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Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Pokemon Combat League

RP Genre: Pokemon, Fighting

Setting: Various areans across Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh

Plot: The year is 2018. Some people have grown tired of the usual Pokemon know, the ones with elemental attacks and such. Well, now the is the Pokemon Combat League (PCL.) The PCL is open to all trainers and their Pokemon. Of course, there is a twist. They cannot use any of their attacks. They can only use regular attacks, such as punching, kicking, biting, even wrestling moves have been used in the PCL.

This unique style of fighitng rapidly grew in popularity. Soon tournaments were forming everywhere. However, as the PCL grew, it became more and more corrupt. Gambling, fixing matches, and cheating grew more and more common. The particular thing was, this only made it more popular, until standard battling became almost obsolete.

Trainers in the PCL are called "coaches" while the Pokemon are referred to as "fighters." Plenty of Pokemon have been bred and raised solely for fighting, much to the dismay of certain people.

Eventually, the PCL was disbanded due to its massive corruption.

10 years later, the PCL is making a comeback...a big one. Now run by the notorious Team Rocket, the PCL has been marketed to the extreme. Standard battling was almost offically over, and fans flocked to areans to watch the fights, but Team Rocket was not satisfyed. They needed more fans, more money...more Pokemon.


1. Standard RP rules.

2. You don't have to be a coach, but it is preferred.

3. No matter how you are, you can only have a max of 3 Pokemon. They won't have any attacks, but they will have levels (from 1-100 duh.) Level 100 Pokemon are about as rare as legendaries, while level 50 is more common.

4. Use this for the profile.


Body type:
Hair and eye colours:
Other physical features:
Clothing style:

General demeanor:
How he/she sees himself:
Best qualities:
Worst qualities:

Childhood history:
Recent history:
Plans for the future:

Favorite food:
Favorite pokemon:
Favorite place:

Pokemon 1: Pokemon Name (Nickname)
Item Holding:
Level: (1-100, if asked for)
Gender: M or F
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)

Pokemon 2: Pokemon Name (Nickname)
Item Holding:
Level: (1-100, if asked for)
Gender: M or F
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)

Pokemon 3: Pokemon Name (Nickname)
Item Holding:
Level: (1-100, if asked for)
Gender: M or F
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)

5. If any queries, just ask.

6. Have fun and be safe!


Name: Reese Worthington
Profession: Pokemon Coach

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Body type: Slight
Hair and eye colours: Blonde and brown, respectively
Other physical features: None.
Clothing style: Reese usually wears something formal, no matter what the occasion. Since most people wear more than one outfit, Reese can be seen wearing different things.

General demeanor: Reese is normally a pretty lazy guy. As a kid growing up in a rich family, he didn't have to do much, his family servants would do most everything for him. Of course, this didn't help when he was old enough to live on his own, but he's worked hard to become a respected coach ever since he ot his first Pokemon.
How he/she sees himself: Reese sees himself as an aspiring coach, something he had wanted to do since childhood. He recgonizes his lack of initiative when he was young, which is why he wants to prove himself today.
Best qualities: His control of his temper and his intelligence
Worst qualities: His over relaxed...ness and his immaturity.

Parents: Stan and Martha Worthington; the former works in the PCL, the latter works in a Poke Mart.
Siblings: A younger sister named Ashley, age 22
Hometown: Saffron City
Childhood history: As said before, Reese was pampered like the rest of his family growing up. He moved out at age 18, and set out to become a Pokemon coach. He still catches up to his parents and his sister in between his busy schedule.
Recent history: He's entered Class B in the PCL (The Classes are E, D, C, B, A, S, SS from worst to best)
Plans for the future: To advance in the rankings in the PCL.

Favorite food: Chinese
Favorite pokemon: Tyranitar
Favorite place: Home

Pokemon 1: {tyranitar} Reno
Item Holding: Leftovers
Level: 60
Gender: M
Appearance: Regular Tyranitar.
Personality: Being Reese's first Pokemon, he is incredibly loyal to him. Mostly he's stoic, but he ca get angry pretty easily, and then it's up to Reese to calm him down.

