World Deprived of Light~
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Author:  shinashu taji [ Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:33 am ]
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"What the hell!" I jumped up a few feet in the air. This feeling, this presence it cannot be Fate! "Spence we are in big trouble, wee need to leave asap!" I immediately ran for the door to our room thoughts going towards Sparky Don't worry I'm coming.

"Well well well Keyleria is in that room, oh well" I said dragging the sentence on for a bit almost as if it wasn't worth saying. Either way time to end this. I held up my hand, gathering a suffecient amount of Demon Energy and sent a blaze of lightning through the wall. Even though I couldn't see my target I knew where to aim, and that aim was for the one called Spence. Now that that is done time for my other target. I started to walk in the direction of my target, with my long sinister red and silver coat flowing behind me ((think of the coat like Palmer's but more frayed around the sleeves and of course evil)) Keyleria I will get you yet. Then I let out a burst of manic laughter.

Author:  redt [ Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:27 pm ]
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"The Inn should be right around the corner....", a wall of rock shot up in front of me and Sparky. I didn't think that Sparky was right but I guess she was. "Sparky get behind me." I turned around to face the cloaked figure of Victor.

"Oh don't be that way Trevor. A friend of yours is a friend of MINE!" Victor lifted his arms and sharpened rocks flew from his sleeves. I jumped in front of Sparky and lifted my arms as an ice barrier rose up, halting the sharp rocks. I pushed my hands forward and the ice broke into pieces, flying towards Victor.

I smirked as Trevor repelled the attack. "My my, someone has gotten some enhancements.", I mocked as I raised my own barrier out of the ground. I released the power and the barrier fell as sand. "But you're not the only one with new powers." I threw off my cloak, revealing my new look.

I gasped as Victor took off his cloak. His head was half Crystalized with Terra Crystal and as I looked closer, so was half his body. "Looks like you made some improvements as well as power."

"Yes, and it seems now is the perfect time to determine who is the strongest." I smiled at Victor, "Let's."

Author:  paco25_007 [ Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:32 pm ]
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Jet went towards the door and opened, gasping at the figure in front of him. "Why in the hell are you always stalking me. Jet knew who the hooded figure was and was prepared to kick his teeth in.

The Merc threw his cloak to the floor and smirked at Jet. "Ah come on Jet, you know you missed me. I would not call it stalking, more like hunting. I'm sorry Jet,but your going to have to come with alive, unfortunately. My client doesn't want you dead."

Jet gave a confused look to the Merc. "Hold up, before we beat the hell out of each other, how do already have a client here?"

"I'm sorry Jet, but that information is classified." Out of nowhere, the Merc slammed his fist into Jets' face. Jet staggered back, clutching his face. The Merc took advantage of the stagger, and kneed Jet in gut. A smug look appeared on the Mercs' face as he followed up with an uppercut that lifted Jet three feet up the groound.

Jet fell to the ground from the uppercut and was suprised on how fast and strong the Merc become. Jet got back to his feet, and attacked the Merc. He threw a variety of punches and kicks, but the Merc was blocking each blow and countered with a stronger one. The fight was now in the hall way as the two went back and forth, with the Merc having a clear advantage over Jet. After blocking a left hook from the Merc, Jet finally found an opening. Jet elbowed the Merc under the chin, stunning him. He then jumped up dropkicked the Merc right in the chest.

The force of the blow caused the Merc to fall down the stairs, ending up in the first floor of the inn. The Merc jumped right back up and taunted Jet. "wow, Jet you actually got a clean hit on me. I was expecting this fight to be a little less one sided, but I guess I can't always have my way."

A smirk appered on Jets' bruised face. "This is getting started." Jet ran down the stairs, and did a jumping kick, aimed at the Merc's face. The Merc suddenly grabbed Jet's leg in mid-aid and slammed Jet head first onto one the stair steps. Jet Jet sturggled to get back onhis feet as he was now bleeding from his forehead. Jet tried for another kick, but the Merc caught it again, retaliating with asharp elbow to Jet's forehead.

