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 Pocket Monsters (WIP) Please Comment :D 

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 Pocket Monsters (WIP) Please Comment :D 
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Work in progress!

You may critique, but don't be too harsh ;D

Pocket Monsters

Editor’s Note: Rated “T” for mild violence.

ALSO: My sig will have the 4 main chapters of the 4 part series :D

The links to every chapter in each separate series are at the bottom of each chapter (Lol wut?)

Click on them to jump to the desired Chapter without having to look for it in my topic :D

Somewhere amongst the vast emptiness of the night sky, a small, dying star glows dimly.

A small, pink, catlike creature flies swiftly to the star. It knows that if it doesn’t move quickly, the only source of light will disappear forever. It empties its mind and envisions itself feet away from the celestial object and ebbs. Within seconds, the pink creature rematerializes a few feet away from the star. It fearlessly dives into the star and melts into a massive, dimly lighted, secret room.

Inside the room are very large, pillar made out of ancient white rock which holds up an enormous white roof that has a sharp indent in the middle. The floor is made of a smooth, white, mirror-like substance. The walls are covered with pictures of ancient events that lead up to the creation of life. In the middle of the room is a huge golden bed with elegant bed poles on all four corners of the bed. The sheets were made of superiorly soft silk unobtainable to man and the mattress was made of strange material as soft and delicate as clouds. Resting on the bed was the God of all living creatures, both Pokemon and non-Pokemon alike. It appeared to be sleeping; all four of its long legs were tucked neatly beneath it and its elegant head lay on a large, white pillow.

The majestic deity stirs, raises its head from a pillow, and looks down at the tiny creature at the entrance of the large room. The pink Pokemon quickly floats to the front of the bed, bows deeply to the powerful being, and waits for permission to speak.

The God nods its head, “You may speak Mew.” its rich voice rumbled.

Mew looks up at the God with its bright blue eyes, “Thank you, Arceus. I bring good news My Lord.” Mew replies

Arceus rises from its bed “You have found the child that will bring life and light back to this world?” Mew nods. Arceus closes its eyes “Are you absolutely certain Mew? If you are wrong, then life as we know it will cease to exist.” Arceus opens its eyes and stares intently at Mew

Mew meets Arceus’s gaze fearlessly “Yes My Lord, this is the child we seek. The Pokemon the child comes into contact with are showing signs of life.”

Arceus nods “This sounds promising. However, I want to give the child one final test. There are five souls in Johto that I trust and will see if the child is the one we seek.” Arceus elegantly gets off from its bed, beckons Mew to follow, and guides the small pink Pokémon to a hidden opening in the room.

The two legendary Pokemon walk to the end a long, winding hall and stop at the end of the hall where a small chest was hidden. Arceus elegantly lifts one of its long legs, slowly brings it down to the top of the chest, and gently taps it with its hoof. The chest opens and reveals a small, brownish-gold egg.

Arceus slowly puts its leg down, turns its majestic head, and looks at Mew. “Mew, take this egg and give it to one of the five. I trust you know who I am referring to.” Mew nods and floats to the chest, bends down and gently grabs the egg, cradles it in its tiny arms, and vanishes.

Once Mew’s psychic light vanishes completely, Arceus looks back at the chest and sighs.

“In the beginning, when the ‘Creators’ ambitions were just beginning, there was only a small, concentrated area that played Pokemon games. I was created from the very first game the ‘Creators’ made and became the light for Pokemon and Man when the ‘Players’ would turn off their games or would set their games aside for long periods of time. I gave the creatures of the Pokemon world a soul and they lived on, forgetting that their world was a ‘game’. The captured Pokemon would gather with their Trainers and sat happily together beneath my light.

Now, the ‘Creators’ have made many new games and have stretched my powers to the limit. I once could light the whole Pokemon world, and now, my light cannot shine brightly enough to reach everyone. I only have the power to give life to the ‘Legendary’ Pokemon and a select few humans. Through them, I am searching for any signs of life. I have foreseen that a child from the ‘Creators’ world would bring back life to the Pokemon world and would give me enough power to light the Pokemon World for many centuries to come.

I would search for the child myself, but the ‘Creators’ forced me to create this star and hide within it when they created my ‘body’ and gave me a name. If I venture from this star, I will disengage and vanish forever. My only hope now is this child that Mew found.”

Arceus swiftly turns around and calmly walks back to the entrance. It elegantly walks to the side of the large bed and stops for a moment. “For the lives of all the creatures in the Pokemon world, I pray this child is the one….” Arceus climbs up onto the bed, lowers its head onto a pillow and sleeps.

Part 1: Realization

’Words’ = Thoughts

”Words” = Player’s Thoughs

Chapter 1: The Box


That’s all I could see. I got up from a sitting position and put my paws out in front of me to try and see if anything else was in here with me. I stumbled over my own feet and fell on my stomach.

“OUCH!” I yelped. I got up awkwardly and tried to balance myself with my tail. I fell down again and landed on my left hip. Suddenly, I heard a noise behind me.

I turned around “Is anyone there?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“Yes” a female voice answered, “Where are you?”