Pokemon 2: {infernape} Rude
Item Holding: Sitrus Berry
Level: 40
Gender: M
Appearance: Scar over left eye.
Personality: Rude is a lot like Reese in attitude, but he's usually more poisitve and happy than his coach.

Pokemon 3: {scyther} Elena
Item Holding: Focus Band
Level: 25
Gender: F
Appearance: Shiny Scyther.
Personality: Very eccentric. Big fan of fashion and style.

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 4:55 am ]
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Name: Riddle
Profession: Police-in-training

Appearance: Tall and Skinny
Age: 18
Gender: male
Body type: Frail.
Hair and eye colours: Black and Brown
Other physical features: A scar on his forehead
Clothing style: Casual.

Personality: Is serious, but when a situation comes up, he can let the air up with a joke from time to time.
General demeanor: umm... I'm not sure I know what that means
How he/she sees himself: A smart, but not to friendly person.
Best qualities:Loyalty when you need it most
Worst qualities: A Temper

Background:Shinou Pokemon Trainer family
Parents:Two Pokemon coorodinators who dispised the PCL
Hometown: Floaroama Town
Childhood history: Had to witness the pain and suffering of his parents getting disowned by his Grandparents, due to breaking the Pokemon Trainer Treadition
Recent history:He went and got his job.
Plans for the future: To become the Ultimate Coach.

Quirks: not to sure about that either
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite pokemon: Treecko
Favorite place: Feugo Iornworks

Pokemon 1:Sceptile
Item Holding: Razor Claw
Level: 50
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)
Personality: Calm, but energetic.

Pokemon 2: Mighteyena (Black)
Item Holding: Razor Fang
Level: 35
Gender: F
Appearance: (Use only if Pokemon has a specialised look)
Personality: Serious, and protective

Pokemon 3: Gallade (Psycho)
Item Holding:Quick Claw
Level: 45
Gender: M
Appearance: Shiney
Personality: Jokes around alot, but when in battle, don't think it as a weakness.

Author:  daveshan [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 7:52 am ]
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OMG! A S_S RP that doesn't have its RPers be pokemon? Sign me up. By the way, you should probably ban ghost pokemon (especially shedinja) from this. Also, do abilities still work?

Name: Daniel Trytin
Profession: Team Rocket Fight Coordinator (Basically, the TR member who is in charge of the event.)

Age: 29
Gender: Male
Body type: Bulky
Hair and eye colours: Brown and Brown
Other physical features: Cleanly shaved and has a cunning look in his eye.
Clothing style: Standard TR admin attire

General demeanor: He understands the standards of his business. He knows that, while he can't let anyone know cheating takes place, he has to let them know cheating takes place so that they'll keep coming back to the games. For this, he needs to always outsmart and out think anyone who brings a complaint before him. Secretly, he yearns to get out of his current position and become more than an admin.

How he/she sees himself: He views himself as a cunning man. To him, loyalty only comes from a friend in need.

Best qualities: His wit and word play. His pokemon skills aren't too shabby either.
Worst qualities: Apart form the usual lack of morality that comes with being a TR member, he lacks the ability to form details in a long-term plan. He can make a big picture easily enough, but the step-by-step parts elude him. It's the sole reason he is still just an admin.

Parents: Frank and Debra Trytin. Both do-gooders in his eyes. They are genius pokemon doctors who could achieve great wealth and prestige, but instead they work in low-income areas for minimal fees.
Siblings: An older brother named Chris who works for a software company and a younger sister named Susan that is trying to become a pokemon master.
Hometown: Vermilion City
Childhood history: Always despised where he grew up and how poor his family was. He didn't feel it was his duty to be concerned for others like his parents were. Perhapse joining TR was an act of rebellion towards them, either way, he is pleased with his current life.
Recent history: Three years ago, he became the Fight Coordinator for the PCL and has begun watching the trainers who enter and fight. He believes that, if he can recruit some of the best of the best into TR under his personal command, he can advance in rank
Plans for the future: Ultimately take control of TR. However, he does not let his superiors know that takeover is his goal.

