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Author:  Nidoman [ Mon Nov 13, 2006 5:35 pm ]
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Snoggz saw what Charz was doing. He ran out to the gym.

" Get the goods from the mart! I'll take out the gym." Snoggz yelled.

Snoggz rammed into the gym wall. It was solid but he made a big dent and cracks appeared around it. He kept ramming and ramming until this whole section collapsed. He then went around and did this a few more times. Just to make it harder if the wanted to build another gym at the site he used an earthquake attack on the ground around it. That should be good. He began walking to the forest. Then a woman stopped in front of him. She had a black dress on with what looked like arcanine fur at the collar.

" A fine specimen. I'm taking you in." she said as she threw a black ball at Snoggz.

" No!" he roared before it captured him. And then everything went black.

The woman walked into the building and semmed to dissapear without warning into thin air.

Author:  daveshan [ Mon Nov 13, 2006 10:11 pm ]
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After realizing his mistake, Shard quickly made a break for it. Turning a corner, he had seen the rhyhorn get captured by a mysterious woman.

"Damn." He said. "If I hadn't gotten weak from using overheat, I might be able to help him."

There was no time to use sunny day, though. Pokemon were being summoned in all directions and most were surrounding the charizard. But this gave Shard something he rarely had, his own, clever idea.

Shard ran and lept straight at the Charz and climbed on to its neck, using a weakend dragon claw the whole time. While he was doing this he received cheers in all directions from the trainers. When he got to Charz's head he whispered, "Listen, the only way we can get out of here is if we stage a fight. The one saving grace these trainers have is that they respect a one-on-one fight. If we stage one, you can pretend to give me an aerial seismic toss, but instead fly both of us away."

Author:  Flarey [ Mon Nov 13, 2006 11:33 pm ]
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Without hesitating, Flare darted through the smoke and steam into the Pokemart.

Trust those inept creatures to get us into this pernicious mess. she thought. Dragging a bag off a shelf with her teeth, she quickly knocked a group of the potions and medicines that humans used to make their Pokemon more powerful into the bag. Looking around, she spotted a stand of Pokeblocks. Dragging the bag over to it, she headbutted the stand, knocking boxes of Pokeblocks into the bag.

What else will be useful... she wondered, looking around through the debris. Leaping over a smouldering pile of ash, she picked up a rope from a pile of charred boxes.

Some of those oafs are bipeds. They can use this. she thought as she brought it back to her bag and nosed it inside carefully. Gripping the bag in her teeth, she leapt out of the ruins of the Mart. Spotting the Haunter, she dragged the bag over to him and dropped it at his feet.

"Here. There's good stuff in here."

Author:  Birdknight [ Tue Nov 14, 2006 7:43 am ]
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Alex watched in horror as his friends either lept into the flames or were captured. "IDIOTS!" Alex immediately teleported them out of the towm, back deep into the forest. He then glaredat all of them, but someone was missing. "Where is Snoggz?"

Author:  Mutant_Mewtwo [ Tue Nov 14, 2006 11:02 am ]
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Zephyr watched as all the other Pokemon teleported away, "Well atleast I was out of range of that Teleport, I'll have to go help Snoggz on my own."

Zephyr quickly lowered below the skyline and hvered just above the roof tops desperatly looking for the woman in black. This would be so much easier if that Charmeleon hadn't started a fire, there wouldn't be this smoke everywhere for starters

Then out of the corner of his eye he saw a black shadow turn round the corner, "That must be her. This should be easy, me being a flying type she'll send Snoggz out straight away, then we'll run for it."

Author:  Nidoman [ Tue Nov 14, 2006 4:16 pm ]
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(( M_M I know that you want to help and everything but she teleported away. So you're gonna have to make the shadow something else))

Author:  Darth DLA [ Tue Nov 14, 2006 8:22 pm ]
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[color=deepskyblue]((Now, just so there

Author:  Flarey [ Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:20 am ]
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Flare smirked at Shard. I don't know where I know him from, but I have a feeling he's always this hot-headed...

"I'll go with you, Quirkep." she said, turning her attention back to the Haunter. "We shouldn't need anyone else apart from us, either - humans are not that intelligent and we are both strong."