I managed to get up and followed the direction of the voice “Keep talking! I’ll try and find you!” I shouted and took a few wary steps forward with my arms stretched out in front of me. Suddenly, there was a blinding light that filled the void. I squeezed my eyes closed and froze.

“Wow! I didn’t know I could do that!” a squeaky male voice chirped, “Hi, I’m Cyndaquil! Who are you?”

I blinked several times in an effort to get used to the harsh light. I put a paw in front of my eyes and looked in the direction of the voice. I saw a weird black and yellow Pokemon with a long nose and tiny eyes whose back was on fire. My heart raced and I lowered my paw in shock ’He’s a Fire Pokemon! I-I don’t know why I know this, but…’

Cyndaquil tilted his head curiously “What’s the matter? I know you two can talk, I heard you a while ago” he took a few steps towards me.

“Stay back!” the female shrieked. I turned around and saw a weird green, four legged Pokemon with a large leaf on its head. She took several steps back, obviously scared of Cyndaquil. ’She’s a Grass Pokemon! Why do I feel afraid of her? Better yet, why’s she afraid of Cyndaquil?’

Cyndaquil held his small paws up “Whoa sister, I mean you no harm! I just wanted to know who was in this big box with me”

My eyes widened and I instantly looked around. There were four large walls surrounding us; there was even a wall on top. ’Whoa, we ARE in a box! There’s no way out of here!’ I walked around in a small circle with my jaw wide opened.

“W-where are we?” The female stammered and inched closer to me.

Cyndaquil shrugged “I’d tell ya if I knew sister, but, I’m just as confused as the two of you” He faced me “Now, what’s your name blue?”

I gulped “Totodile” I mumbled. Cyndaquil and I both turned to the plant Pokemon.

She looked down nervously “I-I’m Chikorita…” She whispered.

Cyndaquil smiled “There! That wasn’t so hard! Now then, Chikorita’s obviously a Grass Pokemon, you, Totodile, must be a Water Pokemon, and I’m a Fire Pokemon” He put his paw to his chin thoughtfully, “I wonder why I know that…”

’So it’s not just me!’ I scratched my head and moved closer to Chikorita and Cyndaquil “Why are we here?” I thought out loud

Cyndaquil shrugged “I don’t know brother, I was about to ask you the same question” He sat down and beckoned us to do the same.

Chikorita warily lay down and I clumsily flopped down right next to her, my tail accidently slapping her on the side. She jumped in alarm and I held out a paw “I’m sorry!” I gasped, “I-I’m not good at controlling my tail” She glanced at me warily and reluctantly lay back down a few feet away from me.

Cyndaquil chuckled “You need to gain control of your body brother” I glanced at him and blushed

Suddenly, I felt a sharp tugging on my tail “Hey stop that!” I cried out and quickly turned around only to find that no one was there.

“What’s wrong?” Chikorita asked

“Something was pulling my tail!” I answered without facing her.

Cyndaquil jumped up “OW! Something’s pulling my foot!”

Chikorita yelped and jumped up “Mine too! What’s going on?”

The tugging got stronger and started pulling me towards the far right corner of the room. I looked at Cyndaquil and Chikorita and saw that they were having the same problem.

I winced “I-I don’t know, but it’s getting worse!” I pushed my body forward and tried to take a few steps away from the mysterious tugging. I saw Cyndaquil dig his paws on the ground with his left foot in the air; Chikorita was doing the same thing. It looked like an invisible hand was trying to pull them off their feet.

I squeezed my eyes shut, threw myself on the ground, and dug my claws in the ground as well. The tugging intensified and literally pulled me off my feet. My claws were slipping ’I can’t hold on…Much…LONGER’ I grinded my teeth and tried to dig my claws in as deep as I could. I could feel my claws slipping, it wouldn’t be long until I lost my grip and was dragged into the abyss.

I heard Chikorita squeal and instantly opened my eyes and looked at her; she lost her grip and was flying into the darkness. I opened my mouth to say something when I heard Cyndaquil yelp. I turned my head but it was too late, he crashed into me and we both flew into the darkness.


Realization Chapters: (Click on them to jump to desired chapter!)

Chapter 2 - DONE
Chapter 3 - DONE
Chapter 4 - DONE

Check out my Pokemon POV Fanfic: Pocket Monsters!


Part 1: Realization – 2 more chapters to go!

Part 2: Searching

Part 3: Darkness

Part 4: Rebirth

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Chapter 2: A Way Out

I heard noises.

They sounded so far away I could barely hear them.

My body felt heavy and difficult to move. I opened my eyes and saw something blurry and red. I blinked to try and see clearly again with no avail. I closed my eyes and tried to listen to make out the noises.



“….Totodile!” It was Cyndaquil! He was alive! My eyes snapped opened and I could see big red transparent walls.

“Heeey! Are you Ok?” That was Chikorita, she’s alive too!

I turned to their voices, but a white wall blocked my view. I shakily pushed myself up and saw two round objects close to the thing I was in. I rolled onto my stomach and pushed myself to my feet. Now I could see Chikorita and Cyndaquil’s faces peeking from the inside of round things ’Those are Pokéballs! I don’t know how I know this, but that’s what these things are!’ I ran to the wall of my Pokéball and pressed my nose and paws against the clear, red part of the ball.

