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Author:  Mr. Chiss [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 12:49 pm ]
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Aseren felt as the blade ripped through his black robes. Then his mail underarmor. Then it struck him in the chest. Pan let go, only for himself to see that the blade was stuck in Aseren's chest. A liquid stained his black robes and the smell of blood was in the air. Aseren's life came to him.

He was all alone. Nothing was around him. It was dark and he was standing in the middle of nowhere. A light flashed and images he recalled from his past entered his vision: his childhood, his birthdays, his first kiss, his best friend and him in school, his entrance into the Black Dojo Academy, his first mission, his friend's betrayal and death, his love's disdainful last look she gave him... His last vision was of Pan's face when he stabbed him. He had furrowed his brow and his eyes were calm and focused, as if he didn't see that he was taking the life of an equal. It horrified Aseren, for those were the same eyes he had when he murdered his friend.

Aseren was still in shock and his mouth was wide open. His eyes were unfocused and he was staring straight ahead, past Pan, past the walls that held him, past the cavern and the entire mountain range. The world was not in Aseren's way of sight. He spoke to Pan," You... killed... the.......... .. ...emper....or." Aseren's eyes closed and his body went limp.

Pan had already walked away to the door and had not seen the blade fall. It had pierced his mug of ale and had barely broken Aseren's skin, but there was much blood anyways. Aseren was not dead, but unconscious.

Author:  Whitewash [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 1:04 pm ]
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Pan briskly walked to the door. He opened it to reveal another circular chamber. However, the chamber was a bottomless pit, aside from the slim peninsula leading to the center of the room. A dark crimson light shown as a spotlight to the middle of the room. It was the color of blood. Fitting, thought Pan.

The light was cast upon the center, it was an assortment of stones. One was red, one was blue, and another was yellow. They were all positioned on a small stump of a pillar, positioned to create a triangle around a plain grey stone. The stones each had their own light to show their colors. It was strange, as if the crimson light did not even touch the stones, yet touched everything else, bringing it to the color of blood. Pan remembered this from the book. The man had chosen the blue one, but it was not correct. Which one to choose?
The ghostly daughter spoke to Ben. "Take your friends and leave here father. You must not be here." The girl could see tears in her father's eyes and reached to wipe them away, but her hand just went through his face. He probably just felt a cool breeze, but not the warmth of a girl's touch. "Do not cry father. Your friends are through that door at the end of the hall. This place has but one trap for protection. Those who want what is hidden here will not find it. It will only reveal itself to those who do not wish to use it. You will find whatever you wish here. Many do not return for that very reason. Close no doors, for they are left open for a reason. I love you father, with all my soul." She began to cry and handed him her hairpin. It did not go through his hand, as she did. It was real.

A door suddenly appeared at the end of the hall.

Author:  Mr. Chiss [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:09 pm ]
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The leading ninja had dropped the book and stared at it. "Sir! What is wrong sir!" asked a bladesworn. The ninja unwrapped his shawl and revealed his face. His eyes were bulging and he had an evil grin on his face. "No way out," he said. He walked up to the man who addressed him and leaned up to his face. "Release the prisoners. They are our equals as of now." "But sir! What about the-" "WHAT ABOUT THE TREASURE!? Look around, this place is our tomb!" The words echoed through the hallways.

He walked to the key keeper and grabbed the keys from his belt. He quickly unlocked the chains on the two captives. "You are free." He turned to the others. "Get them some decent clothes!" "Yes sir!" they all said as they gave him a bow. They began rummaging through their belongings. Now how did this book make it out of here?

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:23 pm ]
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I gripped onto to Sevear as we got on. I didn't trust these people one bit. And I shouldn't. But...what in the world happened to Pan? "We can't leave Pan, Sevear. We have to do something.........."

Author:  Whitewash [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:25 pm ]
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Growlithe could smell someone, outside of a now appeared door. That smells like... He began running towards the door. It was the limping fellow from earlier. Someone friendly. He barked to get his attention, which it seemed he had succeeded in.

"There is a friend here. He will help us." He addressed the others as he dashed through the door.


Pan Tamaran was at an impass. There were 3 colored stones on the pedistal, but only one of the ones on there was the one he wanted. He ignored the blue one and observed the red and yellow. The red matches the room... but that might be a trap. The yellow would then be the choice unless it really was the red. What if the correct stone changes like the traps?! No, no... not this. This is entirely different.