Favorite food: Steak
Favorite pokemon: Charizard
Favorite place: His new home in uptown Viridian City

Pokemon 1: {charizard} Charcolt
Item Holding: Salac berry
Level: 65
Gender: M
Appearance: Shiny (aka Black)
Personality: The most ruthless of Daniel's pokemon. Some say that the blackness of its skin is the evil in its heart.

Pokemon 2: {snorlax} Sumo
Item Holding: Life orb
Level: 47
Gender: F
Personality: A typical snorlax that Daniel must bribe with vast amounts of food to fight. He hates Sumo for doing this, but her vast power makes her demands well worth it.

Pokemon 3: {shuckle} Shucked
Item Holding: Leftovers
Level: ???
Gender: F
Appearance: Numerous cuts and bruises on her shell and a look that could kill in her eyes.
Personality: She is usually out of her pokeball and at Daniel's side or on his shoulder. However, no one has ever seen Daniel use Shucked in a fight before. Some wonder what her capabilities are in battle, but there is speculation since Sumo and even Charcolt are hesitant towards her.

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 9:00 am ]
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((Actaully, yeah. No Ghosties, sorry. Anywayz...I hope we get more people.))

"Ladies and gentlemen," the annouced spoke, using a microphone to project his voice across the arena. "Welcome to the Volcano Cup Finals!"

Welcome to Saffron City, home of the Mega Combat Arena, the largest battlefield in the PCL. A capacity crowd was inside the dome, waiting for this final bout to begin.

The Volcano Cup was the one of the biggest events in the PCL. It pitting the best Fire types against each in pitched combat.

"In this corner, the underdog, or in this case "under monkey," Rude the Infernape and his Coach, Reese!"

Outside the ring, Reese Worthington was patiently seated, waiting for the crowd's cheer to die down. It certainly was a surprise to see them in the finals.

You see, normally only Rank A Coaches and above can sign up for such an prestigious tournament, but Rude had done so well in qualifying, that he made the cut. No one expected him to advance to the final round, not even his coach.

"And in this corner, the three-time champ, Brutus the Blaziken and his coach, Richard!"

The crowd was just as loud as it was for Rude as it was for Brutus.

"And get this folks, this final round is a special treat: a cage match!"

The audience went livid after that.

"Cage match...I didn't ask for that," Richard mumbled over the roar of the crowd.

Author:  daveshan [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 9:45 am ]
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Daniel smiled from his box seat. Shucked was at his foot as various big-time business men and other TR admins watched the match begin. There were various bets still going around the room and others were paying off bets from the last match.

"Rude and Reese certainly have made it farther then I would have called." Daniel said to himself as Shucked nodded. "Still... his tactics are hardly first rate. He'd easily get destroyed by even the weakest member of the S rank."

One of Daniel's superiors, a tall, large man named Frederich Hytten, approached him and put his hand on Daniel's shoulder. "That was a nice touch, adding the surprise cage match. People have tripled their bets and the webcam ratings are through the roof."

Daniel shook his head. He knew better than to take credit for someone else's idea in this business. "Wasn't me, sir. Admin Wellington has a lot of money on Richards and his blaziken. He figured Reese wouldn't be ready for a cage match so he ordered me to do this."

"I see..." The Frederich said. "Would you have added the cage if it weren't for Wellington?"

"No, sir." Daniel replied. "Reese has potential to make it farther and make us a lot more money on bets. I don't like the thought of such a promising investment getting taken out so soon."

"Indeed." Frederich replied. "Let's hope Rude can survive, then."