Cyndaquil pounded on the clear wall of his Pokéball “You Ok there brother?” He shouted

“You scared us! We thought you were dead!” Chikorita yelled as she put her forepaws on the clear wall of her Pokéball.

“I’m Ok! How are you two?” I shouted, I turned my head away from them for a moment, and then looked back “Do you know what happened? I thought the blackness ate us!”

“We’re Ok brother, but I don’t know what happened or why we’re in these things!” Cyndaquil shouted.

I turned around and looked at our surroundings. Things were different; there were boxes, paper, and a whole mess of things in the big box now! I gasped when I laid my eyes on a human; he wasn’t moving nor did he seem to notice us ’What’s going on? Why is a human here? Why do I even know what that thing is?’

“He doesn’t move!” Chikorita shouted.

I turned and faced her “Doesn’t move? What do you mean?”

“He’s been like that ever since we woke up!” She shouted back

I trembled with fear ’What’s going on here? I want to leave! I don’t know where, anywhere but here!’ My heart raced and I walked in a panicked circle.

Suddenly, the wall on the top disappeared and an enormous human face was looking at us from the sky. I froze; my mind went blank for a few seconds until I heard Chikorita scream in terror. I snapped my head to her direction and saw her on the opposite side of her Pokeball, cowering in fear.

“MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!!” She bellowed and slumped to the floor of her Pokéball, sobbing.

I turned to Cyndaquil and saw him staring at the huge face in the sky. I waved my arms and called to him, but he didn’t move. Crestfallen, I dropped my arms to the side and turned to the human that was in the box with us. My eyes widened when I saw that there was another human with a big thing on her head ’Where did that other human come from?’

The two humans talked to each other for a moment, and then the taller human ran to some weird thing, walked back to the other human, and pointed at us. My heart raced ’This can’t be good!’ My heart sank when the human with the weird thing on its head walked over to us and stood right in front of me. I ran to the opposite end of my Pokéball and curled into a little ball ’Please go away, please leave us alone! I don’t want to be eaten!’

To my horror, the human picked up my Pokéball. I scrambled to balance myself from the sudden movement ’Oh no! No, no, no, no, NO!!’ I faced the human and hissed. I could hear Chikorita and Cyndaquil yell at the human to put me down and leave us alone, but the human wouldn’t listen. Tears formed in my eyes when the huge face in the sky fixed its eyes on me ’T-this is it…I’m g-going to d-die!’ I gulped and braced myself.

Suddenly, I felt that strong pulling again but this time, I could see that the thing pulling me was a big red light. Before I could react, the red light engulfed me and shot me out of my Pokeball. I saw the huge things in the box get bigger as the red light started to fade away. I looked up from my laying position and saw that the human holding my Pokéball wasn’t so big after all ’But that face in the sky is just as big…’ I stared at the huge face and warily got up.

“So! You want the Water Pokémon Totodile?” The tall human asked. I jumped and stared at him ’I-I thought he couldn’t do anything!’

”Yes” A female voice in my head said. I jumped again and looked around for the source of the voice ’A-am I going crazy?’ I put my paws on the sides of my head and squeezed my eyes shut.

“Would you like to nickname your Pokémon?” He asked. I opened my eyes and turned to him with my paws still on my head ’Nickname?’

”Yes” The voice said, ”I’ll call him Oliver” The male human nodded and gave the female human a thin red object.

I narrowed my eyes and threw my arms to my sides, “My name isn’t Oliver!” I snarled, “My name is….My name….” My eyes widened, I couldn’t remember what my name was! I trembled with fear ’Why can’t I remember my name? I knew what my name was before…’ I gasped, ’That voice in my head! It made me forget my name! But why?’

The female suddenly started to walk away from the male human. I followed her, I don’t know why, but I felt that I needed to follow her. I felt guilty walking away from my friends, but I couldn’t help myself. We walked past more strange objects and two other male humans that were walking back and forth. I stared warily at the two males for a moment, and then turned my attention to the face in the sky ’It’s watching us!’ I shuddered and walked faster, hoping to somehow shake the human face’s attention off of me.

The female human stopped and I bumped into her legs “Sorry!” I gasped. She didn’t seem to notice and put a hand on a weird round object stuck to a brown wall. She grasped it, turned it, and pushed the wall open. I could see trees, grass, more humans, and other big boxes.

My jaw dropped ’So there IS a way out of here! I need to tell Chikorita and Cyndaquil!’ I turned around, put my paws on either side of my jaw, and took a deep breath. Suddenly, the female human walked out of the box and into the grass. Without thinking, I followed her outside and she shut the brown wall behind us.


Realization Chapters: (Click on them to jump to desired chapter!)

Intro + Chapter 1 - DONE
Chapter 3 - DONE
Chapter 4 - DONE

Check out my Pokemon POV Fanfic: Pocket Monsters!


Part 1: Realization – 2 more chapters to go!

Part 2: Searching

Part 3: Darkness

Part 4: Rebirth

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Chapter 3: Trainer’s Control


My eyes widened and I felt a fluttery sensation in my stomach ’Oh no! Oh no, please!’ I quickly turned around and banged my paws on the brown wall ’Why-won’t-you-OPEN?!’ I grunted and looked franticly for a ball stuck on the wall. I spotted it and tried to jump up to reach it, but it was too high ’I can’t reach it!’ I growled and turned to face the female human.

