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 Glactic Road 
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Timeline: After the Events of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Story: Team Glatic has been deafeted and peace has retured to Shinnoh. After hearing about Giriantina, Team Rocket traveled to the Shinnoh region in hopes of finding Giriantina. Team Glactic has also returned. A new team has also appeaered, Team Digger.So it has become a race against time to see who will capture Giranintina. Can any stop team Glactic and Team Rocket or will the ghost and dragon type ledgendary Girantina be captured?

Charecters: Team Glactic: Led by Cyrus, Team Glactic hopes to capture Giarintina and then take over Shinnoh to make there perfect world.

Team Rocket: Led by Giovanni, Team Rocket whishes to capture Giarintina and use it's power to take over the World.

Team Digger: Team Digger is a new team. They are not evil, and are acctually good. They love to dig, talk, and battle with pokemon. There leader is shrouded in mystery so there General is like a second leader.

My charecter:
Apperence: Black hair, Green eyes, Skinny, averege in height, and pale.
Pesonality:Qiuet, doen't get angered eaisaly, doesen't smile much, mysterious.
Hometown: Eterna City
Name: Chris
Pokemon: Gabite, Ryhorn, and a Scizor
Journey Status: Has 2 badges, Enterna City's badge and Orberg City's Badge. Heading for Hearthome City. On Route 208

No God Modding.
No offensive or bad Language
No Spamming or Flamming
Try to Have Fun


Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:00 pm
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Gym Leader
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You haven't been approved. And because you didn't read the rules, you'll need 25 posts to do so.


Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:36 pm
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