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Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 7:13 am ]
Post subject:  Team Omega - PM profiles to join

Plot: Spence, known as Big Boss, formed a team of great, gifted, and powerful people with powers and creatures of unimaginable power from many vast and far dimensions.

Team Omega is all about fighting members of Team Wrath, members of this team have some of the same powers as fellow Omega members, some have far greater skill.

How this war started is anybody's guess.

Who is right and who is wrong? Does it really matter when both are destroying the very existence of life itself?

Currently: Big Boss and his team have camped in the dark city of Atom, a desert world and city that was once full of light until the people vanished mysteriously, one of the many poor universes created by screwing with the great dimensions. Atom has no day, only night. It's a ghost town in every sense.


1) Have fun.

2) No controlling other peoples characters.

3) You have yourself only TWO characters that only you may take control over. One is your good self, the one working for Big Boss in Team Omega, and only one member of Team Wrath. I suggest a bad guy from your own world who is your dark self, your shadow, your rival, your nemesis. These guys like to fight solo or maybe given orders from someone higher in command to complete certain objectives, up to you.

4) The roleplay consists of anything you like. Your character may use pokemon, be from the dragonball z worlds, fullmetal alchemist, kirby, mario, final fantasy, anything goes, just as long as you are not one of the actual characters like Cloud or Ash, kay?

5) Profile info (i at least need a basic idea of your person, yours may be updated throughout the roleplay):

Code Name (if any):
Based from (may include abilities here):
Likes and dislikes:
Why joined up:
A bit of history:
Enemy (Team Wrath):

Name: Spence
Code Name (if any): Big Boss
Gender: Male
Based from (may include abilities here): Final Fantasy

Description: 18 years old, black bandana around brown messy hair, pale expression, white shirt, black coat, sheath with Buster Sword behind back, baggy grey pants, big brown boots.

Personality: A real leader, always tries his best, protective, brave, loyal, often lost in thought, does have a fun side, sometimes layback and relaxed.

Likes and dislikes: Likes include women, fun people, animals, fighting at times. Dislikes include Team Wrath, annoying people, evil, silences.

Why joined up: Formed Team Omega to counter Team Wrath who found the secrets of travelling through space and time after Spence.

A bit of history: Being born on a Final Fantasy world, it was destroyed by an unknown force and Spence was taken to a Pokemon world to be experimented with including his friends and family.

The whereabouts of the town which was created to manage these experiments was destroyed. Spence and some others survived but only for some time before most of them were murdered or died out in the aftermath.

After a battle with new friends, Spence was once again taken in and experimented on.

When Spence woke from the nightmare he had been changed.

Enemy (Team Wrath): Isaac (only one of the many leaders of Team Wrath)


Spence stared up into the night sky. This was there resting place for now. Spence had gathered more members, some still confused about crossing into other worlds. Spence couldn't complain, even he was puzzled as hell when he crossed for the very first time, mad even. For now, Spence was the only one within the whole team who could do it, open portals and go through gates and corridors to different dimensions. Worldly experiments plus the fact of being exposed to many different and unfamiliar things was his idea of gaining this power, but still he was not sure of even that.

Spence entered the building, comrades hanging around the room of an abandoned hotel.

"This world is safe, for now," he spoke, looking toward those who had been injured after the last battle, "We should have enough time to rest up and heal ourselves. With have potions and cures in the back."

Spence looked down to his leg and ripped pants, it still bled from the beast summoned to kill them as they fled. From the look of it he shouldn't even be walking.

He looked up, "Guys, for those who haven't gotten one yet, here are the bandanas. Tie them on any way you want. Some of you have me. It helps me determine who you are as well as your loyalty, I guess."

Spence handed out the black cloth.

"And for those new to the team, refer to me as Big Boss. There are reasons we have code names."

Spence crossed his arms, admiring a woman who walked by to pick up a bandana, "So, any questions, guys?"

