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Author:  Birdknight [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:03 pm ]
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"Excellent," Sabrina said gleefully. "Spinarak! Cocoon that captive up and bring him here." Spinarak did as it was told. It shot a string shot across the room which began to wrap itself around the Squirtle. As soon as the Cocoon was finished, Spinarak pulled the Squirtle back with ease and threw it in the corner. Sabrina was pleased with her handiwork. The Pidgey would soon find itself caught in the web that Spinarak had intricately layed out. "All according to plan..." she smirked. Raven made its way across the hallway. being able to see easily in the hazey room, and narrowly dodged the strings. It perched itself on a pipe at the top of the room, standing watch. Raven knew that Sabrina would not be pleased if any of the captives got passed her trap. Sprinarak, being its tricky-self, decided that it would be funny to project some scary faces to the already fearful pokemon, which it did most maliciously.

Author:  Zapheres [ Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:46 am ]
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((Sorry, I kept coming back to this rp and never posting for some odd reason. o.O I'll PM Gonga and Youkou, see if they've given up hope or what. And btw, Birdknight, could you delete some of the dashes in your profile post? It stretches my screen. '~'))

Poli coughed as the haze enveloped the room. Hearing a giggle in the hallway, he knew who it had to be - Sabrina, that officer witch. Poli bounced in the direction of the giggling and smashed headfirst into a tough web. Acting like a trampoline, in threw him back towards the ground. He smashed into a spike on the floor and careened into the wall, passing out.

Louis was shaking the bars, as if trying to find a way to break them. Hope was losing this battle.


Ralts zapped out of the pokeball into a small, dark house. He was beside the bed where a woman was sleeping. He sensed her thoughts - she was a warm, caring person. He had no reason for leaving.

So why was he out of his ball?

The answer donned on him. Louis was gone. Louis was in danger. He'd heard Louis even while in his ball. Louis needed help, and now. Ralts focused, then opened the channel Louis had used before to Ralts's amazement.

Louis? he called out through the channel.

Ralts? Ralts! You've got to help us! Waves of emotion began to pour through, stinging Ralts's mind.

Calm down, calm down! Do you need me to come to your location now?

No! Well, yes, but not exactly my location. I'm in a jail cell right now, and some giggling female covered this entire room with haze. Could you do something about whoever's doing this? Our position is pretty near the entrance to the base, so-

Base? Never mind, I'll ask later. I'll be there soon, okay? Stay calm.

Okay. And hey - what's with this psychic thingy we're doing?

Ralts thought about it for a moment. They were talking. Actually talking. We'll talk about that later.

Fine, fine, just hurry!

The channel died, and Ralts hovered out the window and towards Louis's aura.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:24 pm ]
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Jimmy tried to keep low, incase this haze wasn't actually a type of poison gas. HE took out his pokedex and clanged it on the bar, hoping to signal one of the pokemon. He repeated this over and over again before he head clawing and cooing. Pidgey? He got up quickly, coughing. " that you?" The cooing grew louder and Jimmy could make out what he thought o be two tiny feet clinging to the bar of his cell. Pidgey flapped relentlessly, only able to clear to clear the haze around him; Helooked terrified. "Pidgey, where's Squirtle?" Pidgey pointed his beak downward and Jimmy quickly looked, hoping to spot something. "Ugh...I can't see anyting!" The was the faint sound of a girl's giggle in te distance. Jimmy clung to the bars. "Who are you!? What do you want with us!?"
Isaac approached Sabrina from behind, setting his hand on her shoulder. "You've done well, Sabrina. These rogues won't be going anywhere for awhile, especially with such a high dose of poison. I don't believe there's much need for the haze anymore, though. You're Murkrow is powerful enough to defeat the survivors...if any." He let out a small laugh and turned to walk away. "Sabrina...don't disappoint me."

