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 end of legends 
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in the region of Inot a small island which is almost completely uninhabited save for Pokemon their lies an ancient legend that the lone mountain on the island contains a object lost years ago known as the omni gem an object which can control and capture any Pokemon regardless of strength as is customary every century ten guards of the sacred gem are selected from the native inhabitants of the island and these are you in a terrible catastrophe that befell the island and in the aftermath the gem was taken by a man named jet who has fled to the nearby region of sinnoh and it falls to the guardians to reclaim the gem

each guard should use this format
Pokemon species
it should be noted no godmodding no just instantly roleplaying successful recovering of the gem it requires more work than that it should be noted that no legendaries are allowed but being a guard gives the pokemon one advantage and one disadvantage the advantage is that they know one move of their four that can be any non signature move (you know legendary only like dark void and spacial rend) even moves that are not normally learn able by their species their disadvantage is that guards can only be basic pokemon to start and so they still have to evolve relative to their species no istant garchomp for instance and evolution items are recquired to be found and then used. well their you go enjoy

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Not even if you posted for an approval, like you were supposed to.


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