Author:  Birdknight [ Wed Nov 15, 2006 4:35 am ]
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"I shall accompany you as well. There mudt be extreme confusion within the humans band, so they must be pointing fingers at what caused the fire. Humans usually do that. I will teleport us if necessary."

Author:  CHARZARDRAKE [ Wed Nov 15, 2006 8:10 am ]
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Charz understood what the Charmeleon was saying, but it got teleported just as he was going to take off. Being confused, he yelled "If you wish to join us, then go to the clearing outside of town tonight!"
The he set a large wall of fire on the path between he and the Trainers. Being obscured by the fire, he took off to the clearing.
When he landed, he saw that the others were in a meeting.
"Why did you leave? The Pokemart wasn't on fire anymore; I had put it out! I was hoping you all could get the Pokemon left at the houses! I would be the diversion. It was all going well untill you guys teleported!"
He calmed down then added, "I told the young Pokemon that they should come here tonight if they wish to join us. We need to be on alert all night tonight, as it can turn out as an ambush with their trainers. And tomorrow, we need to attack the town with everything we've got! If they don't join us, then they need to pay!"

Author:  daveshan [ Wed Nov 15, 2006 8:50 am ]
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Shard huffed a small ember into the air. "Don't look at me, the kirlia teleported all of us away. I don't know why you weren't teleported, too. Speaking of which, the haunter, Flare, and the kirlia all went back into town looking for you."

Shard closed his eyes and was about to take a nap to recharge from using overheat when he remembered what he wanted to tell the others. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Some human captured the rhydon."

Author:  Mutant_Mewtwo [ Wed Nov 15, 2006 11:26 am ]
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((The reason that I can't be teleported is becuase I was no where near any of you, I flew away before he teleported. If I had gone then alot of the trainers would have aswell because they would have been alot closer to the Kirlia))

Zephyr hovered above the woman while she walked through town, she made her way to a small house on the outskirts of the town and then he made his move. He landed infront of her just infront of her and flapped his wings.

The woman placed her hand on a pokeball at her waist "Well isn't it my lucky day, I found another powerful pokemon already. Well I guess I should try out my new Pokemon, come on out Rhydon" She threw the pokeball up into the air to reveal Snoggz.

Zephyr looked straight at the Rhydon and locked eyes with it. "Snoggz I've got you out of that ball now you need to run for it, I'll make a diversion." Zephyr immediatly whipped up a gust tht surrounded the woman with the smoke that filled the air.

Author:  CHARZARDRAKE [ Wed Nov 15, 2006 4:21 pm ]
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Charz looked around and saw that everyone was there except Zephyr, so he said, "Shard, everyone is here except Zephyr. He must have gone to look for Snoggz!" He looked around at everyone and added, "I must go look for him! Nobody come with me, I'm going to take a look around town. If I'm not back in one hour, then come looking for me!" Before anyone could object, he took off into the sky.
Within five minutes, he found a suspicious looking funnel of dust comming from in town. He guessed it was Zephyr who found Snoggz. In less than another three seconds, he was there. He yelled, "I'm here! I'll help too!" He unleashed a fire blast at the woman, who was smirking the whole time. She quickly released a Pokemon and told it to teleport her behind him. Charz, who heard this whipped around only to come face to face with a hyper beam. Since it caught him off guard, it had a critical effect on him. After he recovered from blacking out for a few seconds by tthe hyper beam, he unleashed a rage attack on the woman. She quickly teleported behind him again, but Charz was prepared for that. He whipped out with his tail and hit her full blast. She fell over, but she got back up without looking hurt at all.
"Use hyper beam now!" She yelled. Charz tried to evade it, but this time it had been super effective against him and he blacked out for good. It was only after five hours afterwards did he wake up. He looked around, but it was dark and he was the only Pokemon there, so he went back to the clearing.
((Edited, but I can't delete. Just say we couldn't rescue him, though we did see him.))

Author:  Nidoman [ Wed Nov 15, 2006 5:07 pm ]
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(( Guys I told you know rescuing me, I'm gonna work something into the plot))

" Pathetic fools." the woman said. After that Snoggz, the woman, and her pokemon were teleported away.


Snoggz awoke to silence. He was sitting in an all white room laying on a table. Some machine was above him and it started to glow and hum.