He thought it through, then decided to take a chance. He would pick up the red AND the yellow stones at the same time. He waited and... he grabbed them. They wouldn't budge. He let go of one and felt the other loose. He didn't dare pick it up this time. It appears that it will not allow me to take more than one at a time. Something odd happened though. When he had touched both of them, they had both glowed brighter. He touched the red one again. Sure, enough... it glowed brighter again. However, when he touched it, the door behind him closed. "NO!" he yelled as he touched it again...

The door opened again at his second touch. "Phew!" These stones must control the entire place. He touched the blue one. Nothing happened where he could see, but a mirror suddenly appeared by Xel. Nope, not yet. He touched it again and the mirror disappeared. Noone is stopping me at this point. Not even my own team. A smile crept up his face.

Author:  Mr. Chiss [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:42 pm ]
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Aseren woke up at the sound of mad cackling. His chest was in great pain, but thankfully his alcohol had sanitized his would, which seemed to have stopped bleeding. His eyes were foggy, as he had been crying earlier, and the room was still a blur. He heard the mad cackling again. Tamaran...

He tried to get up, but couldn't. His loss of blood made him woozy and he ached all over. He turned onto his stomach and began dragging himself to his sword. Who knew drinking could save a life... He made it too his sword, but did not have the energy to pick it up. He heard the mad cackling a third time. Tamaran...

He looked through the door. Pan was touching strange stones. He hoped Pan didn't notice he changed positions and decided to play possum until more strength returned. He would rest, but not sleep. Pan wasn't going to get away with anything.

Author:  Sentinel [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:58 pm ]
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"I... I don't know what happened to Pan," said Sevear, his voice barely audible.

Master. We are here with the one with the limp.

"Hiroki... it's going to be ok. Ben is near," he finished before closing his eyes.

Author:  Whitewash [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:46 pm ]
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Pan was still perplexed as to how to unlock the talent. He tried touching the stones in a series of orders, but nothing was happening. What am I missing? He looked back into the room. Xel was gone. "What!?" He stormed out the door and began investigating the room.

Author:  Mr. Chiss [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:48 pm ]
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Aseren had hid behind the door. He had enough energy to get the job done. He waited and sure enough, Pan yelled in dismay. "What?!" He ran outside and began to look around. Now is my chance. As soon as Pan ran outside, Aseren slipped behind him into the room and began closing the door.

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:50 pm ]
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"Huh, Sevear? What's wrong?" I asked worriedly. Thank goodness Ben is near...

I lifted Sevear up and over my shoulders, hardly keeping standing up. It was hard, but I managed. "Now, which door shall I go through? Err..."
I picked a random mirror and jumped through. We went through and landed in air. "Whoa!" I yelled as Sevear and I plummeted a few yards down. I landed on my arm and heard a sickening crunch. I then noted Sevear on my upper back. I calmed myself down. "Damn. Should've guessed not to do that."
I tried to get up, but failed miserably. "Uhhh..." I paused, gaining breath, then yelled as loud as one could with someone on their lungs, "CRAP!!!" Then I put my head back on the ground, breathing heavily. Sevear hadn't moved. Was he conscious?

Author:  Whitewash [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:57 pm ]
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Pan saw as a blur passed his side nision. No... He grabbed for the small dagger and threw it at Xel. Xel, unluckily had closed the door ON the dagger. But the door was still open. Pan ran to it and hauled it open. What he saw made a vein bulge on his forehead. Xel truely didn't want the power after all. "Stop you fool!"

Author:  Mr. Chiss [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:02 pm ]
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Aseren began throwing the stones down to the bottomless pit. He threw the red, then the yellow one. Upon touching the red one, all the doors in the entire cavern appeared and opened, all except the mirror door.

"You failed Pan Tamaran!" Pan had made a lunge for the last stone, which Aseren tried to pick up. He wasn't looking, and accidentally grabbed the plain grey-colored stone in the middle of the pedistal. It began to glow white.

Author:  Whitewash [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:06 pm ]
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Pan had grabbed it about the same time as Xel. The white light crept like a liquid up their bodies. "It's happening! I win! I WIN!!" shrieked Pan Tamaran as the white liquid made its way up his arm. He then looked at Xel, who also had liquid crawling up his arm. "NO! I alone deserve this gift!" He tried pushing Xel away from the pedistal with his broken hand, ignoring the pain. Xel wouldn't budge.

"How DARE you take this from me!" He reached for his dagger he had at his belt that he had picked up and stabbed toward Xel. "I told you it was MINE!"