Author:  Birdknight [ Thu Jul 10, 2008 3:34 pm ]
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Sabrina was a bit shocked to feel the hand of a man on her shoulder. Once she discovered that it was Isaac, she blushed. She listened to his words, and took in every last one of them. "I will not, thank you, sir!" Sabrina, distracted by Isaac's sudden appearance, did not notice that the Pidgey had somehow evaded her traps and to the prisoner's cage. Murkrow, however, did. Murkrow flew quickly over to the unsuspecting Pidgey and attacked it viciously with a quick pursuit attack followed by a barrage of pecks. Spinarak smiled, proud of its work. Sabrina was still too embarrassed by her general's words to react. There was something about him that she liked. Something about him that distracted her from her usual, evil self. Something t hat made her more...human. But he was gone, and that 'something' was gone as well. She heard a prisoner yelling, and decided to silence him. "Spinarak, use poison sting on that prisoner who dared to speak in my presence!". Spinarak could not see very well, but shot his its stings of poison in the direction of the noise.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu Jul 10, 2008 4:45 pm ]
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Pidgey didn't get much time to react before Murkrow started its barrage of attacks. The small openings the Pidgey had, he took...but missed due to the haze. Pidgey fell soon after in a far corner of the room. "Pidgey!" Jimmy got up and grabbed at the bar before feeling a sharp pain in his leg. He reached down and felt a sort of spine and pulled it out. Soon after he felt dizzy and fell to the ground.
Back in his office, Isaac grinned. "Everything is going just as planned." He looked around a large table at 3 other people; Two men and a woman. "As I was saying," He looked around. "Marcus, Joshua, Petrine, Team Kaos will blossom in this world. I do apologize that Giovanni couldn't join us today. Fortunately, we still have Magma, Aqua, and Galactic...and with our powers combined, we will take control of the regions. I share your belief, folks, I really do. And once we can obtain Team Rocket's support...we will have it all!"

Author:  Zapheres [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:58 am ]
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Ralts settled down on the ground and used its small arms to clear away dirt and grass from a trapdoor. So this was why Ralts was sensing Louis under the earth. With all his might, he lifted the door open enough to sneak through.

The door slammed down and Ralts rolled down the stairs into a hallway. He straightened himself out and looked around. Everything was pretty bland except a woman down the hall a ways, staring with glee into a hazy room. Well, he thought, [/i]if there was any woman keeping Louis captive, that would be her.[/i]

Ralts focused his energy into his shadow, which began to stretch and stretch, as if there was a sun setting behind him. When the end of it was high up the wall behind the woman, he jumped up and dove into his shadow.

I was like a portal. He came out high up on the wall, flying at the woman with his horn pointed forward, hopefully to knock her out.

Author:  Birdknight [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:57 am ]
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Suddenly, Sabrina was knocked forward a couple of feet by an impact that went unforeseen. She was knocked hard to the ground. When she saw what had hit her, she laughed hysterically. It was silly little Ralts! But it was still serious business. The Ralts had evaded her traps! It must be powerful. "Raven, Pursuit this Ralts into the next dimension!...Raven!...Ra-"

"Squuuaaawk!" yelled Raven. One of the boy prisoners had reached out with a large hand and grabbed Murkrows neck. Then, the boy had pulled it between the bars of the cage and fainted. Now, Raven was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The boy's grip did not cease on him, even though Raven was furiously pecking away at his hand.

"Ugh! Fine. Spinarak! Get over here fast and use your String shot in this Ralts!" Spinarak stopped using scary face on the remaining pokemon immediately. Spinarak almost flew over to Sabrina's side, utilizing its uncanny speed to travel as fast as its six little legs could carry. It then shot a barrage of String Shots at the Ralts in every direction, so the orders of Sabrina would not be in vein. He knew that the Ralts was indeed powerful, but not certainly as powerful as Spinarak himself.

Author:  haga11111 [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:49 am ]
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Tl;dr. Sorry, I just don't exactly want to sift through 8 pages of this. XD I'll read it all later.

Are there any openings right now? If not, that's ok.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:34 am ]
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Actually, we just got three...possibly four. I'll pm you later about it, haga.))

It was around this time that Squirtle slowly came to. He lay on the floor with his eyes barely open before he could finally make out a squaking Murkrow next to him. He almost jumped before noticing the remainder of the spikes on the ground. So that's what I stepped on...ouch... He looked up and saw a Ralts and Spinarak. Squirtle glared at it. "So you did this to me!" With a burst of water, we shot himself forward at immense speed, sending both him and the Spinarak into a wall. Once he got up he shook his head. "Ugh...I'm still not used to that attack..." He saw an angry Spinarak next to him and started kicking it. "AHHH I hate spiders-I hate spiders-I hate spiders!" Although being very weak kicks, due to Squirtles stubby legs.