Author:  Roar Of Time [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 11:36 am ]
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Name: Ty
Code Name (if any): Shadow Stalker
Gender: Male
Based from (may include abilities here): BeyBlade LOL
Description: A boy who is kind-heaarted and likes to fight
Personality: Good, Nice, and Intelligent
Likes and dislikes: he likes Fighting, he likes to annoy people, he hates lasgane, but he likes chicken and pizza
Why joined up: He wanted to survive, and he had no one left.
A bit of history: His mother and Father died now he is alone
Enemy (Team Wrath): John( his cousin who is evil and demented)

Clip Clop, Clip Clop, went his feet. You could hear the sound of someone sobbing in the hall. Ty walked up to the doorway. He knocked and knocked again.
"Hello, password?" said a strange voice from the behind the door.
"Chickenwazzup" replied Ty quietly.
The strange voice let Ty into the room behind the door. Ty could see many women, children and men crying and shivering. The air was full of sadness and despair. Suddenly a solemn voice began.
" I see you're back then". said a beautiful women who was smiling."Do it go to plan??"
"Yes, the bomb denated and blew up the munnitions factory" replied Ty with happiness.

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 2:34 pm ]
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((I meant description as in appearance. Should I change that?))

Spence noticed Ty come in, "Yo, Shadow Stalker!" he called, throwing him a bandana, "So, what took you so long, huh?" he walked up to him, "And who's your lady friend, eh?" he whispered with a chuckle.

Author:  Thunder_dude7 [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:18 pm ]
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Name: Gengi
Code Name (if any): Lightning Thief ((lol))
Gender: Male
Based from (may include abilities here): Final Fantasy/X-Men. He is very quick and can temporarily steal the powers of others
Description: Slightly muscular, brown hair, blue eyes
Personality: Kind, helpful, yet serious
Likes: Battles, being the hero, hanging out
Dislikes: Swear words *cough* and obscene jokes
Why joined up: Wants to fight against those who have harmed him and his friends. Also escaping abusive parents
A bit of history: Came from an abusive house, made fun of at school. His friend Luna backed him up, and they eventually escaped to Team Omega.
Enemy (Team Wrath): Tonne, one of the people who pushed him around
((May I continue to use 1st person?))

I walked over to the wooden door to the building which seemed small. I made three normal knocks, followed by three big ones. after a tiny knock using only my knuckle, a slit opened in the door.
"Password?" The guard asked.
"Chickenwazzup" I said quietly.
I walked into the building, which was filled with crying people. I went up to Spence, aka Big Boss.
"Are there any missions available?" I asked him "I want to get right back to helping people."

Author:  goldenquagsire [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:20 pm ]
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Name: Eric Drakengard

Code Name: Skyswain

Gender: Male

Based from: Final Fantasy II, VI, VII and XII. He has no discernable powers, although his expertise at repair and operating machinery could count for something.

Description: 28 years old, olive skin, brown eyes, purple dragoon’s helmet covering straight brown hair, matching armour, wears a black shirt and grey trousers underneath armour, carries a flintlock pistol on a holster on his belt and a metal lance on his back

Personality: Pensive, quiet. Fierce in battle, yet reserved and cautious. Has difficulty relaxing around people, but finds happiness in his airship and flying the dawn skies.

Likes and dislikes: Likes the sky, mechanical objects, weaponry and alcohol. Dislikes nautical travel, being lost in the wilderness and those who seek to kill him.

Why joined up: His airship is damaged, so he’s joined up with the team to find the parts and the know-how to repair it and return to his own world.

A bit of history: Born in Ivalice roughly three hundred years before the Rozarrian-Archadian war, Eric was brought up in one of the pioneer families that flew the world over searching for new lands. His parents’ death at the hands of sky pirates drove him to the brink of madness.

Later, he regained his sanity; but a part of his personality was lost forever. From then on, he took over his parents ship, the Moondancer, and made a living flying travellers across the plains of the continent.

Three months into his 27th year, he accidently flew into the Jagd over the Ogir-Yensa sea; instead of crashing as he expected, he found himself flung through the void. He ended up in Atom, where he met Spence and Team Omega. However, his airship was battered beyond repair by the interdimensional tear, and he had to abandon it on the desolate world.

He now travels with the team, trying to find a way home.

Enemy (Team Wrath): Duskreaver (the shadow born of Eric when he travelled the dimensional gap)


The Skyswain glanced at the new arrival and his lady friend. They looked normal; or at least as normal as things went around here. Something about them seemed odd, though... it was just a silly feeling in the back of his head, but Eric couldn't rid himself of it.

His entrance into this new world had been... eventful, to say the least. It was also apparent that he was stuck here, until the Big Boss decided what to do with his assembled rabble.

