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Author:  dragonite [ Fri Aug 10, 2007 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Pokemon Escape 2! [Private RP]

Roleplay Name: Pokemon Escape 2!

Roleplay Genre: Pokemon

Setting: One year after the original Pokemon Escape RP took place. This time, the kids will be in Sinnoh.

Plot: All the kids involved in the run from Team Rocket are safe and sound, some back at home with their family, and some still adventuring together. The few that are continuing traveling are now having another journey, this time in Sinnoh. They had all taken a boat to Sandgem town, and are currently still aboard. Once they arrive, which will be in a few hours, they will be sent to the local Pokemon Center to spend the night. Then, in the morning, they will set off on their journey.

AFTER THEY ARRIVE: There had been a contest on the boat, and one person from the group had won the prize (Xaliaphous' character). After reaching Floaroma town, they meet Team Galactic. Realizing they are up to no good, the party stays away from the shady characters and spends their time trying to lure Pokemon from honey trees. One of the Galactic members notices the contest prize, and sees that it is what the team has been searching for for ages. After demanding the odd item, the group flees, and are on the run once again.

Additional Rules:
Joining the RP:
- This is a private RP, meaning only the people who recieved a PM from me/Xaliaphous can post.
- Don't whine if you weren't invited.
- If someone we invited rejects the invite, then I will inform you on the RP post, and their spot is open for anyone to apply.
- If you do see an open spot in the RP, even if you werent invited, you may PM. PEE EM. PRIVATE MESSAGE. either me or Xaliaphous with your profile, and we will tell you if you were accepted or not.
- If you weren't invited and you do apply by PMing me or Xalia, you must have good spelling and grammar. A few mistakes from time to time is fine, but not every other word. You also must have been in at least one previous RP.

The actual RP:
- If you were a member of the original Pokemon Escape, use your old charrie. They may have different pokemon and all, but the character should prettymuch be the same physically.
- You may have 6+ pokemon, but your character is only allowed to carry 3 at a time.
- Obviously, you can swap pokemon at pokemon centers.
- When you catch a new sinnoh pokemon, it is sent to the PC, not the party.
- Considering the people in this RP have been pokemon trainers for about a year, make sure your pokemon & their evos fit accordingly. Evolutions are allowed, but no legendaries or anything TOO strong. No Third-form evolutions just yet.
- Don't post in color. (:
- Original Pokemon Escape RP:

PM Xaliaphous with your Character Profile after you've gotten an invite:


Body type:
Hair and eye colours:
Face type:
Other physical features:
Clothing style:
Speech style:

General demeanor:
How he/she sees himself:
Best qualities:
Worst qualities:

Childhood history:
Recent history:
Plans for the future:

Pokemon team:

Special Appearance:

Special Appearance:

Special Appearance:

PC Boxed Pokemon:

RP Status: There are currently no open spots.

Author:  Valentine [ Fri Aug 10, 2007 11:30 am ]
Post subject: 


Xaliaphous wrote:

Name: Yuvette
Profession: Pokemon trainer

Appearance: clicky (ignore the "preivew" written across the ankles.)
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Body type: Skinny/Slender
Hair and eye colours: Brown hair, blue eyes. Her hair has white streaks in it, so just pretend she has them.
Face type: See picture
Other physical features:
Clothing style: See picture
Speech style: American

Personality: Yuvette is extremely bubbly and cheeful. She loves to travel with her friends and family, and would do anything to help them out. She can be very hyper and entergetic, and cannot be put down easily. Though she is positive, Yuvette has her moments of sadness as well. She tends to wallow about while feeling down, and doesn't come back up until the next day. Yuvette has a tendancy to be a little too careful, and since too much of a good thing isn't always the best, she often lures herself into trouble by just trying to stay out of it.
General demeanor: Perky, chipper, careful, loud, and caring.
How he/she sees himself: Yuvette believes in herself and thinks she will be a champion of one of the few Pokemon Leaques someday. She doesn't see herself as a celebrity or anything like that, but maybe just a bit more unique than the average trainer.
Best qualities: Skilled, generally happy, looks on the bright side of things, and cares deeply about the people who surrond her.
Worst qualities: Can be a real bully when upset, occasionally is more past than future, and sometimes too positive for her own good.