"I think you should stop with the kicking, my reflexes have became superhuman. Your attacks are useless, mind as well surrender. But then again, knocking you out wouldbe funner." Then with lightning quick speed, the Merc kicked jet right upside the head, knocking him unconcious.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:43 pm ]
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"Spence no!" Tears were welling up in my eyes as the lightning traveled towards Spence, that blast of lightning then soon after the manic laughter it meant only one thing. Fate was here, and we were in trouble. Then soon enough I heard his cold unforgiving voice rise above the commotion that was happening.

"You can only save a certain amount of people, who will you chose to help?" My voice raising high enough for Keyleria to hear, but retaining its sadistic tone. "Do you save the one I just blasted, the one I'm going to now, or the two that are fighting together." I bust out with more manic laughter, "only time will tell you little half breed, and I know you never make the right choice."

What do I do? The thoughts were racing. Do I help Spence? Do I follow Fate and fight him? Could he have done something to Sparky? I knew not the answers to these questions, but quickly I made up my mind. I was going to help Sparky, and thus started to run towards her.

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:59 pm ]
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A blast of lightning shot straight through the wall. In slow-motion, I was just barely able to turn toward it. Before I could even know what was going on, the force threw me through the wall and slammed me through wood and concrete, finally throwing me outside. I landed fortunately on a patch of grass and flowers, electricity still surging my body. The impact on the earth left an indent of my body.

"Key--- ler... Run..." I staggered my last conscious words, blacking out after a figure looked over me to pick me up.


I twitched my ears, my eyes becoming wide. "Umbra...? UMBRA!!" I ran up Trevor's back to reach his shoulder, "Umbra's in trouble! We don't have time to fight this guy!" I growled at Trevor's friend, "Move it blockhead! We don't have time for you!"

I leapt up in sparks of electricity, summoning a thunderbolt that landed and struck Victor's position, picking up an explosion of dust.


The blonde haired Cyborg took along the black pokeballs that captured Umbra, spinning over his head with the use of his psychic abilities. He had travelled around the village so that he wouldn't get in the way of Victor, Fate and the Merc as ordered. He reached the platform where a shiny silver train awaited them. There were only two cars behind the train, and the Cyborg took to the first one.

Inside, there was rope and a cage for the pokemon. The Cyborg stood over it, one of the many pokeballs releasing Umbra into the cage. The pokeballs fell to the floor as the Cyborg ceased control.

He had to wait for the three to return until they could take off. It seemed like he was staring at the pokemon struggling to escape the cage, but his visor dimmed from a red on light to an off. The Cyborg remained in sleep mode until further instructed.

((Once Fate takes Spence and the Merc takes Jet to the train, and Victor gets away as well, the train will start to move. And when the dust clears (Trevor and Victor can still have their little battle though before they take off) and Keyleria, Trevor and Sparky are together, it's going to be Sparky's smart idea to jump the train as it goes under a bridge.))

Author:  paco25_007 [ Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:16 pm ]
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The Merc picked the unconcious Jet off the floor and placed him over his shoulder. "Welll Jet my boy, it was fun, but all good things come to an end," The Merc was a little diappointed by how easy it was to defeat Jet. He knew it was because of his new enhanced abilities, but he was still slightly disappionted. Now all he had to was get to the train to meet up with the others.

The Merc arrived at the train and dumped Jet into the second car. The Merc then walked into the first car and saw the Cyborg. Well, at least I'm not the only one done with my mission. That Fate guy should be done by now and so should the Victor guy. This is why I love solo missions so much more.

Author:  Adversity [ Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:52 am ]
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All Umbra knew is that it was dark. He could not see, hear, touch, taste or smell anything. He had no existence, he couldn't even cry because his body did not exist inside the Pokeball. He pondered how long he would be trapped for what seemed like hours, when suddenly all his senses were overwhelmed. A blinding flash of light, a deafening whooshing sound, a metallic taste on his tongue, gravity returned, and the smell of dried leather. He found himself curled up in a cage, with a scary metal man standing over him.

Umbra glared at the metal-man, then growled and yelled at the top of his lungs. He pounded at the bars of the cage relentlessly, then concentrated his efforts on one bar. His claws glowed with darkness as he began to sweat, pounding harder and harder on the bar of the cage. Finally, he dropped to the ground, exhausted. All his efforts bent the bar slightly and put numerous scratches all over the cage, but he was no closer to escaping. Finally, he crawled to the far corner of the cage and curled up, crying.