“Hey! Open the wall!” I shouted, “I have to help my friends!” I was furious when she didn’t answer or even look at me. I grinded my teeth and opened my mouth to yell something else when something tapped me on the shoulder. I jumped violently and slammed my face into the brown wall.

“Haha! You’re weird!” a smooth female voice sang. I rubbed my face and turned around. I saw a smiling, round mouse with a thin, crooked tail with a small blue ball at the end. ’She’s a Water Pokémon! But, what’s she doing here?’ I turned my head to the female human to see if she noticed the round Pokemon, but she hadn’t moved from that spot.

I frowned and faced the Water Pokémon. My eyes shifted to the human face in the sky “Wha-what’s you name?” I asked without taking my eyes off the face.

The Water Pokémon followed my gaze, turned to me looked at me curiously “Marill, what’s your name?”

“Oliver” I said automatically. I cringed inwardly, I wanted to forget that name but I couldn’t “Don’t you see that?”

“See what?”

I raised a brow and pointed to the sky “That huge human face in the sky, that’s what!” I snapped

Marill looked at me nervously “Are you ok? Did you hit yourself too hard on the door?” she touched my arm with her paw

I stared at her dumbfounded “You seriously don’t see that thing in the sky?” I looked up and saw the huge human face looking at the two of us with an annoyed expression ’Oh no! That’s not good!’ I gulped.

Marill sighed and shook her ‘head’ “Are you sure you’re ok?” Her ears perked up when she heard a male voice “Oh, my Trainer’s here!” She sang but didn’t turn around.

I stared at the male walking towards us “That human is your Trainer? How can he be your Trainer? Better yet, what IS a Trainer?”

Marill laughed “He has my Pokéball silly! A human who owns your Pokéball is your Trainer!” She patted me on the nose and laughed again.

“Owns my Pokéball?” I looked at the female human “So, she’s my Trainer?”

“Does she own your Pokéball?” Marill asked

I nodded and she smiled “Then she’s your Trainer Oliver! You have to fight for her, help her catch other Pokémon, and win battles! She can help make you stronger!” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I shook my head furiously “W-wait, how do you know this? Who told you we had to do those things for a human if it has your Pokéball?”

Marill smiled “No one told me anything, its jus a strong urge us Pokémon feel that we have to do! There’s nothing in this world that can break a Pokémon’s bond to its Trainer!” She jumped up and down merrily.

“But WHY? Why do we have to do these things? Why MUST we fight for humans if they own our Pokeballs? And why do I know things when I’ve never seen or heard of before?” I demanded; I was growing frantic with this knowledge thrown happily in my face.

Marill’s smile faded “Why?” She echoed, “I….I…Um..” She looked to the ground uneasily

My eyes narrowed “You don’t know do you?” I said with a slightly cracking tone

She glared at me “Why are you asking these questions? Why don’t you just quit asking questions and do what your trainer says like a good Pokémon!” She yelled

“Do what my Trainer says?” I pointed furiously at the sky “HOW CAN YOU EXPECT ME TO FOLLOW SOME STUPID HUMANS ORDERS WITH THAT THING STARING AT ME?!” I roared

We glared at each other; I wanted to take all my frustration and confusion out on her with my claws. Suddenly, her ‘Trainer’ called her name.

I snorted “Your ‘Trainer’ is calling you. Why don’t you be a ‘good Pokémon’ and go to him?” I sneered. Marill shot me a death glare and ran hurriedly to her Trainer.

I grumpily followed my female ‘Trainer’ in silence to another big box. She opened another brown wall and we walked in. Inside were more strange objects with an older female human sitting on a weird brown thing. Unfortunately, the big human face was still visible. The two females talked for a few minutes and we walked back out.

We passed other boxes in silence and almost made it to a path that lead to nothing but tall grass and trees when the tall human male called to us. I turned to him and he grabbed a small, fat object from my Trainer’s hand ’Since when did she get that thing?’ I crossed my arms and looked to the sky again. The face was staring at us impatiently; perhaps it didn’t like these interruptions? I turned to my trainer when I heard the tall male walk away. We proceeded down the path in silence and walked into the tall grass.

I couldn’t take the silence anymore, “Hey!” I shouted. My Trainer ignored me and I glared at her, “Excuse me! I’m trying to talk to you!” I waited for a response but she never answered.

Furious, I ran in front of my trainer in an effort to make her stop. She never did and walked right through me! It was a terrible sensation; I could feel a horrid coldness sweep through my body as she walked through me as if I never even existed. I trembled violently from the cold and stiffly walked behind her ’W-what j-just happened? Did s-she j-just walk through m-me? She was s-solid when I b-bumped into h-her earlier!’ My teeth chattered as my Trainer continued on, unaffected by what just happened ’What IS she?’

There was a loud snap and my Trainer stopped in her tracks. I peeked curiously from behind her legs and saw a small purple rat several feet away from us. I had the strongest urge to jump in front of my trainer and attack the small Pokémon, but I hesitated ’I-is what Marill said t-true?’ I shuddered; my body was strangely starting to warm up quickly as my Trainer held out her arm.

