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 Perseverance - Contains Sinnoh Shenanigans spoilers 
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Right. While I'm planning new chapters for Sinnoh Shenanigans I thought I'd write a spin-off. This does have spoilers as to which Pokemon Jack has so if you are absolutely intent on being surprised then do not read this. You don't have to have read Sinnoh Shenanigans to understand this either. There will be a total of 6 chapters. Enjoy.

~ ~ ~


Chapter One: Welcome to the Jungle.

Jack looked up at the ominous building that was the Sinnoh Pokemon League. This would be the third time he would challenge the Elite Four and the third time he would challenge Cynthia. Cynthia always beat him down and grinded him into the dust, but not this time. This time would be different. This time he would win.

“Loooooon” Cooed a small voice next to him.

Jack smiled as Drifter wrapped its strings around his neck gently. Drifter was Jacks most recent capture. He was a Drifloon and an unbearably cute one at that. He didn’t like battling and had grown quite attached to Jack so he kept him out of his Pokeball.

“Drifloon, drif” Drifter cried.

“Yeah... We’re gonna win this time buddy” Jack smiled.

Jack strapped his guitar securely to his back and proceeded to walk towards the entrance to the Pokemon League. He remembered the first time he stepped through those doors with Theo. That had been four years ago. Theo had won the first time and gone to Hoenn. Jack had promised he’d meet him there... Once he beat Cynthia.

Jack walked through the doors to the Pokemon League with Drifter still in tow. It looked exactly the same as last year. Same nurse, same store owners, same receptionist and same guards. Jack walked over to the store and purchased around 50 Hyper Potions and 50 Full Heals. As well as 15 Max Revives. This was gonna be a few tough battles and he knew a few of his Pokemon would take a battering.

Jack stared at the shadowed entrance the Elite Four chambers. He took his badge case from his shoulder bag and walked towards the guards.

“To allow you access to the Elite Four we will need to see proof of your skill” Said the guards in unison.

Jack flipped open his badge case and showed them all eight of his badges.

“Your skill is recognised. You may now challenge the Elite Four” Said the guards once again.

As Jack walked through the shadowed threshold he was thinking only one thing. Today was the day. Today was the day he was going to win.

Fri May 18, 2007 3:16 pm
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Come on guys... Show me some hustle. I write these so they can be read. Anyway... Here's Chapter Two.

~ ~ ~

Chapter Two: Bugging Out

As Jack entered the chamber of the first of the Elite Four, Aaron, he was met with hot, humid air and the smell of grass and flowers. The entire room was designed to resemble a forest to help give Aarons bug Pokemon an edge over their opponents, a huge skylight let in sunlight from the outside. It didn’t impress Jack. He’d beaten Aaron before and he could do it again. As he approached the battlefield he could see Aaron, waiting for his next challenger. He looked absolutely bored out of his skull. And Jack doubted he’d had many decent challengers lately. Jack reached the battlefield and Aaron noticed him with a glint in his eye.

“Welcome back Jack. Still determined as ever I see” Aaron smirked.

“Look... Let’s cut the idle chit chat and get down to business.” Jack said.

“As you wish, go Beautifly!” Aaron shouted as he released his first Pokemon.

Jack had taken down Beautifly with ease before and he knew the perfect Pokemon to do it.

“Go Pecksalot!” Jack said as he tossed an Ultra Ball onto the ground.

In a flash of bright light the proud form of a Staraptor appeared. Pecksalot stared defiantly at Aaron and Beautifly, its crest gleaming in the mottled sunlight.

“Use Silver Wind!” Aaron shouted.

“Dodge it and counter with Aerial Ace!” Jack commanded.

Beautifly squealed as it flapped its beautiful wings and gusted silvery coloured air towards Pecksalot. Pecksalot took to the air and blasted off towards Beautifly, a white glow surrounding her. She slammed into Beautifly with bone crushing force. Beautifly squealed and fell to the ground in a heap. Pecksalot’s speed was faster than Beautifly’s and with it being weak to flying attacks it didn’t stand a chance. But Aaron’s other Pokemon weren’t so easy to beat.

“I can’t say I’m surprised” Aaron sighed as he returned Beautifly. “But this won’t be so easy to beat. Go Vespiquen!”

Aaron released his second Pokemon Vespiquen. It wasn’t the most powerful Pokemon but it could still deal out some decent damage and was incredibly tricky to take down.

“Pecksalot use Agility!” Jack commanded.

Pecksalot obeyed and stood completely still. It closed its eyes and began relaxing itself. Aaron took his chance.

“Use Power Gem!” Aaron called.

Vespiquen buzzed high into the air and began charging its attack. After a few seconds it had stopped and blasted out a beam of red energy from the gem on its forehead. The beam struck Pecksalot and sent her flying; she slammed into a tree and landed in a heap at its base. She slowly got back to her feet, wincing slightly.

“Pecksalot use Brave Bird!” Jack commanded.