Author:  redt [ Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:29 pm ]
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The dust flew down to the ground as if a wind came from above it. A giant ball of stone was the only thing in front of us. "Good effort Sparky but Victor can control anything of the earth element, meaning most of your attacks are useless against him.

The boulder fell to pieces as I relaxed my power. "Now things are getting interesting."

I flicked my hand and a water whip shot out of my hand with a crack. Victor placed his hand out and a mace made of rock appeared in his grasp. "Impressive."

"Hm. If you think that's impressive then you'll get a kick out of this.", I said as I swung the mace. The spikes shot out toward Trevor. He easily struck them down with his whip. Spikes resurfaced from the bare mace.

"My turn for surprises." I span the water whip, forming a whirlpool. Large ice shards flew out toward Victor. He jumped out of the way and launched the entire mace toward me. The whirlpool stopped it and it flew to the ground with a thud. "I expected better from you Victor."

I wagged my finger at Trevor. "You're not the only one with sneak attacks." I flicked my hands and the spikes from the mace exploded off like a bomb. When the dust settled I saw that Trevor protected himself and the mouse by using his ice barrier. "Even for my spike grenade you're a quick thinker to counter it. You've always been light on your feet Trevor."

I lowered the barrier, "And you've always been the one with a plan. Now's the time which of us has the better fighting methods."

((When Keyleria comes Victor will leave before we have our battle. Trevor and him will have their major battle next time they meet.))

Author:  shinashu taji [ Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:44 pm ]
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((sorry would have posted earlier but I couldn't think of what to write and I didn't want to do a forced post but I'm good now)) "Spence I will protect Sparky!" With tears running down my cheek and pain filling my voice, it took everything I had not to turn around to help Spence Damn you Fate why do you always have to destroy everything I hold dear.

Watching Keyleria, run down the hall to join her friend Sparky seeing her pain it filled me with great joy. Anyway enough enjoying her pain time to capture my prey. Ripping off the dark hood revealing my short black hair and topaz eyes I made my move. In several quick movements, though performed the way I do it seems to be like one fluid movement, I made my way out through the hole this Spence fellow fell through and landed right in front of him. "Well well well, are you ready to die?"

With the lantern brushing up against my leg with each step my thoughts were always on Spence Please Spence for the sake of your daughter don't die. Finally upon reaching the door I threw it open and ran outside. It did not take me long to find that Sparky was in a fight, what was a shock that her and Trevor were fighting someone. That person better not be working with Fate. Soon enough I ran towards Sparky and Trevor fireballs in both my hands, only a few yards away. "Sparky Trevor I am coming to help, and whoever the hell that person is fighting you will get his ass royally kicked!"

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:01 pm ]
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((It might be a good idea to throw Jet into the first car as well, as I was planning on the second one being demolished.))

“Keyleria!” I cried, waving toward her. I couldn’t move from Trevor’s side, otherwise I’d probably get in the way and endanger all of us.


“Well, this is strikingly familiar...” I thought to myself in a depressed state of mind, “Captured, again... Diseh, Tori, Sarah... I guess they can’t help me now...” During the war, images of the Magi taking Jack and I to that dungeon came to mind, when we were sentenced to be executed the next day.

I became conscious when I was thrown to the floor of a train car, a cage sitting beside me, shackles at my wrists in front of me. I dangled them a little, they were a bit tight. No way was I going to break free of them or reach the Soldier’s Blade at my back.

I winced in pain, my body still numb after the sucker-attack. I looked up to my captors; a blonde haired man with a weird mask over his eyes – he seemed inactive -, a man with a bizarre red and silver coat who gave off the same feel as Keyleria, and a dark man who reminded me of Jet.

I growled lightly, “...Well?” I rested my back against the wall, “Aren’t you going to introduce yourselves? To what pleasure is it to be in the company of you people?” I glared down at the floor. I wondered how everyone was holding up. What happened to Keyleria, Umbra and Jet at the Inn? And what ever happened to Sparky and Trevor?

