point Kalua ((his Spider Monkey spirit)) started to float about my head ((others can take note of Kalua's appearance, but she doesn't speak and other than periodically appearing by Nico's side essentially does nothing)) "It determines how powerful of an Oversoul I can make, which is a merging of my spirit ally into my Medium. Pulling my right arm out of my cloak, I showed her my Oracle Bell (( ... 20Bell.jpg so you know what it looks like)) "This is my Oracle Bell normally it tells me other Shaman's Furyoku levels, but since arriving her in this world it hasn't been functioning properly

"Very interesting Nico" There is so much more I want to ask this boy still they will have to wait until another time. ((if anyone wants to ask more about the Shamans or Oracle Bell etc. feel free and a flash back will happen.))

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:20 am ]
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As Jet had asked, I thought to myself about my happiness. I guess the few things that came to mind were my daughter, my best friend Jack and his adopted son Gale. But as he mentioned girlfriend, I found it hard to answer.

It took me awhile before I could think of something to say.

"Well..." I spoke, staring off, "You heard the Merc mention my daughter, right? And I do have a few friends... But, ever since ten years ago, when the one I loved... died, giving birth, I guess I never really thought about it. Ten years ago, we were all pre-warned about something dark coming in the future... Ever since then, I've just been waiting... waiting until that time came when I would be useful again. I've always had this dark cloud over my head, so I guess I haven't had time to think about it. I guess I should be grateful, really... My daughter does somewhat fill the void, and she does make me happy... I just, don’t really know..." I chuckled sadly, "Hearing myself talk like this is pathetic. My friend Jack always just told me to live and be content... I just haven’t figured out how to yet."

I grinned, changing the subject, "So, really, being pulled into this world was a blessing in disguise. I’m not the Soldier I used to be thanks to the quiet ten years, but I’m finding the strength within myself, thanks to you guys.” I looked down, bunching my fists, “I’m --- We’re going to save this world, which means defeating those guys and getting those Light Shards - to make everything right again. I want to help you guys overcome your enemies, like Fate, the Merc, and all the others there may be. If I can help in any way, that's my happiness.”

For a moment, I wondered if for me to be happy, I had to become the Soldier I was back then. I think I was the happiest when I was fighting for peace on our world, when I was fighting along side her...

Suddenly, we heard a loud piercing clash on the roof above us, like something of gigantic portions. Was there a battle happening? Was it Trevor and the others?


I didn’t understand fully of what was going on during their conversation, so I waiting patiently until they were done. I turned and hugged Keyleria, "I’m so glad you guys are alright---!!" I then ran over and hugged Trevor, “Sorry I worried you guys...”


I sighed, no doubt Ace would respond like that. Over the short time I've known him, he was pretty predictable. I chuckled sadly, “Is there any reason we can’t do both? Just leave the boring stuff to me, Ace. Come on, let’s get started.”

I turned for the hall and eventually stopped at the elevator, pushing the switch. In a matter of moments the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened up. I entered along with everyone else. It looked like this elevator only had one other floor - the bottom floor. I pushed it, turning to stand with the others as the doors shut and the elevator started to move again.

I turned my head to see where Keyleria had stood on the far end. I darted my head away before she could see me in a squirm, sinking behind Nico and his spiritual monkey so she couldn’t see me. Reading her mind made me frightened of her, and it wasn't just because she was a demon...

The elevator came to a stop. The doors opened up as a heat filled the air around us. I walked outside to the metallic railing, observing the area. A glass wall was situated around us and the railing till the end of the walkway, where a sealed glowing door awaited. The heat was coming from the steam outside the glass where countless pipes stretched down the hall, releasing pressure time and time again. We were basically inside some kind of cavern, and what lay in the next room was most likely dormant magma.

I placed my hand to the railing and looked out, “A lab inside a slumbering volcano... I have to admit, I like his style. This place is pretty cool, don’t you think?” I turned to Ace, then to Nico.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:52 pm ]
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"Yeah Tommy I agree with ya, let's just go ahead and do both. An butt kicking is a butt kicking, whether it happens now or later." I turned to follow Tommy in the direction he was heading. Hopefully I can find a way to max out my Furyoku even more than it already is. As I walked my cloak fluttered behind me and Kalua started to float beside me.

"Sparky!" I hugged my friend whom I thought was dead, or at the very least very far away. "Sparky I met some new friends, and I think they will help us recover the Light Shards too." I got up and followed Tommy and Nico "come on Sparky lets go." I saw this weird monkey thing floating by Nico That has to be his spiritual ally.

Finally catching up to the two I looked around the place in the lab Whoa this is way cool. I took in the sight. The pipes going every which way down the hall, the glass wall. Human engineering rivaled Demon engineering sometimes.This is amazing, a volcano. "I have a funny legend about volcanoes in my world, every powerful fire demon is born from one. Kinda silly ain't it?"

"Not so silly once you think about it." I took a quick look around the place. "Well Tommy this is going to be dangerous, even though the volcano is dormant more than likely it could erupt at any chance. I say we get the info we need fast, and get out quickly." Why would someone build something like this, the dangers... well if they built it like this they must have something they don't want people to know about. I took a deep breath "still this is pretty cool, a lab in a volcano never heard of this before."

Author:  redt [ Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:29 pm ]
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"The eyes huh? This should be easy then." I smirked to myself before I clapped my hands on my staff. I pulled them apart, electric sparks flying from them, and the staff pulled into a bow. I slapped my shoulder armor and pulled out two arrows, made completely of steel, and ready my bow.

"Okay big guy this is where your ride stops." I let go the string and the two arrows flew into the creatures eyes. It let out a screaming roar as it fell from the train. I looked over at Bone, "Now let's go see what that thing was trying to protect."


"This place reminds me of our Crystal buildings but so much more advanced." I looked around the glass corridor as we continued to walk towards the door.

"Wish they could of put in a moving sidewalk, hehe." I laughed to myself.

Author:  Adversity [ Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:40 pm ]
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Bone nodded to Michael as the beast fell off the train, making the ground rumble and the train jump off the tracks for a moment. Bone thought he was going to be sick, he wasn't accustomed to technology. He decided the train was still moving too fast for him to jump down and go through the door, so he found a trapdoor on the roof. He looked up to Michael, then dropped in to see two ragged, tired looking humans.

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