Echos of Time
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Author:  angelo chronos [ Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Echos of Time

Setting: The realms of Meti and Aishi. The worlds that keep the earth in balance. Both have geography like earth but Meti is inverted. (Valleys where there would be mountains in Aishi and vice-versa) Meti is the realm of thoughts, poplulated by humanoid creatures called the Tshenta. Made by the realm with the job of keeping the ideas and dreams of the human race safe. Aishi is the realm of memories, Populated by humanoid creatures called the Echos. Made by the realm to keep the hopes and memories of the human race safe.

The Towns/Cities of Aishi: The capitol city of Liten, The trade town of Gyashii, The law town of Ukanda, The Border town of Shadai,

The Towns/Cities we will go through in Meti: Capitol city of Quataa, Home to the Death bowl. And the Rouge town of Tregya, Thief's Haven.

Plot: Unrest troubles the people of Aishi. They have lost contact with the realm of Meti and have heard rumours that it is beginning to fall apart. These worries are confirmed when the lords of Aishi reveal that Meti has been affected with corruption from the human race. With all the war, murder, And other sins being committed it has corrupted the thoughts of the human race. Which in turn has affected the stability of Meti as it is made from those thoughts. The lords of Aishi think they have a way to restore stability to Meti, The ancient power of Ishen. Which is said to be the power of the gods. It is a different style of echo fighting that is strongest when controlled by the "Pure of Heart". but they need some volunteers who are "Pure of Heart" to avoid being corrupted in the attempt. So they recruit four children to travel to Meti and attempt to restore balance by purifying the core of Meti. But the tshenta will stop at nothing to preserve their newfound powers and work against the people of Aishi in keeping their world corrupted.

The Echos: A race that resides in the realm of aishi. Made with a combination of sound and matter they control a unique power called the Echos of Existance. Fueled by the Memories they tend to and tends to be stronger in children than in adults. Other than these things they act exactly like human beings.

The Tshenta: A race that resides in the realm of Meti. Once a kind and peaceful race they became twisted by the corruption of the thoughts they worked so close with. Made with a combination of Knowledge and Matter and transformed by the corruption they now control a power called Thoughts of Destruction. Fueled by hate and greed it corrupts the user even further the more it is used.

Additional Rules:
You may have two characters if you want. However you can only have one character from each race.


Name: {Your Name}

Age: {Between 9 and 14 for echos}

Race: {You may only be a Tshenta if you have created an echo character, There are no more echo spaces, or have permission from me to be one}

Appearance: {May be a picture or described. Doesn't matter to me as long as the picture doesn't take up the whole page}

Echo Style (Only for Echos): {The fighting style that all echos have a talent for. No two echos have the same style unless they are related. The name of an echo style should look like this. "Echos of Wrath" or something like it. Echo styles affect any weapon the person uses}

Thought Style (only for Tshenta. See above):

Personality: {May be PO}

History: {At least two lines, Either full history or just recent}

Weapon: {Optional}

Relationship to other members: {Family, Friend, Or none}

As for mine...

Name: Noname Saruka

Age: 14

Appearance: ... id.jpg?o=1

Echo Style (Only for Echos): Echos of Reality. A power that allows noname to blur the lines between reality and illusion by creating sound waves in different pitches that affect how the brain perceives the world. When combined with the Ahna it allows him to use a wide range of attacks such as Reverb, Which causes images of objects that the user's waves hit to be transferred to the user. And Dissonance, Which causes the user's waves to explode in a burst of high pitch sound when hit with a wave of a different pitch.

Personality: PO

History: Born in the capitol of Liten. He was raised as a warrior by his father, One of the elder guards of the palace. He is fairly skilled with his echo style and is currently apprenticed to the head guard. Which was how he was selected to be one of the four children to go on this mission.

Weapon: Ahna. A Gauntlet that has a blade on the outside of the arm. Given to only the most experienced apprentices or guards, It can channel sound waves to replicate their effect over a range of frequencies, Causing different effects based on the frequency used. In the case of Noname's style it causes the lines between the real and illusion realms to blur, Making it harder for an opponent to separate the truth from what is illusion.

Relationship to other members: None

Author:  kaizer20 [ Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

Finally, I can start playing an rp...

