Hoenn: Ten Years Later (A DM'd RP)
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Author:  daveshan [ Wed May 23, 2007 5:16 am ]
Post subject:  Hoenn: Ten Years Later (A DM'd RP)

Premise and Setting: A dungeon master (DM) controlled RP taking place in Hoenn ten years after the fall of Team Aqua and Team Magma.

Profile for trainers: -Name
-1-3 starting pokemon (see rules for what you can and can't have).
-Age and gender
-(1-3) Pokemon: *Species and Gender
*Nickname (prefered but optional)
*Egg Move
-3 berries of your choosing
-Where in Hoenn your character is starting from (he or she may start from figurtively anywhere in Hoenn)
-Anything else

-At the start, all trainers will have up to 3 berries in their item case

Plot: The Nation of Hoenn has been a relatively peaceful place for the past decade due to the absence of any strong criminal organization. However, in recent weeks, various people in outfits that have a large, red 'R' on the chest have been causing trouble and their activities have been escalating. The general populace of Hoenn is unaware of who these people are and no one knows what they want. Authorities are in the dark about what they are doing in Hoenn and are trying to cover up the situation to prevent a wide-spread panic.

As a trainer, your character will be able to:
*Encounter and interact with various NPC's. They will be good, evil, and in between.
*Explore future-Hoenn.
*Fight gym battles, win badges, and take on the new Elite Four after winning in the Hoenn Pokemon League Tournament.
*Find out what these trouble makers are up to.
*Be affected by events that will take place regardless of whether your character is there or not (This isn't like the game. Stuff will happen even if none of the main characters are there to see it).
*Have just about any kind of pokemon adventure you want your character to have.

P.S. Unless your character is from Kanto or Jhoto, please make him or her completely unaware of Team Rocket.

Rules: There are 9 sections of the rules.

•Dungeoun Master (DM): -I will be the one and only DM.

-The DM, me, will control the direct actions of the pokemon, the attacks, the environment, NPC's, and everything else except the characters that people submit.

•Pokemon: -RPers may not control or possess legendaries at any time during the RP.

-All non-legendaries from all generations are permitted.

-A 3-point system will be used to decide which pokemon you can choose to start out with. Here's how it works:
*A pokemon in its final evolution is worth 3 points.
*A pokemon in its second evolution and where its second evolution is not its final evolution is worth 2 points.
*Eggs and a pokemon that is in its primary evolution and where it has at least one more evolution is worth 1 point.

For example:
{bulbasaur} is worth 1 point
{ivysaur} is worth 2 points
{venusaur} is worth 3 points

{meowth} is worth 1 point
{persian} is worth 3 points

{aerodactyl} is worth 3 points

Eggs are worth 1 point

-When you start, your pokemon may not exceed a total of three points.

-A character may not have more than 6 pokemon at any time. No boxes, no staying at a day care, just 6. If you want to replace a pokemon on your team, you have to release one.

-I will control when you encounter new pokemon and, ultimately, if you will be able to catch them.

-As the trainer, RPers will give their pokemon orders. However, I (the DM) will be the one who controls the pokemon directly. This way we don't have all the pokemon dodging every attack and always "finding the strength inside to carry on despite injuries".

-I will have the pokemon follow their trainer's orders as best they can. However, if, for example, a pokemon's wing is badly injured, it will not be able to fly easily.

-Unless I say otherwise, pokemon are healed completely after visits to a pokemon center, applying appropriate medicine, and using moves like rest and heal bell.

-Only berries may be held by a pokemon.

•Getting Stronger and "Leveling Up": -How much your pokemon improve will be subjectively determined by me. I cannot give a set formula due to the differences between where your character is, what he or she does with their pokemon, how difficult the RP is for your character, and whether or not rules are broken. I will make the process reasonable and fair, though.

•Battles: -Battles may be against wild pokemon, NPC's and their pokemon, and other RPers.

-As stated, an RPer is in control of what his or her character does and says. I will ensure the pokemon follows orders as best I can. However, a pokemon may be disobedient, scared, too injured, unable to hear your character, etc.

-Condition changers (freeze, paralysis, burn, poison, and sleep) can happen to none or all of the RPer's pokemon in a battle. However, a pokemon can only be suffering form one condition changer at a time.