Author:  Mr. Chiss [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:11 pm ]
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Aseren parried the dagger with his blade he also had picked up while he was crawling. Both his blade and Pan's dagger fell from their weakened grips. "This will not make you immortal Pan! This is not immortality! This gift lies in your gene, and is passed on through the bloodline." Aseren knew that the power was too great for a mortal to possess, even if the mortal only had a lifetime with it.

A tear dropped from Aseren's face as he finally realized he was receiving the curse too. "Pan! Let go now! I will too if you do!" A powerful wind eminated from the stone and blew around the room. The liquid had traveled down and covered their legs and waist now. "Do not do this! I beg of you Pan!"

Author:  Whitewash [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:14 pm ]
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"I know what I am doing! The power of the third eye is mine!" His face was now beginning to be accepting the liquid white-light coating. His smile was the last thing consumed. His vile loathing grin of victory.

Author:  Mr. Chiss [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:17 pm ]
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"You are truely mad," said Aseren as the light enveloped his face as well. "Burn your ashes that you had me taken in all this too." A tear ran down his cheek again. Both were now glowing bright white and then they let go. Each fell to the ground, the glowing getting brighter and brighteruntil the room was nothing but light. They each closed their eyes to try to escape the horrible light.

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:23 pm ]
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After about five minutes, I managed to get out from under Sevear, and checkd on my arm. Cursing, as it was indeed broken, I wrapped it up in cloth that I had prepared to use for broken limbs by using my hand and mouth. I tightened my knot, and then looked to Sevear. He still wasn't moving. I sighed, then slipped his coat off and put it beneath him. Using the cloth as a bed, I dragged Sevear towards a door that I saw on the other side of the room we were in. It suddenly closed, right as I was in front it. I looked surprised at first, but then I got angry. "You have to be kidding me!!" I yelled, and leaned against it. A few minutes later, the door opened, leading me and Sevear on a long path down. Scared of the sudden thing, I yelled the name of the one person I had love, forced from old habits. When I was 13, I had called him name often, and now I called it again. "Aseren!!" I noted that the tunnel was ending, and saw both Pan and Aseren fighting over a stone. They were both being covered in a white light, and Pan looked furiously at Aseren, who looked upset. I knew immediately that this wasn't good. I landed with Sevear out of the hole, which sent us skittering across the floor. I slowly got up, cursing to the gods, and groaned. Then I opened my eyes at the two men, and gasped.
"Aseren! Pan!" I saw them both on the ground. Pan was smiling like an idiot, and seeing as he was happy, I ran over to Aseren. "Aseren, you idiot! What did you do!" I said, not accusing, but in a sad tone. I was acting like my old self, and I didn't know why. It was just this feeling that I had, one that wanted me to go back in time and relive the past, where I was happy...

The room was suddenly engulfed in light, and I knew better than to touch Aseren. However, I wanted to, to see if he was alright, and still here. I couldn't see anything with this light, and I was happy at that, and for a good reason.

Author:  Whitewash [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:25 pm ]
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Pan began to cackle once the light disappeared. He looked himself again, as a mad bafoon who was bursting with laughter. He raised his hands to the sky. Then voices came into his head. How could you you fool. I have indeed failed...

"Yes you have Aseren Sedge," said Pan. "I can see what you see now. All I have to do is be near you to know everything you do." He laughed even harder. "I can read thoughts and minds! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! an abomination you say eh? I am an abomination? You are now the abomination! I am now the closest to perfection as can be! I kno the thoughts of all!" Then he read Aseren's mind again. Then read this you S.O.B. I can read minds too.

Pan gaped and slunk back against the pedistal. "No... NO!!!!!!!! THAT WAS MY GIFT AND MY GIFT ALOOOONE!!!!!" He lunged at Aseren, knowing full well he would get away. He had read what he was going to do next and knew too late. He had been planning this before they even grabbed the stone.

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:29 pm ]
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I watched as Pan came forward. For some reason, I knew that Pan was behind this. With the light fading, you could only see for an instant that I was crying. I then was filled with rage as Pan came towards Aseren. I had heard the conversation before, and heard Aseren's words, while on the slide. I filled up with rage, and took out a kunai. "Stop right now, Pan Tamaran!!" I yelled, and moved the kunai with my left hand in a defensive pose as I came in front of Aseren. I braced myself as Pan came lunging forward...