Background: Yuvette comes from a somewhat-wealthy family in Kanto. Growing up, she was taught how to battle and received a "training Pokemon", which was a Natu, around the time she turned 8. Once she had turned 10, she had obtained her first real Pokemon, a Skitty named Gupi, with a slightly different pelt than all the other Skitty.

The rest, everybody knows. :O!

Parents: Robert and Sydney Monochrome.
Siblings: A little brother named Paul, who's 5 years old.
Hometown: Fuschia City
Childhood history:
Recent history: Yuvette has just won a contest aboard the boat, and is waiting to arrive in Sandgem to start her new adventure with her friends.
Plans for the future: She hopes to be the champion of the Pokemon League someday.

Pokemon team:

Name: Gupi
Species: Delcatty
Gender: Female
Special Appearance: Shiny
Personality: Gupi is the exact same as Yuvette, but is much easier to calm down when entergetic and more emotional.
History: Gupi was Yuvette's first Pokemon, and favorite. She has been her team's healer, and is mainly only used in double battles. She walks by Yuvette's side, and doesn't stay in her Pokeball until it's time to rest.

Name: Frost
Species: Seel
Gender: Male
Special Appearance: Regular
Personality: Frost is a bit in-your-face, but is able to keep his cool most of the time. He loves nothing more than to eat and sleep, and is the main battler. He doesn't take to strangers easily and is usually in a rather neutral mood.
History: Frost was captured while Yuvette and the others were exploring the Seafoam Islands.

Name: Bree
Species: Breloom
Gender: Male
Special Appearance: A lighter shade of green than most Breloom
Personality: Bree is very affectionate and loyal. He would take a bullet for the people he cares about, and is a skilled fighter. He is very athletic and spends most of his time exploring his world inside his Pokeball.
History: Bree was caught as a rather weak Shroomish in Petalburg woods almost immediately after Yuvette and her friends were far from Team Rocket's clutches. He was left in the daycare for some time, and came out ready to evolve.

PC Boxed Pokemon: Pelipper, Snorunt, Farfetch'd, Parasect, Mightyena

dragonite wrote:

Name: Caroline
Profession: Pokeyman Traina

Age: 12
Gender: F
Body type: slim, average height.
Hair and eye colours: Black hair that goes past her shoulders, dark eyes.
Face type: uhh.
Other physical features: nothing much
Clothing style: black sweatshirt, jeans, sneakers.
Speech style: American

General demeanor: She's very considerate of others, and she's always nice to her friends, but can be a tad impatient sometimes.
How he/she sees himself: An adventurous pokemon trainer.
Best qualities: Thinks before she acts.
Worst qualities: She doesn't do very well when under pressure.

Parents: Live in Pallet town
Siblings: " "
Hometown: Pallet Town
Childhood history: She was raised normally, and always dreamed of being a pokemon trainer
Recent history: Got kidnapped by team rocket a year ago, managed to escape with her friends.
Plans for the future: To explore sinnoh and discover new pokemon.

Pokemon team:

Name: Minna
Species: Espeon
Gender: F
Special Appearance: Her fur has a tint of silver in it.
Personality: Very sneaky, but is also very affectionate.
History: Was Carolines starter, they've both been through alot.

Name: Shadow
Species: Absol
Gender: M
Special Appearance: None
Personality: A strong battler, Very shy outside of battling.
History: One of the first pokemon Caroline caught on her own. Is used often in battles.

Name: Wisp
Species: Vulpix
Gender: F
Special Appearance: None
Personality: Very intelligent. Understands others feelings.
History: Caught fairly recently when Caroline came back from Hoenn. She plans to evolve it soon.

PC Boxed Pokemon: Clefable, Nidorina, Slowpoke, Gloom

Birdknight wrote:

Name: Nicholas (Nick)
Profession: Pokémon Coordinator

Appearance: Click
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Body type: Slim mostly, slightly muscular
Hair and eye colors: Brown hair, green eyes.
Face type: See picture
Other physical features: None
Clothing style: See picture
Speech style: American

General demeanor: Outgoing and jolly
How he/she sees himself: Gaining confidence with himself.
Best qualities: Is very logical, and smart.
Worst qualities: Is not very brave, and sometimes thinks he is better than others. He can also be very competitive sometimes.