As soon as she snapped her fingers, I saw red. I immediately jumped in front of her and waited for orders. I could not explain this strange feeling of rage and obedience or why I had to defend my Trainer, but this feeling was so strong that I could not resist it.

”Oliver, use your Scratch Attack!” ordered the voice in my head.

I lunged at the rat Pokémon and raked its face with my claws.

The purple Pokemon squeaked in pain and tacked me in the stomach. I lost my balance and fell to the ground; the air was knocked out of me, but I quickly got up.

”Oliver, Scratch it again!”

I wheezed and ran at the rat Pokémon, but it jumped away at the last minute making me miss my target.

The wild Pokémon tackled me on the back, but I locked my arms and stopped myself from falling face first to the ground. The rat slid off my back and jumped a few feet away without ever taking its eyes off me.

”Scratch it again!” The voice thundered

I growled at the small Pokémon and looked at its body position; it was ready to jump to the right as soon as I got to close. This time, I had a plan.

I ran to the rat Pokémon with my left arm out and my right arm to my side with my paw wide open ready to strike. As soon as it jumped, instantly moved my left arm out of the way and threw my right arm out and scraped it with my claws. The rat Pokémon yelped, fell to the ground, and didn’t get up.

As soon as the fight was over, the hostile feeling vanished. I blinked and stared horrified at the motionless body on the ground ’Wh-what did I just DO?’ I stared at my bloody paws in disbelief ’It’s just like Marill said! I’m fighting Pokémon for my Trainer and there’s nothing I can do about it…’ I lowered my paws and stared numbly at the ground.

We continued on, I didn’t notice that we ran into another wild Pokémon until I felt my body warm up again. I looked up and saw a strange, triangle shaped rat Pokémon with a long, brown and black tail. I glanced at my Trainer nervously ’As soon as she snaps her fingers, I won’t be able to control myself!’ I narrowed my eyes and bared my teeth ’No, I don’t want to fight this Pokémon! Maybe if I-’


I jumped in front of my trainer once again, fury pulsing my veins and waited for orders.

”Oliver, scratch it!” the voice barked

The Pokémon stood on its tail and growled

I felt slightly relaxed, but jumped and scratched it on the belly. My foe squeaked, fell down, and slapped me on the face in the process.

I wasn’t hurt, but I got hit in the eye by the Pokémon’s tail. I rubbed my eye furiously and failed to see my foe dash towards me.

It hit me so hard on my side that I flew a few feet away. I landed face first on the ground, scraping my chin.

I felt dizzy, but I shook my head, shakily stood up, and wiped blood from my chin. I rubbed my eye and forced myself to keep it opened.

”Scratch it again Oliver!” The voice snapped

I glared at the rat Pokémon; it stood on its tail again watching me warily. I snarled, jumped, and scratched its belly with such a force that I knocked it to the ground. The Pokémon landed with a thud and didn’t move.

I snapped out of it and winced as I felt pain and soreness throughout my body. I stayed rooted to the spot; I didn’t want to move lest I feel more pain. I looked at my trainer and saw her rummaging through her bag ’W-what now….?’ I grinded my teeth as she pulled out a strange purple object, walked in front of me, and pointed the object at me ’Please don’t hurt…’ My Trainer squeezed a small stick and a strange smelling mist shot out forcefully into my face.

I nearly choked on my saliva; the mist intensified my pain for a few seconds and then I felt a strong tingly sensation on the cut on my chin. My Trainer squeezed that horrible mist all around my body and had the same reaction except the mist attacked the parts of my body that hurt. As soon as the tingly sensation faded, I felt….Better. Wonderful actually; my body didn’t hurt any more and I felt refreshed.

I stared up at my trainer mystified ’Wait, what just happened? She healed me…HEALED me? But, she ignores me...’ I glared at my Trainer

“Ok, I’ve had it! What’s your deal?” I shouted, “You ignore me, walk THROUGH me, force me to fight, and THEN you heal me?” My Trainer ignored me and started walking towards me. I panicked and jumped out of her way.

My nostrils flared and I clenched my paws, “Fine, DON’T answer me! But can you AT LEAST stop walking THROUGH ME?!” I roared. My Trainer ignored me and continued on, but I didn’t care anymore. I looked to the sky and saw the face stare at me with a soft look. I was strangely calmed by this ’At least that…thing notices me’

We walked in silence and eventually came to a path with oddly shaped sticks stuck to the ground. I reached out to touch one but then a sour smell invaded my nose. I clamped my paws over my nose and saw an aged, wrinkled skinned male human run towards us ’Great, will she make me fight this one too?’ I watched the old human warily as he talked to my Trainer. She was silent as usual and we ended up following the nasty smelling human around the small maze of boxes.

My spirits lifted when he lead us to the ocean shore. I dug my toes into the sand and shivered with delight when the ocean water slapped onto my feet. My moments of bliss came crashing down when the old human lead us away from the ocean and to a box. He handed shoes to my Trainer and she put them on.

I sighed with relief when the old human left and looked to the human face in the sky “This day can’t possibly get worse….” I grumbled

I spoke too soon.

