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 The Legend of Southwinds • DS 
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RP Name: The Legend of Southwinds - DS

Rating: T

Games: FF3 + a small bit of Kingdom Hearts

In a distant world, there was a small town named Southwinds. Things were quiet, (as all villages are supposed to be, right?), everyone knew everyone else, and in general things were peaceful.

But Southwinds was not so serene 150 years ago. The region the town is located in had fought over land with a group of other regions known as the IRSI (nobody knows what it stands for), eventually starting a war. Afterwards, they made a peace treaty, vowing to never harm each other until it was broken. Life went on.

Unfortunately, someone from the IRSI recently broke the treaty by making himself known in the group of regions while in disguise as a Southwinds villager (yes, they have slightly different styles of clothing; its called culture :O). After being caught, the IRSI firmly believed that the person was indeed from Southwinds, and looked to their goddess of revenge. Every soul in Southwinds would be cursed and the innocent villagers turned into weak, emotionless shadows - otherwise known as Heartless. The goddess had comitted a terrible crime; she sent beings from another world to invade this one. Why was she never caught? Who knows?

Even though she had successfully tainted most souls in Southwinds, a tiny group of people, a variety of ages, were not affected. Both the goddess and the IRSI did not notice the mistake until they had killed all of the Heartless in panic, which actually was the key to bringing them back to life. "There is no doubt the IRSI was responsible for this," one villager had said, "so, all of you. Since you were not transformed into gruesome beings as we were, you must get revenge on the IRSI. There is something different about you, apparently." When asked for their opinions, the villagers of Southwinds agreed to this. Reluctantly, the group set off their journey a few days later, with only a bit of food and goodbyes from family and friends.

What will become of them?

yes, that's very poorly written.

Really important stuff:

You get to choose the job for your character. One job per person, and no one is allowed to have the same job as someone else. More jobs will open up and you will have the opportunity to change jobs later in the game.

(And some of this was copied from the FF3 website found here)

Warrior: Warriors use swords and other weapons to deal physical damage.
Monk: Monks are skilled at using their fists to deal damage.
White Mage: White Mages use defensive and restorative magic to heal allies. Their attack and defense aren’t as good as other classes.
Black Mage: Black Mages use offensive magic such as Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard.
Red Mage: Red Mages can wield weapons as well as use black and white magic, but their magic isn’t as strong as the specialized mages. - TAKEN
Thief: Theives are able to steal items from enemies and they have high speed.
Ranger: Rangers use bows and arrows to deal ranged damage.
Knight: Knights have high defenses, and are somewhat like warriors.
Scholar: Scholars can cast very basic magic, and they can analyze enemies to find their weaknesses.
Geomancers: Geomancers are able to attack by turning into their natural surroundings and attacking using the earth’s power. - TAKEN
Vikings: Vikings can deal great damage with heavy weapons such as axes, but they are very slow.

More jobs will become available as the plot unfolds.

note: bard will also be taken later in the rp.

-you must read this and this if you haven't already. i'll make sure you have by requiring you to list everything you learned from both topics without copy and pasting.
-if we reject you, dont post a reply.
-hojo and i will be making the descisions on who gets to join and who doesnt. NOT YOU. and we'll let you know when we're done taking people in.
-the rp starts during the time the southwind villagers are heartless. make sure you actually read the starting post.
-we'll pm you if you got accepted. the only way you'll know you were rejected is if you dont get a pm by the time the rp starts.
-i really like invite-only rps better. but i guess i'll open this one to the public.
-i'll reject you if i dont like you, and i'll reject you if you're a bad rper.
-at the beginning of the rp, your characters should either have a very basic background, or no background at all. we will all be revealing things as the rp goes on, so you can add to it later. SPOILERS MUST BE WRITTEN IN THE SAME COLOR AS THE FORUM'S BACKGROUND.
-haev fun!!!!!111

oh, and yeah, "IRSI" is supposed to look like the IRS.

btw lol the title but hojo told me to do it


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Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:30 pm
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Valentine wrote:
Jordi (Jor-dee) Hikaru

Name derivation: "Jordi" apparently means "earth worker" (as, i suppose you could say, geomancers sort of are), and "Hikaru" was taken from the singer Utada Hikaru (bards make music, etc etc, utada was the first person to come to mind). However, Jordi is NOT of asian heritage. It's just the significance of his last name. makes no sense, right?

