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In the year 4242, alot has changed from now. Firstly, Pokemon live in the depths of Cyberspace. Our heroes live on a planet named Vomaka, living their normal day-to-day lives. It suprised the living daylights out of your friends and Family when you were invaded by 'the shadows', and now, you will decide, to help save Vomaka, and it's residents from a terror worse than you expected.

Extra Rules:
1. PM me your profiles, alongside links of any RP you've been in before. I will only accept people who can role-play decently, or I reckon won't disobey rules.
2. All posts must be at least 6 lines long.
3. Only 12 people can join.
4. You cannot be a legendary, and if I think a pokemon you decide on being sounds 'evil', or I have planned into the storyline a bit, I MAY ask you to change it.
5. You must have 80 posts or more. THEN, I will look at posts you've made via your profile to check you aren't a spammer.
6. USE PROPER GRAMMAR, I will kick you out if you right stuff like 'i iz goin 2 teh spase stadion'. If you are unsure on a spelling, put (sp) after the word.
7. Don't God-mod, make mary-sues, or be a pokemon which is overly strong.
8. I wont except everyone, but I won't make a list like Xaliaphous. Don't compain if you get a pm from me saying 'not accepted.'

1. Jenny - Cherrim (Inta_Xonem)

Profile sheet suggestion:

Favourite Food:
Favourite Colour:
Clothing: (Not necessary, or desperately wanted on everyone, use to fill in specific details too, such as Jynx's hair is in pony tails)
Personality Traits:
Background/Brief Life History:

Posessions: (Just a few, use ingame items)

Once I tell you your accepted via PM, you can post your profile, buit not before then.


Wed Jul 11, 2007 9:11 am
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