Parents: His dad former champion, Steven. He has a non-existent mother.
Siblings: None
Hometown: Mossdeep City
Childhood history: Non-existent mother. His father was either scared to raise a child on his own, or was too busy with his own accomplishments to be burdened with a child. Nick doesn’t really know which one is true. He was, “raised” by his grandfather, who was way too busy with running Silph Co. to raise another son. So Nick was left to figure out the world for himself.
Recent history: He has escaped the Rockets with his friends, and is now going out with Lilly.
Plans for the future: To become a great coordinator and prove he is worthy to his dad.

Pokémon team:

Name: Ralts
Species: Ralts
Gender: Female
Special Appearance: None
Personality: A very nosey, funny, outgoing Ralts.
History: She could have evolved, but Ralts chose not to. She would prefer to stay in her original body than to keep on changing.
- Disable
- Double Team
- Confusion
- Teleport

Name: Duck
Species: Psyduck
Gender: Male
Special Appearance: Shiny
Personality: Very, very lazy. Sleeps a lot, and is dumb. Constantly gets headaches.
History: When Nick spotted Duck, since it was shiny, he thought it would he an awesome Pokémon! It turns out, even though it was shiny, it’s soo lazy; it wants to be carried instead of walking. But, when it does fight, it is extremely strong.
- Water Pulse
- Confusion
- Cross Chop
- Yawn

Name: Bee
Species: Beedrill
Gender: Male
Special Appearance: None
Personality: It works very hard. It almost tries to please too much. It follows Ralts around everywhere it goes.
History: Nick witnessed the hatching of Beedrill in Viridian Forest, and thought it was very cool, so he decided to capture it.
- Twineedle
- Pursuit
- Agility
- Double Team

PC Boxed Pokémon: None

tessa7338 wrote:
Name: Teda
Profession: Wannabe Pokemon breeder

Appearance: Click. /Click.
Age: about 13
Gender: Female
Body type: Average
Hair and eye colours: Black, green
Other physical features: See picture
Clothing style: See picture
Speech style: Fast-talking, no particular acccent

Personality: Teda is curious about anything and everything and knows the best ways to take care of Pokemon, and absolutely detests anyone who doesn't treat their Pokemon nicely. A nature lover, she is very close to her Pokemon, and is travelling the world to discover new Pokemon firsthand. Somewhat afraid of the dark.
General demeanor: Impatient, adventurous
Best qualities: Practical, quick thinker
Worst qualities: Implusive, inconsiderate

Parents: Jacob and Candice
Siblings: None
Hometown: Azalea Town
Childhood history: Enjoyed exploring Ilex Forest, and watched her parents study and breed Pokemon.
Recent history: Arrived in Sinnoh in search of new Pokemon.
Plans for the future: Learn more about Pokemon and become a Breeder.

Pokemon team:

Name: Natti
Species: Scyther
Gender: Female
Special Appearance: None
Personality: Very loyal to Teda and the rest of the team.
History: Lived in the area outside Teda's house when she was young. Later became her "starter".

Name: Felix
Species: Zangoose
Gender: Male
Special Appearance: Green eyes
Personality: Has quite a temper. Goes beserk when insulted.
History: Decided to tag along while she was travelling through Hoenn.

Name: Spyke
Species: Pupitar
Gender: Male
Special Appearance: None
Personality: Quiet most of the time, but an excellent fighter.
History: Caught as a Larvitar in Johto.

PC Boxed Pokemon: Ivysaur (Linden), Slowbro (Amzy), Combusken (Rowan)

lapras wrote:

Name: Lilly
Profession: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Hai
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Body type: Skinny, Tall
Hair and eye colours: Black hair, red eyes
Face type: Hai
Other physical features:
Clothing style: Hai
Speech style: English

General demeanor: Quiet, keeps to self.
How he/she sees himself: "All is one, one is all."
Best qualities: Strategic, Smart
Worst qualities: Keeps to herself, often doesn't share her ideas with others.

Parents: People from Pallet Town.
Siblings: None
Hometown: Pallet Town
Childhood history: Lilly was born and raised in Pallet Town. At age 10, she recieved her starter pokemon, Pichu, from Prof. Oak.
Recent history: Lilly was captured by Team Rocket, and escaped with a group of other captives.
Plans for the future: Explore Shinou (and not Sinnoh >:O)

Pokemon team:

Name: Pikachu
Species: Pikachu
Gender: Female
Special Appearance: None.
Personality: Hyper, insane, loving.
History: Originally a Pichu, Pikachu was Lilly's starter.