I suddenly heard something whimper beside me. I turned in a squint, looking through the shadow of the cage. My eyes widened. “Umbra!! Are you alright?!” I panicked.

I jumped viciously from my spot on the floor, growling fiercely toward the most devilish-looking one, “...You messed up piece of...! You better not have hurt him! Who else are you after?!” I was on my feet, but with my hands grappled together and my body in the state that it was, I didn’t stand a chance. It was hard just to keep balance.

((The mission (Fate, Victor, the Merc and the Cyborg) was to stir the Chosen Ones, and bring Spence and a couple of others to Charity by train – to force the remaining Chosen Ones to rescue and reveal themselves to them. Their boss at the moment is a man called Sage Coross. But it’s possible the group has more than one boss, which will be revealed later on. Mysteries as to why the rivals are here will be explained at a later time, so just pretend they don’t know anything, when they actually do.

When Victor reaches the train it will take off and Sparky, Trevor and Keyleria will have a battle on the train car’s roof.))

Author:  paco25_007 [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:14 am ]
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The Merc grinned. "Ahhh, is the tough guy uncomfortable with strangers. Let me get some we both know." The Merc left the first car to retrieve Jet, who was located in the second car. A minute later, the Merc threw Jet in the first car right beside Spence. "There, now you got a friend besides that little creature in the cage."

Jet woke up to see himself in a train car with the Merc, Spence, Umbra and two people he didn't know. He also noticed he was in shackles. "Great, stuck in a car with a stupid merc, a creepy robotic guy, and guy who really suck when picking threads. I mean seriously, no one wears robes no more. They have been outta style for like forever. I mean just looking at you makes me wish you killed me already."

The Merc chuckled. "If we wanted you dead, your loud mouth wouldn't be annoying the hell out of me. I really should of left you in the second car." The Merc then sat a couch in the car, relaxed.

Author:  Adversity [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:56 am ]
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Umbra peered out from the shadows in the back of the cage, shivering. He was broken, his wild spirit diminished because he was now bound to a Pokeball. Spence looked at him, and then jumped up and started yelling incoherently at his captors, while Umbra just retreated back into the cage further, curling up into a ball. He didn't know if it was possible to be freed from a Pokeball, but he would do whatever it took to be free again.

As Umbra pondered how to escape, the inside of his cage started getting very, very cold. Icicles hung from the top and frost began to accumulate on the bars. He pushed his powers to the limit, pretending he was back in the snow, making himself more comfortable. He surrounded himself with a small ball of icy darkness, freezing the cage and making shadows appear where they should not.

From the outside of the cage, all one could see of him is a glaring pair of hateful eyes in the darkness.

Author:  redt [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:30 pm ]
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I looked at the girl running up to Trevor's aid. "Perhaps another Hahahahaha!" My body glowed as a dust storm appeared, carrying me to the train.

I cringed as Victor mentioned me as his brother. After the dust storm moved away from us I looked at Keyleria, "We need to follow him and find out where he's going." I looked behind her, "Where are the others?"

Author:  shinashu taji [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:45 pm ]
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I released my fireballs finally reaching them "Umbra I have no idea. Spence he got kidnapped by Fate." I looked around and watched the man ride away on a dust storm.

"Well Spence, my name is Fate. I am sure little Keyleria has told you her sad sack tale of me." I got right up next to him now "Well everything she has said about me is true." A sadistic chuckle escaped from my mouth. "You want to know why I hate her so" I said a matter-of-factly. "Whether you do or not, I will tell you, but you can't tell her why though." Cracking my neck and knuckles "its because her mother rejected me for that scum of a man Keyleria calls her father." Looking in Spence's eyes my eyes seemed to glow as if they were in a fit of firey hate. "She was meant to be my bride, on the night I was to propose to her. Which is something that is hardly ever done, a Guardian marrying a lower ranked demon. Still I loved her, but when she abandoned me for that human. Well that is when I started my hatred for half-breeds like that Keyleria, that is when I knew that I would torture that girls life. The rest of the Guardian's in my world are indifferent to them and they let me do as I please to the girl. Now don't get me wrong I don't go about killing half-breeds I hate them and wish them death. Especially Keyleria, instead of the sins of the father, its the sins of the mother being passed down to the daughter." I laughed sadistically.