Author:  Whitewash [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:32 pm ]
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Pan stopped half-way and laughed again. "The mighty Hiroki. You have been keeping quite alot of secrets from me. And I thought that was only me!" He grinned. "You were with the Black Dojo I see. The bosses lil' daughter. And this Mr. Sedge was your eye candy. He doesn't look too sweet now though. What are you going to do with that Kunai? I can read exactly what you'll do. You are willing to sacrifice yourself to land a blow on me. You would take my blow and then drive that poker through my skull. How lovely and quaint." He took a step forward. He giggled.

"You thought I was the errand boy! The man who would bring back the weapon to save the kingdom." He giggled and took another step while drawing Aseren's blade from the ground. "I AM THE WEAPON! YOU CANNOT TOUCH ME WHEN I KNOW WHAT YOU'LL DO! YOU CAN'T SURPRISE ME ANYMORE!" He read her mind. I won't let him touch Aseren, no matter what. "Look at your love and read his face. He doesn't want you to interfere." Hiroki, just leave us please. You don't know how bad this is.

Author:  TyphlosionXplosion [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:39 pm ]
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Ben was breathing hard at the words of this spectre. She reached out her hand to his and he reached as well wanting nothing more than to embrace his daughter. She dropped a hairpin into his hand, looking down at it he shuddered, it was the hairpin he gave to his daughter when she was five, one week before she was murdered. He was overcome at this and he could no longer look at the ghost.

Eclipse sprang into motion charging the spectre and blowing it away in a cloud of vapor.

"NO...." Ben gasped desperately clawing at the ghost image.

Eclipse rounded on Ben throwing a punch into his chest. He dropped to a knee and when looking up at Eclipse she was shaking a finger at him other hand on her hip, Ben felt the room spinning around him for he had always seen someone else always make that pose when they were upset with him.

"Emma? it is not possible" he breathed but the Dusknior nodded as she reached with her hands outstretched.

Ben was no longer inside the cave, now he was outside a home he recognized as his own. He was trying to stop his head from spinning when he noticed a woman walking towards him, his wife.

He gaped, these events were too much. He reached out to her with a trembling hand but she continued through him. 'Damn these ghost images' he raged.

"BEN" Emma cried in a faint voice, whirling he saw himself burst from the house, broadsword in hand. The ghost Ben charged after his wife and the real Ben turned to watch the advancing of a cavalry squad running down his wife.

He had seen these events many times, everyday in his dreams. Emma running towards Ben, himself yelling for her to get their daughter. He watched himself intercept the first horsesoldier, dismounting him, but there were too many imperials, one impaling his spear in Ben's knee another striking him around the head leaving him unconscious.

The memories always ended here but now as an external viewer he watched the soldiers burn his house and his family attempting to flee only to be cut down unmercifully.

The fog returned and he was transported a few hours later to find the house smoldering and himself still laying unconscious. A dusknoir emerged from the forest and paused at the corpses of his family. It passed a hand through his wife, its eyes flashing a vivid green. The Dusknoir then moved to Ben reaching a hand to shock him back to consciousness.

His first sound was a cry of anguish, his wound had been unattended for hours complications were bound to arise. He struggled to his feet then hobbled to his family, the dusknoir accompanied him and he looked at it to his family to the lunar eclipse taking place.

"Will you help me with them, Eclipse?" he rasped to the dusknoir who nodded and lifted the little girl. Ben lovingly picked up his wife and the vision dissolved.

He could not speak as he looked into the dusknoir sensing his wife's soul

A door appeared in the wall opening and spilling a white light into the room. Ben staggered towards it and emerged next to Hiroki and Sevear.

"....oh" he said

Author:  Mr. Chiss [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:42 pm ]
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Aseren read Pan's mind in return. Kill the girl in front of him and his emotions will get the best of him. I know you can hear me Aseren Sedge. Aseren spoke to Hiroki in a whisper,"He is planning to kill you Hiroki. Leave here and gather the others. It is the only way." I know you heard that Pan. Don't you touch her!

Pan stepped nearer. Aseren backed up with Hiroki, bumping the blue stone. I will destroy the stone.

No you won't, thought Pan. Change your mind now Aseren or the girl dies. I will hunt you down and kill you if you do not do as I say. You know I will follow through with that!

Aseren laughed. "Goodbye. You know you can't stop me, so you threaten me? You have no idea the power that you and I possess." With that he threw the blue stone at Hiroki and threw the grey stone down the bottomless pit. He then purposely grabbed Hiroki and fell down the pit. A mirror opened up and they both fell through it. They landed among there friends in the second hallway. Aseren yelled as he helped Hiroki up from the ground. "RUN! Make for the exit NOW!" He began sprinting with her to the exit.