I looked to my Trainer just in time to see her bolt to a new path that leads to more grass. I nearly tripped trying to keep up with her and when she suddenly stopped, I slammed into her legs so hard that I staggered back and fell on my butt.

I grimaced at the human “What are you? Seriously?” I leaned to one side, pushed down on the ground with a paw, pushed myself to my knees, and stood up. “You walk through me when I’m in front of you, but when I’m behind you, I can bump into you?” She ignored me and ran forward.

I clenched my paws “This isn’t normal you know!” I hollered and ran to catch up with her. I stayed a few feet behind her just in case she suddenly stopped again.

I face palmed when she stopped for a wild bug Pokémon “When will this nightmare end?” I griped and jumped in front of my Trainer. I looked over my shoulder and tensed when she held out her hand; I didn’t want her to make me fight again, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

I stared at the green, large eyed Pokémon with pity “I’m sorry” I said and inhaled deeply.


”Oliver, Scratch it!” the voice barked

I snarled and ran at the bug Pokémon with my left arm out, and scraped its back with my claws.

The bug Pokémon fainted instantly and I snapped out of my hostile mode.

I put a paw to my throat, it felt tingly. I tried to cough, but a blast of water shot out from my mouth and hit a nearby box.

My eyes widened “Wow, did I just learn Water Gun?” I surveyed the damage and saw that I made a small dent on the box.

We moved on, passed a small maze of trees, and made it to a secluded brown box. I gazed at it warily ’If we go in, will we be able to get back out again?’ I followed my Trainer to the front of the box and saw her put her hand over the ball stuck to the wall, turned it, and we walked in.

Inside were to old human males ’At least they don’t smell sour…’ I crossed my arms and waited for the humans to finish talking. One of the old males handed my Trainer an egg. I stared at it curiously ’Is that a Pokémon egg?’ I put a paw to my chin and watched my trainer put the egg in her bag. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and saw the second old male stare at me intently.

I put my paw down and tilted my head “Wow, he’s actually looking at me. You’re the first human to do that buddy! Well, kinda anyway…” I nearly forgot the face in the sky. I looked up and saw the human face stare at us blankly.

I heard the old male chuckle and stared at him curiously “You humans are weird…Since when can you laugh?” I snorted.

The old male smiled warmly at me “I see that face in the sky too, young one” My jaw dropped ’D-did this human just TALK to me?’ I was speechless, the old male laughed and bowed his head “My name is Professor Oak, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Oliver”

I shook my head furiously, “W-wait a minute! How the heck do you know my name? Better yet, why are you talking to me? I-I mean, all the other humans ignored me like I don’t exist, but y-you…” my voice trailed off and Oak smiled warmly, squatted down, and sat on his haunches.

“My young Pokemon, there are a lot of things to explain, but I’m not the one to tell you.” He reached out a hand and patted my head.

“What do you mean ‘not the one to tell you’? Can’t you at least tell me WHY the other humans ignore me or WHY I see a huge face in the sky and no one, not even Pokemon, can see but YOU can see it?” I nearly whined

Oak looked down for a moment then looked me in the eyes, “The other humans ignore you because they lost something a long time ago and without this, they can’t see or interact with anyone. As for the face in the sky, all I can tell you right now is that it is real. You are not insane, the other’s just can’t see it because they don’t have what the two of us have” with that, he patted my head again, stood up, and handed my Trainer a thin, red object.

I ran to him and pulled on his brown clothes “Wait, what do we have that the others don’t? Can’t you help them find it?”

Oak smiled and shook his head; “I can’t find what they lost, and it’s because they lost what we have, they can’t see what we see.” he said simply and started walking to the door. I ran in front of him and blocked his path. I flinched, waiting for him to go right through me. After a few heartbeats, I opened my eyes and saw Oak look at me with concern.

I stared at him dumbfounded “Y-you didn’t walk through me?” Oak smiled and bent down on one knee “I can’t walk through you, I’d trip and we’d both get hurt”

I pointed at my Trainer “The why does SHE do that? Is it because she lost that thing you were talking about?” He nodded and I looked to the ground

He stood up “I have to go now Oliver, but don’t worry, I’ll see you again” He walked around me and put his hand on the ball on the wall. He looked over his shoulder and smiled “Things will be explained soon enough, you just have to trust me on that” He turned the ball and opened the door. He waved to me with his free hand, walked out, and closed the door.


Realization Chapters: (Click on them to jump to desired chapter!)

Intro + Chapter 1 – DONE
Chapter 2 - DONE
Chapter 4 - DONE

Check out my Pokemon POV Fanfic: Pocket Monsters!


Part 1: Realization – 2 more chapters to go!

Part 2: Searching

Part 3: Darkness

Part 4: Rebirth

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I don't know... On one hand I'd like to say this is good because you're clearly putting a lot more effort into your fic than most writers normally do, but I find the viewpoint kind of disorienting. When I think of Pokemon POV fics, I think of stories more on the lines of either Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or ones that involve Pokemon in the wild away from humans than I do those that involve creatures being raised by people. This isn't to say fics like these are automatically bad, but it takes some really skillful writing to make and keep them convincing. You're doing pretty well as is, CT_400, but I think this might have been stronger (and probably a bit easier to handle) if it were a Trainer fic instead. But, those are just my thoughts. I hope you keep at this; it's still pretty interesting.

Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:53 pm
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Golbania wrote:
I don't know... On one hand I'd like to say this is good because you're clearly putting a lot more effort into your fic than most writers normally do, but I find the viewpoint kind of disorienting.

Thanks =D

I am trying my best to put my thoughts on paper (Usually has one hell of a time), but I hope you at least enjoyed it :D

Golbania wrote:
When I think of Pokemon POV fics, I think of stories more on the lines of either Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or ones that involve Pokemon in the wild away from humans than I do those that involve creatures being raised by people. This isn't to say fics like these are automatically bad, but it takes some really skillful writing to make and keep them convincing.


I always though of Pkmn POV fics as the Pokemon's side of the story.....

Plus, the Trainer really doesn't play a part in the first series

Golbania wrote:
You're doing pretty well as is, CT_400, but I think this might have been stronger (and probably a bit easier to handle) if it were a Trainer fic instead. But, those are just my thoughts. I hope you keep at this; it's still pretty interesting.

Thanks :D

Easier, yes.

Fun? Nope, I've always wanted to write a fanfic like this and I want to see if I can pull it off in the end.

Even if I don't, I'm glad I tried =D

Thanks for the review =DDD

Check out my Pokemon POV Fanfic: Pocket Monsters!


Part 1: Realization – 2 more chapters to go!

Part 2: Searching

Part 3: Darkness

Part 4: Rebirth

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Chapter 4: Monster


My head was spinning with questions What did everyone lose? Can I help them find it? Will I ever see Oak again? Are there other Pokémon and Humans out there than have the answers?

I hardly realized that my Trainer and I walked out of the box. I stared blankly at her as she reached into her bag and pulled out a fat, black object that was making an odd noise. ’Wh-what’s going on?’

I heard a familiar voice shout franticly from the odd object ’Is that the tall human?’ Before I could react, my Trainer ran forward, not caring if she left me behind. I narrowed my eyes and ran after her ’I wish she would give me a warning before she does that…’

We dashed through the grass, followed the row of trees, and made our way to the cluster of boxes. My Trainer stopped for a second and I put my paws to my knees and hung my head, desperately trying to catch my breath. I tilted my head up and looked around. The old human who lead us around the boxes when we first got here wasn’t around.

I glared at my trainer “I’m gruh-grateful we didn’t r-run into any wild P-Pokémon, but suh-seriously, what’s the r-rush?” I wheezed. She ignored me and walked calmly to the main entrance. I grinded my teeth ’I guess I should be happy that she’s not running anymore…’ I dragged my feet behind her, I felt really tired and wanted to lie down and sleep. I knew this was impossible.

We made our way to the row of white sticks on the ground. I stared at them curiously ’Since when do white sticks grow from the ground? I thought that only brown ones grow…’ I paid no attention to my Trainer and suddenly bumped into her legs.

I took a few steps back and frowned “You know, it’d be nice if you warned me before you did that” I snapped and put my paws on my hips. I wasn’t surprised when she ignored me, but she acted…Strange. Her body was stiffer than usual and her right hand was right over my Pokéball, as if she was going to start a battle with an imaginary figure.

I looked in the direction she was facing and was startled when I saw a red-headed male several yards away walking quickly towards us. My heart dropped to my stomach and I felt an odd chill crawl down my spine ’This…This feels wrong. I-It feels like something bad is going to happen..’ I crossed my arms and stood beside my Trainer.

As the male got closer to us, I saw a green creature walk behind him. I squinted my eyes ’Is that a Pokémon?’. My eyes widened with horror when I saw who the green Pokémon was; it was my friend Chikorita! She was looking at the ground, and I saw that she was depressed by her body language.

I couldn’t believe any of this was real until she looked at me, her eyes red and puffy. Her expression quickly changed from depression to shock. I scratched the back of my head with a paw and looked down nervously.

“Uh, h-hi”


“Umm, h-“

“How could you?”

I looked at her in confusion “How could I what?”

She narrowed her eyes, her expression full of rage “How could you be so heartless you MONSTER!?” She snarled

I was taken aback, “I-“

Her face twisted with rage “DON’T MAKE EXCUSES! YOU KILLED HIM! YOU LEFT US AND KILLED HIM!” She roared. Tears were running down her cheeks.

I held out my paws defensively and took a few steps back “W-what? I killed who?” Chikorita took a step towards me; she had a crazed look in her eyes.

“YOU KILLED CYNDAQIL!” She roared, “BOTH HIM AND HIS POKEBALL WENT UP IN FLAMES AFTER YOU LEFT! I HEARD HIM SCREAM IN PAIN AND HE….AND HE…” Her voice cracked and she sobbed, falling to the ground.

My whole body shook with horror and disbelief. I walked to her and put a paw on her shoulder. Suddenly, she lashed out and slapped me with the leaf on her head with such a force that she cut me on the cheek. Baffled, I put a paw to the cut and took several steps back. I stood sideways and stared at her warily.

