The Legendary Rebellion
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Author:  meganiumaster [ Sat Sep 01, 2007 12:59 am ]
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(Yeah sure it's good if we're brothers)

"I suppose I am, yeah." Bolt turned to Frash, " And just because I can break the sound barrier doesn't mean everybody else can." He didn't much like the Deoxys, he reminded him of a really strict teacher.

Author:  dunsparce [ Sat Sep 01, 2007 4:49 am ]
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meganiumaster wrote:
(Yeah sure it's good if we're brothers)

"I suppose I am, yeah." Bolt turned to Frash, " And just because I can break the sound barrier doesn't mean everybody else can." He didn't much like he Deoxys, he reminded him of a really strict teacher.

((Where'd that come from? Frash made no visible sign of displeasure.))

Author:  Tragar [ Sat Sep 01, 2007 11:37 am ]
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Able to tell what Bolt was feeling, Sunny chuckled.

"Is there any way that we can start without the fifth hero? I mean, I'm probably not as impatient as any of you, but just at all your expressions I can tell you don't like to wait." He said. He wondered what pokémon the fifth hero was, and why they haven't come yet.

((Is it ok if you get someone else to do it by at least tomorrow if Treeckomaster doesn't come?))

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:33 pm ]
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I wanna play, too! :P

Legendary: Mew
Name: Mew
Personality: Playful, likes to have fun, loves to laugh, always tries his best at whatever he does.
Appearance: Just a small pink Mew with a red ribbon tied at the end of his tail.
Mega Punch
Hyper Beam

In a tiny quick flash, a little pink guy appeared over the top of Flora's head. He looked around strangely to then float around upside down to see eye-to-eye to the Celebi. He smiled really widely.

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Sat Sep 01, 2007 9:18 pm ]
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May I join?

Legendary: Suicune
Name: Suicune or Suic
Personality: Can have a serious personality/nature at one time, and at others, the exact opposite: A playful personality. Can be quite serious, or humorous.
Appearance: A smaller Suicune.
Water Pulse
Ice Fang

A north wind blew gently, and up in the trees near the group, a Suicune sat patiently.

(I'm too late, aren't I? :())

Author:  dunsparce [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 8:11 am ]
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((Well um, yeah. I thought 5 people was a bit low. A_G, are you gonna change it or boot treckomaster?))

Author:  Amphy_Gardy [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:23 pm ]
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Yeah, Treeckomaster can go. Both of you, I'd love to have you. (In deep voice) We shall need more than five to defeat the tyrannical Original One. :P I'll start the RP tomorrow, it's rather late where I live. Both of you are inducted into the RP! (Knights Charly and K_A)

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:27 pm ]
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((Call me Kiki, and thanks.))

Author:  dunsparce [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:33 pm ]
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((Okay then. Charly is mew :lol: .))

Frash flicked his head at the sudden appearance of the pink Pokemon. He immediately prepared to attack but he relaxed as he saw that it was mew. He knew the creature popped up occasionally at random places. Maybe it would help them.

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:43 pm ]
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I snorted, rolling my eyes at the Mew. I had attitude, Entei had said, despite my very young age. As I moved an inch forward, the Northern winds began to blow.

Author:  Tragar [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:50 pm ]
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Sunny chuckled. "A cute little mew? Are we having what humans call a 'contest' or what?" He chuckled again. "Just kidding. So yea, now that more of us are here, can we start now? I would like to move on..."

((My characters have so many personalities, don't they?))

EDIT: ((Changed it, mmk Kiwi?))

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:52 pm ]
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Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 8:34 pm ]
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Mew turned upright to blink at the others. He sat floated on his tail as he played with the red ribbon tied on it.

Then sensing something in the distance, he decided to act as if he was getting blown away by the sudden wind as he teleported.

Mew then suddenly appeared behind the Suicune no one supposely knew was and tilted his head as he flew around her, "You fightin', too?" he asked.

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Sun Sep 02, 2007 8:50 pm ]
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I looked at him. "Well, sometimes the only way to find peace is to fight, no?" I said, and continued to look forward. "Do they see me?" I asked.

Author:  meganiumaster [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 1:05 am ]
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"Yep. We see you, with Mew flying around you, you're, kinda hard to miss."

Bolt smiled. He liked the Mew and his playful attitude.

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 4:01 am ]
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"Ummmmm..." Mew thought on it, "Sometimes, I guess... But I don't like fighting," he frowned, spinning around to the Latios. He smiled.

Teleporting just about on Bolt's nose, "What's your name?" he blinked.

Author:  meganiumaster [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 5:35 am ]
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(Charly, if you teleported on Bolt's nose, then you know Bolt's name don't you?)

"Bolt. Nice ribbon by the way."

Author:  Tragar [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 6:59 am ]
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Sunny could tell how Bolt felt towards the Mew, and he hated it. He didn't like cute things that much.

"Good eye sight, eh Brother? I never would have seen the Suicune..." He whispered sarcastically.

((Sunny is a jerk. It's funny, because he can't think of what to say...))

Author:  Amphy_Gardy [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 7:00 am ]
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(( sorry I'm late, I was sleeping))
"Everyone, thank you very much for being here. It seems that all of our heroes have arrived. Frash, Bolt, Sunny, Mew, Suicune, and I, Flora. As you know if you have received my message, Arceus has been enforcing terror and tyranny in our land. Only we can defeat him and save Sinnoh. Arceus resides in the Hall of Origin on Mt. Coronet. We must travel to the Hall of Origin and defeat Arceus." With that, Flora flew off, and beckoned the others to follow.

Author:  Tragar [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 7:11 am ]
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"We waited that long for that short of a speech? Sheesh...." Groaned Sunny, now a bit annoyed. He followed Flora slowly, waiting for Bolt to come. Knowing Bolt, he would of have already shot off towards the mountain by now, though... Thought Sunny. He went faster after thinking that...

Author:  Amphy_Gardy [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 7:37 am ]
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Flora watched as Bolt and Sunny zoomed off to the mountain. Flora went faster after that, hoping that they would not run into any of Arceus's minions. Hopefully he could arrive in time to help them if they did... Suddenly, a Dragonite flew down in front of Flora. "Halt," it said. "You have no buisness with Lord Arceus. If you press on, you will be terminated!" Flora aimed a Psychic at the dragonite, which shrugged off the attack with little problem. Knowing that he had a disadvantage, Flora called for help. "Bolt, Sunny! A little help? Anyone?"

Author:  meganiumaster [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 8:40 am ]
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Bolt wheeled round. "Flora!" he shouted. Seeing the Dragonite, he took aim and fired an Ice Beam. It hit him squarely in the chest and the Dragonite flew off. "That's the last we'll se of him, I suppose."

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 10:05 am ]
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I jumped down gracefully from the trees after catching up with the others. I watched Dragonite fly away. "Not good. It may be the last we see of him, but not the last we see of his crew." I watched the Dragonite as it went out of view. I sighed. "Well, I say we should travel around the border and find a weak spot while more soldiers come this way."

Author:  Tragar [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 10:50 am ]
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Sunny watched his ego-istic brother. "Show-off." He said. "I like that idea, though. Attack them from behind is always my favorite method." Said Sunny, smiling.

Author:  Amphy_Gardy [ Mon Sep 03, 2007 11:04 am ]
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"Thank you Bolt. I'm fine, but that Dragonite knows we're coming and probably told Arceus as well. We'll need to stay cautious and look out for more of Arceus's minions."

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