Another thing, could you post the places on both regions so that we can put where we come from? I'll edit my post on the history after you've done that...

Name: Blaze Shinguuji

Age: 14

Appearance: White and spiky hair. For the body, look at Volkner with a black jacket and red highlighted lines on the edges.

Echo Style: Echos of Shadow. The ability to manipulate shadows using a very special sound wave released by a snap but its very limited (to prevent myself from godmodding). Also the ability to create mirror images of himself or others. Its limits are: when he manipulates shadows, there's a limited range which is 30 meters away so he's pretty weak to very long ranged attacks. And when he makes mirror images, he can only hold it for a minute and it can move but it can't really touch you. Despite him being able to make another one but it drains him if he uses it every time.

Personality: Easy going but pretty serious at times. Goes for both offense and strategy, making him a formidable opponent...

History: Born in the Border town of Shadai. Blaze's family is a well-known blacksmith clan who have supplied weapons for the military for years. Blaze was trained well in their sword style by his grandfather before he died. Because of that, he wanted to join the Guards due to his grandfather's whishes. Now, Blaze roams around Aishi for adventure and maybe find the chance to join the Guards.

Weapon: Terra Breaker. Because of his grandfather's last commands, Blaze was given the Terra Breaker which was the last made sword by his grandfather. It's made with special materials that came from a meteorite found near the forests, which give it the ability to destroy land at contact. It was said that his grandfather made "Terra Orbs" that are supposed to be put in the round slot of the sword that allows it to change elements. Unfortunately, his grandfather scattered the orbs all throughout the world in order to prevent people who plant to abuse the swords abilities.

Relationship to other members: None (But this is open if you like)

Author:  angelo chronos [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

Approved, And also i added a couple fields that i forgot before. And any higher age than 14 kinda defeats the purpose of someone being pure of heart because people tend to have done... Things by about 15/16

Author:  Jaguar [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

Hey Angelo I bet you don't know who I am. It's Hyperjack123 just new and refurbished.

Name: Macy Lorette Clarke

Age: 14

Race: Echo

Appearance: Image

Echo Style: Echo of Wizardry. Casting spells and performing wizardry is Macy's forte. Mind Control and Structure Manipulation are out of her league. However summoning creatures, creating shields, erecting blasts of magical energy and levitation. She struggles with potions and witchcraft but sometimes can perform acceptably.

Personality: Generally calm and cool but can easily become fustrated. She has a slight short fuse and can be quick to judge people.

History: Born and raised in Shadai. She lived with her parents and 7 siblings. They lived in a small house and it was all a big squeeze. Nothing was her own and you had to fight for food, clothes and somewhere to sit. She grew up with all her sisters being echo's of Wizardry and her brothers being echo's of Linguistics. So her skills have been tested. When she finally moved out into a small apartment with her eldest cousin, Scarlet the echo of light, Macy felt a sense of freedom and was able to have fun for once.

Weapon: The Laraxen Wand. A long, purple wand with a glittered star on one end. Magic peformed by Macy does not have to be done via the wand however it is much stronger if it is.

Relationship to other members: None.

Jagz - {lugia}

Author:  angelo chronos [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

Accepted if you elaborate on your echo style a bit more.

Author:  redt [ Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

Name: Red Feadra
Age: 14
Race: Echo

Appearance: Image

Echo Style: Echo of Water. Red can manipulate water and ice. He uses his hands in controlling the movement of the element and uses whistling to alter its forms. Lower the pitch, more widespread(e.g. flood). Higher the pitch, more solid and deadly( e.g. ice, ice sickles). Really high pitch whistles break the ice chunks into multiple ice sickles. Red uses the lower pitch to flood the area around his enemies to use a high pitch to immobilize them.

Personality: Red is laid-back and likes to cut things straight to the point, unless he wants to talk. He is very smart but also very persuading. He knows how to work a person's mind and can usually read a person after about 5 minutes of talking to them. Red is a very cunning person.

History: Born in Liten, Red grew up with his parents and younger brother. He always hung out with his friends, which he had many. His father was an Echo of Fire and his mother was an Echo of Nature, so they knew that Red would be an Element Echo. His control developed rapidly and his parents were surprised to see him control ice as well as water. Red always made his little brother, a Wind Echo, do his chores when they were younger. Red always knew the right thing to say but eventually his parents got smart and figured out his little game. Red always had a good life.