Author:  Cellblock [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 11:16 am ]
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Name: Robert Adams
Profession: Geologist

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Body type: Skinny with muscles.
Hair and eye colours: Red hair, hazel eyes.
Other physical features: No beard, tatoo on arm.
Clothing style: Sleeveless top, muddy trousers.

General demeanor: Over years of escaping cave-ins and getting through stalactites and stalacmites, he is capable of escaping from most trouble. If he knows a gem is at stake, he will do anything to get it.

How he sees himself: He sees himself as a intellegent man, but must admit he sometimes acts snobbish.

Best qualities: Loyal to friends, and useful in situations.
Worst qualities: Doesn't work unless rewarded royally.


Parents: He doesn't know them. As a baby, his mother died after giving birth and his father dissapeared off to somewhere in the world.

Siblings: An older sister, who he rarely sees, named rebecca adams, who works at a macdonalds. She dreams of playing a role in grease.

Hometown: Dewford city.

Childhood history: Betrayed by everyone and anyone who got near him, robert grew up a loner. He recently befriended team rocket, but he does not see himself working for them, but assisting them.

Recent history: 6 months ago, he discovered 'the devil's ruby' in the sinnoh underground tunnel. (He then barely escaped a cave-in.)

Plans for the future: Get an ice-cream, then get enough money off seling gems to be able to afford: World domination.

Favorite food: Anything meaty.
Favorite pokemon: Umbreon.
Favorite place: His den underneath slateport city.

Pokemon 1: {sneasel} Digger
Item Holding: Focas sash
Level: 69
Gender: M
Personality: A pokemon that will not stop to get what it wants, and digs through rocks to pass the time.

Pokemon 2: {lairon} Boulder
Item Holding: Red scarf
Level: 41
Gender: M
Appearance: A typical lairon with a scar over one eye.
Personality: Laid back. Doesn't care what it's doing, as long as it's told to do it by robert.

Pokemon 3: {chansey} Fortune
Item Holding: Lucky egg
Level: Not needed. ???
Gender: F
Personality: This chansey is trained to put any pokemon that isn't a friend to sleep. It loves to fight, but never gets into any physical damage.

Author:  Valentine [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 1:17 pm ]
Post subject: 


Name: Lily
Profession: Coach

Appearance: click
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Body type: Skinny
Hair and eye colours: Black hair, green eyes
Other physical features:
Clothing style: See picture

Personality: Lily is a procrastinator. She feels everything can wait till the last minute, and only believes that because she'd rather do fun things like playing video games than what's really important. She honestly is not a big fan of the PCL, but takes part in their competitions in order to gain more money in some way or another for the good of her precious Pokemon. Lily dislikes her reasons, and feels she is being cruel to her Pokemon, but she promises them that it'll all pay off soon enough.
While with people, whether she knows them or not, Lily is quite snobby and superficial. She says it's how she keeps her confidence, and honestly wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. She tries her hardest to keep herself from becoming blue, thus she overdoes things for her own emotional needs. Lily is quite strict and rather harsh, ordering around people and Pokemon.
All in all, Lily is part of the PCL just to- *shot*
You'll have to find out later. 8D
General demeanor:
How he/she sees himself: Lily sees herself as a regular human being, doing inhumane things regular human beings do. She doesn't think she's worth that much, and feels shallow for sacrificing just about everything except her Pokemon's well-being for her own self.
Best qualities: Lily cares for her Pokemon, herself, and a few other people. She is very honest and enjoys to teach others as well.
Worst qualities: Her honestly doesn't stop at regular, everyday problems, and this often leads to hurting people's feelings. She can be extremely shallow and uncaring to anyone and anything, and dislikes most people at first.