Author:  haga11111 [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:40 am ]
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Thanks. Can someone please give me a recap? I just don't feel like reading all these pages just to see where the characters are right now, I just know they're trapped or something.

Name: Newan
Age: 14
Appearance: Brown, messy hair, hazel eyes, black jeans, white t-shirt, black jacket.
Personality: Dislikes people in general, but a loyal friend at times. Is actually very soft, but tries to cover it up. If scared, he'll simply stare blankly, then run.
History: One night in the mountains, he found a large egg. Surprised, he decided to bring it home to his shelter. For a few days, he took it everywhere with him, until one day, it started shaking. He put it down and watched as it opened, and in the remains of the eggshell stood and Absol. They stared at each other for a bit, then the Absol walked over to him and sat down, apparently satisfied. Since then, they simply walked around and rode on a ferry until they reached Sinnoh, where someone identified it as an Absol and gave him a pokeball to put it in.
Pokemon: {absol}
Gender: Male
Nickname: Nightmare
Level: 12
Personality: Young and inexperienced, it simply believes that Newan should guide it through life, or at least help him. He guards Newan at night, then sleeps in a pokeball during most of the day.
-Quick Attack
-Faint Attack (EGG)
Anything else we should know about your pokemon: If a disaster is about to happen, it will bite Newan's hand and pull him away, then sit down and watch the disaster unfold.
Pokemon: {eevee}
Level: 12
Gender: Female
Nickname: Jade
Personality: Fun-loving, and not very serious unless it needs to be.
-Covet (EGG)
-Helping Hand
-Tail Wip
Anything else: On a journey with Nightmare, Newan found this Eevee, hurt. He tended to its wounds, and it looked up at him. She smiled, jumped onto his head, and fell asleep. It has been with him ever since.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:54 am ]
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Pretty much, all that's happened was that we all got a pokedex, hada run-in with team kaos and camped out at Youkou's house....then we had another run-in with Kaos and they captured now we're in jail and our pokemon are trying to save us =]
thats about it

Author:  haga11111 [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:08 pm ]
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Thanks. So, am I in?

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:31 pm ]
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Yeah, so long as you can help us out XD

Author:  haga11111 [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:37 pm ]
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"Faint Attack!" Came out a voice from somewhere. The bars shattered as an Absol rammed through them with its head thing. "Sorry, but the gig's up." A boy walked out from behind a stack of boxes, an Eevee on his head. It jumped down.

"Eev!" It said, which basically meant "Hey!" in its language. "Ee ee?" It asked, or "What's up?"

The Absol shook it's head. "Ab ol sol," IKt said, which meant "Oh be quiet."

"You guys go. I'll take on this girl," Newan said, grinning.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:07 pm ]
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Jimmy nodded as he raced over to pick up his hurt Pidgey. His hand was killling him...but he couldn't tell why. Once Pidgey was in his ball he looked over tosee Squirtle pumbling the Spinarak...futily. "Return!" Squirtle then vanished into a bright red light and went into its ball. As everyone ran from the room, Jimmy turned. "Thanks, pal! Hope we see you on the outside!" They all ran down the corridor with the Ralts following close behind. "Hey Louis, that Ralts is pretty impressive...I can't believe it was able to track you from here."
There was a loud knock on the door. "What do you want!?" "Sir, there's been a breach in the prison." Isaac managed to hold back his frustration. "Please, ladies and gentlemen...excuse me." As soon as the door to his office was shut he slammed his palm against the opposite wall. He knew they were now criticizing him on his work. "Those stupid little brats.." His face quickly cahnged to a devious grin. "...Let them leave..." "Excuse me, sir?" "Let...them....leave..." "But..." "Now!" "Yes sir!" The guard ran back to the control room and pressed the emergency button which triggered all the doors in the hideout to open. Isaac walked back in and sat down calmly. "False alarm, where were we?" His smile was still on his face, despite his supressing it. If they were able to defeat Sabrina...they must be good...I'll let them grow a bit stronger and then I'll harness that power as my own...

Author:  haga11111 [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:40 pm ]
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Newan grinned. "Alright, before I leave, I'll give you a gift. Jade, helping hand! Nightmare, Quick Attack in a circle around her!" Eevee gave Absol a burst of energy, who then quick attacked in circles around Sabrina, clearing the haze and whipping up a small whirlwind, hopefully enough to distract her. When it cleared, the three were gone.
Newan, Nightmare and Jade ran out into the open. There, he noticed Jimmy. "For the record, I didn't do that to save you. I have a bone to pick with them, and decided to cause some trouble. They'll discover what I did when they check the energy generators. Good job, Jade, Nightmare," He said, scratching them behind the ears.