-If an RPer is battling another RPer or if an RPer is in a gym battle and other RPers are waiting to take on that gym leader and the RPer goes without posting for 52 hours (2 days plus four hours) they automatically lose the battle. This is so one person doesn't have to wait forever because someone got bored with the RP.


-The area you fight in is simply the area you are in when the battle begins.

-Pokemon cannot fight if they would be unable to in that area.
For example: Seakings cannot fight on a street and charmeleons cannot fight in the middle of the ocean unless it is on top of a large enough pokemon or ship.

-I will be in control of all actions within the battle except for what RPers' characters do and say.

•Moves: -Whether a move is physical, special, or other is based off of the Fourth Generation's formula.

-Moves must be issued in the thread. I will not use any commands that are given to me via PM. However, RPers may try to disguise their command by saying it differently, such as backwards or as numbers. I will do the best I can to decode it, but be warned: if I can't understand it, the pokemon won't be able to either.

-Only moves that the pokemon can learn via level-up and ONE(1) egg move will be permitted before TM's or HM's are obtained or tutors are met. Do note that, technically, TM's, HM's, and tutored moves are considered egg moves.

-There is no limit on how many moves any of your character's pokemon may use as long as they are legal moves. This means that each pokemon starts knowing all its level up attacks.

-Any attempt to do an illegal move will result in a penalty, see below.

-Although moves may be learned by a pokemon, depending on how strong it is will affect its ability to control and aim the move. For example, a squirtle will not be able to properly aim a hydro pump attack nor will a munchlax be able to properly use a body slam or have enough coordination to use facade without extensive practice.

-Other TM's and HM's, as well as tutored moves will be able to be used if and when they are obtained by your character, provided the pokemon you want to use them on is compatable with it.

-Odds of moves hitting or a secondary effect working will be determined by the attack list on the main site. Whether a move hits/works will be decided by a program I have that generates a random number from 1-100. If the number falls at or below the number of the odds of it hitting and/or working, it will be successful. A basic example would be if some one uses blizzard, which has an accuracy of 70%, I will run my program and if the number it shows is between 1 and 70, it will hit and I will run it again to see if it causes the opponent to freeze; but if the number is between 71 and 100, it will miss.

-Move accuracy also depends on, but is not limitted to, distance between the pokemon and its target, how injured one or both are, how quickly they can move (an aggron has to get pretty close to an electrode to land a physical move like mega punch), and conditions of the area where the pokmon is/are.

-Stat changers are up to 6x or down to x/6 like in the game.

-Moves will not be cut and dry as they are in the game so use your imagination when it comes to attacking. For example, if a pokemon gets directly under a flying pokemon and does stone edge, the rocks will go up and then come back down giving two chances to hit.

•Obtaining Items: -Items will be obtained by finding them, receiving them as payment for doing a task, trading one item for another, and various other methods. I don't have a monetary system for the RP, so your character will probably not be purchasing anything.

•Difficulty: -How hard or how easy the RP is for your character will depend on how your character acts. If you have him or her act as if they're always on the ball and can over come anything, they will generally get difficult problems and tough & imaginative opponents. If you have him or her act like a newbie trainer, they will generally get simple problems and weak & simple-minded opponents.

-The difficulty is also effected by who your character is around. Both other RPers and NPC's will make the challenge more and less difficult.

-How difficult your character has it in the RP also affects how good their pokemon are. As long as your character can accomplish his or her tasks, the greater the difficulty means the better your pokemon become and it also means that he or she will receive better items and rewards.

•Other RP Rules: -No god-modding, mary-suing, foul language, or playing DM.

•Breaking the rules: Some people may get carried away and forget the rules once in a while. They may do something like control their pokemon or its attacks, so here are the penalties (All penalties will be followed with an explanation of why they were issued).

Inside a battle:
-1st and 2nd time: The move will fail, even if it is something like harden, it will fail and your opponent will have a free shot to do their move, which will hit/work along with all its secondary effects.

-3rd time: The pokemon your character has out will faint.

-4th time: Your character loses the battle.

Outside a battle:
-Varies. Consequences may include: Embarassing things happening to your character, having items stolen from your character, or NPC's refusing to help or interact with your character.

I apologize if the rules seem lengthy and overly specific. DM'd RPs can get tricky and I am covering my bases the best I can. Also, these rules can be changed, but I will tell all participants that they have been changed and what has been changed. Also, if you need clarification on any of these rules, do not hesitate to ask me.


