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 A story from HIS past 
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Well, CF revealed to me some stuff, so id thought i would reveal some stuf to her.

part 1: A plan gone wrong.

Covan ran down the volcano, into their base. he looked through the security cameras. he sw a huge wave crash down. There stood kyogre, creater pf the seas."What, what did you do?" he screamed, looking at Maxie through the cameras.."i did what i was supposed to do" he said sharply."What, Putting, the, the whole world in danger, that was your plan?" he said. he sent out his Typhlosion."i will fix this." he said, storming up the steps, with his Typhlosion following him. he ran up the steps. In utter horror, a stream of flames flew past him. he fell down in horror, seeing the massive beast groudon, walking towards his path. His typhlosion sent up a stream of smoke." Thanks, Typh". he got up and ran. Suddenly, he saw rayquaza fly down in the center. Covan couldnt believe his eyes. his eyes shimmered as he saw the massive beast fly down. It centered itself in the middle. he opened his mouth, and shot a bright white beam in the middle. A huge flash covered the whole city. juan, the Sootopolis gym leader ran out. he fell down in amazement. After the flash stopped. Everyone in the city looked up. Theyre was nothing there. It was like nothing ever happened. Then they saw the massive tail of rayquaza fly through the clouds, piercing them like if it were a feather. Covan looked in utter horror. what theyre team had just done was the stupidest thing he's ever done. he threw out his skarmory, and flew back to the teams main headquarters. he saw maxie face to face. he ripped off his hood and cape and threw them on the floor."I quit!! What you just did, is unbelievable. Many people could have gotten hurt. And you guys call ypurself the genius's that are gonna save the world?" he said angrily."then, im must be the smartest person in the world." maxie was angry. he grabbed an ultra ball out of his belt. A camerupt popped out."Camerupt, erupt" before he could finish his words, Covan kicked the camerupt in its face. he then stormed out. he ripped off his magma executive shirt, and threw it in the forest. he was flying to Johto, to hopefully start a new life.

I will write more tomorow, This is just basically how it started. I will end it when i lead up to the PBC's.

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