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Author:  redt [ Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

Red looked down, " I have no one left. I don't remember anything about my past until the Colors took me in as their own. They were my only family, the only people that cared about me and now they're gone!" Red began shouting the words.

He took a deep breath and relaxed. " I'm sorry you had to see that." Red walked up to Sarah, she was short compared to him. " Unlike you I believe that things can change for the better. I can at least try to stop this chaos. It's the least I owe my friends who died because of me."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

Jimmy looked at the floor and laughed quietly to himself. Soon he strolled across the room. "Darling...we're in much too deep to just stop now and I'm sure that Spence is in even worse. At this rate even if we do, they'll hunt us, and they'll kill us. We can beat Psyche, you don't need to worry about that." He looked at her and smiled in relief. "Have at least a little bit of faith in us, will ya?" He swung his arm around her. "And between you and me...I'm doing a hell of alot better than what the gang used to do. We were no better...but people change. If we keep trying then maybe the world can too." He brought his hand up. "Just look at this place, you do this because you like it, right? But if it weren't for this...our pokemon could have died." He took his arm back and walked around. "By the way...lovely job with the place!"

Author:  paco25_007 [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:43 pm ]
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Jet shook his head at the drama going on in front of him. "Listen peeps, I don't mean to butt in your emotional conversation, but this changing the world thing is not on my agenda. The reason I'm here is to avenge my family. No offence Sarah, but I'm not going to settle down, raise pokemon, and have nice big happy family. My family is gone. My happiness is gone. Now for my want to beat the living hell out of Psyche, it's bigger and badder than ever. If you want to sit there and be Snow White, go ahead. But I'm going exact my vengeance. I'm going to ...." Jet then fell asleep.

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:03 pm ]
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"Well, okay," she smiled, with that same grief as she started, "To be honest, I gave Spence the same lecture a few years ago. But I guess you guys are pretty much the same."

Suddenly, Clarke and Jet burst through the door, and there was Jet, who had heard parts of their conversation before they came in. He slipped yet again into unconsciousness after his input.

"Oh God! What happened to him?! Who are you?!" she distressed to Clarke as Sarah took Jet off his hands and placed him onto the couch underneath the photos.

Author:  King_Kilvas [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

Matt walked in behimnd the others and looked at Jet with a sigh. "He can't hardly hold himself up let alone stay awake." Looking up he dropped his jaw in amazement. "Where are we...?" He walked to the back door and saw the many grass pokemon and smiled. "There so'd you manage to keep this going ma'am? It's...incredible!"

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

“Now I know this is hard for you to understand---”

Spence was talking to his pokemon, Scizor and Swampert, who looked very glum.

“---We’ve been together for quite some time now. And I couldn’t have gone on the way I have been without you. But… But this is for the best.”

The both of them pouted their thoughts, Scizor even got a little mad.

“Listen… From here on, I have no idea where our path will lead Team Midnight, if Team Midnight is even real or not anymore… But… I know the course it will take me will only lead to death. So, I’m making the decision to split here. I know Sarah will look after you. With Mewtwo and Zack’s pokemon, they should be enough to see this tale to its end… I don’t need you guys dying with me, too. I… I like you guys too much.”

Spence gave a chuckle, a sad one.

The two pokemon soulfully sighed, giving a bow before walking off into the forest and disappearing into the foliage.

A grind at his teeth, that awful gut wrenching feeling, and his fists in a clench, Spence stood quiet as two of the best friends he had walked away and out of his life forever.

“…Spence, so there you are.”

Spence turned. It was undoubtedly Diseh, just invisible. Even in cloned form his still had a knack for coming in at inappropriate times.

“So, I guess you met Sarah…”

Spence looked up in ponder, grinning as he looked back down, “Yeah, awhile back, while you were still kickin’ with Ki and Xalia. Why?”

“Heh. Forget it!”

“I’ll leave my mind to wonder on that one. So, what’s new?” he smirked as he squinted mockingly.


Spence burst through the door, thankful the whole team was here, he rounded them up, “Okay. Two of you help Jet to his feet. Diseh told me everything. Psyche’s looking for Jet, so we’re hiding out. Follow me,” he walked back out to the forest.

“So, I guess Jimmy brought back the pokemon,” he chuckled as he pondered about the returning pokemon in the sanctuary.

