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Have you ever been an outcast? Confused, lost, and alone?

I'd give you my name, but I don't need anyone else wanting to speak to me. Especially since I'm so busy.

The quick rhythm of rain and the occasional snare crash of lightning were the most easily heard of the very few sounds that night. The others were the faint shouting of orders from the international police investigating the beach. Why won't those damn police leave?! They've been here for over a month now, although it's been the most lively month ever on this desolate place. Where am I? It's quite a lonely island. Maybe you've heard of it. It's called Cinnabar Island.

I think I've lived here my entire life. I was the only child of my father, an ex-Pokemon Ranger, and my mother, once a renowned Pokemon Trainer. Myself, I was mercilessly forced to learn their experiences. Of course, I was never interested in Pokemon. So I became the sole doctor of this god-forsaken place.

It only needed one. After all, at the time, there were only 5 buildings. The Pokemon store, the Pokemon hospital, the Pokemon Gym, the Pokemon lab, and the abandoned mansion, overrun by the horrid little critters. I swear, it was the smallest inhabited goddamn Pokemon-obsessed island you would've ever seen. I always hated the things. I worked and lived at the lab in a small, secluded room, studying the human biology that everyone else blatantly ignored. Obvoiusly, I did that in-between visits from patients crying for help. They were always coming here, since we were having constant tsunamis from across the sea. It was from the accursed Ground Pokemon gym. They'd keeping making goddamned earthquakes to launch water at us islanders. Why the hell do people stay on this island anyway? Even though I was the only doctor, I was almost unknown. No one else really knew my name either.

This all changed about 12 years ago. I heard rumours that the Gym Leader disappeared from his Gym. The tsunamis subsequently ended. Thank God for that. Unforunately, the problems didn't end there. Soon after, the local volcano reactivated, and its eruption wiped out everything here except the Pokemon hospital. Even Blaine left this dump for a better place, somewhere to the east. I stayed there through the aftermath, and soon enough, reconstruction began. As if I wanted the island back to the way it was before. But no, the lava made the island quite a bit bigger than before. They've almost finished building a new beach resort. Of course, my cottage on the beach was built first.

Of course, no one's out swimming tonight. There's a thunderstorm. Anyway, the police were there investigating the vanishing of two people. One was a Trainer. He was known to abuse his Pokemon, most notably something called a Gardayvore. As if I know what that is. A month later, another person went. He was an 11-year old boy who was due the next day to cross the sea in order to receive his first Pokemon. "Why do you know all this?" you ask, "You're just a doctor." Well, that's because those damn police have been questioning me almost every day.

Anyhow, I decided to go out and help them during this stormy night, in a vain and feeble attempt to get them to leave faster. I brought your everyday survival kit, my .25 Automatic (just in case we were attacked by one of the savage beasts surrounding the island), and a strange red device that my parents left when they moved to a faraway retirement town called Lavaridge. I've felt attached to it, but I'm not sure why.

In the area I walked to, there were six police. They laughed when they saw the gun, each of them gripping a strange red orb on their belt as they did so. They said that I could go home, but before I took ten steps back, a strong wind picked up, and detached the red orbs from the officers' belts, hurling them towards the sea. They quickly ran from the shore, which didn't make sense to me at the moment, but soon did. I was hit by a wave over 50 feet high, and dragged out to the ocean. Obviously, I blacked out.

When I woke up, I found that I had washed up on a sandy shore. It was clearly not Cinnabar - there was livingvegitation on it. As I stood up, I let out a gasp as I noticed that I was still carrying the survival kit, the .25, and the device. The red orbs were about 20 feet to my right. I considered leaving them, but instead I ended up toying with them. However, after stacking them into a pyramid, the balls toppled over, all of them breaking open to reveal red light that instantly materialized 30 feet away.

I didn't recognize five of the six beings that appeared. One of them was a yellow humanoid, with brown bulges at its shoulders, knees and forearms. It had a golden moustache and twin silver spoons in its hands. The second was a bird that was a foot shorter than I. It was brown, with a white belly, a purple beak and purple talons, and stringy red and yellow hair-like strands. The third was a short, ninja-like green thing, with a blue bouquet of flowers in its left hand, and a red bouquet in its right. The fourth was blue and muscular, with four arms, and... Is that underwear? Whose underwear is it, and why? The fifth was a vicious looking grey and ebony dog, with evil red eyes. The sixth, I had seen Blaine use before. It was red with black stripes, and had a bright yellow mane and tail.

I had not 5 seconds to admire them, though, as I dropped the strange device with shock. It opened, and soon scanned the area with a red laser. Then it started speaking, while showing pictures of the already described creatures.

{alakazam} Alakazam: The Psi Pokemon. Its IQ of over 5000 allows it to remember all of its experiences since birth, and utilize psychic powers.

{pidgeot} Pidgeot: The Bird Pokemon. This magnificent Pokemon can fly at Mach 2 speeds, create a windstorm with only a few flaps of its wings, and see the smallest movement at incredible distances.

{roserade} Roserade: The Bouquet Pokemon. It releases deadly sweet-smelling poison to attract prey. It then kills them prey with thorny whips hidden in its arms. It is also stealthy and agile.

{machamp} Machamp: The Superpower Pokemon. It can throw 1000 punches in two seconds. It can also throw heavy objects far away.

{mightyena} Mightyena: The Bite Pokemon. It defeats powerful foes with teamwork when in a pack. In the care of a skilled Trainer, it will never disobey a command.

{arcanine} Arcanine: The Legendary Pokemon. Its proud appearance and magnificent mane have made it worshipped throughout history. It can run 6200 miles in 24 hours.

During this, the balls had rolled in to the water, and were lost. But I knew that these six Pokemon were most excellent tools for survival. I saw the hopeful sign of smoke in the horizon, so I journeyed in that direction, straight into the nearby forest. Hesitating, the Pokemon followed. Maybe they knew that we needed each other...

Have you ever been an outcast? Confused, lost, and alone?


I wanted to make this a murder/mystery, but it would require an introduction like this. Should I go along with that or make it a survival story?

What do you think of this introduction?

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Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:30 pm
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This is one of few pokemon fanfictions that I would actually encourage someone to write more of, and probably the only one on this site that I would bother reading any more of. There are occasionally a few grammar/composition **** but overall you are solid. The swearing is used awkwardly. I'm guessing you haven't spent too much time cussing anyone out.

I am also kind of confused about the mental state of the narrator. Did they lose their memory at some point?

Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:17 am
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