After that, Jade turned to Nightmare. "Ee ee vee vee ee vee!" she said, or "That was my favorite part!"

Author:  Birdknight [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:32 pm ]
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(Lol okay, for the record, Sabrina would not just stand there motionless and let you guys run out lol. Ex. you definitely wouldn't be able to pull off that quick attack thing. She would have slapped you silly lol. So try not to do soo much when people aren't posting. Like, wait awhile, because you have to give them a chance to react as well. Because you guys just destroyed everything I worked on for a page when I wasn't there, and I find that taking advantage of the circumstance, seeing my inactivity for like 10 hours. And I really don't care if you are super bored and its the summer, you should still give other people time to post, not just rush things with two people. I'm not mad at all, just telling you the truth. ;))

Sabrina was stunned by what just happened. All her hard work had gone to waste. She would give them chase, but the alert had been called off. She was depressed. Raven came crawling back to her, begging to be returned, and Spinarak was still lodged into a wall. She lowered her head and silently returned her two faithful pokemon. SHhe slipped her Team Kaos card into a slot and entered the door. She made her way back to the resting chamber to await orders. Nothing else needed to be said. She was doing so well; she even had gotten attention from Isaac. But that boy. Newan. What a horrid creature. He would be obliterated. But that time was not now, it would come later. she took a seat and awaited Isaac's return from his meeting.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 5:25 pm ]
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Jimmy rested against a tree, out of breath. "Geez...if you hadn't come along, there's no telling what would have happenedd to us all?" He sighed and slouched down to a sitting position. " would you like to come with us? I mean, you're out to ruin Kaos, right? That's opur deal too. We're just not strong enough yet..." By this time Jimmy was upright and slowly walking. "Besides, you saved us. It wouldn't be right for us to just let you leave with a nice meal first." He laughed as he pointed to the Pokemon Center off in the distance.
Isaac sat in his office long after the others had left, just thinking to himself. He pressed the button for the intercom. "Sabrina...could I please see you in my office? THere's business to discuss regarding today's...dilemma." He released the button and sat back in his chair, sighing. "I will not be stopped by a group of renegade children."

Author:  haga11111 [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:05 pm ]
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(Sorry, I just didn't see any reason to drag it out since Isaac had already given the order to let them escape.)

"That part was obvious to me," Newan said. "But I could use a bit more help. I'll consider it."

Nightmare began walking around, looking for berries.

Author:  Birdknight [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 7:31 pm ]
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Sabrina reluctantly rose from her chair and began the long walk to her chief's office. How could she be so stupid, so blind not to see that little ingrate coming? Why hadn't her clairvoyance kicked in when she needed it? How were her pokemon defeated so easily? Those were all questions that could not be answered. Not at this point, anyway. She entered Isaac's office uneasily, and sat herself down in one of the nice, comfortable leather chairs. Isaac was staring at her with looming eyes. Truly, she did not know the purpose of this meeting. of course, it was not made wit hgood intentions to start with. No one is ever called in for something good after failing to complete an objective. Duh. But the way Isaac stared into Sabrina's eyes. It made it seem that this meeting was not just about some disciplinary punishment. But something more complex that would be revealed in time.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 8:33 pm ]
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Jimmy walked with the rest of them up to the Pokemon Center. He inhaled deeply, taking in the fresh clean air. Not like down in that dank prison. Once they were all situated and had there pokemon safely at the Center, Jimmy trotted out the door. "So, who's up for some grub? I'm starving!"
Isaac looked Sabrina in the eyes deeply. " you know, I've seen your work. I know you can do extraordinary things." He rose to his feet and walked around the room. "Things ordinary person can do. This is exactly why you're so valuable to us." He rested his hands on her shoulders. "Sabrina...I can't risk losing you from this team. That's why I've decided to promote you." He turned and started to walk again. "There's a catch though. In exchange for being my hand subordinate, I'll need you to go off and train in much tougher terrain than we have here. Maybe the Sinnoh region. Mt. Corronet is a world renowned spot for tough training." He walked over to his desk and opened a drawer, taking out a black pokeball with a goldne "K" on it. "Take this with you. It's one of my top 'projects'."