“D-Diseh?” Sarah perked up, quite startled as Spence left. She stood up from Jet and looked to the door, turning to Matt, “After years of work. A Pokemon Sanctuary; where pokemon can survive and live away from the harsh outside world. It took a lot of people and pokemon’s help, but we manage,” she gave a little smirk before looking out to the garden where Spence left.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

Jimmy laughed lightly. "You know...the chelloveck with a heart shear gold." He followed with a smirk and his hands sunk into his pockets. "So....where are we off to now?" He looked around, open for ideas. Jimmy felt oddly optimistic about the venture for some reason.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

"Heh. You really have a heart of gold, Jimmy. Thanks," Spence smiled to him as he walked on.

Suddenly, an Entei leapt out from the foliage and blocked Spence's path. And it was a big Entei, with Spence's marked scar across its face. Because it was cloned, it was more purple than red, but it still blazed just the same.

"Entei..." Spence halted in a whisper, placing a hand onto his sword's handle, "So, you came back after all... Have you been waiting for me?"


The Entei flew back as Spence sheltered his sword. The now cowardly Entei with a fresh scar looked up to Spence in the distance.

"There. I've defeated you and all your friends. Come back when you're stronger. Now, leave Sarah's Sanctuary in peace! Now!~"


Flashback over, Entei howled as its new friends emerged; a Regice and Zapdos behind the now all-powerful Entei. As a statement of his power, it howled again as Zapdos launched a Thunderbolt heading Jimmy's way.

Spence swiped his sword out and up, conducting the lightning through his metal blade and into his body. When the shock finally stopped, Spence kneeled down and took a couple of exhausted breaths. He chuckled in pain, but for some reason he couldn't stop.

"Too bad, Entei... I've found some new friends, too..." he smirked, referring to Team Midnight behind him, "The best of the best. You don't stand a chance against us."

((Control Entei, Regice and Zapdos as you wish. Go Midnight~!))

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

"Thanks for the save!" Jimmy laughed. "Flying, Ice, Fire...perfect." He threw a ball and out of the red light emerged again, Rampardos. "Take good care of them, just watch the Regi!" It nodded and bolted off toward Zapdos, it flew up higher to avoid it. "Rock Tomb!" Ramparos launched itself into the air and flung all of its weight down onto the bird, both colliding back to the ground with the crash. Entei and Regice started to close in as Ramardos just barely made his way up. Jimmy bit his lip.

Author:  redt [ Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

" Garchomp, Sandstorm." Red threw out the pokeball and as it opened a sand whirled around Rampardos. " Jimmy take care of that Zapdos for me. I've got Regice." Red saw a faint blue light, " Garchomp Dig and avoid that ice attack!"

Garchomp dove underground just in time as the Regice sent an Icy Wind towards him. The sandstorm was negated and the area was visible again. " Garchomp, surface and use Flamethrower." Garchomp jumped out of the ground and blasted a flamethrower out of his mouth. The Entei jumped in front of the Regice and spun the flames around his body. It roared and released the flames. Garchomp didn't have time to react and was hit. Garchomp flew back a couple of feet but was able to withstand the attack.

" That's some Entei. To be able to damage a Garchomp with a Fire attack."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

"Heh, thanks for the help!" With Garchomp there Rampardos was able to get away safely from Regice and brought his attention back to Zapdos. It was a bit stunned from the attack so it was slower now, thankfully. "Ok, let's finish this. Rampardos, Ancient Power!" Rampardos started to glow a dull purple as bit of ground rose around it and shot forward at Zapdos. With a sharp look, it darted, almost unseen, so safety. It shot straight forward at him. "Head Smash!" Rampardos pushed itself back at Zapdos as it's beak drilled into his head. Zapdos burst back into a tree the snapped on impact as Rampardos fell to the ground. "Good job." He returned it and looked over to Red. "You handling ok?"

Author:  Jaguar [ Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

Clarke wanted to be part of the action and released two pokeballs. Out came Dewgong and Gardevoir, "Okay, Dewgong use Waterfall." Clarke commanded. Dewgong threw up its fins and it began riding a massive Waterfall heading for Entei. It landed a hit but it looked as if a super affective attack had done hardly any damage towards the legendary beast. Gardevoir teleported behind Regice and charged up a Focus Blast, Regice realised this and blew a Zap Cannon that collided with the ball of Focus Energy. There was an explosion and Gardevoir's world was filled with smoke. It cleared to reveal Regice with it's arm out charing a Hyperbeam at Gardevoir from point blanc range.

(Somebody save Gardevoir!)

Author:  redt [ Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

" Quick Garchomp! Use Dragon Rush." Garchomp lowered his head parallel with his body and launched forward. The Regice turned and shot the beam at him but he jumped in the air. Regice couldn't move as Garchomp came crashing down onto it. A cloud of dirt erupted from the impact. Garchomp jumped out of the cloud and landed next to Red.