Job: Geomancer/Bard

Clothing style: standard geomancer outfit (, but instead of a shirt and shorts, he wears a tunic (?!?!?!1) matching the color of Refia's (the girl with orange hair and red eyes...that is refia, right?) shirt that goes down to his knees. he wears the white geomancer's boots as well, plus some gray/black knee-high socks (what else is he supposed to cover his legs with? tights?).

Physical features:

Hair color and length: dirty blonde/really light brown hair, cut in a fluffy style that ends right above his shoulders. his fringe is cut similar to luneth's (the guy with violet eyes and silver hair in the picture).
Eyes: Big, hazel eyes.
Weight: Healthy size and weight.
Height: About 5'10"
Skin color: light
Other physical features: has a small, barely noticable white scar on his chin.

General info:
Age: 17-19
Personality: Jordi likes to have fun. He loves his friends, his family, his town...he loves almost everything. He believes that if you have the will to do so, you can do most anything, and anything can happen. He bases his feelings towards things on events that occured (even if it doesnt affect him) and has a tendancy to smile a lot.

Jordi does have his serious side, and happens to show it more often than not after the incident in his village. He's not sadistic or anything; just a bit more calmer than the others. He enjoys acting as a counselor to his friends and will likely give good advice, even if it's biased (and it usually is). Jordi will also play his favorite songs if asked to.

Misc. Information:

Favorites -
Color: Light blue
Music: Anything that sounds really pretty, basically
Food: Angel cake, anything warm
Season: Spring
Magic: Heal
Time of day: Afternoon/right before sunset

Dislikes -
Mornings, midnight, most vegetables, dead things, etc

hojo wrote:
Name: Rae

Job: Red Mage

Clothing style: here. her robes don't cover her neck, and her hat is much smaller.

Physical features:

Hair color and length: Dark brown, slightly wavy, goes slightly past shoulders.
Eyes: Blue, rounded.
Weight: A teensy bit underweight.
Height: About 5'5"
Skin color: Slightly tanned
Other physical features: N/A

General info:
Age: 17
Personality: Rae is very curious. She likes to experiment with her magic powers. Her main goal is to become a better mage, because magic extremely fascinates her. Which is why she prefers using spells rather than attacking with weapons.

She is generally outgoing, and gets along well with others. When Raes alone, she tends to get scared. She'll usually do whatever her friends are doing because she isn't comfortable doing them alone.
Rae generally knows when to be serious, but she still loves to mess around.

Misc. Information:

Favorites -
Color: Lavender
Music: Slow, soft music.
Food: Lemon Tarts
Season: Summer
Magic: Aeroga
Time of day: Afternoon

Dislikes -
Winter, being teased, being left alone, swimming

Crunchy wrote:
Name: Jake
Profession: Black Mage, not the best one as of yet.

Age: 10
Gender: Male
Body type: Small, one of that of Vivi's, a black mage.
Hair and eye colours: Dark brown fuzzy hair, but hardly seeable under his hat, bright yellow eyes.
Clothing style: but a little darker.
Speech style: A young boy's muffled voice.

General demeanour: Jake is very shy but likes sticking around any person who would notice him, especially friends, who he'll probably follow to the end of the world until someone who likes him better comes along. He'll fight to the best of his abilities if someone is endangered.
How he sees himself: Doesn't really think about it.
Best qualities: Helpful, nice, generous. Keeps out of trouble, although his friends are usually to drag him into some.
Worst qualities: Not very talkative, but will when someone talks to him, otherwise people see him as quiet, weird, strange, the list goes on.

Parents: Not sure.
Siblings: Not sure.
Childhood history: Jake was found sitting in the rain under a tree nearby the village when he was 8 years old. He was taken in by a small family called the Jades. This family consisted of the mother, Emma, the father, Toby, and their little girl, Rosy.
Jake would help the mother cook, help the father nailing the roof and other various jobs, and would play all day long with Rosy. He even started to believe they were his real family, calling them his parents, mom and dad, and Rosy, his big sister.


Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:31 pm
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...We left this open for way longer than expected.

The RP will start as soon as the other two people are ready. You have until then to apply!


Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:08 pm
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