It is a calm day in Hoenn and everything seems relatively normal. Businesses are running smoothly, trainers and pokemon are up and about, and a variety of interesting people are going through their day. The biggest news, however, is that construction is finally finishing up on the repairs in Sootopolis that were needed after the clash between Groudon and Kyogre 10 years ago. In order to bring tourism back to the small island, the Elite Four chose Sootopolis as the location for the inauguration ceremony to welcome the newest member of the Elite Four, a former champion of the Jhoto region named Rock Edric. Rock will be replacing Drake, the Dragon Master, whom passed away a month ago. Rock Edric is known for his unusual type preference of ground, electricity, and normal pokemon.

Meanwhile, at some currently unknown location, an elderly yet fierce-looking man in a sharp business suit is overlooking a map of Hoenn that has various markers at different locations. While he is doing this, his faithful persian sits quitely at his side.

Please post your profiles and wait for approval before posting. If you have any questions, you may put them in your profile post.

Author:  daveshan [ Wed May 23, 2007 5:18 am ]
Post subject: 

This post will be used by me to keep track of everyone's character, their pokemon, their items, and everything else. Check here for updates and information about NPC's.


Tom (Treeckomaster)
•Appearance: Medium Height, width, so on so on.
•History: Was taken along on a journey to try to get to Rayquaza when he was a few months old.
•Age and gender: 10 and Male
Species---------Nickname----------Egg Move
Piplup(F)_____Kingly__________Aqua Ring
Riolu(F)______Aura___________Blaze Kick
•Current Items: Sitrus berry x3
•Current Location: Verdanturf Town
•Other: He's constintly working on getting the power moves right.

Dusk (Blazikendude)
•Appearance: About a meter and a half tall, 100 pounds. He is a very shady character; some say he's evil, some say he's nice. The truth: He doesn't even know!
•History: Once lived in Sinnoh as a team Galactic member, but once they broke up he moved to Hoenn.
•Age and gender: A 20 year old male.
Species---------Nickname-----------Egg Move
Torchic(M)_____Blaze___________Last Resort
•Current Items: 1 Cheri, 1 Rawst and 1 Sitrus berry.
•Current Location: Lavaridge Town
•Other: He is trying really hard to evolve Aqua into Gyarados.

Richard (Treeckoluv)
•Appearance: 1 meter 432 centemeters.
•History: Is the brother of Erika, the grass gymleader in kanto, but was sepparated from her at 6 years old due to a famely crisis.
•Age and gender: 23/male
Species---------Nickname----------Egg Move
Totodile(F)_____Crawky__________Dragon Claw
Pichu(F)________Bolt____________Volt Tackle
•Current Items: 1 rawst, 1 aspear and 1 Sitrus
•Current Location: Verdanturf Town
•Other: N/A

Luxina (StevensNightmare)
•Appearance: Height 4'11" Shoulder length red hair, hazel eyes, muscular build, oval/heart shaped face, long fingers
•History: Luxina's parents disappeared over Orre over 10 years ago and haven't returned since. Their status is unknown. (They are actually slain by Cipher upon stumbling on their hidden base of operations) Raised in Lavender Town, she was taken in by Mr. Fuji and raised with a vast family of pokemon and orphans for 11 years. Now Fuji has sent out trainers to raise the orphans he has gathered over the years.
•Age and gender: 11/Female
Species---------Nickname----------Egg Move
Snover(M)____Evergreen______Sword Dance
Ralts(F)______Amygdala______Icy Wind
Houndour(M)__Cerberus________Fire Spin
•Current Items: 3 Lum Berries
•Current Location: Lavaridge Town
•Other: Split between hatred of crime and the compassion Fuji has taught her. Pushes herself and pokemon beyond their limits. Had to be hospitalized four times for overexertion. Very intelligent, natural creative and adaptive talent. Stubborn and has a hot temper. Loves to lead. Doesn't know her own strength.