He cleaned the barrel of his flintlock yet again. There was nothing else to do in this place. The other strays and freaks that had ended up with the Big Boss were a varied mix; some, he believed could be trusted. Others, he was not so sure of.

Author:  dunsparce [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:53 pm ]
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((This seems like one of the better rps. ))

Name: Mar Cral
Code Name (if any): Stiff
Gender: Male
Based from (may include abilities here): none, and it's a secret.
Description: Medium height and incredibly muscular, he's so big he might be considered fat if not for lack of bulge. Black hair is streaked with gray and he has gray eyes, his skin is a kind of white with black pores spots.
Personality: He is very determined and focused if facing an enemy or hazard, if not he is very (no other accurate word here) jolly and loves to be with people. He also cares a lot when people are injured or in trouble, he has been very seriously lately. He is stubborn, and somewhat boisterous at mealtimes, he can get very bored if he can't do anything for a long time and a moment he doesn't do anything is a moment wasted to him. His favorite weapon is an heavy ax, his cloths are tough leather that his people wear.
Likes and dislikes: He likes beer, meat, wrestling, fighting, people who aren't afraid. He dislikes laziness, pointed objects, empty open spaces, cowards, hysteria, panic.
Why joined up: Because he liked the way Spence thinks, he needed something to do and his house was blasted apart by team wrath.
A bit of history: He was born in a harsh world that was in the beginning of forming, through freak incidents the world got life a bit sooner than it should of, his species (it's mostly human but not entirely) has to survive in caves that, with the rest of the mountain and world, floated hundreds of feet above ground. The way the got food was falling from rock to rock and falling on animals to hunt, the fruit and vegetables were especially tough. They have technology that makes the floating derbies bunch together, it was the only way to survive. Team wrath sabotaged a lot of these mechanisms and caused the cave-city Mar was living in to fall apart, killing a few of his friends. That's when he joined with Spence, bringing an Ordon (a creature mad of air) that lived with him, and he has been acting as a security man and constant warrior on the front lines for the team ever since.
Enemy (Team Wrath): Jule, a bladed creature that serves the leaders of team wrath, he is Mar's sworn enemy, and the being who showed team wrath how to destroy the mechanisms of his and Mar's world.


Mar sat in the ruins of the elevator shaft, where he had cleared some of the derbies for something to do, he picked up one of the heavier derbies and started excersicing....After 50 he got bored and wandered back into the lobby, he wandered to the back door and made sure it was locked, the he went to the fire escape-stairs and started doing pull-ups. "Wow this is boring, I wonder when something's gonna happen?" he thought as he then began swinging up from the bottom of the fire-escape using the gaps in the steps to grip.

Author:  Darth DLA [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 4:13 pm ]
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Name: David Egramis
Post color: deep sky blue
Code Name: Static
Gender: Male
Based from: Nova refuge/Star Wars

Description: A thin man of average hight, with dark brown hair, electronic glasses, usually wears plain dark clothing, but often totes a personal computer. (controlled from a hand held keypad or voice activated, interfaces with glasses.)

Personality: A young Techie, David is often found tinkering with pieces of machinery and modifying firearms, normally silent unless he has something important to say, he prefers interaction with computers than with people.
Likes and dislikes: people who misuse the English language,

Why joined up: for a reason to tinker.

A bit of history: Spent most of his time as a kid messing with electronics, but unable to find a job that would allow him enough free time to hack electronics, he signed on with Omega.


Enemy (Team Wrath): Amar Harkov
Post color: Light Slate Gray
Code name: "The General"
Description: a cold hearted strategist, similar in appearance to David, but with a scar that left him blind in one eye, he wears an eye patch over it.

Personality: A powerful tactician, does nothing without thinking, he keeps a hawk that carries a few trace amounts of electronics. (EG camera, mini sensor equipment)
Likes and dislikes: insubordination from common soldiers, officers that do not think, anything that stands in his way to victory.
Why joined up: For power.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 4:43 pm ]
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Based from:Dragon Ball Z

Description:Brown hair with brown eyes, Slightly muscular, wears black pants and white shirt with black vest

Personality:Young and energetic, he has not reached super saiyan but hopes he will soon. he is ambitious and fun loving.

Likes:Woman,food, power,fighting,himself
Dislikes:Suck-ups,complainers,serious people

Why joined up:To get stronger and reach goal of SS4

History:A young orphan who was told his heritage by a journal from his dead father, he wanders hoping to find a purpose in life other than just fighting.