((I'll let you decide what it is :wink: ))

Author:  Youkou no Mugon [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:17 pm ]
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(Kyaa! You guys picked up the pace while I was gone ^_^;)

Mikayla slowly followed after Jimmy and the rest with her head down. Team Kaos... what do they want?... Why are they after us? she thought sadly. She had put both of her Pokemon back in their balls, knowing that they must be incredibly tired after this ordeal. She knew she was.
"Hey... Jimmy..." she said hesitantly, finally using his real name instead of 'Curly'
"Why do these people want that fossil so badly?" she knew that he didn't really know, but this question was gnawing at her mind for a while. She stared at Newan, and gave him a question as well
"Who exactly are you, and why are you after Kaos? Besides the obvious."

Author:  Zapheres [ Sat Jul 12, 2008 12:16 am ]
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((Gah! Chill, peoples, lemme get some posts in, eh?!))

Louis ran towards the group with Ralts sitting in his pack. When he made it to them, he caught his breath for a moment. The new scenery was a welcome change from prison, and the air seemed cleaner somehow. He listened in on the conversation for a moment before speaking up. "Look," he panted. "Here we have Newan, our savior, and we're barraging him with questions right off the bat? Let us welcome weary traveler with food and drink!" He looked towards the Pokecenter as his stomach growled. Especially food... "Come on, into the center! We'll settle down with a warm meal and then start talking, eh?" He looked to the sky. "Besides, it's practically midnight! I'm tired and hungry, and so is Ralts, and we're heading inside!" Ralts let out a squeak of approval, and Louis marched inside through the glass sliding doors.


Poli woke in the slightly hazy room. Poison spikes were still scattered about, but were now easier to see. Poli hopped up and quickly regretted it as a searing headache ensued and his vision became rather blurry. He wandered out the jail door and suddenly his vision became blurrier, his headache even worse. Poisoned...where's Louis? he thought, looking around. Maybe they were in the offices by now? As he wandered further, he spied a woman walk from one room to another. Perhaps that's where a battle was going on? Thinking he could help, he stepped drunkenly towards the room, each step heavier than the next. Finally reaching the door, he realized the handle was two feet above his head. In his state of mind, he jumped up towards the handle, hoping to jar it somehow, and instead bashed his head against it. He fell against the door with a thud, again unconscious.

((~Ooga Booga~))

Author:  Birdknight [ Sat Jul 12, 2008 4:22 am ]
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Sabrina was very shocked at the outcome of the meeting. "Why...thank you. I will do my best to please you, sir!" Sabrina rose from the luxurious leather chair and stood next to Isaac, looking at him with intensity. Sabrina took the black pokeball from Isaac's hand. As soon as she" touched it, she knew it was special. She could feel the power rushing into her hand, and throughout her entire body. The feeling was amazing. It must certainly be a powerful being inside the pokeball. She already felt stronger with it;i t gave a stronger sense of emotion"I will travel to the far reaches of Sinnoh, sir. I will gather the most powerful pokemon I can find, sir! I will only report back to you when I know i am ready to demolish those insignificant little scumbags and once again be helpful in Team Kaos' righteous work! Do not worry General Isaac, I will not let you down." With that, she decided to do something that she had never thought to do before. She leaned in, pecked him on the cheek, and scurried out of the office, kicking a Poliwag by the door. Her cheeks were burning like mad with embarrassment. She ran out of the building and into the garage. She got into the Team Kaos Corporal Jeep, and began her journey into the unknown.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sat Jul 12, 2008 9:57 am ]
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Yay everyone's back! =D But where's Gonga?

Jimmy looked over at Mikayla, happy she'd finally used his real name. "I'm not sure...but I don't have it." He looked to Louis. "Louis, do you still have that fossil my Grandpa gave you? Could we see it?" Jimmy took a small bite of his food, savoring the spicy flavor of his curry. "Oh yeah, why are you out to get Kaos anyway?" He reffered to Mikayla's question. "I mean, it's the logical thing to do, but certainly not on your own."
Isaac was stunned. He raised his hand to his cheek and thought about what had just happened. "But..." He shook his head, coming back to reality. As he went to shut the door he saw a knocked out Poliwag laying beside it. "Well well well...what do we have here?" He picked it up and took it into the office with him. "Now where did you come from...?"

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