Background: Lily was originally born in Johto, in Goldenrod City. There she lived a street life, constantly battling other trainers with her two Pokemon. She had entered a small tournament in Blackthorn, but lost to an overage opponent who got his way in by saying he was just tall for his age. She had told the hosts after the competition, and he was disqualified for breaking the rules. Yet, he had already taken off with the trophy, so what was rightfully Lily's never was in her possession.
Lily doesn't speak much about what happened after that, and now travels around the regions to compete in the PCL.
Parents: Lily's parents still live in Goldenrod, supporting her. Their names are Mark and Thuy, and are news reporters in Johto.
Siblings: Lily is an only child.
Hometown: Goldenrod, Johto.
Childhood history:
Recent history:
Plans for the future: Lily wishes to live the life she wants to with her Pokemon, and to be the champion of the Pokemon League and PCL.

Favorite food: Ice cream
Favorite pokemon: Granbull
Favorite place: Home

Pokemon 1: {granbull} Zho (pronounced the same as Zoe)
Item Holding: Leftovers
Level: 50
Gender: Male
Appearance: Zho has a red band around his left leg.
Personality: Zho has the same personality as the household pet. He loves Lily and adores meeting new people, and he thinks there's nothing better than eating. He would do anything for Lily, as he is extremely loyal. Zho was her first Pokemon, hatched from an egg as a Snubbull. He does not like drawing blood, but would gladly have a playfight with any Pokemon.

Pokemon 2: {togetic} Agape
Item Holding: None
Level: 50
Gender: Female
Appearance: Agape has bigger feet than the regular Togetic.
Personality: Unlike her name suggests, Agape loves fighting. She has a rude personality, and hates nothing more than a stronger opponent. Outside of the arena, Agape spends her time sleeping or practicing for the next competition with Zho. She was Lily's second Pokemon.

Pokemon 3: {zangoose} Jatin
Item Holding: Shell Bell
Level: 50
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jatin's red markings are wider than normal.
Personality: Although Zangoose are looked at as killing machines, Jatin only cares for fashion. He constantly goes through Lily's closet, and plays around with hair gel. He sees fighting as just a way to pass the time, and would rather be reading magazines. Jatin thinks he's the best looking Pokemon in the world, and gladly shares all his secrets with other Pokemon who would like to be pretty.

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 1:33 pm ]
Post subject: 

Riddle was looking at Rude and Brutus.

"This will be intresting, though Brutus does have a rep for being dirty, whether his coach likes it or not." Riddle smiled. "But that's why I'm here."

Author:  mikkele [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 5:17 pm ]
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Can I Join?

Name: Mike
Profession: Marine

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Body type: Tall
Hair and eye colours: Brown hair and eyes
Other physical features:
Clothing style: Cammy pants, black tee, baseball cap,and boots

Personality: Friendly
General demeanor: (What is demeanor?)
How he/she sees himself: Doesnt just myself
Best qualities: Persistant
Worst qualities: Shy

Background: 4yr colege degree raised mostly in a country area
Parents: Mother & Step Father, and Father & Step-Mother
Siblings: 3 Brothers 1 sister
Hometown: Evergrande City, Hoenn
Childhood history: Met my 3 pokemon exploring in a cave
Recent history: Been in the marines 8 yrs (Not including 4 years marines reserve)
Plans for the future: Destroy Team Rocket

Favorite food: Chicken
Favorite pokemon: Tyranitar
Favorite place: Mt. Chimney

Pokemon 1: Tyranitar
Item Holding: Amulet Coin
Level: 90
Gender: M
Personality: Engergetic, and Friendly

Pokemon 2: Aggron
Item Holding: Soft Sand
Level: 65
Gender: M
Personality: Shy, and Brave

Pokemon 3: Rhydon
Item Holding: Focus Sash
Level: 70
Gender: F
Personality: Friendly and Caring

Author:  Sentinel [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 5:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

Name: Duke 'The Meteor' Sevear II
Profession: MMA Fighter (If they exist in Pokemon, lol)

Appearance: Athletically fit, tan, and of average height
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Body type: Athletic
Hair and eye colours: Green eyes with Dark Brown, nearly black hair
Other physical features: None
Clothing style: Loose fitting, dark blue sweats and a long white T-Shirt

