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 Pokemon - All Region Roleplay! (Literate and up, please) 
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    -::[Hi!! I'm Kateh~ I like to roleplay. (:
    I also like literacy
    I don't like Poke-morphs or ninja of any kind.
    I don't like legendaries (until reaching the destination)
    I like any starter pokemon other than Pikachu. This isn't in the Yellow game.
    I hate romance in these roleplays- everyone's always ten through fifteen and too young.
    I despise powerplaying and god-modling. PLEASE do not do them.

    I don't know much about Sinnoh, but we're going to take a crack at it. Starting in Twinleaf Town.

    Plot: Just go out and catch Pokemon--for now. There's a twist, if one can manage to stay that long. You only start out with one pokemon, so you can find and catch the other five (and more) later.]::-

A teenager stood, her brown hair billowing as she stood by the lake; emerald eyes fixed on the still, mirror-like water. Name: Norton, Eleanor. Age: Fourteen.
Ellie’s mouth was set in a grim yet hopeful smile as she stared into the depths.
"The Red Gyarados." the young girl murmured, her blue, tattered jeans swaying gently in the wind while her white jacket-like top and black tank-top underneath hardly rippled in the air. Two white and blue striped arm-bands protected her forearms, while twin belts overlapped at her thighs. A Starly called, and there was a soft rustle in the bushes. Turning swiftly on her brown, shin-high shoed ankle, the teen dashed through the grass, her small note-book tucked into her empty pokeball belt. What could have made that noise? Sprinting over the long grass, the brunette entered a clearing.
"What was that?" She spoke to herself, as another call, like a Starly, only deeper, sounded. "Staravia?" She questioned, tilting her thin-framed face to glance up curiously at the trees. Suddenly, she gasped in surprise as two Starly and one Staravia came charging from the tree in a flurry of feathers. "Ah!" the girl exclaimed in surprise, falling back and shielding her face with her arms. The trio fluttered their wings before taking off, squawking in tones that sounded like laughter. Frowning, Ellie stood and dusted herself off, examining her arms for cuts or bruises. One of the arm-bands was ripped, leaving small gash across her forearm; another on her hand and wrist. Gritting her teeth once more, the short Norton gripped her trickling arm and walked forward, her eyes now set on home. If she didn't get this cleaned up, it would be bad. Then how could she be a trainer? Shaking her head regrettably, the girl slowly traveled down the steep hill to her house, before she heard yet another sound. It was that of someone crying out. Glancing at her home, which still seemed far away, the girl made a quick decision.
"Hold on, I'm coming!" The brunette called back to the shouter before taking off again, her arm's wounds pushed to the back of her mind.
Entering the clearing where the scream had come from, Eleanor gasped. "Professor Rowan!" She cried out, dashing over to squat by the man. He had cuts up his arms and scratches on his face. The culprit sat before the bleeding expert, its white cheeks and brown head tilted as it watched the girl. "Starly, again." Ellie gritted her teeth angrily, groping for a pokeball like she had practiced. She blushed slightly, embarrassed, before glancing back to the professor. Then something caught her eye. Rowan, slightly perplexed that the child had even come out this way, followed her eyes to the spot.
"Miss Norton, you're setting out tomorrow, right?" He questioned softly, opening the briefcase. Ellie nodded, tilting her head curiously. “You’re going to need a Pokemon.” Rowan smiled softly, as the girls eyes widened. Slowly, she reached into the case and stroked a glistening, tiny red and white ball. Her grim face softened into a wide grin as she gently removed the ball, and poked the small ivory button in the center. The sphere enlarged, filling her palm as she smiled joyfully. "I choose you," Akira chirped, throwing the ball into the grass before the Starly. A little orange lizard burst from the ball in a white flash, its tail tipped with a small flame.

Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:08 am
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You need to apply for an RP in the "Roleplay Applications" you'll see it's stickified at the top of this forum. However, should you get approves, I might consider joining.

My image are "X" instead please enjoy this yellow "Happy Face"


Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:10 am
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is that so?
oops. x3;;
sorry! i'll be sure to go do that right now.

Mon Jan 07, 2008 4:10 pm
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