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:58 pm ]
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My eyes widened. Face to face with the demon known as Fate. A true demon in every sense of the word. I growled, giving him a hateful glare. He was just like Cory.

Keyleria's words flooded my mind.

"For what I am might surprise you. I am a half-demon, and just what are you---"

"Fate is a cruel and sadistic man. In my world he carries the rank of Guardian, which is well above the toughest---"

"He is the person that has caused me the most pain in my life, he knows my fate and he controls it like it is a child's toy. He is a veritable god, and you don't want to cross paths with him---"

Keyleria's parents... A hatred of half-demons... Of course, he must have been the one...

I roared, "Love loss?! Is THIS what this is all about?! And you think THAT gives you justification for murdering her PARENTS?!!"

I bowed my head down as the dark shaded my eyes, waiting for an answer. Umbra was twisting my shadow irrationally on the floor below me. Turning the train car into a freezer, my breath let out like a puff of smoke in front of me, just waiting for that next word to be a yes.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:10 pm ]
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Catching my breath I was amazed at the bravery this human had, or stupidity I couldn't really care either way. "More or less its about a lost love. Another stem of it is that the woman I loved would rather poison our demon race with human blood than keep it pure with all demon." Narrowing my eyes "I am among the most powerful in my world, only one is stronger than I." Scoffing a bit at Spence "my power and what the woman I loved did gives me all the reason and justification I need, besides her goal is foolish it would be kind to kill her to cease her pain." Soon enough the crackling of lightning could be heard in the car, and surges of lighting could be seen around my hand. "Also one more thing, if you want to live I wouldn't dare attack me, but then again I haven't been slumming in a while might be fun to do it again."

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:25 pm ]
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I couldn't forgive him for what he had done to Keyleria. My body raged in and out of Trance Mode as the cracking of lightning companied me. I didn't have the energy to keep the form, nor have the energy to fight.

I couldn't fight him, even if I wanted to. I had to stay alive to tell Keyleria, and more importantly, stay alive for everyone who was counting on me. I composed myself, my hair falling back to my shoulders, looking down at Jet.

I smirked at Fate and his threat, "Heh, if you wanted to kill me you would've done so already with that sucker-attack back there. Besides, according to what the Merc said, you need us alive. But tell me, who's calling the shots? If it was solely up to you, this mere human wouldn't be talking down at you like this, right? How does that make you feel?" I was talking about myself. I wondered if it would've hit a nerve.

I turned my back to him, "Fate, huh? Seems like you're not in control of your own... How ironic, and sad."


I looked to both Trevor and Keyleria, sighing. A bunch of guys took off with all my friends... Where could they have possibly gone...? Suddenly, I shot up as I remembered something.

"A train from Charity stopped here just awhile ago..."

"Yeah? Isn't that just the regular train you're talking about?"

"No, no --- A private one. Apparently some group of people got off to look around."

"Oh yeah! I heard about them, too! My brother said those guys gave him the creeps!"

"Uh huh! And what was with those dark hoods? Those guys are really freaky!"

I gasped, "I know where they are! Follow me you guys!" I started to bolt into town. I had an idea of where the train tracks led. Hopefully I wasn't too late.

((Victor can pull the lever for the train to go when he comes in, then Sparky and Co. can jump a bridge onto the train car where they will fight the Cyborg.))

Author:  paco25_007 [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:40 pm ]
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Jet laughed at Fate's reason for torturing Keyleria. "Ha ha, are freakin' serious! That is stupid! All that pain you put that girl, cuase you didn't get a certain woman! And the worst part is she doesn't even know. I mean if I was to get tortured for the rest of my life, it would for some awesome reason, like cutting off a guys arm. But just because a loser Demon God did not marry his little crush. That's hilarious and sad!"

The Merc got up from the couch and knelt down to Jet's eye level. "You know Jet, your right . Fate's little story is pretty funny, In fact, its freakin hilarious. But, do you know what else is funny?"

