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 Pokemon village (Private RP) 
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Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
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Name: Pokemon village.

Genre: Modern day and Pokemon!

Plot: In a small village surounded mountains, there is a village full of pokemon. In this village, trainers can't go there because the only path is blocked of by boulders (Lets pertend that they don't have have helicopters and such) and even with the help of pokemon, the path is to dangerous and seemenly impossible to climb. Due to this, the pokemon are free to do their daily lives. (Number that will change) pokemon of the village share an intense friendship. But not everything in the village is peaceful. Just like today, roque pokemon roam the streets at night, and mysterious injuries of the towns folks. Sherlock Raichu, the world famous detective, is having trouble finding the suspects, as the leave very few evendense. You can feel free to do whatever you like, but most importamtly, Sherlock Raichu has requested helpers to help him uncover the crooks. He isn't forcing anybody to help him, but he gives rewards, Many people have volenteered tto help him, but he wants young pokemon. You may also have to defend the village from trainers riding their flying pokemon. Numoris hazards may happen in the village and the Poke police can't handel them all.

Setting: Pokemon Village.

Adtionnal rules:
Credit to Miss Xalia, this is a private roleplay, so you can only join if I sent you an invatation.
All forum rules apply.
All role play rules apply.
You can't control NPCs, unless yoy PM me exactly what you want them to do or say.
Make the age reasonable. (10-17)
No godmoding.
No mary-suing.
Once I send you the invatation, Pm me your profile.
First evolutions only. Think! If a lot of big pokemon we're applying to help Sherlock Raichu and failed, he won't accept you ether.
You can't leave the village unless I dicide to have a moment where you can.
More credit to Miss Xalia, when you PM me you profile, put "me wanna join so me read rules" to insure you actually read these rules. If I don't see this anywhere in your application, then I will not accept you with no second chances.

Special thanks to: Xaliaphous for private roleplay and the last rule :wink:

Invitation list: (Please note. It is subject to change)
~p o k e~ spriter

Here is the application form:
Nickname (optionnal):
Favorite food:
Lest favorite food:
Other info:

Now, here is my profile.
Nickname: Claw
Pokemon: Sneasel
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Appearance: Looks like a Sneasel. Has a scar on his face.
History: He got the star when a pigeot with a trainer swoop down and scratched hit face. The pokepolice came and scared of the trainer.
Personality: Is very determined, but a little unintelligent.
Strengths: Will almost never give up.
Weaknesses: Bis unintelligents can lead to a small disadvandage.
Likes: Running.
Dislikes: Trainers.
Favorite food: Figi berry.
Lest favorite food: pomeg berry
Parents: To weavile. They live in a house near Sherlock Raichu's office with Sneasel.

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Fails at life

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Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
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Treeckomaster wrote:
Darkness was lost. What should he do?

The RP hasn't started yet, and your post makes no sense.

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Sun Jul 01, 2007 8:52 am
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