Personality: Hasty
General demeanor: Angry
How he/she sees himself: The best there ever was, and ever will be
Best qualities: A fierce competitor
Worst qualities: Is too cocky for his own good

Background: Duke was raised poor, and was always getting into fights at a young age. He loved fighting, and nobody or nothing could stop him from getting into trouble. He decided to pursue it as a career, and has done extremely well.
Parents: Duke I and Molly Sevear
Siblings: None
Hometown: Goldenrod
Childhood history: Duke was raised poor and in a bad part of his city. He had to fight to survive, and because of this he was often found standing over other children that were unconscious.
Recent history: Recently heard about the PCL, and has trained a Pokemon team that he believes will be unbeatable
Plans for the future: To hold the PCL title

Quirks: Is a Hydrophobiac
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite pokemon: Lucario
Favorite place: The fighting ring

Pokemon 1: Lucario
Item Holding: Focus Sash
Level: 87
Gender: M
Personality: Intelligent

Pokemon 2: Weavile
Item Holding: Choice Band
Level: 73
Gender: M
Appearance: Has a scratch mark scar on back
Personality: Hasty

Pokemon 3: Hitmonlee
Item Holding: Leftovers
Level: 64
Gender: M
Personality: Energetic

Author:  dunsparce [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:03 am ]
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I want to join! I finally though of a charecter.

Name: Shrad Hoki (HOE-K-I)
Profession: Coach

Age: 35
Gender: Male
Body type: Musculer, about 6' (6 feet or 2 meters).
Hair and eye colours: Short black hair, almost crew cut; dark brown eyes.
Other physical features: Long scar on right shoulder.
Clothing style: Usually wares a short or no sleeved purple shirt, heavy duty jeans.

General demeanor: Somewhat dark, unsocial so to most he is mysterious. He really is kind but has a tough outer shell, he rarley lets anyone in because of the risks he takes to occoplish his wants.
How he/she sees himself: A "middle" man who does not belive in good or evil, he belives fighting is stupid and a wrong form of entertainment though.
Best qualities: He is a good man though he does not think of himself as so, kind to a person in need.
Worst qualities: Slightly self-absorbed, he is willing to hurt bad people in order to occomplish good, rash and little regard for saftey of himself.

Parents: His mother Irva lives near Stark Montain and helps travelers reach the top by healing their pokemon. He doesn't know his father.
Siblings: None.
Hometown: He was born in survivle zone.
Childhood history: He was raised in stark mountains where he worked with his mother as a guide to people trying to reach the top of stark mountain, he gained his muscluer body that way. He had one freind name Vlen who also raised a poliwag from the eggs they found, he disappered when the new PLC started.
Recent history: Becomeing a coach, making A rank, breaking into Frederich Hytten's office and stealing important papers that Frederich needs to complete or be fired.
Plans for the future: Breaking into another Team Rocket leaders office and planting the papers there, become S rank to get closer to the admins.

Favorite food: Wild onions.
Favorite pokemon: Poliwrath
Favorite place: The inner chamber of stark mountain where he created stairways to make it easeir for travlers to trek thorough it.

Pokemon 1: Poliwrath (Plar)
Item Holding: Muscle band
Level: 51
Gender: M
Appearance: Red scar on his right hip from touching the magma rock while training.
Personality: Great trust of Shrad, used to hardship and can go through a lot with a cheerful attitude.

Pokemon 2: Weezing (Astem)
Item Holding: Lax insence
Level: 47
Gender: F
Personality: Starting to gain good trust in Shrad, slightly pessemistic but will do any job Shrad asks of her.

Pokemon 3: Electrode (Sprac)
Item Holding: Focus sash
Level: 36
Gender: ---
Appearance: No furrowed eyebrow.
Personality: Thinks of Shrad as a teacher, a little trust for him, verry cheerful and hyper-active, Likes to play with the others by being thrown by Plar as high as possible and by racing with Astem.