Name: Lapras
Species: Lapras
Gender: Male
Special Appearance: None.
Personality: Modest, calm.
History: Lilly caught Lapras in the period of time before the group met, in Icefall Cave.

Name: Doduo
Species: Doduo
Gender: Female
Special Appearance: None
Personality: Normal
History: Lilly caught Doduo in the Safari Zone while travelling with the others.

PC Boxed Pokemon: Rhyhorn, Bagon, Natu

Author:  dragonite [ Fri Aug 10, 2007 2:51 pm ]
Post subject: 

Caroline examined the strange object that Yuvette had just won in a pokemon battle contest. It glowed mysteriously. Caroline wondered if it was some ancient artifact or something.

"Ehh.." She shrugged, and tucked it back into Yuvettes bag. "Well, I guess we can keep it as an souvenir then." Caroline smiled cheerfully, glad to be back on an adventure with her pokemon and her friends.

Her Espeon, Minna, nudged her anxiously, then meowed and stared off the side of the boat. Caroline looked up and saw land; a huge regio with a huge mountain in the distance and a little town where they would dock. She recognized this town as Sandgem, which she had read about in books. Caroline jumped up and down excitedly.

"Yuvette! Nick! Lily! Look, its Sandgem!" she exclaimed. "We're in Sinnoh!"

Author:  Valentine [ Fri Aug 10, 2007 4:43 pm ]
Post subject: 

Yuvette zipped her bag back up and turned to look at the tiny beach in front of the village known as Sandgem Town. Her silver locket gleamed with the reflection of the crescent moon hanging up in the night sky, and Gupi, her Delcatty, was sound asleep on the smooth boards of the boat. "It's a nice-looking beach, and a nice-looking town, too, don't you think?" She asked Caroline. Yuvette's tired eyes closed a little for a few seconds, but she eventually startled herself and quickly opened them again.

The boat slowly let itself be pulled by the small waves to shore. It was rather humid and stale out tonight, and if someone decided to sleep outside they'd probably wake up in a sweat. Gupi had a half-empty plastic bottle of water by her side, and she would frequently wake up to take a drink so she wouldn't get too warm. "We have successfully landed in Sandgem Town, please leave the boat one by one. Good night!" boomed the captain. Two people on board, probably somewhat important, were holding life jackets just in case someone's kid got too scared to get off board and needed something to reassure him he wouldn't drown if he fell in the water. Yuvette walked over to Gupi to wake her up, gently shaking her left paw. "Gupi, it's time to go now. You can go back to sleep once we get into the Pokemon Center. The cat yawned, raised herself up, stretched out, and trotted over to the girl's side, rubbing her snout against her legs.

"Come on Caroline, Nick, Lily, let's go!" Yuvette called, skipping off the boat and onto the white beach.

Author:  Birdknight [ Fri Aug 10, 2007 5:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

"Alright, time to go back Ralts."

"You know you just want to shut me up, and I do-"

"Return!" said Nick. He returned Ralts to a pokeball with a red flashign beam. He picke dup his stuff and headed for the ladder that would bring him down to the shore. Suddenly, Ralts appeared by his side again.

"You do know I can still come out whenever I wa-"

"RETURN!" Nick yelled. Now people were looking at him, for he was yelling a pokemon that did nothing wrong, according to them. Nick frze for a second, and the got back to the group. "I'm sure this is gonna be great...Where are we off to first?" Nick asked generally.

Author:  dragonite [ Sat Aug 11, 2007 11:13 am ]
Post subject: 

Caroline hopped off the boat, glad to be on dry land again, with Eclipse tagging at her heels. It was dark, and hard to see. A bajillion stars shone in the night sky, and a red neon sign was shining up ahead of them.

"Guys, there's the pokemon center! Lets start out tomorrow, I'm really tired right now."

Caroline walked up to the pokemon center and entered. Nurse Joy was busy behind the counter examining a pokemon Caroline had never seen before. It was a small beaver-like pokemon with huuuge teeth. Seeing it excited her and made her all the more anxious to start travelling, even if her body was too tired to.