Steven (a.k.a. Stevo) (Houndour)
•Appearance:Short with a huge tabgle of dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes
•History: Grew up climbing trees in Fortree city And has spent his life there
•Age and gender: 12 years old, Male
Species---------Nickname----------Egg Move
Dratini(F)_____Drit_____________Dragon Rush
•Current Items: None
•Current Location: In the ancient ruins of Registeel
•Other: N/A

Zak (Blaziken234)
•Appearance: Regular height, brown hair, gray eyes
•History: Loves grass and bug types. Spent his life around them while growing up in Celedon City, and later near Petalburg Woods. Had a crush on Erika when he was 9. :3
•Age and gender: 15 years old, Male
Species---------Nickname----------Egg Move
Bellsprout(F)___Bella___________Magical Leaf
Surskit(M)_____Quinn___________Signal Beam
•Current Items: 1 Cheri Berry, 1 Pecha Berry, and 1 Sitrus Berry
•Current Location: Route 111-Desert
•Other: Born in Celedon, moved to Petalburg when he was almost 11. Has heard of Team Rocket, but knows nothing about them

Ralph Powalski (Banov)
Appearance: Short- just over 5'7, with a rather weak build. Long red hair, and very dark eyes. His clothing, too, is often quite dark; ranging from black to dark shades of red.
History: Was swayed by Maxie's speeching, and at a young age actually joined team magma and became a lowly grunt. Barely four months after he joined, team magma fell, and so he's been left to putter around with no real purpose. Recently, however, it seems magma has been appearing more and more in rumors and the thoughts of the people; maybe it's time for the grand uprising again!
Age and gender: 23 and Male
Species---------Nickname----------Egg Move
Kecleon(M)_____Chili_________Magic Coat
•Current Items: Lum berry x3
•Current Location: Route 120
•Other: Fancies himself a master thief.[/quote]

Axel (Lynm-Pahcuh)
Appearance: 6', short blonde hair, blue eyes.
History: Initially from Sinnoh region, his family moved to Hoenn when he was 5. Rose (Burmy) was a gift from his father from before they moved to Hoenn.
Age and gender: 17 and Male
Species---------Nickname----------Egg Move
Scyther(M)_____Damien_________Silver wind
•Current Items: Oran berry x3, TM 28
•Current Location: Rustboro City
•Other: Obsessed with Bug pokemon. Intends to enter league with a bug only team, also intends his team to be all duel type bugs.

Alex (Dussel)
•Appearance: Pretty fat, but still in good running shape. Brown eyes and hair. An ingrown toenail on his left foot. Slightly intelegible, weird, but slow even so.
•History: A normal but very boring lifestyle has always been his life, but a small hope of adventure. He has been very interested in pokemon ever since a little boy.
•Age and gender: 13 and Male
Species---------Nickname----------Egg Move
Misdreavus(F) _None___________None
Lotad Egg(?)___None___________Leech Seed
•Current Items: Lum berry, Cheri berry, Pomeg berry
•Current Location: In the ancient ruins of Registeel
•Other: None


Rock Edric
•Appearance: 6' tall with brown eyes and dyed-blue hair. A young man in his mid twenties with a calm and always happy look on his face.
•Age and gender: 27/male
•Known Pokemon:
•Current Location: Unknown
•Other: A native of Orre and a former champion of the Jhoto region. He is currently the newest member of the Hoenn Elite Four.

Patrick Taff
•Appearance: 5'7" tall with green eyes and brown hair. He's fairly well built and is cleanly shaven
•Age and gender: 25/male
•Known Pokemon:
•Current Location: Lavaridge
•Other: A man who is living in the same apartment as Dusk. A girl a few years younger than him is living with him. His job and relationship to the girl are both currently unknown.

Deryl Iverson
•Appearance: 3' tall with blue eyes and red hair. Not very big for his age.
•Age and gender: 10/male
•Known Pokemon:
•Current Location: Route 120
•Other: A friend of Steven's.

Billy Wendel
•Appearance: 4' tall with blue eyes and blonde hair. He's a big kid for his age and likes to flaunt it
•Age and gender: 13/male
•Known Pokemon:
•Current Location: Verdanturf Town
•Other: He's always been the neighborhood bully, but in a bit of a respectable way. He isn't the kind that only goes after people weaker than him, on the contrary, he goes after everyone. Young and old, big and small, fast or slow, as long as they'll agree to fight him, he'll take them on with either his fists or his two pokemon. Some say he just likes confrontation and only acts like a bully so people will get angry and fight him.

Lanette Ip
•Appearance: 5'8" with pale skin and blone hair. Despite her age, she has a nice figure
•Age and gender: 43/ female
•Known Pokemon:
•Current Location: At her home on Route 115
•Other: She helped create the pokemon storage system used by most pokemon trainers. She is a certified genius and a computer wiz.