Jet smiirked. "What else is funny Merc, I really want to know.Let me guess, your boss is a midget in a bunny suit, right?"

The Merc shook his head. "I'm sorry, your wrong Jet. The look on your Father's face before I slit his throat. Now that was hysterical." The Merc laughed and got closer to Jet's face. "And the best part about is you couldn't do a damn thing about it."

Jet went from from easy going to straight up furious."Shut the hell up! You bastard! Let me out of these shackles right now and I'll show what to laugh about!" Jet struggled to escape out of his shackles but failed. "Come on you coward, set me free so I can kill you!" Memories of his father returned to Jet's mind and a few tears went down his face.

The Merc laughed some more. "You see Jet, that is the difference between us. You have emotion, you have a heart. Me, I don't have a heart. I have a never-ending hunger for destruction and pain."

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Feb 26, 2010 5:19 am ]
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Taking in Jet and the Merc's conversation, I gasped.

I ran over and tackled the Merc away from Jet, colliding us both to the cold floor.

I grabbed his collar and pulled it up towards me as I forced my knee into his torso. I snarled down at him, "You leave him alone you bastard...!!" I sighed heavily, my hands trembling, "...It's people like you who should be suffering, not anybody else..." I stared into his eyes. He really didn't have a soul.

Umbra's shadow-play twisted our shadows into monsters of ourselves on the wall.

Author:  Adversity [ Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:18 am ]
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Umbra growled loudly from inside the cage, he knew their captors were hurting his friends, whether physically or emotionally. Umbra had been working on the shackles for a few minutes now, trying to freeze the locking mechanism in a certain way so it would unlock. He glared out from his icy-dark ball of energy and observed Jet on the floor, with a look of pain on his face. Spence on top of a human who smelled like Jet, and the creepy man standing over his cage.

He pushed his shadows more, twisting them and playing with them. Coalescing them into a ball, making everyone else's shadows disappear, giving them an odd flat appearance. He pulled the ball of shadows into his cage, absorbing them and gaining energy. He continued to work on the locks in Jet and Spence's shackles. The freezer car was nice and cold now, he could see the human's breathing, and icicles hung from the top of the car now. He pushed his powers to the limit, throwing all his anger into his ball of growing energy, planning to break the cage and obliterate the humans with it.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:17 am ]
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The Merc grinned at Spence who had him pinned down. "You must be another poor soul that is trying to be Jet's friend. You probably dont' know this, but it's bad luckto be Jet's friend or family. Anyone who gets close to him, dies a painful disturbing death." The Merc turned his head at Jet. "You know the best one had to be that mercenary girl that was trying to flirt with during a mission. The moment she triggered the trap that sent three spikes into her skull. Absolutely priceless!"

Jet stared at the ground trying to block out the disturbing memories that the Merc kept trying revive. He hated the Merc and wished he could free himself of the shackles. At least Spence could kick his ass...

The Merc's face kept his wicked grin as he turned his attention back to Spence. "I wonder how you will die. Should I burn you insides, skin you alive, or I should I do the same torture I do to Jet. Kill everyone you loved. A relative, a girlfriend, or judging by your age...your child."

Author:  redt [ Fri Feb 26, 2010 3:25 pm ]
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I landed on top of the train and walked to the engine. Whether they're ready or not we have to go. I can't risk Trevor and his friends stopping us from leaving. I moved a large amount of coals into the furnace, which started to burn, and pulled the lever. The train slowly left the station, gaining velocity as it progressed.

I grabbed the mic, "Attention villians and captives, we are now leaving Hope. Our next stop is despair for captives only. I need Fate and Merc into the engine room immediately. We have something to discuss."

I ran as fast as my legs would allow me to. "Sparky, how do you know where to go? Victor could be anywhere."

((I set up a way so that when Sparky, Trevor, and Keyleria jump the train the only person they will meet is the Cyborg.))

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:53 pm ]
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"Anyone who gets close to him, huh? Guess we have that in common... I'll kill you first," I glared into him, my bandana dangling between us from the back of my head.