[[ in case you guys didn't get my description, the beaver pokemon was a bidoof ;p ]]

Author:  Birdknight [ Sat Aug 11, 2007 12:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

Nick had the same reaction to the beaver pokemon as Caroline did. Seeing it's new features was very exciting, ecpecially because he hadn't seen a pokemon like that before. He quickly moved up to the counter and geestured toward Nurse Joy. "What kind of pokemon is that?" Nick asked sincerely.

"It's a Bidoof."

"Thank you." Nick hurried back over to the group, eager to tell them of his new information.

"Hey guys, that was a Bidoof, I guess that's one of the kind of pokemon you can find in Sinnoh." Nick pronounced.

Author:  dragonite [ Sun Aug 12, 2007 5:09 pm ]
Post subject: 

"A bidoof, huh?" Caroline said. "I wonder if you can catch one around here, they're kinda cute!"

Caroline got a room for the group, then walked inside, set her stuff on the bed, and let her pokemon out. She watched her Espeon, Vulpix, and Absol stretch and then start playing.

"You guys stay here, okay? I'm going to get us some food."

Author:  lapras [ Sun Aug 12, 2007 9:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

Lilly yawned as she entered the Pokemon Center, Pikachu tagging behind her. She sat down on a chair, then saw the beaver-like pokemon on the table--a Bidoof, apparently.

Another side, another

Lilly sighed, too lazy to let out the rest of her Pokemon. Pikachu hopped onto her lap and looked up at her with huge eyes. She responded to this by smiling at Pikachu and patting him on the head. "Pika-pi..."

Author:  tessa7338 [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 2:14 am ]
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Teda took a cautious step into the Pokemon Center. There were many Pokemon trainers around. Having just arrived on the ferry from Hoenn, she couldn't wait to start meeting new people and discovering new Pokemon and, and... what was that behind the counter?

She rushed over and watched in awe as Nurse Joy patted the small brown Pokemon on the back, then returned it to its Pokeball. Nurse Joy turned towards Teda with her characteristic smile. "Can I help you?"

"Oh yes please." Teda removed the three Pokeballs that were hanging from her belt and handed them to Nurse Joy. "Thank you," said Nurse Joy.

'What to do now?' thought Teda. 'I know, I'll go set up camp.'

(Yes, she likes slepeping in a tent, even if there's room. And now we need to meet up.)
(And I said I'd get a better pic up? Here it is ^^ Yeah she looks weird, but Subeta doesn't have Pokeball-belts XD)

Author:  Valentine [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 1:35 pm ]
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Looks great, Tessa. I'll add it to your profile along with the other image. :]

Yuvette made her way into the Pokemon Center before Teda or Nick had come in. She had been staring at the strange, somewhat goofy-looking beaver Pokemon for maybe 5 minutes now, and she was getting very tired.

"Nurse Joy, will you please rest my Pokemon for the night?"

"Yes, darling, I sure will. Good night!" Nurse Joy replied with a sweet smile.

"Thank you, and you have a good night, too," Yuvette said sleepily. She turned around and sauntered up the stairs, through the narrow hall, and into the room Caroline had rented for the night. Her friend's Pokemon were roughhousing around, almost causing her to trip and fall.

"Guys, can you calm down? It's time to relax."

Caroline apparently was not in the room at the time, and Yuvette just figured she was just getting the group and their Pokemon an evening meal before they all went to their many separate beds. The digital clock on top of the dresser in the corner read 8:30 PM, and most of the party's curfew was around 9:30, so they had an hour to eat before they'd go to bed. Sitting down on the cream-colored bed in the middle of the large room, Yuvette decided to think about what would happen on their journey through Sinnoh.

We'll all catch new Pokemon, won't that be exciting? I want a bird Pokemon. I heard there was this parrot-like Pokemon called Chatot. Maybe I can catch one of those...and there's this cute little bird named Starly, too. I believe they live around here...I think I'd like one, too. But someone on the boat said they evolve into really dangerous things. Chatot doesn't evolve.

And then, what about bad guys? Does this region have criminals too? I hope Team Rocket didn't tell them we were here. But does Team Rocket even know we're here? I haven't heard of them for months...peh. I think all will be well. How far is the next to-

Yuvette's many thoughts and ideas were interrupted by knocking on the door. The smell of delicious food was wafting through the air, and all of Caroline's Pokemon gathered around the door.