Robert Pobhill
•Appearance: A 6'2" tall, black man with a crew-cut and a muscular frame.
•Age and gender: 38/ male
•Known Pokemon:
•Current Location: Mount Chimney
•Other: He is posing as the foreman for a project that the Hoenn government is doing at the mouth of Mt. Chimney. In reality, he works for the organization that is blackmailing Dusk.

Mandy Hultill
•Appearance: A 5'4" girl with long red hair. She has a nice form.
•Age and gender: 12/ female
•Known Pokemon:
•Current Location: Lavaridge
•Other: She just broke off with two of the members of her group. They all have gotten beat hard by Flannery and she is looking to try her luck once more. She is also hopeful that she will one day be Ian Kyrt's girlfriend.

Ian Kyrt
•Appearance: A 5'3" boy with cropped, brown hair. He's go some muscle to him, but it's nothing to brag about.
•Age and gender: 12/ male
•Known Pokemon:
•Current Location: Lavaridge
•Other: He just broke off with two of the members of her group. They all have gotten beat hard by Flannery and he is willing to try his luck once more. He is also quite annoyed that Mandy Hultill is trying to be his girlfriend.

Daniel Sannon
•Appearance: 6' 2" tall with brown eyes and short, brown hair. He has many battle scars and has a very intimidating build and facial expression
•Age and gender: 35/male
•Known Pokemon:
•Current Location: Mt. Pyre
•Other: Believed to be a former admin of Team Magma, although it was never proven in court. The organization that tried to blackmail Dusk wants him for some purpose, but that reason is unknown.

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Wed May 23, 2007 2:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

-Appearance:Medium Height,width,so on so on.
-History:Helped try to get to Rayquaza,when he was a few months old.You should have seen him.
-Age and gender:10 and Male
-(1-3) Pokemon: *Species:Treecko, Piplup and Riolu
*Nickname:Treeclimb,Kingly and Aura
*Egg Move:Dragonbreath,Aqua Ring,Blaze Kick.
-3 berries of your choosing:Sitrus berry x3
-Where in Hoenn your character is starting from: Vendurtuff Town
-Anything else:
He's constintly working on getting the power moves right.

Hope I can join! :P

Author:  daveshan [ Thu May 24, 2007 9:36 am ]
Post subject: 

((You are approved Treeckomaster. Just FYI, your pokemon may use more than four moves. It is only that they can't have more than one egg, TM, HM, or tutored move for now. Also, Piplups can learn hydro pump by level-up so if you want to change that, you can.))


Verdanturf is as lovely as it always is. Outside of your house, several children are playing in the street and a few are showing off the pokemon they will use when they start their journey. Inside your house, your parents are watching the inauguration ceremony for Rock. On mainstreet, groups of friends, young and old, are going about their day. Some are shopping, while others are chatting and just hanging out.

Where in Verdanturf you would like to start is up to you.



Your home is in downtown Lavaridge where the apartments are affordable and of acceptable quality to a man of your age living on his own. Outside your room, other tenents are going in and out, while others are welcoming in friends and family. If you are in the halls right now, you may get the chance to get to talk to one or two of them. Down on the streets, groups of teens huddle together in their gangs as businessmen and women drive to make it to work on time. Also on the street, you will find restaurants still serving breakfast ((for the most part, you will have infinate money to pay for food. Just don't over do it.)) and shop owners unlocking their doors.

Where you would like to start is up to you.

Author:  Blazikendude [ Thu May 24, 2007 12:25 pm ]
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Wow, never thought you would make this on the roleplay forum!

Name: Dusk
Appearance: About a meter and a half tall, 100 pounds. He is a very shady character; some say he's evil, some say he's nice. The truth: He doesn't even know!
History: Once lived in Sinnoh as a team Galactic member, but once they broke up he moved to Hoenn.
Age and gender: A 20 year old male.
Torchic [Blaze]
Last resort
Magikarp [Aqua]
Lavitar [Rex]
Dark pulse
Stone edge
Dusk's berrys: 1 Cheri, 1 Rawst and 1 Sitrus berry.
Starting town: Lavaridge
Other notes:He is trying really hard to evolve Aqua into Gyarados.