Weapon: Jet Stream . The blade can cut through anything. Red can manipulate ice into a copy of the sword and it will mimic the swords movements. Basically fighting with two swords but one is un-mand and breakable

Relations to other members: None

Author:  angelo chronos [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

Accepted. We shall now start.


Noname stood in a small room inside the guard quarters of the palace. He had been told to come to there and wait for three other children to join him and then to lead them to the elder room. "What reason could the elders have for four children to come see them personally...? I don't think that i was told that they were royal, Otherwise it wouldn't be me leading them here... Ah well, It is not my place to question the wisdom of the elders..." At that moment he heard a squeak as the door opened, Revealing another child at the door.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

Race: Tshenta
Appearance:A young handsome man with brown, spiky hair. Has brwon eyes and wears black pnats with a black long-sleeve collared shirt. Also has a white cape.
Thought Style: Destruction(Inferno)- Allows Caius to create and manipulate fire. He can use it like a flamethrower or throw a firey ball that explodes on impact when detonated by his mind.As long as he pictures it in his head, he create various forms of fire to cause destruction.
Personality: Before corruption- A kind, intelligent, caring young man.
After- A power- hungry, diablocal sociopath.

History: Caius was once a kind, cheerful man who put other's well being above his own. He was raised with a loving family and was an extremely intelligent being. However, the corruption has drastically changed him into a selfish homicidal man who will stop at nothing to futher increase his power of Thought of Destruction.

Weapon: Head Hunter- a jagged blade with a gold and silver hilt. Caius is extremely skilled with this weapon and true to it's name, usually decapitates it's victims.

Relationship with other members: none

Author:  angelo chronos [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

{Accepted. Please elaborate on your thought style though. What does it do, etc.}

Author:  kaizer20 [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

Blaze was confronted by an old stranger in the middle of his journey to the capitol and was told that he was chosen along with three others and should meet them at the palace. Excited about what they were supposed to do, he rushed through Liten. The downside was he didn't have a map with him so he got lost on his way. "Well, there's no harm in asking for directions..."

He then approached a guard patrolling the area and asked where the palace was. "Its west from here... You're not from here are you?" said the guard, "Yeah, I'm from Sadai. Maybe you know my grandfather..." "Shadai, huh? Is there a possibility that you're The Great Shinguuji's grandson?" "Yeah, that's my grandfather... Well, I've got to go now. I think I'm really needed over there..."

He again rushed through the streets of Liten and finally got to the guard quarters and opened the door...

Author:  redt [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

"Red, shouldn't go ahead and leave for the elders chamber?" His mother walked over to the stairs, "Red!"

" I'm coming! Jeez." Red came bounding down the stairs. He looked at the clock, " Oh come on Mom! It's only 7."

" You always want to be early to a summonce son." His father walked to stand by his mother. " It's a great honor to be called upon at such a young age." His mother looked at his father, " You don't think the mission will be too dangerous do you?" His father looked at him. " Do you have your sword?" Red held up the sword in its sheath, " Then you'll be fine."

With swift goodbyes Red was walking down the road to the palace. Good thing we don't live that far away. As he rounded the last corner, he saw boy run into the palace. " Hmph, I guess Dad was right." Red walked up to the doors and went in. Two boys were already there waiting. " Well at least I'm not last."

Author:  angelo chronos [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

As the two stepped into the room he stepped foward and greeted them "Welcome... Please have a seat... Once the two girls join us we shall leave for the elder chamber... For now take a seat..." As his hand would glow slightly and the outline of two seats would fade into view, Turning into two ornate chairs sitting near the wall.

Author:  Jaguar [ Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:30 am ]
Post subject: 

Macy sat brushing her hair with a light blue brush in front of her make up area. The thoughts of the journey were racing through her head. Most of her family had left from her send off party the previous night. Her mother and father were still there waiting to send her off. She finished her hair and collected all of her items and placed them in her bag whilst tucking her wand in her boot. She walked down the spiral staircase.
"Are you ready honey?" Her mother, Farfalla Clarke, asked.
"Let's do it mom." Macy replied nervously. Farfalla sensed this.
"Macy, there is no need to be nervous. I'll just grab my wand and then we'll create the portal." Farfalla said reassuringly picking up her black wand. They stepped outside.