Red glanced over at Jimmy, " Never better." He looked at Clarke, " How 'bout you?" As Red said that a light blue beam shot out of the cloud and hit Garchomp, freezing him solid. " Just minor set-back. Use Flamethrower to break free." Garchomp's mouth glowed then a shot of fire blasted out of the ice. As the ice melted Garchomp fell to the ground, too cold to fight. " You did good." Red returned him and took out another pokeball.

" Warm-up's over, time to destroy them Luxray." Luxray landed behind Regice and began to growl.

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Midnight (Advanced RP, violence, death, join)

Once Jet was outside with the help of Sarah and Matt on either side of him, Diseh swept him away from the two, Jet's arm around his shoulders once again.

"I've got Jet. Matt, follow me. Sarah," he turned his head to her, almost pleading, "Go back inside where it's safe, now!!"

Sarah gasped as the dark hooded man confronted them and quickly struggled to drag Jet away. Who was that man? Was it that person Spence was referring to? Diseh...?

Sarah nodded with a murmur. She couldn't leave the pokemon in the Sanctuary knowing they could be hurt. She proceeded to head back inside, turning as she got to the door, watching Diseh walk through and into the battle. Sarah sighed deeply, turning off and shutting the door behind her.


Diseh walked and stopped just behind the guys, noticing Spence's lack of breathing as he struggled to get up from the ground.

"...Good job, guys. Just keep going. If we can't beat these punks we won't be able to stop Team Aqua OR Psyche...!!"

Spence stood up straight with all his strength and will. Damn, I've been through so much! Why is my body doing this to me now?! Right when I need it the most...!!

Spence uncovered a Pokeball and threw it out, summoning Raichu.

Zapdos recovered, flying into the fray. It charged up, pulling its spiky-thundering wings back. It then unleashed everything it had in one great Thunderbolt, the sound of it roared throughout Ilex Forest.

Spence and Raichu both grunted. Spence raised his fist with all his might, "Raichu! Thunderbolt!!"

Raichu braced the ground on all fours, its lightning tail shooting up and into the air. Suddenly, it also gave everything it had as surging electricity flung from its body and into Zapdos's Thunderbolt attack.

But it wasn't good enough. Zapdos continued pushing the attack their way as Raichu tried forcing it to deflect or cancel out. It was no good. Raichu was growing tried, taking in Zapdos's attack as well as producing its own.

Spence couldn't stand anymore. He let out an exhausted sigh as he fell to one knee. "Dammit. I should've known Raichu wasn't enough when I felt that attack... Some trainer I am..." he growled to himself, suddenly screaming out, "Someone!!"

Author:  King_Kilvas [ Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

Matt followed Diseh back to where Spence was and got there just as he'd hit the ground. He pulled a ball from his belt and threw it out. "This may not be a great time...but at least we can do something!" Lapras emerged on the ground right in front of Spence, just as another Thunderbolt was headed his way. "Block it off with Ice Beam!" A bright blue beam blasted from it's horn and matched the Thunderbolt. The two attacks clashed and created a light blue mist. "Lapras, mist!" The air around them became thick and concealed as Matt rushed behind to help Spence to his feet as mcuh as he could with his height. "Diseh! Some help here?"

Author:  Jaguar [ Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

"Gardevoir Teleport," Clarke commanded, "Dewgong return." He could only manage one Pokemon for now. "Now get in there. Hit Zapdos with Focus Blast!" Clarke ordered. Gardevoir contrated its focus and created a light blue ball of energy and flung it through the mist hopefully towards the Zapdos.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

Jimmy felt a rumble as Entei erupted with a roar behind him. He jumped and turned. "Purple, eh? What's this, the Rupaul edition? You look more fruity than Chris Crocker!" It roared again and stepped to him. Jimmy gulped and stepped back as he threw a ball to the ground. Feraligatr emerged from the red glow with a growl. "Give it a Hydro Pump. Finish him." A jet of water burst from its mouth a smothereed Entei. "Heh...that's what I thought.." Jimmy turned away gallanly as another roar blasted through the air and Feraligatr was charged at. Knocked to the ground, it clawed ferociously at the dog's face until it moved away again and Feraligartr was able to get up again. "You're a pretty nasty one, aren't ya..." Entei looked at them challngingly.

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

Spence returned Raichu as soon as it was safe to do to so, he turned to Matt in a grin. He blanked out soon after.