She glared at me, her tear filled eyes like daggers “DON’T YOU TOUCH ME! YOU LEFT US AND I HAD TO WATCH CYNDAQUIL DIE! HE’S GONE! THE ONLY THING LEFT WAS A PILE OF ASH!” She rose to her feet and lunged at me.

I couldn’t move; I was too shocked to think or notice that my Trainer held out her hand and snapped her fingers.

I regained focus and forgot who the Pokémon to my side was; she was a target and nothing more.

”Scratch her Oliver!” The voice bellowed.

I threw out my left arm and tried to swing it down on my opponents head before she reached me. I was too slow and she tackled me on my right side and tackled me to the ground. She managed to pin my right arm under her stomach and held the rest of me down with her weight.

I tried to wiggle my way out from under her, but then she started swinging her head left and right, hitting me viciously in the face and the back of my head with the surprisingly sharp leaf on her head. I tried to pull my right arm out from under her to throw her off of me when suddenly she screeched angrily and hit my eye with a well aimed blow. I cried out in pain, a sharp stinging sensation filled my right eye.

”What the hell is wrong with you!? ATTACK IT ALREADY!!” The voice snarled

I tried to obey, but the plant Pokémon refused to let me up and continued her onslaught. I felt dizzy and I could feel liquid trickle down my face and head. I grunted and managed to turn my head. With my good eye, I saw my foe rear her head, swung her large leaf in a circle, and threw her head down.

Before the leaf could hit me, I hit her hard with my Water Gun attack. She gurgled, flew off me, and landed hard on the white sticks. I managed to roll onto my stomach and just laid there for a few seconds. My head was spinning and my entire face and head was throbbing with pain.


I groaned and dragged my arms to my stomach. I planted my paws shakily to the ground and pushed myself up. I immediately fell back down due to a strong dizzy spell. I heard the voice in my head grumble something, and then I felt a cold mist surround my body. I chocked on my saliva when the mist hit my face and head. The pain was overwhelming, but lasted for only a few seconds.

I felt refreshed, but my eye was swollen shut. Filled with rage, I pushed myself to my feet. I turned around to face my foe only to she her catapulting towards me. I jumped out of the way just in time and she landed face first on the ground.

She spit out dirt and faced me, her eyes full of rage. I could see cuts and nasty bruises on her, but I didn’t care; she would pay for hurting my eye.

She staggered to her feet and lunged at me again. I waited until she was a few feet away from me and then I hit her with a powerful jet of water in her chest. Her scream was muffled with the water and she was thrown of her feet again.

”DESTROY IT!!” The voice roared

I grinned, ran towards my opponent, and jumped hard on her stomach. As she coughed out the air in her lungs, I sat on her chest, pinned her forelegs down with my feet, and pressed my tail firmly on her stomach. Before she could react, I threw both arms out and started to savagely scratch her face and neck.

She screamed in anger and pain, but that only fueled my ever growing rage. I threw my left arm back and scraped my claws on her opened eye. She screamed in pain and tried to hit me with her leaf. I grabbed the stem of her leaf with both paws and brought the leaf to my open mouth. I took a huge bite and ripped a good chunk of the large leaf from her head. I spit the horrible tasting leaf to the ground and enjoyed my foe’s shrill cries of pain. I cackled madly, threw both of my arms back, and swung my arms down, slashing my foe’s cheeks with my claws. My foe bucked with pain, but I firmly held her down. I slashed and slashed my foe’s exposed flesh until my chest and face was covered in her blood. I smiled madly at her and stopped my rampage for a second to survey the damage.

My foe laid still and was barely breathing. Her entire face and neck was covered in cuts. She couched up blood and tried to say something. I sneered and brought both arms out to deal the finishing blow-


I froze. I blinked my good eye a few times and looked around dumbly as the savage rage slowly left me. I heard something cough from under me. I quickly looked down and almost threw up. My best friend Chikorita was badly injured and hardly recognizable. She stared at me with fear, tears filling her good eye.

I quickly jumped off of her and knelt at her side ’Wh-who did this?’ My good eye widened in horror as the memories flooded my brain. My whole body trembled ’O-oh no….What have I done?’ I looked at her desperately; I wanted her to say something, anything! I saw her move her lips and I leaned forward to hear what she was trying to say.

“C-Chikorita?” I asked weakly.



“…Mon…” She gurgled. I jumped to my feet and backed away. I knew what she was trying to say ’I-I’m…’. Her Trainer called her back to her Pokéball and walked away calmly.

I stared at the spot where she was a few heartbeats ago and saw the ground stained with her blood. I trembled and looked down at myself. I was covered in her blood. I hurt her without caring if I killed her or not.

I felt dizzy and everything looked blurry. I automatically put my arms out to try and regain balance, but I fell to the ground and shut my good eye. ’I can’t believe what I just did….I…I enjoyed it…I-I’m..’ I felt bile in my mouth and I gasped for air.

“A monster” I rasped.

Everything went black.


Realization Chapters: (Click on them to jump to desired chapter!)

Intro + Chapter 1 – DONE
Chapter 2 – DONE
Chapter 3 - DONE

Check out my Pokemon POV Fanfic: Pocket Monsters!


Part 1: Realization – 2 more chapters to go!

Part 2: Searching

Part 3: Darkness

Part 4: Rebirth

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