Author:  daveshan [ Thu May 24, 2007 1:45 pm ]
Post subject: 

((You're in Bd. But let me clarify this. You can use as many level-up moves as you want. It's TM, HM, and tutored moves that you are limited to for now. Also, see my 3rd post for your part of the RP.))

Author:  Treeckoluv [ Thu May 24, 2007 2:04 pm ]
Post subject: 

Name: Richard
Appearance: 1 meter 432 centemeters.
History: Is the brother of Erika, the grass gymleader in kanto, but was sepparated from her at 6 years old due to a famely crisis.
Age: 23
gender: Male
Charmander [Cinder]
Fire fang
Totodile [Crawky]
Aqua tail
Ice fang
Dragon claw
Pichu [Bolt]
Thunder wave
Volt tackle
Berries: 1 rawst, 1 aspear and 1 Sitrus
Starting town: Mossdeep

I have a question. Will our pokemon be able learn level up moves later or canb we make them use them all? I really don't want to write down every level up move.

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Thu May 24, 2007 2:47 pm ]
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OK Daveshan I changed Hydro Pump to Aqua Ring.
Tom was getting impatient.
"Treeclimber,use your breath of a Dragon!!!!!!"

Author:  daveshan [ Thu May 24, 2007 3:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

((Treeckoluv, you are good to go. Also, yes. All pokemon instantly know all level-up attacks that don't require an evolution (ex: charmanders can't use wing attack, but charizards can).))


Being a figurtive stone's throw away from the inauguration ceremony in Sootopolis, Mossdeep City is knee-deep in tourists that decided to wait until very late to attend the ceremony. Although shops, stores, and restaurants on the island are loving it, most businesses aren't and neither are the lay-people who are used to a quiet and screne island. Fortunately, the ceremony is going on right now, so all those pesky tourists are off the island. The space center is especially greatful because they plan on a shuttle of theirs landing today and too many people could complicate things.

Also on the island are its fabulus beaches. They are the perfect place for trainers to go to battle each other, fishermen to catch water-types, and young men and women to meet someone in a hot bathing suit. A few parks are also on the island. Where you'd like to start out is up to you.



((I have no idea where you are, so I'm just going to assume you are in the streets battling. For future reference, please let me set up any battles and scenes.))

After missing time and again due to double team, Treeclimbers attack hits and its foe goes down. The opposing trainer recalls his last pokemon and walks away grumbling that he lost. A few of the other kids congradulate you and pat you on the back for a nice battle.

One of the kids, a boy about your age or slightly older, asks if you and the rest of the group if they want to see something cool he found near the enterance to the Rusturf Tunnel. At the same time, you hear your mom calling you from the doorway of your house. She can't see you right now, but she's telling you that she'd like you to come in so she and your dad can talk to you.

Which, if either, will you choose to do?

((If you go with the kid, I'll fast foward to the tunnel enterance.))

Author:  Blazikendude [ Thu May 24, 2007 3:55 pm ]
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Dusk oppened the door of his appartement and stepped into the lobby. After resting up a bit on the couch, he went outside and saw many people wanderein around.

Author:  daveshan [ Thu May 24, 2007 5:31 pm ]
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((Guys, I just realized I forgot to put down that I'd like the genders of the pokemon too. Next time you guys post, could you tell me what they are?))


As you open the door, Blaze runs out into the hall; apparently, he got out of his pokeball somehow. He turns around to see if you are following him and accidentally runs into a quilava. The quilava begins to growl at it, but its master, a man who looks like he's in his mid-twenties, tells the quilava to be quiet. As he bends down to make sure Blaze is ok, he sees him looking at you.

He then asks, "Is this your torchic?"



High up on Mt. Chimney, there is a different scene then in the rest of Hoenn. While it is a nice day at the rim of the volcano, you see authorities busy at work. Some are grumbling that they have to miss the inauguration ceremony in order to do what they are doing and others are indifferent to missing the show. Either way, it sounds like they are using some pretty heavy-duty equipemnt inside the volcano. You hear loud noise after loud noise and explosion after explosion. But all you can see is people cursing because of their lack of success.

It isn't a totally bad scene, though. A nice beaten trail lies to your right. A sign says that the trail leads right to Lavaridge and to beware of some wild pokemon.

Do you investigate what the people are up to in the volcano, head to Lavaridge, or opt to do something else?