"Uhhhhhh!!" Diseh looked to the unconscious Jet beside him and then over to Matt and Spence. They were dropping like flies. They needed a miracle soon otherwise there'd be no hope left at all. Diseh didn't have the guts to say it. He needed them to survive, at least for a little while longer.

"Geez Matt, does it look like I'm freakin' Hercules?!! I mean, I know I'm not exactly human, but I can't to do two things at once!!"

Diseh sighed within himself. "Celebi, I need your help... Call the strongest pokemon of the forest to help us... We really need to get the upper hand here..." Suddenly, a bell chime was heard and it gently echoed throughout the forest.

As Zapdos tried escaping the clearing mist and the ever gaining hovering sound of Gardevoir's Focus Blast, a Swampert jumped from a large tree above and stomped the thunder bird down to the ground with a downward meteor kick. Landing, it then struggled to pick Zapdos up, but managed to subdue the lightning bird with its titanic arms in a vice clipped around its wings. Zapdos tried furiously to Thunder its way out of submission, but it was to no effect. The Focus Blast landed and Zapdos met its end.

As Regice turned to head face to face with Red's Luxray with an already charged Zap-Cannon, a Scizor sped into the fray behind it. Overwhelmed, the Regice turned to calculate the new opponent, to have Scizor's powerful steel Iron Head smash into its face. It span back to Luxray on its one leg in a flinch.

Swampert made his way through and stood sided with its counterpart Feraligatr, staring down Entei who looked over them by a ledge. Suddenly, Entei started to howl once again, until its howl turned into a dark distortion of the sound. Things started getting heated. As it howled, dark flames started twisting ferociously around it. It was so hot, nearby trees started setting ablaze. As the dark flame embodied it, it suddenly scattered in a Double Team. There were now three Enteis, and touching them was a big no-no. They had to defeat all three of the Enteis before the forest was completely destroyed.

Diseh glared up at this dark fiery clone as he helped Matt get Spence up as well as hold Jet with his other arm.

"Its rage after the years Spence defeated it... It grew and grew, until... Its hateful heart couldn't hold it any longer... It erupted into pure rage and hatred..." Diseh looked down and sighed, "If only Spence knew what would happen to it afterwards... He would've put the thing out of its misery way before things got so bad!!"

Diseh turned his head to Matt, "I'll take care of these two, help the others defeat the Entei," he nodded with a blunt seriousness.

Author:  redt [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

Red took the advantage, " Luxray, Iron Tail." Luxray jumped into the air and lashed his glowing tail into Regice's stomach area. The clone fell to the ground but was still getting up. " I'm tired of messing with you, Luxray use Charge." Luxray began glowing as electricity jumped off his fur. The Regice sent an Ice Beam toward him but Luxray was too fast. " Now use Discharge at close range." Luxray ran as fast as he could and wrapped his tail around Regice's arm. He released the attack and electricity surged through Regice and began shooting off into the distance.

Regice let out one last beep before it fell to the ground, electricity flicking across its body. " Luxray make sure that Regice stays down for the rest of the battle. You already paralyzed it, so there shouldn't much trouble." Red took out another pokeball, " Vaporeon use Rain Dance to put out this fire."

Vaporeon burst out, glowing blue, as rain began to fall from the clouds above. The temperature began to cool slightly and the trees' flames were extinguished. Vaporeon walked over to where the other water pokemon were. Red looked at the Enteis, not one of them faltered and their flames didn't lessen.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

Feraligatr stood with Swampert and Vaporeon. If balance served, there'd be one for each of them but with these dogs it didn't seem the case. Jimmy analyzed them closely as the rain poured down and colled the battle field. Steam protruded off the Enteis like they were on the verge of melting. The dogs roared again as the very ground seemed to shake. "Feraligatr, give it another Hydro Pump!" Another jet shot from it's mouth as it was met by two heated blasts of fire and quickly reduced to pure steam. The Enteis triangulated, facing each of the water types ready to cover one another. Jimmy looked around. "Anyone got any ideas?"

Author:  King_Kilvas [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

Matt nodded and left Spence and Jet in the hands of Diseh. He kept his distance and tossed another ball. "Butterfree! Go, skatter a stun spore over the Enteis but stay high ok?" It nodded and flew off sprinkling dust that quickly turned to embers as they met the flames. Butterfree fluttered down and shook itself off. "Sorry..I didn't think the rain would effect you that badly." He returned it and gulped before calling Gastly. Lapras slowly made it's way over and the two pokemon joined the others. "Gastly, Curse!" It jolted itself back and laid a dark seal over one of the dogs. Once they noticed the other two shot flamethrowers toward it. "Hydro Pump!" Lapras was quick to block the blasts as Gastly retreated behind it with Matt. "This isn't gonna be easy."