Pecksalot stretched her wings and took to the air with a fiery aura surrounding her. She slammed into Vespiquen and sent it hurtling towards the ground. Vespiquen screeched in pain and tried to take to the air again but it couldn’t, Pecksalot had broken one of its wings.

“Heal Order!” Aaron shouted.

Vespiquen buzzed and released several orbs of light from her thorax. The orbs of light were absorbed by the gem on her forehead and healed her and fixed her wing. She once again took to the air and stared menacingly down at Pecksalot.

“One more time Pecksalot use Aerial Ace!” Jack shouted.

Pecksalot screeched and took to the air, flying towards Vespiquen at breakneck speeds. As she hit Vespiquen was sent hurtling into a tree and fell to the ground, defeated. Aaron rolled his eyes and returned Vespiquen without saying a word. He plucked another Pokeball off of his belt and released a Dustox. Jack was prepared for this. Pecksalot was tired and wouldn’t do much damage against Dustox and he wanted to get this battle over with as soon as possible. He returned Pecksalot to her Pokeball and released Bellatrix, his Mismagius. As with all Mismagius the only sound she made was the chanting of several spells.

“I’m not going to play the laughing boy. I’m gonna get this over and done with. Bellatrix use Psychic!” Jack commanded.

Bellatrix complied and her eyes began to glow with an eerie blue aura. Dustox was immediately surrounded with the same aura and began slamming into trees and the ground with sickening thuds. Bellatrix was showing no mercy and neither was Jack.

“Stop... I know when I’m beat” Aaron said with a grunt as he returned Dustox. “But you won’t beat this!”

Aaron tossed another Pokeball into the air and it released a Heracross in a flash of light. Jack had fought this Heracross several times. Its shell was scarred and scratched and its horn was incredibly long. Jack only had one Pokemon that was fast enough to beat it. He returned Bellatrix and released Riley, his Lucario. She was his pride and joy, his fastest and most deadly Pokemon.

“Heracross get into the trees!” Aaron commanded.

Heracross obeyed and dashed into the trees with blinding speed. Riley looked around for it and assumed her battle stance, expecting an attack any second. Aaron had built up and understanding with Heracross, if he didn’t tell it what attacks to use it’d beat its opponent.

“Concentrate Riley, use the aura” Jack spoke quietly.

Riley nodded and closed her eyes. Suddenly the two growths on the back of her head moved to a horizontal position. Suddenly she back flipped out of the way just as Heracross darted out of the trees with a Megahorn attack. She rebounded off a tree and jumped into the air.

“Riley use Aura Sphere!” Jack shouted.

Riley held her paws parallel and charged an orb of blue aura before blasting it towards Heracross. It struck Heracross and sent it flying across the field and slamming into a tree, snapping it in half.

“Follow it up with a Dark Pulse!” Jack commanded.

Riley touched down and blasted a pulse of dark energy from her paws. Heracross ducked and the pulse sailed over its head. It then charged forward and delivered a Close Combat attack. Pummelling Riley with a series of punches and kicks.

“Its defenses are open, use a Force Palm!” Jack shouted.

Riley nodded and struck Heracross in the abdomen with it palm, knocking it away from her.

“Now use Aura Sphere!” Jack shouted.

Riley once again charged up an orb of blue aura and sent it soaring towards Heracross, knocking it off its feet and into another tree. Heracross panted and struggled to move before giving up. Aaron growled angrily and returned Heracross.

“THAT’S IT! NO MERCY!” Aaron bellowed as he released his final Pokemon, Drapion.

Riley stared confidently at the gargantuan Pokemon. It was Aarons most powerful Pokemon, but certainly not his fastest.

“You can do this Drapion use Ice Fang!” Aaron shouted.

Drapion scuttled towards Riley with surprising speed. Riley jumped into the air just as Drapion snapped at it with icy jaws.

“Riley use Earthquake!” Jack shouted.

Riley flipped in the air and stuck a single leg out before soaring back towards the ground with tremendous speed and slammed into the ground, creating powerful shockwaves. Drapion was knocked off its feet.

“Now Drapion, use Aerial Ace!” Aaron shouted.

Drapion roared and slashed Riley across the back with its tail. Riley cried in pain and dropped to the ground.

“Don’t give up use Dragon Pulse!” Jack commanded.

Riley opened her mouth and charged up a ball of emerald green energy before blasting it at Drapion. It struck home and sent Drapion flying into the air.

“Now use Aura Sphere!” Jack shouted.

Riley charged up another orb of blue aura and sent it soaring towards Drapion. It hit it in the face and knocked it unconscious before it fell to the ground with bone shattering force. Aaron glared at Jack and returned Drapion to its Pokeball and Jack did the same with Riley.

“You may have beaten me easily but Bertha will put you in your place” Aaron growled.

“I’ve heard it before Aaron. Have a nice day” Jack said as he walked past Aaron and towards Bertha’s chamber, Drifter bobbing up and down behind him.

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Hmmm, looks good. I liked the bit at the end when Jack told Aaron to have a nice day; sounds like he's done this quite a bit.

There were a few places where you should have used a comma, but other than that, I like it.


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