Author:  StevensNightmare [ Thu May 24, 2007 5:50 pm ]
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This looks interesting. :)

Name: Luxina
Pokemon: Snover (M), Ralts(F), Houndour(M)
Appearance: Height 4'11" Shoulder length red hair, hazel eyes, muscular build, oval/heart shaped face, long fingers
History: Luxina's parents disappeared over Orre over 10 years ago and haven't returned since. Their status is unknown. (They are actually slain by Cipher upon stumbling on their hidden base of operations) Raised in Lavender Town, she was taken in by Mr. Fuji and raised with a vast family of pokemon and orphans for 11 years. Now Fuji has sent out trainers to raise the orphans he has gathered over the years.
Age/Gender: 11/Female
Nickname: Evergreen, Amygdala, Cerberus
Egg Move: Sword Dance, Icy Wind, Fire Spin
Berries: 3 Lum Berries
Start: Mount Chimney
Other: Split between hatred of crime and the compassion Fuji has taught her. Pushes herself and pokemon beyond their limits. Had to be hospitalized four times for overexertion. Very intelligent, natural creative and adaptive talent. Stubborn and has a hot temper. Loves to lead. Doesn't know her own strength.

Author:  daveshan [ Thu May 24, 2007 8:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

((You're in SN. Check my previous post for the begining of your story. Two things I need to ask, though. 1) What are your pokemon's genders? 2) Do you want your houndour's name to be Cerebus or did you mean to put Cerberus? I ask because Cerebus is an aardvark in a comic spoof of Conan the Barbarian and Cerberus is the 3-headed hound that guards hell.))

Author:  StevensNightmare [ Thu May 24, 2007 8:58 pm ]
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Thanks for letting me know. I made the edits.

I wonder if they found any rare metals under the surface? Or gemstones. Ever since that cataclysm, we have wondered if Groudon's rising have risen valuables hidden deep within the Earth. What sort of demand would make one so foolhardy that they would search within an active volcano?

I look up at the path ahead. That will take me right to Lavaridge. But really, how boring. It just seems too easy. Sure, there's the occasional cliff and the jagged rock or two. But I want a challenge. And my pokemon and I won't grow under easy conditions.

I turn to my Snover. "You're alright?" I thought to myself, wondering of the stresses the heat is placing on him. "If you want a break, tell me." Then I slapped my head a moment later. Evergreen has an Adamant nature, remember? I turned back to him. "I'm so proud of you. You show resilience where all others would break. Heat is your bane, yet you're determined to defy it."

I turn my head south. "Those mountains look like a challenging climb. But maybe I should take the road. I can find a Hiker or five to battle. Maybe they even have a Flamethrower Guy, or a Navigator."

I turn to Evergreen. "You're doing great! Here, have some water and then have a good rest." (I pull out a canteen. I would think that we have the necessities like food and water with us too?)

(Assuming that Evergreen did drink some water and return)
I'm taking the road down to Lavaridge.

Author:  daveshan [ Fri May 25, 2007 11:42 am ]
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((Yeah, I'll let you get away with little stuff like having them drink water or something. As for things like food and water, so long as you don't over do it or I say otherwise, you have a constant supply. Samething goes for pokeballs. To start things off, you have about a limitless supply of normal pokeballs since I can always have the pokemon run away from you.))

Evergreen feels a sense of pride seeing as his resolve was praised and acknowledged. He gladly takes a sip of water and returns to his pokeball.

Your hike down the volcano isn't as dangerous as you thought. After ages and ages of people using the path, it has become eroded to the point where it's almost a huge staircase. After a few minutes of walking, you come across a trio of wild machop walking along. They seem to have a sense of purpose so they may be headed somewhere important. Then again, what's important to them may be insignificant to you.

Will you battle one or more of them, follow them, ignore them and continue to Lavaridge, or do something else?

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Fri May 25, 2007 11:52 am ]
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"Sorry, I hear my parents calling me."Tom said running to his house."Maybe some other time!" he called over his shoulder.Then he reached his house and knocked.

Author:  daveshan [ Fri May 25, 2007 12:32 pm ]
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"Suit yourself" Says the kid as he and others head towards the cave.

When you get to your house, your mom leads you into the living room where your dad is sitting. He is next to Kingly and Aura. Your mom sits down beside him and they begin talking to you.