Author:  redt [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

" Vaporeaon use Hydro Pump." Vaporeon blasted the water at an Entei but was blocked by another. " I do have an idea. Vaporeon use Surf." Vaporeon's eyes glowed blue as the rain drops congregated to form a giant wave. Vaporeon flicked his tail and the wave was sent crashing into them. " Now everyone have your pokemon use Hydro Pump on those dogs." Vaporeon blasted another jet of water.

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

The Scizor sped behind Swampert as Swampert nodded to Red. It then guzzled as much water down the back of its throat as possible. Then, as it braced the earth on all fours, Swampert unleashed all watergun hell. This move was instead Hydro Cannon.

Author:  Jaguar [ Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

"Gardevoir, return," Clarke said he looked at the pokeball, "You did well, take a nice long rest." He needed his water pokemon out. He released: Dewgong, Blastoise and Gorebyss. Gorebyss elegantly released a powerful Hydro Pump that went crashing towards the legenedary dogs. Blastoise got a pale blue sparkle in his mouth and released a power packed Hydro Cannon. Dewgong, unfortunatly, could not learn Hydro Pump or Cannon. So Instead he released a powerful surf that had definatley been charged. Once Gorebyss' Hydro Pump was over she was a quick as ever to move around. Her ability, swift swim, made her a extremely difficult target to attack. "I have an idea." Clarke said aloud. "Gorebyss, use Whirlpool!" Gorebyss began spinning her elegant pink body around at a high speed then a huse spiralling whirlpool grew and grew before Gorebyss leaned back and then rapidly foward launching a colossal attack.

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team of Midnight (Advanced RP)

As the three Entei's launched their flamethrowers, the three turned themselves into three powerful burning cyclones, tearing the forest apart and burning surrounding trees to flames.

But with the teamwork of all the water pokemon on Team Midnight's side, their giant wave of crashing substance rushed and clashed on through the legendary clones' fiery rampage. The water raged over them until all the flames were put out and extinguished.

As the water drained away into the forest, three Entei bodies laid atop of the ledge, smoke and steam filtering from their bodies. The two Entei beside the main one fizzled out into a flame that shot upward, leaving the last remaining dog as it exhausted for breath on the cold earth.

Scizor promptly sped his way up the hill before the Entei could get up to launch one more devastating attack. Slash!! The Entei's eyes shot up to the back of its head as Scizor was seen on the other side of it after the attack. The purple Entei fell to the ground for good.

"So... Entei's finally gone..." Diseh lowered his head, "It waited all this time to get revenge... No wonder Entei didn't burn this place to the ground ages ago... It was waiting for Spence to come back and challenge him and his friends again... It reminds me of someone else. Well, you may have been just a clone and soulless to everyone else, but not to me. Rest in peace, Entei."

Diseh looked over as he began to groan, "...Guys!! Hello...?!" Diseh struggled holding both Jet and Spence on his shoulders, "I'm grateful to you all for saving the forest and the Sanctuary, but I'm getting tired over here!!"

As they all gathered around Diseh and gave him a hand. Diseh noticed the overload of pokemon Clarke was carrying, "Clarke, why don't you go back to the greenhouse and ask Sarah to look after your pokemon? I'm sure she'd be delighted, and besides, the Sanctuary could use some more powerful pokemon protecting the place for keepsake," he turned to the forest clearing, "But make it quick okay?! We're going to be hiding out in an old base of mine. Top secret, if you know what I mean. There, we can rest until we've fully recovered. We won't be bothered there... Oh?"

Diseh turned to the ledge where an old Venusaur now stood upon it, looking down to them before mournfully over the Entei's body. Scizor was standing beside it, watching curiously. It peacefully hummed a melody as it shut its eyes. As the singing continued, newly born flowers and trees shot up from the damp black ash and scotched environment as they magically grew just a little. But that was enough. It created new life from the damage their battle caused, and brought back hope for the forest.

After looking over the unconscious Spence to see if he was okay, Swampert walked over the hill to join Venusaur and Scizor.

"Hmm..." Diseh eyed the Venusaur and pondered, remembering the melody from his childhood, "He's thanking you all..." he closed his eyes and smiled calmly to himself. He felt a strange warmness inside himself, he felt so at home.

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