" What?" Snoggz said.

There was a blinding flash and everything went black.


Dargoc awoke in a cell with some other pokemon around him. The aggron stood. " Finnaly you awaken, ou have been aslepp for days."

Dargoc got up and strecthed and flipped his fin around. " Well I was knocked out by the rogue."

All the pokemon smirked like they were in on a joke that Dargoc didn't know. " So what's the plan Shaker?" Dargoc inquired.

" We need to go capture some new recruits neer Goldenrod." Shaker replied.

Dargoc rose. " All right let's go."

(( By the way Snoggz(Dargoc) is a vaporeon))

Author:  Darth DLA [ Thu Nov 16, 2006 7:27 am ]
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[color=deepskyblue]((M_M, CD, Nidoman doesn

Author:  daveshan [ Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:09 am ]
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"Doesn't matter to me one way or the other." Shard said. "We want revenge on the humans, we need to think of more ways to hurt them."

Author:  CHARZARDRAKE [ Wed Nov 22, 2006 4:55 pm ]
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"I'm up for that, though I'm staying up as sentry. Some of those Pokemon might rat us out and I'll be the one to fight them off if they do. If that happens, then get out of here and hide somewhere else. Just have Shard here send up a Flamethrower into the sky whn you see me comming. Anyways, I don't need any sleep, I just blacked out for four hours. Though I couldn't save Snoggz. Sorry guys. I'll tell you this though, she has a wicked psychic Pokemon, one that I've never seen before. I think it's one of those new Pokemon the humans've just claimed to find in the sacred Shiniou region. I think it was a riishan! Yes, they're tiny but they have extreamly awesome phychic powers, not incluing a hyperbeam attack! So be careful incase she comes back."
EDIT: Is there anyone here? I'm kinda getting bored... :?

Author:  Darth DLA [ Thu Nov 30, 2006 7:53 am ]
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((Sorry for leaving this in this state guys! Hopefully you will forgive me? :oops: ))

Quirkep Awoke the next day before the others, He was already feeling the pains of leadership. The day before he had lead his personnel on a mission that went horribly wrong, and they had paid for it. Today the sky was thick with clouds, and a light fog shielded the distant hills. It seemed that even the earth was morning the loss of a fellow comrade. Quirkep retired to a nearby crick to think. "What could I have done?" He wondered aloud. "And more importantly, what do I do now? Do I try to rescue Snoggz and get the whole group captured? Or do I abandon him and try to help the others?"

Author:  Archfiend007 [ Sat Dec 02, 2006 5:09 pm ]
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name: na' raka

species: Shedinja {shedinja}

vanity's soul definition, na' raka is a self absorbed and hot headed shedinja that try to no end to act like a ninjask.

after being the only nincada left from the trainer invasion, na' raka left to the wild to try and evolve so that it could rake its vengence on the trainers. while in deep solitude and training na' raka evolved, though much to his surprise not into the ninjask he had dreamed of.
after becoming a shedinja na'raka left to a hidden cave that has since dissapeared. one day, after a losing a battle to a wild charmeleon na'raka was found unconcious by a group of pokemon.
the pokemon though however nice were never to find out of na'raka's dark past so, na'raka stays to himself thus becomming ubsessed with himself.

Author:  Darth DLA [ Sat Dec 02, 2006 11:47 pm ]
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((Under normal standards, I might say no, but as I am desperate to coax some life into this thing, you are accepted. :wink: ))

Quirkep was still thinking when a rustling noise attracted his attention, "sounds like I am not alone" he thought, readying himself for a fight

Author:  Archfiend007 [ Sun Dec 03, 2006 8:50 am ]
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"Poor child" the voice was a mysterious one and seemed to come from no where "Poor sweet child, you look like you have a lot of troubles on your mind. Is there anything i can do?"

a soft breeze blew in the silence that followed...
Na' Raka stayed hidden within the shrubs that encompesed the area,
'ha' he thought 'a ghost pokemon, i wonder if it is the same one i heard that flock of {hoothoot} chattering about, the one that aided in the uter destruction of that town, i forget the name. Humph what luck, i was hoping that those renagades and i would meet up. first let me see if he is worthy of me showing myself though'

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