Enemy:Wuzan(Team Wrath) A Saiyan who killed Ray's dad.
Ray entered the building and answered at the door. "Chickenwuzzap!"
Entering the room, he went to a table with rice and gravy."Whooooooo,food at last."
Ray was hungry from the last mission.

Author:  DNA [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 5:45 pm ]
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My, this has been quite a long time since I've even been in an RP. I shall join for the sake of old times.

Name: Exxaxen

Gender: Male

Based from (may include abilities here): Megaman Battle Network (the character of Bass. He has the ability to fire dark projectiles and hide within shadows, and briefly copy one attack of his enemy he is facing - after that he loses that attack.)

Description: He's dressed all in a one-piece black outfit that looks like a parachuter's streamlined suit. His hair is blond, he wears white gloves, brown shoes, and has blue eyes.

Personality: Exxaxen is, for the most part, a shady character. Bearing a deep hatred for all humanity because he was disrespected and taken advantage of most of his life (not to mention his parents didn't even want him), it is hard for him to remain on friendly terms with anyone. But when he does something, he intends to follow through with it, and as such will cast aside his hate for humanity and focus it at Team Wrath.

Likes: Himself, the heat of battle, but most of all, victory.
Dislikes: Losing, companionship, the whole of the human race (despite being one himself)

Why joined up: Having no one else to trust in the world, he joined those who intended to accomplish the same as he did; he hates Team Wrath for making a previous attempt on his life.

A bit of history: Has lived alone in distrust for the great majority of his life.

Enemy (Team Wrath): Solano, the man who tried to murder him before.

I shall await pending approval.

Author:  Valentine [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 6:31 pm ]
Post subject: 


i also refuse to have my character interact with anybody i dont like/dont know :(

k so

Name: Quentin
Code Name (if any): none really
Gender: Male

Description: Quentin's dead, basically. He has spirit-like qualities, but retains a 3d shape and..he's not the kind who doesnt take pain when you run into him. He's not a gas or anything. Quentin lacks human colors, though. Instead, his whole self is a nice minty-blue shade. His hair is razor-cut at the ends and goes down to just above his shoulders, and it's really straight :d Overall, he has a very young image, probably about 25.

He wears a vest, depending on the weather he'll have it zipped up. Quentin bears a sword, almost like a katana (NO I'M NOT TRYING TO BE A **** JAPANESE FANGIRL), and wears pauldrons (those plate things that cover the shoulders). He wears a pear of baggy, ripped pants that were originally a gray color, and a cloth belt. Not really the superhero look.

Personality: Quentin's a bit rude, sarcastic, and pushy. He's a nice person in general, though. He likes to talk, but is embarrassed of how his voice sounds and usually only speaks when spoken to. He's intimidating when he's angry, but he would never use his sword unless it were a life and death situation. Quentin is a big help, but the only time he actually does anything is when he's called upon.

Likes and dislikes: Likes: Food, swords, nice weather, kids (not in a pedo way thx), sleep, times when he doesnt have to care about anything, literature

Dislikes: Cats, stress, past, noise, haste, when people go r e a l l y s l o w, Marion

Why joined up: Quentin joined Team Omega to 'start over' and try to forget his painful past.

A bit of history: When Quentin was around 18 years old, he was asked to watch over a small group of kids; Tybalt, Marion, Deena, Aaron, Lori and Lorcan. After watching over them splendidly that day, he continued to keep an eye on them, for days and years, until most of them turned 12 and 13. During the years with them, Quentin had become emotionally attached to each and every one of them.

On the day Tybalt turned 13, Mairon saw that his best friend would die at a young age through an odd doll that Lori and Deena made for him for the Christmas before. Shaken and drained of hope, Marion sought Quentin's help, thinking he could extend Tybalt's life span. Quentin was also scared to death, and the two frantically searched for an answer. Eventually, they did find a way to let him live, but the key ingredient would change the children's lives forever.

Quentin would have to give his spirit by committing suicide.

And, he did.

Everything from then to the present is unknown.

A few weeks ago, Marion had called Quentin and told him that the doll had spoken to him again. It had said that Tybalt would die anyway. Quentin was obviously outraged, and seeks peace, away from Marion and all the other kids (who are now adults, btw).

