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 A Day in the Life 
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Pidgey woke up with a stretch. He had slept well last night, and was feeling ready to face the world, once again. The bright sun shone in, through the hole in the tree trunk where Pidgey made it's nest. Flexing his wings, Pidgey spotted his morning meal, a caterpie, on a nearby tree. Trying to be stealthy, Pidgey launched himself into the air, and glided, rather ungracefully, through the air towards his target. The attempt at surprise failed miserable, as the caterpie saw him almost as soon as he had begun flying. As soon as he was within range, the caterpie fired a String Shot at Pidgey. The sticky string got tangled on Pidgey's wings, and he came to a fluttering crash at the base of the tree. Undeterred, Pidgey dug his claws into the bark, and began climbing the tree. The caterpie began inching it's way away from the approaching bird, trying to escape fairly certain doom. Pidgey, though hampered by the string, was still much faster than the worm, and was on the same branch before the caterpie had made it halfway across the branch. Sensing it's danger, the caterpie turned to face the bird. Pidgey approached cautiously, and saw the Tackle coming before the caterpie launched it, but, hampered by the string again, was unable to dodge the attack. He took it glancingly in the side, and was almost knocked off the branch, but managed to hang on by one leg. Hoisting himself back up, Pidgey moved close enough to respond with a sharp Peck. The caterpie backed off, leaving another String Shot to ward off the bird. Pidgey, undeterred and sensing victory, pursued as quickly as it could. The caterpie tried to launch another Tackle, but this time Pidgey met it in midair, countering with a Peck right to the head. The caterpie fell off the branch, as Pidgey felt something strange happening to himself. A glow developed, lighting up the forest, as Pidgey's wings and feet grew longer and stronger. A crest developed on his head, followed by growth of Pidgey's head and body. As the glow faded, Pidgeotto looked at it's larger wings, and then glided to the base of the tree to begin breakfast.


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