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 Digimon: Lucemon's Revenge (Teen-rated) 
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(If they were to make an actual movie out of Digimon [like they did with Transformers] this is what I think it would be like)

The Digital World is in serious peril. Lucemon, an ancient evil Digimon that can control both light AND dark power, has been awakened after thousands of years (Digital World time, not Earth time) of waiting for his time to come. The four Sovereign Digimon (Azulongmon, Ebonwumon, Baihumon, and Zhuqiaomon), tried to prevent Lucemon from unleashing his minions to try and take over both the Digital World AND the world the humans live on. Unfortunately, the Sovereigns were destroyed by Lucemon's power over light and dark.

As an attempt at retaliation, Yggdrasil, the Digital World's supreme god, sent six Digi-Eggs, six Digivices, and six Virtue Crests & Tags to Earth, the home of the humans. To be precise, they were scattered across a country known as "The United States of America". Six teens would find these eggs, get their Digivices, Crests & Tags, and the Digi-Egg would hatch into a baby Digimon.

However, Lucemon has found out about this, and sent six of his lackeys to Earth to attempt to "seek and destroy" the eggs (or the baby Digimon), and their chosen human.

Lucemon plans to not only conquer the Digital World and rule over it as supreme overlord, but he wants to destroy the planet Earth and the "inferior" humans that live on it.

(note: We won't meet until after the six eggs are found AND we go intothe Digital World)

The six eggs, virtues, and Digimon lines [Fresh to Mega] are as follows.

We need females (both human AND Digimon) for the Crests of Love and Sincerity. The rest all have to be male.
( ALL of the Digimon involved in the entire RP are made by Bandai/Toei. If you don't know a specific Digimon, go to )

(I will edit the below part of the post whenever an Egg/Crest&Tag/Digimon/Digivice is claimed)
Red Egg [Courage] (Botamon->Koromon->Agumon->Greymon->RiseGreymon->VictoryGreymon
Blue Egg [Friendship] (Punimon->Tsunomon->Gabumon->Garurumon->WereGarurumon->ZeedGarurumon
Green Egg [Knowledge] (Pabumon->Motimon->Tentomon->Kabuterimon->MegaKabuterimon->TyrantKabuterimon)
Cyan Egg [Reliability] (Pitchmon->Bukamon->Gomamon->Ikkakumon->Zudomon->Vikemon)
Magenta Egg [Love] (Nyokimon->Yokomon->Biyomon->Peckmon->Garudamon->Phoenixmon)
Yellow Egg [Sincerity] (Yuramon->Tanemon->Palmon->Sunflowmon->Lilymon->Lotusmon)

The sign up sheet

Age (between 13 and 19):
Physical appearance (a semi-brief description would be best):
Personality (don't make it too long):
History (not too long before finding a Digi-egg):

My character

Name: Eric
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical appearance: Has white skin, medium-length blonde hair, blue eyes, wears black goggles, a red hoodie, khaki shorts, baggy green socks, and gray sneakers.
Personality (don't make it too long): A born leader, kind, friendly, brave, but with a bad temper sometimes. Just don't mess with him when he's in a bad mood.
Crest & Digimon : Courage & Agumon
History: Eric found his Digi-Egg when he was in his apartment in New York City, waiting for his parents to come back from a fancy dinner that he couldn't go to because it was at a bar, when the Digi-Egg seemingly appeared out of nowhere in his lap.

(We need 5 more people before we can start)

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Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:59 pm
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