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 Mechwarrior Reaction (No Previous experiance with MW needed) 
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Okay, now I know not many of you are familar with The Mechwarrior universe, but thats OK.
You can join this RP even If you know nothing about Mechwarrior.
You will however, be expected to learn. for your enlightenment I'm Including A few links. You don't need to look at all of them, just as long as you get a basic Idea of what this is:

The Intro to the game Mechwarrior 3. I recommend this one.
-MW4 intro

A Partial history courtesy of youtube
A More complete History, non-video, Courtesy of Wiki. And I'd place this RP around the time of the Fedcom Civil war if you wanted to know.

Setting: The Battletech universe. Based on a mountain/forest planet. (But we don't have to stay on said planet.)

you are a group of Mechwarriors. for some inexplicable reason, the Innersphere is once again at war. You are a group of soulders of fourtune (AKA mercenarys) training on a planet. As it happens, your planet is attacked and you are obliged to join the defending forces. After the battle it's mostly up to the players what happens next.

Additional Rules:
#1: This is a Advanced RP. players must give references of 2-3 Roleplays that they have participated in (unless You are somebody I know really well. or otherwise stated.)
#2 Picking a Mech: get a mech you think looks cool and has a configuration you like. use this to choose a design you like (Go to mech bay.)
then go to The Battletech Wiki for the armaments list of most of the more common mechs. (if the armaments aren't already listed on Brickcommander.)
Heres a list of what the weapons and armor do.
#3 No Godmoding. a 35 ton Mech can't destroy a undamaged 100 ton Mech with one hit. Period. I also don't want to see everyone using 100 ton Mechs. (They're Generally slower than the lighter ones anyways.)

Now, on to Player Profiles:



Body type:
Hair and eye colours:
Face type:
Other physical features:
Clothing style:
Speech style:

General demeanor:
How he/she sees himself:
Best qualities:
Worst qualities:

Childhood history: (Optional)
Recent history:
Plans for the future:

[b]Quirks: [/b]
Favorite food:
Favorite place:
Pet peeve(s):
Least favorite season:
Worst memory:

[b]Primary Mech:[/b] (Your Characters mech of choice)
[b]Secondary Mech:[/b] (Optional) (Your Characters Back up mech. should be different than your Primary mech)

Name: Thomas Baxter
Profession: Mercenary, Lance leader (A unit of mechs=one lance)

Age: 27
Gender: male
Body type: Semi-strong.
Hair and eye colours: Hair brown. eyes brown.
Face type: standard except for a small scar above his right eye.
Clothing style: Usualy wears a black jumpsuit. wears a cooling vest when piloting a mech.
Speech style: American. (Suburb variant. Not Chicago or NY or anything like that.)

General demeanor: Calm, yet Calculating. a natural strategist.
How he/she sees himself: just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe.
Best qualities: Planning, Keeping calm.
Worst qualities: never seems to give up, even when beaten. Accepting defeat.

Recent history: Created a band of mercenarys after his enlistment with house steiner Ended.
Plans for the future: Make some cash, Keep his team together.

Favorite food: Strawberries.
Favorite place: Inside his mech
Pet peeve(s): people wasting time.
Least favorite season: Summer. If you thought it was hot in a mech before...
Worst memory: Being Ambushed by House Liao as a Steiner Recruit.

Primary Mech: Bushwacker
Secondary Mech: MadCat

I'm not here all the time, though I do pop back in occasionally, if you want to contact me, you can dropped me a line at

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Name: Sydney
Profession: Mercenary

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Body type: Sydney has arms and legs as thin as noodles, but she has just a bit of extra weight on her. It doesn't switch her from the skinny category to the chubby one, though.
Hair and eye colours: A deep, dull navy blue (like Dawn's in the Pokemon anime) color hair, and a mixture of gray and light blue eye color.
Face type: Kind-of round
Other physical features: Sydney has very pale skin, and light purple rings around her eyes from lack of iron (in her skin, of course). She doesn't wear makeup. Her eyelashes are naturally a dark color, and her lips are a peachy color. She is very lanky, and has large feet and long fingers. Her birthmark, a slightly darker patch of skin, is located on her left shoulder.
Clothing style: She usually wears a creamy-colored minidress with casual, denim pants underneath, often along with a collection of thin silver bangles and, in cold weather, a long, blue windbreaker. While in her mech, she wears a cooling vest over her clothes, along with some sort of communicating device stored in her pocket, whether it be a walky-talky, a scanner (not computer-wise), etc.
Speech style: American, preferably north-eastern.

General demeanor: Alert and quick, hardly ever calm.
How he/she sees himself: Mainly just a regular human being, but when engaged in battle Sydney sees herself as better than her opponent.
Best qualities: Always ready to battle at a moment's notice, and is a skilled mechwarrior
Worst qualities: Sydney doesn't always realize the importance of things, and often takes off before someone finishes telling her something.

Recent history: Became a mercenary, battled some, and that's about it.
Plans for the future: To become the best mechwarrior she can be, and to become famous.

Favorite food: Any kind of meat
Pet peeve(s): Slow people
Least favorite season: Summer

Primary Mech: Ice Ferret
Secondary Mech: Battle Cobra

I guess I don't have to post links to RPs since you asked me to join.


Thu Jun 14, 2007 4:33 pm
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