They both stood apart each other and cast their wand and launched the spell. Sparkling purple stars emitted from Macy's wand whilst black love hearts emitted from her mothers. The rays clashed to form a mystical portal. They retracted their wands and walked to opposite sides of the portal. Their palms met and they rushed them around the circle to open the magical gateway.

"Okay that's that. Now you'll be okay and we'll be okay. Which is good. Your all packed. Good, good." Farfalla began to ramble.
"Mom, I'll be fine." Macy said.
"Ok remember, I wish you enough." Farfalla said.
"As I you." Macy said stepping through the portal. As she did Farfalla began to cry.

A stranger had seen it all, it was there neighbour Pachrando, the echo of air. He wanted to comfort her but he didn't if he should intrude. He got his answer she turned to him.
"Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone you loved?" Farfalla said.
"Yes I have. Many a time." Pachrando stopped, "I heard you say, I wish you enough. What does that mean?"
Through her tears Farfalla began to smile. "My great grandparents used to say it all the time and was passed through my family for generations. I means that you wish the person enough sun to understand rain, enough rain to appreciate the sun, enough light to except darkness, enough darkness to welcome light, enough health to reason with sickness, enough sickness to enhance health, enough love to neglect hatred, enough hatred to always be loved. So to each and every one person. I wish them. Enough."

Macy landed outside of the palace and walked in flashing her wand looking smug and feeling important. A huge guard stepped in front of her. "Excuse me maam where do you think your going?" The guard said in a rugged deep voice.
Macy got scared and replied weakly. "I’m here to see the council of the elders. I have to go to the Elder Chamber."
"Oh yes,” The guard said, "Follow me." Macy was lead down a corridor and entered a room with some other people in it. She was here, she had arrived.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

"No, please stop! I did not mean to do it!" An old Tshenta man turned from the street he was at into an alley. The man hid behind a crate and struggled to catch his breathe without making noise. Raindrops dripped down from the roof of the building he was hugging against. The drops kept hitting the ground every three seconds. The old man's eyes shifted quickly to where the drop landed, preparing to run from the man who was hunting him. However, he sighed in relief as he relized it was just the raindrops. The man chuckled to himself and got up. When the man turned around to get back on the street, a hand clutched his throat. An evil hooded figure lifted the old man against the wall of the building. The old man tried to pry the hands off his throat, but could not break the iron grip. "Please sir, I did not mean to take monry from you. I was in a hurry and I needed the money to buy food."

"Silence! How dare you whimper like a coward. Have you any pride? Well I assume you were in a hurry to die, as that is the next and last chapter of your pathetic excuse of a life!"

The old man's face turned pale white in terror. "No! No! Stop! Please! I'll do any...AHHHHHHHH!"
The old man's face suddenly caught on fire and he screamed in agony. The fire hugged his face and would not spread. It continued to melt his skull as he violently shook in the Hooded Man's death grip. He then went limp and the Hooded Man's grip disappeared. The headless body then dropped to the ground with a sickening thud. The Hooded Man knelt down to the body. "I'm sorry. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Caius." Caius laughed and then exited the alley.

Author:  kaizer20 [ Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

As Blaze takes a seat, he thought about why they were gathered there. "What am I supposed to do now? At least I got here in the palace... Maybe I can find a way to join the guards... Well there's no harm in asking..."

"Why are we here anyways? I was just stopped by an old cloaked man while I was still outside the capitol. He told me that I was needed over here at the palace. Honestly, I don't know anyone from here so its impossible for someone to send for me..."

Author:  angelo chronos [ Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Echos of Time

As the remaining children walked into the room noname smiled slightly and said quietly "Prote il Meti". Then he closed his eyes as a flash of light temporarily blinded everyone in the room. When vision was restored he was standing in a doorway in the middle of the room. "Follow me everyone..." He said as he turned around and walked through the door, beginning to walk down a long hallway towards the main palace.

{Btw... I'm using the language of toiren for most of my vocal spells and for the names of certain things... Effectively translated Meti means "Light" and Aishi means "Dark". Just fyi.}

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