Enemy (Team Wrath): Marion


also my writing skills are waaaay better than that but i didnt feel like putting in effort



Author:  Celebii~ [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 6:41 pm ]
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First time being in an RPG this is going to be fun! :D :D :D

Name: Sunrae Dragonsong
Code Name: Sunshine
Gender: Female
Based from: Kirby; When she shoots an enemy, she could have the power of that monster, enemy, ect.
Discription: 14 years old, wears a lucky purple hairband, purple long sleeve shirt and green cargos has a bow and arrows strapped to her back. Blonde long hair and saphire eyes
Personality: Swift and fircece on the battlefield but kind to everyone that is her friend. She is very sweet and caring.
Likes/Dislikes: She likes to draw and practice her archery. Her favorite food is candy :lol: She hates to be disturbed when she is drawing and hates it when people get in the way during practice.
Why joined up: Team Wrath destroyed her town when she was a kid. She has been wandering the world until she ended up with Team Omega.
History: She is from the town of Moonview. When her town was destroyed
it had opened up a portal leading to the pokemon world.
Enemy: Commander Brutil; was the leader of the pack that destroyed her home.

Hope I can join! :mrgreen:

{celebi} ~

EDIT 3: :lol: Valentine, want me to change it?

EDIT 4: My spelling suks.

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 7:38 pm ]
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((If there are too many people, I don't have to join.))

Code Name (if any): Inarex
Gender: Female
Based from: Kingdom Hearts 2's Organization 13....
Description: She acts 18 but is really 13 or 14. She has white hair and brown/orange eyes, and wears a black and white outfit. Click HERE for picture.
Personality: She acts cold on the outside, but can be quite friendly if you know her well enough. She is a strategist, and has an advantage in speed. She controls plant life, and can talk to animals. She normally battles with using her kunai and aiming skills, and rarely uses her plants. She also has a short temper. However, she can be patient. Believe it or not, she can sometimes be a motherly figure, just with a patient yet sometimes scary tone. She sometimes stares off into space and acts guilty for no reason, (which is because of her mother), and keeps to herself a lot. Also, as cold as she may seem, she will listen and try to help solve anyone's problems.
Likes and dislikes: She loves plants, nature, quiet sanctuaries, and books. She HATES teasing, annoyances, fire, and things that go in that category.
Why joined up: She joined when her mother died of cancer and her father disappeared. She joined because she wanted to go somewhere where she could help people and get rid of the evil persons, mainly because she also feels guilty of her mother dying.
A bit of history: She is independent, as her father disappeared years ago. Her mom spent a lot of time working, but became bedridden with cancer a few years back. Rinae took care of her, but she died not too long ago. Her mother used to work for the Omega Team, so Rinae took ehr place.
Enemy (Team Wrath): Katlyn. She was the nurse (and the mom's best friend) that purposely didn't warn anyone about the cancer until it was too late once she found out that she was in the Omega Team.

((Sorry for typing so much. I shall await approval as well.))

Author:  pokemon_otaku [ Tue Nov 13, 2007 8:15 am ]
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((12 people's not too many is it?))

Name: Benji Pengun

Code Name (if any): Starstream

Gender: Male

Based from (may include abilities here): Kirby. Shoots stars from his large wooden hammer.

Description: A fat, squatty blue penguin. He wears a black leather coat, but he never zips it up, and a star necklace.

Personality: Keeps to himself, he dosen't like social interaction.

Likes and dislikes: He likes food, ice, and stars. He dislikes people he barely knows, talking when not nesscisary, starvation, and heat.

Why joined up: Accidently ended up at a hideout of Team Omega and had no other place to go.

A bit of history: He was born on Frozone Island in Dreamland. He was shunned by his friends and family, even his brother, because he was the exact opposite of a runt. In other words he was too large. Eventually he was tired of his mistreatment and ran away from home with only his hammer and his star necklace.

Enemy (Team Wrath): Bob Pengun, his brother, a much smaller black penguin.

Author:  Roar Of Time [ Tue Nov 13, 2007 11:53 am ]
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Crunchy wrote:
((I meant description as in appearance. Should I change that?))

Spence noticed Ty come in, "Yo, Shadow Stalker!" he called, throwing him a bandana, "So, what took you so long, huh?" he walked up to him, "And who's your lady friend, eh?" he whispered with a chuckle.