Author:  Whitewash [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:53 pm ]
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Pan had already ran to the opposite door before Aseren even picked up the first stone. I knew! I could do nothing too! Curse that Aseren. He may have gotten away, but I control the Imperial army now. My reign is only beginning. He jumped through the mirror which had appeared when Aseren picked up the blue stone and arrived in a new room and began sprinting towards the slightly opened door.

He made it to the stairwell first, but saw the others making their way here as well. He sprinted up the stairwell, only to be greeted by the guarding ninjas. They drew their swords. The left one will feint right then charge left while 2 others will aim shuriken at me. The 2 others are on standby and are still contemplating what to do.

Pan read all their minds in an instant. he gently threw a needle ahead of him, as the first ninja jumped into its path and took it in the forehead. He grabbed the now dead corpse and threw it at the 2 on standby, while simultaneously ducking as the 2 ninjas threw shuriken, hitting each other instead of their target. Fools. The right one is in shock from his friends dying and the other is ready to take his life. Pan then leaped over the shocked ninja, who did nothing to stop him, and winked at the other, who also could not stop him from disappearing now into the woods.

Author:  Kawaii Angel [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:55 pm ]
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((Forest? What forest? Anyhow, hopefully, Ben will rescue Sevear. Good timing, Ben. :D))

Everything happened so fast, and in little time, but first, I had looked at Pan. "So you know who I am. But you're wrong if you think that I want to help the Dojo. I left it twelve years ago for a reason. My father, the EMPEROR, didn't want me to get hurt, or anything. He hid me from the world, only to watch the others suffer. And when I did fall in love, he heard plans of escaping, and used my love to kill our best friend. THAT'S why I left, and THAT'S why I am a healing IMPERIAL!" I yelled, but didn't move. I didn't move until Aseren warned me, gave me a stone then held me and jumped into the mirror . "Aseren, but what about Sevear?!" I had yelled as we fell. Apparently, he didn't hear, because we landed in a corridor, and ran, bringing me with him. I finally started to run as well, surprise in my eyes. "Aseren!" I yelled, because, for some odd reason, all voices seemed to be hushed in this place, "Aseren! What-what about Sevear, We left him down there!!" I then winced as my broken right arm was having a hard time catching up, along with the heavy blue stone it was holding.. I started running faster, and started to wear out. My hair, which was in a very tight bun, rolled out as the ribbon blew away, showing it's length, seeing as I hadn't cut it in twelve years. Being down, it fell waist-length, (and I haven't had it down since I stopped cutting it, so no one could actually tell that it was long, seeing as it was thin enough to look like a bun.)
My hair blew in my face, and I yelled for Aseren to stop, as I could no longer see where we were going. "Aseren, stop! I can't see!"

It triggered a memory.
A boy and a girl, deeply in love, about the ages of a low teen, are running in a field. The girl, with her long black hair, yelled out to the boy in an accent, who was in front. "Stop!" She yelled, laughing. "Stop! I can't see! The wind is blowing my hair into my eyes!" She laughs, and then the boy goes behind her and ties it with a red ribbon into a bun. "Better?" The boy asks, and the girl turns around. "Yes, thanks to you!" The couple start to laugh, and then run.

I continued running, no longer tired, relieved by the happy memory. One of my first happy memories... I thought, and continued running.

Author:  Mr. Chiss [ Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:06 pm ]
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Aseren watched as a figure was running ahead of him. Tamaran... He tried to pick up speed, but Hiroki kept him back. I can do nothing now, I have failed. the ground had begun shaking, as the temple had lost its purpose. It could no longer protect the lost treasures within it and begun to collapse in on itself. "Pick up the pace people! You! Get over whatever phantom you saw and concentrate on what it said! She wants you alive!" That Ben character will wonder how I knew that...

The group was joined by their pokemon, all except Ninjask, who had been too afraid of Aseren ever since he received his power. It had begun running the other way, towards the door they had just come out of. The door disappeared as soon as Ninjask entered. Ninjask... I hope you find peace you demented pokemon.

They made it up the stairwell to find 3 dead ninja corpses with 2 tending to them. According to their memories, Pan went to the left, toward the Imperial station point bridge. I am too late. "Leave them! They are at peace now! Save yourselves and tell the others to get away from here!" "Yes sir!" They began running towards the others, yelling what they were told. With that, Aseren collapsed onto the ground, panting and bleeding. His wound had opened up again from all that action. His adrenaline could only take him this far before the pain set in.

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