"That crowd of people earlier, they mentioned a train with those hooded guys!! Anyways, we gotta hurry! We don't have much time! I picked up their scent a short while ago, but I'm starting to lose it!" I ran.

Hold on, Umbra! I'm coming!



The Cyborg woke up, lifting his head as the visor turned on. The man controlling him was talking directing into his mind, not to be heard by anyone else.

"Keep the hostages restrained until further notice. They will reach Charity without any hitches."

The Cyborg turned to Spence's struggle on the floor with the Merc, suddenly giving him one swift power kick with his metal boot.

I was slammed into the wall with a bang. I clutched at my rib afterwards as I slid off the wall and fell to my knees.

Damn it, that bastard will pay for threatening my daughter...

Jet wasn't a concern at all. But the Sneasel had to be dealt with. The Cyborg span his katana up with his psychic power and sliced down into the cage, barely missing Umbra, but shattering the ice he had formed around him. He motioned a hand, lighting a flame in front of him with his mind which absorbed the cold, the train car returning to its normal temperature and overwhelming the pokemon's attempt.


I started to run over a bridge, "There!" I jumped onto the railing that the train tracks led under. The silver train was going pretty fast, so I only had one shot. I leapt down from the railing without hesitation, hitting the ceiling of the first car with a loud thump, rolling over the second. I manage to grab the last edge before falling, giving a relieved sigh.

The Cyborg looked up, hearing thumping sounds above them.

"Wow, aren't they persistent. We can't allow them to interfere with this mission. Cyborg, deal with them."

The Cyborg turned for the door, sliding it open. Buildings whooshed passed until they entered a dark tunnel. The Cyborg grabbed the top, and as soon as they were out in the darkness, the Miasma of the field, he pulled himself up and jumped to the top of the roof. He stood with his katana floating and spinning around him on the first car, as Sparky, Keyleria and Trevor stood on the second's roof top. He cloak and blonde spiky hair ripping towards them.

A round radius pushed this poisonous purple darkness away around us, the light of the lantern Keyleria had. It was as big as the platform we were standing on. The red cloaked man in front of us seemed to be unaffected by the Miasma.

I sparked in a glare, "I guess you must be one of them. Stand aside!"

((The Miasma eats at the light and good people. You take damage if you step into the Miasma, so you have to stick close to Keyleria and the lantern otherwise you die. Just so you know, this battle is fixed on the Cyborg winning and the train getting to Charity.))

Author:  shinashu taji [ Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

((would have posted earlier, but long car ride then immediately followed by a visit to my grandma's said otherwise.))

I watched as the silver train was going by that Sparky pointed out. "Ok Sparky lets get on that thing."

How dare these humans mock me so. I looked at these mortals. "Just so you guys know, there is an ulterior motive to my torture of Keyleria that isn't as superficial as I stated." Getting ready for a fight "she was never meant to be alive, and what she is to become in our world her fate... and that is all I can divulge." Turning around now "I never said I can control my own fate, we Guardians control the aspects of other things we our powerless against our own areas and cannot manipulate them for ourselves. Also don't ever call me pathetic if you ever want to see your daughter Spence."

Running closer to the train I was slowly losing some breath as well as getting closer to Fate I hope I don't see him, I can't win against him just yet. "Ok guys lets get ready for this."

Author:  Adversity [ Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: World Deprived of Light~

((Tell me if this is wrong, but I think only Umbra, Jet, and Trevor are left in the car. If you don't want them to escape, just consider Umbra fainted due to overuse of moves and disregard the rest of the post.))

Umbra gasped as the cold left him. He was left only with the darkness he had gathered, and he watched as the metal-man left the train. He blew ice upon the bars, freezing them, and cracking them open with two slashes. He jumped out, ready to fight. All that was left in the train car was him, Spence, and Jet. Umbra ran over to Jet and drew darkness into his claws, slashing the shackles open.

He then went to Spence, who was lying on the ground in pain. "Spence... bigswordman... wake up. You hurt, but we must get out." Umbra slashed Spence's shackles open, and with that the shadows he had collected were gone. He was back to just regular old Umbra. He ran over to the Pokeballs and grabbed the one he was now linked to, handing it to Spence.

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