((I'll continue... :P ))

"Shut Up" said Ty with a grin, which was friendly like.
"Ok, ok, I'll leave you two lovebirds alone" Spence laughing. Ty started to blush with embrassment because he knew he had a liking for the sound of Debbie.
"Never mind him.... said Debbie."he's a plonker".
Ty started to smile, but not laugh as he did not want it to appear that he liked her, but she was a little too old for him, so he knew she thought of him as just a good friend.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Tue Nov 13, 2007 3:09 pm ]
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(Am I accepted)

Ray watched Big Boss talk to a kid and some woman. Ray got up and walked towards the kid. He extended his hand toward the kid."Name's Razor, what's yours? I figure that if we are in the same team, we should know and trust each other."

Author:  Valentine [ Tue Nov 13, 2007 3:18 pm ]
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RoT: I have no idea what that post was about.

Celebii~: <3


Quentin rolled his eyes. "Maybe you guys haven't noticed, but I just joined this team and the last thing I need to see is romance." He looked Spence right in the eye, "Right, Big Boss?," he sneered joyfully. The ghost fumbled around with his bandanna as if it were a machine, tying it on a wrist and then his head and a bunch of other spots on his arms and neck. As soon as he found a suitable place to tie it, his upper right arm, it faded to a misty shade like the rest of his clothing. "Should have known," he muttered. The fact he was only one color didn't bother him a bit, actually the bandanna changing hues made him jest once more. "Oh, Big Boss," Quentin chimed childly, "I think your bandannas don't work!" He had no idea why he was acting so silly right now, but it made him happy so he kept provoking the others as well. He filled the air with laughs and giggles, from him and the other team members.

"Mmm, okay, I'm done," Quentin finished with one last snicker. He sat himself on the ground and played with a leaf, thinking about Marion. Quentin wondered what the boy was up to. He could just imagine him, threatening and bribing the plaything, that doll, trying to get it to speak. Marion called him often to talk about something new it had said, and Quentin had to pretend to care. As much as he disliked his past with those kids, he faked that he cared about them, half out of fear and half so they would leave him be.

Lying down, he close his eyes and smirked. "Goodnight, you guys," he teased, "I hope I don't float away overnight!" Quentin could hear another faint laugh come from the group.

...also, what the **** is chikkanwassup or whatever?

Author:  Darth DLA [ Tue Nov 13, 2007 5:41 pm ]
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((Forgive me for saying so, but isn't 12 people a little much? most RPs have like 6 or eight, and too many people will ruin the RP.))

Roar Of Time wrote:

"Ok, ok, I'll leave you two lovebirds alone" Spence laughing.

((That my friend, is Godmoding. albeit it was only a minor offence and did not harm anyone. Still, please refrain from speaking for other peoples characters in the future. Crunchy, please forgive me if it's not my place to say so, I'm just trying to be helpful. :) ))

David snapped up a bandanna and tied it around his neck. He didn't particularly like it, but it wasn't terrible either.

"Okay, Great. A bandanna, now what do we do Mister Boss Sir?" he asked.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Tue Nov 13, 2007 6:28 pm ]
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Ray put on his bandana,"At least it matches!" Ray was still wondering about the other members and if they could be trusted. He did not mind the ghostly guy and he liked his attitude. Big boss was cool in Ray's opinion and so far everything was going great for Ray.

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Nov 14, 2007 6:08 pm ]
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((My computer died writing this for the third time so I had to use Word just incase.

Thanks Darth. :wink:

Okay, I'm cool with so many people joining, so you're all approved. I might kick people out but we'll just have to wait and see, huh?

And I'm adding another rule just so it's not too stressful reading throughout each and every post. Use "(())" and type out the person's username you wish to interact with. Should be a little easier for you guys. Oh, and if something affects us all, just type "everyone".

Thanks for joining, everyone. And I hope this roleplay lasts and has more life than my others. 8-) ))

((Darth, Thundery dude, everyone.))

Spence watched the woman walk away as he spoke to Gengi, "Just relax for a minute. Let me heal myself before we do anything drastic, kay?"

Spence fell into one of the soft leathery chairs and bended over to examine his leg, "Glad you like the bandanas, Static," he noticed his sarcasm, placing his hand over the wound to then concentrate, "Couldn't go without your approval..."

Ever since Spence learnt how to use White Magic, he could never perfect it. He would still try though, in hopes that somehow in some way it was connected to his home world. Maybe if he did learn to use it, maybe he would magically remember. Spence doubted it, but it was still nice to hope.