"Son, your ten years old now and your mother and I have been giving it some thought. We've decided that you are responsibe enough to begin your pokemon journey."

Your mother interrupts the talk to hug you tightly. "You've grown up so much, Tom. Although I hate to see you go, I know it's time."

Your dad than hands you a trainer bag and in one of the side pockets you see a poketech sticking out.

"We've got you registered and everything. All you have to do is decide when to leave."

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Fri May 25, 2007 12:37 pm ]
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"THANK YOU!" Tom cried hugging them both. And he left to go with his 3 pokemon.He then ran and caught up with the group of kids heading towards the tunnel.

Author:  Blazikendude [ Fri May 25, 2007 1:46 pm ]
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"Yes, that is my Torchic. He always for some reason find a way to escape from his pokeball. I don't know how he deos it!"
Torchic: Male
Magikarp: Male
Lavitar: Female.

Author:  daveshan [ Fri May 25, 2007 2:05 pm ]
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You get about two-thirds of the way to the tunnel when you see about half of the kids walking away from the cave. Their faces show mixed emotions, but all of them are negative emotions. Some are crying and others are angered. Some of the angered ones are pulling away younger siblings who are trying to get their older brothers or sisters to explain why they couldn't stay and look at it. However, the older siblings aren't giving any responses that could clue you in on what was shown to the group.

Among these kids, you spy three of your close friends walking back. One is Samantha Kersen, whom is dragging her little brother, Tom, home. The second is Phil Juggstien. He simply has a look of disgust on his face. Finally, there is Greg Anders. You never knew him to be the toughest kid on the block, but he's really crying his eyes out this time.

All of them are moving fast, so you'll only be able to talk to one. Be careful who you pick, one or more may not be in the mood to talk about it. Instead, you could always go to the cave yourself and see what is there. Better hurray, though, you don't know how long whatever is there will stay there. Of course, there is always the option of doing something else.



The man then picks up Blaze and hands him to you. "My name is Patrick, by the way. Patrick Taff." He says as he extends his hand to shake yours.

As he is doing so, a young girl in her late teens sticks her head out of his door and asks, "Hey, Pat, what's taking so long? Did you get the mail or not?"

((Patrick Taff has been added to the NPC section.))

Author:  Treeckoluv [ Fri May 25, 2007 2:07 pm ]
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Charmander: male
Totodile: Female
Pichu: female


"I should go to the park." said Richard said to himself. He walked over to the park, and releasing his pokemon to play around. "You guys be careful now. Don't run of!"

Author:  Houndour [ Fri May 25, 2007 2:34 pm ]
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((I'm hoping there is still some space for me? :oops: ))

Appearnace:Short with a huge tabgle of dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes
History: Grew up climbing trees in Fortree city And has spent his life there
Age and Gender: 12 years old, Male
Dragon Rush(Eggmove)

Author:  daveshan [ Fri May 25, 2007 2:43 pm ]
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Cinder, Crawly, and Bolt all begin to have their fun. They run around, tackle each other, and play several games that don't make sense to you.

During one of the games, Crawly runs over to a tree and squirts it with a water gun attack. She then turns around in a circle three times and starts running back towards Cinder and Bolt. However, on her way back, she is struck hard from behind by a stray poochyena. This dog doesn't look like he is playing games and starts biting poor Crawly. An amatuer's guess would say that Crawly's water gun washed away this poochyena's "scent" from the tree and that is the equivalent of, "Let's get ready to rumble!" in the poochyena world.



((I'll say this again, there is no four-move limit. All I need to know is what egg move you will use. That's all. All level-up moves can be used and you can use as many of them as you want.))

If there are two things that the citizens of Fortree know about their city that tourists don't, it's that monkey-like pokemon are plentiful in the trees and bug-like pokemon are all over the ground. Using this knowledge, it's up to you whether you should go with your friend, Deryl Ivenson, who wants to catch himself a mankey, or your other friend Jimmy Thomas, who is looking for a kricketot.

Author:  Houndour [ Fri May 25, 2007 3:33 pm ]
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Steven Follows Deryl, letting Cubby out of his pokeball

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Fri May 25, 2007 4:40 pm ]
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"Kingly,cover us with Ring of Aqua."Tom whispered,heading over to Samantha Kersen."What happoened?" Tom asked worriedly.

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