"Oh! Sorry for locking the door, Caroline! Hang on, I'll let you in!" she called.

Sorry for godmodding a small bit, but it was one of the only ways to end my post. :s

Speaking of which, I smell food in the kitchen. D:

Author:  dragonite [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 1:51 pm ]
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Caroline entered with a heaping bowl of aromatic pokemon food and set it in the middle of the group of pokemon crowding at her feet. The pokemon started gobbling up the food instantly.

"Hey Yuvette, I got you some soup!" she exclaimed, handing her a bowl of steaming soup. Caroline took her own bowl of soup and sat cross-legged on her bed, sipping her soup and watching her pokemon eat. She took out of her bag a crumpled page of a pokemon magazine. The headline read: "NEW POKEMON DISCOVERED" She read over it for the hundreth time.

"Yuvette! Look at this pokemon!" she said excitedly, pointing to a picture of a brown bunny-like pokemon with puffballs at the tips of its ears. "Isn't it adorable?! I bet we'll meet some pokemon like this when we explore!" She handed the magazine article to Yuvette.

Author:  lapras [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 6:28 pm ]
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Lilly entered the room with a bowl of soup and set it on a table. Noticing the other Pokemon in the room, she let Doduo out. She then sat next to Caroline, sipping her soup. Caroline had taken out a page from a magazine featuring a bunny-like Pokemon.

"Uh, hi...."Lilly said, glancing at the picture of the magazine."I never knew there were so many Pokemon out there.... That's a pretty wierd-looking one, though. I can't wait to see more of them."

Pikachu hopped onto her lap, smiling broadly at her. Lilly let out a satisfied sigh and rubbed Pikachu on the head. "Well, there's always you, Pikachu. I won't leave you, that's for sure."

Author:  tessa7338 [ Tue Aug 14, 2007 6:10 am ]
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(Eeek! The randomness! This is getting funnish. :D I should really be doing my homework. T_T)

Teda walked around to the back of the Pokemon Center, where there was a large open area. She looked up; the sky was darkening into night. She put her bag down on the grass and prepared to pitch her small tent.

Then, she heard voices. A lot of voices.
A large group of backpackers walked around from the other side of the building. A tall guy at the front turned to the rest of the group and said, "Okay guys, Nurse Joy says we can park ourselves here for the night!" The backpackers broke up into many smaller groups. The field, which not too long ago had been very quiet andalmost empty, was now completely overcrowded with noisy backpackers.

Teda sighed. 'I'll never get to sleep with them around!' She grabbed her things, and walked back towards the Pokemon Center. 'Maybe they'll still have a room available...'

Author:  Birdknight [ Tue Aug 14, 2007 6:50 am ]
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Nick entered his room, throwing his back pack on the ground and layed on the bed. He released Ralts, Psybuck, and Beedrill so they could play. Nick began to stare into space, dreaming of what kinds of pokemon he would catch in this new region. "Well," he thought, I have always liked steel pokemon...and those are dad's favorites... If I am gonna earn his respect, I gotta get one of those. I gotta get a grass pokemon to, just to add more balance to my team, and maybe a fire pokemon to. But, there aren't many of them in the Sinnoh region. Ugh! I have a lot of thinking to do. Nick closed his eyes, and not even meaning to, he fell asleep.

"Let's go guys, I want to go talk about wedding arrangements with Lilly" Ralts said. Beedrill agreed, him being a follower of Ralts, but Psyduck, being a lazy bum, just went back into it's pokeball. "Let's go Bee." They walked down the hall to Caroline's room with Lilly, Yuvette, and Caroline in the room as well. "Hi Lilly! Nick fell asleep, so we decided to hangout with you guys." Ralts said through a telepathic message to Lilly. Beedrill nodded in agreement.

Author:  dragonite [ Tue Aug 14, 2007 10:04 am ]
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[[ BK, you don't have to make every post about how you love lapras D; ]]

"I'll be right back." Caroline said, collecting the empty soup bowls. As she opened the door, Nick's Ralts and Beedrill entered the room. "Uh, hi guys! Wheres Nick?" she asked. "There's still a little food over there for you guys." Caroline pointed to an almost empty bowl of pokemon food. "Kay, now I'm gonna return these soup bowls." She closed the door quietly behind her.

