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 Legendary journeys 
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Wel I think that well I made this story with my friends I hope you like it :D
Legendary Journeys
It was a dark grey night,no moon,no stars no light,not even pokemon were playing in the was quiet......
The strorms grow and the clouds darkend,the flowers die and the pokemon run..........
Suddenly a flsh of light appered bringing the chosen pokemon from the skies rayquazaImage,the pokemon creates a wall of light that covers the world,but as a result rayquaza was exosted from bringing all the power to cover the earth with light,so he became smaller and he rested in an abandoned place called the sky pillar.......

-to be continued-

Chapter two
It was years ago when the legend of rayquaza happened,after the storm there was no world,it was all destroyed,including the pokemon......but there was sky,wide sky ho-oh created sky,while lugia created ocean,they were re-creating the world and then lugia layed three eggs on a mass of land the eggs hatched and three elemental sky pokemon emerged,legend said that they were called articuno,zapdos and moltres,while lugia was making ocean,lugia demanded the three birds to go into a small mass of land and they called it "kanto".
Moltres ws in chge of building more land,zapdos was in charge of making thunder clouds and articuno was in charge of making snow clouds,so kanto was built!
Meanwhile at the zone where Lugia and Ho-Oh was they built land and sea and called what they built "Johto"but there was something wrong the two pokemon began fighting no one knew why and while the pokemon fought johto grew wider,with lugia using water and ice and ho-oh using land and fire johto grew bigger!
Years passed and ho-oh decided to live in the wild blue sky sky,while lugia lived in the deep blue sea....
The sky pillar was a small island with rayquaza living in it,but two mysterius pokemon came,one from the deep land of the sky pillar and the other from the deep ocean near sky pillar,the pokemon was called "the pokemon of mithology" and they caled the one with the power of earth "groudon" and the other with power of sea "kyogre".
Groudon expanded the land of sky pillar and kyogre expanded the sea near sky pillar,but groudon wanted to expand land and kyogre wanted to expand sea so the two fought!
Kyogre used mighty hurricanes and thunder storms and huge waves while groudon used earthquakes and fire and droughts nothing seemed that can stop them!!!
Then rayquaza woke with red eyes,it seemed that he was angry so he went to the place where kyogre and groudon was fighting!
A huge greenish flash of light appeared from the battle and rayquaza came,the two pokemon seemed scared as they found each one a cave to rest until awakening......while that happened rayquaza split the mass of the sky pillar and all the mass of earth near the sky pillar and he used varius attacks to the mass,the mass of earth was nearly destroyed,but rayquaza's ashes made flowers to grow and pokemon to live,they called the region "hoenn" but the story doesnt end yet

-to be continued-
Years later people and pokemon lived happily but in Johto there was a war between two campaigns,ho-oh arrived and destroyed the war and all of its weapons and destroying the forest,there was a tower near the war and there was three pokemon trapped in,ho-oh used his power to make the pokemon into legendary pokemon the one with power of water was called "suicune" the one with the power of fire was called "entei" and the one with power of thunder was called "raikou".
The three pokemon was caled the legendary dogs as they had a job in johto,suicune was in charge of purifying water,entei was in charge of stopping volcano eruptions and rakou was in charge of protecting johto from thunder storms,then after the war ho-oh's ashes made the plants to grow again and the forest was restored.
-to be continued-

Sun Sep 11, 2005 7:37 am
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Well,this story is okay but i don't usually like story with legendary pokes because it has war and stuff.

Which character are you test by Naruto -

Wed Sep 14, 2005 6:55 am
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thaty a nice story :)

Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:04 pm
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