Author:  dunsparce [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 8:54 am ]
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"Hmm, a cage match" Shrad thought as the cage enclosed the fighters.
"Maybe it's a good thing I don't have a fire pokemon, ey Plar? I can't affored to be taken out this early in the plan." Shrad said to Plar, his Poliwrath, who had been watching the going ons little intrest. His thoughts were on his brother who had dissapeard a few months ago. Plar nodded. "Still, it's a good thing the cup is ending, we need to advance in order to get closer to the leaders. " Shrad added. "I hope that the regualar battles will start again soon".

((wanna start the cadge match match?))

Author:  Cellblock [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 9:34 am ]
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Robert was on a nearby mountain, when the cage match in the stadium caught his eye. 'Pathetic...' He said. 'Pokemon fighting for amusement? The human race are becoming thick. Pokemon should be used as tool sof war, or slaves. Now, digger boulder and fortune... that's a different story.' Robert lifted his head up. 'But once I am ruler of this world... THERE WON'T BE ANY HUMANS TO BE THICK!!!' Robert manically laughed.

Author:  dunsparce [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 9:49 am ]
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Cellblock wrote:
Robert lifted his head up. 'But once I am ruler of this world... THERE WON'T BE ANY HUMANS TO BE THICK!!!' Robert manically laughed.

((.........Wow........I can tell this will be an interesting charecter. ))

Author:  Cellblock [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 9:55 am ]
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dunsparce wrote:
((.........Wow........I can tell this will be an interesting charecter. ))


Author:  dunsparce [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 11:23 am ]
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((Your welcome. S_S want to continue on the cadge match so we can get this going? Sorry to press but it's been a day, or are you just waiting for more people to join? ))

Author:  daveshan [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 12:25 pm ]
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((Well, fortunately, my character can keep doing things regardless of the cage match.))

"TRYTIN!" A voice yelled after the doors to Daniel's box slammed open.

Daniel and Shucked turned and saw a business man in a wrinkled business suit and fuming out of his ears. Security guards released their pokemon and assaulted the man, pinning him to the ground. They were about to throw him out, but Daniel halted them.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"You ruined me!" The man screamed. "You let Richard get away with cheating in that last round. I put everything I had on his opponent, who was winning all the way through. I'm ruined now."

"Hmmm, well... we can't allow cheating, can we? For instance, we can't let a man make a huge bet and then not have to pay it when he loses."

"But, Richards..."

"Won that match fair and square. Just like Richard's last opponent had won all of his matches 'fair and square'."

The man was speechless now. Richard's last opponent had been cheating his way through the matches and everyone knew it. Daniel ordered security to remove the man from the grounds and they dragged him out.

"That was nice talking, Trytin." Frederich said.

"It's the beauty of these games, sir. If you've ever won off someone cheating, you have no grounds for complaint when you lose."

Author:  Cellblock [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 1:27 pm ]
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Robert continued trekking up the mountain. He released boulder. 'Now boulder, smash those rocks over there. I'm going to leave a nice treat for the people at the bottom...' easy enough, boulder smsashed a few rocks, and the shiftment of the stones then created an avalanche. Robert got out his rope swing and returned boulder. He shouted 'TERRIIIAAA!!!' AS he swung off the mountain. The avalanche roared to the bottom.

Author:  dunsparce [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 1:57 pm ]
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Shrad heard a deep rumbling and turned around and saw an avalanche heading right at the stands below him. Fearing the stand would collapse and his base destroyed he shouted, "Plar! Go try to smash those rocks! Astem and Sprac go and stop them with your sludge and rollout!." As they went off he was thinking if he could use this distraction as an advantage and dissapeared into the hallway whare the admins offices were.

Author:  Cellblock [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 2:04 pm ]
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Robert then swung onto the top of a base. Regardless of what was inside, he used a special device to create more avalanches in other nearby mountains. He then saw pokemon trying to stop the fall. 'Pathetic pokemon...' He then released fortune and told it to put the pokemon to sleep.' He saw the cage match again. 'Ah. My next target. Once fortune has cleared stuff up here more humans will suffer...