Spence's hand lit up with a greenish light and soon enough his cut vanished as if it was never there. His ripped pants still remained though. Spence sat back, almost exhausted, "Heh, okay, guess I still need to carry around those damn potions..."

After awhile, Spence lifted himself up and walked passed a group to wonder in the back, "Follow me if you're up for the next mission, I won't be going with just any weirdo! This is big! So only come if you're up for something extremely dangerous!" he shouted out.

Spence kicked the meeting room door open and walked around the table to flick himself up a chair in the back. Around the large table were other chairs like it, empty for now.

On the table were holographic images of the worlds they had currently visited, so you would imagine there would be thousands. The hologram allowed them to remember the worlds so they could return for whatever reason. A lost memory of a world couldn't ever grant them return. That's why Spence couldn't ever go back to his own.

Spence opened up his coat to retrieve a small piece of paper with the pervious worlds he had drawn. After closely reading it, he reached his arm over the table. The hologram then lighted up around his arm to then imprint the information from his memories and create the new worlds onto the map as data. There were so many worlds, numbers couldn't even count how many there were out there, it was limitless. Nobody could ever visit them all in a lifetime.

Spence sat back in the chair. It wasn't as comfy as the last one and it kinda bothered him a little. "Come in, everyone! We don't have all day!" he called, putting the note away.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:17 pm ]
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Ray flew into the mission roo."Whoooooo! Mission time!" Ray softly landed in a chair and leaned back in it."So what's the the plan Big boss(Crunchy)"

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:19 pm ]
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((Crunchy :) I like that name.....;everyone))
For about a half hour, I had been sitting in a chair in a corner of the room with no one noticing me. Smiling at my success, since I tried to see how long I could last being 'invisible' to others, I got up and swiftly walked to the room and sat in a chair once Spence called everyone there. I sat quietly, and watched the door to view everyone else walk in.
I looked back to Spence. I had been in this place for about a month, ever since my mother died, but no one had seemed to notice me. This time, however, they would notice me. That was why I was going on this mission.

Now, it wasn't as if I didn't like not being noticed, actually I enjoyed it, but I needed to be recognized if I was to be accepted here. I watched as the people I had seen earlier come in, and had a twinge on envy, and sighed. They all seemed to belong within a group, like a family....
However, I shook off the feeling as soon as it had come.
Hey, I'm lucky just to BE here....

I smiled curtly, and then frowned again as I stood up to calmly take a bandanna from the 'Big Boss'. I took it, walked back to my seat, and then tied it up as a headband.

Author:  paco25_007 [ Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:24 pm ]
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Ray spotted a white-haired girl(Kawaii angel). Never seen her before.Ray flew to an empty chair beside her."Mind if I sit here?"

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:29 pm ]
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I merely blinked as the man((Paco)) flew next to me, and only stared at him with an almost surprised look. "Sure." I said calmly, and the chair scooted back. I continued to stare at the male as the miniature vines that were on the floor zipped back under my sleeve. I then looked back at the Big Boss. The whole plant thing had taken only a second.

Author:  Thunder_dude7 [ Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:50 pm ]
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I sped into the room, glad I could go on a mission. Any mission would be good, but a dangerous one would be awesome. I sat down, then looked at some other people.
"So many powers are in here." I thought "All these people have unique abilities, and yet I can only speed up and temporarily steal them. Sure, it can be useful, but I wish I could perfect something other then my speed." I looked around at the various holograms "I probably haven't been sent to another world because my power isn't good enough. Well, I can always work here. Better then nothing."

Author:  dunsparce [ Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:57 pm ]
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((just me))

Mar had reached the roof when a whooshing sound approached him, smiling he turned torwards the sound. "Frooth! I was wondering where you'd gone!" the Ordon merely smiled (to a person not framileir with Ordons it would seem like a quick heat haze in the shape of a smile) and then said in the Ordon tounge (which sounds like wind howling faintly) "Spence has gathered everyone together for a mission briefing, you should hurry." The the Ordon flew down over the edge of the building and back through an open window. Mar smiled "Finally, action!" and jumped down off the 8 story building, landing and immediately running on the ground with out injury or even faltering, he had grown up doing worse. He ran into the meeting room ((everyone)) and quickly took a seat. He always had his bandanna with him on his right forearm, it was much safer then his head, and if he needed it there he could always move it.

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