The pokemon center was rather quiet now, as many of the people had already gone to sleep. There were still a few people, sitting on the couches and showing off their pokemon to each other. Caroline walked up to the counter and returned the bowls.

"Thank you," Nurse Joy said with a small smile.

"No problem."

"Hold on." Nurse Joy paused. "Don't you guys have an extra bed in your room? If some new trainers come in, I need some extra beds, because, unfortunately, we're filled tonight."

"Yeah, sure, thats fine!" Caroline said. She walked back to their room, entered and headed straight for her bed. "Aaaah... I'm so tired," she said with a small yawn.

Author:  Birdknight [ Tue Aug 14, 2007 2:03 pm ]
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(Lol, I know, but it's Ralts' obsession :))

"He's sleeping" Ralts said telepathically to Caroline. " And yea, I'll take some pokefood" Ralts walked over to the pokefood, with Beedrill following close behind. Beedrill was very hungry, and was eager to eat. When he leaned in to eat from the bowl, Ralts pushed him out of the way to eat herself. " Yum." she thought to herself. Beedrill just stood there, not wanting to get in Ralts' way, while his tummy rumbled like a hurricane.

Author:  lapras [ Tue Aug 14, 2007 6:16 pm ]
Post subject: 

After Lilly had finished her food, she returned Doduo to its pokeball, then sat down on her bed. She was tired. "Oh, hello, Ralts... you should go back to Nick's room, he'll be safer that way.."

Pikachu did a running leap onto her bed, tangling himself in the blankets. Lilly smiled, then placed her bag on a nearby table. She laid down on the bed, yawning. "I think I'll go to sleep now. 'Night, see you tomorrow..." Lilly mumbled, closing her eyes.

Author:  Birdknight [ Tue Aug 14, 2007 6:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

"Fine. I'll talk about the wedding arrangements tomorrow I guess." said Ralts with a puted look on her face. Ralts, feeling rejected, did go back to Nick's room, her hands folded one on top of each other, in a grumpy position. Beedrill took whatever scraps Ralts left him and followed her back to the room. When they were there, Ralts and Beedrill touched their respective pokeballs and went inside for a good night's sleep.

Author:  tessa7338 [ Wed Aug 15, 2007 6:19 am ]
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(WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS?! This is DEFINITELY getting a bit weird.)

Teda stared at the pastel-coloured door in front of her. She lifted her hand to knock, rather hesitant to sleep in the same room as a bunch of strangers... She took a deep breath, and rapped on the door twice.

It opened, and she looked nervously at the four Trainers inside. There were three girls and one boy, and they were about the same age as her, maybe slightly younger? Some of their Pokemon were also there.

Teda said, "Hi, my name's Teda. Nurse Joy said I could sleep here tonight..."

Author:  dragonite [ Wed Aug 15, 2007 9:10 am ]
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[[ bk, PLEASE MAKE NICK AND HIS RALTS GET OVER LILY D: Tessa, in the original Pokemon Escape RP, Nick had a crush on Lily, and his Ralts would always tease him about it. ]]

Caroline seemed a bit puzzled at first, but then she remembered. "Oh yeah! Nurse Joy told me someone else might be coming, since we had an extra bed. So, uh.. hi. I'm Caroline and these are my pokemon," she said with a small yawn, gesturing to her Espeon, Absol, and Vulpix. All three were cuddled up in her bed. "Speaking of which, I better let these guys get some rest in their pokeballs." She shuffled through her bag, took out three pokeballs, and returned her pokemon.

Caroline brushed off all the pokemon fur from the top covers, then got under them. "Well, I'm going to sleep. Goodnight."

Author:  tessa7338 [ Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:03 am ]
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((Alright, I'll post if it gets this RP active again. From now on I'm not going to post unless at least two people post after me, I don't want to control the RP too much.))

Teda looked around nervously, then settled down on the last empty bed. Soon , the five of them were sound asleep.

The next morning, Teda woke up early. It was still dark outside, so she lay in bed and stared at the ceiling. These people seem so nice... I wonder if they would let me travel with them. It would certainly be better to travel in a group. I can't wait to see the rest of Shinou...

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