Author:  dunsparce [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 2:25 pm ]
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((what is the motive behind this? ))

Plar smashed through yet another rock, and then suddenly heard some singing. "What a nice melody" he thought to himself, "it sounds just like the song my brother started singing after he became a politoad.....Yawn...I think I'll take a nap" and he fell asleep.

Astem had finished spraying sludge in front of the enterance when he saw Plar fall to the ground, "he must have fainted from the extertion, I better go get him" Astem maneged to get him to the enterance of the under ground tunnel which was their base when she finally fell asleep thinking "we probably couldn't have stopped it anyway".

Sprac was smashing the rocks apart with rollout, unable to stop, unaffected from the singing because of his lack of ears, when he saw both his freinds collapse. "Why are they falling asleep!? Shrad odered us to stop the avallanche!" He continued to smash the rocks until he finally maneged to stop, and saw more rocks tumbling right after them! "How did another avalanche start?!?!" He thought. "Now we'll all be crushed!! " Then he though of the move Astem had been teaching him, "it seems I have no choice" he rolled into the center of the oncoming avalanche, used explosion, and fainted.

((lily, mike or duke; a little help here?))

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 2:37 pm ]
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((As you can see, I'm not online 24/7. Plus several of your Pokemon's levels are WAY TOO HIGH. And a 15 year old Geologist?))

((Also, last time I checked, there were no mountains in Saffron city, which is all buildings and stuff.))

"Let the fight begin!"

A bell rang, similar to a boxing bell. The fight had begun.

Almost instantly, Brutus sprung into action, landing several hard hits on Rude before he could even react. He then grabbed Rude by the tail and swung him around, all this while Reese just watched.

"He's too fast...and too high leveled. We can't win with strength or speed, so we'll have to try strategy."

Brutus had let go of Rude's tail, sending the primate on a crash course with the steel bars of the cage.

"And things aren't looking so good for Rude!" the announcer spoke.

"I have to think of something...and quick. Wait, I got it!"

Author:  dunsparce [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 2:44 pm ]
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Sneaky Sneasel wrote:
((As you can see, I'm not online 24/7. Plus several of your Pokemon's levels are WAY TOO HIGH. And a 15 year old Geologist?))

((Also, last time I checked, there were no mountains in Saffron city, which is all buildings and stuff.))

((sorry about that, I just put that out there for you to see. Do the levels really matter? I'll change them. ))

((It has a hill near it though, I checked a map that shows the land features. This is set in Saffron? ))

Author:  daveshan [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:34 pm ]
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((How dare you not be on 24/7, S_S. Don't you know that your life comes second to the recreational activities of complete strangers that you will never meet? :P ))

Shucked grimaced when Rude collided with the bars. The look was a sort of, "I've been there" expression.

"Doesn't look like the investment will be winning." Frederich said.

"I don't care if he wins or not, I just don't want Reese to stop being a coach. Underdogs tend to have high odds against them and underdogs that can win have heavy gamblers betting on them." Shucked nodded and continued watching.

"Reese may have to cheat." Daniel said as he, Frederich, and Shucked shared a laugh. "Cheating" was so common, it was almost part of the rules.

Author:  dunsparce [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:46 pm ]
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daveshan wrote:
((How dare you not be on 24/7, S_S. Don't you know that your life comes second to the recreational activities of complete strangers that you will never meet? :P ))

((lol :lol: ))

Shrad yanked on the door knob. "Come on, come ON you ----" he muttered, suddenly the knob came off. "YES!" he shouted and at that moment a large explosion came from above the office, he looked up and for a moment concern appered on his face; then he focused on machienery in front of him. "Darn, not an office" he thought and preceded onto the next door, after placing a remote detonator next to the light controls. "Just in case" he thought.

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